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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  April 7, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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i'd just say in response with regard to hillary clinton, i don't believe she's qualified. >> the tone of the attacks is now prompting a warning from former governor ed rendell. plus, a child porn bust lands more than a dozen men under arrest. we'll hear what police are saying about the investigation including one suspect who works with kids. >> plus, we're tracking some showers on this thursday. all the dry right now. so as wi take a live look at germantown avenue on chestnut hill, there is a chance of thunderstorms that could hit some spots a little bit later on today. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news" today. i'm rosemary connors. >> rather warm for a thursday morning in early spring. dry for now. but it might be worth people's while to take an umbrella with them? >> yes.
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but you don't need the heated umbrella. showers there to the west, completely dry right now. philadelphia, wilmington, cloudy. the rain will be moving in. look to the south. that's where the heavier downpours are. the temperatures have already started to climb 56 degrees in northeast philadelphia. much warmer than it was yesterday. south philadelphia, went on the air at 4:00. it was 48 degrees. now up 3 degrees. low 50s for roxborough. so a mild start and a warm day, but a rainy day. so it's not going to feel all that warm. at least it's just going to be rain today. steady rain by 9:00 into the afternoon and chance for the forecast. we'll go through neighborhood by neighborhood when i check back in in ten minutes lchlt it's check in with jessica boyington with first alert traffic. >> we're still on a 12-minute trip on montgomery drive. heading toward center city,
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average speed into the 60s headed eastbound. we're also watching this guy down here. we have a disabled vehicle and it's been there for a while. don't think there's a person in there. it's something to watch for over to the right-hand shoulder, probably just a broken down car that was left on the scene. no delays past it. over in philadelphia, still watching construction. walnut lane is closed between park lane drive and henry avenue. that will be out for the next several months until november. you'll be fine. also in trenton, still watching this accident scene and downed pole. they are watching all traffic. all routes are closed right around sullivan way. rosemary. >> thanks, jess. now to our decision 2016 coverage today. bernie sanders is stumping to pick up votes in pennsylvania and nab a key union endorsement in philadelphia. pamela osborne is live in center city with the details.
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pamela? >> good morning, rosemary. worth pointing out we're only three weeks away from the pennsylvania primary, so really another day, another opportunity for senator bernie sanders to get voters on his side. now, he's scheduled to speak before local and state union leaders. last night senator sanders rallied with a crowd 106,000 supporters at temple university and things got personal. at that rally, he went after hillary clinton telling ral rallygoers that he doesn't believe she is qualified. >> i won seven out of the last eight primaries and caucuses, so somebody must think i'm doing something right. >> he spoke with nbc 10 at our studios. he says he thinks it's about time both kaenlds back off from attacking one another. >> sanders should tone down his criticism of secretary clinton.
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he's just giving republicans fodder for the fall and clinton shouldn't rise to the bait. we're going need the sanders voters to turn out and vote for secretary clinton in the fall. so i think it behooves both of our candidates to tone it down a little bit. >> and local union leaders tell us they have not decided which candidate they will back yet. during our one-on-one interview with sanders last night, he said he's for policies, trade policies that benefit american workers before ceos, so likely a talking point he'll speak to this morning. reporting live in center city, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. >> thanks for that, pamela. today bill clinton will be there to speak for his wife. his visit comes just one day after hillary clinton appeared at that pennsylvania afl-cio
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convention in center city. and pennsylvania voters are poised to play a key role in choosing the next. there are 71 delegates in the republican. the primary is on april 26th. today they'll announce at&t network improvements. the mayor will also name at&t the convention's official communications and technology provider. leaders say the communications upgrades being made for the convention will benefit the region and the city for years to come. ly city leaders made a move to stave off a city hall shutdown that was due to take effect tomorrow. they voted unanimously to adopt a 28-day payroll cycle instoed after 14-day psych. . it did that yesterday. it will allow them to collect may 1st tax revenues to stay
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afloat. workers will get paid friday, city workers, but not again until may 6th. a little bit later on the straight assembly will consider an alternative plan that will establish goals the city would have to reach before the state takes over city finances. and today philadelphia archbishop charles chaput will host an event. archbishop shah hue will be joined by over 100 elementary, secondary, and special education students from throughout the archdiocese. the archbishop will give a speech and offer a blessing. you may remember in 2012 a church official was convicted over his handling of sex abuse complaints involving a priest. that was overturned. police arrested thomas guzzi
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jr. he's accused of having more than 100 files of child porn on his computer. he's now on leave from his job as a fifth grade teacher where he's also a drama club adviser. they found a video of guzzi's at a bathroom at the broadway thatder in pittman. >> he had full access and access when most people weren't around. it gave him an opportunity. >> he's free on bail but he cannot have contact with children. a philadelphia police officer found dead was under investigation. essentially sources tell us that lieutenant vincent tessa had his. two officers under his command filed a civil suit that he covered for another officer who
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allegedly stole more than 50 guns. investigators are looking into testa's death. the hearing will held at 8:30 this morning at city hall. the rate change will begin in july and amounts to an increase of about $8 per month for customers. the department says the money's needed to improve infrastructure and reduce water main breaks. 5:39 and no sign of the cold we had yesterday morning. it's dry in chestnut hill. look at the temperature in philadelphia. 56 degrees right now. a little bit breezier. the wind will stay with us. the clouds are already here. now it's just a waiting game for the rain. it's in central and western pennsylvania. there are showers that will be here later this morning but look at the heavier downpours in virginia. those are a possibility as we go into the noontime hour today. but the temperatures will stay mild.
