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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  April 4, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> reporter: there are hundreds of nova fans, also alumni and players from the 1985 team here at the villanova hotel, they are trying to win only their second national championship of course the first one, 31 years ago. so the shirts everywhere say party like it's 1985. >> i think for us it would just be a beautiful game if we weren't making shots that we rebound it. even if we ended up losing we could look each other in the eye and know all of the struggles we've been there but we went down doing what we know how to do best. >> we know it's our last season, our last game is monday so coach hasn't been bringing it up. coaches not bringing it up. i think keeping the focus on the team, taking everything away from ourselves. we know it's our last game. we dream it's a championship game. >> reporter: villanova has beaten north carolina once in
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the ncaa tournament. 1-5 against them. that one win came in 1985 on the way to their only national championship. there is some good feeling here. john clark, for comcast sportsnet. >> a live look at nrg stadium. a heavy weight bout, we're all anxious about it. you know, i don't want to get ahead of myself but if villanova wins the fans are going to go crazy. i can guarantee you on the main campus at villanova it's going to be in a word, fanatic. deanna durante is live just outside that main line campus with security preps and i understand they are under way and they are high. >> reporter: they are. in fact, this is something police in two counties have been planning for since villanova made it into the elite 8. some point tonight here route 30 even on the edge of campus will be shut down. police also tell us that state
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police are preparing to close the on ramp to lancaster avenue from the blue route after that game begins. while people living around campus are celebrating. >> we were all out there with our kids in the street the other night after the last one. >> reporter: police are preparing for the parties too. in radnor the department is taking the lead on security, crowd control and other issues that could get out of control if fans take things too far. >> there is a detour set up and at some point during the game we'll close the road to ensure that if the crowd rushes out at any point in time that we're prepared for it. >> when the closures take place depends upon the game. the bigger the lead for the wildcats the sooner police will spring into action. from inside the command center local police and federal law enforcement officials will be watching the actions of fans on campus via the closed circuit system. and will be flying above the area with the help of the
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pennsylvania state police. >> our goal is to have the least amount of impact to the area so we're going to monitor the game and based on how the game is going we'll close it just before we think a celebration is going to start. >> reporter: most we talked to seemed fine with the celebration. >> we're ready. we had a party on saturday night to see the big game. that was so exciting. monday night's tough so we're deciding what to do. >> reporter: again, if you plan to exit from the blue route onto route 30 at some point in the evening state police will be shutting down those lanes just to route 30. also, another preparation under way now inside the practice facility on villanova's campus, we're told a mobile hospital is being set up mostly to deal with injuries, minor injuries, so that local emergency rooms are not overwhelmed should things get out of hand. deanna durante, "nbc 10 news." >> reporter: thank you. the davis center across the street from the pavilion where
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there is an official watch party tonight. thousands of students probably packed in there so that location is probably a good one. back live in houston, thousands of fans, waiting, i talked to some of them this morning. they are hoping that right here in texas history can be made tonight. tip-off at 9:19. tracy, jim, back to you. >> i have a couple of questions. did you lose your razor, one, and two, are you wearing different swag every day to represent the team? that's another outfit. >> reporter: this is my excuse. one, to wear my wildcat on the left part of my chest. also the scuff here, it's a rally scuff. that's what i call it. the boss i know likes me to shave it. you know what, this time i got to keep it. it's a big game tonight. >> we don't want to jinx it. we know you have really strong personal ties to this team and it's important for you during this period. right? >> reporter: my god no question.
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i was a student manager in my years about a decade ago, i still am in close communication not only with the fellow student managers but the players, the coaches. i got a chance to talk to coach wright. he has been a trusted mentor of mine and asked about what he remembered about me when i was here from '03 to '06. not only did he remember me as a practice player but i played guitar which is interesting. and as you guys were alluding to there was a recent unfortunate tragedy in my life, i called it a basketball family but until two months ago i realized how close and important they are to me in my life and how important are as you guys are too, as part of my second family at nbc 10 and telemundo 62. it's close to my heart. in about a half hour. >> keith, that's at 4:30. that video you showed us i think that's before you were old enough to shave. we've gone full circle. >> that's good stuff. >> 18 years old.
