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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  WCAU  April 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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villanova march to victory and we are counting down to the big game. "nbc 10 news" at 5:00 starts right now. nbc 10's keith jones joining us once again live from houston. >> keith, the game doesn't start for about four hours. what's a few hours as villanova waited 31 years for a championship. >> reporter: exactly. i cannot wait to stop saying that. i hope the wildcats prove us to be successful to prove us to wipe that out of this teleprompter every time we say it. saturday night, oklahoma, a lot of fans watched it here in person. once they won of course villanova jumped into cars, planes, how ever to get down to houston. there is going to be a big party but the biggest party is actually going to be on campus at villanova, police want to make sure not only students but neighbors stay safe. deanna durante is live for us at villanova with more on that. deanna. >> reporter: you look around, keith, you can see that the
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villanova cheering is extending all the way down route 30 to the blue route in the area of villanova radnor township. police one of the many police agencies that are coordinating efforts to keep people safe and they have resources coming in from as far away as hershey. >> it's so fun we came out after the victory. you could hear the roar of the students in the distance cheering. >> reporter: many say they plan on celebrating tonight. >> we're rooting for them. a party on saturday night to see the big game. that was so exciting. but monday night's tough so we're deciding what to do. >> reporter: police are working to keep all celebrations under control. restricting parking in residential areas and making sure those who live on the street have access. to setting up a command post inside the radnor township building. they have s.w.a.t. vehicles staged just in case. >> we don't want anybody hurt and we don't want property damage. >> reporter: the radnor police are running the show when it
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comes to crowd control. police across the state will be here to help. on the grounds, mounted troopers, police on foot and motorcycles and expect the police presence to grow throughout the night. win or lose. >> there is something called a mass incidence response team which are people we'd see normally the uniformed officers that have riot gear that have been staged in plan to keep lancaster avenue manageable. >> reporter: the plan shut down route 30, the decision when will be made during the game. as well as when to close other roads like the blue route. pennsylvania state are police will be in the air and on the ground police watching from villanova security cameras, moving resources around as needed. we went to several villanova neighborhoods and residents say there is little concern that trouble will brew near home. villanova's president sent out a statement to students. he is in houston saying he wants to people to celebrate responsibly, classes after 6:00
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p.m. are canceled so people can watch the game. again, route 30 parts of it and the blue route off ramps on route 30 will close sometime this evening. police say they will make that decision as they are watching the game and the crowds. deanna durante, "nbc 10 news." >> thank you. actually caught up with father peter last night in the team hotel. he said you know what, we hope that our student it is and our staff facilitate respectable and responsible celebrating. i want to show you a picture of some video on campus when university staff are doing now to prepare. we saw police with bomb sniffing dogs checking. theres is a watch party there. we're told saturday's final four watch party had 1,000 people. this one is expected to be bigger. >> you can come out and have a good time. be here with fellow classmates, have the atmosphere, as close to being at the game as you can without being there. so this is to be the best
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atmosphere on the main line to watch. >> reporter: speaking of a great atmosphere to watch, the associated director said students are welcome and you know what, if neighbors from the outstanding communities if they come on campus they won't be turned away. speaking of the outside communities there. in bryn-mawr, kelly's was packed with villanova students partying and celebrating the win. 44-point deficit over oklahoma. denise was there live. they packed the place. >> reporter: keith, i have learned in the past hour that this is the place to be. check out the crowd. the line waiting to get inside kelly's. forget that the game is hours away. i met students who waited as early as 2:00 this afternoon, some seven hours before game time. now, the line stretched around lancaster avenue and on water street. they take no reservations so people got here early to stake their claim to a spot. we talked to two friends first in the door, when the doors
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opened about an hour ago. >> i was planning on coming even earlier. we were waiting for two hours, the first five people in line. >> big day, we're ready to crush some unc. >> reporter: the mager of kelly's has a maximum capacity of 350 so she does expect to have to turn some people away. there are some yelling now i don't know if that's out of excitement or the fact that they may not be able to get through the door. getting a spot took planning and paid off for a lot of people but they had to get here early. denise nakano, "nbc 10 news." >> reporter: thank you so much. you know what, as you can see, nbc 10 is covered, villanova's march to victory from every single angle. you know what, you can be a part of that too. we want you to join us for an hour-long special at 7:00 tonight, as we look forward to tonight's championship match-up action then nbc 10 at 11:00 will be on for a full hour to make sure we capture all of the
