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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  April 8, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. [ cheers and applause ] >> he made it! cats win it all! cats win it all! right now at 11:00, it was a moment villanova fans will never forget. and the celebrations continue today after that amazing buzzer-beating win monday night that gave the wildcats the national championship. center city is the place to be for another unforgettable day today. we're getting set for villanova's victory parade. let's take a live look now skyforce 10 over the parade route. you can see fans already lined up along market street almost two hours now before the team's
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arrival. [ cheers and applause ] this is the celebration several days in the making. fans have been anticipating it since monday night's buzzer beating win against north carolina. and here's a look at the winning team as they arrived back home on tuesday. crowds filled with students and fans packed the stadium to welcome home their national champs. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. today, the city will honor the wildcats for that accomplishment and for making philadelphia proud. here's a look at the parade route that stretches five blocks, parade starts at 1:00 at 20th and market. from there it will go through center city and end at dilworth park in front of city hall. skyforce 10 was over the regional rail station at villanova's campus just more than an hour ago and you can see the long lines of fans waiting to board the train. we have live team coverage on
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the ground, in the air and we'll have you get to center city for the parade if you want to do that so you don't miss any of the action. let's begin with nbc 10's monique braxton live in center city. monique. >> reporter: hey, tracy. first of all i should tell you it is raining lightly here in center city. but a few students, parents and even young children have begun arriving here. let me show you who's also here, the vendors are on the street corners selling the pennants, selling t-shirts and a few other items with villanova spread all over it. now, just down market street toward 20th you see the line of police cars. that is the starting point for the parade. and let me show you how some students are beginning to line the streets. barricades have now been up for about two hours. and just to the left as the folks crossing the streets you can see where people have begun to assemble at dilworth plaza. that is the starting point. yes, today the city of brotherly
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love is throwing a pep rally for the wildcats after the parade. now, this was the scene when the basketball team arrived back in town after winning the coveted ncaa championship game against north carolina earlier this week. skyforce 10 captured the staging being erected. and in just a few hours the team, athletic officials, university's marching band and cheerleaders will step off at 20th and market then march about five blocks towards city hall. villanova's paying an estimated $22,000 for the parade, which will cover police, ems staffing as well as cleanup. and the city is kicking in $6,500 for the barriers along the parade route and the sound system for the party. everyone is so excited, which is just an understatement because it has been eight years since any sports team has been
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celebrated in philadelphia. and that's when the phillies won the world championship. i'll be back in 30 minutes. and i'm going to try to talk to some of the people that are now beginning to gather along the parade route. live in center city, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> look forward to it, monique. thanks. villanova's victory parade is having a big impact on traffic in and around center city. let's check with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. check on the schuylkill expressway first and then tell us about center city. >> we have a lot to talk about today. a lot of majors doing okay right now. it is a light friday morning, but a little problem on the schuylkill expressway around belmont, disabled vehicle was over in the left hand lane here around belmont avenue. now it's over into the shoulder, so it's not becoming as much of a nuisance. that delay starting to lighten. but that villanova parade really starting to jam things up in center city because those closures went into effect a few moments ago. beginning at 1:00 p.m. is when the parade starts. it starts on 20th and market street and will end after
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heading eastbound to dilworth park. watch for closures on market between 15th and 23rd and on 15th between jfk boulevard and chestnut street. now, those closures will resume on a rolling basis. as the parade moves through, they will try to open up those roads as quickly as possible. also watch for no parking signs. they went into effect at 6:00 this morning and will remain in effect until about 5:00 p.m. that's between market street and 15 9 and 23rd, the streets we just named. and 15th street between jfk boulevard and chestnut street. there also is an effect on mass transit. some changes there. extra trains for septa on the market/frankford and buses will be detoured until 10:30, of course that's already past until 6:00 p.m. check with septa's website for a list of those buses, tracy. >> jessica, thanks. let's take you to skyforce 10 again. this is over villanova university as they are loading up the buses and headed to that parade in center city.
