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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  April 10, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now on nbc 10 news today, it may be spring, but the winter weather comeback continues. there is a freeze warning for much of our area this morning. right now, a live look at the center city skyline from our aqua cam. the cold temperatures will have you bundling up if you're headed out, especially early this morning. and the flyers are headed to the stanley cup playoffs. they clinch a wild card spot with a win, which you saw right here on nbc 10. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today, i'm george spencer. it is now 5:30 on this sunday morning. let's get a first check of our weather with first alert
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meteorologist karen thomas. and, karen, definitely does not feel like april outside. >> no, it certainly doesn't. feels more like, i don't know, early february, george. it continues, that is the cold as we wake up this morning. no snow to speak of this morning, but we do have a freeze warning in effect. so hopefully you haven't taken too much time to plant those spring flowers just yet, or at least maybe you covered them up for this last couple of hours through the overnight. because the areas here shaded in purple under freeze warning and that does mean that any spring planting or vegetation is in jeopardy, talking about yesterday's snow totals. how could we forget, really kind of interesting snowfall yesterday, it was a wet, heavy snow. and it did have a lot of melting potential there. but five inches unofficially in malvern. 2.7 inches projected there in new jersey. look at that, almost 5 in wayne and 3 in mullica hill, new jersey. interesting stuff for sure. temperature readings this
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morning, i guess you could call them interesting. how about downright cold. in the 20s north and west of philadelphia. at the freezing mark in philly. 29 in wilmington. you get the picture. it is pretty cold. interestingly, we are talking about a windchill this morning. yes, it is april, but we do have a windchill out there right now. this is what the temperature feels like if you have to head out early this morning. bundle up, that's the key. i'll be back with more in a bit. thanks, karen. it is really cold outside as you saw in the temperatures. this latest round of spring freeze began with a burst of wet snow yesterday. like this scene in havertown, delaware county. deanna durante is live. it will be a cold morning for running. >> reporter: it will be. i don't need to look at the temperatures to tell you it is very chilly outside to put it mildly. you can see people are setting up here in front of the art museum for a half marathon that
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will begin at 8:00 a.m. these crews have been up all night long, getting set here for the detours, the road closures and of course start to finish, the catering tents, where all of the people are running. we shot some video on the ground a while ago. you see the workers bundled up in their sweatshirts, hats, coats, gloves. they tell us beddespite being h all night, it could be worse. >> the wind is not too bad. >> reporter: how long have you been out here? >> since 3:00 a.m., yeah. the wind is saving us right now. it is not windy. >> how many breaks have we had? >> none. they work us hard. no. >> reporter: at least you're smiling about it. >> yeah. they take care of us. >> reporter: yeah, a lot of smiling fae ining faces down th. it is a little chilly. it takes work to smile when it is this cold and you're standing down there working. 10,000 plus runners will be here and these runners represent people from 44 different states
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and are going to be a lot of detours in the city if you're coming down to see this event or other events. the race will begin on the north side of the oval, going over the parkway, 16enith street, then h on mlk, across the strawberry mansion bridge before coming back into center city. now, roads should be open, those detah detours, those roads should be open. the roads around the art museum will be open 12:00, 12:30 so you can get around the city and hopefully it will be much warmer outside. that's the latest from the art museum, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> thanks, deanna. you can track this spring freeze with the nbc 10 app. use our live radar and see the forecast from the first alert weather team or have weather alerts pushed directly to your phone. new from overnight, a man is dead after being shot outside a nightclub in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood.
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police say the 26-year-old man was shot in the chest outside the nivil nightclub. it happened around 2:45 this morning. there are no arrests. two philadelphia 7/eleavens were robbed within half an hour of each other. now police are trying to figure out whether the robberies are connected. around 1:30 this morning, robbers pistol whipped a worker at the store on frankfurt avenue in holmesburg. around 2:00 a.m., a worker was pistol whipped at a store in bridesburg. so far there are no arrests. and an off duty philadelphia police officer shot and killed a robbery suspect. and this morning investigators believe that shooting was justified. the officer intervened while the suspect was robbing an elderly man at broad and chew streets. that's in the city's olney neighborhood. investigators say the officer yelled at the suspect to put
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down his gun. the two men exchanged words and police say the man refused to drop his weapon. >> at that point, the suspect turned toward the officer, the officer engaged him, i believe, discharged. at that point in time, the suspect fled southbound on park avenue toward chew. >> the suspect was shot in the stomach and collapsed after running away. he died just a short time later at the hospital. right now we're working to get more information on a car crash that killed a 3-year-old child in the lehigh valley. nbc 10 was on the scene in hanover township, lehigh county. two cars collided on weaversville road yesterday afternoon. you can see just how severe the damage was. police say the impact of that crash threw the toddler from one of the cars. we don't yet know the condition of the drivers or what caused that accident. one week ago today, an amtrak train collided with a backhoe killing two workers.
