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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  April 8, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. the city ofç brotherly lov is showing some love for villanova today. a victory parade will march right through the heart of center city and right now, parking restrictions are in place. details coming up in our team coverage. and breaking news, a deadly crash caught on camera. watch closely. sparks go flying. there it is. two people are dead. the road is still close. this could impact people heading to work in this area. a bit of a chilly start this morning as we take a live look at boathouse row. 45 degrees outside. definitely have that jacket with you. good news, no umbrella necessary. good morning, this is "nbc 10
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news today." i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm vai sikahema. let's bring in nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley. bill, if you're going to the parade, you're in luck. you can't take a coat but you don't have to worry about slickers. >> it will be dry. we'll see a chilly day. in fact, we're starring off cold with clear skies, the temperatures have dropped into the 40s. the flag is blowing here at the nbc 10 studios. look how clear it is. we'll see a lot of sunshine, just about half an hour away from sunrise. it's a 16 mile-an-hour wind. not quite as strong as it was an hour and a half ago. was up to 22 miles an hour. we could get closer to 20 miles an hour by the afternoon. by then it will be warmer. this is what it feels like by now. we hoped to retire the wind chill chart by this time in april. not so. it is cold enough, it makes it feel like 33 degrees in allentown and pottstown. 36 in wilmington. stand by to bundle up this morning. don't forget your sunglasses. bright sunshine to start with
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and a few clouds will blow through the area. an isolated shower is possible, possibly in new jersey but most of the area will stay dry, 48 degrees at 11:00. by 2:00 this afternoon, the wind blowing and low 50s. decent parade weather. and changes for the weekend. i've got your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington is watching first alert traffic. >> we've had a busy morning so far. we are still watching an accident scene out in south philadelphia on columbus boulevard which is closed around oregon avenue. your best bet fon an alternate. jump on the highway. we're on stand by for a schedule opening at 6:05 on the burlington bristol. the villanova parade later on, 1:00 p.m., that's when it begins on 20th and market street and ends around dilworth park. heads eastbound down that way. watch for closures on market
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street in between 15th and 23rd. on 15th street between jfk boulevard and chestnut street. those close yures will resume o rolling basis. i'll have more updates on mass 4-aáráuation when i come back i the next ten. >> good information. as she said, today the national champions will be the center of attention during a victory parade for the heart of center city. >> thousands are expected to line market street to cheer on the villanova wildcats this afternoon. the parade route stretches five blocks as jessie just mentioned starting at 20th and market streets. from there, the parade runs through center city, ending at dilworth park in front of city hall. that's where nbc 10's monique braxton is for us live this morning. good morning, monique. >> reporter: i'm along the parade route. philadelphia is doing something it hasn't done in almost eight years, host a parade for a winning sports team. you can see a few cars are still
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being towed from along market street. they're supposed to be off the street by 6:00. we caught a few still out here. the city of brotherly love is throwing a party for villanova's wildcats. this was the scene when the ncaa basketball team arrived back in town after winning the championship game earlier this week. mayor kenney immediately decided it is time for a full-scale celebration. skyforce 10 captured the staging being erected. in just a few hours, the team, university band and cheerleaders will step off at 20th and march towards city hall. after the five-block parade, a pep rally gets under way at dilworth plaza. villanova is paying an estimated $22,000 for the parade. that will cover police and ems staffing as well as cleanup. and the city is covering $6,500 for the bar years and the sound system for the party once it
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gets under way there around city hall. the last time philadelphia sports fans celebrated a national winning team was when the phillies won the world series in 2008. hopefully, since the phillies season kicks off here at home next week, all of the celebration today will serve as a good luck charm, right, vai? >> yes, we'll keep our fengers crossed. >> absolutely. live for now in center city, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. all right. we know not everybody will be able to make it into center city today. people have to go to work. we have you covered. watch the parade right here starting at 1:00. if you're not in front of the television, no problem. we'll be streaming it live on the nbc 10 app and online at 6:05 this friday morning. we continue to follow breaking news in south philadelphia. two people are dead, two others hurt after the car they were in flipped and crashed into a building. nbc 10's deanna durante is live
