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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  April 7, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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good to be back in philadelphia. excited for the parade. i'm sure the kids are. no school, right? >> good deal. do you remember 1985? >> i do, i do. i was in college. i didn't know who villanova was but they were the eighth seed against powerhouse georgetown. so i've been a fan ever since and so glad for them. so happy for them. you're watching "nbc 10 news." "nbc 10 news" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. the sound of a political revolution. >> today bernie sanders continues to target our area in a push for pennsylvania, but he's also taking some heat for targeting hillary clinton so hard. >> it's l-y-i-n apostrophe. >> meanwhile donald trump is spelling out his path to victory against not only ted cruz, but hillary clinton.
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>> if we do a bankruptcy, it's not an atlantic city bankruptcy. it's a chris christie bankruptcy. >> a war of words. we'll explain what has leaders trying to map out a.c.'s future. i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm rosemary connors. we've got rain on the way. this morning we're tracking some showers. let's take a look at boathouse row. over center city you can see all is dry at the moment but meteorologist bill henley tells us showers are coming our way pretty soon. hey, bill. >> yes. and, vai, we'll get some cold weather this weekend. >> thank you, bill. >> look at what we have. we have rain in pennsylvania, light rain. heavier downpours to the south. you can see some of that today. right now it's very dry. cloudy and mild. 56 degrees.
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it just went up a degree. nothing but 50s in south jersey and delaware and just a little bit cooler north and west. reading is at 51 degrees. sorely winds working their magic keeping us mild and will lead to a warmup as rain moves in. 10:00 the rain will be coming down. rain at 14 miles an hour. temperature at northeasterly 60 degrees at 1:00 this afternoon. your hour-by-hour forecast coming back. jessica boynton is watching the roads with first alert traffic. >> this receiver in south jersey right around route 130. a lot of cars starting to head out the door on the road, but no real problems. average speeds are still into the mid-60s. way up there southbound to the freeway. we're at a 23-minute trip. this is the southbound side right in here. no problems heading to delaware, no problems heading northbound toward the philadelphia area as well. if you're heading over to any of the other area bridges. we do have an accident scene that is in new trenton, new
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jersey. right around sullivan way, all lanes are currently being closed and detoured throughout the scene. take that detour. you'll be fine for right now. you can see a lot of the surrounding areas and roads are in the green. it might set you back five to ten minutes or so. more updates to come back in the next ten. rosemary. >> thanks, jess. today in our decision 2016 coverage, bernie sanders will continue the push for pennsylvania votes. he's got a speaking engagement in philadelphia. >> yeah. they'll address union workers in center city. this as hillary clinton and bernie sanders trade jabs back and forth that has a former governor saying tone it down. pamela osborne is live for us in center city. set the scene for us. >> vai, rosemary, good morning. another opportunity for bernie sanders to get his message across to voters. he'll be speaking later this
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morning with some of the local union leaders as well as state union leaders at the afl-cio convention. last night senator sanders rallied with a crowd of more than 10,000 supporters at temple universi university. at that rally he went after clinton telling rallygoers that he doesn't believe she's qualified. >> somebody must think i'm doing something right. what we're doing is working as hard as we can to get the nomination we think we have a path to our victory. one of the points we're making is poll after poll, when i'm up against donald trump and she's up against donald trump, we do better. think i think i'm that candidate. >> we spoke with former governor ed rendell at our nbc 10 studio. he said sanders should tone down
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the criticism and clinton should not take the basement he's in support of trade policies that benefit the trade workers first rather than ceos of companies. one of his talking points is he has another opportunity. reporting live, i'm pamela osborne, "nbc 10 news." >> pamela, thank you. meanwhile, bill clinton will be speaking on behalf of his wife at the rec center in cedarbrook neighborhood. his visit comes one week after the visit at the afl-cio convention. the democratic presidential hopeful talked to union members about boosting manufacturing jobs and rejecting trade deals that could hurt workers. she started off her speech, though, showing some love for the national champion villanova wildcats. >> bill and i both got home and we were watching it, sitting on the edge of our seats.
