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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  April 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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and they will enjoy a police escort back to campus, a ride that will end with them realizing the hero status they have just achieved. >> brandon hudson live at villanova stadium. i'm wondering maybe there are students there who never went to sleep last night. >> reporter: jim and tracy, they told me they stayed out until 4:00 in the morning but they are here, some of them over by the sage. we'll show you that. but i will tell you the men's team is expected to be dropped off outside the football stadium here and come through and greet all of the fans that have been here for probably the last hour. we're going to give you a better look at the fans right now as they are trying to get a good spot close to the stage. i'll tell you this. over the next -- the last three days we've been herings seen the connection, the strong connection between the fans and team. they see them on campus, now they get to celebrate this surreal moment. in minutes of returning to
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villanova's campus it didn't take long to find fans showing school pride. the place is still buzzing after last night's national championship win. >> he made it! >> it was great. everyone is happy. >> everyone is excited at breakfast, last night was crazy. we all stayed up until like 4:00 in the morning. >> reporter: it was a late night for thousands of students and fans on campus. they flooded the intersection of lancaster and icen avenues after kris jenkins last second three. >> my parents were here in '85 so it's unbelievable to be here now. >> i was crying tears of joy, disbelief, tears of -- pure elation. >> the after party is far from over. everyone we spoke with said they will be at the welcome back pep rally today. it will be the fans' first chance to thank the team for a dream season. >> this was an unbelievable
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moment. i will never forget it the rest of my life. >> fans have their signs ready. they are ready to go, ready to cheer on the wildcats as they get here. we'll be here and keep an eye on the bus and tell you some of the fans we spoke to, they are already making plans to go to the parade in center city. a live look at the stadium, right now and what's going on. it right now i'm brandon hudson, live at villanova, "nbc 10 news." >> we'll have more on the parade details coming up. for now to philadelphia international airport where we are waiting for the team to arrive. >> nbc 10's tim furlong is live in sky force 10. about an hour we expect them to touch down? >> reporter: yeah, that's right. we're just to the northwest of the philly international airport, getting a little wind here. in a while your national champion wildcats are going to return, allowing the pro teams come in and out of. i'm told they will be greeted with an arch of fire hoses. we're tracking the fight from houston. we can show you on the system the team plane is over the state
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of north carolina so it's making its way up here. it won't be too much longer. once the team arrives a police escort back to campus where they will be greeted by thousands. we'll follow them every step of the way from the air and from the ground. you're in the right place for the best coverage of villanova's return so stay with nbc 10. tim furlong, "nbc 10 news." >> now that parade. the university says it will begin at 1:00 friday afternoon at the intersection of 20th and market, and end at dilworth park. the wildcats waited 31 years to march in center city. 100,000 people crowded city hall to cheer on the wildcats back on april 3, 1985. celebration came two days after villanova's stunning championship victory over georgetown. >> so it's time now. 31 years. >> we waited for this. villanova's buzzer beater was a thrill to watch, imagine i'm sure it was even better in person. >> keith jones, a nova grad, former manager of the basketball team and he got the chance to capture the final moments last
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night in person on his cell phone. look at this. >> look at his phone. it's going every which way. everybody is running and cheering and the confetti is coming down. keith was lucky enough to be courtside there. he was right in the middle of all of that excitement. and this was the scene inside the pavilion on villanova's campus. thousands of fans went wild as the team won in the final seconds. sky force 10 showing the students spilling out on the streets to celebrate. boy, did they. >> this really is a victory for fans across the region. the crowd roared in south philadelphia as the team made that game-winning bucket. the last time we saw a championship moment in south philadelphia, eight years ago, i
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remember it well when the phillies won the world series. we're going to show you cheers after cheers. so fun. nova nation went wild at kelly's tap in bryn-mawr. confetti dropped, fans jumped for joy the moment the team became national champions. and the thrilling win has no doubt made villanova the happiest college campus in the country, not to mention the fact they had school off today. added to it. >> our coverage continues with lauren mayk with the mad rush now for championship gear. >> medium. >> reporter: it's the t-shirts that stay villanova is a champ. >> it's once in a lifetime. >> reporter: he is a grad student outfitting his family in gear. >> it's me, my broth e my dad, my roommate and my sister. >> reporter: we were at the book store as staff rushed to get shirts on the floor. box after box driven in from new
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jersey, hot off the presses. >> they really have not slept, so a lot of them are on two, three hours of sleep. >> reporter: lines outside and inside to pick up the must have item, we couldn't help but notice these students were a little hoarse from all of the cheering. >> we just got out of bed to go to the tidining hall. >> you can barely talk. you needed to get this shirt. maybe the t-shirts can do the talking for them. and it's not just students lining up for the wearable memories. >> looks like i'm skipping work to get some championship merchandise. >> reporter: eric was here in 1985 for the last championship. >> it's a wonderful connection for people. if you're here you'll always have this. 30 years later it hasn't faded. it's a wonderful experience. >> reporter: if you look for a t-shirt you have two options. if you wonder which is the seller it's this one, says champions in very big letters. at villanova, lauren mayk, "nbc 10 news." >> i like that one on the right.
