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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  April 9, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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it is a first alert day we track some spring snow moving into the area. here's a live look at the radar. the system is expected to hit us in the next half hour, hour or so. take a live look outside. a wintry mix as snow and rain is onto way. we'll tell you what to expect in your neighborhood. plus we're following some breaking news overnight after a car plunged into the schuylkill river killing the driver. we're live on the scene with what police and witnesses are telling us about the crash. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today". i'm rosemary connors. it's 6:00 on this. meteorologist karen thomas is tracking that spring snow for us and karen it is a first alert day because this is really unseasonable weather to say the least.
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>> absolutely. p.s. a freeze warning later on tonight. that's really out of the norm as well for this late into our spring season. yes. hard to believe we're talking about a winter forecast in april. but we are for sure. we got clouds above, not a bad looking live shot but once we get to radar you'll see what we're tracking. we do expect possibility of snow accumulation north and west of philadelphia. as i mentioned plunging temperatures tonight into tomorrow. so it's quite an expansive low pressure system pushing in from the west and you can see right now just sort of knocking on the back door to our area, just pushing in from northeastern maryland and parts of central pennsylvania, all snow there north and west of philadelphia right now we do have a little bit of rain just moving into northern delaware. light shower activity but could intensify as we move on through our morning hours. cold out there for sure. we're in the 20s in the poconos. we just dropped down a tick in
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allentown to 29 degrees. 38 in philadelphia. 32 in atlantic city, and in southern new jersey there we're in the lower 40s. so what we can expect today as the system moves through the area, it will take up most of our saturday, saturday afternoon before getting out of here this evening but we can expect rain and shower activity. windy conditions. those winds will be increasing as we move on through our afternoon. winds will be switching from the to the northwest. 15 to 20 miles per hour. we could get some wind gusts out there at about 30 miles per hour later on this afternoon. high temps 38, 43 degrees. i'll be back with morton weather in just a bit. we'll see you then. can you keep track of the spring snow with the nbc 10 app. get alerts sent to your phone. check out our live radar and get the latest forecast for our first alert weather team. breaking news that we've been following in philadelphia's
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east falls neighborhood. about two hours ago crews recovered a body from the schuylkill river after a car plunged into the water overnight. nbc 10's monique braxton is live at the scene with more on the investigation. >> reporter: since we last talked to you kelly drive has re-opened and accident investigators have leader the scene. you to notice the green posts next to the fish signs which identify the type of fish you can find in the schuylkill river. just before 4:30 the victim was recovered from his car in the river by divers. they say he entered the water near those green pochts. about 5:00 this morning the victim's car which was about 40 feet out from the wall according to police was lifted out of the river. at that point they tell us the water was about six feet deep. witnesses tell police just before 3:00 this morning they watched the driver of a volkswagen jetta head straight for the schuylkill river. we learned a man police described as a man in his
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mid-20s exited southbound roast boulevard on to north ferry road. >> the witness said it appeared as the car came down the off-ramp here from route 1 and may have lost control, hit the wall, it became airborne, it then flipped mid-air and went into the river. >> moments ago police also pointed out mud marks to me showing where they believe the car approached the curb. possibly trying to navigate a turn before something tragically happened. police also say the victim was deceased when they arrived, they say his car did land way out in the water. they also say they believe he's in his mid-20s. we'll stay on top of this investigation and have the very latest for you as we find it out. live for now along kelly drive, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thanks for that. new this morning five people are in the hospital after a car crash in university city.