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for us in south philadelphia. deanna, you just got new video of that crash? >> we did. it's much clearer than the video you've seen since 4:00 this morning. this cameç from a dashcam of a witness heading south on columbus boulevard. that car passed him. his camera was rolling and you see the car, it appears to hit something on the left side of the vehicle, then skirts across the traffic lanes there, comes to a rest after it hits a building and spins around. now, on the scene here accident investigators have been out here all morning long. that witness says that he was one of the first people on the scene trying to help the four people in the car. we know now two people are dead and two people are being treated at the hospital. >> when i pulled up, the driver was laid across the front. the taxi cab driver stopped immediately after me. he -- actually i was stopped and out of the car by the time he
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pulled up. he took her out of the car, the driver. >> taxi cab driver took her out of the car? >> right. >> reporter: now, driver, a 23-year-old woman, is being treated at jefferson hospital. her passenger is being treated at hahnemann hospital. we're told a man and woman in the back seat of the car were pronounced dead. accident investigators trying to figure out what happened here. police have been telling us they do think that speed played some factor in this crash at this point. and police sources telling us that the 23-year-old, the driver of the vehicle, a woman from philadelphia, apparently did not have a valid driver's license. we can also tell you that the car hitting building here. inspectors have been inside this facility. it's a peco facility, making sure it is safe for people to come to work this morning. reporting live in south philadelphia, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. 6:07 on this friday. now to news about the financial crisis in atlantic city. the city very well run out of money. >> today, municipal workers will
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be getting their last paycheck until next month. on wednesday, the city council voted to convert workers from a two-week pay period to four weeks in order to help city government keep it running. labor unions gave their okay. a new bill in trenton to keep atlantic city financially afloat would give ac the chance to cure its mistakes through benchmarks and accountability. here's governor chris christie's response to the proposal. >> i'm not going to permit the taxpayers of the state of new jersey to be taken for a ride by atlantic city. >> the new rescue bill would allow atlantic city's eight casinos to make payments in lieu of taxes. state lawmakers could vote on the measure as early as monday. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> it's a friday morning. 6 6:08. it is a chilly morning. the skies have cleared out. a chilly wind is blowing from the west. the temperatures will climb, a
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lot of sunshine today. a cold weekend ahead. you think it's chilly this morning, the temperatures really come down for saturday especially. that's when you can expect to see rain and snow. we're tracking it farther north and west this morning. we'll stay dry today. 40 in allentown, down to 43 degrees for northeast philadelphia and atlantic city. both in the clear. so it's just a waiting game before we see sunshine. it will be bright to begin with. there are showers way off to the north and west. some of the clouds will be blowing into the area. nothing more then a flurry or a brief sprinkle is possible this morning. you can see the light snow showers clearing the pocono mountains right now. most of the area will stay completely dry today. but the chill will be in the air. even this afternoon, the high temperature in allentown, 50 degrees, 49 in quakertown and 39 degrees for the pocono mountains. sunshine, a few passing clouds will be blowing through on those winds, could be running 10 to 20 miles an hour. low 50s for doylestown and norristown. 53 for mount holly.
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heading to the shore, you'll find 50s today. sunshine, clouds, and that chilly breeze blowing. up to 53 for vineland, dover, 54 and lower 50s for west chester, drexel hill and swedesboro. the wind will be blowing. it will feel chillier but not as cold as it will feel this weekend. a look at the weekend and beyond with the seven-day when i'm back in ten minutes. 6:10 this friday morning. we want to help people get to work on time today at the end of the workweek. >> we know 95 can really get jammed up. >> fridays typically are one of the lightest days in terms of traffic and volume at least. we're seeing some cars out on the road, 95 around girard avenue. the southbound side hasn't seemed to back up yet. we will see delays all around center city today because of the villanova parade. you especially want to watch for no parking signs. your car will be towed if you're in one of these areas.