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and we just talked with monique braxton, she was talking about the light rain falling in center city. let's find out what's to come in the next couple of hours. the parade starts at 1:00. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley is here with that. bill. >> tracy, those showers are on the move. they are light. you can see a few rain drops -- well, a moment ago you could see a few rain drops. they've already dried out. you see some breaks of sunshine to the west of the city. 45 degrees, but look at the wind. gusting to 37 miles an hour right now in northeast philadelphia. 35-mile-an-hour wind gusts, very strong winds to start with blowing these showers right through the area. very light showers in center city. won't last much longer. and little steadier in warrington and buckingham and bucks county. those are on the move. the showers won't last. at noontime some scattered light showers mainly to the north and to the east. by 1:00 parade time it's drying out in the city. still some scattered showers in new jersey. by this afternoon those showers are out of the picture completely. the cold though this is what it
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feels like right now in center city. bundle up if you're going to the game. those gusty winds will stay with us. the hour by hour forecast calling for winds of 21 miles an hour with higher gusts, 48 degrees at 1:00 this afternoon for parade time. a little bit warmer but still plenty of wind at 4:00 today. tomorrow, colder and i'm tracking snow. got the seven-day forecast just ahead. snow? all right, bill, thanks. hey, if you're not going to the parade, can't see it in person? no worries. we have you covered here on nbc 10. we'll also be live streaming it on and the nbc 10 app. all the fun starts at 1:00 this afternoon. now to breaking news out of texas. authorities say two people are dead in what appears to be a murder-suicide at an air force base. this is video from joint base san antonio lackland. police say two bodies were found inside a room in the building at the base. it's believed the shooter is among the dead. we'll keep you posted on air and on our nbc 10 app.
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skyforce 10 was over a school bus accident in montgomery county about an hour ago. the bus collided with a couple of cars on the schuylkill-conshohocken curve. montgomery county officials say medics are evaluating everyone but we're hearing everybody on board appears to be okay. two people are dead, two more are hurt after an early morning crash in south philadelphia. the accident was caught on camera. nbc 10's deanna durante shows us that video and the wreckage left behind. >> reporter: four people inside this car here that came to a crash at south columbus boulevard near oregon avenue around 2:00 this morning. there were two people in the back, a man and a woman, they were killed according to police. the two people in the front of the car, a female driver and her female passenger both being treated at local hospitals this morning. we did obtain some dash cam video of what happened in the moments before this crash. take a look. you can see a car is heading south on columbus boulevard. the witness who shot this video
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tells us that he could hear something that sounded like the car hit maybe a bump or that center median there before the car came across the lanes of traffic coming up on to the sidewalk, hitting the corner of this building and then resting here on the sidewalk along columbus boulevard. >> when i pulled up, the driver was laying across the front. the taxi cab driver stopped immediately after me. actually, i was stopped and out of the car by the time he pulled up. he actually took her out of the car, the driver. >> the taxi cab driver took her out of the car? >> right. >> reporter: city inspectors have taken a look at this building. it's a pea coat facility making sure it was safe for people to return to work here. we can tell you accident scene investigators have been on scene all night long trying to figure out exactly what led to this crash. the two women in the front of the car both being treated at local hospitals. and investigative sources tell us it appears that the 23-year-old driver of the car did not have a valid license. in south philadelphia, deanna durante, nbc 10 news.
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philadelphia police have one person in custody following a deadly shooting in the city's wynnfield section. police say a gunman opened fire in a parking lot behind a bar just before 11:00 last night. the 28-year-old man was hit in the shoulder. he died. a second victim was hit by a stray bullet while walking into the bar. he is in stable condition. a picture of a beer pong game is creating controversy on social media. and a group of new jersey students is to blame. this picture was posted to snapchat. it shows a group of princeton high school students playing a game called jews versus nazis beer pong. according to the princeton planet, several of the underage students have been identified. one is the son of a school district employee. the superintendent of the princeton public school sent us a statement which reads in part, i am deeply upset that some of our students chose to engage in a drinking game with clearly anti-semitic overtones. an incident such as this forces
