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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  April 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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renting them to families with children under 7. philadelphia's lead poison kids are hard to forget. those who tried to protect them say our investigation revealed a hole in the plan. >> you raised a lot of questions. >> this council woman thought her 2012 lead law would save children like 4-year-old mariah. >> it opened up the flood gates again. it's an opportunity and a responsibility to relook at this. >> the investigators revealed since the city's lead law took effect, the city health department has only confirmed 1596 of the nearly quarter million rental properties in philly lead safe or lead free. when we talked to health officials for our original report we were told they don't have the money or the staff to do the job. >> there has not been cases where there has been a fine issued for the lead landlord law. >> in four years. >> in four years. >> why is that?
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>> that is a question is a very good question. >> were you surprised by what we found? >> i was most stunned by the fact, not rumor, that no fines have been issued. >> reynolds brown called for hearings, she has council support and plans to question the city health department license and inspections and the homeowners association of philadelphia. >> so many childrening poisoned by lead that's a signal there is a disconnect. we need to find out where that is. >> the council woman says the hearings will happen before the end of the summer. the mayor's position it hasn't changed, he still says that he is aware of the issue and is looking at the administration's enforcement policies, of course we'll continue to follow this as it goes through its next steps. >> such a hot issue and people have responded to your investigation and it is worth repeating, how parents can best protect their kids. >> it's simple. keep those ledges, those window
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sills, under the doors and the floors clean. when lead paint chips it becomes dust. it falls into those places. that's where kids pick it up. >> people don't realize it's ingested and can impact your children because you don't see the effect right away. >> it can affect them for the rest of their lives. >> be diligent keeping those areas spotless. >> those are the places to watch. >> thank you. and right now on find out more information about lead, how it's handled in your state and what you can do to protect your family. look for the section called living with lead. new developments this afternoon in the case of a woman accused of kidnapping a baby from king of prussia mall. she is out of joyl, charged with kidnapping a baby from the food court. the baby was found several hours later safe in her chester county home. police are still looking into a possible motive.
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in south jersey police need help identifying a man who asked two girls if they needed a ride home from a wawa. they were in cherry hill yesterday around 5:30 as we were walking home the girls told police the man in this image stopped and asked them if they needed a ride, and the girls took off. the man was driving a blue four-door sedan, possibly a buick. now to weather, a combination of rain and wind across the region. that happened to me too today. that umbrella flipped inside out. flipped out by that wind in center city. the rain did stop for a while but don't put the umbrella away yet. the nbc 10 first alert radar shows more showers on the way. >> i got wet. not going to work. how's the rest of the evening looking? >> don't put the umbrella away yet because we have more showers moving in. even right now a couple of
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showers around on the radar we're looking a lot better than earlier today. the heaviest rain is gone but we could see locally heavy rain and any showers or storms that move in over the next several hours. atlantic city seeing heavy rain. that is quickly moving up to the north and will be moving in ocean county soon and moving into chester county some locally heavy rain, heading toward newark and new castle county wand delaware more moderate to heavy rain there too. if we take a wider view out now you can see all of the showers heading our way, strong thunderstorms right around washington, and i circled this area because this is most likely going to hold together and move through as we go through the next few hours. so again, we do have more rain in the forecast this evening. here's future weather by 7:00 p.m., already seeing the cluster around washington, moving into south jersey and delaware. maybe showers around the philadelphia area too. and then we get closer to about 9:00, still showers on the radar expected by 9:00 but bigger improvements overnight and for
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friday. so we'll talk about your friday and the villanova parade as well as a wintry mix for part of the weekend. the forecast straight ahead. >> to decision 2016, coverage now for the second straight day. pennsylvania in the spotlight and the race for the democratic nomination for president. >> bernie sanders made a stop in philadelphia and so did former president bill clinton campaigning for his wife. >> i like protesters, but the ones that won't let you answer are afraid of the truth. >> that rally did not go as planned, though. protesters showed up holding signs, prompting former president clinton to defend his record and the effects of the crime bill during his presidency. >> i talk to a lot of african-american groups, they thought black lives matter. they said take this bill, because our kids are being shot in the street by gangs. we have 13-year-old kids planning their own funerals. she didn't want to hear that. >> earlier today bernie sanders
