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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  April 5, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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sleep. >> no, i doubt it. i think he'll get a couple days off to recover from all of his reporting over the past few days. >> matt delucia looks great, too, for zero sleep. >> for somebody who has been up all night. >> exactly. you're watching nbc 10 news. "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. begins right now. nbc 10 news starts now. >> the villanova wildcats are waking up national champions. >> and there it is. this is the shot that made it all happen. we have live team coverage from the team in houston to villanova fans that went wild on campus. >> spring is hitting us with the morning of winter-like weather. doesn't feel like spring. we'll get your first alert forecast hour by hour in just a few moments. see the flag blowing out there. it's blustery out today. >> i would recommend a hat and
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gloves. i don't think i'm exaggerating, either. welcome toç "nbc 10 news today" i'm katy zachry. >> i'm rosemary connors. meteorologist bill henley has that first alert forecast. >> it's a bundle up kind of morning, absolutely. the wind is blows as you saw by the flag in center city. that's a 17 mile-an-hour steady wind. we have seen gusts closer to 30 miles an hour. we're tracking wind chill in the teens and 20s, absolutely a hat, coat, mittens, gloves, whatever it takes to stay warm on a day like this. 21 is what it feels like in the city. even atlantic city it feels like 21 degrees. we will see sunshine. the clouds will be thinning out later this morning. 32 degrees at 7:00. 36 above freezing at 10:00 and into the low 40s by 1:00 this afternoon. with that wind still blowing it will feel like it's in the 30s for most of the day today. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood in ten minutes. jessica boyington right now has first alert traffic. >> we want to update you on an accident scene really quickly. we're all clear.
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we had an earlier overturned vehicle in uppertown on the garden state parkway northbound around exit 20, which is route 50. pretty much clear right now, all lanes back open. earlier it was the left lane and the shoulder. there was a vehicle off into the woods. we're good to go there. this is 422 around trooper road. we did have construction right in this area where we did have flashing lights and lane restrictions a few moments ago. 422 and trooper road, he with were seeing that construction east and westbound where lanes were taken out between trooper and route 29. also construction and road marking operations, two lanes closed until about this time right now on passyunk avenue westbound between 28th street and 61st street. watch out for some crew clearing out of the way. ♪ >> the three to win it. he made it! cats win it all.
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cats win it all! cats win it all! >> what a finnish houston last night. villanova's march to victory is now complete. the wildcats in a wild finish beat north carolina, the tar heels at the buzzer to claim the national championship of men's college basketball. >> and this morning we have live team coverage from the wildcats and nova nation fans. let's begin with the fans. nbc 10's lauren mayk is live at villanova for us. lauren, i would say it's been quite a cleanup on lancaster ave. have you seen people mingling about, sill setill celebrating. >> not celebrating. on their way home. we've seen them slowly making their way home and yelling a bit. when they wake up tomorrow morning, the first thing they might do is pinch themselves to makeç sure this wasn't a dream. the second thing is the cleanup. all of this is what is left from the big party. we also found something else
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left over from the party. check it out. a fire extinguisher. police campus were prepared for this kind of thing. it came in handy. take a look. some small fires set last night, including a couch that was on fire that we saw out here last night. police also tell me that there was some minor street sign damage, about seven people were arrested. hundreds of people were out here in the streets celebrating. they all wanted to be here to take part in this. when that buzzer-beater happened, emotion just took over. >> it was so unbelievable, the three of us were freaking out, holing hands. i personally couldn't breathe, i was shaking. >> reporter: yes, one of the big questions now left today is when does the team get back on campus? well, we found out that the team will be arriving back in philadelphia around 4:00 this afternoon. they should get back to campus about 4:30 or 5:00 and villanova
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is planning an event to celebrate with them for tonight. as soon as we get the details on that we'll let you know. live at villanova, i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> thanks for that, lauren. today's philly papers are marking villanova's place in sports history. here's the front page of "the daily news," the caption reads "we win!" . the back page claims "thrillanova!" with chris jenkins in the picture. our coverage continues live from houston. >> matt delucia is live there talking with nova fans even at this early hour, matt, you didn't have a wink of sleep, i would bet, not that you look it but i know you were there for that game-winning shot and in the locker room after? >> who could go to sleep after watching a game like that? and it ending like that? i'll tell you, the team arrived at the hotel here a couple hours ago. a few folks are still out front
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in the lobby, taxis pulling up, dropping fans off here. the party keeps on going. when you think about what it cost for most people to fly here and get a hotel room for the final four, this is the kind of game that makes it all worth it. >> i was there in the crowd watching those final seconds and this wind brought out even more excitement than saturday night's game. this one closer, much more of a nail biter. the villanova crowd was intense, even some of the players couldn't believe what was happening. 74,000 people in attendance. the second biggestç crowd for e ncaa championship game. there were lines of people waiting to buy championship shirts and hats. take a listen to the students and their reaction after the game. >> incredible. unreal. i can't believe he made that final shot. i can't believe we're national champions. it's absolutely incredible. i can't put it into words.
