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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 7, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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about a free trial offer. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. let me just say in response to secretary clinton, i don't believe that she is qualified. >> the push for pennsylvania is on. bernie sanders is in philadelphia again today going on the attack againsts he democratic rival. mass transit attack. watch as a septa passenger punches the driver right in the face. we'll look at the investigation. rain and thunderstorms are moving in this morning and this afternoon. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors.
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it's 4:00. with the rain comes the weather. let's get a check on the weather with bill henley. good morning, bill zbhood morning. it's not here yet. the showers will arriving mid morning and staying through the afternoon. completely dry this morning. but warmer. 55 in philadelphia. even northwest, nicely above freezing even in the mountains. dry by 6:00. then the shower start to move in at 56 degrees. we will warm up in spite of the rain coming in today. it will get breezy as we head through the afternoon. i'll go through the weather, neighborhood by neighborhood. first a check on the traffic with jessica boyington. >> we're open to traffic westbound and eastbound. these are the cameras on 24th
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street. you can see some of the equipment over to the right-hand shoulder. maybe that's some things you have to worry about there. just some lane restrictions and using caution. otherwise, we're open and good to go. some construction in the city though. broad street and spring garden, city hall, the right lane will be closed there. no word on when that will be ends. the p.a. turnpike looks good. 20 minute s at the most with speeds into the 60s. rosema rosemary. >> thank you, jessica. today democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders will be in pennsylvania. this comes one day after taking aim at front-runner hillary clinton during a rally. pamela is live. good morning. >> good morning. later today he'll be speaking
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with union leaders across the state. last night senator sanders rallied with a crowd of more than 10,000 supporters at temple university. at that rally he went after hillary clinton telling rally goers he doesn't believe she's qualified. >>'ve won seven out of the last eight primaries and caucuses, so somebody must think i'm doing something right. we think we have a packet toth victory. and one of the points we've been making is poll after poll, when i'm up against donald trump and she's up against donald trump, we actually do better. i think i'm that candidate. >> we spoke with former governor ed rendell at our studios. he says sanders should tone down his criticism and clinton should
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avoid taking the bait. during our one-on-one interview with senator sanders, he talked about the trade support that would be here to american workers instead of ceos, executives of companies, likely one of his talking points toion leaders later. i'm pamela osborne, "nbc 10 news." >> thank you, pamela. bill clinton will speak at the rec center in cedar neighborhood. his appearance comes one day after hillary clinton's appearance. the democratic presidential hopeful talked to union members yesterday about boosting manufacturing jobs. she started off her speech showing love for the villanova wildcats. >> bill and i both got home,
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watching it, sitting on the edge of our seats. it was so exciting it nearly made my husband forget and forgive villanova for beating his alma mater georgetown back in 1985. >> the pennsylvania chapter of theacfli o'has not d sided. >> why do you want to become president? >> to help people, give people all of the opportunities that everybody deserves to have in america, good schools. like you go to a good school. >> after their q and a session, this school got their picture taken. donald trump spoke to more than 10,000 people at rally last nietz in his home state of new york. he told a crowd in long island
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he can beat hillary clinton in a general election. he also zeroed in on his opponent ted cruz. >> he is lyin' ted. you have to spell it right. lyin' ted. the bible held high. he puts it down, and then he lies. >> trump is coming off a loss to cruz in wisconsin on tuesday. police say there were about a thousand protesters in long island. officers arrested at least two people who got into a fight. april 19th is the primary. keep track on the free nbc 10 app. can read on all the applicants. we send out news straight from the campaign trail as it happens. today lawmakers in trenton will debate the ongoing financial crisis and whether the
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state should take control. deanna, a big curb is how to keep paying atlanta city workers. for now they're stll still get paycheck? >> they will. it will be temporary. but those city workers will not be getting check for another month. they adopted a 28-day schedule instead of a 14-day cycle. that will allow them to collect the may tax revenue to stay afloat. the vote comes hours after governor chris christie slams the mayor of atlantic city saying he has no idea what he's doing. yesterday they held news conferences within feet of each other. the money problems in atlantic city has them battling. they say the mayor's plan is too far reaching.
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christie didn't hold back when he was asked why he didn't meet with the mayor next door. >> we don't do business with a liar. >> he's starving us. >> those debates continue today as to what to do with the bailouts. the state assembly speaker is introducing a new plan, one that would establish goals that atlantic city would have to reach before the state takes over the city's finances. a plan has passed the senate and has christie's backing. live in the digital operating center, deanna durante. >> thanks, deanna. archbishop chaput will be joined by elementary and special education students throughout the archdiocese. the bishop will give a speech and offer a blessing.