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this already began. it started at 6:00 a.m. and it will go until 5:00 pam later on this evening. market between 15th and 23rd and on 15th street between jfk boulevard and chestnut street. watch for the no parking signs there. septa will be adding extra trains for norristown high speed line, the regional rails will add extra trains and go over 30 minutes for accommodate extra passengers. the buses will be on detour also. check with septa's website. it will be detoured between 10:30 and 6:00 p.m. updates on the closures and more of that delay on your way to work this morning. temperatures in the mid-40s at 6:11 this friday morning. a group of new jersey high school students is in trouble for playing a drinking game. >> not just because they're under age. sports say they arranged plastic cups in a swastika and the star of david.
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we'll explain what it allç mea. plus, getting plenty of sleep is a challenge for most of us. if your teenageren is sleeping enough, there cowl be more serious consequences that go beyond the classroom. that story after break. for years, i was a laboratory chemist,
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6:15 on this friday. it will be chilly outside. here's a live look down the shore at cape may. temperatures right now in the 40s. meteorologist bill henley tells us that it is going to be breezy, however, the sun will make a return. he'll have more in your first alert forecast coming up in just a few minutes. new at 6:00, did your teenager stay up late last night? a new study shows high school students who get too little sleep are more likely to drive
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drunk or take other risks. researchers found about 75% of high schoolers are in that category of not getting enough sleep. they're still trying to figure out if that caused teens to take the risks or if they're both issues with depression. the state department of education unveiled e-school app yesterday. it allows parents to monitor grades, calendars and home work. one automaker is introducing a new kind of cruise control. ford says its number 2017 fusion will have adoptable cruise control. the car automatically accelerates and brakes for the driver while maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle ahead. the technology uses an advanced radar and camera based system
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which reads the road every millisecond. >> i'm sure a lot of people are getting ready to go to work. a lot of people may be staying home. they may have taken off to go to the parade. >> let's check in with jessica boyington. >> usually our lightest day. so far, it's ringing true. we're watching the boulevard around 17th street. no problems in either direction. there are cars out the door. we done see big backups on the majors like the schuylkill expressway or 95 either. we are in the process of a scheduled opening, scheduled for 6:05. delays on the burlington bristol. the rest of the bridges are okay. the accident is still out there on columbus boulevard. it's been closed since at least before 4:00 a.m. on oregon avenue. }the big delays will be later o in the afternoon for the villanova parade, that begins at 1:00 p.m. on 20th and market street, heads eastbound and ends
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at dilworth street. the market street cross-traffic between 16th and 22nd street will be closed and they will resume on a rolling basis. so the parade will move on through and they will hopefully open back up quickly behind it as long as it is safe for people heading out the door there. so we'll have more updates for you to come on these scenes and the accident and the parking and mass transit details. lots of stuff beginning on today. i'll have that in the next ten. meanwhile, this morning, some people in northampton county are cleaning up after heavy wind gusts blew through the area. they ripped the roof off the apartment complex and peeled siding off of homes. some trees came down, uprooted. there were no signs of -- no reports of any injuries. that's a good thing. in chester county, the storm uprooted a tree outside of octorara elementary school in
6:19 am
atglen. this is what's left of the mangled scoreboard alongside the track. there it is. >> it is breezy, a cold wind is blowing. we have cleared out. the storms are long gone. this is a nice, clear view from center city. 44 degrees feels like it's in the 30s with winds out of the west at 12 miles an hour. the winds stay with us into this afternoon. we'll see a few clouds blow through the area but not to start with. a nice live view from the marquis de lafayette hotel in cape may. radar is dry. north and west, look at the snow showers. they'll be drying out as they blow into our area. don't expect to see this for today. but this will be here this weekend. saturday, that's snow and rain. we will get both in the area. that system is on the move. it moves into the ohio valley by midnight tonight. town midnight and 6:00, here comes the snow and rain. we'll get both during the day.
6:20 am
37 degrees with rain falling in wilmington. 35 in reading. the temperatures stay above freezing, so that's going to limit any accumulation to mainly the grassy areas and colder surfaces. the road should be just fine. saturday, 11:00 in the morning and still snow possible in the afternoon. look at the 40s for doylestown, allentown and above freezing in philadelphia. we could see some grassy accumulation of an inch or less in the pennsylvania suburbs into northern delaware and philadelphia and into northern burlington county. farther north and west, the grassy surfaces could see 1 to 2 inches on saturday. for your day today, partly sunny, breezy, 50s this afternoon. the cold will be here on ç saturday, rain and snow, more of a nuisance than anything. it's gone by sunday. warmer on monday. there's a chance we'll see showers, a better chance of that rain. it's likely on tuesday. by wednesday, sunshine is back, up to 60 degrees thursday.
