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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  April 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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only fios can. bernie sanders one on one. nbc 10 asked the tough questions as he and hillary clinton descend on philly and with the race increasingly nasty,
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pennsylvania's former governor is a referee. >> i think it moves both of the candidates to tone it down a little bit. >> good evening. >> you just heard ed rendell calling foul on the same night bernie sanders said hillary clinton isn't qualified to be president. here's how it happened at the center. >> she has been saying lately that she thinks i am quote/unquote unqualified to be president. let me just say in response to secretary clinton, i don't believe that she is qualified. if she is through her super pac taking tens of millions of dollars in special interest funds. >> the clinton campaign denies ever saying sanders was unqualified to be president and called the statement a misrepresentation. >> nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal
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spoke to sanders one on one tonight. what did he say about the call for a change in tone? >> reporter: well, sanders said the party will eventually unite if only to beat donald trump. by the time the convention comes here to philly, sanders expects to have the delegates needed. he's won seven of the last eight and clinton supporters are saying the math doesn't add up and sanders needs to tone it down. bernie sanders takes the stage to a massive crowd at temple. >> like the sound of a political revolution. >> reporter: fresh off another win, he spent the day in philly home to loyal democrats but told nbc 10 he's reshaping the party. >> the democratic party needs some rejuvenation. i am very excited that in rallies like this bringing out a lot of young people. >> reporter: sanders long been an outsider and now some party leaders like clinton supporter and former governor ed rendell
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are asking him to stop attacking the front-runners. >> sanders should tone down the criticism of secretary clinton. he is giving the republicans fodder for the fall. >> if drapts want a candidate to beat trump or another republican nominee, i think i'm that candidate. >> reporter: his speech tonight touched on affordable college and regulating wall street. we asked about the loss of manufacturing and steel production in pennsylvania. >> we should not be a nation in which corporations are shutting down plants in this country, moving to china, moving to mexico. >> reporter: with a tight race unifying democrats will be tough. sanders warns we could see a contested convention in philly but expects the party to rally behind him. >> donald trump, if he is the nominee, will be a disaster for this country. and i think people will unite. >> this is a major swing state and honestly we -- as pennsylvanians, need to vote for bernie to see him elected.
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>> reporter: on inner city gun violence in philly and chicago, sanders said he supports the president's plan of closing loopholes, more background checks. he said he would use executive order to protect undocumented families. he'll speak to union leaders tomorrow morning in center city. >> a lot of attention here. hillary clinton pushing for votes in philadelphia. >> she stop bid the pennsylvania convention center talking trade and jobs speaking to union members of the pennsylvania afl-cio convention. bernie sanders will address the group tomorrow. clinton says she and sanders agree on some things but she doesn't think some of his platform is feasible. >> i am concerned that some of his ideas just won't work because the numbers don't add up. >> tomorrow, former president bill clinton will be campaigning for his wife here in philadelphia. he'll visit the dorothy emanuel
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rec center at 12:30 tomorrow afternoon. tonight, donald trump says he'd easily beat hillary clinton in a general election. >> he talked about how much fun it would be to run against her at a rally in his home state of new york. >> zer roed in on the republican rival ted cruz encouraging his supporters as they chanted trump's nickname for cruz. listen. >> he is lying ted. you know, i came up with the idea. but you have to spell it right. it's l-y-i-n' ted. the bible held high. he puts it down and then he lies. >> cruz, though, riding some momentum now after beating trump in the wisconsin primary yesterday. local police at tonight's trump rally estimate there were about 1,000 protesters. two people got into a fight and were arrested there. turning to the weather now, the rain moving in just in time for the morning commute,
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unfortunately. you can see it here first alert radar. >> bring in first alert meteorologist sheena parveen. when's the timing? >> 7:00 or 8:00 in the morning. not the heaviest and will start to move in during the morning commute and still pretty far back off to the west. the clouds locally, low, increased. the rain approaching western p.a. heavier further south and will be here tomorrow. we could even see some thunderstorms. here's future weather. temperatures aren't going to drop too much tonight. staying in the 40s mostly. 8:00 tomorrow morning, some areas could in the mid to upper 50s. showers around. rain approaching from the west and then we'll see that heavier area move in. now this is lunchtime. noon tomorrow. heavy rain moving through and we could see thunderstorms and it continues for the rest of the day, too. at least part of the rest of the day and showing you the rest of the timing and also the forecast for the villanova parade and colder weekend, coming up. speaking of villanova, shout