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it was so exciting. it nearly made my husband forget and forgive villanova for beading georgetown back in 1985. >> the pennsylvania chapter of the afl-cio has yet to pick. meantime some grad schoolers got a chance to talk to presidential candidate clinton. >> why do you want to become president? >> to help people, give them all of the opportunities everybody deserves to have in america, good schools leak you go to a good school. >> after their q & a session, the students got their pictures taken with secretary clinton. republican donald trump spoke to more than 10,000 people at a rally last night in his home state of new york. >> he told the crowd in long island he can beat clinton in an
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election. and he can beat cruz. take a look. >> i can beat ted cruz. but you have to spell it right. l-y-i-n apostrophe. bible held high and then he puts it down and lies. >> police say there were about 1,000 protesters at the rally. officers arrested at least two people who got into a fight. the primary is april 19th. the future of atlantic city is up for debate as lawmakers take on the ongoing financial crisis. nbc 10's deanna durante is live in the digital center. deanna, this governor has chris christie and the mayor coming up. >> the city is coming up with a temporary solution that will have paychecks going out to
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employees come friday. they adopted a 28-day payroll schedule instead of a 14-day cycle thachlt will allow them to collect may 1st tax revenue to stay afloat. workers will get paid friday but not again until may 6. the vote comes hours after new jersey governor chris christie slammed him. the men were within feet of each other yesterday as they had separate press conferences and they didn't meet with each other. christie says the mayor is a liar and the mayor says his decision is too far reaching. >> it's not the residents that have done whatever has been d e done. you know, we're all citizens. this sounds like the united states to me. >> lawmakers are going to see a new plan today, one that would establish goals that atlantic
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city has to reach before the city takes over the state's finances. the city says it's a christie-backed plan but the city says it gives too much power over bargaining. live in the digital operations center, deanna durante, "nbc 10 news." nine minutes after 1:00. for now it's dry. the mild weather will stay with us today but the clouds will start to produce showers and tracking thunderstorms. this weekend colder and we could see wet weather and it may not just be rain. that's this weekend. this morning nothing other than rain coming our wachl the temperatures will be too warm. 48 at doyle town. millville at 55.
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dry in cape may. the clouds are overhead and the wind is blowing a breezy start but a dry one. there you can see the radar is completely clear right now to the west are the showers. those are the showers. and heavy downpours are way to the south. those are the storms that will be moving in during the day. for now it is cloudy skies and that includes the shore. those clouds eventually will see the rain. now, later this morning, that's when the light rain will start to move in. but heavy downpours are possible this afternoon. so your neighborhood-by-neighborhood forecast calling for umbrellas today. 51 at the pocono mountains. reading and allentown into the upper 50s. a breezy one. we'll see the temperatures warm up. low 60s in trenton. 56 degrees and northeasterly 60 degrees for cape may while vineland and dover will see the rain before it reaches the shore. it will be light to begin with, but we could see heavy downpours this afternoon and gusty winds will arrive with the rainfall later this morning and this
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afternoon. we're going to most likely see the low 60s right around lunchtime and the rain will drop temperatures later today. >> look at that weekend forecast and the chances for snow when i come back in ten minutes. >> thank you, bill. 5:11. a look at traffic. >> i had a pleasant surprise this morning driving through center city. since the beginning of the week i've been taking vine street coming in. of course, they have construction every morning and i'm usually five or ten minutes later. jessica, this morning it was open surprisingly. >> it was open. that's the thing about this construction project. a few months ago it was closed every day for several weeks in a row. westbound and eastbound in between broad street and schuylkill and the beginning of this week as well. they don't tell us when it happens. it just happens. this morning we started off on a good note with no construction really that's closing it down. we have leftover equipment
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headed eastbound toward 95. but for the most part. vine street expressway is open for business. that's the good thing. you can see flashing lights here. that's off of the vine street expressway and that's headed southbound between spring garden and city hall where the right lane is closed. watch out for that. 422 is looking okay. no problems right now. construction out of the way between trooper road and 202. you can see it's dwrt. speeds into the 60s and an eight-minute trip. thanks for that. just about 55 degrees outside the nbc 10 studios. coming up next, a septa passenger pulls off a punch and runs. why police say a man took a cheap shot at a trolly driver. plus a shakeup. who's to take over as the team's new general manager.
