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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  April 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, springtime snow for the saturday. you're looking live at the first alert system showing the wintry mix moving into the area starting tomorrow morning.
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good evening, everyone. >> temperatures will be a big factor for accumulating snow. let's get to meteorologist sheena parveen tracking the system. sheena, first the snow and then the freeze. >> yes. we have a lot of stuff going on this weekend. rain 'snow mix moving in tomorrow. here's a look at the radar. locally dry and moving in to western p.a. and then we get a 20-degree temperatures by sunday morning so it is moving in this direction. it's a clipper system so it dropped down from canada. there you see it spinning. it's not too organized so you see some scattered rain and snow showers here into tomorrow morning. we'll see that all approaching the area. temperatures mostly still above freezing and by tomorrow morning, everyone in the 30s once it moves in. mid to upper 30s lehigh valley. 32 in millville. by early tomorrow, we'll be watching the temperatures and the timing of the precip because if it moves in early enough, some of this has a potential to
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stick through the lehigh valley. here's 9:00 in the morning. temperatures mid-30s in the lehigh valley. if it moves in at this time, it would mostly be snow north and west of philadelphia. rain to the east and then not sticking because temperatures too warm. by noon tomorrow, we could still see this continuing. computer models consistent with the timing of this storm system. rain and snow through the area. this would be wet snow and even a rain/snow mix and you notice it's spotty through the afternoon hours. some areas in the 40s. some areas still in the mid-30s but we'll be watching the temperatures closely coming up talking about any accumulations to expect and freeze warning sunday. those details straight ahead. >> all right. you can keep track of the snow tomorrow with the nbc 10 app. you can get alerts sent to the phone, plus check out our live radar. and get the latest forecast of sheena and the rest of the first alert weather team. new at 1:00, a plea of
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police tonight. investigators asking for your help tracking down a possible kidnapper this morning in north philadelphia. here's a look at the man and the car police are looking for. witnesses say a man forced a woman into the car and then took off. the car in question is a green toyota kamari with a partial pennsylvania tag kbl 137. if you have any information about the man or the car, police want the hear from you. also new at 11:00, a shoplifter stabs an employee trying to stop him from getting away from a center city store. it all happened tonight near 15th and chestnut streets. a female employee stabbed once in the shoulder blade. two suspects seen running toward the train station. no arrests have been made. today, everybody in philadelphia is a part of the nova nation.
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>> 60,000 people packed the parade route in center city today to celebrate the villanova wildcats and national championship and the end of the parade only meant the start of the afterparty with students and alumni spreading the elation of nova nation around the city. >> nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal live from city hall. that parade cleanup there is almost done? >> reporter: yeah. these barricades are starting to come down and market street is back open to traffic but like you said this party is just not over yet. you head to any bar in center city and realize the celebration likely will go through the weekend. pints of blue tinted beer poured like water from the taps. >> green beer on st. patrick's day. blue for nova victory. >> reporter: huge crowds with tens of thousands celebrating in center city. >> full, line down the street. it was awesome. >> reporter: many villanova alums back in town for the big
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parade. >> our freshman year they made it to the final four and so cool to see them make it all the way. >> i hope it's not another 30 years. >> reporter: the crowds came early from near and far and as the caravan moved down market street, the players now hailed as sports heroes took in the incredible sight. >> i didn't expect this turnout. when it did, it was humbling. >> as the parade grew, we were in amazement of the crowds. >> best fans in the country. >> reporter: far legendary sports town like philadelphia, the championship parades are few and far between. >> we needed something. the eagles and sixers aren't doing it. >> reporter: this is a moment of unity for the city, the main line and the region where lately there just isn't much winning to cheer for. >> people in general from philadelphia came together and celebrated a good event. >> there were parent that is brought the kids and alumni
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encouraged students and everybody came out to celebrate. >> reporter: while the crowds were smaller than the phillies in 2008, sports fans say it was a much-needed shot of both energy and optimism. live in center city, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> you can catch all the best moments from today's parade and relive the action from villanova's road of victory, tap the nbc 10 app. new information tonight in the case of former eagle mccoy. the philadelphia fraternal order of police reaching out to a higher office of the the district attorney decided not to press charges against mccoy for the role in a bar fight. the head of fop sent a letter to the state's attorney general asking the office to investigate the brawl with off duty police officers. two officers were hurt. but on monday, d.a. seth williams said there's no evidence to show it wasn't a case of self defense. legal trouble tonight for sixers star.