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neighborhood-by-neighborhood forecast, upper fleetwood, morn began town, bethlehem, 55 degrees this afternoon it's going be rainy morning later this morning for new hope, morristown and at the shore. it's in the low 60s for smyrna. sunshine on hold. we might see a break of sunshine. before that happens showers and possibly a couple of thunderstorms. malvern and philadelphia, 61. don't get used to mild air. look at what happens this weekend. cold and rain showers. a possibility for saturday. might see grassy accumulation. 46 high on saturday and it's out of here. sunshine back on sunday. not much of a warmup. 49 dries. how long does that cold weather last? i'll show you as we head into next week with the seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten
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minutes. >> we don't have to worry about that till saturday. what we're worrying about right now is traffic. let's get look at what's happening on the roads with jessica boyington. what are we seeing? >> we're doing well. of course, that's what most of our majors look like because it's a little early. we're still approaching the 6:00 hour. no big delays yet. a lot of folks starting to head out the door right around lehigh street. you can see no problems in either direction and roads are dry. out in allentown, construction there. south eight street is closed at union and lehigh street. this is right around creek road. if you're approaching the new jersey turnpike, you have to get off that exit. you can see no problems and a four-minute drivingtime. that's really low headed northbound from 55 up north bound toward the walt whitman bridge area in philadelphia. the average speeds are well into the 60s. if you take mass transit, everything is rubbing on time or close to schedule.
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this morning, of course things will change for septa for the villanova parade but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. more in ten minutes. vai. >> thanks, jessica. 18 minutes before 6:00 a.m. a texas police officer is under fire when he was caught on tape body slamming a girl. and we'll hear from the sixth grader who says she did not deserve to get roughed up like that. plus, be praying for a victory parade. we'll tell you about the plans for the parade for villanova and how it will impact center city tomorrow. this change in attitude
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the music world is mourning the loss of country music singer meryl haggard. he's best known for his hits "okay from miss co-guy". haggard died on his 79th birthday. we head now texas where officials in san antonio are investigating videos that shows a school district police officer slamming a 12-year-old girl to the ground. a warning, you may find this
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video disturbing to watch. >> vanessa. >> vanessa! >> this cell phone video was taken last week. according to the school district, the officer was breaking up some kind of verbal confrontation between two students. the sixth grader who was thrown to the ground said she was just trying to talk through a problem with one of her classmates. >> i wasn't going to do anything. >> you could hear where she hit the ground and it's nothing but concrete, cement. >> the girl suffered a bum top her head but otherwise she's doing okay. the officer is on leave while the department investigates. >> meanwhile classes are canceled on friday at villanova. why not. the parade begins at 1:00 at 20th and market streets and from there the parade runs five blocks to dilworth park in front of city hall.
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there will be road closures as you might imagine. keep that in mind. no parking signs are already going up along the parade route. the city's encouraged parade goers to use public transportation. if you want to get to center city. some tell us no matter how they get down to the city, it will be worth the hassle to enjoy this rare and exciting occasion. >> it just doesn't happen very often. who knows where i'll be 30 years from now. >> that's the idea. the parade route starts at 6:00 and lasts until 5:00 p.m. the city plans to toe vehicles left on the parade route line, so be careful about that. septa is detouring around the park all day friday. it will affect the frankford line, high street line that provides service from villanova. three democrats running for their party's nomination for
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attorney general will square off tonight. they're northampton county district torn joan morganelli. mont county district attorney josh shapiro and zappala. our crews are putting final touches on the debate stage. join us tonight at 7:00. nbc 10's tracy davidson will moderate the debate which you can watch right here on nbc 10 or the nbc 10 app. it's a cold start this morning and a cloudy one. that's a live view from center city. the cloud is here and so is the mild air. really mild start with temperatures that are going to be climbing just a little bit into the low 60s. we're watching the radar screen this morning for the advance of
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some showers. very dry right now although it's cloudy. you can see sneaking in from the west there are showers that are going to be with us as we go into the later morning hours. the rain is in central pennsylvania. and from the south there are heavier downpours. that's a possibility too. look at the size of the system from canada where it's producing snow. rain all the way into florida. it will only be rain for us, but there is some colder air that's waiting in the wings. it's going to be arriving for the weekend. there go the showers as we go into tomorrow morning. we'll be dry and should stay dry for the villanova parade, but we're going to be watching this next system come together. take a look. look at the snow. that's a possibility first thing on saturday morning. some snow and rain showers. we could see grassy accumulation especially farther to the north during the day on saturday. for today, rain showers. umbrellas will be going up later this morning. a chance of thunderstorms. look at those temperatures. not bad at all. a little bit warmer.