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there was chaos to tell you about that accompanied last night's celebration. 27 people in fact treated at triage centers but the injuries nothing serious. 6 or 7 had to be transported to hospitals again those injuries were minor. there were six arrests and one person received a citation. you saw the bonfire there on campus as the celebration went on for hours. our local newspapers also marking villanova's place. >> it's such the story. the front page of today's philadelphia daily news. it reads "we win." with nova's logo. the back page proclaims, thrill anova. this week's cover of "sports illustrated" features the wildcats with the line super nova. the article spotlights villanova's forward chris jenkins' game-winning three-pointer. philadelphia threedon. >> so what do you do when your
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favorite school team wins the ncaa championship? >> get a tattoo? >> no. that would not be your answer. some did. >> there you hear the butz. this morning the show offering free professional tattoos of the nova to hard core fans. this guy wanted it on his leg. several showed up to get some ink. that could be the ultimate support. >> i'm commemorating the greatest college basketball championship win that i think we're ever going to see. >> we all know that national champions are few and far between, we may never get another one here in philadelphia. >> several people had already considered getting a villanova tattoo so the win sealed the deal they said. >> nbc 10 is your place to celebrate. be sure to check out the nbc 10 app because you'll find videos there, plus photos of the best
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moments from the entire ncaa tournament. also a link there where you can get your nova national championship gear. switching gears to your first alert forecast. nothing till spring, snow flurries. did you see them in south philadelphia where part of the area woke up to snow. there is a look at conditions now. live view from boathouse row. didn't get out of the low 40s today and that's going to be a trend for the rest of the week. let's get details on that with meteorologist sheena parveen. another cold night? >> yeah, another cold night. temperatures in the 20s again for much of the area, so regardless of how cold it might be right now we're going to keep on dropping as we go through the overnight hours. here is a look at the winds because it's making it feel colder out of the north still gusting around 25 miles an hour so you notice the wind today. temperatures, though, still in about the mid to low 40s, not
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going to get in the 50s. 44 wilmington, 42 allentown, 41 pottstown. and really it's through the rest of this evening you'll notice the temperatures starting to drop because the winds will start to lighten up. so we'll be getting colder. take a look at future weather here. overnight tonight, those temperatures really drop with lighter winds and clear skies. so by 8:00 p.m. we'll quickly get in the 30s, only by 8:00 tonight. close to freezing through the lehigh valley. 11:00, some areas will be in the 20s, some of our suburbs in new jersey like millville coming in by 11:00 p.m. near freezing and quickly in the mid to low 20s by the time you walk out tomorrow morning. i'll show you the morning temperatures and also our next round of rain, some of which could be heavy. that's straight ahead. >> i want to update you on the deadly amtrak derailment. investigators are expected to interview the train's conductor and two assistant conductors. investigators are still trying to figure out why a backhoe was on the tracks when train 89
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rolled through chester sunday. they say the train's engineer applied the emergency brakes five seconds before it hit the construction equipment and killed those two amtrak workers. they have now been identified as backhoe operator joseph carter of wilmington and supervisor peter adamovich of chester county. sky force 10 in bucks county over a crash. three cars collided. three people were taken to the hospital with critical injuries from this accident. earlier this morning sky force 10 over this school bus crash in cumberland county. the bus went into the woods. there were adults on the bus headed to the elwin training school. they were taken to a hospital as precaution. and we also saw that car damaged nearby. no word on the cause of this crash. major news for new jersey's children. the state is going to spend 10