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celebration after the game. i'm going to be a busy guy, me and john my photographer will be inside and outside the nrg center. also the stadium. i want to talk about this. coming up next, imagine having a kid playing on that court, on a national stage, now, imagine having two sons playing each other in that game. we're going to catch up with those parents with those two students as well, as they get set to face each other in what will be the biggest game of their lives. for now back to you, jim, tracy. >> that's a cool story. >> can't imagine. i know you were complaining about my tie today so -- >> i have my villanova blue. >> we went to your locker upstairs and you have at least a dozen villanova blue ties. i'm going to change my tie if you sing at 7:00 with your guitar. the stripe, the plaid? take your pick. >> i wish i could see it now. you know, i just had a conversation with our assistant news director kathy and she said
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how many of these ties do you have. i said i keep forgetting i have this striped tie so i keep getting blue and light blue and white. >> over and over again. it's awesome. >> reporter: three or four of them. >> i'm changing my tie. i'll wear the villanova blue. >> go nova. >> yep. an update on your weather as i change my tie. >> first alert meteorologist sheena parveen, you're watching some rain moving through. >> yes. we'll be watching the rain as jim finally gets into spirit. you got to put the blue on. he has a blue suit so maybe blue socksment we'll never know. a look at the radar, we have rain moving into the major interstates now. near philadelphia the rain is getting heavier, chester is getting heavier down to wilmington where you see the yellow, the oranges, the reds, the green is mostly lighter rain. it is sliding into the philadelphia area around 95, 76, 476, and this extends over into
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southern parts of chester county and new castle county around newark and wilmington. this is pretty heavy. rainfall rates about an inch and a half an hour but not sitting in one area for an hour though i would not be surprised about ponding of water on the roadways as you're driving. so if you still have to travel in these areas, take your time, go slower because this is the heavy rain moving through. it will be moving into the philadelphia area, continuing to move in. then you see the motion of it from west to east. so then it will slide into new jersey and the rest of delaware so we have heavy rain on our door step. the snow, though, with the storm system is still hitting new england. we don't have to worry about that. temperature, 70 in dover, 48 degrees in allentown as we go through tonight, though, once the rain moves through these temperatures drop and we have a freeze warning for part of the area, who can expect that coming up. >> we should soon learn more about the amtrak crash that left two people dead on sunday morning. the national transportation
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safety board is trying to determine why a train hit a backhoe that was sitting in the middle of the track. two amtrak employees were killed, dozens of passengers and crew members suffered minor injuries. tracks are routinely closed temporarily for maintenance, they often do maintenance on sunday. they want to know where a breakdown in the safety process happened. today, chester's mayor thanked the first responders. >> it's hard. this is hard. it's painful and it's tragic. but hopefully at the end of the day we'll all have learned something. >> the ntsb has planned a 5:30 briefing in center city. nbc 10 is there, we'll bring to the you live when it begins. we also checked on passengers injured in the crash. everyone has now been released from the hospital but before they got to the hospital, many took refuge in a nearby church. cydney long has that story.
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>> with the windows shattered and the fireball and people flying out of seats it could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: reverend john ford didn't hear the the impact, instead sirens interrupted the quiet moments he finished writing his sunday morning sermon. >> i feel that the lord used us because my message with both churches was the lord's friends. >> reporter: trainer united methodist served as a friend to more than 300 of the walking wounded passengers sunday. opening up their back door where people who were bumped and bruised were given blankets after a hike that took them from the wrecked train through the woods and over a creek to get to the church gym for help and warmth in the cold. >> of course they were in semishock from being surprised that this happened. we had tea going, coffee going. >> reporter: the red cross helped passengers who needed immediate medication, after their belongings were left on
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the train and offered disaster mental health. trainer united methodist is a designated disaster site. >> we always have been concerned there would be an oil spill. >> reporter: they opened up the doors of the sanctuary. >> those individuals that would like to pray and actually get a little warmer because it's about 15 degrees warmer in the sanctuary. >> reporter: the church will continue to pray for all of those affected. >> we certainly sincerely pray for the two families that lost someone, of course we cannot understand yet how it happened. >> reporter: and pray for answers. from trainer, delaware county, cydney long, "nbc 10 news." another story, what happened before the kidnapping? investigators have a lot of questions about the woman accused of taking an infant from the king of prussia mall. why the investigation is hitting some road blocks. for years, i was a laboratory chemist,
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developing drugs to fight deadly diseases. as a scientist, i know there's more that washington can do to help families. i'm running for congress to protect planned parenthood funding so more women get cancer screenings and treatment... to pass a ban on fracking
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in the delaware river basin to preserve our clean water, and to always protect medicare and social security. i'm shaughnessy naughton and i approve this message.