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the pope insists that individual conscience, not rules must guide the faithful on sex and marriage. first indications are that he's making no change in church doctrine. however, francis called on pastors to help divorced, remarried catholics back to the church. he says an individual's conscience must guide decisions. he said the church's goal is to welcome all of its members. today's release follows two years of debate and two major meetings of bishops to discuss the role of the family in the church. also coming up here on "nbc 10 news today," we've got more information about a story
6:22 am
related to an event that's happening later on this weekend at st. joe's university. we'll get to that in just a moment. also this morning, we're following a deadly crash in south philly that shut down a major stretch of road that drivers should be aware of. >> you heard about swimming with the sharks. take a look at this. how about walking over their tank? we'll tell you when you can take a walk on the wild side. that coming up at 6:30. plus, new developments overnight in the urgent manhunt for a freshman killer, a young dancer found dead in a campus creek. authorities look for a man seen on surveillance video, offering a $15,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. i'm gape gutierrez in austin. we'll have the very latest on this developing story coming up on "today."
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with a quick check on your first alert traffic. right now we're watching the area bridges. sun coming up right behind the platt bridge right now. we had an earlier accident that closed the westbound side. looking okay right now. it's no traffic or volume. we are in the process of a schedule opening on the burlington bristol. scheduled for 6:05. delays there. should be finishing up soon. we'll have updates on the villanova parade when i'm back at 6:30. for now, let's get a check on today's forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> gotç some good parade weath in store for us today. sunshine from the city to the shore. 45 degrees at 6:26. a dream week is wrapping up with a parade for the villanova wildcats. we have team coverage. what you need to know if you're going to the parade or trying to avoid it. and a deadly crash caught on camera. just look at this dramatic video. nbc 10 was the first to obtain. we have new information in the live report, coming up next. vo: president obama endorses
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nbc 10 news starts now. video there an eyewitness shows the moments before a car full of passengers crashed in south philadelphia. we're live on scene with an update on the road closures caused by the deadly crash. move your car. traffic restrictions are in place for villanova's victory parade. here's a live look at market street in center city. we've got you covered with what you need to know to get there and to get around it. and a live look at south philadelphia right now. the wind turbines are spinning on top of the link. a chilly morning out there, this friday morning, early april. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema.
6:31 am
>> i'm rosemary connors. at least it's not raining, especially for the parade. meteorologist bill henley has the details in the first alert forecast. good morning, bill. >> good morning, rosemary. it's going to be a chilly start this morning. sunshine just starting to peek up above the horizon. it's going to be bright sunshine to begin with. as the day goes on we will get clouds blowing through the area. most of the area will stay dry. with the wind coming in from the west, the wind chills in the 30s. it feels like 37 in philadelphia. across delaware, south jersey, upper 30s, a bit colder in the mountains. 23 is the wind chill. we'll see sunshine. a nice warmup. 44 degrees at 8:00. 48 degrees at 11:00. at parade time, 50 degrees and 51 with winds out of the west at 17 miles an hour. that's at 2:00 today. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. let's find out how the roads are looking on a friday morning. jessica boyington is following your first alert traffic. >> a lot of the majors are quiet right now. we are starting off with good
6:32 am
news also out in south philadelphia. that accident scene cleared out of the way earlier. columbus boulevard was closed around oregon avenue. that whole situation is pretty much out of the way. details for the villanova parade, that's happening this afternoon, beginning at 1:00 p.m. on 20th and market street, heading eastbound and ending at dilworth park. watch for the closings between 15th and 23rd and the boulevard and chestnut street. as the parade moves through, they will hopefully open back up quickly after that that's what the plan is for now. you also have to watch for no parking signs. these no parking signs have went into effect -- have gone into effect starting at 6:00 a.m. already in effect now along the parade route. you will be towed up until 5:00 p.m. market street on 15th and 23rd and between jfk boulevard and chestnut street is where you'll have to look out for. more updates on the villanova parade and your morning drive in