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million more dollars to fight its lead problem, this a week after the nbc 10 investigators series living with lead revealed the garden state diverted money meant to get rid of lead, paying for pensions and salaries. mitch blacher brought us those stories. what's the plan for this new money? >> when we first asked governor christie about this issue about the lead poisoning in his state he called the issue overdramatized. now he says the state is willing to pay $10 million more money in order to get rid of and contain lead in new jersey homes. paint has poisoned thousands of children according to the state department of health. governor christie said his administration will spend $10 million to prevent more kids from getting sick. >> we're working hard and making sure that lead poisoning while it's a concern does never become an epidemic. >> the governor changed his tone when we first discovered the
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state diverting millions he dismissed the problem. >> first of all, this has been an overdramatized issue. and the fact is that new jersey has a fund that helps to pay for this. >> but that fund according to state senators like jeff van drew, was raided. the state office of legislative services says nearly $60 million meant to remove lead had been spent on state salaries and pensions. >> we want to do more. it's the right thing to protect our children and their families. >> new jersey will spend about $20,000 to get the lead out of a single home at that rate they will be able to get to about 500 homes in the state. the governor said all of this money will come from this year's state budget and if you want to see all of our investigative reporting our series living with lead is online now at, that includes the story that first revealed new jersey raiding its lead remediation fund. mitch blacher, "nbc 10 news."
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to decision 2016, it takes us to wisconsin today where that state's primary election is under way. the polls are open until 8:00 tonight. today's primaries become more important at this point in the race because donald trump has slipped in recent polls, opening the door for ted cruz and john kasich. on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are also in a tight race. and it's almost time for our primaries, pennsylvania and delaware holding their primary elections two weeks from today on april 26. new jersey voters they go to the polls june 7. >> pennsylvania governor tom wolf joined vice president joe biden today in a push to prevent sexual assaults on college campuses. the two spoke to students at the university of pittsburgh. the campaign is intended to encourage students to show support for victims of sexual assault. hundreds of colleges and universities across the country have held events to support that effort. >> today members of the community got a lesson about preventing child abuse from philadelphia's mayor and the department of human services.
4:15 pm
nbc 10 at clara barton school where the mayor, jim kenney and members of dhs talked about a city wide effort called i am for the child. the program is geared toward protecting children from abuse, the campaign designed to involve the community in supporting young people who are at risk. >> you know something is going wrong don't feel you're meddling, that you're not doing the right thing. pick up the phone, call somebody. see something, say something. because that child is depending on us to protect them. >> april is national child abuse prevention month. >> new video of a robbery at a 7-11 in philadelphia's olney neighborhood. it happened around 3:00 sunday morning on east champost avenue. one man stood as a lookout and the other demanded cash. they believe the two may be teenagers. temple university is cracking down on what it calls unruly behavior by students both on and around campus. the university's president said
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parties at some private housing units often spill into the street, disturbing those who live nearby. as a result, members of the community support team will walk the neighborhoods during peak party times, to make sure students are safe and fines for alcohol violations are going to increase. more water worries in one burlington county town to tell you about. morristown residents have more questions about the safety of the water coming out of their taps. a watchdog group is holding a meeting tonight at 6:30 at friends meeting house to try to get answers. last year tests showed a type of bacteria in the town's water supply, residents weren't told about that until last month. well, cold and windy today. tonight will be cold but it's not going to be as windy so temperatures will be a little more widespread in the 20s in a couple locations, will be colder too. so another freeze tonight,