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us to take a hard look at our efforts in educating our children. this morning sources are telling nbc 10 that a changing of the guard is in the works at the philadelphia fire department. according to multiple reports mayor jim kenney will name adam thiel to replace the current chief. kenney told nbc 10 he has no comment until an official announcement is made. thiel is currently the deputy secretary of virginia's homeland security and veterans affairs department. before that job he served as fire chief in alexandria, virginia. the current commissioner, derek sawyer, was appointed by former mayor in june 2014. he was one of three candidates mayor kenney was considering to run the department. new york state of mind, the democrats take manhattan this morning as bernie sanders tries to clear up the qualification question. and hillary laughs off what she calls a gop wish that won't come true. and party in center city. philadelphia is hosting a parade in less than two hours now for the national champions of
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college basketball. live look from skyforce 10 as fans of villanova wildcats wait for the festivities to begin. few rain drops in center city right now for that growing crowd, but they'll be done by parade time. the weekend is a different story. i'm tracking rain and snow for saturday. seven-day forecast is just ahead. when you want itchy, watery eyes and sneezes out of the picture, you go to walgreens for flonase allergy relief-
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skyforce 10 is live over
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center city. dilworth park, ahead of today's victory parade. fans will cheer on their villanova wildcats as the basketball team parade goes down market street. we will have live team coverage in the air and on the ground live at 11:30. now to decision 2016 just a week and a half away from the new york primary both democratic candidates appeared on the "today" show this morning. bernie sanders held a town hall on the plaza outside 30 rock, while talking to the crowd he backed away from an earlier suggestion that hillary clinton is not qualified to be president. >> on her worst day she would be an an infi nitly ---in fin nitly better president. >> he wants to focus on issues impacting american people like equal pay for women and gun control. and on the "today" show this morning matt lauer interviewed
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hillary clinton. told him privately they hope clinton will be taken out of the election in coming months. they hope she'll be indicted over her use of a private e-mail server while serving as secretary of state. clinton responded to that suggestion. >> matt, i know that they live in that world of fantasy and hope because they've got a mess on their hands on the republican side. that is not going to happen. there is not even the remotest chance it's going to happen. >> clinton calls the ongoing investigation a security review that is conducted in the government all the time. legal experts agree that criminal charges are unlikely. this morning bill clinton rallied support for his wife in eerie. the former president spoke to penn state students at a satellite campus there. clinton and sanders are trying to sway voters ahead of the pennsylvania primary a little more than two weeks from today. republican presidential front-runner donald trump is laying out a new strategy. it comes as trump prepares for the possibility of a contested convention. trump's campaign says it's adding new top staffers
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following trump's weak showing in the wisconsin primary. polls show trump with a sizable lead in new york. that primary is on april 19th. but he's taking nothing for granted. canceling a trip to california and skipping colorado to focus on his home state. rivals ted cruz and john kasich are looking to peel away delegates from trump in new york and elsewhere. and you can keep track of decision 2016 news with our free nbc 10 app. you can read up on all the candidates plus see an updated delegate count. we'll also send you straight from the campaign trail as it happens. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> getting ready to head out for the parade, you'll have to bundle up. we've got strong, gusty winds that are moving through the area that will continue into this afternoon. and blowing some showers through the area. i'm tracking some very light showers, they're on the move. they're not going to last through the day. the gusty winds will stay with us. and that's going to give us windchills in the 30s during the early afternoon.
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this weekend turns even colder. we're looking at rain and snow for parts of the area on saturday. 41 in reading. the wet weather has already exited reading. but philadelphia international reporting some scattered light rain showers and 46 degrees. and cape may is mostly cloudy. you can see the clouds are starting to break. this is the view from here at the nbc 10 studios. look at the flag blowing in that steady wind. the temperatures slowly climbing. the winds have been also climbing increasing now 29-mile-an-hour steady winds at northeast philadelphia airport. that's giving us windchills that really haven't changed so much so far today. 24 is what it feels like in reading. 40 now the windchill for philadelphia and northeast philadelphia. but head into new jersey doesn't look much warmer even at the shore wildwood is 41 degrees and feels like 39 in wilmington. there go the showers, not much left of them. just a few sprinkles right now moving into burlington county, lower bucks county seeing some of that activity.