6:33 am
the next ten. >> we're six and a half hours away from a victory parade in center city philadelphia. >> that's right. nbc 10's monique braxton is live along the parade route. monique, it's been a few years since the city has had a celebration like this one. >> reporter: that's right. it's been almost eight years. that's when philadelphia phillies won the world series but you know, philadelphia doesn't need any excuse for a party. and villanova's victory was so sweet. but let me tell you what won't be so sweet, that is if these two cars we see along market street get towed. they were supposed to be off the street at 6:00 this morning. the city of brotherly love is throwing a huge pep rally for the wildcats at dilworth plaza. this was the scene when the ncaa basketball team champions arrived back in town earlier this week. skyforce 10 captured the staging being erecked. in just a up couple of hours,
6:34 am
the team, university band and cheerleaders will step off at 20th and market, then march about five blocks toward city hall. villanova is paying an estimated $22,000 for the parade. which will cover police and ems staffing as well as cleanup. now, the city is kicking in $6,500 for the barriers along the parade route and the sound system for the full-scale party. as we mentioned, the last time philadelphia sports fans got to do this for a sports team was back in 2008. so you can just imagine the synergy that will be in the air today. what i'm looking forward to, not just the party here along market street but folks up in the office buildings who are looking outside, throwing out confetti to applaud this winning sports team. go, villanova. nova nation. we're all going to be here for the party. live in center city, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thanks to are that, monique.
6:35 am
that's what i was thinking about. anybody who works along that stretch of market have a front row seat to the action. if you can't make it downtown, watch the parade here on nbc 10 starting at 1:00 this afternoon. if you're not in front of the tv, no problem. we'll be streaming live on the nbc 10 app and meanwhile, there are new developments in a deadly crash in south philadelphia this morning. some roads just re-opened about ten minutes ago. nbc 10's deanna durante is live for us. what's the latest? >> both directions of columbus boulevard here are open. we can tell you that for most of the overnight hours, the southbound lanes here have been shut down. take a look at what remains here. one-car accident here, pretty clamt scene as you see it there. again, take a look at video we obtained earlier this morning. it shows the crash as it happened. a witness tells us he saw the car come past him. he says that the car was going faster than he was.
6:36 am
when they came to a stop at a traffic light, the car sped ahead of him on columbus boulevard, hit something, appeared to be the median in the center of the road, then going across two lanes of traffic, crashing into the corner of a building before coming to a rest on the sidewalk. >> the car went almost head on to it, hit the building and flipped over and landed like that. i just pulled over right away. >> reporter: now, that witness tells us that he and a cab driver stopped to help the two front seat passenger and driver, two women there. they are at local hospitals this morning. the corner of the building has some damage. city inspectors were here. this is a peco facility, making sure there's no structural damage to the building here. two people in the back seat of the car, a man and a woman, were killed. the accident investigation scene has been here all night long trying to figure out exactly what happened here. investigative sources tell us they believe the 23-year-old woman who was behind the wheel
6:37 am
of this car did not have a valid license. that's the very latest. reporting live in south philadelphia, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> deanna, thank you. new this morning, philadelphia police tell us they have someone in custody following a deadly double shooting in the city's wynnefield section. witnesses told police someone opened fire in a parking lot behind a bar on city avenue just before 11:00 last night. a 28-year-old man was hit in the shoulder. he died. the second victim was hit by a stray bullet while walking into the bar. he's in stable condition. police say a child accidentally shot himself in the hand in south philadelphia last night. skyforce 10 was over the scene on south 32nd street. investigators say the 9-year-old boy found a gun in a bedroom and somehow set off the weapon, wounding his left ring finger. the child's parents were home at the time. >> it just goes to show that there wasn't safety used at this house to keep the weapon out of the reach of a child. >> the boy's family rush him to c.h.o.p. where he is in stable condition.