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this is a test. this is a vitac captioning test this is a vitac captioning test this is a test. this is a vitac captioning test investigators need answers about the suspect accused of taking a baby from the king of prussia mall. >> lauren mayk followed up with mess and found out why. getting answers may take time. >> after reunion and arrest, police are still working on this case. the police chief tells me today investigators were meeting to go over the next step in the investigation. this is the image you saw as she
5:15 pm
left the mall, a suspect caught on camera leaving with a baby. but what if you went back in time. what would you find? that's what upper merion police are after. the police chief tells me they will take a closer look at cameras to see what amoore did. the mom says the woman approached them, followed them to the food court. when the mom was distracted took off with the baby. the image shows a woman walking out of the mall but the chief says they will look at what happened inside. that day's tape has already been saved. and officers will work with the mall's system of cameras to map it out. 32-year-old amoore claims two months ago she delivered a baby who died. they haven't confirmed that. but we've also learned how they will go about determining if it's true. they will try to get search warrants for medical records, that could show whether amoore was ever pregnant and whether
5:16 pm
she gave birth. the challenge there could be knowing where to start looking for those medical records. and that could rely on information from amoore herself. lauren mayk, "nbc 10 news." >> the battle over the fate of beleaguered atlantic city took another turn as lawmakers meet to hash out who will control the resort town. in trenton christie said he ordered the state to file a lawsuit against atlantic city, he wants to stop the city from making a pay roll payment friday because it owes its school district more than $30 million through july. >> we'll prevent them from making atlantic city students and families collateral damage to their reckless financial games. >> every payment to the school has only been made through the governor's office. it is the governor's office and the monitor that determines when school payments are made. >> a little more than an hour ago the mayor of atlantic city said monitors for the schools
5:17 pm
and the state meet daily and tell atlantic city when to make required payments. >> former president woodrow wilson's name will stay on princeton school of public policy. dozens spent 32 hours protesting outside the office of the university's president last november. the group called the black justice league wants which issen's name removed because of his racist views. wilson served as president from 1913 to 21. he graduated from princeton and was also its president. he was regarded as a leading progressive but also supported segregation. philadelphians remember dr. martin luther king jr.'s legacy, the mayor presented a proclamation to a foundation that holds a day of observation on the anniversary of king's death. >> clearly in the 60s when dr. king was conducting those courageous battles against racism and prejudice in our
5:18 pm
country, i started to understand what public service was, what service to others is. >> a human family day celebration will be held sunday, april 24th. well, we have heavy rain moving into the philadelphia area right now. hear's a live look outside, center city skyline from the adventure aquarium. temperatures are a little on the school side, 56 degrees. we have decent rainfall in the city and it's only going to get heavier. winds not that bad, west-northwest at 10 miles an hour but they will be increasing overnight tonight once the rain leaves. philadelphia area, 95, 476, upper darby over to media, this is heavy rainfall moving in. even near west deptford this is going to move into cherry hill and areas around new jersey. we'll continue seeing all of this heavy rain cross the i-95
5:19 pm
corridor into new jersey. precip rates are a little over 2 inches an hour. it's not going to sit in one area for an hour but we could see ponding of water on the roadways, maybe a little bit of localized flooding. this is really the only cluster of heavy rain across the area right now. it also extends down into wilmington across 495. into new castle county and a little more heavy rain in chester county and more off to the west. we're going to watch as that continues to move in, but this is the main cluster that we're watching. right over philadelphia and the major interstates, there is more around baltimore and washington. that's going to be moving into parts of delaware, new jersey, through the next several hours. if you take a big picture look this is part of a storm system that is sending snow into new england, locally, though, we're on the warmer side of this so we're only seeing the rain. later tonight once the rain leaves our temperatures will be dropping off. here is a look at future weather. the rain continues as we go toward 7:00, but notice it's clearing north and west by 7:00
5:20 pm
p.m. new jersey and delaware, still holding on to the rainfall. by 8, 9:00 moving to the shore and the delaware beaches, and will gradually be clearing out. once the rain leaves temperatures really start to drop. now, the road temperature is still going to be fairly warm. the air temperature will be dropping below freezing. so, the sensitive plants, we could have problems there with temperatures dropping this low. then we go into the day tomorrow, high temperatures only around the low 40s to mid-40s in spots. so kind of a cold and windy day for tuesday. we have a freeze warning out because the temperatures i showed you, philadelphia area surrounding suburbs, new jersey and delaware because it will be below freezing for several hours. now we will be watching the road conditions at this time because again, that rain is moving through. but it's going to get windy so that may help to dry things out as well. for tonight, we're going to see the rain early this evening. then we'll be clearing later tonight. cold and windy. 24 degrees areas north and west.