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beautiful clear skies outside though. but with the clear skies and the lighter winds that's kind of a perfect recipe right now for a very cold overnight period. so as we go through the overnight hours, freezing, then into thursday, heavy rain, thunderstorms on the way. temperatures will be back in the 60s, but then colder again over the weekend. before we get to the weekend we're talking about the villanova parade on friday, so i have that forecast for you in a minute. right now we're in the low 40s through the lehigh valley. mid-40s in philadelphia. 41 glassboro, 43 in millville and dover and really these areas will be in about the mid to low 20s as we go through tonight. it is going to be another cold one and that freeze warning is going to start earlier tonight too. take a look at our temperatures as we go through the overnight hours. 11:00 p.m. close to freezing then quickly dropping to freezing through the overnight hours, and when you step outside tomorrow morning, so if you needed the heavy coat today, you're going to need it tomorrow too. so here is the freeze warning
4:18 pm
map. philadelphia area, surrounding suburbs, new jersey and delaware tonight is going to start at 10:00 p.m. so earlier since the winds are going to start to lighten up. temperature below freezing for several hours, so again, that's sensitive vegetation and spring plants and another round of freezing temperatures could damage those. here is a look at future weather. we do stay dry overnight. cold and dry in the morning, and then we go through wednesday afternoon. temperatures closer to the 50-degree mark, maybe mid to low 50s in areas. we'll see more clouds later into wednesday and especially into thursday. here come the clouds for thursday morning and even the rain so. this is 9:00 a.m. thursday. some showers starting to move in. looks like the heaviest rain should be here by midday thursday and into the afternoon. so, with this we could see locally heavy downpours, cannot rule out thunderstorms either. but that will be clearing up for your friday. so that's good news. here is a villanova parade forecast starting at 1:00 p.m., 20th and market street, 1:00 p.m. temperature around 50 degrees. then we slowly climb to around 53 degrees.
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but it looks like right now we'll stay dry. tonight temperatures will be pretty widespread in the 20s, some of our suburbs will be in the low 20s. tomorrow mix of sunshine with increasing clouds through part of the day, not as cold or windy though. temperatures in the mid to low 50s for wednesday. so looking pretty good tomorrow thursday, we have heavy rain and thunderstorms moving in, low 60s. there you see friday we're a little cooler but looks to be dry. over the weekend we'll be watching for a chance for showers saturday but it is going to be a colder weekend. take a look at this. philadelphia's d.a. seth williams getting ready to lace up his boxing gloves to step in the ring, he will be duking it out in a tournament for charity later this month. nbc 10 and north philadelphia today for the big announcement. philly native bernard hopkins is training williams for his matchup against terreek shabaz. >> i'm risking this beautiful face and terreek, you have been
4:20 pm
planning this for 18 months. he has been training for a year for this fight. he was a gold glove boxer in brooklyn. he told me three weeks ago about this fight. >> there you go. the night of the fights will benefit causes like the urban league and the united way. it's happening at temple university on april 30. so watch out. coming up next, restaurant rodent. >> a viral video has mcdonald's issuing an apology. hear what the fast food giant is blaming the incident on. >> plus, a hasty exit here. the emergency slide that has one flight attendant off the job. >> artificial intelligence, the new technology that will allow the blind to enjoy photos on facebook. >> first a look at the closing bell on wall street. the dow jones, nasdaq and s&p all down again today. for years, i was a laboratory chemist,
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developing drugs to fight deadly diseases. as a scientist, i know there's more that washington can do to help families. i'm running for congress to protect planned parenthood funding so more women get cancer screenings and treatment... to pass a ban on fracking in the delaware river basin to preserve our clean water, and to always protect medicare and social security. i'm shaughnessy naughton and i approve this message.
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♪ i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms®. we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms®. no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey.