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spoke at the afl cio convention where hillary clinton spoke yesterday. the race is heating up between them. the recent spark from sanders' comment whether clinton is qualified to be president. >> secretary clinton thinks that i come from the small state of vermont, well, we'll get used to it. i'm not going to get beaten up, i'm not going to get lied about. we will fight back. >> hillary clinton is trying to downplay the war of words, she campaigned in new york and says she trusts the voters there, new york holds its primary on the 19th. right now at 5, a $5,000 reward is on the table to find a man u.s. marshals call a serial rapist. michael hawkins is accused of raping two women in new york. one of his victims was bound to a wheelchair and mentally challenged. police say he is tied to pennsylvania and virginia but they cannot find him. now to new information on
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the deadly train derailment. the railroad administration says amtrak workers were not following basic safety rules when the crash happened killing two. amtrak has been ordered to retrain basic safety rules. the directive stated federal and internal regulations were not followed at the time of the crash. nearly all of the boilers in philadelphia schools are safe, that's the message from city leaders. mayor kenney called for a thorough inspection after a boiler at edmunds elementary exploded in january. the report found that 98% of the boilers passed inspection. january's explosion left a mechanic with second and third degree burns. the process allows them to reassure staff, family and students about the safety of the boilers. >> pennsylvania governor tom wolf is making it his mission to crack down on lgbt discrimination. he signed an executive order
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that will prohibit state contractors from discriminating against someone based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. the governor wanted state lawmakers to pass a bill but moved forward with the executive order since he says other legislation has deteriorated. >> this is the right thing for us to do. just as it was the right thing for william penn to do when he proclaimed pennsylvania was a place for everyone regardless of their religion. >> wolf believes this is the first step in assuring equality. lawmakers still need pass nondiscrimination legislation for the state. >> atlantic city casinos fared better with fewer rivals down the street a year after four casinos closed profits up 40% for the remaining eight casinos. new jersey's division of gaming enforcement released the figures. it shows the casinos made more than $547 million in 2015. but it's going to take a lot more than that to ease the crisis in atlantic city. today the baltimore between
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state and local leaders escalated again. lawmakers are now trying to push through their own bailout plan and avoid a takeover. cydney long has been following today's developments. she is live in our operations center. what would this new plan mean for atlantic city? >> jackie, it means there is a glimmer of hope for atlantic city, that the resort town may be able to get the financial help it desperately needs without being stripped of its governing sovereignty. with a matter of days before atlantic city's pocket book runs dry a shift in the winds that could keep it afloat. mayor guardian responded to a new rescue bill that entitled city government the right to cure its mistakes, with bench marks and accountability. we listened to officials from the state house. >> atlantic city is resilient. we made it through the sandy storm, and we'll make it through this economic tsunami. >> the speaker who introduced
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the bill says it's written for atlantic city only and it is not an open credit card. >> there's nothing they are getting carte blanche. they are getting ability to come out of the woods and they need that. >> we're on a path of solution. of course there is a tug of war action. >> but the city and state officials aren't the only ones. the head of the aflcio. >> here is a city and industry for the last 25 or 30 years that has taken so much of their profits, and taxes, and spread them like miracle dust all around our state for senior citizens, for education, for infrastructure improvements, never said no. now they are in trouble. >> governor christie who called the mayor a liar on wednesday, posted this message on youtube this afternoon.
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>> i am not going to permit the taxpayers of the state of new jersey to be taken for a ride by atlantic city. >> and governor christie has said if trenton doesn't ultimately control atlantic city's purse strings he will campaign against any casino development in north jersey, the speaker could post today's new bill to be voted on in the full assembly as early as monday. from the digital operations center, cydney long, "nbc 10 news." two violent crimes, a local university has a warning for students while police are on the hunt for a suspect. we're used to seeing them fight crime. these police officers, they are learning a new skill. how it will benefit families and children with autism. >> a popular resort condemned its enfirehouse. now it needs to be torn down before thousands flood the community. >> it is a public safety concern. >> new details on an ugly
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controversy that's lingering since hurricane sandy.