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>> drove 23 hours with my friend for to happen like that with chris jenkins, the most clutch three in school history, i'm losing my mind. this is unbelievable. >> some of the players after the game in the locker room, daniel ochefu said he saw the shot go in and told his teammates, everything was just so emotional. he didn't know what to do. those were his words after the game there. ryan arcidiacono named most outstanding player. the team hotel as you can see right now, pretty busy tonight. it was a lot busier earlier. we saw folks up there in the hotel bar. the team, perhaps, they're still partying, perhaps getting much needed rest after that. but hoy can you sleep, again, after a night like that? that is something that these players are going to remember for a lifetime and the people in the stands watching that game and watching it on tv as well. rosemary?
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>> last night's villanova championship is a victory for fans all over our region. xfinity live hosted a watch party where the crowd, as you can see, roared when that magical instant came across the big screens there. the last time we saw a championship moment in south philadelphia like this was eight years ago when the phillies won the world series. and make sure you have the nbc 10 app. we've got the best reaction and celebration videos, fan photos, plus a link where you can get villanova championship clothing. this is exciting. coming in later today. be sure to share your nova pride on our social media account. >> to the other big story we're following today, the aftermath of that amtrak crash. tad maintenance crews with amtrak are expected to be interviewed about the derailment that killed two of their co-workers over the weekend. investigators are still trying to figure out why a backhoe was on the tracks when train 89 rolled through chester, delaware
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county on sunday morning. they say the engineer of the train applied the emergency brakes five seconds before it hit the construction equipment. the train was traveling the speed limit at the time. yesterday we spoke to a doctor from exton who was on board and helped some of the 30 injured passengers. >> and that's where everybody kind of chipped in. i had two people holding pressure on the two wounds. we had other people holding who were injured. everybody came together. >> the two men killed have been identified as backhoe operator joseph carter of wilmington and amtrak supervisor peter adamovich of chester county. amtrak released a statement that reads in part, we are working with the ntsb to identify the issues that led to this incident and will make any needed changes immediately. amtrak has strict protocol that crews must follow when tracks are taken out of service for maintenance or when work is being performed along the right of way. as cold as it is here, the
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northeastern u.s. is actually digging out after a spring snowfall. several inches of snow blanketed rhode island, massachusetts and upstate new york. cold and snow jammed traffic and canceled baseball openers in new york and boston. in utica, new york, plow drivers were busy again. and home owners had to find shovels and snow blowers after they thought they put them away until next winter. we're feeling that cold this morning, not getting the heavy snow they saw. it certainly feels like winter this morning. gusty winds will make it feel like it's chilly all day. we'll warm in the 40s. it will feel like the 30s. tonight, another cold night back into the 30s and much of the area will get colder tomorrow morning. 26 right now in doylestown, 31 in northeast philadelphia. and millville is at 33 degrees. right now there are some clouds over center city. this is the view from the comcast center and we're
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watching for gusty winds riding in on these winds, not only the cold but also a little bit of snow shower activity. you'll see it north and west, pottstown, 18 degrees is what it feels like. there are the snow showers. very light snow. most of that is not reaching the ground. it's falling into dry air. don't be surprised if you see a few snowflakes this morning. snow in southern delaware. that's just about done. it's heading out to sea. it will be dry for the rest of the day. the forecast, neighborhood by neighborhood, 32 the high in the pocono mountains. low 40s for allentown and quakertown. gusty winds and sunshine for doylestown, trenton and mount holly. into the 40s for vineland and dover. no sign of the 60s. we saw yesterday cape may this afternoon with sunshine, 43 degrees. a steady wind for philadelphia, drexel hill and wilmington. temperatures in the 40s. wind chills in the 30s. got the seven-day forecast with some warmer temperatures when i'm back in ten minutes. he is not kidding. it is so cold out there.