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tmz said noel is sued for allegedly causing significant damage to a rental property. the owners of the home noel rented say sports drinks spilled all over the carpets, toilets clogged, alliances broken and marijuana was found all over. they're asking for $75,000 for damages and a fake tombstone  with the letters on the property they believe it was placed there by noel as a death threat. pennsylvania governor tom wolf calling on lawmakers not to hold a vote to pass new abortion restrictions next week. the democrat vowed to veto the measure. wolf says it would give the state the most restrictive abortion regulations in the country. right now, the house is planning a final vote on the bill monday. it would ban selective abortions after 20 weeks instead of the current 24 weeks. if the bill passes the house, it would still need senate approval before making it to the governor's desk. a new jersey proposal to allow women to treat menstrual
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camps with medical marijuana. yesterday several assembly members introduced a bill to loosen the state's me sis nal marijuana law. right now, limited to a list of specific conditions and including terminal cancer. in decision 2016 tonight, the candidates making the push for new york. bernie sanders gave a speech outside the brooklyn apartment building where he grew up today. senator speaking about a movement away from establishment politics. meantime hillary clinton campaigned in rochester where she criticized donald trump. they head to the polls april 19th. today former president bill clinton issued a near apology for the heated exchange with black lives matter protesters in our area yesterday. >> i almost want to apologize for it. i rather vigorously defended my wife as i'm one to do but that doesn't mean i was most effective in answering. >> he was speaking yesterday
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when protesters showed up ho holding signs and prompted clinton to defend his record and a crime bill from his presidency. on the republican side, colorado's looking more like cleveland. the state is currently picking its gop delegates. looking ahead to what a contested convention could look like this summer. this has the ted kruds campaign working to scoop up any unpledged delegate it is side with any candidate at the convention. donald trump hired a fixer to help him with any delegate issues. today was payday in cash-strapped atlantic city and for 950 city employees it will be their only paycheck until next month. the new payroll cycle helping the city stay afloat in the midst of a financial crisis. police, fire and sanitation employees among those who voted on the measure which allows the city to delay its next payroll cycle until may 6th. today a judge temporarily ruled in favor of atlantic city by not freezing the city's assets.
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that buys the city just a little more time. belgian authorities arrested several people in con wex the brussels and paris terror attacks. one of the suspects was mohammed abrini on the run for nearly five months after the paris bombings. officials say he could be the mysterious man in the hat who escaped last month and authorities say they still need further verification. american airlines says it will resume its philadelphia to brussels service as a seasonal flight. starting june 14th. the flight has been suspended since last month's bombing at the brussels airport. to a developing story. now the feds are calling for up to six months in prison for former house speaker dennis hastert when he is sentenced later this month and first time government lawyers confirm the 74-year-old agreed to pay $3.5 million to conceal sex abuse and
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prosecutors say hastert molested at least four boys working as a high school teacher and wrestling coach in the '70s. he's pleaded guilty to breaking banking laws. a group of bald eagles rehabilitated in delaware. these eagles were being treated following an incident that resulted in the deaths of five eagles last month in sussex county. birds were found disoriented on a farm field. u.s. fish and wildlife service agents and local authorities still aren't commenting on what may have caused the deaths. the town of darby, delaware county, about to make history tapping an african-american woman to be its police chief. that's the first for pennsylvania. regina price retired from the rivera beach police department in florida where she spent three decades. price will be sworn in wednesday. an emotional reunion tonight for a south jersey officer who
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saved three lives on three different shifts in less than two weeks. we'll hear from the son of one of the victims who called the officer a definition of a hero. this device is supposed to track your fitness. but in camden, a fitbit may be the reason a man is still alive. how the tracker helped doctors know exactly how to save his life. and imagine getting paid to get enough sleep. the major company giving more money to employees who get more shut eye and what doctors say your boss gains when you're not too tired. sheena, you awake? >> i'm very awake and tracking rain and snow at the same time. so you might consider that good or bad but we have snow moving into western parts of pennsylvania right now and will be here tomorrow morning. i'll show you the timing for the rest of the saturday and freezing temperatures early sunday. that's next. find fantasy shows.