6:38 am
there's no word yet on whether the parents will face charges. 6:37 on this friday morning. and(wd are getting a look at some new video of police arresting an american airlines co-pilot on suspicion of being drink. security camera video shows police leeing the delaware county man away in handcuffs before his scheduled flight from detroit to philadelphia on march 26th. this all started when a tsa officer reported that 50-year-old john francis mcgwire of chadds ford was acting strangely. airport police then gave mcgwire a breathalyzer test which he allegedly failed. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> bundle up if you're heading out. it is cold this morning and the wind is blowing, too. look how nice and clear it is. nice live view from the shore which we'll see plenty of sunshine. not a huge warmup today. it's a chilly morning for sure with temperatures that are in the 40s and the wind blowing making it feel like it's in the 30s.
6:39 am
we'll see enough sunshine to warm into the 50s today. change is ahead for the weekend. a cold weekend. the whole weekend will be cold. it's saturday that we're tracking rain and snow into the area. and it starts first thing in the morning. right now, dry. sunny skies in doylestown, northeast philadelphia and millville. upper 30s in doylestown and low 40s right now for most of the rest of the area. we'll see plenty of that sunshine. there will be a few clouds blowing through. those are the clouds coming off of some light snow showers, north and west. we've seen light snow in the pocono mountains. more of that to the west than from around the rest of the area. these will be thinning out. you might see a flurry with the passing clouds first thing this morning. it will be dry for most of the rest of the day. hour by hour forecast shows those light showers falling apart at 9:00 this morning. we'll get clouds blowing through but we'll get sunshine as we go into the 11:00 hour, north and west with a sprinkle possible in
6:40 am
a couple spot. the chance of a sprinkle moves into the toms river area, that's at 1:00 in the afternoon. nice and clear when the parade starts in philadelphia. bundle up. don't forget your sunglasses either. low 50s for allentown and reading. the wind will be blowing for doylestown, trenton and mt. holly but staying nice and dry during the afternoon. high temperature up to 53 for vineland and cape may. a little bit breezy today for dover. you'll feel the wind blowing in wilmington, drechle hill and philadelphia. a look at the chances for snow tomorrow with the seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten. 20 minutes before 7:00. increased volume. >> let's check in with jessica boyington to find out who's having their patience tested this morning, jessica. >> everyone on 95 is having their patience tested, it's around cottman avenue, we're seeing delays, oppositeç side than we normally do.
6:41 am
headed northbound, away from center city. we have a disabled vehicle. it's moved into the work zone into the right-hand shoulder. a slow go by the scene right now. southbound going better than it normally is but we're still seeing delays. west germantown pike and felton road, watch out for that. if you're driving near city hall later this afternoon or starting this morning, there will be a lot of diversions in the area because of the villanova parade. if you're heading down the street on broad street, they'll send you eastbound to chestnut street. market street headed westbound, northbound to broad street. if you're on the vine street expressway, your best bet is to avoid the 15th street and broad street exits. they will not be closed but there will be a loot of added volume because of the road closures once you get off in those areas. >> a highly offensive drinking
6:42 am
game is now getting some high schoolers in new jersey in trouble. how high school officials found out about this picture of jews versus nazis beer pong. plus -- you're going to want a bigger bridge, i think. we'll tell you where you can walk on a rope bridge over a tank full of sharks. whoa!
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6:45 am
6:45 on this friday. temperatures outside, just about 45 degrees. in our decision 2016 coverage, republican presidential front-runner donald trump is laying out a new strategy. >> it comes as trump prepares for the possibility of a contested convention.