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so i know it's almost dinnertime. >> i can't look at that. >> all right. maybe somebody wants to see this. this is a mcdonald's in thailand apologizing to customers now. i wonder why. because this video surfaced, shows this huge rat kind of at the salad buffet there. actually it's the dessert counter at one of the restaurants. taking his time figuring out what he wants. the company claimed it on sewers nearby. yuck. >> look at this video. united airlines has removed the flight attendant from duties after she made an unusual exit from a plane. a camera shows she opened the plane's door after landing and then she released the emergency
4:25 pm
slide and slid off the aircraft. neither united nor investigators revealed what led to the incident. all of the other passengers got off the jet normally. >> i understand she has to pay to redeploy or put that slide back and it's tens of thousands. call this a rescue. more like a chase. miami firefighters trying to rescue this dog perched on a pylon. there's the firefighter swimming to try to help the pooch. but the dog got aggressive and jumped in the water. the dog swam to shore, then ran off. so they got all wet for nothing. back to villanova wildcats getting set for a hero's welcome. >> the men's basketball team is expected back on campus shortly after capturing the national championship. >> reporter: i'm denise nakano live at villanova stadium where the fans are gathered excited to greet their champion wildcats. we'll have it all for you from the bleachers, on the air and on
4:26 pm
the ground. >> you're going to need to wear a jacket again tonight and tomorrow morning, it's going to get cold again. also i have your forecast for some heavy rain and thunderstorms and of course the villanova parade friday. that's all straight ahead. sesame street live let's dance it's sesame street live like you've never experienced it before leeeeeeet's dance! sesame street live let's dance playing liacouras center april 14th through 17th tickets on sale now!
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4:30 pm
nation is getting ready to hail their heroes. we're live at villanova's stadium. there is a crowd there gathered waiting to welcome home the wildcats. >> the team is expected back at philadelphia international in about a half hour. a live look at the airport, people are gathering there as well. team flight is expected to touch down a little after 5:00. and we're tracking the flight like tracking santa. tracking the cats on the way home with that championship trophy over virginia right now. they will land a little after 5. >> where is that over virginia? can you tell us, tracy? >> i can't see. >> just giving you a hard time. >> denise is live at villanova. they are getting set for the homecoming celebration at the stadium. denise. >> reporter: jim and tracy, this crowd here at villanova stadium is growing since the doors opened. we've got dozens of people in the bleachers waiting for the wildcats to return back home. then you can look out in the
4:31 pm
field where we've got hundreds more people out there. there are also as you can see a lot of young families, a lot of children adding to all of the students who have come out to celebrate the ncaa champions. people with nova signs that will be blowing in the breeze and plenty of excitement including from vice president joe biden. here's what he had to say about the win. >> from the beginning i had villanova winning the entire show. i tell you what, that last shot was incredible. the last two shots were incredible. and my wife and i stayed up, we were equally happy. even if i didn't like villanova would have rooted for them. she is a diehard fan. >> reporter: well, we can hear the music here but every few minutes we hear people out in the field and the crowd yelling nova nation, then a collective cheer from the crowd. a festive atmosphere here, they can't wait for the team to arrive. when they do we'll bring it to
4:32 pm
you live. reporting live from villanova stadium, denise nakano. >> nbc 10 is your place to celebrate villanova's victory. check out the nbc 10 app, you find videos there, plus photos of the best moments from the entire ncaa tournament. also a link there to get your nova national championship gear. to decision 2016. wisconsin voters are casting their primary ballots today. people in pennsylvania will get their chance in three weeks. the state holds its primary election on april 26. and as deanna durante reports both presidential candidates are coming tomorrow. >> they have come from all over the state. they have one concern. >> i've seen too many people out of work. and it's time to fix the problem. >> they represent teachers, state workers, health care workers and other unionized labor. >> all unions to come together and find a way we can continue
4:33 pm
to educate our members and keep up this fight. >> they want to privatize, take our jobs, take good paying jobs, they want to send our jobs overseas, they don't want unions because they think unions are too powerful. >> the list of speakers long from the auditor general to the attorney general. starting tomorrow the delegates will hear from those that want to be president at least on the democratic side. >> what they plan to do to help the unions, to stand behind, to be union friendly, to be on board with us, not asking that you give us handouts but be fair. be honest. listen to us, to our voices. >> the local aflcio leadership says pennsylvania will be very important and the national union will be spending a lot of money here to encourage voters to vote with them. >> senator sanders is telling a great story. senator clinton is a great person. i have to look at it if i'm going to lead and talk to our members who can we make sure can
4:34 pm
take that message become part of the white house. >> union leaders will spend money to change harrisburg and the makeup of state government. >> we need to come out of this with some solidarity but more than that we need to be able to communicate with the folks who go to work every day or the folks who want to go to work every day. >> getting the word out as to who to vote for is key and you can bet with senators clinton and sanders coming to speak to the membership this week they will issue a decision who to support in the presidential race soon. deanna durante, "nbc 10 news." again, pennsylvania holds its primary april 26 as does delaware. new jersey voter goes to the polls june 7. for complete decision 2016 coverage, including the latest delegate count and upcoming primaries and caucuses, tap the nbc 10 app. a new feature is coming to facebook. >> how the site plans to bring pictures to life for those without sight. plus, coming soon to a sandwich shop, what you are about to start seeing for the first time
4:35 pm
at subway restaurants. why the case against skim milk got stronger.
