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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 5am  NBC  April 9, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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right now on "nbc 10 news today" we're tracking some spring snow. you can see it right here on this first alert radar. outside it's not feeling like spring. some parts of our area will see snowfall others will get a wintry mix. also we're live on the scene of breaking news in philadelphia where police have recovered a body from the schuylkill river after a car crashed into the water in the early morning hours. good morning this is nbc 10 news. i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:00 on this saturday. it may be april but the conditions outside will feel more like february today. first alert meteorologist karen thomas is tracking the wet weather. >> i wore the turtleneck.
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you need to bundle up if you're heading out this morning. actually any point on our saturday you want to bundle up. we're feeling more like winter time than springtime so we're in a first alert where are day because we're anticipating a storm system moving in today that's expected to bring with it rain as well as snow. we can expect accumulating snow north and west of philadelphia. slippery conditions every where across the delaware valley and we can look forward to subfreezing temperatures later on tonight. here's a look at the leading edge of the system as it pushes in from the west. you can see that there's all snow in this system to the north and to the west. you see the freezing line just pushing south, southwest of wilmington and then rain just to the south of that and so that is pretty much how it is expected to sort of unfold as we move on through our day. north and west of philadelphia can expect snow with a slight
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accumulation. slushy mix in the city and then south and east looking for mainly rain. temperatures are very, very cold outside. we're in the 20s up in the poconos. below freezing in allentown. below freezing mark in pottstown. 37 degrees in philadelphia. 40 officially at the airport. but those temperatures will be hovering around the freezing mark for a good portion of our morning. i'll be back with more details in just a bit. we'll update the changing weather conditions throughout the morning right here on nbc 10. you can track the snow, rain and cold weather all day long with nbc 10 app or on our website, breaking news in philadelphia, one man is dead after a car plunged into the schuylkill river. nbc 10 monique braxton is live on the scene. >> reporter: investigators are still here on the scene at north cherry road and kelly drive. still a very active investigation.
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you see firefighters, philadelphia police, also the philadelphia police marine unit dive team and just on the other side of that truck is the tow truck. they are trying to lift the car out of the water. in the past hour the person has been recovered from the river. witnesses tell police just before 3:00 this morning the driver who had exited southbound roosevelt boulevard on to north ferrari road drove right into the river. witnesses also say the person appeared to be speeding. we do not know the identity of the victim but we can tell you police say he is in his mid-20s. and right now they are trying to lift his body off of the curb there on the stone fencing that surrounds the schuylkill river. we're going to stay on top of this investigation, stay on the scene and continue to get updates from philadelphia police. live for now in east falls, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> we'll check back with you shortly.
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a witness gave us this video of a car that hit a building in chester, delaware county overnight. it burst into flames. this is what the scene looked like when our crew arrived. two people were in the car. they went to the hospital. investigators are now trying to determine exactly what led up to that crash. police are asking for your help this morning to track down a kidnapper in north philadelphia. here's a look at the alleged abductor. witnesses say a man forced the woman into his car yesterday and then took off. police tell us that the car is a green toyota camry with a partial pennsylvania tag kbl 137. if you have any information about the man or the car, police would like to hear from you. philadelphia police are also investigating a stabbing of an employee at a center city store. authorities say the employee was trying to stop a shoplifter and another person as they were running away from the five below near 15th and chestnut street. the worker was stabbed once in
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the shoulder. the two people she was chasing got away. police are still looking for them. philadelphia is a part of the nova nation. >> an estimated 60,000 people packed center city yesterday for the villanova wildcats victory parade. the men's basketball team won the national championship on monday night. the end of the parade was only the start of the after party with students and alumni celebrating in pubs all over the city. the parade clean up is all done. the crowds came early from near and far. they watched as the caravan of villanova players and coaches moved along market street. championship parades in philly are shall i say few and far between and wildcats didn't take this one for granted. >> i didn't expect this many people to show up. when it got the turn out that it did, it was humbling.