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you may remember in 2012 for the first time the church convicted a church official over sexual abuse complaints. that conviction was overturned. nine minutes after 4:00 and 55 degrees. we've got a mild morning, but there is rain on the way. i'm tracking some showers and thunderstorms for later this morning into this afternoon. the weather turns cold this weekend, and there's still a possibility we'll see some showers. right now dry across the entire area. allentown is 48. 50s for northeast philadelphia, and atlantic city at 54 degrees. the rain will be steady later this morning for philadelphia. center city, completely dry right now. the clouds are overhead, beginning of what's going to be a mostly cloudy day. the wet weather, you can see the first showers are in pennsylvania. they've got a ways to go before they move into our area. the commute will be mainly dry,
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but as we go through the afternoon, the showers and possibly some thunderstorms will be pushing through. that will drop temperatures a bit. we'll peak around 60 right around lunchtime today. the temperatures are up, 51 for mt. pocono. allentown and reading, 57 degrees. the wind will be blowing and the temperatures climbing. low 60s for trenton, norristown, and mt. holly. eventually the rain will be moving in. high 50s in atlantic city and for philadelphia, narverth, 50s. ten minutes after 4:00 on this thursday and jessica boyington is keeping an eye on everything happening on the roads. she has her eye on an accident
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scene. >> that's right. all lanes are currently closed and being detoured on route 29 northbound right on sullivan way. so with there not being a lot of traf thk morning, your best bet is to follow those detours. here's the schuylkill expressway. you can see no problems in either direction. we do have a disabled vehicle in the right-hand shoulder of the eastbound lanes, of course, not creating any problems. still a 13-minute trip. average speeds up there still. also mass transit. if you plan to take any transit, you will be okay. everything is running on time or close to on schedule. take a look at this video showing a passenger punching a trolley driver while he was at controls. next why the police say the man did it. celebrating. we'll show you how philadelphia is getting ready to host the parade for the villanova wildcats.
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at 4:14 t here's a live look at your airport. tracking showers and thunderstorms. they shouldn't be a problem, but keep it in mind. we'll have the updated forecast. right now the airport is 52 degrees. please in delaware county need help this morning to find a septa passenger who attacked a trolley driver. he became irritated when he missed his stop. he asked the driver to let him out midstop and the driver refused. at the next stop the man punched the driver and took off.
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you see the driver get hit in the face. >> through video and investigative leads, we're going to find our suspect and make an arrest. it's very important our operators are safe. the septa driver was not seriously hurt in the attack. if you have any information call springfield township police. we have new information on a case we first told you about earlier this week. he left 67 puppies in filthy conditions in a van in near freezing conditions on monday. the owner defended himself to dozens of protesters who gathered outside his business. he also faced a heckler. >> you leave these dogs in disgusting conditions. you make a living doing it and
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squlould b should be ashamed of themselves. >> leaving them in there has nothing to do with being averse of the dogs. >> some are being treated at the local animal hospital. the store owner faces more than 200 counts of animal cruelty filed in connection with pets at another one of his stores. the pico building is honoring the national champion villanova wildcats. the iconic message board will continue scrolling the message congratulating the team until saturday morning. all classes are canceled on friday so students can attend the parade. it begins at 1:00 in the afternoon. from there it runs about five blocks to dill worth park in front of city hall. there could be road closures that impact our area, so keep in
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mind. "no parking" signs are already going up along the parade route. some tell us no matter how they get downtown, it will be worth the hassle to enjoy this rare and exciting occasion. >> it just doesn't happen very often and if it happens again, who knows where i'll be. i've got to take advantage of it now. >> the parking restrictions along the parade route start at 6:00 tomorrow morning and last until at least 5:00 in the afternoon. the city does plan to tow any vehicles that are left on the parade route. septa is detouring bus service around the park all day friday and also increasing capacity on the market line, broad street line and the line that provides service. if you can't be here in person, be sure to watch us on nbc 10. our coverage begins at 1:00 p.m. don't forget the nbc 10 app.
