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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  April 6, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. happening in just about a half hour from now, the battle over a takeover of atlantic city. governor chris christie is scheduled to speak to reporters at 11:30 as he continues to wrangle with state assembly leaders about a proposed takeover of the financially struggling resort town. now, governor christie warned yesterday that atlantic city could go broke by memorial day unless the state intervenes. we will bring you the governor's news conference live when it happens right here on nbc 10 at 11:00 a.m. and we'll also stream it on our website, or you can find it on the nbc 10 app. atlantic city mayor opposes a
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state takeover. and he's planning a 12:30 news conference today in response to the governor's comments. originally the mayor and other local officials planned to shut down city hall for three weeks beginning friday because the city was scheduled to run out of money. but city council will vote today on a plan to avoid that shutdown by paying workers every four weeks instead of every two. now to decision 2016. we are a little more than three months away from the democratic national convention right here in philadelphia, and both candidates are in town after a big primary win for one of them last night in wisconsin. hillary clinton will speak at the pennsylvania afl-cio convention in center city just minutes from now. and nbc 10's lauren mayk is inside giving us a preview. >> reporter: good morning. we're waiting right now to hear from former secretary of state hillary clinton who is expected here at the afl-cio pennsylvania meeting. take a look behind me and show you what is happening here today.
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these are union members and a bit of media also that has gathered here to hear from secretary clinton and others today. now, this is turning out to be a very big political day here in philadelphia because in addition to hillary clinton, bernie sanders is also in town. he'll be here tomorrow, but both clinton and sanders have several events in philadelphia area today trying to make their case to voters today ahead of the april 26th primary. bernie sanders of course coming off a big win in wisconsin. and hillary clinton having some history here in pennsylvania because she won this state against barack obama back in 2008. shortly members here will be hearing from her. this union has not made an endorsement in the primary, so both of them will be looking to make their case to members here today. in center city philadelphia, lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> lauren, thank you. bernie sanders will have three events while in philadelphia over the next couple of days.
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two tonight and one tomorrow where as lauren said he'll speak at the afl-cio convention. now, despite his big win last night in wisconsin, he is trailing hillary clinton in the delegate count. and at this point it would still be a long shot for him to win the nomination. hillary clinton has 1692 delegates. bernie sanders has 1027. to one e win the democratic nomination 238 delegates needed. ted cruz won the republican primary in wisconsin. cruz called his win a turning point for his campaign. donald trump refused to give a concession speech. and he's still leading the pack in delegates on the republican side. trump has 753 delegates, cruz is in second place with 514. while john kasich follows with 143. the winner needs 1237 delegates in order to clinch the republican nomination. and we are just weeks away from
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the primaries in our area. voters in pennsylvania and delaware head to the polls april 26th. and new jersey voters make their choice on april 7th. well, three democrats are vying for their party's nomination in the primary election for pennsylvania attorney general. they are northampton attorney, josh shapiro and allegheny county district attorn-- join ut at 7:00. nbc 10's tracy davidson will moderate the debate, which you can watch right here on nbc 10 or on the nbc 10 app. and you can stay on top of all the primary election news with the nbc 10 app. if you don't have it, be sure to download it so you get important updates and election results as 2016 unfolds. turning now to an investigation overnight. philadelphia police are looking into a shooting after bullets
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hit a house full of people. now, one bullet shattered a front window, the other hit the front door. one man was shot in the arm, but police say he is expected to be okay. police in rehoboth beach say they solved a string of burglaries with the arrest of these three men. francis ortiz surrendered to authorities yesterday. on monday police arrested marco and luis accused of breaking into the purple parrot restaurant last month. two of the suspects are also accused of other burglaries and attempted break-ins in the area. in montgomery county, new test results expected tomorrow should clear up questions about lead levels at a wynnewood school. officials say tests show high level of lead in the water from the cafeteria faucet. so they shut off drinking fountains throughout the whole school to be safe. but county health officials
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think those results may not be reliable, so they've ordered new ones. well, happening now, philadelphia's mayor and other city officials are breaking ground on a memorial to honor those who were killed in the center city building collapse which took place three years ago. this is a live look from the corner of 22nd and market street in center city philadelphia where the victims families are also gathering right now. six people died and more than a dozen others were injured when a building that was under demolition collapsed on to the adjoining salvation army thrift store in june of 2013. a convicted contractor and s subcontractor who took plea deals are both serving time in prison for their roles in that collapse. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> it is 11:06 on your wednesday. and things started out on the chillier side. fortunately though we didn't have snow earlier this morning, and that's not in the forecast for later today. here's a live look outside right now at boathouse row.