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out for the national championship status high above the philly skyline. congratulating villanova for the big win over north carolina right there. and today, president obama called coach jay wright inviting the team to the white house so he can congratulate them in person. >> all classes are canceled friday ahead of the big victory parade through center city. it begins at 20th and market streets. from there, the parade runs five blocks to city hall and now learning new information about towing and road closures. nbc 10's denise nakano is live at the park. this could impact people even if they don't plan to attend. >> reporter: that's right. if you have any reason to be in center city on friday, this will impact you. you know, there's a lot of buzz surrounding this parade and many people we spoke to tonight said they will be here for the celebration. plans for a parade honoring the national champion villanova men's basketball team is taking
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shape and few plan to miss the celebration. >> just doesn't happen very often and if it happens again in 31 years for villanova, who knows where i will be. >> reporter: no parking signs along the parade route. >> very excited for the parade. worried about where i'm going to park. >> reporter: with good reason. restrictions start 6:00 a.m. friday and last until at least 5:00 p.m. the city plans to tow vehicles left on streets that will be closed to traffic. starting at 11:00 a.m., market street from 15th to 23rd streets shut down. and 15th street from jfk boulevard to chestnut street. >> i'm concerned about coming in. not so much about leaving. >> reporter: irvin catches a bus daily at 20th and market, the start of the route. the city is encouraging parade goers to use public transportation like irvin to get to center city because getting around market street and city hall by car is a challenge. detouring bus service around
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city hall all day friday and increasing capacity on the line, broad street line and the norristown high speed line with service from villanova. >> we need something big for philly, positive. you know? to help the city out and excited. >> reporter: and this is it. this is where the parade will end. with a rally for the team. reporting live, i'm denise nakano, nbc 10 news. and your tv will be the best seat in the house. nbc 10 bringing you the victory parade live. our coverage starts friday at 1:00 p.m. don't forget the nbc 10 app. going to center city for the parade, we have information about transportation, road closures and parking restrictions. other news now, police in delaware county need your help to find an septa rider to attacked a driver. the man in the hooded jacket got irritated after missing the stop. he asked the driver to let him
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out mid stop but the driver refused and at the next stop, he punches the driver and takes off. here's a look from the cab. see the driver hit in the face. police say these types of attacks won't be tolerated. >> if you assault an operator, through video and investigative leads, we find our suspect. we'll make an arrest because it's very important that our operators are safe. >> the driver wasn't hurt in the attack but anyone with information is asked to contact police. a philadelphia police officer is dead and a nbc 10 learned he was under an internal case. several sources tell us the lieutenant vincent testa had the weapon confiscated last week. he worked at the department's firearm identification unit. two officers under the command filed a civil suit alleging that he covered up for an officer allegedly stole 51 guns. his cause of death is under investigation. to the crisis in atlantic
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city now. tonight, lawmakers made a move to stave off a city hall shut down coming up this friday. the city council voted yunanim s unanimously for a 28-day payroll cycle to stay afloat. workers get paid this friday but then not again until may 6th. earlier today, the governor chris christie and atlantic city's mayor held duelling news conferences within feet of each with the mayor who was right next door. >> because there's no purpose in meeting with a liar. >> doing a bankruptcy, it is not in atlantic city bankruptcy. it is a chris christie bankrupt bankruptcy. he's forcing us into it. starving us. >> meanwhile, speaker plans to unveil new legislation tomorrow that would provide atlantic city with casino payments in lieu of
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property taxes. oh! >> you just saw a police officer body slam a 12-year-old girl. what happened just before that confrontation? what happened to the officer? because of it. also a teenager becomes a hero. how he saved an 84-year-old woman trapped inside an abandoned home. and would you try those fries if you knew exactly how many calories it would take to burn it off? new food for thought that could change the way we all eat.