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>> thank you, guys. that's a good tease. >> see you in a bit. don't forget to show us your nova nation pride. share your pictures on twitter, instagram, facebook. tag us and we'll share your pictures use the hash tag nova nation. by the way we're making it easy to show your team spirit. yeah. you should. go to the nbc 10 app. download it. print it full size villanova sign, take it wherever you're going to watch. >> whatever you need to do. go nova. we're getting -- you ready for tonight's game with an hour-long march to victory special. matt delucia, keith jones and john clark, all live in houston, that's tonight at 7:00 here on nbc 10. and then tonight at 11, join us for a special one-hour edition of "nbc 10 news" where we'll hopefully of course be celebrating a villanova victory. >> let's switch gears. no charges for shawn mccoy.
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a bar fight had mccoy and two off-duty police officers under investigation. nbc 10's aundrea cline-thomas was there when the d.a. made the announcement. tell us about it. >> reporter: the d.a. does not question whether or not the fight occurred. but the investigation could not determine from statements of the off-duty officers to witnesses how the fight began, and they said ultimately they could not bring charges that would be upheld in court. take a look at this video. the district attorney reviewed videos like this taken at recess lounge on february 7. they interviewed 27 people and looked at medical records and conclude there had was not enough evidence to press charges against lasean mccoy or anyone in the fight. the brawl was over champagne at the club. it's unclear who threw the first punch and if punches were in self defense. a major concern that the statements the off-duty officers
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gave were inconsistent with one another. >> what you've seen with the videos internally at the recess lounge, people all pulled out cell phones after a complete melee had broken out inside of the recess lounge. but no one had it going for us to know well, who threw the first blow. >> reporter: still the fraternal order of police said in a statement that the video should speak for itself. we have a crew speaking to representatives from the union. we're going to give you that side of the story as soon as it becomes available. reporting live in center city, aundrea cline-thomas, "nbc 10 news." something to cheer about. philadelphia's self-proclaimed answer and now former 76er alan iverson answering the call to the hall. a.i. effected to the memorial basketball hall of fame class of 2016, elected in houston, texas along with shaquille o'neal and
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yao ming. a.i. spent most of his career here in philadelphia, he was also an 11-time all-star who was named rookie of the year when he began. iverson reflected on the honor today. >> i just thank everybody that helped me, man. you know what i mean. you can't do this by yourself. you can't do it on your own. you need so many people, you need your teammates, you need the coaches to put you in position. >> the 2016 class will be enshrined during hall of fame festivities september 8-10. now to a developing weather story. we're tracking rain this afternoon, there it is on the first alert radar. >> let's get to nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen. >> talk to us about the timing. >> the timing, we're seeing it through part of the area. really, the rest of the area will continue to see it move through for the evening commute. so it will be around on the major interstates, while a lot of you are driving.