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>> as a parade group down market street we were in amazement of the crowd. >> police reported no serious incidents just a wave of positivity. you can catch all the best moments from friday's parade and relive the action from villanova's road to victory on the nbc 10 app. we're tracking some spring snow this morning. meteorologist karen thomas will be back with the weekend forecast after the break to let us know exactly how much snow we could see today and the wintry mix that's also on tap. plus police carry out a series of arrests in brussels. did they nab a key suspect from the bombing attack? details ahead.
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that's going to be bringing frozen precip our way, tough to talk about that because it is spring, feeling more like february but as we go ahead and look live at cape may temperatures tell a different story. heading out early this morning cover up. radar showing us a different story as well. yes that is a snow system moving closer and closer to the philadelphia region and looking as though we may get a slushy accumulation out of this system as it quickly pushes through our area. some of this snow that falls could be heavy at times. we do have the boundary layer of temperatures above freezing in some parts of the region especially south and east. so, for now, anyway, most of the temperatures south and east of philadelphia will be above freezing, however starting tonight at 10:00 we do have a freeze warning for just about every part of the area you saw this and that means 0 subfreezing temperatures overnight tonight into early tomorrow. for today weq+5ñr can anticipatn and snow showers across the
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region. as i said mostly all snow north and west of philadelphia. slushy mix in the city for now that could change if this system gets closer. we'll see what temperatures are doing for philadelphia but right now it's looking like it will be a slushy mix for philadelphia and then southeast mainly rain. do expect blustery conditions later on today. high temperatures across the area 38 to 43 degrees. thanks for that. now some new information in the case of former eagles player la shawn mccoy. police are appealing to a higher office after the district attorney didn't press charges against mccoy for his alleged role in a bar fight. the head of the fop wrote a letter to the attorney general. the letter calls for theory fwat t -- that involves two off duty police officers. the d.a. said the incident was nothing more than a case of
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self-defense. 76 star is facing legal trouble. tmz reports that a landlord is suing noel for damage he caused to a rental property. the owner claims he left behind carpet stains, clogged toilets, broken appliances and marijuana. owners are suing for $75,000. they also claim a fake tomb stone with the letters r.i.p. appeared on the property. they believe noel placed it there as a death threat. we reached. out to him for comment but so far no response. nearly 1,000 atlantic city employees have just received their only paycheck until next month. the new payroll cycle is helping the city stay afloat in the midst of a financial crisis. police, fire and sanitation employees are among those who voted on the measure which allows the city to delay its next payroll cycle until may 6th. the state is suing atlantic city
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about payments to the school district and about making payroll. yesterday a judge temporarily ruled in favor of a.c. by not freezing its assets, buying the city more time. could this be a new remedy for women suffering from cramps? next we'll tell you where in our area lawmakers are considering it.
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we're following breaking news out of philadelphia's east falls section. a man is dead after the car he was driving plunged into the schuylkill river. nbc 10 is live on the scene. we were first onto scene here at kelly drive. police tell us that the car veered off the roosevelt boulevard exit around 2:00 this morning. a witness tells us that the car was traveling at a high rate of speed when it hit a curb and plummeted into the water.