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police say two cars collided right here at 38th and walnut streets just before 4:00 this morning. we're working to find out the conditions of the victims and what led up to the crash. we'll keep you posted. a witness gave us this video of a car that ran into a building in chester, delaware county overnight. it burst into flames. here's what we know about the incident. this is what the scene looked like when our crew arrived. two people were in the car. we thent to the hospital. investigators are trying to determine what cause this crash. this morning police are asking for your help to track down a kidnapper in north philadelphia. here's a look at the alleged abductor. witnesses say a man force ad woman into this car yesterday and then took off. police believe the car is a green toyota camry with a partial pennsylvania tag of kbl 137. if you know anything give them a call. now some new information in the case of former eagles player lesean mccoy. philadelphia's fraternal order
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of police is afeeling a higher authority after the district attorney didn't press charges against mccoy for his role in a bar fight. the letter calls for the attorney general to investigate the brawl that also involved off duty police, two officers were hurt. d.a. says williams has said there was no evidence to show that the incident was anything but a case of self-defense. 76ers star nerlens noel may be facing troubles. tmz is reporting a landlord is suing noel for damage he caused to a rental property. the owner of the home that noel rented last year claims he left behind carpet stains, broken appliances and marijuana. the owners are suing $75,000 and claim a fake tomb stone with the letters r.i.p. appeared on the property. they believe noel placed it as a death threat. we reached out to him for but so
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far no response. today everybody in philadelphia is a part of the nova nation. >> thank goodness it didn't rain yesterday. didn't rain on their parade. great day. ed 60,000 people packed center city for the villanova wildcats victory parade. the men's basketball team won the national championship on monday night. the end of the parade was really just the start of the after party. plenty of students and alumni stayed in the city to toast the team at local pubs. police tell us the parade clean up is all done. no major incidents. crowds came early from near and far. they watched as the caravan of players and coaches moved along market street. championship parades in philly far and few in between and the wildcats didn't take this for granted. >> i didn't expect this many people to show up. when it got the turn out as it did it was humbling. >> as the parade grew we were in
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amazement of the crowds. >> it was a peaceful prayed. police tell us no serious incidents. just positive wave of energy and celebration for villanova's national champs. 6:08 on this saturday. bill clinton says he's almost wanted to apologize for his response to protesters in philadelphia. >> ivy go rowsly defended my wife as i want to do. >> we'll hear what tells president had to say about the back and forth during the near apology. the boss takes a stand. how he's showing support for the lgbt community after a controversial law down south. this morning we are waiting for some spring snow to arrive and yes it's coming. here's a live look now over center city philadelphia. all is dry at the moment. however we are going to be getting wet weather on our saturday. we'll have details coming up in the first alert forecast.
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good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist karen thomas. we are tracking some snow and some rain and wintry mix. hard to be describing a winter forecast right, when we are in spring. we spring flowers up. but look what radar showing us. we do have mostly cloudy skies out there right now but this system is just pushing in. you can see some rain now moving into northern delaware. you see the green here. so this system just pushing up into northeastern maryland meanwhile snow all the way here in central pennsylvania north and west and so this system will don't push west to east and so in the next hour or so, we'll see from the viewing area west to east that the system will start to make things a little wet, little sloppy out there for sure. it is cold. if you do have to head out earl this morning you will bundle up. we're in the 20s in poconos and
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allentown 29 degrees. mainly around the freezing mark north and west of philadelphia and then just little warmer the further south you go into delaware, 40 degrees right now in wilmington, 41 in dover. what we can expect across the area, little bit of rain, some snow showers, could even get light accumulation north and west of the city. we're looking for slushy wintry mix in the city of philadelphia and then mainly rain south and east. but just about every where the winds are expected to increase later on this afternoon. it will be cold with temperature reading 38 to 43 across the area for high temperatures and we can't rule out the wind gusts. we could have wind gusts peaking to 30 miles per hour. what we can anticipate tonight a quick exit for rain and snow showers and temperatures take a tumble and enter into a freeze warning as temperatures hit the freezing mark and below. overnight tonight into early tomorrow.
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so i'll be back with your full sunday forecast plus a look at the seven day in just a about it. coming up, the emotional meeting between a man and the burlington county police officer that saved his mother's life. >> you have such amazing outcome. you have a special place in my heart forever. >> still ahead we'll tell you what the officer did to earn him the title of hero cop. fios is not cable. we're wired differently.