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>> >> two reported sex assaults in two days at west chester university and police are still looking for one of the suspects. austin edie is in custody.
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he reportedly sexually assault add female student on april 1. the victim told police it happened on the second level of the new street parking garage. a second unrelated assault was reported by another woman the next day in her residence hall. the university says that suspect is not a student. >> we came up with a plan that this way no one leaves the parking garage alone at night. >> a west chester university spokeswoman said they have counseling for the two victims and urge students, faculty and staff to report anything sus spish us. >> almost a year since bow biden died from cancer. today a foundation that honors him announced a mission to protect children from abuse. the new evidents include educating adults on where sexual
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abuse can occur. signs of abuse, how to prevent it and what to do if a child says they have been abused. the head of the catholic church in philadelphia taking a stand as well against child abuse. the archbishop and more than 100 children planted pin wheels for prevention today. the children put the decorations in planter boxes that will go in the garden outside the ar archdiocese. >> right now at 5 new jersey residents with mental health and addiction disorders will have more options for help. chris christie announced the expansion of outpatient treatment centers. the state will nearly triple the number of centers from four to 11. the governor's 2017 budget proposes $127 million for behavioral health treatment. >> traffic deaths in pennsylvania last year at the second lowest since the state started keeping records. state transportation officials say 1200 people died in crashes
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in 2015. penndot has invested about $50 million over five years for safety improvements like pavement markings and rumble strips. >> a 17-year-old texas girl the latest to die as the result of faulty takata air bags. officials say the teen did not die from the impact of the crash but from a metal fragment that came from the air bag. the 2002 honda civic had a recall. her brother made a tearful plea asking all drivers to check to see if their vehicle is part of the recall. >> i would just like to urge everyone regardless of whether or not you receive a recall notice if you have a car that has a defective air bag, get it fixed before you lose a loved one. >> you can go to safe and enter your car's vehicle identification number to find out if it's included in the
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recall. new images of one of the men police say was behind the deadly brussels airport attack. prosecutors launched a public appeal for any information about the man in this surveillance video. he's believed to be the only surviving suspect at the airport suicide bombings that killed 16 people. photos show him leaving on foot, walking to a town and then into brussels where he reportedly vanished without a trace. well, more showers in the forecast this evening. although the heaviest rain has moved through. we are seeing sunshine, so temperatures are warming up but we have more rain actually heading in this direction. so we could even see a couple of thunderstorms out of it. tomorrow, though, the villanova parade i have the forecast for you. a nicer day than today. it's going to get colder, still watching for a wintry mix so that's still in the forecast. a live look at citizens bank park. mostly cloudy and the phillies'
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home opener next monday doesn't look too bad. we could see showers. 62 degrees now in philadelphia, winds gusting near 25 miles an hour, and we have more rain moving in this direction. now again, the heavier rain is around new england that we saw earlier today. but it's really the spotty showers that are off to our west and southwest that we're going to be watching as we go through the next several hours. so, some of those thunderstorms are moving in this direction right now. i'll show you those in a second. the rain we've been watching over atlantic city is quickly moving offshore and weakening. an area of heavier rain i showed you earlier, that's now moving into new castle county, westchester seeing the rain, newark across 95, some heavier rain there and delaware and now we look farther out around washington and baltimore, two thunderstorms or areas of thunderstorms, both on the severe side. so these are strong storms moving to the northeast right around 45 miles an hour, so for our area, east nottingham, about