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a little child with big dreams. dwight evans. first a community activist. a legislator at 25. always looking out for us. he worked to create a thriving commercial district. and he's brought new grocery stores to underserved areas. dwight evans is committed to revitalizing neighborhoods in all of philadelphia. he'll be a block by block congressman for us. i'm dwight evans and i'm proud to approve this message.
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cell phone video shows the texas police officer slamming a 12-year-old girl to the ground. the officer's on paid leave after this incident at a san antonio middle school a week ago. the school district says the officer was breaking up a verbal confrontation of two students. the sixth grader thrown to the ground says she was just trying to talk to through a problem with a classmate. disturbing details about an investigation into child porn sharing in new jersey. 16 men charged with crimes. >> a school bus driver, a high
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school student and a teacher who also worked with kids on a theater stage. nbc 10's drew smith reports from gloucester county where investigators say someone was recording people in a backstage bathroom. >> the news spread quickly here in pittman where the broadway theater is the focal point of downtown. but now police have put a spotlight on the stage manager charged in a child porn bust and accused of a crime in the restroom. >> disgusting. disgusting. violation of people. >> reporter: don is a former owner of the broadway theater. he says what police accuse thomas guzzi jr. of doing is gresz. >> whole thing is sad. for the victims. >> reporter: guzzi charged part of the "operation safeguard," the state attorney general says the stage manager and teacher had more than 100 files of child porn on a personal computer and a video on the computer showed him installing a hidden tablet
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camera in a stall at the theater. >> full access to the theater. and access most people weren't around. gave him opportunity. ♪ >> reporter: this video on the theater's website identifies guzzi performing in a 2010 production. we checked and he is free on bail. but there was no answer at his home. a box office worker said the theater has no comment. customer picking up show tickets told us she is appalled because so many children participate in programs here and he is a fifth grade teacher where he was an advise tore the drama club before the district put him on leave because of this arrest. >> every time i hear something like this, i'm appalled and because i'm a teacher and i always feel that teachers should have integrity. >> reporter: the state attorney general's office is asking anyone who may have more information about the people charged in this operation to come forward. drew smith, nbc 10 news.
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police also announced several other arrests in the area. tap the nbc app for a full list of suspect's names and where they worked. missing woman back home safe tonight thanks to the quick thinking of a new jersey teenager. 18-year-old leo capone and a friend spotted a woman calling for home in an abandoned townhome. she got disoriented. capone said he recognized her from a post on the police department's facebook page. >> breaking the door down and just getting her out and went down stairs and called 911. i was trying to help somebody out. >> she was not hurt in the ordeal. the police chief plans to honor leo and his buddy at an upcoming council meting. new jersey is closer to making the controversial parcc
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exam a requirement for high school graduate. the state board of education approved the proposal in the first of two votes needed on the issue. this proposal would keep students in the classes of 2020 and 2021 from being able to opt out of the parcc test and now up for public comment for 60 days before the board takes a final vote. legend merle haggard has died. ♪ a place where even squares can have a ball ♪ >> his manager confirmed the singer died of pneumonia today in california best known for hits like "sing me back home." he was inducted in the country music haul of fame in 1994 and a kennedy center honoree in 2010. today was his 79th birthday. there's a new call to change food labels. >> and maybe it makes you think twice before you eat? >> a group of british scientists proposing putting the exercise
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equivalent of calorie information on the food labels. researchers found that burning off the calories in a can of soda is 26 minutes walking. 13 minutes running. more than half of the people surveyed said this kind of labeling would change their behavior. >> i got to go. i got places to -- >> we all have to run all over the city. >> all right. sheena, help us out here. what about the rain in the morning? running tlau? >> yeah. the rain in the morning, grab the umbrella before you leave. some areas will be seeing it for the morning commute. not everybody but then as we go into the middle of the day, yes, we'll be seeing even heavier rain and showers maybe even thunderstorms tomorrow. going to be a wet day and a windy day, too. and then friday talking about the villanova parade, i have that forecast for you looking a lot clearer for the friday. a lot drier than seeing tomorrow. and then the weekend will actually be colder again and we could see some showers across your saturday. we'll show you that, too, in a
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minute. temperatures overnight not cold like last night. staying in the 40s and 50s in parts of the area. then tomorrow morning, quickly warm up to near 60 degrees by noon and that's when the showers will start to get even heavier. kind of a milder, rainy day. the rain back off to the west and it is certainly moving in the direction. we have already seen increasing cloud cover ahead of the rain. moving in to parts of western p.a. heavier rain to the south and moving in tomorrow and again the heaviest looking like the middle of the day. no rain right now. looking at cloudy skies and here for some of you for the morning commute. future weather, going through the early morning hours and between 6:00 and 9:00 a.m. we could see certainly see light scattered showers and notice the heaviest rain off to the west and moving in from west to east and 1:00 p.m. right around lunchtime seeing a line of heavy rain from the poconos, philadelphia and delaware could see thunderstorms in this.