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beautiful shot there. a lot of sun shining which bill henley is about to tell us if we're going to get some sun throughout the rest of the day. >> we're doing just fine. it was cold this morning, but we're making some steady progress. not just boathouse row. look at this view from the nbc 10 studios. a few thin fair weather clouds and that's it. we'll see plenty of sunshine. the temperatures have been slowly climbing. we're now in the 40s, middle 40s at philadelphia at northeast airport, 44 degrees, the wind is calm there. humidity's so low that's part of why it got so cold this morning. that 44 degrees is already eight degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. there are still some chilly spots. pocono mountains one degree above freezing, 40s for allentown and pottstown, but cape may at 52 degrees and everybody seeing sunshine. and just about everyone will reach into the 50s today, the exception being the mountains. 48 degrees at 1:00. some sunshine and 52 degrees. look at the winds out of the south at 20 miles an hour. it's very light wind to know wind right now.
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but as it kicks into gear we will see that warm up into the 50s this afternoon. clouds will start to move in this evening. and that's ahead of changes for tomorrow. you'll need your sunglasses today. tomorrow umbrellas will be necessary. i've got futurecast to show you when the rain will move in when i come back, katy. get ready for more of that on friday. the honors continue for the villanova wildcats after their national championship. fans showed their appreciation for the team during this homecoming celebration yesterday on campus. villanova's victory parade on friday will run right through the heart of center city philadelphia. here's a look at the parade route. it begins at 20th and market streets downtown and then finishes at dillworth park right by city hall. mark your calendars, the parade begins at 1:00 friday afternoon. we will bring it to you live every step of the route right here on nbc 10.
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and it's been 31 years since the wildcats last had a parade in center city. this is what it looked like on april 3rd, 1985. some 100,000 people crowded city hall to celebrate villanova's stunning championship over georgetown. well, another reminder, make sure you have the free nbc 10 app so you can savor villanova's victory. you'll find videos there plus pictures of the best moments from the entire ncaa tournament. plus, we have there a link to get your nova national championship gear. we make it that easy for you. well, the flyers have not officially clinched a playoff birth yet, but tickets to the team's possible post season games at the wells fargo center just went on sale at the top of the hour. the flyers take on the red wings in detroit tonight. those two teams are battling with the boston bruins for the second eastern conference wild card. the team will give refunds to post season ticket buyers if the flyers do not make the playoffs.
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all right. it's just about ten after 11:00. time for a check on the roads with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> things have leveled out. no big accident scenes, not a lot of delays, we do see some of course on the schuylkill expressway. but that's because we have slow moving maintenance vehicles around the area of spring garden street and approaching that headed westbound you can see we're at a slow speed there. pretty much we're seeing the biggest delay in between the vine street expressway and 95 on that portion of the schuylkill right now. there is an accident in montgomery county out in whitpain and dekalb pike. check out route 73. toll plaza back in this area, no delays right now. take the betsy ross to be safe but the bridge should be on its way back down. mass transit, 20 minute delays right now for market/frankford line due to track work. expect delays there.