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6:13 if it holds, pike creek closer to 6:30. again we have more showers maybe thunderstorms heading our way over the next few hours. by 7:00 p.m. we expect to see more rain on the radar. 11:00 p.m. a lot of it will be clearing out. then we stay dry as we go into friday. friday is looking good, breezy, cool, high temperatures in the low 50s and looking pretty good for the villanova parade starts are at 1:00 p.m., by noon if that's when you head out we should be around 47 degrees, breezy and chilly. near 50 by 1:00, then low 50s through the afternoon. and we'll see nice dry conditions. then we go into the weekend. i was telling you it's going to get colder. the clipper system we've been watching, it will be moving in saturday, so as of now 8:00 a.m. saturday, parts of the area could see a wintry mix with this moving in. a small chance of this sticking to the roadways, but there is a chance some of this could stick. especially earlier in the morning. then we go into the middle of the day saturday. it continues, by saturday night
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it should be leaving the area. now, as far as any snow through the area, chances are small that we'll see accumulations on the sidewalks or the roadways. but grassy accumulation more likely. maybe couple inches at best but again, if that were to be a wintry mix like we expect it would be lower than that. for tonight, a chance of showers, colder later tonight, 42 for the low in philadelphia, 38 degrees areas north and west. tomorrow much better day. a mix of sun and clouds, cool, breezy, mid to low 50s through the afternoon. then we get colder into the weekend. 30s to start off saturday morning. the wintry mix moves in by the middle of the day saturday. mid-40s for a high. upper 40s on sunday. that's going to come with sunshine. but it is going to be chilly and breezy. monday, there you see it. the phillies home opener around 61 degrees, we'll see more clouds around, breezy and there is a chance we could see showers, i don't think it would be a big deal because on tuesday that's the real rain, that we're going to be seeing next week tuesday. could be a rainy day.
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>> it was a drill but it was a realistic one. an active shooter scenario in a delaware school. i'll explain what your kid could learn from this.
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a little child with big dreams. dwight evans. first a community activist. a legislator at 25. always looking out for us. he worked to create a thriving commercial district. and he's brought new grocery stores to underserved areas. dwight evans is committed to revitalizing neighborhoods in all of philadelphia. he'll be a block by block congressman for us. i'm dwight evans and i'm proud to approve this message.
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>> the police were real, the situation was not. >> some students in delaware came face-to-face with an active shooter training scenario today. tim furlong shows us what your kids can learn from today's
5:25 pm
drill. >> reporter: it felt like a normal day right up until the announcement. >> there is an intruder in the main hallway. >> to be clear, this was a drill all beat very realistic one. >> me standing in the classroom i felt like shaky. >> reporter: as police flooded the halls students hiding up against the wall. >> the more they can experience if this were to ever happen they are going to be ready and their body is going to act on instinct. >> state police. >> troopers came in and demanded a head count from the teacher and quickly shuffled the kids out. hands on the shoulders in front of them to keep them moving and to keep their eyes off of whatever they might see in the halls during a real shooting. >> it seems like every school should have a drill. what can kids learn about staying safe? it's simple. know the plan, stay absolutely
5:26 pm
silent and follow every single instruction. >> by talking and chattering you give up your position to the bad guy. you never want to do that. >> preparation that this school district does is phenomenal. we like to see more schools get on board with it. >> police learned a lot so did the students, a lot of solid practices we hope they never need. in middle town, delaware. "nbc 10 news." >> absolutely hope they never need. good lessons there. to the wildcats. they are headed from lancaster avenue to pennsylvania avenue. >> looking forward to welcoming you guys to the white house. >> president obama called to congratulate villanova on the national championship. what he said about the team and that game-winning shot. >> plus, reaching out to the community, local police officers trying to improve the way they interact with people who have autism. we'll show you how next. for years, i was a laboratory chemist,
5:27 pm
developing drugs to fight deadly diseases. as a scientist, i know there's more that washington can do to help families. i'm running for congress to protect planned parenthood funding so more women get cancer screenings and treatment... to pass a ban on fracking in the delaware river basin to preserve our clean water, and to always protect medicare and social security. i'm shaughnessy naughton and i approve this message.