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philadelphia area starting to see some of the rain approaching and as we go into the next few hours that will continue to spread to new jersey and delaware. closer look at the philadelphia area, the light rain is crossing 95 here up to trenton, even our suburbs across the p.a. turnpike. if you look farther down to the west and southwest around washington and baltimore, we have more rain here moving in. some of that is going to move into new jersey and delaware through the next several hours. now, this is part of a big storm system, the colder air obviously farther to the north where you see the snow. that's really hitting new england but we're going to be on the warm side of this as we go through the rest of tonight. big temperature difference, the areas seeing the rain, 40s and 50s here, 45 degrees in allentown but the farther south more sunshine, 70 degrees right now in dover, believe it or not. coming up i'll show you a time line of the rest of this evening's rain and also a freeze warning which areas will get the coldest. that's straight ahead. >> see you soon. trains are moving again along the northeast corridor this afternoon after yesterday's
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deadly derailment in department county. sky force 10 was overhead as service resumed this morning. but this is what it looked like yesterday morning when the amtrak train heading south barreled into a backhoe on the tracks in chester. two amtrak workers were killed, more than 30 passengers on the train were hurt. tim furlong has been out all day working to find out how this could happen. >> micah heard it outside the window of her apartment sunday morning. it woke her up. >> i was like if i was in the right mind i think that train crashed. i seen that stuff. >> it was the southbound amtrak train hitting a backhoe in the middle of the track. the ntsb is trying to figure out why that backhoe was there, even on typically quieter sunday mornings there are a number of procedures in place to make sure crews maintaining the rails are safe. clearly something went wrong. a machine was nearby at the time, that's a huge machine that helps to remove stone around the tracks to keep them level. the backhoe was on a different
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track. the operator would have had little time react to an approaching train. today the mayor of chester thanked the first responders but he, too, is waiting for the findings, he wants to know why this accident happened and why two veteran amtrak workers lost their lives, 30 others suffered mostly minor injuries. >> this is hard. this is hard. it's painful. and it's tragic. but hopefully at the end of the day we'll all have learned something. >> tim furlong, "nbc 10 news." may recall this is the second deadly amtrak crash in our area in the past year. eight people were killed when this train derailed in philadelphia's port richmond neighborhood more than 200 were hurt in this may 12th derailment. amtrak train 188 was traveling twice the posted limit when it hit a curve and crashed. >> state control over atlantic city now has the support of a dozen democratic lawmakers in the garden state. today new jersey governor chris
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christie met with democratic assembly speaker to hammer out the deal for the takeover. but there is no agreement yet. the speaker is against the bill that allows the state to break union contracts and sell off city assets. christie sports the takeover and a short time ago announced that the crisis has prevented atlantic city from paying the school district $34 million. >> there is no question that they will not have the money to pay it through the irresponsibility of the city government. >> as a result christie filed a lawsuit against atlantic city today to as he says, protect the property tax collection in the resort town. to decision 2016 now. republican front-runner donald trump predicts a big victory in tomorrow's wisconsin primary. polls put trump 10 points below his republican rival ted cruz. each though trump said at a rally this morning he could surprise voters with a win. today trump also said it's time
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for candidate john kasich to quit the race. kasich responded at a town hall meeting saying he won't drop out because he's the only candidate that can beat hillary clinton. his campaign called on trump to drop out before the convention since he won't have enough delegates to win outright. people would rightly revolt, that's what ted cruz says will happen if somebody gets the nomination who didn't run, such as mitt romney, today in wisconsin cruz said that someone other than cruz or trump winning the nomination at a contested convention is a pipe dream. >> democrat hillary clinton praised the state's boost in the minimum wage. she backed a national minimum wage. the mandate could help everyone's paycheck. in wisconsin today, bernie sanders told a group of union workers he is committed to creating an economy for all americans, not just the top 1%. he praised trade unions for giving the united states its
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middle class. it's almost time for our primaries here, pennsylvania, delaware, holding their primary elections april 26. new jersey voters go to the polls on june 7. for complete decision 2016 coverage including the latest delegate counts and primaries and caucuses, tap the nbc 10 app. sky force 10 over a sticky situation in philadelphia's may fair neighborhood. it's causing traffic trouble. an accident at roosevelt and livic sent diesel curbing from a tanker. northbound lanes closed there. crews need time to let sand soak up the diesel. one person was hurt. >> new jersey's aging infrastructure has lawmakers worried about lead. today the assembly's environment committee held a hearing to learn if hold pipes allow lead to seep into the residential water supply. officials discovered high lead levels in newark public schools drinking water. also in newark this afternoon,