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quarter after 6:00 on this saturday and this morning we have this first alert day because of spring snow and wintry mix that will be moving into our area. that weather is expected to get
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here in the next hour or so. here's the real issue with it, it seems to me. it's the roads because it's going to be slushy out there. it's going to be wet. obviously people get errands done. keep that in mind. be extra careful once the wet weather moves in. now to our decision 2016 coverage. presidential candidate ted cruz is adding about two dozen delegates to his count after sweeping republican contest in colorado's congressional district. cruz could pick up a dozen more delegates colorado's republican convention later today. he still trails front-runner donald trump more than 200 delegates in the race for their party's nomination. democrats running for the white house have a contest in wyoming today and polls show that bernie sanders is leading hillary clinton heading into that caucus. sanders and clinic are also making a push for new york right now. yesterday the vermont senator gave a speech outside of the brooklyn apartment building where he grew up. sanders spoke of a movement away
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from establishment politics. meantime clinton campaigned in rochester, new york. the former secretary of state and new york senator kusd herfor attack on donald trump. call it a near apology that's what former president bill clinton offered yesterday after a heated philadelphia exchange with protesters from the black lives matter movement. take a listen. >> i almost want to apologize for it. i rather vigorously defended my wife as i'm want to do but that doesn't mean i was most effective in answering. >> the former president was speaking at a rec center in east mount airy on thursday when protesters showed up holding signs. it prompted clinton to defend his record on a crime bill from his presidency. federal prosecutors are calling for up to six months in prison for former house speaker dennis hastert. hastert will be sentenced later this month for breaking banking laws.
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yesterday government lawyers accused hastert of agreeing to pay more than $3 million to conceal sex abuse. prosecutors say he molested at least four boys when he worked as a high school teacher and wrestling coach in the 1970s. the boss, bruce springsteen is taking a stand against north carolina's new law that some say discriminates against transgender people. the singer cancelled a concert in greensboro that was scheduled for tomorrow. the statement on his website read in part some things are more important than a rock show and this fight against prejudice and bigotry which is happening as i write is one of them. the north carolina law dictates which bathrooms transgender people are permitted to use. hopefully you didn't put away the hat and gloves just yet. it's cold outside and we're expecting snow shower activity moving through the area so we're tracking rain and snow this morning for a good portion of
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our saturday. cold temperatures even colder temperatures for our saturday night into early sunday morning. and then i'll have your forecast for the phillies home opener come monday. temperature reading right now 38 degrees officially in philadelphia. you can see live shot behind this board here and we got a little peek of sunshine but heavy clouds moving in quickly and so we were not anticipating much sunshine this morning. freeze warning goes into effect 10:00 tonight for most of the area that you see here shade and that's because we're going to have freezing or subfreezing temperatures overnight in the wake of the storm system as it makes its way out of here. 25 degrees up in the poconos. mainly at the freezing mark or just near it, north and west of philadelphia little warmer further south we go into delaware, 40 degrees in wilmington, 41 degrees in dover and look at that, 45 degrees there in south jersey. parts of wildwood. we're looking at this quick clipper system it's a low pressure system that's pretty
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expansive but the system is chugging quite quickly moving west to east and pushing in to our area. so the next hour or so we'll see rain activity and then snow and it will mainly stay snow north and of philadelphia where the warmer temperatures to the south. we expect it to be mainly all rain if not starting out with a little bit of slush but then turning to rain. no accumulation south and east. possibly an inch of slushy mess there in philadelphia then turning over to rain so we got rain mixed into this. where it is colder is north allentown, parts of burke and montgomery county. westchester county seeing an inch or two of snow especially on the grassy areas because it will be cold enough as the system moves through. so cold and wind, we expect winds to be intensifying as this system is with us later on today. it cuts off clearly real quickly
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this evening and we clear out with the clouds. winds remain. behind it northwesterly wind dragging in arctic air overnight into tomorrow. waking up tomorrow we should be dry and clear but cold and then later sunday afternoon we'll stay dry but moving into the area and we'll stay cold for sunday afternoon maybe snow shower activity way to the north but as we wake up monday morning another chance of the possibility of some shower activity moving through. get a little bit of everything on monday morning. about it of sun, clouds and then later on in the day the possibility of some rain showers. for today, rain and snow showers moving through the area. winds will pick up later on this afternoon out of the northwest 15 to 20 miles per hour with potential wind gusts there of about 30 miles per hour. that will be later on today. high temps 38 to 43 degrees. all right. here's your seven day forecast. we'll take you all the way. monday again showers come back into the forecast but
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temperatures will be bumping. we dry. right now it's not looking like the home opener is a complete wash out but got a little bit of time you to bring the umbrellas along. 6:22 on this saturday and this morning we're hearing the radio call from a fire that injured six firefighters at the jersey shore. >> urgent. may day. >> we'll have an update on their conditions plus what a witness says sparked the. also, picking a landing. we'll show the new video of the latest spacex rocket mission.