11:19 am
we will be drying during the day and warming a little bit. upper 40s for quakertown and allentown and near 50 degrees in reading. very low 50s for trenton and mt. holly and norristown. with the gusty winds it's going to feel colder than that. may see an isolated shower at the shore during the early afternoon, but then partly to mostly cloudy skies and very low 50s for vineland, cape may and dover. not a big warmup for philadelphia either especially with that wind. low 50s for west chester and drexel hill. 53 in wilmington and philadelphia. and the weekend, yes, rain and snow moving through these are going to be nuisance showers. look at temperatures they stay above freezing. so if we get any snow accumulation, it will be on the grassy surfaces and mainly north and west of the city. and sunshine will get rid of anything that's on the ground on sunday after a cold morning. it will be frozen solid sunday morning. 50 sunday afternoon. there is a chance of showers as it turns warmer on monday. and a better chance of rain coming in tuesday. and that will cool things down
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for tuesday afternoon just 56 degrees. but we'll be drying out on wednesday and up to 60 on thursday. >> bill, thanks. v for villanova, v for victory and today it's p for parade. live look from skyforce 10 over center city philadelphia over market street where the parade will march down. fans are gathered to celebrate the wildcats' big win monday night and live coverage of the parade of champions continues just ahead. and then later, oh, dear. a lot more than just chipped polish at this nail salon. details on the intruder who crashed his way through the store.
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april is national autism awareness month. and tomorrow you'll have a chance to learn more about the condition that is often misdiagnosed and misunderstood. philadelphia city councilman at large derek green is hosting a special autism awareness community open house along with the organization james' voice. he is here along with the founder of jayden's voice. >> thank you for the opportunity. >> tell us about the event tomorrow. >> tomorrow is an open house working with my good friend of course. and april is autism awareness month, hence the color blue i'm wearing. not just for villanova, double duty. but a great opportunity to open up a new office for terry matthews and have the community come and learn about the resources her office provides
11:24 am
and get more information about autism, which is a real interesting learning difference, not disability but difference. >> and you have a connection to autism yourself. >> yes, my son was diagnosed around 2. and so when julian was diagnosed, one out of every 200 children were diagnosed with autism. now one out of every 68 children are diagnosed with autism. so really growing challenge in the community. and families like mine and also like te ri's having a child with autism is a challenge but also a blessing as well. >> tell us about your son also diagnosed with autism. >> jayden is now 9 years old. he was diagnosed when he was 3. he was nonverbal for a while. he has some language and communication now, but it took a lot, a lot of appropriate, intense therapy. and we had resources that most families don't, hence why we started the program so we can provide resources to the community who can't access them more readily. >> tell us about the resources available but sometimes hard to connect parents because they might not know once the diagnosis happens i'm sure it's scary and overwhelming and not
11:25 am
knowing where to turn, where you can get enough help to your 9-year-old's point right now, right? >> absolutely. so the challenge sometimes is just getting the diagnosis. that's one issue, right? and then once parents are able to get a diagnosis, what are the next steps? i mean, autism can be very complex and a maze and not sure where to get services. and sometimes services are everywhere, not all in one area. so we spend a lot of time in our advocacy group making sure we can navigate parents through the system, connect them to the appropriate resources and make sure they can connect their child and the families be the very best they can be. >> i want to tell our viewers again the details about the open house. it's an autism awareness community open house happening tomorrow from noon to 3:00 at jaden's voice new west philadelphia office on 5548 chestnut street. congratulations. free, open to everyone. you can find more information on or check out the nbc 10 app. councilman, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for the opportunity ncht we were talking about nova
11:26 am
blue. it's party time for nova nation. it's been a week of celebrations since the wildcats became college basketball national champions. ahead, everything you need to know about today's parade whether you're headed to center city or just watching it live here on nbc 10. and a new vibe on love, sex and marriage curteourtesy of po francis. addresses the issue of remarried catholics and communion. vo: president obama endorses
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katie mcginty for u.s. senate, calling her "a champion for working families." the 9th of 10 kids, her dad's union pension and social security made all the difference. in pennsylvania, mcginty helped implement obamacare and expand coverage. trump and toomey have attacked obamacare and social security. to fight back, president obama wants mcginty in the senate to protect women, families and seniors. vote in the democratic primary, april 26th. mcginty: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message. sic) (group) surprise! oh my goodness! happy birthday! oh, you. (laughing) this was a wonderful surprise. you know, at our age, not all surprises can be this good. you're not kidding. (female #1) remember peggy's surprise
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(soft music) ♪ (colonial penn jingle) this is nbc 10 news. philadelphia's getting set for the parade of champions. celebrating the villanova wildcats' big win in the ncaa tournament. this is a live look at the university on the main line, the campus there as fans and students are still making their way to center city for today's parade.