5:21 pm
tomorrow a cold day but a lot drier. also windy day, winds gusting near 30 miles an hour, highs mid to low 40s, afternoon highs 60 degrees this time of year. we go into wednesday, we're going to stay cool, morning lows in the upper 20s, a cold start, afternoon highs in the 50s. then we're in the 60s on thursday, that's going to come with rain, thursday's going to be pretty rainy especially later in the day, friday we start to clear up, and that takes us into our weekend where we actually do get colder again, especially in the morning. >> thanks. new developments in the lasean mccoy investigation. the former eagle will not face charges for a bar fight in old city. now, the decision that has the district attorney and local police officers at odds. we'll hear from both sides. this is a vitac captioning test this is a test. this is a vitac captioning test this is a vitac captioning test this is a test. this is a vitac captioning test
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highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. this is a vitac captioning test this is a test. this is a vitac captioning test no charges will be filed in a brawl in an old city nightclub involving former eagle lasean mccoy. two off-duty police officers were injured in the fight back in february at recess lounge. according to the district attorney seth williams it started over a bottle of champagne. two dozen were interviewed including the officers who investigators say gave conflicting accounts. the d.a. said there wasn't enough evidence. the head of the police union disagrees. >> he saw his friend on the ground with someone with their hand around his friend's throat.
5:25 pm
so he went over to protect his friend. >> the video was there. we can't explain why they weren't charged, only seth knows that. he may tell you he doesn't but i know we have detectives that are assigned and were assigned to the case shrugging their shoulders, scratching their head. >> he says the police union is looking at different legal options moving forward. dover high school's wrestling coach allegedly went on a spending spree on the school's dime. he turned himself in. he is free on bond. a debit card issued to him for the wrestling team was used twice at dover downs casinos and officials say about $800 from a wrestling fund-raiser never made it into the school's account. >> a warning to people trying to buy tickets on line. a woman found out the hard way after she bought fake ncaa tickets, all caught on tape. you can see the moment the woman bought the allegedly counter fit
5:26 pm
tickets for $150 each for a game last weekend. police tell us the seller who called himself sebastian murphy posted the tickets on craigslist. >> for keith jones, a crime for villanova to lose the game. >> keith is live with more. >> reporter: coming up next, comcast sportsnet john clark documents a brotherly battle tonight at the national championship behind me at the nrg stadium. how it's questioning the family's allegiances. s a test.
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this is a vitac captioning test this is a vitac captioning test this is a test. this is a vitac captioning test this is a vitac captioning test this is a test. i want to go to this news conference from federal transportation officials about sunday's amtrak crash. >> the following groups. mechanical, operations and performance, signals, track, and survival factors. investigators have examined the locomotive and passenger cars, the examination included the collection and inspection of maintenance records, at this time no anomalies have been found. additional equipment inspections will be conducted tomorrow to include trains braking systems. prior to arriving on scene, the ntsb secured signal system equipment for our investigation activities on scene.