6:46 am
trump's campaign says it's adding new top staffers. polls show trump with a sizable lead in new york. that primary coming up on april 19th. he's taking nothing for granted, kansingle a trip to california and skipping colorado to focus on his home state. the democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders had his chance yesterday to speak to the afl/cio convention here in philadelphia. hillary clinton addressed the gathering on wednesday. sanders struck a popular cord with the labor delegates, calling for fewer regulations to approve a union in the business. >> wait a minute, wait a minuteç >> former president bill clinton got into it with some protesters while campaigning for his wife hillary in philadelphia yesterday. the protesters voiced an every over gun violence laws passed when clinton was in office 20
6:47 am
years ago. clinton defended his record saying the laws led to a drop in the murder rate nationwide. hillary clinton is battling bernie sanders for democratic votes in new york. >> yesterday, clinton was actually battling some commuters foreign stading room on the subway in new york. clinton swiped her subway card several times while boarding a train in the bronx yesterday. bernie sanders claimed he used tokens last year. subway riders last used tokens in 2003, more than a decade ago. both hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be on the "today" show this morning with savannah and matt. >> pivoting here. a photo of a beer pong game is creating controversy in social media today. >> a group of new jersey students is apparently behind it. this picture was posted to snapchat. it shows a group of prince toll high school students playing a game called jews versus nazis
6:48 am
beer pong. according to the princeton planet, authorities have identified several of the underage students. one is the son of a school district employee. the superintendent of princeton public schools sent us this statement, reading in part, i am deeplyup set that some of our students chose to engage in a drinking game with clearly anti-semitic overtones. an incident such as this one forces us to take a hard look at our efforts in educating our children. you've seen the sharks at the aquarium in new jersey. new exhibit debuts at the adventure aquarium in camden. >> it's truly a walk on the wild side. a very different way to look at the sharks. this is how wild we're talking about. this is the aquarium's new shark bridge. we got a sneak peek at how close the visitors will be. >> this is a suspended rope bridge. they're right underneath of you. there is no glass covering the top of the exhibit. the guests will be walking over the sharks. we have about 30 sharks in this
6:49 am
exhibit. >> i guess that's a safety net, right? >> something like that. unlike the stingrays at the aquarium, you cannot pet the sharks. logon to for a link to the aquarium's website and new information about the new shark bridge. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 11 minutes before 7:00. we have bright sunshine to start with this morning. this is a live view from the comcast center. look at that. not a cloud in the sky, at least for now. a few clouds will blow through the area. 44 degrees, look at the çwind, it's out of the west at 16. bright sunshine coming up at the shore. you'll see sunny skies from the city to the shore to begin with. nothing on the satellite picture there. but north and west, there are clouds and some of these will be blowing into the area. they will clear out by late this afternoon. and we'll be in the clear for the parade at 1:00 today. hovering right around the 50
6:50 am
degree mark. it gets colder tonight and the next round of clouds comes in tonight and tomorrow morning we'll be dealing with this. rain and snow. but the key to this snow, why it's going to be a nuisance more than anything are the temperatures. snowing and 37 in allentown, 36 degrees in reading and pottstown, rain an snow, that's at 11:00 in the morning. the temperatures stay above freezing while we get this wintry mix coming through during the day tomorrow. we'll see minimal accumulation and what accumulation we get will be mainly on grassy surfaces. an inch or less for philadelphia, wilmington, newark and the pennsylvania suburbs. farther to the north on the grassy surfaces, 1 to 2 inches is possible during the day. today, dry, partly sunny and breezy, excellent parade weather. temperatures in the 50s, will feel cooler with that wind. it will be colder this weekend. 30s in the morning, 40s in the afternoon. rain and snow but i doubt you'll need salt on saturday. on sunday you'll need your
6:51 am
sunglasses, bright sunshine and a high of 51 and warmer with a chance of showers for monday. come tuesday, another round of showers. we finally get sunshine for wednesday and thursday. >> nine minutes before :00 on this friday. and you know all things considered, looking at that forecast, today not too bad, especially for drivers heading into work. >> perfectly good for today. let's check in with jessica and the schuylkill. >> this is 202, no big delays on at least most of the majors. we are starting to see more cars on the schuylkill and the vine street expressway and 95. but basically doing okay. we're watching an accident scene in montgomery county on east r norringen to. they're adding extra trains for septa on the norriton high speed line. the regional rail will add trains every 30 minutes to accommodate extra passengers.
6:52 am
additionally, the septa becauses willing on detour from 10:30 this morning until about 6:00 p.m. also watch for the no parking signs there will be no parking along the parade route or you will be towed between 6:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. now, again, that starts on market street. that started already for the last hour. they're already having tow trucks out there, moving people out of the way between 15th street and 23rd and on 15th street between jfk boulevard and i'll have updates in a couple minutes. 6:52. coming up, a check of the day's headlines. >> deadly crash caught on camera. a man and a woman in the back seat are dead and two other women are recovering. a live report up next. today is the day the city celebrates villanova with a parade. what you need to know if you're going or simply trying to avoid it.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
in the last eight years, the fracking industry has spent over $40 million dollars on lobbying in pennsylvania. so it's no surprise that even though they've had over 4,000 violations, all they've ever gotten is just a slap on the wrist it's time for that change. i'm josh shapiro, and i'll hold the oil and gas companies criminally liable for poisoning our air and our drinking water. i'll be an attorney general who always works for you. democrat josh shapiro. he'll stand up for us.