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katie mcginty knowshool, get the routine. by. her dad was a philly cop. mom worked in a restaurant. then, hard work opened doors. now it's not quite enough. but mcginty's working to change that, helping create thousands of new jobs. she'll always stand up for manufacturing, higher wages, and equal pay for women so opportunity never gets out of reach. katie mcginty for senate. women voters responsible for the content of this advertising.
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6:25 right now on this saturday and today the flyers playoff hopes are on the line. here's a live look at the wells fargo center where philly will take on the pittsburgh penguins this afternoon if the flyers win their last two remaining games they will get into the playoffs no matter what the other teams do. can you the game right here on nbc 10. our coverage begins at 3:00 this afternoon. you are looking at the emotional meeting in burlington county between a man and the police officer who saved his mother's life. nbc 10 was there at the evesham
6:26 am
township police department for the tears and hugs. he waited a month to meet and thank officer brian strockbine who has been officer of the month. his mother was not breathing and had no pulse. officer brian strockbine performed cpr for several minutes until she began to show signs of life. >> this award isn't justice of what he's done. to understand he's saved two other people is amazing. amazing. you are the definition of a hero. >> i didn't realize how emotional something like that would be because it was a real impact, i was able to save somebody's life. when you have an amazing outcome, it's a special place in my heart. >> officer brian strockbine is credit with saving two other people recently, including pulling one from a burning car. congratulations. 6:26 this morning.
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we're following breaking news in east falls where a man died after his car plunged into the schuylkill river. monique braxton has more. >> reporter: we know where the car went into the river but the moments leading up to it are still under investigation by philadelphia police. we'll update you on the case after the break. and we have more of a winter-like forecast for our saturday as opposed to spring-like forecast. heavy cloud cover moving in quickly as a rain system makes its way into our area. i'll have your full forecast after the break.
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approaching. it's just about touching some parts of our region. dry at the moment. wintry mix here we'll be starting off our saturday later on. we'll you what to expect in your neighborhood. plus we're following breaking news from overnight, a car plunged into the schuylkill river killing the driver. we're live on the scene with what police and witnesses are telling us about the crash. good morning, welcome back to "nbc 10 news today" i'm rosemary connors. it's 6:30 on this saturday. thanks for being with us. first alert weather day because some unseasonable snow will be falling later on this morning. meteorologist karen thomas is tracking that snow and rain heading our way. karen just to be clear this is not a major snowfall but it's been a while since we had to drive through conditions like this and it could get a little bit dicey out there. >> absolutely. that's a nice warning for folks. it's saturday. everybody needs to get out and run their errands or go to soccer games. you want to take it easy onto
6:31 am
roads because nothing else we can be rest assured roads later on today could be wet. so slippery conditions that is a potential. but we're talking cold conditions and we're tracking a wintry mix moving into our direction. kind of silly to be talking about wintry conditions in springtime especially when got those spring flowers up. but nonetheless we are. it's going to be warmer south east of philadelphia where we anticipate the system to remain as rain. we could get a little bit of a light grassy coating of snow west and north of philadelphia as the system makes its way through. it's a clipper system moving through quickly. tap for our morning hours and midday hours as we get through our saturday. temperatures cold for sure. it is 25 degrees right now in the poconos but you can see as we stretch down there to wildwood, 45 degrees. see the temperature spread much colder to the north and west of
6:32 am
philadelphia. 38 in philadelphia. 40 degrees in wilmington. temperatures across the entire region will be dipping down overnight tonight. but before we get there highs across the area 38 to 43 degrees. so we're waiting on some light shower activity. it's already pushing into parts of delaware and south jersey and then some light snow shower activity that could move through the area in the next couple of hours. winds will be increasing later on today then i'll be back to talk to you more about our freeze warning tonight. you can keep track of this spring with the nbc 10 app. gets it sent to your phone and check out our live radar and get the forecast from our first alert weather team. breaking news in feast falls. one man is dead after a car plunged into the schuylkill river. monique braxton is live on the scene and been following this investigation for us. >> reporter: hi, rosemary. we've been on the scene for a