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>> it definitely is. drivers are going to have to be cranking up the heat this morning. >> totally. i know, if you have an automatic starter, this is a good morning to do it. >> jessica boyington has a look at what's happening out on the roads. she's checking out 76. what do you see on the ç schuylkill, jessica? >> we're clear with a lot of the construction we were dealing with earlier. the vine street expressway is back in business, 422 is okay. the schuylkill expressway has been okay all morning. we'll show you our cameras around montgomery drive, no problems in either direction right now. we still have an eastbound drive time that's in the green, 13 minutes there from the blue route to the vine street expressway. all traffic moving along nicely. out in warrenton township, more construction, county line road is closed between fairmont april and park avenue. that's scheduled until april 8th. 12 minutes after 5:00 on this tuesday. "v" is for victory and villanova. the wildcats are big home a national trophy and nova fans take to the streets. we'll tell you where the clouds will be running to this morning to show their nova pride.
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the thrilling finish that we just keep playing for you over and over again. we will continue to play for you. these are villanova students
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spilling into the street. skyforce 10 was over the pavilion right after the watch party ended last night. we learned 5,000 championship t-shirts ordered to the villanova book store are expected to arrive there by 8:00 this morning. be prepared for delay we're told. there could be a long line. just a thought. people are also heading online to show their villanova spirit from twitter to the nbc 10 app. our reporters were at watch parties here at home and in houston as the villanova wildcats won the ncaa championship. here's a look at some of their video that we posted to the nbc 10 website. we want to see your nova pride. tweet us or facebook us your pictures or video of the celebration. all of them have been really great so far. >> absolutely. now to decision 2016. today is the wisconsin primary and voters in that state could make the biggest impact yet on the presidential race. republican front-runner donald trump is trailing ted cruz in the polls in wisconsin. but trump is still predicting a victory that will boost him to
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the nomination. yesterday cruz called on rival john kasich to drop out of the race. the texas senator said kasich's strategy of winning the nomination at a contested convention is a pipe dream. kasich said he has no plans to quit. donald trump decided to comment on it during one of his rallies. take a listen. >> so he's 1-30. he ought to get the hell out. he's stubborn. he doesn't want to leave. they asked him the other day, are you going to leave? no, i'm not going to leave. >> we're also learning new things about donald trump. he told a magazine recently that he wears a bulletproof vest sometimes. that revelation follows a series of violent incidents that have been happening at trump rallies. on to the democrats now, bernie sanders has been trying to turn the tables on hillary clinton. polls show him leading her inç wisconsin. anything short of a blowout won't put much of a dent in clinton's sizable delegate lead. they will debate in brooklyn a
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few days before the new york primary. nbc 10 was in center city last night where a clinton support group opened an organizing office. former philadelphia mayor michael nutter and marion tasco is part of this group. both clinton and bernie sanders will be in philadelphia this week. quick reminder, pennsylvania and delaware hold their primary elections on april 26. >>. new jersey voters go to the polls on june 7th. for complete decision 2016 coverage, including the latest delegate count and the upcoming primaries and caucuses, just tap the nbc 10 app. 5:18 now. a package of bills aimed at stopping lead poisoning in children will now go to the full new jersey assembly. one of the bills passed by the environment committee would require lead testing in all schools. two other measures would help fund mprograms as well.