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katy. jessica, thank you. well, philadelphia d.a. seth williams is getting ready to lace up his boxing gloves and step into the ring. he's not changing professions. no, he's doing it all for a good cause. he's going to duke it out in a tournament for charity later this month. champion boxer and philly native bernard hopkins is training williams for his matchup against attorney tyreke al shabaz. >> and i'm risking this beautiful face to tarik. he's been training for a year for this fight. he was a gold glove boxer in brooklyn. he told me three weeks ago about this fight. >> the night at the fights will benefit causes like the urban league and the united way. it's happening at temp university's leah cora center april 30th. decision 2016 is here in philadelphia. the two democratic presidential candidates are pushing for votes today. a live look as we await a speech
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from the front-runner hillary clinton. and later, prayers from the pope. the american family hoping for a miracle as pope francis blesses a little girl with a disease that's robbing her of her eyesight. brilliant sunshine today, but there are some changes ahead. sunshine today will be replaced with clouds and a possibility of storms tomorrow. right now live view from south philadelphia. the wind is at rest. you can see the windmills on the lake are not moving at all. that sunshine nice and bright. and the temperatures are still climbing. got your seven-day forecast coming up. absolutely incredible. i can't put it into words. >> nova nation, what a game, what a ride. nbc 10 brought you there live on campus. >> just on another level. it's awesome. >> in brooklyn, louisville and houston, only nbc 10's keith jones, nova alum and former team
11:13 am
manager got you exclusive access to the villanova family with personal stories showing you who they really are. >> that's what a family does. >> when you want coverage this deep, count on nbc 10. and it's not over yet. go nova.
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welcome back. it's 11:15. and happening now, the senate transportation committee is holding a hearing on how to keep passengers and freights secure. this is a live look right now from washington. among those testifying tsa administrator and assistant secretary of homeland security peter neffinger. an overnight fire damaged several homes. the fire destroyed two houses and caused a third to partially collapse. one person suffered minor injuries jumping from a window to escape the four-alarm blaze. investigators are still working to determine the cause.
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also happening today, the white house is expected to announce it will transfer funds leftover from the fight against ebola to the fight against the zika virus. the obama administration plans to send a majority of the $600 million to the centers for disease control. the cdc will use the funds to research and develop vaccines, treat people who are infected with the virus and fight the mosquitos that spread the virus. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 16 minutes after 11:00 and we are seeing plenty of sunshine today. and the temperatures that were in the 20s and 30s are warming up nicely. a live view of center city from the adventure aquarium. we're going to see plenty of sunshine, 50s today. sunshine to start with, the high clouds start moving in later today. and that's the beginning of the change that you'll really see tomorrow. and feel, too, as the temperatures will be warmer tomorrow but rain will be falling. right now 45 degrees in
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philadelphia. the wind starting to increase. at philadelphia international now out of the south-southwest at 13 miles an hour with a southerly wind the warmup will accelerate. you can see the flags on boathouse row also getting workout in that lighter wind this morning. 45 degrees in philadelphia, doylestown 40, was in the low 20s this morning for brandywine at the airport and west chester. now 41 degrees in phoenixville after seeing readings in the low 20s to start with. we never had the strong winds, and we didn't see any snow showers today. that's a big difference. but there is snow and rain that is moving east. the snow will stay to the north. we will get the rain and that's stretching from michigan into the chicago area. and portions of the ohio valley already seeing some wet weather. for us it's tomorrow. tomorrow morning some scattered light showers. you might see a brief shower or a few sprinkles during the morning commute tomorrow, but
11:18 am
then a possibility of some heavier showers and possibly even thunderstorms right at noontime tomorrow. and that line will be on the move and out of here during the afternoon and evening hours. but there will still be some scattered showers remaining and still a possibility of some showers as we head into friday and the weekend, too. today, sunny. mostly sunny skies and a bit breezy. we'll struggle, but we'll make it into the lower 50s today. the normal temperatures this time of year is 60 degrees, so a little bit below normal today. but right up to it tomorrow. that's in spite of the wet weather moving through. won't be an all-day rain, so the temperature will warm up after morning low. nowhere near as cold as it was this morning we'll be in the middle 40s. but it turns chillier on friday. and i can't rule out some spotty showers friday. may impact the villanova parade in center city. the wind will be blowing too, and it will be chillier friday afternoon 54 degrees. but turning colder over the weekend. a chance of showers on saturday.