11:30 am
big event. [ cheers and applause ] it's so fun to keep watching that all week long. fans have been celebrating all week began with monday night with the nova's buzzer-beating win over north carolina. the excitement picked up even more on tuesday when the team arrived back on campus. crowds of nova students and fans filled the stadium on campus to welcome home their national champs. now, here's a look at the parade route. parade starts at 1:00 today, stretches for five blocks, starts at 20th and market, from there it will go through center city, end at dilworth park right in front of city hall. we have live team coverage on the ground and in the air and we'll help you get to center city to the parade so you don't miss any action. let's begin with nbc 10's monique braxton live on market street. >> reporter: hey, tracy. i have been joined by hundreds of my closest friends. you can see they are revved up.
11:31 am
nova nation is in high gear today. they cannot be stopped. they have won the coveted ncaa championship. and watch them cheer. if you look further down market street, you can see that there are a few hundred people that are beginning to gather along the barricades. and then further up you see folks beginning to gather at dilworth. that is where the parade will end. and that's where the super-spirited pep crowd will then rally for their team. moments ago we spoke to students and alumni. >> i met my wife there. and so we watched every game from pittsburgh this year. and we felt like we'd come out and support the team by coming to the parade and showing the kids philadelphia and liberty bell and some other things. >> i called my boss right away and said i need the day off. she said, go, have a good time. our son also graduated from villanova. he's on his way here with his wife and two kids. and my grandson loves -- so i
11:32 am
made posters and everything. we are set for nova nation. >> i'm very excited. it's obviously a great thing that the city of philadelphia is supporting villanova. i'm very excited. >> reporter: so this was the scene when the basketball team arrived back in town after winning the ncaa championship game against north carolina earlier this week. and just a few hours we'll see the team, athletic officials, university's marching band and cheerleaders come east on market street. villanova and the city are paying more than $28,000 for the parade, which will cover police, ems staffing, sound system as well as cleanup. this is a great big deal here in philadelphia because the last time the city applauded a sports team was when the phillies won the world series in the fall of 2008. and right now we're showing you where the parade will start. you see the traffic is still
11:33 am
being allowed through on 17th street, but in just a short while that is also going to be stopped as the parade proceeds east towards dilworth plaza. no doubt we're going to be here to bring it all to you live. you've got a front row seat, reservations already made in your own living room on nbc 10. live for now in center city, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> you are exactly right, monique. thanks. our live team coverage continues now with nbc 10's lauren mayk. she's at city hall where the parade will end. lauren. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, tracy. the crowd is growing out here as you can probably see behind me. they are sort of taking over my spot. you don't really need to see me. let me get out of the way and let you see them because they are so excited. and as you just mentioned this is where the parade will end up. this will sort of be the culmination of everything right outside city hall here. preparations have been underway
11:34 am
here for that. and let me show you over there you can see the stage. this is where the players will be ending up here today. we'll be hearing from the mayor. we will be hearing from the president of the university as well as the lieutenant governor who's going to be here. and then of course we're going to hear from coach jay wright. and we're going to hear from some of the players themselves who are all going to be taking the stage over there. oh, i'm getting caught -- taking the stage over there and having some things to stay to the crowd. obviously this crowd has something to say to them. are you guys excited? [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: they are pretty excited, as you can tell. you may notice that there are quite a few kids out here. now, unless you go to villanova, it is a school day. i see some folks who may be parents over here. who let their kids out of school
11:35 am
today? >> i did. >> reporter: why did you do that? >> it's a once in a lifetime opportunity and we're villanova season ticketholders. my kids go to so many games, we absolutely had to take this opportunity. >> reporter: you wanted to be here for this? >> absolutely. >> reporter: i noticed she was painting some faces earlier today as well. so they've got some extra spirit. again, this is where it will all end up, the culmination, the team, everyone very excited here. live in center city, lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. tracy, back to you. >> lauren, that's a lot of excitement. we're still an hour and a half away from the parade. monique had shown us some of the road closures already in effect. let's check with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. jessica, what are you seeing out there? tell us how to get around. >> well, okay, so we're going to start on the vine street expressway right now. we have no backups here, and there are no ramp closures on the vine. but it was put out there to avoid getting off around the 15th street and broad street exits because exiting on those areas a lot of road closures
11:36 am