5:30 pm
at the same time we secured recorded information from the amtrak communications system for our review and examination which has begun. there is a large amount of data to be looked at from these activities. the track group has identified the point of impact at mile post 15.7 which is just north of the booth street underpass. the track and engineering group will begin interviewing employees of the work crew tomorrow. survival factors investigators documented the equipment damage and will be testing emergency systems such as the public address system and emergency lighting tomorrow. investigators in the ntsb lab have reviewed the event recorder data. the event recorder data was of good quality and recorded up to the point of collision. the engineer placed the train into emergency approximately five seconds from the end of the
5:31 pm
recording. speed at that time was 106 miles per hour. and the track speed at that location is 110 miles per hour. the forward facing video was of good quality. captured in color and contained audio. the video recorded up to the collision. the video shows that there was construction equipment on the track and work train equipment on the track immediately adjacent to the amtrak train's track. i will take some questions at this time. >> you say it was on the track adjacent. then how the collision, the impact, did it move off of the adjacent track and get on the main track? >> again, let me state what oufr investigators in the lab in d.c. stated from the forward facing video. the video shows that there was construction equipment on the
5:32 pm
track. and work train equipment on the track immediately adjacent to the amtrak train's track. >> so is that equipment on the track and hen the excavator. >> the backhoe was on the track where the amtrak train was traveling. >> that train was in the right place where it was supposed to be? >> i can't speculate at this time. >> the train was authorized to be on the track? was the construction quip president also authorized to be on the track? >> i cannot speculate at this time. we're gathering facts on that information as to who had the authority to be on that track. >> what track was being worked on? the track the train was traveling on? >> i do not have that information at this time. >> you know what kind of work was being done? >> i do not know that as well. this is something that tomorrow we have interviews with the work crew and our investigators will be looking at that tomorrow. >> what is the propo column for something like this?
5:33 pm
there is going to be maintenance with a backhoe on the track, what is the protocol in terms of -- that should be in place? >> the federal railroad administration sets safety standards for railroad operations. i would have to refer you to the federal railroad administration to answer that question. yes. >> whether or not there is any miscommunication between the dispatcher -- >> we have secured all of the communication downloads and equipment and will be reviewing that. i have to stress there is a lot of data and a lot of information that investigators in our laboratory in washington, d.c. will be sifting through. >> is the experience level any part of the investigation? >> it is part of our investigation, our operations in human performance group will be interviewing those individuals start tomorrow. >> how many workers were on the crash at the time? >> i do not have that information at this time. there were several workers, correct, but i do not have an
5:34 pm
exact number. >> are you releasing the names? >> the ntsb does not release the names of the deceased. i will have to refer you to the delaware county medical examiner's office for that. this is amtrak, correct. >> we've been listening to a briefing from the ntsb investigating that amtrak accident on sunday morning. they examined the train, the maintenance records, nothing unusual. they have the event data recorder, they said the engineer placed the train into an emergency mode five seconds before the accident and speed was 106 miles an hour. which was below the speed limit at that section of track. >> it could go as fast as 110. the key question he would not speculate on, the gentleman who had the authority to be on the track, the amtrak train for the construction crew. they are still not answering that. >> they are going to talk to crew members tomorrow. >> let's move on now. in the meantime, let's continue
5:35 pm
our coverage of villanova's march to victory. >> in less than four hours villanova faces unc in the championship game. our own villanova alum keith jones is in houston for us. >> reporter: it's tough enough to try and get on the court behind me and win a national championship. imagine having to do it against your own brother. john clark has that story. >> we're here in houston, i'm standing with kris jenkins, sisters and cousins, this is an unbelievable story like a movie script. kris jenkins and north carolina's nate britt, they are brothers. and in high school, three years ago, they were sitting there in their living rooms watching villanova and north carolina play in the ncaa tournament and now they are playing against each other in the national championship for those same teams. >> we thought it could happen but you know, it teamed far fetched. >> i don't think either of us
5:36 pm
can believe it. >> reporter: they are not blood brothers, they became brothers when kris's mom felt he wasn't in the right crowd in south carolina. she sent him to live with nate britt's family in maryland in sixth grade. nate senior was a hoops coach. kris's mom felt the britts would provide a more stable environment. >> it was tough but the britts, they accepted me, the whole family made me feel so welcome. >> seemed like he took it all, you know, at one time and you know, like i say he adapted well. >> reporter: they are so competitive with everything they do. they have never played each other in a college game so to face each other for the first time on the biggest stage, wow. >> we compete at everything. running up the steps, just smig. nobody in our house likes to lose. >> who else to have permanent bragging rights. we get in an argument we can
5:37 pm
look at this game. >> we might be dead even. i think this one here is the tiebreaker. >> kris sat behind nate's bench when he made the final fourment they always talked after games and celebrated accomplishments. but not this time. they have not spoken or texted since before their final four games. >> before the game give him a hug, have a good game. other than that no words. >> whoever loses the game you know, might be congratulations and that's it. i don't think there will be too many words after that point from either person. >> imagine what the parents are going through. so, whose bench are they going to sit behind. >> nobody's bench. >> neutral? >> neutral. >> you? >> i'll be walking the concourse. >> just to be in this game, to be in this position, i mean it's storybook. you can't make this up.