11:19 am
then sunshine will be back sunday. still stays cold on sunday. warmup due in for monday and tuesday even warmer, though it will come with another chance of showers. bill, thank you. turkey terror. we'll show you the incidents that are doing more than just rou ruffling a few feathers in one new jersey neighborhood. and later, is she or isn't she? a big announcement this morning from pop singer janet jackson and why she's putting her tour on hold.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> welcome back. a north jersey town says wild turkeys are terrorizing their community. people who live in teaneck say they are under siege. and according to new jersey fish and wildlife, 20 to 30 residents have called to complain about the turkeys this year alone. well, the teaneck town council discussed the issue at last night's meeting and one mother of three says a turkey crash-landed right through her dining room window. >> it was so loud and so traumatic. when the bird came in, glass was flying everywhere. we were covered in glass. and he was -- the bird was freaking out. >> teaneck is not the only new
11:23 am
jersey town dealing with the turkey trouble. in neighboring hillsdale in february wild turkeys trapped a postal carrier in his truck. janet jackson is postponing the second leg of her tour saying she's planning a family with her husband. the singer announced the delay in a clip on her twitter account this morning. she didn't say she was pregnant, only that she needed to rest up. now, last december the 49-year-old jackson postponed the unbreakable tour until the spring to have an unspecified surgical procedure. it was supposed to resume next month. we've reached out to the wells fargo center in south philadelphia to see if the delay affects jackson's concert there in late august. we'll let you know as soon as they get back to us. a new study suggests many babies are developing unhealthy eating habits by the time they're just 9 months old. researchers looked at what infants ate as they transitioned away from baby food. the survey showed many babies ate more french fries or sugary
11:24 am
foods than vegetables and whole grains. some of the infants are consuming adult levels of sodium and added sugars by their first birthday. meanwhile, researchers in england took a look at the attitudes of people toward the end of their lives. they found most people over the age of 95 are grateful for each day and not worried about dying. when it came to dying their bigger concern was how they will die than when it will happen. few said they wanted to be hospitalized if they became sick. this week's wednesday's child is a bright and fun teenager who loves people. he's looking to find a forever family to love and support him throughout the rest of his life. nbc 10's vai sikahema introduces us to wallie. >> a lot of kids like dinosaurs, but it fades. not so for 17-year-old wallie. >> like a very young kid my mom -- i was just like --
11:25 am
>> that's why we took him to the dinosaur hall at the academy of natural sciences of drexel university. the manager gave us a behind-the-scenes tour of the exhibit. >> every day i go outside and just imagine what these things could have been like alive still. >> while he also imagines what life would be like with a forever family. >> i would like to have someone who would always be there. somebody keep trying, you can get this, you'll be there soon enough. and someone i can actually call mom and dad. >> he's a bright tenth grader who loves to learn and he's driven enough to have an after school job. he would love a forever family with siblings and pets. >> wally just loves people. the more the merrier. he would love to be around other kids of his age or within a few years of him. really one parent, two parents really wouldn't matter to wally. as long as he has people he can count on, they can count on him.
11:26 am
and he'd be a perfect for anyone's family. >> wally is this week's wednesday's child. >> if you'd like to make wally's dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child, go to and search wednesday's child. you can also call the national adoption center. their number is 1-866-do-adopt. well, coming up, the shutdown showdown. new jersey governor chris christie is about to address the battle brewing over a proposed state takeover of atlantic city, a city that's been teetering on the brink of financial collapse. and also ahead, a move to make life a little more affordable for people who live in one of the most expensive cities in the country. the decision that will effect new moms and dads in san francisco. v for victory, congratulations villanova 2016 ncaa mens basketball champs.