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more educated, understand the experiences of everyone else and don't judge. >> a father makes his plea to police and today officers heard him loud and clear. that father has a son with autism. >> he says he has seen first-hand how police can handle people with autism the wrong way. that's why officers took part in
5:30 pm
special training today. aundrea cline-thomas is live with that story. >> reporter: while many have heard of autism some don't know the signs or symptoms and today an officer said the training changed the way she will assess moving forward. patrick is a father turned advocate for his autistic son daniel. >> we want everybody to know they are human beings and they are functioning part of the community. >> that's why he is sharing his story hoping they can better recognize and help in intervening in situations involving people with autism. >> our officers are several times a day thousands of times in a year are constantly addressing situations which need to be slowed down, de-escalated and brought to a peaceful conclusion. >> the community group is providing the training and teaching officers how to do that.
5:31 pm
especially when understanding why not following commands making eye contact or having meltdowns is part of the disorder. >> it's more of being calm and just tell them how can we help you, what can i do for you. you know. and just repeating yourself and try to stay as calm as possible. >> that's what 18-ier veteran took from the training. >> it's another tool to use, just continue serving the community as best as i can. >> reporter: according to bancroft one in 41 children will be diagnosed with autism in new jersey alone. that is higher than the national average. aundrea cline-thomas, "nbc 10 news." umbrellas, open today around 30th street station, a lot of people having a tough time hanging on to them because of the wind. we've seen the sun come out this evening but the nbc 10 first
5:32 pm
alert radar shows that, more rain moving in. >> let's get an update from sheena parveen. how does it look? >> well, we do expect more rain for this earning so we are going to see more rain moving in. so, if you are going to go out any time soon and maybe be walking around, grab the umbrella and we could each see some lightning, so be careful out there. keep an eye to the sky. even though we're seeing sunshine we still have rain around right across 95 in parts of new castle county, around wilmington and newark we have locally heavy rain, not a very big shower, no lightning in this one right now but it extends into parts of delaware county near westchester. that will continue in the direction of philadelphia. we also have another thunderstorm in maryland, so this one is severe. it's not here yet but moving in this direction so if it holds together it will be near east nottingham. westchester 6:45. so that is another small thunderstorm, another cluster around washington and those are
5:33 pm
some pretty strong thunderstorms too. those are all heading in our direction. so you see we're not out of the clear yet. even though you might be seeing sunshine at your house we have rain on the way. by 7:00 p.m., future weather showing more rain moving in from the south and west, and that will be for delaware, new jersey, even through the philadelphia area. even as we go closer to 8:00, 9:00 tonight, some showers lingering. but then clearing as we get closer to midnight. that will set us up for a better day tomorrow. i have that villanova parade forecast, also a colder weekend. a wintry mix in the forecast for your weekend. i'll show you the timing straight ahead. >> imagine, signing a lease to rent a home only to find out the same place was rented to several other people. take a look at this surveillance video. then ma in the red coat rented a property in south philadelphia to several people. the video shows one of the victims signing the lease and paying a deposit. but when the victim went to move in, several other people were there to move in as well. so if you recognize the man in
5:34 pm
red, call police. >> a success story out of allentown. the allentown neighborhood improvement zone development authority is increasing development in the area. in fact, since september 2013, more than 1800 jobs have come to the area. 56% of those jobs have been filled by allentown resident. the neighborhood improvement zone consists of 128 acres and allows developers to take advantage of tax breaks. right now at 5:00, new rules are in place for a popular park in northampton county. last summer hundreds of people flocked to the park on hot weekends. the town supervisors have limited the number to 250 at any given time. last august the crowds got so big the township had to close the park on the weekend. supervisors hope a cap on crowds will curb problems with garbage, noise and unsanitary conditions. a live look at free throwly
5:35 pm
stadium in wilmington. in about an hour the blue rocks are supposed to take on the potomac nationals. take that tarp off the field, the gates opened about five minutes ago. the first pitch for 6:35. ♪ >> phillies fever hit dupont hospital today. phanatic getting the kids fired up. they paymented faces, waved the rally towels as the philles' home opener fast approaches. we'll have special coverage starting at 2:00 followed by the first pitch at 3:00. april 11th is the date. that's only on nbc 10. so, when you are national champions you are treated like a rock star. >> villanova head coach jay wright got a phone call from president barack obama. >> your team showed grit and