5:38 pm
this is unreal. >> reporter: kris jenkins' sisters and cousins tell me they are rooting for both teams. if you had to have one win let me see who you got. nova? wow. unbelievable. they are totally neutral. i'm john clark, live in houston, texas. back to you. >> thank you. as best he could. he couldn't sway them. imagine that. as we've been talking about the game is going to be played inside energy stadium. what is nrg? it's a company with ties to our area. its corporate headquarters in princeton and a hub at the university city science center. nrg is the official energy part partner of the eagles. we look at the lincoln financial field south philly you can see the nrg's solar panels there and
5:39 pm
also the wind turbines. now look back in houston at the fan fest experience. it's jam-packed with youth clinics, autograph signings. you can feel the an dispags ahead of tonight's match-up. they just opened the doors and a lot of villanova and tar heel students burst from that tent and rushed all the way across. to stand by the tv sets here and waiting of course to get into the stadium. join us for special coverage at 7:00 as we look forward to tonight's match-up between villanova and unc. then "nbc 10 news" at 11:00 on for a full hour to capture all of the reaction after the game we'll be quite busy here so we want to make sure you stay with us for the hour will long special, 7 to 8:00. back to you guys. >> all right. >> you know we're making it easy for you to show 4 team spirit. i know this is your villanova
5:40 pm
tie collection. >> we could loan those out. >> all you have to do if you want to get into the spirit is go to nbc 10 app. download and print this full size sign. we want you to talk to us on twitter, share your pictures on social media and join our effort to get keith to sing at 7:00.
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this is a test. this is a vitac captioning test this is a vitac captioning test this is a test. >> new jersey lidge ters looking at a bill to keep guns out of the hands of people convicted of carjacking, racketeer, gang activity. that would make at second degree crime to carry the minimum five years in prison. new jersey governor christie vetoed an identical bill earlier this year. the measure exspands that ban to those convicted of arson, burglary, homicide and skexual
5:43 pm
assault. >> a school is moving forward with a bachelor's degree in nursing. the board at delaware technical community college have a final vote on the program this month. if approved it would become the fourth school in the sight offer a bachelor of science in nursing program. the school president says a growing demand for nurses and aging baby beerm population is factored into the decision. >> after much success, the down town alive concert series is returning to down town reading. this year's summer music festival includes performances by brothers osborne, the struts, toad the wet sprocket and the pat mcgee band. >> this evening you're going to need the windshield wipers if you plan on heading out. a lot of rain on the radar, followed by colder temperatures. a freeze warning for part of the area. who can expect that and the timing of the rain coming up.
5:44 pm
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katie mcginty for u.s. senate, calling her "a champion for working families." the 9th of 10 kids, her dad's union pension and social security made all the difference. in pennsylvania, mcginty helped implement obamacare and expand coverage. trump and toomey have attacked obamacare and social security. to fight back, president obama wants mcginty in the senate to protect women, families and seniors. vote in the democratic primary, april 26th. mcginty: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
5:46 pm
this is a vitac captioning test this is a vitac captioning test this is a test. this is a vitac captioning test in decision 2016 the democrat uk presidential candidates will hit the campaign trail in philadelphia this week. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are scheduled to appear at the pennsylvania afl cio convention. >> pennsylvania voters go to the polls in over three weeks who they want to succeed kathleen kane. three democrats are vying for the nomination in the primary. northampton county district attorney john moorg nellie. josh shapiro and district attorney steven zep pa la. a live debate on thursday night. we begin with john morganeli.