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checking out our nbc 10 headlines. at any moment new jersey governor chris christie is expected to address reporters about a proposed state takeover of atlantic city. governor christie warned yesterday that the financially struggling resort town could go broke by memorial day unless the state intervenes. right now democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is getting ready to address union leaders and members of the pennsylvania afl-cio convention in center city. we'll bring that to you live as soon as it happens. now, she's here trying to gather votes just weeks before the p.a. primary. her competitor, bernie sanders, has two events scheduled for philadelphia tonight. and philadelphia police are investigating a shooting after bullets hit a house overnight that was full of adults and children. one bullet shattered a front window, another one hit the front door. one man was shot in the arm, but police say he'll be okay. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> well, it was a very cool
11:31 am
start to your wednesday, but the good news is temperatures should warm up nicely especially at the shore this afternoon. we're taking a live look right now at cape may. and you can see the beautiful ocean in the background. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley is here with more on today's forecast and what we can expect. looks pretty sunny and nice at the shore. >> yeah. and that's not just at the shore. it's well inland too. what's not to like about today? we're seeing plenty of sunshine in wilmington. they're getting the stadium ready for the home opener tomorrow night as the blue rocks meet the potomac nationals tomorrow evening. but there may be some showers in the area tomorrow. for today what we're seeing sunshine and the temperatures slowly climbing. 44 now in wilmington, washington township, wrightstown, northeast philadelphia also at 44 degrees. it was quite cold north and west. see in the pocono mountains 40 degrees, just 40 in doylestown, we're making progress at the shore, woodbien is 48.
11:32 am
middletown is at 47. and the winds will be picking up as the morning progresses into the afternoon. at noontime today we'll have 11-mile-an-hour winds. and those will be up to 20 miles an hour millville at 5:00 and a bit stronger at cape may. so that's going to limit the warmup in cape may, but will help with the warmup in philadelphia as we'll climb into the 50s this afternoon. with warmer weather ahead for tomorrow. partly sunny skies, few high clouds really at 1:00. by 4:00, 52 degrees, and the winds will be steady heading into the evening hours. during the evening that's when the clouds start moving in. and overnight tonight we'll start to track some showers into the area. futurecast hour by hour when i come back. all right, bill, thank you. turning now to decision 2016. just weeks before the pennsylvania primary both democratic candidates are in philadelphia today. bernie sanders has two events -- actually two tonight and one
11:33 am
tomorrow morning. while hillary clinton is getting ready to address union members and leaders in center city. now, this is a live look we're taking from inside the afl-cio convention. she's looking to get support just hours after losing the wisconsin primary. nbc's chris clackum takes a closer look at the races in that state. >> reporter: with a win in wisconsin, bernie sanders has now won seven of the last eight democratic primaries or caucuses. >> do not tell secretary clinton. she's getting a little nervous. and i don't want her to get more nervous. but i believe we've got an excellent chance to win new york and a lot of delegates in that state. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: new york is the next primary state on the 19th. and where hillary clinton expects to begin closing in on the numbers needed for the nomination, she might get even closer a week later when five
11:34 am
most lly northeastern states, including pennsylvania, hold primaries. >> god bless the great state of wisconsin. >> reporter: on the republican side, ted cruz won wisconsin not only for himself -- >> tonight is a turning point. it is a rallying cry. >> reporter: the one for the anti-trump crowd. >> wisconsin just delivered donald trump an epic blow. the first one that he's really had to absorb since launching his campaign in june. >> reporter: trump though remains unfazed. >> millions of votes more than anybody else. >> reporter: and looking forward to new york too. chris clackum, nbc news. the white house is unveiling stricter rules for brokers giving investment advice to people saving for retirement. under the new regulations brokers may have to disclose conflicts of interest when it comes to recommending financial products. brokers may also start advising against riskier investments.