5:36 pm
really high character team throughout the thing. it was a pleasure to watch and congratulate all of them and tell jenkins that he looked pretty cool out there. taking that shot. i'm looking forward to welcoming you guys to the white house. >> thanks for calling. very nice of you. >> congratulations, coach. bye-bye. >> thank you. take care. >> you know what, the president didn't do so well with his brackets. he picked villanova losing to kansas in the elite 8. >> his bracket destroyed. >> how about jenkins. what obama said. calling him cool. he's going to savor that. >> in the archives at home. >> now back to the real champions. crews get ready for tomorrow, 20 hours until students, fans and players celebrate villanova's championship with a parade in center city. the city of philadelphia starting to get the stage ready
5:37 pm
as you can see. right there at dilworth park. a look at the route, it stretches five blocks, it starts at 1:00 at 20th and market streets, it runs through center city, and ends where you saw the work at dilworth park in front of city hall. nbc 10 will broadcast live tomorrow, and if you can't be in front of the tv you can watch the entire parade on the nbc 10 app. check out this special basketball. very cool. there are only 5,000 of these. the only reason i caught that is i'm this close to you. >> she shoots, she scores. >> it's light. >> it is. but we should tell people, they cost $99, that's going to the make-a-wish foundation in our region and we have the information on our website on how to buy one of these. >> this is a good cause. can you spin it? >> i can't. >> not a globetrotter. >> did it this morning.
5:38 pm
he did. >> check that out. >> way to go, vai. >> another reason to get our app. >> i need lessons. >> next, they have been waiting three years to get back into their fire house. the city says it needs to be torn down. we asked how this will affect firefighters' ability to do their job?
5:39 pm
in the last eight years, the fracking industry has spent over $40 million dollars on lobbying in pennsylvania. so it's no surprise that even though they've had over 4,000 violations, all they've ever gotten is just a slap on the wrist it's time for that change. i'm josh shapiro, and i'll hold the oil and gas companies criminally liable for poisoning our air and our drinking water. i'll be an attorney general who always works for you. democrat josh shapiro. he'll stand up for us. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us
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patients, blood test to diagnose lung cancer is years away. >> the blue cross broad street run is over three weeks ai go. the 40,000 runners are set, the lottery may be over but you have one final chance to run the 10 miles down broad street because nbc 10 is giving away two bibs for the race sunday may 1. enter the sweepstakes going to, click on the contests tab, deadline to enter is april 17. nbc 10 and telemundo 62 will broadcast the entire race from start to finish. >> i'm tracking more showers for part of your evening. so we're not out of the woods yet. then tomorrow cooler day, i got that villanova parade forecast coming up and a colder weekend with a wintry mix.
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back to our decision 2016 coverage. donald trump may be leading in delegates but a new poll suggests that the republican front-runner remains unpopular. a new poll shows 7 in 10 americans have an unfavorable view of trump. and it doesn't matter the age group, race, or religion. >> as for the democrats, things took a negative turn while both candidates visited philadelphia. >> both exchanging arguments over qualifications for president and the battle continued today. >> my response is well, you know, if you want to question my qualifications, let me suggest this. that maybe the american people might wonder about your qualifications, madame secretary. >> well, that will be up to the voters of new york and the other states that will be passing judgment in the weeks ahead. i think it's kind of a silly statement but he's free to say whatever he chooses. >> hillary clinton also told
5:45 pm
matt lauer she would take bernie sanders over donald trump or ted cruz any time. the interview airs tomorrow morning on "today." right now joining us to break down the now heated democratic race is jj from the campaign group creates tv and radio ads for candidates. >> thank you for joining us. normally this slug fest in the republican party. why this now between sanders and clinton? we know sanders beat clinton in wisconsin, could pick up delegates in wyoming and new york is coming up. >> well, i think what you really see is that they are both feeling a little bit of pressure. senator sanders is feeling pressure because he gave this interview to the new york daily news, that really didn't go well. he didn't really convey the details of the center of his campaign. then of course, secretary clinton is feeling pressure because senator sanders has won six contests in a row and while
5:46 pm