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fire sent people running from newark liberty airport twice, this was this morning, the first broke out in a boiler room after 1:00 a.m., about 200 people headed out for safety. firefighters got that under control but a short time later the flames rekindled, causing a second evacuation. several inches of snow slammed drivers in connecticut this morning, people around hartford woke up to a quick bout with snowy weather. they got socked with a few inches yesterday. the flakes likely hang around a while as temperatures near hartford are expected to stay at or near freezing for a few days. we are going to see near freezing temperatures as we go through tonight. in the meantime, we have rain around, live look outside, it is a little dreary, we have light rain moving into philadelphia. so evening showers, that's going to stay in the forecast through the earning commute. so you will be running into those if you'll be driving soon. around the major interstates and
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as we go through tonight, as the rain starts to leave, temperatures start to drop off. we had a lot of stuff in the forecast the next 24 hours, a freeze warning out for cold temperatures, that's because of the vegvegetation, the spring plants, those could be damaged in some areas. we also have more rain in the forecast before the week is over. a lot of things happening. look at the temperatures, 45 allentown, 55 in westchester, 58 in philadelphia but 70s farther to the south. the rain has not moved through dover yet. it's still 70 degrees there and we're seeing sunshine. so it's still dry but in areas like wilmington starting to see rain moving in so cooling down to 61. here is a look at the radar. we mostly have light to moderate rain. i think we'll see more new jersey and delaware through tonight. but we'll zoom in. philly up to trenton, the major interstates here, this is pretty steady lighter rainfall moving in and that extends areas north
4:18 pm
and west upper bucks, upper montgomery county, the lehigh valley, 476 and 78 near allentown, a lot of the rain in allentown is starting to move out. in chester county, coatesville, kennett square, seeing this area of moderate rainfall, continue to spread across chester county. so that will move into delaware county soon and more around baltimore and washington, that will be moving into delaware and eventually south jersey as we go into the next several hours. it is all part of the big storm system. we showed you video of in connecticut, it's still snowing there right now. we have a lot of snow across new england at the moment but we're on the warm side of this. so we're only going to see rain. later tonight cold, a freeze warning for much of new jersey and delaware. even the philadelphia area until 10:00 tomorrow. temperatures below freezing. any sensitive plants may get damaged by this. a look at future weather. the timing continues with the rain. by 6:00 p.m., new jersey and delaware seeing rain fall. then we go until 8:00, new jersey and delaware seeing rain. then we clear even more
4:19 pm
overnight but some models are trying to throw in a bit of wintry mix, if that did happen it would be on the back end and wouldn't last long. temperatures start to drop off more overnight. now, the roads in these areas are very warm, remember, it's 70 degrees now in dover, but the air temperature is going to be dropping below freezing so that's the point we're going to watch for sensitive plants across the area, potentially to get damaged. that's the freeze warning across part of the area. so temperatures dropping below freezing, it's going to get windy and will be windy as we go into tomorrow. high temperatures from the mid to low 40s, we're going to clear out. more sunshine for tuesday, it's going to be windy and cold, showers return as we go into thursday and the weekend's going to get colder. ♪ music fest organizers score a big name. don henley of the eagles will hit the stable on august 10th. henley is the third head liner
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to appear which runs august 5-14. the band boston and lady antebellum will also take the stage during the celebration. >> a new claim that starbucks is short changing its customers. >> plus, our own wildcat. >> i'm keith jones. i'm undecided. >> so cute. nbc 10's keith jones and his special ties to villanova. also the recent tragedy that helped him realize how strong those ties really are. >> plus, bogus buy. what this man sold to a woman for $150 and why they are asking for help tracking him down. also next. an instagram post of the ages. you never know who you might run into sitting in traffic. >> first, here is a look at the
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right now, get super fast 100 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds plus tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. this is a test. this is a vitac captioning test this is a vitac captioning test one of the fastest women drivers in the world raced into town. i'm sure she was going the speed limit when she stopped by this school. she met with girls at the school today. nicknamed the iron maiden she told the girls her fastest time so far was in last year's indy 500, when she hit 260 miles an hour. >> what? >> that's scary to hear that. meantime, nascar's kyle busch went from winning in virginia to signing autographs yesterday. >> you got to see this. he spotted a fan on the road.