11:35 am
brokers will have to fully comply with the new regulations by january of 2018. drugmaker pfizer is calling off its proposed merger with rival allergan. the decision was mutual. new treasury department rules helped scuttle the deal. under the merger plan pfizer would have moved its home base to ireland, on paper only, in order to pay fewer taxes. but new government regulations made such so-called tax inversions less lucrative. well, san francisco has become the first city in the nation to require businesses to give fully paid leave to new mothers and fathers. many big companies already offered paid parental leave, but smaller businesses say they can't afford to give it to their workers. the law takes effect in 2017 and will require san francisco businesses to share the cost of parental leave with the state. the state already allows workers to get 55% of their pay while taking up to six weeks off to
11:36 am
bond with the new child. tourism is suffering in belgium in the wake of the brussels terror attacks. fewer people are visiting sites such as bruges. many people have canceled their trips and fewer people are booking, while tourism officials hope the reopening of the brussels airport that happened a few days ago will bring more visitors back to the country. a series of attacks at the brussels airport and train station killed 32 people and injured hundreds of others. isis claimed responsibility for the attacks. a new law in mississippi makes it okay to refuse services to gay couples if it's based on religious beliefs. now, reaction has been swift and observers say it will certainly be tested in court. meanwhile, as nbc's janet shamlian reports many worry that a strong backlash by some high profile businesses will soon hit the state.
11:37 am
>> reporter: with the stroke of his pen, the governor of mississippi setting in motion a giant controversy that's reverberating across the country this morning. opponents say the new law legalizes discrimination. the governor says it protects religious freedom. >> if a baker or photographer says my deeply held religious views is i cannot participate in a religious ceremony like a wedding, the state cannot find you, cannot discriminate against someone because of religious views. >> reporter: mississippi employees can now refuse to issue marriage licenses to gay couples but must find someone in the office to do it. the aclu called it a sad day for the state of mississippi. supporters say it's fair. >> there is a constitutional right to the freedom of religion. there's now a constitutional right to same-sex marriage. and this bill strikes the balance. >> reporter: former nsync singer posted a sign that reads, entering mississippi, please turn your clocks back 200 years. in north carolina, the latest
11:38 am
fallout from a new law limiting protections for gay and transgender people the loss of a paypal global operations center, the company deciding to locate its 400 jobs elsewhere. north carolina's governor not -- >> i imagine will still accept our consumer money in the state of north carolina, so that's my response to that. >> that was nbc's janet shamlian reporting. well, pope francis blessed a young american girl this morning who is losing her eyesight. 5-year-old elizabeth suffers from a genetic disease known as usher syndrome, which gradually leads to blindness and hearing loss. pope francis approached the young ohio girl at the end of his weekly audience in st. peter's square. the pope could be seen gently caressing her face, eyes and ears. the university of connecticut womens basketball team is celebrating a four-peat
11:39 am
this morning. how often do we say that? the uconn women ran away from syracuse 82-51 last night winning an unprecedented fourth consecutive national championship. until now only the ucla mens team had won four in a row in division one. the win also capped off a perfect season for the lady huskies. they finished 38-0. well, jimmy fallon is adding his praise to the wildcats for winning the national championship earlier this week. he gave the team a nice shoutout on the "tonight show". >> i want to say congrats to the villanova wildcats! [ cheers and applause ] the game came to an end when forward chris jenkins hit a three-point buzzer -- a three-point shot right at the buzzer. did you see this? it's only -- watch this. >> three seconds --
11:40 am
>> last second. >> for the championship! >> how exciting is that? it was unbelievable. >> awesome buzzer-beating win. we have so much on the nbc 10 app, videos from before and after the game, pictures of the best moments from the tournament. and you can also find a link to order your nova national championship gear. well, it's 11:40, and sniffling, sneezing and suffering. does this sound familiar? well, if your child has a runny nose, itchy eyes and sneezing, is it allergies or a lingering cold? we'll tell you the warning signs every parent should know. sunshine today, but we've got wet weather ahead tomorrow. showers, even a chance of some thunderstorms, little bit of a breeze blowing in center city. that's a live view from the loews hotel. right now 45 degrees at 11:40.