around those areas so you'll see big delays there. otherwise the vine street expressway looks just fine. now, to the real closures rk of course the parade begins at 1:00 p.m. on 20th and market street and heads eastbound towards dilworth park. we'll see delays there, but watch for delays on market between 15th and 23rd. and on 15th between jfk boulevard and chestnut street. those will resume on a rolling basis as the parade moves on through they will open back up in time. now, watch for those no parking signs also. that went into effect at 6:00 a.m. and will be in effect until 5:00 p.m. so don't park in those areas. you will be towed on market street and 15th street. you want to look for those signs. also some mass transit changes to watch out for. providing extra trains for septa, so we have extra passengers to get on the northtown high speed line, market/frankford, broad street line, regional rail running every 30 minutes and detours for septa buses that travel around the area of the parade route have been detoured since 10:30 this morning and still will be until about 6:00 p.m. here's a list of some of those
11:37 am
bus routes. you can check with septa's website for more information. >> jessica, thanks for that. now another live look from skyforce 10 as we see the caravan of buses carrying the team, students and other school officials making their way into center city from villanova on the schuylkill expressway right now. reminds me of the shot that we followed the team buses when they came back on tuesday from the airport to the campus. but that's the team, other school officials and students making their way to center city for the parade. now, we were just with lauren mayk where the parade will end outside city hall. and, bill henley, she had gloves on. >> it is windy, it is cold. and no one in center city cares. >> that's true. >> everybody's excited. just like the morning after the win we had snow falling, but it didn't seem to matter all that much. the wind has been very strong. it's blowing some clouds past boathouse row. so now we're getting some sunshine. there's still a few clouds that are going to be moving into the area today. this is a satellite imagery. you can see the first round of showers that have moved through.
11:38 am
there's another batch of clouds moving through chester county with another shower. the showers that just moved through center city are now in burlington county. very light, just a sprinkle is possible. by the time the parade starts it's done. this is snow north and west. we will not see that. not today anyway. tomorrow's a different story. this snow and rain will be here for much of the day tomorrow, at least the chance of some scattered snow showers and rain showers. but that's tomorrow. for today for the parade 1:00, 48 degrees, but the wind will still be strong at 21 miles an hour with gusts above 30 miles an hour. so bundle up if you're going to the parade. and still windy this afternoon at 4:00 when we hit 52 degrees. all right, bill, thanks. and if you can't make it to the villanova victory parade in person, no worries, we've got you covered. you can watch it right here on nbc 10. we'll also be live streaming it on the website and on the nbc 10 app. all the fun starts at 1:00 this afternoon. well, the cleanup is
11:39 am
underway in northampton county after heavy wind gusts blue through the area. in easton the wind ripped the roof off of an apartment complex and peeled siding off of homes. some trees even came down. no reports of any injuries. in chester county the storm uprooted a tree outside an elementary school. and this is what's left of the mangled scoreboard next to the school's track. there's the tree. we'll wait for the scoreboard. there you go. first alert meteorologist bill henley says winds won't be as strong today. well, the pope's much-anticipated document on family life is out called "the joy of love." it is classic pope francis folksy calling for mercy and compassion but upholding basic catholic teaching. nbc's anne thompson has more. >> reporter: whether it is blessing an ohio girl slowly going blind, or today's massive -- this week the challenges of families are at
11:40 am
the top of pope francis' agenda. in the joy of love the pope acknowledges what long married couples know, sexual desire will change. there is no guarantee that we will feel the same way all through life, he writes. and tells couples to renew their devotion over the decades. that kind of plain spoken advice is peppered throughout the 260-page document putting on paper the kind of personal touch that is a hallmark of francis' papacy. what's not here any change in church teaching on the hot button issue of divorce and remarriage. he writes divorced and remarried catholics should not feel excommunicated and should be able to live and grow in the church. francis does not say they can receive communion, an omission that may disappoint some. on the issue of gays and lesbians, he urges respect and compassion but little more. and from the pope some surprising parenting advice, endorsing sex education at a time when he says sexuality is
11:41 am
too often and comes down on helicopter parents saying obsession is not education telling them to back off so their kids can learn to face challenges. the pope admits no family is perfect, but it is worth striving for that ideal. >> that was nbc's anne thompson reporting. well, wildcats all the way. philadelphia celebrating villanova's victory in style today. here is a live look at a caravan of buses that have come from villanova university on the main line. making their way on the schuylkill expressway. headed to center city where the parade starts at 1:00 this afternoon. our live team coverage of the center city celebration continues. guarantee they have the heat on on those buses. and you'll need the heat this weekend. cold as it is today with the wind it gets even colder for saturday and sunday. and, yes, i'm tracking rain and snow. we'll take a closer look at what you can expect when i come back with the seven-day forecast.