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fodeveloping drugs to fight deadly diseases. as a scientist, i know there's more that washington can do to help families. i'm running for congress to protect planned parenthood funding so more women get cancer screenings and treatment... to pass a ban on fracking in the delaware river basin to preserve our clean water, and to always protect medicare and social security. i'm shaughnessy naughton and i approve this message. all new at 11:00, tears and
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hugs tonight from a south jersey man and the aumpbs who saved his mother. they met for the first time at the police department a few hours ago. nbc 10's drew smith at the meeting in burlington county tonight and he spoke to the officer praised for making three incredible saves over the course of ten days. >> reporter: it's a normal roll call at the start of the night shift except there's a new photo on the wall. brian is officer of the month. and what a month it was. he saved three lives on three separate calls. but before he goes back on patrol, there's an important meeting set up. pete has waited 30 days to give this officer a hand shake and a hug. >> hello. >> this is peter. >> hey. >> you make me cry already, man. >> reporter: march 8th, investigators say his mother attacked by her husband.
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he found her not breathing with no pulse and began cpr and worked for three minutes until he finally saw signs of life. >> because of his commitment to protect and serve, hi mom's alive today. >> reporter: he wrote a letter to thank the department and said words are never enough to show the thanks. >> this award doesn't do justice for what you've done and to see that you saved two other people, that's amazing, amazing. you are the definition of a hero. >> i didn't realize how emotional something like that would be. just because it is a real impact. i was able to make a real impact on somebody's life. when you have an amazing outcome, it is like it's a soft place in my heart that will be there forever. >> reporter: he pulled a crash victim from a pulling car and revived a woman who stopped breathing just days after saving the mother. the officer tells me he was just doing his job. i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> incredible story.
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a fitbit is being credited with helping save a new jersey man's life. according to the journal annuals of emergency man, a taken to the e.r. at our lady of lord's medical center in camden after a seizure. he was suffering from an irregular fast heart beat and doctors used his fitness tracker to check out the heart rate history and helped determine the correct way to treat him. well, it may sound like a dream come true. getting paid to sleep. >> bring it. >> yes. >> there's a company doing just that. etna wants employees to track their sleep and for every 20 nights sleeping 7 hours or more they get $25. and etna ceo says more sleep for the workers means more money for the company and a harvard study found an extra hour of sleep a week increases wages by almost 5% because workers are more productive. >> wow. celebration 40 years in the making tonight in center city.