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at longhorn, if you want steak tonight... lucky you.
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if you don't want steak tonight... lucky you. its longhorn favorites. the fire grilled outlaw ribeye. the longhorn salmon. and the parmesan crusted chicken. all with hand chopped salad and honey-wheat bread. have your favorite tonight. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. for lunch try our steakhouse burger. or any steakhouse lunch combo starting at $7. we've got a message from the police. they need your help. they're trying to find a passenger who attacked a driver. he became irritated when he missed his stop while riding the 101 trolley. he asked the driver to let him out. the driver refused. at the next stop the passenger punched the driver in the face and took off. >> we're going to find our
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suspect. we're going to make an arrest. because it's very important our operators are safe. >> the septa driver was not seriously hurt in the attack. if you have any information, you can call septa police. we have new information this morning on an alleged animal abuse case out of north jersey. >> yeah. the story we told you about earlier this week, he fought back after authorities accused him of leaving 67 puppies in a fell think van on monday. protesters gathered outside his closed business in bergen county. he also faced a heckler who interrupted him. >> you leave these dogs in disgusting conditions. yeah, you do. you make a living doing it, and you should be ashamed of yourself. >> leaving them in there unattended has nothing to do with the averse to the welfare of the dogs, nothing at all.
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>> half the dogs moved from the van checked out healthy, but four are still being treated at a local animal hospital. along with it. they face more than 200 counts of animal cruelty in connection with pets at another one of his stores. >> the sixers need a new general manager this morning after a shakeup in the front office. the general manager for the last three years stan hinkie stepped down last night. he was trying to build the team from scratch but under his reign, the sixers are 67 of 145. brian colangelo will replace stan hinkie. he's the son of chairman jerry coangelo. the sixers hired colangelo in december to help turn the team around. hinkie was upset over the new front office that was put in place after colangelo's hiring. >> well, the pico building is honoring the champion villanova
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wildcats. the iconic message board will continue scrolling the winners of the men's ncaa tournament until saturday morning and all classes are canceled at nova tomorrow so students can attend the team's victory parade in center city. the parade begins tomorrow. from there the parade runs five blocks to dilworth park. there could be road closures, so keep that in mind. "no parking" signs are already going up along the parade route. the city is urging paradegoers to take public transportation. it provides service for villanova. >> we know that traffic tomorrow is going to be a little bit busy in philadelphia. >> yeah, again, as we said, take mass transit if you possibly can. let's check in with jessica boyington on traffic this morning. jessica, how is it looking out there?
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>> we'll cross that brick when we get to it. right now we're going to get to it. route 38. no problems really in either direction. you see not a lot of cars on the road at that point and not a lot of cards in the trenton area at route 29 at this point but we do have an accident scene with a downed pole. so police officers are on the scene and directing traffic around it. route 29 northbound right around sullivan way might see some delays there. here's 95 right around girard avenue. do have an ongoing construction project here. you can see the construction vehicles up ahead. we're not seeing any traffic in either direction. you'll have no problem getting into center city but watch out for the construction projects. girard avenue on-ramp to 95 northbound is still closed. might see some around the center. watch for extra traffic around the stadium area at that time. more updates when i come back in the next ten minutes.