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take a look at this. look at this video. a deer crashed through the front window of a nail salon in hartford, connecticut. the security video shows that at the moment it happened it actually took a few seconds for the stunned staff and clients to sort of grasp what happened. the deer struggled to get up before running through the salon and eventually leaving. no one was hurt, but this turned a day of a nail salon to a real nail biter. sorry about that. a philadelphia police officer ambushed on the job will
11:45 am
throw out the first pitch at the phillies home opener. officer jesse hartnett was shot three times in the arm during an ambush attack in january. he's had several surgeries since then but is still recovering. here's a live look from citizens bank park where on monday officer hartnett will take the mound ahead of the phillies home opener against the san diego padres. and if you can't make it to the home opener, nbc 10 has you covered. catch our pregame special at 2:00 followed by first pitch at 3:00 all right here on nbc 10. and here's another live look from skyforce 10 as we continue to follow that caravan of buses carrying the team, some students and other school officials from villanova making their way into center city. they're now within the city limits. and they're making their way to that parade which begins at 1:00 this afternoon. we have you covered full team coverage on air and on our nbc 10 app. today a new exhibit debuts
11:46 am
at the adventure aquarium in camden. it's a walk on the wild side. take a look at how wild. this is the aquarium's new shark bridge. nbc 10 got a sneak peek at just how close visitors will be if they dare to check out the sharks. >> this is a suspended rope bridge, so they are right underneath of you. there is no glass that's covering the top of the exhibit, so all the guests are going to be walking right over those sharks. you can see the sharks. we have about 30 sharks in this exhibit. >> wait a minute, it's a rope bridge? wait, i'm not sure -- you can tap the nbc 10 app or log onto for a link to the adventure aquarium's website and full information on the new shark bridge. well, do you have what it takes to protect and serve the community in which you live? a career in law enforcement could be just what you're looking for. and there are jobs out there. the philadelphia police department is one of several agencies looking for a few good men and women to join the force. officer diane cortez and kent scott are here to tell us more.
11:47 am
thanks for being here. >> thanks for having us. >> tell us the kind of person that you're looking for. >> we're looking for a qualified applicants that are interested in a career in law enforcement and wanting to serve the community. >> yeah. and what kind of personality? >> need sympathetic individual, energetic, willing to serve. >> uh-huh. and there's a big push to get women and minorities to become officers, to more accurately reflect the communities in which they serve. tell us about that. >> that's correct. we're looking for applicants from all over, particularly minorities being this is a diversity career fair to better serve in the communities that we serve every day. >> yeah. and what's the biggest misconception about people who decide to pursue careers in law enforcement? >> wow -- >> well, i'll tell you what, i think that some people think that you all are very, very tough, which you are. but it's so interesting that you just said, you know, you have to be -- i'm guessing, compassionate, and a good
11:48 am
listener, and be able to diffuse situations, right? >> that's right. taking this and having this career we wear different hats to go along with it. so, you know, we try our best to serve the community as best we can. >> tell me about the different hats. >> we have a motherly nature, the teaching nature, we can better serve, like i said, the community. >> and, kenny, what drew you to the job initially? >> this is something that i've always wanted to pursue. i was a little child. >> really? >> i just kind of followed right on through. and here i am today. >> and how about you? >> this is something i always wanted to do. >> so you both when you were younger said i'm going to be a police officer? >> yes. >> yes. >> and you always dressed up like that for halloween, right? [ laughter ] thank you so much for what you do and thank you for being here and explaining this. i want to give our viewers more information on the philadelphia police department recruiting
11:49 am
unit sponsoring tomorrow's law enforcement career fair at bright hope baptist church on north 12th street in philadelphia from 10:00 to 2:00. you can get more details by calling the number 215-683-cops, or you can go to, or check out the nbc 10 app. officer cortes, officer scott, thank you so much for being here. >> thanks for having us. >> we appreciate it. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> a chilly day today. and the winds have been so strong, blowing clouds past the city. it's a live view from the adventure aquarium. we have seen a few scattered light showers. they're going to be out of the picture for this afternoon. 46 degrees right now with winds gusting to 35 miles an hour at philadelphia international. you can see the clouds. this is the view from the loews hotel in center city. blue skies starting to peek through after those thicker rain producing clouds have moved through. the showers now over burlington county. and there's one more patch moving into chester county, heading for delaware county, parts of philadelphia will see