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>> if you think drinking skim milk is better for you hear this. researchers found that people who ate more full fat dairy were less likely to develop diabetes. subway started posting calorie counts. this comes despite a delay in a federal rule requiring calorie counts be posted by chains. subway says the new menu board should be up in all 27,000 locations in the u.s. by april 11. last summer the fda pushed back the deadline to the end of 2016, and just this month it was pushed back again to 2017. >> facebook is training computers to become seeing eye guides for the visually
4:39 pm
impaired. it interprets what is in a picture as users scroll through the online social network. the technology uses artificial intelligence that recognizes faces and objects. initially the descriptions will be confined to 100 words, features available on iphones today and android app is coming in the future. so much for spring, right. >> crazy. did you see it? >> thermometer in my car when i started this afternoon said 39. it was in a garage. >> i know. it's cold. and then there was the snow this morning. >> crazy. >> tumbling temperatures taking a toll. >> icy temperatures make a comeback in spring, prompting a return to winter wardrobe and concerns about crops. >> i want to go back to wearing my shorts. >> i'm ted greenberg with the april freeze. >> and you're going to need the winter clothes tomorrow morning again, more 20-degree temperatures in the morning forecast. then we have heavy rain and
4:40 pm
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so you thought you had seen the last of snow, right? well, no. the flakes were falling along with the mercury in center city. look at this. it's april. sure feels like we're back to winter. >> sure does. the temperature has people taking out the heavy coats and hats. as ted greenberg found out our april freeze is causing more than wardrobe confusion. >> reporter: april, ice. >> big shock. >> reporter: jerry had to put on long johns and several other layers today to work on this new still unheated house. across the street from a partly frozen fountain in longport.