6:56 am
6:56 on this friday. temperatures outside in the mid-40s. let's get a check of the stories you need to know to start the morning. >> our big story, the villanova victory parade. team coverage, first alert traffic reporter, jessica boyington has traffic restrictions. let's start with monique braxton. >> good morning. we've seen people showing up for friday dressdown day wearing their villanova pride. if you look up towards city hall, you see final preparations are under way for the parade celebrating the villanova wildcats. we have the scene when the basketball team arrived back in town after winning the ncaa championship game. mayor kenney, an avid basketball fan launched plans for a parade
6:57 am
through center city and pep rally at dilworth plaza. villanova and the city are chipping in $28,500. if you can't make it, we've reserved a front row seat on nbc 10 at 1:00. live from center city, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. the parade route stretches five blocks as she said starting at 20th and market streets, ending the dilworth park in front of city hall. jessica boyington has what you need to know to get around the parade. >> it won't be able to get around it, in other words, you're going to have to deal with a lot of these delays. of course if you're just tuning in, that begins at 1:00 a.m. a lot of the closures begin at 11:00 a.m. in the next couple of hours or so we'll start to see these, in between 20th and market street, dilworth park headed eastbound. watch for the closures between 15th and 22nd street. will resume on a rolling basis. as the parade moves on through, a little bit after 1:00 this afternoon we'll start to see those closures open back up. watch pore those no parking signs this he went in effect at
6:58 am
6:00 a.m. already and will be in place until at least 5:00 p.m. later on this evening. vai? >> thank you, jessie. if you're at work and your boss is a nova grad, shouldn't be a problem for you to watch it on ç air air, your computer or phone. i'm deanna durante. take a look at what's left here. a one-car fatal accident. four people inside this car around 2:00 this morning. we have dashcam video of the seconds before the crash and when that car came resting on the sidewalk here on columbus boulevard. witnesses say the car sped past them, looked to appear to hit the center median, crashed into the corner of this building and then came to a rest. two women in the front of the car, the 23-year-old driver and her passenger being treated at local hospitals. a man an a woman in the back of the car, police say they were pronounced dead on the scene. the 23-year-old driver, it appears, did not have a valid license. that's the latest, deanna durante, nbc 10 news.
6:59 am
atlantic city is close to running out of money. today city workers enter an agreement with labor unions will be getting their last paycheck until next month. new jersey lawmakers could vote on a financial rescue bill as early as monday. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> we've got sunshine but a chilly wind is blowing, 44 degrees in the city. the winds are now gusting to 30 miles an hour. we will warm up a bit. only into the 50s this afternoon. that's a live view of center city from the adventure aquarium. there you see the wind gusts, 30 miles an hour. sunshine at the shore. you'll feel the breeze there. clouds blowing through this morning. we'll see enough sunshine to warm into the 50s this afternoon. right now, 40 degrees, even in pottstown. factor in the wind, you'll have to bundle up this morning. 45 is what it will feel like with the winds in philadelphia. even at the shore feels like 30s. sunshine during the day today.
7:00 am
>> thank you, bill. tracy davidson and i will anchor our coverage of the parade starting at 1:00 with a team of reporters throughout the parade route. >> have a good one. good morning. new york state of mind. candidates from both parties turn their full attention to the empire state, as the battle for its all-important delegates rages on. this morning, our interview with hillary clinton, as she opens up about charges she's not qualified to be president, party in-fighter and the e-mail investigation. >> at some point between now and the election, and they say this, they say this, that they will get to see hillary clinton in handcuffs. >> oh, my goodness. >> there will be some kind of political walk based on your private e-mail server. >> plus, bernie sanders joins us


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