11:50 am
these very light rain drops. first thing right around noontime. and then they're out of here. and snow showers to the north will stay to the north today. but over the weekend this is going to cause some problems on saturday. it's going to be snow and rain in the area. and it will arrive tomorrow morning. this afternoon at 5:00, 52 degrees, the winds will still be blowing. and that's colder air riding in on those winds by 11:00 down to 43 degrees. the 30s north and west. by tomorrow morning at 7:00 we'll be tracking some light snow showers and rain. but the key to this system is the temperatures which will be above freezing that will really limit accumulation to grassy surfaces, some colder surfaces like cars sitting out overnight could see some accumulation. while it's mainly rain in delaware and south jersey to begin with, at 10:00 heavier downpour activity in new jersey while there's still snow coming down north and west. but it's still above freezing. so it's one -- going to be one of those events where snow will
11:51 am
be coming down for much of the day north and west, but it will be melting as it hits the roadway. 1:00 in the afternoon, 39 degrees in philadelphia, then late in the afternoon, the evening that snow will finally taper off north and west. and that's when the colder air starts moving in. so the cold arrives after the snow and rain. now, if those temperatures come down a little bit more, we will wind up with more snow. that's something to keep an eye on for tonight and tomorrow. sheena parveen will have more on that this afternoon. but at this time the grassy accumulation north and west of one to two inches possible, an inch or less for philadelphia in through new jersey and delaware too. and then farther to the south it's mainly going to be rain, so no snow accumulation there. today, partly sunny, windy into the 50s, but just barely into the 50s this afternoon with winds gusting to 40 miles an hour. here comes the wet weather for saturday, 34 in the morning, 40 in the afternoon. so we'll see the temperatures rise during the day tomorrow in spite of the rain and snow. and then it all clears out for
11:52 am
sunday. very cold sunday morning. and the wind will be blowing to make it feel like it's in the teens, 50 with less winds in the afternoon on sunday. a chance of showers and warmer on monday, a high of 63 degrees. that may affect the home opener. we'll be watching that one closely too. a better chance of rain on tuesday, then we finally clear out wednesday and thursday. we'll be right back.
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11:55 am
well, it will soon be a little less expensive to mail a letter. for the first time in 97 years the price of a stamp is going down this weekend. a temporary rate increase granted the u.s. postal service in 2014 expires on sunday. a regular stamp will cost 47 cents, which is down from 49 cents. and you're getting closer to the victory parade. philadelphia will secelebrate t national champion villanova wildcats in a little more than an hour from now. skyforce 10 has been following the team, a caravan of buses that have made their way from the main line from the campus there and right now the caravan of buses is on the schuylkill expressway passing spring garden headed to the start point of the parade. crowds of fans are already lining the streets market streets in center city. parade will start at 20th and market at 1:00. it will end at dilworth park in front of city hall. that's where we find these die
11:56 am
hards really excited. if you can't be there for the parade, no worries. you can watch live coverage of the villanova victory parade right here on nbc 10. we will also be live streaming the parade on and the nbc 10 app. all of it starts at 1:00 this afternoon. they're excited but it is chilly. >> it is chilly. the winds have been strong and they're going to stay with us through the afternoon. not a big warmup even though it looks nice or sunny, looks like a beautiful day. actually, it is not a bad spring day, but you have to bundle up if you're going to spend some time outside to enjoy the parade. the wind gusts have been impressive and i think the wind is moving faster than those buses coming from villanova. so 35-mile-an-hour wind in northeast philadelphia, blowing the clouds through the area. there's still a couple sprinkles out there, brief shower and you can see one that's just starting to fall apart as it exits chester county and into delaware county. so i don't think rain is a threat, but cold is for the parade. >> bundle up. all right. thanks, bill.
11:57 am
thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm tracy davidson. for bill henley and all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day. join us at 1:00 for our live team coverage of the parade.
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