4:44 pm
>> i didn't even have a shirt on a sweatshirt yesterday. today it was needed everything on. >> reporter: hat, winter coats, masks are making a comeback. >> had to put on the sweat pants, the leggings. >> reporter: paul bundled up his daughter for a brief trip to a park in egg harbor township. >> i can only stay out for a half hour because it's too cold. i want to go back to wearing my shorts. >> reporter: at lang's garden market some of the most valuable and vulnerable plants are now temporarily in a greenhouse. others still outside will be covered before nightfall. >> started early vegetable gardens i would say get out and cover things up if they are in the ground. if they are potted bring them inside. >> reporter: another cold night ahead has farmers worried especially those who grow peaches. their trees are in full bloom and they tell me if the temperature drops to 25 degrees
4:45 pm
or below, the flowers that become fruit could freeze and die. >> my heart goes out to the peach farmers. >> spring should be here. >> calendar says it is even with the mercury causing frozen flash backs from winter. ted greenberg, "nbc 10 news." and we have another round of that as we go into tonight. so if you needed the winter jacket today you need it tonight and early tomorrow morning. so we have another freeze in the forecast for tonight for new jersey and delaware. and we do expect widespread mid to low 20s in some spots. clear skies, winds lightening up overnight. and tomorrow looks like a good day through the afternoon. then we go into thursday. we have heavy rain and thunderstorms moving in possibly. so we're going to watch for the chance for storms on thursday but a rainy day, aside from that it should be gone by friday in
4:46 pm
time for the villanova parade. i have the forecast for you in a second here. in philadelphia though, clear skies, live look outside, the ben franklin bridge, nice conditions but windy and cold. 44 degrees in philadelphia. winds are gustings near 25 miles an hour. and it's going to stay like this for the next several hours, then we'll see winds lighten up overnight. 42 in allentown and reading, 39 in westchester. most of new jersey and delaware still sitting in about the mid to low 40s. these areas will be dropping into the 20s as we go overnight. so here is a look as we go hour by hour here by about 9:00 p.m., 9:30, temperatures should be in about the mid 30s. at least around the philadelphia area, some spots should be close to the 20s. then early tomorrow morning we keep on dropping, it keeps on getting colder. the coldest temperatures around sunrise. 5:30 in the morning in the 20s. a look at the freeze warning, areas around philadelphia, new jersey and delaware. temperatures below freezing for
4:47 pm
several hours, it's actually going to start at 10:00 p.m. so it's going to start earlier since those winds will start to lighten up earlier. again this is for sensitive vegetation, a lot of the spring plants have been blooming early because of the warm temperatures. so this freeze could damage them. here's future weather for tonight. we do stay dry. tomorrow we stay dry too, we'll just see more in the way of cloud cover through the afternoon. that's going to lead us into thursday with more clouds by the morning. 8:00 thursday morning, could see showers around. most of this should get here by the middle of the day. this is 1:00 p.m. on thursday, we could see heavy rain moving through, possibly some thunderstorms right around lunch time. through the afternoon, quickly be moving out. here's 5:00 p.m. we should start to see a lot of that rain clearing and for friday so far it does look dry. so, for friday, the villanova parade starts at 1:00 p.m. at 20th and market street. should be around 50 degrees. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds, through the afternoon we could see a little more sunshine by 4:00 p.m.
4:48 pm
temperatures right around 53 degrees. so, for tonight it's going to be a cold one, temperatures in the 20s, 21 allentown, 21 in millville, we could see mid-20s at the ac airport, close to freezing along the shore too. tomorrow a mix of sun and clouds, not as cold as today. mid to low 50s so the afternoon will be nice tomorrow. thursday we have heavy rain moving in, could see thunderstorms as of now the timing looks to be right in the middle of the day and early afternoon. then we go into your friday, villanova parade looks really nice right now. over the weekend we do get colder and we're watching for maybe a little clipper system moving through on saturday that could give us possibly some rain and snow showers. but we'll be watching that closely. otherwise weekend is going to be colder again. >> more snow showers. >> i know. >> out of the seven-day. >> i'm tired of it too. you know. we have to -- >> friday looks good for the parade. >> friday does look good for the parade. a nice day. >> all right, sheena.
4:49 pm
the weather is chilly the wildcats are hot. >> basking in the glow of victory. >> one local high school watched with rooting interest. the one reason why straight ahead. katie mcginty knowshool, get the routine. by. her dad was a philly cop. mom worked in a restaurant. then, hard work opened doors. now it's not quite enough. but mcginty's working to change that, helping create thousands of new jobs. she'll always stand up for manufacturing, higher wages, and equal pay for women so opportunity never gets out of reach. katie mcginty for senate. women voters responsible for the content of this advertising.