5:47 pm
>> pennsylvania's in desperate need of a tested experienced prosecutor. >> he is no stranger to law enforcement, or the courtroom. for the past 24 years when a major crime happened in northampton county, he has had a hand in going after the bad guys. personally prosecuting more than two dozen murder cases. >> we do consider him to be a person of danger and someone who may be a serial rapist. >> the experts will be able to tell us pretty much what was going on. we feel confident we'll bring this individual to justice. >> as the longest serving d.a. in pennsylvania he has been elected six times. and tried to get elected to the office of attorney general three times which is why he says this is the most relaxed campaign he has run. >> i'm relaxed because i think at age 60 i turned and i had a great career i'm the most experienced candidate in this race. >> priorities include cleaning house of the current office of the ag bringing in what he calls professional prosecutors from across the state. he also wants to address the
5:48 pm
reasons violent crime is up in all pennsylvania cities. >> we're letting more and more of these criminals out of prison that are dangerous. and we need to reverse that. what i'd like to do is advocate what governor rendell wanted to do which was violent repeat felons would not be eligible for parole. >> even though he is a tough on crime guy he says nonviolent offenders need a second chance. >> a kid steals a case of coke and 9 years later he can't get a job. we have people who have committed crimes when they were very young that felt they are felonies but nonviolent. they can't get a job. >> he knows the race issen a uphill battle with his opponents coming from the voter rich areas of philadelphia and pittsburgh. i asked long time supporter former philadelphia d.a. lynn abraham why morganelli would run as an underdog. >> if you want to do something,
5:49 pm
whatever it is and whoever is watching it doesn't make any difference to you that you're an underdog or you're an over dog or you're the big dog or the little dog. this is something you must do. >> in the last few weeks some have referred to morganelli as an attack dog calling out the others that he says he is hoping to focus on issues that truly relate to law enforcement. >> i felt like an underdog in life but that never deterred me going into the arena of battle and fighting for what i believe in. >> nbc 10 and telemundo 62 will host a live debate between the candidates running for attorney general. you can watch here on nbc 10 or on the nbc 10 app. well, we saw a lot of heavy rain this evening now moving into new jersey. morris down evesham and burlington county also near the
5:50 pm
philadelphia area but it's moving into new jersey from philadelphia. across the major interstates here 295, mine 5, 76, it is a wet evening commute. and where you see the yellows and oranges and red that shows us the heaviest of the rain. so around springfield and chester right down 495 near wilmington, we have more moderate rainfall. here heavier around concord and who kesen. this rain is going to continue sliding west to east so delaware county seeing heavy rain but will continue into northern delaware and through the rest of south jersey. you notice another line of heavy rain through baltimore and down toward washington. that line of heavy rain is moving in this direction. so we will be seeing it near dover by about 7:00 and egg harbor closer to 7:45. we'll be watching that line the rest of the evening so we're not out of the woods yet. if you're in south jersey or parts of delaware and you haven't seen the rain yet it is on the wayne. so we'll see in the next few
5:51 pm
hours through the rest of the area. through the lehigh valley you're pretty much clearing out. it's part of a bigger storm system where the snow is affecting new england but that's going to stay up to the north. we're going to stay on the warmer side of this storm system, so really, just rain for us. but after the rain leaves we'll be getting a lot colder later on. this is future weather. the rain continues moving through by 8:00, it should mostly be in new jersey and delaware at that point. and then continuing to clear out this model for a very brief period of time. trying to show some wintry precip, not too impressive though. then we start to get colder overnight and tomorrow afternoon, nice and dry. then we go into wednesday. more clouds start to move in and that leads us to our next round of rain. that will be here as we go into thursday. tomorrow morning, though, remember you'll want your jacket before you head out. it's going to be colder. a freeze warning, all of the counties in purple, philadelphia, new jersey and delaware suburbs to the northed a west until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. temperatures below freezing for several hours so any sensitive
5:52 pm
plants that have bloomed you might want to cover them or try to bring them inside. also it will be getting windy, wind gusts near 30 miles an hour. so we have the rain around now. it's going to continue moving through, then temperatures are going to quickly drop. the ground temperature is fairly warm. we have spots in delaware that are in the 70s, but again, the air temperature is going to get colder so we're going to have to watch for slick spots. it is going to get windy so that might help dry things up. temperatures about the mid 20s to near 30 degrees for part of the area. tomorrow cold and windy mid to low 40s, it's going to be sunny at least but a day you need your heavier coat all day long, wednesday morning we start in the upper 20s, 50s by afternoon. rain returns as we go into thursday, you'll want your umbrella for thursday. we clear out friday and going into the weekend we are going to get cold again. >> thanks for the reminder. pansies are coming in. we introduced you to kanicky thompson. >> only 9 years old but was
5:53 pm
determined to make a difference for the people of flint, michigan. we'll have an update on her amazing effort. i've always taken on the status quo. in harrisburg, they didn't like it when i stopped their perks
5:54 pm
and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county, i cut out wall street middlemen to protect pensions, stood up for marriage equality and protected our environment. now i'm fighting for criminal justice reform. i'm proud to be backed by president obama and people who care about our families. i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you.