11:41 am
11:43 am
welcome back. this time of year spring allergies. and they can really take a toll on kids. and it can also be hard for parents to tell the difference between a cold and an allergy. so doctors say if symptoms such as a runny nose, sneezing or itchy eyes persist in your kids or follow a pattern, well, that's a red flag that it's an allergy. experts say allergies can disrupt kids' lives in a pretty serious way. >> cause sleep disturbance, can cause functioning at school to suffer, it can cause significant
11:44 am
difficulties with their day-to-day energy levels and day-to-day appetite and life functioning. >> the tendency to suffer from allergies tends to run in families. well, shifting gears now. in vino vita and it means in wine life, it's a fundraiser. physician and associate professor of fox chase joining us from our digital operation center to tell us more about saturday night's benefit. thanks so much for being here. now, if you're a wine lover, this sounds like really the perfect event. tell us more. >> so the money raised from this event is really the focus of the event. it certainly is a lot of fun and we encourage everyone to attend. it's saturday downtown. but really the focus of the event is to raise money for our patients and for important research initiatives that help our patients. in particular, immunotherapy.
11:45 am
we have exciting research projects going on at fox chase. we have a lot of patients who've benefitted from immunotherapy and we're looking to expand the benefits to the patients from this approach. >> have you done this fundraiser before? >> right, so this fundraiser has been going since 2014 and raised over a million dollars for important initiatives that go directly to help our patients. it's renovated our infusion room, it's helped beautify the surgical waiting area and now we're turning the focus of the fund raising to cutting edge research we do at fox chase. >> so fox chase has been involved with a lot of cutting edge research. tell us some of the projects that you're most excited about. >> sure. so we do a lot of clinical trials of new novel therapies, particularly immunotherapy and lung cancer, melanoma, kidney cancer, bladder cancer and others. but we're really looking to see if we can improve on these treatments. these treatments now exist. they're in the clinic, but we feel we can identify patients who will respond and turn patients who may not respond to these into those who benefit.
11:46 am
and that's the focus of a lot of the work our scientists and doctors are doing at fox chase that we hope to fund with funds raised from this event. >> dr. elizabeth plimack, thank you so much for telling us a little bit about that. now, in vino vita benefit and wine auction is happening this saturday april 9th at 6:00 p.m. at vie. that's located right atd 600 north broad street in philadelphia. for more information just head to our website,, or check out the nbc 10 app. all right. it's about quarter of noon. and happening now, new jersey governor chris christie is speaking to the media about the financial crisis in atlantic city. well, that's not governor christie, but he is about to take the podium in just a minute. now, he's going to hold a news conference just moments from now at the atlantic county government building. we're told he's right next to that gentleman who's addressing the media. christie warned yesterday that atlantic city could go broke by memorial day unless the state intervenes. we're going to listen in to this news conference to get the
11:47 am
latest from the governor as he deals with state assembly members on whether or not the state takeover is going to happen. >> when this is over we'll all be friends again. and we have a crisis here in this city. and we all know it. but i want to make this very, very clear to everyone about atlantic city. atlantic city is still number three in the country with gaming revenue. that's not bad. it's still over $2 billion a year. we still have the finest restaurants, the finest chefs, the finest entertainment, the finest boardwalk, this is the entertainment capital of this country and has been historically. and we want to bring it back to the way it was. so the problem we had is the competition we had in pennsylvania. that's what caused the casinos
11:48 am
to close. and, you know, with all of you listening, we are going to do our best here in this county and throughout all of south jersey to make sure that casino gaming remains in atlantic city exclusively. i had to get that in, governor. >> there you go. >> it is my pleasure to introduce to you the governor of new jersey, chris christie. >> appreciate it. thank you. [ applause ] few things. first, i came down here today to meet with the county executive who as he said has been a partner with me for a very long time. i reminded denny this morning that i sat in the office where i just sat with him seven years ago as a candidate for governor seeking his support and talking to him about the very same issues that we're talking about today. about the inability or unwillingness of atlantic city to manage its own affairs, about
11:49 am