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
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back to our coverage of the national champions and we are keeping a sharp eye out here in philadelphia international airport. we are waiting for our champion
4:53 pm
villanova wildcats to arrive. not here quite yet. maybe around a little after 5:00. >> yes. tim furlong is live in sky force 10. tim has a story of one local high school with a special connection to the wildcats. >> that's right. it's funny when i'm not in the chopper talking about villanova i'm the delaware reporter. if you're in delaware right now by the way, look up in the sky. do you see a plane heading north. it's possible that could be villanova's plane. flight aware says they are above the state of delaware. on board that plane, keith jones likes to talk about villanova. my alma mater is celebrating because a kid on our squad who won a state championship a couple times plays for villanova. he was there, he was the last student to cut down the net. take a look. when the final shot went in late monday night -- >> he made it. >> i was going nuts. wild. >> in the case os coaches and players were watching for nova
4:54 pm
freshman dante, the red headed freshman who was in a suit because of an injury. >> i said look at him. i was so happy for him. >> the gym has over 100 years of title banners. not for basketball. >> dante. it's good. >> in dante's junior and senior years he finally led the team to two consecutive championships. jay wright used to watch dante's game of it last night they cut the net down together. >> i said it's not supposed to be this easy. three years in a row you end up in a pile on the floor. in the last game of the season. i said it's really not supposed to be that easy. >> saf an injury jay wright ended dante's season but in practices over the last weeks dante would study villanova's opponent's best player and stand in as that player so starters got to see what it was like to defend them. >> he's going to do whatever he can to help the team out. and that's just dante. >> he is a tremendous shooter,
4:55 pm
his high school coach says jay wright know what is he's got and he should be a key player for the wildcats when they get around to defending the title they just won. >> cats win it all. >> really made it a cool experience for him. it was cool to see for us. >> reporter: it was cool for everybody. i saw him out in louisville when i was covering the games, he is a nice kid and we're happy for him. look forward to having him on the team. looking at the northwest side of philly international airport. as you pull wide that's where the plane is going to come in. you see fire trucks, they are going to make this cool arch of water. we expect it any minute. i'm looking south toward delaware across the horizon. i don't see it yet. we'll bring you back live when we see villanova's plane. as national champions. tim furlong, "nbc 10 news." tim, the stage is set, ready to go. nbc 10 will be following the team from the airport back to
4:56 pm
campus, that's where fans are planning to hold a welcome home celebration at the football field. we'll have it all for you as it happens. >> and it's cold and windy now, tonight another freeze, temperatures back in the 20s. then some stormy conditions before the week is over. i'll show you the details coming up. check out this close call on a new jersey road. a tree comes crashing down in front of this truck. we'll hear from the driver. vo: president obama endorses
4:57 pm
katie mcginty for u.s. senate, calling her "a champion for working families." the 9th of 10 kids, her dad's union pension and social security made all the difference. in pennsylvania, mcginty helped implement obamacare and expand coverage. trump and toomey have attacked obamacare and social security. to fight back, president obama wants mcginty in the senate to protect women, families and seniors. vote in the democratic primary, april 26th. mcginty: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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4:59 pm
>>. >> celebrating the national champions, sky force 10 over philadelphia international airport, where the villanova plane is expected to arrive at any moment now. the team will then make its way back to campus for a welcome home celebration. >> that will happen in the football stadium. fans are there waiting for the team. and for fans who can't celebrate on campus this evening, no worries because philadelphia will host a parade on friday. but for now, though, let's check in with denise live inside the football stadium with all of those fans. >> reporter: tracy and jim, more fans have streamed into the football stadium here at villanova. probably another 100 people arrived since i last saw you. streaming in once the gates opened about 3:45 and pride,
5:00 pm
excitement, words to all describe what fans are feeling as they wait for the team to get here. >> i'm here back at villanova, the place that all of them we can tell they love the school so much and they are coming back to see the student body. we're all so excited to see them come back. we love them with all of our hearts. it means so much to be front row. i'm so excited. >> reporter: her words capturing the excitement out here this afternoon. fans are focused on the stage where coach wright and the team will address the crowd for the homecoming from houston. they will be arriving through the gates behind the stage to the left. so the cheerleaders are here, the signs are ready and the fans are all excited ready to go. i'm denise nakano. >> thanks. a look from above once again. tim furlong is live in sky force 10 over the airport. see anything? >> reporter: you know, i keep looking south. we're waiting. i nd


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