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african-american museum in philadelphia marked its 40th anniversary at the annual heritage gala. more than 350 business, cultural and political lead earls came out for the party. the museum is the first institution built by a major u.s. city to house and interpret the life and work of african-americans. well, that rain and snow still looks to be on track for tomorrow morning. we have rain and snow showers just moving west of the area into western p.a. so they're approaching now. freezing temperatures also return this weekend. we are talking about sunday morning, a freeze warning is out so feeling and looking like winter across both days this weekend. and then we go into monday and philly's home opener. we do start to warm up finally. lehigh valley, 30s. the only spot at freezing on the map right now is millville, 32
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degrees. everyone will be getting into the 30s pretty much going into tomorrow morning. so there you see this area, spinning off to our west. it's a clipper system and dropped down from canada, moved through chicago an now we are seeing some rain and snow should recalls with it. and it is approaching the area. locally, though, we are dry an moving into parts of western p.a. right now and see the cloud cover in the area. more than what we had earlier today and the snow inches closer and by early tomorrow, some of you seeing snow showers. take a look at the timing here. computer models pretty consistent on the timing which is nice. we like to see that because it's a little more accurate through the morning hours for the saturday. things are not looking to be changing too much. 9:00 a.m. saturday morning, snow should recalls west and possibly south of philadelphia. that would be wet snow. south jersey seeing mostly rain and then by the middle of the rain, rain and snow showers and then the afternoon, 4:00 p.m.,
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we could see rain and know showers in new jersey and even delaware as the whole thing starts to move away and then we get colder sunday morning. here's the freeze warning. into sunday morning. temperatures into the 20s. so it's another one of the mornings to cover the sensitive plants or bring them in. mostly grassy accumulation tomorrow and then could stick early and watching that closely. less than an inch in new jersey and delaware. 1 to 2 farther off to the west. this is the wet type of snow and even mixing in with rain and expect it would be hard tore accumulate. tonight, though, cloudy and cold temperatures. about the upper 30s, philadelphia. freezing north and west. tomorrow, rain and snow should recalls. windy and cold. we are in the 20s sunday morning, topping out in the upper 40s. a windy cold end of the weekend and look at monday, 60 degrees finally. i'm marshall harris.
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villano villanova's coach is now a hot commodity. allen iverson, he's talking about the upcoming induction, next. ♪
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hello. the nova wildcats and the fans continue to celebrate. today, a parade through center city. thousands of fans turning out to cheer on the cats but will the team's success lead to jay wright's departure in nba teams rumored to be interested but he said he's happy where he is. >> one of the things that
11:25 pm
happens is we talk to these nba general managers all the time. i mean, when you are in the business this long, you know all the guys talking about the players, when's going to come out in the draft so that's sometimes i think what people get a hold of and say you're offered a job and you are not so i want to be at villanova next year. >> tonight allen iverson made a first public appearance in philadelphia since becoming a basketball hall of fame inductee. and the emotions are already on full display. >> i'm up here getting emotional with you guys from this. so imagine what it's going to be when that day comes. all i want is the people that love and care about allen iverson to feel good about that day. >> even in retirement, a.i. always ready to hear it from the fans. sixers hosting the knicks. ish smith always ready to find
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noel. sixers down 3 at the break. down 2 late. grnt's big brother puts the knicks up 104-100. sixers lose 109-102. flyers down to the last two games when both and end in the playoffs no matter what anyone else does. you can see the game tomorrow at 3:00 here on nbc 10. phillies and mets at a chilly citi field. mets up 2-1. a rbi double to mike am comparto. phillies searching for win number one on the season and mets cruise 7-2. jordan speith leads at the masters. that's sports. we'll be right back.
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ceremonial log splitting to kick off the return of the philadelphia furniture show. nbc 10 at the 23rd street armory tonight. the show opens tomorrow at 10:00 in the morning and runs through sunday and visitors check out the work of dozens of woodworkers, weavers, potters and photographers. whoa. these people are talented. >> love a good rocking chair. >> yes. >> i really do. i really do, actually. >> next week outside on the porch. >> hopefully. around 60 degrees in time for philly's home opener. before we get that, yes, we still have the wintry mix in the forecast tomorrow. rain and snow in the morning and then we into sunday. all that rain and snow cleared by saturday morning and then sunday in the 20s in the morning so we'll be watching for any icy spots on the roadways. sunday afternoon, windy and cold and a cold weekend. it feels like winter and look like winter tomorrow and then for monday for the home opener
11:31 pm
around 60 degrees looking pretty nice and then going to be rainy tuesday. could see a shower monday and updating the forecast. >> i say hibernate all weekend. >> i was thinking that. >> until the home opener monday for the phillies. >> there you go. >> good night. in the last eight years, the fracking industry has spent over $40 million dollars
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