the debt that it was running up, about the crisis that the city was going to face at some point. and one of the things he said to me was i hope if you are elected governor that you and i are going to be able to fix this problem together. and so i came down here today to get an update from him personally as to how he sees the current situation, to talk to him about my point of view and to let him know, and i want to let all of you know this that when this takeover bill is passed, and it will be, i am going to work with the county executive to determine exactly what needs to be done in atlantic city and what ways the county can help. we are not going to force anything upon the county that the county is unwilling to take on. and so there's been lots of conversation by lots of people who are not in positions of
11:50 am
decision making, about all kinds of suggestions they have about what they want the county to take over. let me be clear, i'm going to be guided by the county executive in what things this county can operate more effectively, efficiently and inexpensively than what's happening currently in the city. and so anyone who's throwing out things about county police force or anything else in that regard is just trying to inflame a situation and has no basis and fact for making those claims. in fact, what i want to do with the takeover legislation passed is to make decisions in a businesslike manner, which is not the way these decisions have been made. why do i say that? the city's failed to dissolve the municipal utility authority and replace it with an alternative that can generate more revenue for the city, the council's listened to the matter three times in the last year and failed to approve it each time. i know that the county has
11:51 am
previously expressed because the county executive has expressed it to me his willingness to have the county keep the utilities authority in public hands and to operate it more efficiently, more effectively and to help the city. this has been refused. and one needs to wonder whether or not the reason it's been refused is because folks are more concerned about who's employed at the utilities authority and how much money they're making and what kind of benefits they're getting than they are about helping the city out of this problem. the city's failed to pursue any outsourcing of even basic municipal services such as park or playground operation, grass cutting, field maintenance, even trash collection, which the county does for many, many other municipalities in this county and saves money for those municipalities. the city refuses to engage in that. they haven't answered any shared services agreements with the county for recycling pickup, health services, tax collection services or otherwise. all things i think the county
11:52 am
would be willing to consider. since the county provides those services for many other municipalities. the city hasn't addressed the rich benefits and the salaries of their various departments, police, fire and others. city has not considered regionalization of the fire department. after submitting and receiving approval for a layoff plan, it was abruptly canceled. the city's not developed an overall strategic plan for land use and for redevelopment. the city's been unable to develop a plan to conserve cash or address public safety and services issues as the days wind down and it runs out of money. by refusing to act on the intervention bill, these are the types of public employee accesses that would remain on the books and protected. i find it fascinating today i see the afl-cio sent out a message saying that we're attempting to protect bondholders and go after city
11:53 am
employees. every press conference i've had i've talked about the fact that i want the authority to negotiate with the bondholders and with the casinos who are owed money. but that i'm not going -- >> you've been listening to new jersey governor chris christie discussing a possible state takeover of atlantic city. in fact, he said this state takeover bill will pass. he was joined as you saw earlier by atlantic county executive dennis levinson. in about 40 minutes we're expecting to hear from atlantic city mayor don guardian who opposes this state takeover. he's planning a 12:30 news conference today to respond to the governor's comments. we'll have a full recap of both leaders' issues online and starting on nbc 10 news at 4:00.
11:54 am
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-- making sure their kids have a good school and good teacher no matter what zip code they live in. they deserve a president -- >> happening now, democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is speaking to union leaders and members of the pennsylvania afl-cio convention in center city. there's a live look. we're going to listen in. all right. we've listened in for just a second. we'll have much more on the secretary's remarks coming up on nbc 10 news at 4:00. thanks so much for joining us now at 11:00. i'm katy zachry.
11:57 am
for bill henley, have a great one and we'll see you back at 4:00.
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>> theresa: hey. hi. >> brady: hi. >> theresa: welcome home. >> brady: thank you. >> theresa: mmm. >> brady: i just, uh-- i just came back really quickly to shower and change. i have to get back to the hospital. how are you? how is everything here? >> theresa: well, tate's down for a nap, and, um, you know, i tried to get some work done, but i can't concentrate. listen. how are-- how are victor and maggie, huh? >> brady: victor's still unconscious. >> theresa: oh, no. >> brady: he's lucky... he's lucky to be alive, theresa. and when he comes to, there's no guarantee what his condition will be. that's what fynn told me. >> theresa: oh, my god. how's maggie doing? >> brady: she's getting ready to go into surgery.


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