6:33 am
couple of hours. accident investigators have cleared the scene but their investigation is far from over. kelly drive has re-opened. notice the green post next to the fish sign which identify the fish you can find here in the schuylkill river. police say that is where the car entered the river going at a high rate of speed. witnesses tell police just before 3:00 this morning watched a driver of a volkswagen jetta head straight for the schuylkill. a police captain says the victim may have lost control, hitting the wall, becoming airborne then flipping in mid-air before plummeting into the schuylkill. police differs recovered the body about 4:00 this morning but it took them an hour and a half to lift the car out of the water. >> the car was about a good 40 feet or san antonio river and on its roof upside down submerged in about six feet deep of water. so fire department rescue one had to hook up a couple of
6:34 am
cables to the car just to get the car situated in a better position where our divers could try and find out if there was an occupant or multiple occupants. turns out there was only one occupant. >> moments ago police point ed out mud marks showing where the victim's car approached the cash possibly trying to navigate a turn. police believe he exited southbound roosevelt boulevard then came down north ferry road towards the schuylkill river. police tell us that the victim was desees when they arrived he here on the scene. they will only tell us he was 26 years old. new this morning, philadelphia police are looking for the thief who robbed this mcdonald's. the suspect left some of the cash behind when he took off.
6:35 am
police tell us the armed suspect climbed from the driver through and demanded money at the cashier. no one was hurt. this morning six firefighters are recovering after a massive fire on the jersey shore in monmouth county. >> urgent. a guy is done. urgent. may day >> that was the radio call when a commercialing collapsed. the firefighters are still inside. two were injured. four others were hurt bat technology flames. authorities say most of their injuries were from smoke inhalation. firely spread to two other buildings while crews attacked the flames from the ground and above. >> i hope to firemen are okay. they did an unbelievable job from keeping it from spreading. >> they are trying to determine an exact cause but a witness says a roofer may have accidentally sparked the fire. jury deliberation will continue next week in the case
6:36 am
of two philadelphia police officers charged with beating a suspect. jurors were unable to reach a verdict yesterday so they were sent home for the weekend. officer sean mcnight and kevin robinson allegedly beat a man during a 2013 traffic stop. prosecutors say rivera was attacked by two officers for no after he was mistaken for a drug courier. surveillance video found by rivera's give shows the officers beating rivera. the police officers deny the charge saying that rivera attacked them. rivera died late last year after getting hurt in a street fight during an incident unrelated to this case. new tests at a montgomery elementary school show possible lead in a water line. a letter was sent home to the parents. letter said the epa does not believe the lead contaminant is necessarily a public health
6:37 am
concern, but mormon torie inini more monitoring may be required. right now on you can out more information about lead and how it's handled where you live and what you can do to protect your family. look for the nbc 10 investigator section called living with lead. from our delaware bureau another bald eagle undergoing rehabilitation has been released back into the wild. one of three eagles that need treatment following an incident that resulted in the deaths of five other bald eagles last month. the birds were found disoriented on a farm field. u.s. fish and wildlife service agents and local authorities still are not commenting on what may have caused those deaths and the birds' conditions. next, an historic landing at sea. we'll show you the new video of the latest spacex mission. this morning we're waiting
6:38 am
for some spring snow to make its way into our area. here's a live look at the shore right now from our camera in cape may. we got some rain already down the shore. we'll have more on the timing of the snow and the wintry mix and what could be coming for your neighborhood. that's next. vo: president obama endorses
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good morning. i'm meteorologist karen thomas. we're tracking snow and rain moving into the area and possibility of snow accumulation north and west of philadelphia. slippery conditions on wet roads possible later today. and the potential for some freezing temperatures overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. the system is a quick moving low
6:41 am