she still leads in delegates and is likely to be the party's nominee, it's never good when you lose six contests in a row. >> how important do you think pennsylvania will play in this primary season, hillary clinton, bernie sanders camps spent the past couple days here. >> pennsylvania is going to be very important. traditionally pennsylvania is important in the general election. generally we have such a late primary it's often not particularly important. of course, it wasn't four years ago when mitt romney won the republican nomination, it was very important eight years ago when hillary clinton and barack obama were running against each other. and i think it's going to be a lot of fun, really, after new york happens on the 19th there is going to be one week when pennsylvania is really the center of the universe and everyone's going to get to see all of the candidates in both parties. >> we'll have to see whether it stays negative or goes back to kumbaya between the two. >> new york is the big prize. >> jj, thanks as always for your
5:47 pm
analysis. appreciate it. at&t customers will notice improvements to their service thanks to the democratic national convention at&t would be the provider for the dnc. the company said it's begun upgrading the network in anticipation. a large amount of data is expected to be used during the convention and most of the upgrades will be permanent. >> three democrats running for pennsylvania attorney general will square up tonight. the candidates are district attorney john morgan nelly, commissioner josh shapiro and district attorney stephen zappala jr. nbc 10 and telemundo will host a debate. we have crews putting the final touches on the stage right there so join us at 7:00, nbc 10's tracy davidson will moderate that debate. you can watch here on nbc 10 or on the nbc 10 app.
5:48 pm
>> senator chris coons got to sit down with judge merrick garland. nbc 10's washington bureau was there as the senator talked with the judge. the senator says he called on president obama to nominate season who was a likely consensus candidate and someone who earned republican votes. >> well, we have more showers, maybe some thunderstorms heading our way too. so, don't put away the umbrella yet. you see the darker clouds starting to move back in the philadelphia area. so evening showers are going to stay in the forecast. the villanova parade is tomorrow, tomorrow looking way better than today. so i'll show you that forecast in a minute. then we get colder into the weekend, a wintry mix heading our way. the timing of that could be as early as saturday morning so i have that in a minute too. right now in philadelphia, cloudy skies, 62 degrees, winds gusting near 25 miles an hour so
5:49 pm
it's still windy. and heavy rain from earlier, that's all gone but now we're watching all of this shower and thunderstorms off to the west and southwest. so all of this shower activity, that is heading in our direction. the main area is right around washington, but it's all continuing to move closer to delaware, should be here in the next few hours. around wilmington into parts of salem county we have heavier rain across major interstates, new castle county and delaware, 495 and 95, and some of that rain stretches across 476 in delaware county. another shower we're watching with even lightning strikes in it so a thunderstorm here is approaching lancaster county. this should be near westchester 6:45. upper darby after 7:00, that is moving to the northeast around 45 miles an hour. the cluster of thunderstorms now leaving washington, these have a history of being severe at the moment, not so much but still heavy rain, lightning and gusty winds, this cluster is moving quickly northeast around 60
5:50 pm
miles an hour. seaford about 6:15. dover 6:36. salem closer to 6:50. so we are not out of the woods yet. we still have rain in the forecast, 7:00 p.m., some showers around the area, scattered in nature. could still see thunderstorms, later tonight closer to midnight we see more clearing and tomorrow we look nice and dry, perfect timing for the villanova parade. a cooler breezy day. starting at 20th and market street the parade starts at 1:00 p.m. if you get there around noon it will be around 47 degrees, breezy, chilly. breezy and cool, near 50. low 50s through the afternoon. and we'll see just about a mix of sun and clouds. then we go into your weekend, a colder weekend, morning lows saturday will be in the 30s, then we'll see the small clipper system so it will be cold enough for a wintry mix. we could see rain and a rain/snow mix across the area, that could last into the middle of the day saturday. of course we'll have more updates on this later tonight and throughout the day tomorrow. but as of now it looks to be
5:51 pm
here in the morning and through the middle of the day, finally clearing out later saturday evening, any accumulation would be small and on grassy surfaces, there is a slight chance of it sticking but as of now doesn't look too serious. tonight we're looking at a chance of showers, still colder temperatures overnight 42 for the low in philadelphia, 38 areas north and west, then tomorrow a mix of sun and clouds, cool, breezy, mid to low 50s. nice end to the week. colder into the weekend, freezing temperatures sunday morning after we get rid of the wintry mix on saturday but will be sunny. not bad for the opener, could see a couple showers but rainier on tuesday. >> need a jacket for the parade tomorrow. all right. lester holt has gone west young man, he is in the studios in los angeles. >> good evening, lester. what's coming up on nightly news? >> hi, jim and jacqueline. we'll talk about what you had on about this question of who is qualified to be president. it's driving a pretty nasty exchange right now between hillary clinton and bernie sanders.