5:55 pm
this is a test. this is a vitac captioning test this is a vitac captioning test >> a package of bills aimed at reducing lead poisoning cleared an assembly panel today. one of the bills passed by the environment committee would require lead testing in all schools, other measures to
5:56 pm
remove lead from pipes and infrastructure. a recycling program that requires a deposit on bottles and cans. some say the program would hurt breweries and distributors. more than 2,000 cases of bottled water are now in the hands of residents in flint, michigan. >> this is a great effort thanks to a south jersey fourth-grader. in february we introduced you to kanicky thompson of west deptford. her father is a truck driver. he just got back from snow and ice to deliver all of the cases of water to flint. almost all of them. it was his 9-year-old daughter who started this effort. she made a plea to help the town of flint on her own youtube channel. >> and this morning i was able to get washed, brush my teeth and drink clean water. there are kids in flint, michigan that cannot do those things. >> i love her. >> and her dad ken will make another run to flint later this week because in fact they couldn't fit all of the donated
5:57 pm
water on one truck. >> how great is that. >> great family effort. >> coming up next. >> the march to victory all comes down to tonight for villanova. >> reporter: they are going to party like it's 1985, hopefully and speaking of which we just caught up with the head coach ro rollie massimino. we'll check in and see how the reunion went. for years, i was a laboratory chemist,
5:58 pm
developing drugs to fight deadly diseases. as a scientist, i know there's more that washington can do to help families. i'm running for congress to protect planned parenthood funding so more women get cancer screenings and treatment... to pass a ban on fracking in the delaware river basin to preserve our clean water, and to always protect medicare and social security. i'm shaughnessy naughton and i approve this message.
5:59 pm
this is a test. this is a vitac captioning test this is a vitac captioning test this is a test. this is a vitac captioning test this is a vitac captioning test this is a test. this is a vitac captioning test this is a vitac captioning test this is a test. this is a vitac captioning test claer clear a big day. we're ready to cross some unc. >> just one win, that's all that separates the villanova wildcats and the college basketball crown tonight the cats and all of nova nation getting ready for the biggest game of their lives. good evening again. i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm tracy davidson. can you feel it. villanova fever. >> hopes to be partying like it's 1985. that's the last time the wildcats won it all. >> look at this. thousands of fans are getting game ready in houston where tonight's showdown between villanova and north carolina will go down. >> game time, getting closer. tip-off set for 9:19, a little more than three hours from now.
6:00 pm
with every passing second the excitement is building. >> we have a team covering villanova's march to victory. from the fans to the celebration, preparations to the game itself. >> that guy on the left, the perfect person to kick off coverage. keith jones live at nrg stadium. let's see your hands, are they shaking or steady? >> they are okay for now. you know what, the nerves are high. there's a lot of energy from villanova fans i spoke with this morning. if you look behind me now you saw that, right here, hundreds if not thousands of unc fans and 90 fans have filtered into fan fest. there is a concert going on. a lot of skills competitions, a lot of shooting, and of course a lot of blue. the villanova kind and the unc kind. speaking of villanova blue, i wanted you to look at this. moments ago john clark texted me he ran into rollie massimino, meeting up with of course the


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