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we'll have more details on this coming up. in another news overseas belgian authorities have five men in custody including one of the most wanted terror suspects in europe. the big question is whether one of them linked to the paris attack is the mysterious man in the hat from the brussels airport bombing. >> reporter: dramatic daytime arrests. five in all. two isis suspects wanted for mass murder. mohamed abrini is the last known suspect from the paris massacres. he was arrested in a brussels suburb after five months as one of europe's most wanted, renting rooms for killers. >> some of the suicide bombers stayed here. >> reporter: but he may be tied to a second atrocity. investigators saying they are trying to prove this is mohamed abrini, the man in the hat with
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two suicide bombers at brussels airport. police released these new pictures of him walking away from the bombing and they asked for help to find him. >> i think he's very important. he connects the paris attack to the brussels attack. his dna is all over the preparation of the brussels attack. >> reporter: in november mohamed abrini was filmed at a gas station two days before the killings with his boyhood friend. the two men were seen the next day with a suicide bomber in a car used in the massacres. >> police say one other man arrested yesterday bought the bags used in the airport bombings so they believe they have caught two men at the heart of the terror cell. american airlines says it will resume its philadelphia to brussels service as seasonal flight starting june 14th. the flight has been suspended since last month's bombing at the brussels airport. federal prosecutors are calling for up to six months in
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prison for former house speaker dennis hastert. he'll be sentenced later this month for breaking banking laws. he agreed to may more than $3 million to conceal sex abuse. he molested four boys when he worked as a high school teacher and wrestling coach in the 1970s. pennsylvania governor tom wolf is urging lawmakers not pass new abortion restrictions next week. the democrat has vowed to veto the measure. wolf says it would give the state the most restrictive abortion regulations in the country. right now the house is planning a final vote on the bill on monday. it would ban effective or rather elective abortions after 20 weeks instead of the current 24 weeks. if the bill passes the house it still needs the governor's approval. women in new jersey may one day be able to use medical marijuana to get relief from menstrual cramps. the bill was introduced this
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week to listen to the state's marijuana medical law. new this morning in our decision 2016 coverage presidential candidate ted cruz is adding about two dozen delegates to his count after sweeping republican contests in colorado's congressional district. cruz could pick up a dozen more delegates at republican's convention later on today. the texas senator trails donald trump by more 200 delegates in the race for the nomination. democrats running for the white house have a contest in wyoming today. bernie sanders leading hillary clinton, heading in to that caucus. in the meantime sanders and clinton are also making a push for new york. yesterday the vermont senator gave a speech to south side brooklyn apartment building where he grew up. sanders spoke of a movement from away from establishment politics. clinton campaigned in rochester, new york.
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the former secretary of state and new york senator criticized donald trump, new york holds its primary on april 19th. call it an apology. what former president bill clinton offered yesterday after his heated exchange with protesters from the black lives matter movement in philadelphia. >> i want to apologize. i rather vigorously defend my wife as i'm want to do but that doesn't mean i was most effective in answering. >> the former president was speaking at a rec center on thursday when protesters showed up holding signs. it prompted clinton to defend his record and a crime bill from his presidency. all right. i'm meteorologist karen thomas as we take a look at your saturday morning forecast. i would say a little bit of an active pattern happening for our saturday for sure. we're tracking snow and rain. actually the snow and rain knocking on the back door.
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should be pushing in the next couple of hours. we'll be track being freezing temperatures and subfreezing temperatures overnight and we're also looking ahead to monday to the phillies home opener. we have a little bit of rain in that forecast. currently 37 degrees officially at the airport, and the wind is okay for now but we'll be picking up wind speed later on today with gusts. we want to show you starting at 10:00 tonight here's that freeze warning for most of the area from 10:00 tonight into early tomorrow morning. temperatures right now not doing too badly but pretty cold out there. 26 degrees up in the poconos. at the freezing mark mainly every where north and west of philadelphia. 37 degrees in the city. warmer further south we go. those temperatures to the south and east of philadelphia are what are expected to help keep the moisture in liquid format for south and east. so rain is expected. meanwhile we're watching the
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system. ate sizable low pressure system that's pushing west to east and as it does it's just going to scoot right in here with rain and snow, 95 the kricorridor is looking like the delineation between snow and rain. the system is just pushing in from the west and the southwest and as it continues to move in our direction we are expecting moisture to be arriving. so what we can expect out of this system, mainly south engineer circumstance less than an inch and you see here in the white slushing inch on grass or less. further west of the viewing area, yeah we could get an accumulation there of real snow, one to two inches across the area simply because the temperature profile is going to be much colder out in this area here the closer we get to the city a little warmer and warmer still down south and east of philadelphia.