4:25 pm
>> what's up? >> oh, my god! >> what's up? >> there is busch spotting the fan on the way out. after she contained her excitement, busch signed the hat she was wearing right there. >> how awesome is that. >> there is a dog barking? everybody was getting into the spirit. that's fun. we're taking you to tip-off. villanova gets ready to play for the national championship. >> and one member of the nbc 10 team has more rooting interest than the rest of us. >> pretty much tape the game. we tried taping other games. >> up next, keith jones and his unique bond with the wildcats, how that you helped him overcome a recent tragedy. >> also this, bringing the beach to you, the reason 42 tons of sand showed up in the city of philadelphia today.
4:26 pm
>> and we have rain around for your evening commute. i'll show you the timing of that, when it will move out and some colder temperatures, how cold it's about to get. that's next.
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♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for
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pond lehocky.
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this is a test. this is a vitac captioning test this is a vitac captioning test this is a test. this is a vitac captioning test this is a vitac captng here's a live look at the scene in villanova. quiet right now. massive wildcats watch parties on tap as the march to victory moves forward. nova getting ready to play for college basketball's national championship. >> they take on north carolina tar heels in houston. a live picture where fans are gathering deep in the heart of texas and keith jones heading our coverage. >> you ready? less than five hours to go.
4:30 pm
>> reporter: i'm really anxious but i am so amped for this, it's in a building behind me, and nrg stadium. take a look, this is fan fest at about 5:30 eastern time. it's going to be kicking off all of the fans are going to filter in, thousands of them from the philadelphia area. to do something to let all of that energy out before they get into the stadium and root on the wildcats, or if you're the other side, that team called the tar heels you'll root for them but we don't care about that. this isn't the only place where fans are going to be going crazy. not only here but also back home on the main line campus and at the many watch parties. nbc 10's brandon hudson is at a field house in center city. i'm sure that is going to be a popular place. >> reporter: keith, in less than four hours the doors will open for that student watch party. you can tell it's quiet as you heard jim talking about earlier. i can tell you what's going on now, bring your attention down
4:31 pm
to the end. you have a couple of guys directing traffic. we're behind the pavilion and these spaces next to us are for emergency personnel for tonight's party. we know we're told that saturday's final four party had 1,000 people at the watch party. this one is expected to be bigger. the university even canceled classes at 6:00 so students can get out here it we haven't seen a lot of students yet but a lot of event staff so we know the university is ready. the university president sent an e-mail encouraging to show their team passion and pride but responsibly. because you're representing the university. now we're getting another live look at the parking lot where we are set up. we're going to try to set up and go inside pavilion, maybe get students, closer to 8:00, we're going around front, maybe see if there is a line, talk to students, get their reactions and predictions. we'll see later brandon hudson,
4:32 pm
"nbc 10 news." >> reporter: thank you. thought you were at the field house where another event was but that's happening on campus. i might have mentioned something about being a villanova alum. maybe once or twice, maybe the fact i still teach on campus but needless to say it's a thrill for me to cover this for nbc 10 for many reasons, covering the basketball family. because i'm actually in it. i was a student manager about a decade ago during my years at villanova and learned recently what the word family actually means. >> it looks like any court in america. the lines, the layups, the logo. but on this floor i learned the lines make up a thread of tying a family together. this is where i got my start back in 2003 as a villanova basketball manager, i was interviewed at 18 years old. >> my name is keith jones. i'm a freshman here.