pressure system that is well developed moving west to east and it is pushing right into our area as we speak, some light shower activity happening in central and northern delaware as well as of extreme south jersey and then you some of the blue in here just north of harrisburg pushing through with some snow activity. snowing in state college, snowing in parts of williamsport. that's why we expect snow shower activity to be taking over our morning hours as that system really starts to crank and move in our direction. cold out there for sure. certainly cold enough for snow up in the poconos. 25 degrees. 29 in allentown. then just increasingly warmer just a play on words, temperatures increasing as we move to the south because 40 degrees is feeling quite chilly out there. but little better than 25 up in the poconos and so just -- this is why we say north and west of philadelphia, temperature
6:42 am
profile can support a little bit of snow/rain mix and then all snow north here. south and east just staying a little bit on warmer side and we expect all shower activity south and east of philadelphia. high temperatures across the region 38 to 43 degrees. i'll be back with more on the freezing temperatures overnight. thanks for that. we have some new video now of a historic landing. you're looking at image from a camera on board the spacex rocket. back in june you may remember a spacex rocket exploded upon liftoff but this one landed on a floating platform in the atlantic ocean off cape canaveral, florida. coming up, allen iverson talks about his upcoming induction into the hall of fame. >> all i want is people that love and care about allen iverson to feel good about their team. >> next in sports, a.i. is
6:43 am
already emotional, thinking about the ceremony that's still months away.
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:45 right now on this saturday here's a live look at south philadelphia. today we're tracking some spring snow. however for the phillies home opener on monday conditions should be a bit better. temperatures on monday should get into the 60s, low 60s. that's the good new. this weekend we got to deal with wet weather before we can get to the phillies big game.
6:46 am
>> hello. the villanova wildcats and their fans continue to celebrate monday. nova the national title yesterday. a parade through center city. thousands of fans turning out. will the team's success threaten jay wright's departure? nba teams are interestsed in the head coach. but he said he's happy right where he is. >> one of the things that happens is we talk to these nba general managers all the time. i mean when you're in the business this long you know all the guys, talking about your players, who is going to come out in the draft. that's sometimes what people ahold of and say you're offered a job and you're not. i want to be at villanova next year. >> last night allen iverson made his first public appearance in
6:47 am
philadelphia since becoming a hall of fame induction. his induction isn't until september 9th. i'm getting emotional with you guys from this. imagine what it will be when that day. all i want is the people that loved and care about allen in to feel good about that day. >> even in retirement a.i. always ready to hear from fans. an alley-oop from half-court. sixers down three at the half. sixers down. jeremy grant's big brother put the knicks up. one of six knicks in double figures. 76ers lose 109-102. flyers are down to their last two games. win both they are in the playoffs no matter what anybody else does. you can see the game today at 3:00 right here on nbc 10. phillies and mets at chilly city. mets up 2-1. gave up an rbi double.
6:48 am
phillies still looking for win number one on the season as the mets cruise 7-2. jordan spieth leads rory mcilroy by one at the masters. that's sports. and nbc 10 is your home for phillies home opener on monday. we got you covered with our welcome home phillies special airing at 2:00 in the afternoon and first pitch at 3:00 right here on 10. i'm meteorologist karen thomas. it may be spring on the calendar but we are looking at a wintry-like forecast as we track some snow showers and some rain moving into the area. then we'll be turning our attention later tonight to a freeze warning for a good portion of the area as temperatures take a tumble and i'll be back with your seven day forecast moving forward for your
6:49 am
fee phillies home opener on monday. you see behind here a little peek of sunshine but heavy cloud shield moving in out front of the system that's bringing us some rain and snow showers. talking about that freeze warning that goes into effect 10:00 tonight. temperatures will take a dip for sure. cold out there right now. 25 degrees in the poconos. 29 in allentown. 33 degrees in the northeast. 32 in trenton. here's the low pressure system. it is well developed and quite expansive, broken apart here just a little bit. you can see this leading edge of moisture pushing into our area right now you see the colder temperatures to the north and west here that's bringing snow and then warmer to the south and that, course, is rain. that's pretty much the call as this system sweeps in from the west and you can see just pushing it into northeastern maryland mostly all rain. shower activity in extreme south jersey as well as parts of delaware right now. whatever slushy snow does fall,