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5:19 on this tuesday. just about freezing outside the nbc 10 studios. jessica boyington is watching the traffic. >> jessica is in new jersey watching the 42 freeway. >> the lanes approaching headed northbound toward the philadelphia area, no problems. that's what our drive times are looking at as well. northbound to 55 to the walt whitman bridge. 42 in deptford around route 41, these are the northbound lanes right here. obviously more cars headed that direction towards the bridges. here's the boulevard. more cars here for sure. this is around wissahickon avenue. no problems north or southbound right now and more construction. the betsy ross bridge eastbound ramp to richmond street will be closed until may. that may be something that sets you back in the morning. otherwise, mass transit is doing okay. we are back in business for
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septa and amtrak, most trains, everything running on time. pat patco, d.a.r.t. and new jersey transit, we also are running on time with no delays. i'll be back with more checks of your morning drive. katy? we're off to a cold start this morning, in fact, it will feel more like winter than spring today. pamela osborne is in philadelphia for us. you need the hat this morning. >> yes, you know, i was doing the hair down thing and it kept blowing all over the place. i figured why not, i might as well put the hat on. it is chilly. we've been out here talking to people about villanova. you can)see it's a little bit windy out here as well. for everyone just waking up with us this morning, you may get a bit of a surprise within you walk out the front door. people are moving around this morning. they're all bundled up as well. it's definitely a far cry from the 70 plus degree we had on friday. temperatures are up and then they're down. i don't know what to make of it
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all. i'll send it back in studio to meteorologist bill henley. bill, maybe you can help us make sense of the temperatures and hopefully you'll tell us that we can put away our winter coats very soon, bill. >> something i like to call spring, pamela, which means temperatures can go towards winter or towards summer or somewhere in between. this morning as you mentioned it's more winter-like. the temperatures are plunging. clouds in the area. you might see a flurry in the region. 32 degrees in philadelphia. look at the winds gusting to 24 miles an hour. yesterday, that flag was blowing this way. now it's blowing this way. the winds have shifted. that's going to make all the difference today, bringing in a round of cold and the winds will make it feel even colder through the day. teens and 20s are what it feels like right now. here are the light snow showers moving through montgomery county trying to enter delaware county. you might see a few flurries. i wouldn't be surprised if a few snow flakes are spotted. later in the week it ill with be
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warmer. in fact, we have a couple dry days before we get to thursday. then it doesn't look like much right now. that is rain that will be moving toward us on friday. with some warmer temperatures. for today, warm is not a word we'll be using. sunny, breezy and cold even though it will warm into the 40s. that win that will be northerly to 20 miles an hour will make it feel like it's in the 30s this afternoon. colder tomorrow morning. 27. the wind will take a break. that will allow us to warm up in the afternoon, into the middle 50s. 60 degrees the high temperature on thursday. then behind the rain, here comes the cold once again. chilly on friday. the cold temperatures on saturday will continue into sunday morning. then finally a bit milder on monday. >> bill, thank you. 5:22 on your tuesday morning. a judge sides partially with bill cosby when it comes to the defamation lawsuit against him. coming up, we'll explain how the comedian's criminal case here in pennsylvania is affecting his civil case in massachusetts.
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websites. now amazon is extending the offering to merchant partners who sell online. the idea is to help those businesses set up a payment system for their customers. according to amazon, more than  customers have used pay with amazon to pay on a third party website. facebook is taking steps to make the social network more accessible to the blind. susan lee is here to explain in this morning's cnbc business news. good morning, susan. >> good morning. facebook wants to be a seeing eye guide for the blind and it's rolling out a new feature for its iphone app that can interpret what's in a picture on someone else's feed using artificial intelligence. it can recognize faces and objects. you might hear descriptions of initially limited to vocabulary, around 100 words. in the future, the automated voice might say a photo features three people who are smiling. they can say for instance whether or not they're holding
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drinks in their hands. facebook is trying to be careful in order to avoid the things that could offend. there could be more red arrows today. stocks dropped monday with the nasdaq breaking a four-day winning streak. we'll get data on the nation's services or the nonmanufacturing sector as well as the trade deficit. the dow falling 55 points on monday to kick off the week. the nasdaq losing 22 points, trading off 48-,891. >> thank you, appreciate it. "v" is for victory and villanova. the wildcats bringing home the national trophy and nova fans are taking to the streets to celebrate. we'll show you where the crowds will be later on today. details coming up about what's happening on campus when the team returns.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> oh, man, a buzzer-beater crowns villanova wildcats the national champions and nova nation goes wild. >> yes, nova nation parties like it is 1985. now we're going to party like it's 2016. we have live team coverage of


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