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so, as to what we can expect, cold and windy conditions later on this morning. future weather will put it into motion. here you can see the green is here and then the pink, the cross over line and then we got snow behind that. as we move on through the day, take its sweet old time to get out of here. by this evening it should cut off pretty quickly, clear out, leaving behind gusty winds and then that will be diminishing. for tomorrow morning it's expected to be cold and then colder as we move on through our sunday. few clouds filtering in, snow showers way up to the north but then we get into monday and we're looking to warm up a bit but the possibility of some shower activity. for today, we are looking for that rain and snow activity to be moving on through. we are looking for a high temperature of 41 degrees with breezy conditions. we got a different seven day forecast right here. what i can tell you rain/snow event is lasting only for today. we clear out with sunshine
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tomorrow but plan on it still being cold tomorrow with breezy conditions. we'll start to moderate on monday but we are looking for some light shower activity on monday. rosemary? a family marks a tragic loss and tries to prevent it from happening to others. next meet the father from our area who is working to stop dating violence. ♪ i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms®. we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer.
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5:25 on this saturday and it's a first alert weather day here at nbc 10. as you can see on the first alert radar we're tracking a wintry mix that's moving into our region. some areas will see a little bit of snowfall, others may see more slushy wet weather. we'll have details on that throughout the morning from meteorologist karen thomas. this weekend marks a tragic anniversary for st. joseph university. ten years ago cristin mitchell, a student was killed by her
5:26 am
boyfriend as police say she tried to break up with him. tomorrow the campus community with team up with the family to honor her. katy zachary shows us how her memory is helping to save lives. >> cristin's crusade was started back in 2006 to honor the memory of my daughter. >> reporter: ten years has passed since 21-year-old cristin mitchell was senselessly killed at the hands of her ex-boyfriend. her father has spent the last decade traveling to college campuses to spread the word about dating violence. >> maybe they will hear some things that have taken place and think about their own relationships with somebody who they care about but maybe they are in a tough relationship and don't realize it. >> reporter: mitchell said cristin tried to break up the relationship when she was stabbed to death. she had just graduated from philadelphia st. joseph university and had a promising life ahead. for this sophomore the story hits home. she's witnessed unhealthy
5:27 am
relationships and won't hesitate to get a friend or classmate help. >> i would be there in a second. there's so many resources on campus. >> reporter: since cristin's death they've done more training with students about dating violence and sexual assault. on sunday the campus will host the 10th annual cristin's crusade run/walk. >> we've very dramatically had people come to us and say they would have been killed by somebody had they not listened to what we had to say. >> reporter: katy zachary, nbc 10 news. 5:27 on this saturday, just about 37 degrees outside the nbc 10 studios and we're following some breaking news. a man is dead after police say his speeding car plunged into the schuylkill river. nbc 10's monique braxton is live on the scene. >> reporter: just over my shoulder you can see accident investigators remain here on the scene trying to determine
5:28 am
exactly how and why the individual ended up in the river. you see them measuring now the scene there by the fishing sign at kelly drive and north carey road. we'll have more for you after the break. a winter weather system is pushing into our area this morning. we can expect rain and snowfall as we make our way through our saturday. certainly not springtime-like forecast for sure. stay tuned i'll have all your weather details after the break. the world a president has to grapple with.
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sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
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right now on "nbc 10 news today," spring snow is moving into our region to start our weekend. what you'll get depends on where you live. we got you covered in the first alert forecast. now to a live look outside over center city philadelphia. the wintry blast will arrive later this morning. the big question is how long will it be with us? we'll fill you in coming up. also we're following breaking news in philadelphia. a man is dead after his car plunged into the schuylkill river. we're live at the scene following the investigation. good morning, welcome back to "nbc 10 news today". i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:30 on this saturday. looks like winter rearing its ugly head just as we thought we were getting into spring. first alert meteorologist karen thomas is tracking the


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