5:52 pm
and andrea mitchell will have more on that. there is new video of the mysterious man in the white hat the brussels airport bombing suspect. and why fasting is recognized as a faf weight loss method. more on that at 6:30 for nightly news. back to you for now. >> thank you. we'll see you at 6:30. next on "nbc 10 news" at 5:00, hurricane sandy did its damage but now some jersey shore firefighters say the city has made things worse. why local leaders want to condemn their firehouse.
5:53 pm
5:55 pm
>> a jersey shore city has condemned its own fire house. now it needs to be ton down before the busy summer season. the latest in a saga that dragged on since hurricane sandy. >> some firefighters are worried this will hurt public safety. ted greenberg shows us why local leaders disagree. >> reporter: an ambulance and fire truck are still inside, but some equipment is already being moved out of ocean city's 29th street fire house. >> this is something we've been asking for for a long time. >> reporter: the resort condemns the fire house, calling it an unsafe structure, that must be vacated by april 15th and demolished about a month later. this after a recent inspection
5:56 pm
by the state questioned the building's structural integrity. >> this has to be handled as soon as possible. >> reporter: the fire house was badly damaged by hurricane sandy in 2012 and has only housed vehicles since then. construction bids deemed too expensive delayed the rebuilding process. its neighboring trailer has served as home base for the professional firefighters stationed here. they have chave complained abou living condition, rats and mold. >> we're looking for suitable location within the area to continue to run out of that area, we're not going to abandon that area. >> reporter: the city insists there will be no interruption in protection and service. but the firefighters union believes the temporary move presents a public safety concern. >> depending where they end up moving everybody there is a possibility this district is not getting the same coverage that it is currently with apparatus here. >> one way or another we always have a fire truck in the center of our town.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: the city is trying to get fema to provide additional fund forge a new fire house here. the chief tells me construction should take 9 to 12 months. if there are no unforeseen delays. in ocean city, ted greenberg, "nbc 10 news." coming up next on "nbc 10 news" at 6, the nbc 10 investigators uncover a potentially dangerous situation in philadelphia. >> no one is enforcing a city law designed to protect your kids from lead. now the city council is demanding answers. that's still to come on "nbc 10 news" at 6. i'm tracking more showers. we could see more thunderstorms before the night is over it i'll show you that forecast plus your villanova parade forecast. also the race for the white house turned into a showdown between the former president and a protester. next on "nbc 10 news" at 6.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
we begin at 6 with a political punching match between democrats here in philadelphia. today bernie sanders and bill clinton traded jabs on the campaign trail and mr. clinton also had to fight off an unexpected opponent. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. wait. >> stumping for his wife bill clinton ends up battling with
6:00 pm
protesters. nbc 10's lauren maik joins us live. >> there were fireworks in the presidential race today and they weren't just from the candidates. a rally here behind me turned into a bit of a shouting match today. and this all comes as the democratic candidates are trying to get voters in pennsylvania to listen. with delegates on the line pennsylvania gets a visit from the other clinton. >> i owe philadelphia a lot. >> reporter: the former president offering gratitude. this time the battle ground for hillary clinton and bernie sanders, who spent his second day in philly and a debate whether clinton is qualified to be president. >> let me suggest this. maybe the american people might wonder about your qualifications, madame secretary action when you voted for the war in iraq, the most disastrous foreign policy blunder in the


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