6:50 am
mainly sticking to the grassy areas. do expect down here in south jersey and southern delaware for it to be mainly rain, lie type and then an inch or less here in philadelphia moving north into bucks county and higher elevations looking for more accumulation on the grassy area, one to two inches of snowfall by later on this afternoon. future weather telling us cold and windy. and you can see here at about 1:00 this model has snow. you can see that blue here. just stretching through parts of extreme northern delaware, philadelphia, parts of chester county and then going all the way up here into the lehigh valley. you see the green indicating rain south and east and as the system makes way quickly out of here this evening we are looking for clearing skies but then plummeting temperatures as we wake up early sunday morning we'll stay clear, clouds not rolling in until later on in the afternoon. but we'll stay colder, much colder than where we should be
6:51 am
this time of year for tomorrow and then monday morning, again, waking up some sunshine, clouds rolling in for monday morning and then the possibility of shower activity later on in the afternoon. for today rain and showers for most of the area, windy and cold, 38 to 43 degrees. the wind gusts could be kicking up lay it on today at about 30 miles per hour. there's some promise once we get through and tomorrow with a cold snap. we warm up a bit. we have shower activity expected for monday afternoon but then we dry out for the remainder of the week even warm up a little bit rosemary to 62 the end of the week. >> thank goodness. all right. blue cross broad street run three weeks from tomorrow the lottery for registration may be over but you still do have one last chance to get in on the action. nbc 10 is giving away two bids to get in the race. to enter go to and clicking on the contest tab.
6:52 am
the deadline is april 17th. telemundo 62 and nbc 10 will be broadcasting the entire race on may 1st. we'll be right back.
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down the shore. in cape may you can see precipitation on the camera down there. that's because we have wet weather already moving into our area. we'll talk about it in just a moment in your final forecast with meteorologist karen thomas. kiss is coming to town this summer. the legendary rock group will perform at the great allentown fair part much kiss' 2016 freedom to rock tour. tickets go on sale next friday. looking for something to do today? well superheroes will be some of thes and costumes you'll see at the thirdual comic-con. the event features panel discussions with artists and fans. there's comic books on display, movies, video games and family friendly activities. comic-con runs today from 10:00 to 6:00. admission is free. if you're down the shore and
6:56 am
into suds and sounds check out the atlantic city beer and music festival. the event began last night at the convention center. starts again this morning at 10:00. the festival is billed as one of the large of its kind in the country. craft brews bands and vendors. the place to be tomorrow main street will be closed down for the manayunk street food festival. 50 of philadelphia's top food truck vendors will open their doors for live entertainment and food. looking at that video from last year, a lot better weather this time of year ago. >> we should be in the 60s for our average high temperature and those folks tomorrow are going to want to bundle up heading out to the festival for sure. today at least we'll be dry tomorrow. today not so much. we're cold but won't stay dry. we have this system moving into
6:57 am
the area. you can see snow north of the system and rain to the south it and that's pretty much how it will move on through our area and we expect -- it's a quick moving system but large. we do expect it to up most of our saturday as it pushes on through and cut off quickly later on this evening as it gets out of here. we anticipate winds to be picking up later this afternoon. we could even have peak wind justs as it exits out of here. it will pull temperatures down as well, ushering in northwest cold arctic air overnight into tomorrow. so, yes, a freeze warning is poised go into effect tonight at 10:00 as those temperatures take a dive. >> karen, just when we thought we could bring summer and spring clothes out we were both thinking winter wardrobe. that will do it for us. we'll see you in a few for an update.
6:58 am
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good morning. april snow showers. another blast of winter's coldest air this weekend. 100 million people waking up to frost and freeze warnings this morning. several inches expected in the northeast. nearly a foot has fallen in the midwest. when will winter leave? dylan will break it down. disturbing details over charges against former speaker of the house dennis hastert. prosecutors claim hastert sexually abused four boys when he was a high school wrestling coach and agreed to pay more than $3 million to keep one alleged victim quiet. and


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