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should be moving away just in time for the evening commute but we still cannot rule out some lingering scattered showers, even through tomorrow evening but friday, though, lock at this. we clear up very nicely going into the day friday. it will be a little breezy and looking good for the parade. at the same time, a clipper system just off to our west that we'll be watching and one for the weekend. now looking at the saturday. we could see some rain and snow showers around. so, of course, watching that very closely. villanova forecast for the parade, starting at 20th and market, 1:00 p.m., breezy, cool and mix of sun and clouds around and staying in the low 50s in the afternoon. tonight, clouds move in, mid to low 40s. tomorrow, showers, some heavy at times and a clans of thunderstorms, highs will be in the low 60s. taking the umbrella tomorrow, friday. you won't really need it friday. into your weekend, it's colder again. we could have another freeze warning saturday and sunday morning and then saturday we'll
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be watching that other system to bring us some showers, cold across the weekend and then warm up into monday for the philly's home opener. stay tuned. we'll be right back.
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obamacare and expand coverage. trump and toomey have attacked obamacare and social security. to fight back, president obama wants mcginty in the senate to protect women, families and seniors. vote in the democratic primary, april 26th. mcginty: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message. hey, danny pommells here. the games mean so much more. the flyers and red wings enter the contest tonight tied with the bruins with 91 and two postseason spots up for grabs. gostisbehere. helm says i'll take that. cashes in on the mistake. 1-0 detroit. second period. shorthanded breakaway. that kind of game he beats mason
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2-0. red wings win 3-0 leaving the flyers and bruins two points back. a shake-up in the sixers front office. heinkey was trying to rebuild the team but the sixers are -- they say coangelo will replace him. a late lead and then bullpen problems arose. top of the first. no problems here. two-run opposite field home run. into the wind. a strong wind. up and out. his first of the season. matched a career high eight strikeouts and seven innings, dominant. allowed a run. bases juiced. a double given up. phillies bullpen blows the second save in as many games. to the college ranks, hart and jenkins celebrating with the teammates tomorrow for the ncaa
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champions and then they have a decision. return to villanova for the senior season or try their luck in the nba draft. they can go through the pre-draft process for feedback before a final decision. >> look. my parents, you know, for support. coach wright for support. to see, you know, definitely go through the process. >> i'll go through the process to see how it is and see if i get some feedback good, we'll go from there. if not, i have another year at college. >> that's a look at sports. we'll be right back.
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well, take the umbrella tomorrow. rain moves in. some showers in the morning. heaviest around lunchtime. thunderstorms, clearing and drying for the villanova parade friday. that's good news. colder into the weekend. could see showers saturday and sunday. phillies home opener monday.
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>> sneaking that parade in on a good day there. >> perfect. >> for sheena and all of us here, thanks so much for watching. have a great night. we'll see you tomorrow. for years, i was a laboratory chemist,
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all they've ever gotten is just a slap on the wrist it's time for that change. i'm josh shapiro, and i'll hold the oil and gas companies criminally liable for poisoning our air and our drinking water. i'll be an attorney general who always works for you. democrat josh shapiro. he'll stand up for us.
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