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not a huge warmup. southerly winds. tomorrow, a breezy wuchblt it will be out of the west. we'll be drying out. good news for the villanova parade. a little chillier. breezy. a low of 41 crees. turning colder this weekend. saturday, 35 in the morning. important to be above freezing with snow showers in the areal. could see grassy accumulation to the north but rain will be moving in. 46 degrees the high on saturday. not a pretty day, but we will see sunshine on sunday. 49 the high temperature. the warmup, that's going to arrive just in time for the workweek. 62 on monday. a chance of showers monday evening and again on tuesday. but we'll see sunshine wednesday. >> just in time for my weekend. i'm off on mondays and tuesdays. i'll take that. ten minutes until 6:00 on this thursday. at least it sounds like the showers are going to hold off for the early morning commute. >> we'll keep our fingers crossed on that. i just saw the police cruiser pull up in your last
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report. >> finally. this car has been here since we start ourd broadcast this morning around 4:00. about two hours late eric finally somebody on scene. penndot crew here. at least they're setting up flashing lights so vehicle ace approaching the scene will be cautious of it or being by the scene. not sure if anybody's in the car. we haven't seen any activity there. you can see headed westbound, king of prussia, no problems there. we're good to gore here in delawa delaware. in the green. northbound 295 to 495 speeds up in the 60s and only a ten-minute trip do. delaware. i'll have updates for you when i come back in the next ten minutes. bye. >> thanks. 55 degrees. the phillies bull pen blows another late lead and the fliers stumble in their push for the
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or any steakhouse lunch combo starting at $7. the red wings shut out the flyers last night, throwing a wrench in philadelphia's playoff run. detroit wins, 3-0. the red wings are headed to the bruins for an automatic playoff spot. they also lead the flyers in that wild-card chase. the flyers hit the ice again tonight, this time at the wells fargo center as we take a live look at south philadelphia. the puck will drop again against the maple leafs at 7:00 p.m. tonight, and it's one of three games left in the season as the flyers are trying to make a postseason push. the phillies are offer to a tough start after their bull pen blew another lead late in the game. aaron nola pitching seven long innings but the night belonged
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to cincinnati. a drive leads to a walk-off win for cincinnati. they close the series this afternoon. we've got to you covered right here on n 10 monday with our welcome home phillies special and pregame special begins at 2:00 p.m. first pitch is at 3:00. oug all right here. >> hey, if you want to compete in the blue cross broad street run, yo view one chance. 40,000 runners have their bids. if you don't have one, nbc 10 is giving away two bids for the may 1st event. enter by going to and clicking on the "contest" tab. the deadline to enter is april 17th. nbc 10 and telemundo 2 will broadcast the entire race on may 1st from start to finish. in other new this morning a young reporter in central pennsylvania is getting a lot of attention on facebook.
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>> yeah. she's only 9 years old, and already she's covering news. >> i was able to inform neighbors of terrible murder. >> soon after negative comment flood her facebook page. >> i'm disgusting that this cute little girl thinks she's a real journalist. >> she says just because she's 9 doesn't mean she can't do a great story and she's going to keep posting them. good for you, hilldy. >> absolutely. so you win a national championship. what do you do next? a lot of athletes go to disney. >> what are you going to do. >> you go to disneyland. >> no. you get a job. we'll tell you which two are thinking about leave their school to jump start their nba
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careers. >> plus new jersey is trying to cash in on cans and bottles. how much you could soon be paying for your favorite drinks.
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like the sound of a political revolution. >> bernie sanders electrify fies the crowd at temple university and he's not done with philadelphia just yet. here what he's telling us in a one-on-one interview. >> and you can call it a clinton wrap. hillary clinton has left town but bill clinton continues the fight to win over voters in philadelphia. state leaders will consider a new plan to save the financially strapped resort town. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors.


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