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55 degrees. it's 20 minutes after 5:00 and it is not cold this morning. clouds are with us overnight and nice southerly winds are blowing for parts of the area. just enough to keep us in the middle 50s. the sun's not up. it's already starting to climb 56 degrees. it went up a degree in the last hour. but look at the 24-hour change. it's up 24 degrees compared to yesterday at this time. a dry view from chestnut hill. the rain will be falling on the streets later this morning and into this afternoon. look at the warmer temperatures. 30 degrees warmer right now in mt. holly. 28 degrees in the pocono mountains. no sign of cold this morning and no sign of the rain just yet in our area, but look to the west. you can see the rain light in central and western pennsylvania. but there are heavier downpours to the south and there's a huge
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system that extends from florida into canada. now, canada's seeing some snow. that cold air will be completely out of the picture for us today. but the weekend is a different story. and look at this. see these showers? you've got rain and snow moving through eastern north dakota and minnesota. that's the system that could bring us some snow on saturday. for today it's just going to be rain. look at these downpours. this is is 1:00 this afternoon. it will be mild. for the evening commute, most of the rain will come to an end, but there will still be some spotty showers. at 6:00 this evening we'll watch for showers. in wilmington, the blue rocks opening tonight against the potomac nationals. they might see a shower, a bit of a delay. i think they'll get the game in. a chance of thunderstorms. not a huge threat but the possibility. they start coming down tomorrow.
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i think it ee going 's going to. breezy and chillier on friday. here comes the cold and chance of some snow and rain showers. best chance of seeing some grassy accumulation will be to the north. 44 degrees will be changing over to rain during the day on saturday and the temperature stays above freezing during the day. not much warmer on sunday with sunshine. a chilly one. the warmup arrives with a chance of showers late monday and tuesday. by wednesday we'll be clearing out and still staying mild. >> all right. thank you, bill. next we'll head to cnbc headquarters for a check on business news including impact terrorism has on tourism. we'll tell you why the experts say traveler are not letting the threats keep them from heading overseas. plus, cheers. today's national beer day. so who would you grab a beer with if you had the chance. we'll tell you who's the most popular pick among americans.
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today is national beer day in case you didn't know it. beer enthusiasts recognize the unofficial holiday that represents the 83-year anniversary of the beer ban. of course, it's all tied to prohibition. a new beer survey asked beer drinkers who they would most likely like to have a beer with.
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they chose tina fey who beat out last year's jimmy fallon. susan li has more on the cnb report and more on what travel agencies have to say about the getaways abroad. good morning, susan. >> good morning, rosemary. americans are still eyeing european vacations despite the recent terror scares. the bookings are all right filling up at popular spots like, for instance, italy's amal fa coast. brussels, it's mostly destination business rather than lee chur. cheaper airfare are overpowering terror concerns. here's a look at the broader markets. markets did rebounded on wednesday on a jump in oil prices and also as the minutes
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from the last month's feds meeting showed that the central bank remains caution about raising interest rates any time soon. today we'll also get data on unpliemt and consumer credit and a recap for yesterday, we did see some gains from the dow rise 1g 12 points trading off 17,716 and nasdaq gaining up, 4920 is where we're starting off for the day today. back to you, rosemary. >> susan li with cnbc. thanks for that, susan. 55 degrees. a warmer start and dry at least for now. that's going to be changing. jessica boyington is watching the roads. jessie. >> bill, we're doing okay so far. route 202 right around route 29 you can see traffic starting to make its way out the door but no problems or backups next. it's the same story everywhere. there's some construction. we'll touch on that when i come back at 5:30.
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>> reporter: good morning. bernie sanders scheduled to meet with union leaders in pennsylvania here later today. coming up, some of the comments and why our former governor is weighing in. for years, i was a laboratory chemist, developing drugs to fight deadly diseases. as a scientist, i know there's more that washington can do to help families. i'm running for congress to protect planned parenthood funding so more women get cancer screenings and treatment... to pass a ban on fracking in the delaware river basin to preserve our clean water, and to always protect medicare and social security. i'm shaughnessy naughton and i approve this message.
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