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we have a publication onthe parking and road restrictions. new this morning, a call from the chief. we'll let you listen in to hear what president obama told jay wright. that's coming up. 4:17. we're in the 50s. we're waiting for rain to move in. the temperature, really never went down that much. it's 55 degrees right now. there are some higher gusts including at philadelphia national where it's gusting at 25 degrees. a little bit murky looking but completely dry at cape may. that's a live view. the wind has been strong at the shore, gusting to 25 miles an hour in wildwood. 31 miles an hour at the airport for atlantic city. philadelphia's airport, wilmington, they're topping 25
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miles an hour to start with. dry right now. dry in philadelphia. areas in the northwest nice and dry, but here's where we'll find the rain. with that some heavier downpours now moving through eastern ohio. those will be arriving by a little never the morning. all of this moves through today. but there's still a possibility of some showers as we go into the weekend. futurecast shows the rainfall expect big 10:00 tonight. most of the showers are done. more than an-inch possible for reading and pottstown. so the forecast is calling for a dry start. you may get through the commute. mainly dry. but by mid morning and into the afternoon the rain will be falling. the temperatures climbing into the very low 60s. today. this weekend the numbers are going in the other direction and on saturday we'll see some showers. 44 degrees. it will be above freezing but we could see snowflakes. if they get here early enough,
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we'll get snow mixed in with the rain. a possibility. not going to be all day rain. then still chilly on sunday, but at least we'll see sunshine. a high of 49 degrees. full seven-day forecast coming up, rosemary n the next half hour. >> we'll see you then. thanks, bill. 4:20 on this thursday and jessica boyington is keeping an eye on the traffic this morning. she starts us off on 95. jessica? sfwhoo we're watching construction. these are right around girard avenue. no word when this situation will be cleaned up, but typically they take away construction work that is this -- it's taking out a bunch of lanes by the 5:00 hour. for now, no big delays in either direction behind the scene and we have that ongoing construction for 95 for quite some time. we're watching the off ramp from the northbound side of 95. that's also closed. watch for lane restrictions. also in philadelphia watch for more construction between 28th street and 61st street.
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the left lane will be closed there. that's also until 5:00 this morning. so about another 40 minutes or. so in trenton still watching an accident scene with all lanes closed and being detoured around route 29 northbound around sullivan way. no problems or delays for mass transit. i'll be back in the next ten minutes. >> thanks, jess. the lottery has been pull and there are 40,000. if you want to run, you have until may 1st. enter the nbc 10 sweepstakes and clicking on the content tachblt race day is just 26 days away on may 1st. nbc 10 and telemundo 2 will be broadcasting the race start to finish. we have some new video of the fire that burned a historic
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cumberland county church. take a look. ahead in our next half hour, we take you along to the brave men and women fighting to save this place of worship. they're still building and have to do it without general manager stan hinkie. next, hear how they have to do it without him.
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just about 55 degrees outside the nbc 10 studio. getting to philadelphia from new jersey on the weekends is about to get easier. starting this saturday patco
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will run more trains. they'll run every 20 minutes on saturdays instead of every 25. the increase follows completion of the track rehabilitation project that's been going on on the ben franklin bring. today dana red will offer jobs. the temporary positions pay between $8.50 and $15 an hour. you can learn more about the jobs and even apply for them at today's convenient. it starts today at 11:00 at the waterfront center on federal street in cam donn. the sixers need a new general manager after a shakeup in the front office. the general manager stan hinkie stepped down last night. he was trying to build the team from scratch but under his reign, the sixers are 67-45.
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the sixers hired jerry colangelo in december to help turn the organization around. sources say hinkie was upset with the new structure put in place after colangelo's hiring. aaron nola with a drive. they close out the series with the red this afternoon. first pitch is 12:35. there's no place like home. our pregame show on april 11th begins at 22:00 in the afternoon followed by first pitch at 3:00. just over two hours away from sunrise, but we're not going to see a lot of sunshine
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this morning. in fact, rain is moving our way. right now dry and 55 degrees at 4:27. jessica boyington watching your first alert traffic. jessie. >> >> no problems in the area. route 70 and kings highway, you can see through the intersection. we do have some construction out there. i'll tell you all the trouble spots when i come back at 4:30. >> food truck parking only. up next, hear why officials aren't the only one creating these special spots. on this cushion for generations.
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child porn bust. more than a dozen men are arrested across new jersey and police say one worked closely with young children. details next. the push for pennsylvania is on and bernie sanders is in philadelphia again this morning. while some have called for the democrats to tone down the rhetoric, sanders is going on the attack. water price hike? if you link in philadelphia, you could possibly soon pay more for water service. and today is your chance to speak your mind about it. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 4:30 on this thursday. the other big story we're watching is wet weather moving in. let's get more on the forecast from bill henley. good morning, bill. >> good morning, rosemary. you won't need your umbrella yet but it won't be long. you can see the rain moving in through pennsylvania and into ohio. that's where you'll see some heavier downpours to the south. we could see some o


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