4:33 pm
i'm undecided. probably study communications. >> coach jay wright looks back. >> you were good enough we used you at practice. you were kind of like half player, half manager. >> as a dummy in practice though. that's all i could do. >> you had good length, hop. >> he was a really good basketball play e good enough to be part of the team. >> off the court i wirked with five other student managers. my responsibility. >> i pretty much tape the game, we try to tape the other games on national tv. >> missing classes, loading the buses and planes. coach remembers a different talent. >> you could sing. you played the guitar and sang. i remember that. and my kids loved that about you. my children were younger they knew you could play the guitar and sing. you were their favorite manager because of that. >> we're a tight neat group of student manager it is, here we are in 2003 and yesterday, teamó chaplain, father ron haglin. >> could kid around. a lot of the ribbing he would
4:34 pm
take and give. >> now kind of fast forward a little bit, we've been in each others weddings, come together for other events of life. >> including a recent tragedy, my girlfriend, former miss new jersey cara mccollum passed away after a car crash in february. coach wright reached out to me every morning in the hospital. >> everybody in the family was talking about you and just -- as you know, you've done that for others and we all do that. that's what a family does. >> it's a family for life. this makes us emotional to think about but we're literally in it together the whole way. >> when the team takes the court monday night with everything on the line it's redrawn into a thread, family first. >> i think it's one of the most enduring things makes basketball uniquely different is this commitment to staying together, commitment to family forever. >> reporter: words fall short of describing how much i sincerely appreciate not only the love from the villanova basketball family but also my nbc 10
4:35 pm
telemundo 62 family back there, tracy and jim included in that group. also everyone at home who reached out to me, the love, the support, the prayers. it sincerely means so much to me. more than i can ever explain here. speaking of support, the nova nation is well traveled. they are going to be inside packing the place rooting on the wildcats and when i see you next we'll detail more behind the scenes action whether the nova nation and villanova alums and fans are doing in these last few moments before the championship match-up later tonight. keith jones, "nbc 10 news." >> keith, we love you here too. family for life. hey, you've been holding out. none of us have heard you sing. what's that about? >> reporter: hold on. i got my -- no, never going to do it. no way. >> you get back to town. oh, yes, sir. >> how about at 7:00. >> i retired that one a year ago. that's a good piece. i'm going to play guitar and sing.
4:36 pm
>> we'll hold you to it. thanks, keith. see you in a bit. so we're getting you ready for the game with an hour-long march to victory special and we'll try to nudge him. nbc 10's matt delucia, keith jones, john clark are live in houston here on nbc 10. then at 11:00 a special one-hour edition of "nbc 10 news" we'll hopefully be celebrating a villanova victory. fingers crossed. take a look at this new video which shows the moment a woman allegedly bought counterfeit ncaa tickets for $150 each in philadelphia for a game at the wells fargo center last weekend. the seller who call it is himself sebastian murphy posted the tickets on craigslist. the buyer didn't know they were fake until she showed up to the game and couldn't get in. >> ouch. 42 tons of sand got dumped on penns landing. it wasn't an accident. it's because the sand is going
4:37 pm
to be used in a philadelphia international festival of the arts performance taking place next week. the show is called article 13. it uses the sand plus fire and water to tell the story of immigrants and their search for a better life. coming up next, mcdonald's is doing to the big mac. >> alert for latte lovers, what a lawsuit claims that starbucks is leaving out of your morning cup of coffee.
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this is a test. this is a vitac captioning test this is a vitac captioning test this is a test. if you thought macdonald's big mack isn't big enough. a giga big mack, they add two more patties for four. japanese mcdonald's bigger drink and fries to go along with that massive mack. what about the indigestion after. new lawsuit questions whether you are really getting what you pay for when you pick up your morning latte at star bucks.
4:41 pm
two california star bucks customers say the coffee chain is underfilling lattes as much as 25%. customers are given fluid ounces than advertised in an effort to save money on milk. starbucks is denying this, denied it in the lawsuit saying there may be variations of every drink on the menu. >> i'll start opening mine up. >> measure it. >> maybe. up next, what the wind damaged. >> the blast left their mark on parts of our area. >> blown over, burned to the ground. people in south jersey picking up the pieces after this weekend's wild wind. >> it's kind of devastating for us. >> how the aftermath of hurricane sandy is impacting one family after this storm. >> and we have rain that will be moving through for the evening commute. also, a freeze warning tonight. cold temperatures ahead in the forecast.
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this is a vitac captioning test this is a test. this is a vitac captioning test this is a vitac captioning test this is a test. this is a vitac captioning test well, we are still watching rain for the evening commute. right now we're already seeing it across most of the area, and we actually have heavy spots now starting to move in. philadelphia, where you see the green, this is mostly light rain, now the yellow is showing us a little more moderate rainfall so that's moving around springfield, chester across all of the major interstates like 95 and 76. and that is going to slide into new jersey. we also have heavy rain now we're looking at chester county where you see the red, orange and yellow. that shows us some of the heavier rainfall. kennett square starting to see rain, this is all going to continue moving west to east. new castle county in delaware you'll see some of the heavier rain soon. rainfall rates are anywhere from about 1 to 2 inches in the heaviest amounts, and that's where you see the red right around new london.
4:46 pm
so, that is showing us the very heaviest rain but it's not lasting for an hour. that would be per hour, we're not going to see it sit for an hour. it's going to move at a pretty good clip but as it does it will move across 95 near wilmington, eventually into new jersey and then more rain around baltimore and washington, that will make its way into the rest of delaware. so there you see it farther down to the south and west more rain. that will be moving through for the evening commute. so, if the you're in new jersey and delaware and you haven't seen the rain yet, and some you are seeing sunshine you'll see it before the day's over. it's part of a bigger storm system which is still sending snow up in new england. we're going to be on the warm side of this until tonight once the rain clears, temperatures drop to freezing. we have a freeze warning for much of new jersey and delaware and the suburbs surrounding philadelphia to the north and west, this is going to go until 10:00 tomorrow morning. temperatures dropping below freezing for several hours and this is really because of the sensitive spring plants that have begun to bloom. might want to bring them in or
4:47 pm
cover them up. big difference across the area, we've seen the rain north and west of philadelphia, temperatures here 40s and 50s, then we have 70 degrees in dover where we've actually been seeing sunshine mid to upper 60s through south jersey. that's going to change once the rain moves through, the temperatures saturday to drop and then we're all going to be close to freezing. here is future weather. 7:00 p.m., rain in new jersey in delaware and then by about 10:00 tonight we should start to see a lot of this move out. we clear up overnight and then by tomorrow afternoon we're going to be nice and sunny but we're going to be cold and windy. low temperatures will be at freezing or below freezing through most of thor a. winds will start increasing too. some suburbs in new jersey could be in the mid-20s, tomorrow a cold and windy day, high temperature from 42 to 45 degrees. so it is going to stay cold and windy. by wednesday a little milder but then the rain returns on thursday, that gets us colder again into the weekend. from school to the sideline. >> up next, one local teacher
4:48 pm
who may be familiar to eagles fans. >> 2 and a 4. >> during the week she oversees a classroom but come sunday she takes on a very different role. that story straight ahead.
4:49 pm
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4:51 pm
this is a test. this is a vitac captioning test this is a vitac captioning test this is a test. thi maybe you heard the wind and if you were outside you felt it. in cumberland county sky force 10 overhead. trees are topped and roofs ripped off buildings. nbc 10 jersey shore reporter ted greenberg surveys the damage and talks to the owners of a farm who are appealing for help as they try to pick up the pieces. >> reporter: as utility crews work to repair electrical lines
4:52 pm
above rubble that was mount pleasant united methodist church. rose prayed that the house of worship she's gone to since she was 2 years old will rise again. >> it was an act of god. so maybe god thought it was time for us to have a new church. >> reporter: fierce winds early sunday morning toppled a tree onto power lines, feeding the more than century old church which authorities believe led to a massive fire that burned the sanctuary to the ground. the pastor says the church board is faced with determining its future. >> i would hope that we can get back in what's left as soon as possible. and be worshipping in there until we make that decision. >> reporter: a major cleanup is under way in other parts of cumberland county. sky force 10 captured these scenes in hopewell township, roofs ripped off and trees knocked down. the national weather service
4:53 pm
surveyed the damage on the ground today. >> it's pushed back. >> reporter: in dennis township winds more than 70 miles an hour knocked over duke's travel trailer and caused thousands in damage to the family farm. >> for this to come through it's devastating for us. >> reporter: he tells me his house was also damaged by hurricane sandy, and says since then he's been unable to get homeowner's insurance. >> we set up a go fund me page and we're trying to get some donations that way to help us get back on our feet. >> reporter: for now, debris remains under foot here, as a church congregation prays it will prove to be stronger than the blow it took from mother nature. ted greenberg, "nbc 10 news." tomorrow is a huge night for the philadelphia eagles cheerleaders as they host the final auditions. >> mandy is a current member of the team who will be competing for a spot. as jackie explains, like many of
4:54 pm
the girls she is a young woman with a lot to offer. >> hi, i'm mandy, i'm an eagles cheerleader and this is my story. >> this is the excited refrain from mandy during sundays in the fall. during the rest of the week it's excitement of a different kind. >> 2 and a 4. all right. here we go. >> mandy teaches kindergarten. >> and up again. >> they can sense when someone cares about them. they can sense when someone is there for them. >> she recently represented the eagles on a good will military tour, mandy not only skyped with her class back home, she also presented letters of support
4:55 pm
from the kids to service men and women. many of whom wrote back. >> your letter that you wrote is so special. and my friends and i really like your drawing. we hung it up in our office and to say thank you we got you and your classmates a special patch. i felt so grateful to bring that brotherly love to them. they were so grateful to have us, it was very mutual. >> her father is a season ticket holder so her memories of eagles football date back as far as she can remember. >> he would have head phones on, listen to the broadcast, listen and watch everyone stand up and scream for the touchdowns i was so excited. i was hooked. >> she carry as life long love with a passion for shaping young minds. >> that was awesome. >> like so many of the girls in the final audition, she is more than just a pretty face.
4:56 pm
>> every cheerleader has not only a full-time job or in college but so intelligent, they are good people in their heart. >> by the way, john clark is going to be emceeing the event, tickets available right now through the eagles' website. the eagles won't be back on the field for a few months but the wildcats, they hit the court in less than five hours now. >> the march to victory continues in houston. keith jones is following every step. >> reporter: that's right. live in front of nrg stadium. where is your blue tie? that's what i want to know. before that, there are thousands of fans here from the delaware valley, they made the long trip, some drove, some flew. we'll check in with a couple of them to see how it's all going hours now before the game. we're bringing you behind the scenes. stay with us. >> and we have rain on the radar for your evening commute. we're watching freezing temperatures later on tonight.
4:57 pm
i'll show you the timing of that coming up. >> we're also waiting for details about this weekend's train derailment. the ntsb will give an update in the next half hour, we'll bring it to you.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
this is a vitac captioning test this is a vitac captioning test th a test. this is a vitac captioning test this is a vitac captioning test this is a test. t they are going wild for the wildcats. fans lining up to watch
5:00 pm
villanova march to victory and we are counting down to the big game. "nbc 10 news" at 5:00 starts right now. nbc 10's keith jones joining us once again live from houston. >> keith, the game doesn't start for about four hours. what's a few hours as villanova waited 31 years for a championship. >> reporter: exactly. i cannot wait to stop saying that. i hope the wildcats prove us to be successful to prove us to wipe that out of this teleprompter every time we say it. saturday night, oklahoma, a lot of fans watched it here in person. once they won of course villanova jumped into cars, planes, how ever to get down to houston. there is going to be a big party but the biggest party is actually going to be on campus at villanova, police want to make sure not only students but neighbors stay safe. deanna durante is live for us at villanova with more on that. deanna. >> reporter: you look around,


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