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now amtrak is retraining workers on basic safety rules. investigators are expected to issue a report on what they found in the next few days. the federal railroad administration told amtrak to go over track safety and communication protocols. experts believe it is an indication that the two workers didn't even realize the track was being reopened to train traffic. happening today, septa is making permanent schedule changes for regional rail riders. the airport line will no longer stop at the west trenton station. chestnut hill east is being run on saturday and sunday, but at new times. service will also be earlier on the lansdale doylestown line and the paoli thorn dale line. there are more changes on our website, good news this morning, the
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flyers are returning to the stanley cup playoffs. the orange and black clinched a wild card spot by beating pittsburgh in the wells fargo center in a game you saw here on nbc 10. wayne simmonds scored twice in the flyers 3-1 victory. goalie steve mason stopped 18 of 19 shots. the flyers are now back in the post season after missing it last year. >> we battled our butts off for one another. we're where we want to be. >> we have a good team to beat washington. we're focus ed on that now. >> the flyers opened the playoffs at washington wednesday night. today, the orange and black wrap up the regular season out on long island. belgian authorities arrest the elusive man in the hat from the brussels airport bombing. they say he has confessed. but that might not be the end to his story.
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and with a national title under his belt, villanova coach jay wright is turning to a new fight. we'll explain next.
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good sunday morning. i'm meteorologist karen thomas. bundle up if you're heading out early this morning or maybe just throw another blanket on the bed and stay in bed. why not? we're looking live now at the skyline and it is a crisp sunday morning feeling a bit more like wintertime than april. we have a freeze warning in effect until 10:00 a.m. this morning. all the areas highlighted there in the purple undergoing a freeze warning. so if you did any spring planting, hopefully cover it up for the overnight hours, simply because we're at the freezing mark in philadelphia right now. 32 degrees. colder to the north and to the west. and we're just under the freezing mark in millville and atlantic city. temperatures will slowly but surely be bumping. in the meantime, it is kind of
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funny, here is your windchill outside right now. 23 is what it feels like in allentown. how about teens in reading and lancaster, 28 in pottstown. and it feels like 21 degrees out there in wilmington. so that's what i'm saying, you want to bundle up. we'll see some sunshine today. there is the good news. and that will give a chance for whatever snow is on the grassy areas to sort of go away, while breezy conditions, but not bad. we'll warm up to about 49 degrees in philadelphia. 52 for a high in the outer lying burbs. i'll be back with your seven-day in a bit. george? >> thank you, karen. both of villanova's championship winning coaches came together for a great cause last night. jay wright and raleigh masamino part of the coaches versus cancer gala in center city. masamino was honored at the event. he was the coach in the 1985
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national champion villanova team. >> it has been extremely exciting. we had a great time. i can't talk. i'm so proud to be a part of this wonderful event. >> philadelphia has the most successful coaches versus cancer program in the entire nation. they raised close to $11 million just since 1996. republican ted cruz adding to his delegate count this weekend as did democrat bernie sanders. the latest from the presidential campaign trail coming up next. when you want itchy, watery eyes and sneezes out of the picture, you go to walgreens for flonase allergy relief-
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of the terror group which bombed brussels originally planned a second attack on france. the new information comes after the arrest of terror suspect mohammed abrini. he admitted to being the so-called man in the hat who was
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seen with two of the brussel bombers at the airport. prosecutors say the terrorists rushed the brussels attack after realizing they were close to being caught. abrini was also seen on security footage with one of the paris attackers just two days before that terror spree. and decision 2016, ted cruz scores a sweeping colorado. last night the republican presidential candidate won all 13 delegates, which were up for grabs at that state's convention. it is the front-runner donald trump say they expected to lose in colorado. trump still leads cruz by about 200 delegates in the fight for the gop nomination. in the democratic race, bernie sanders won the wyoming caucus yesterday. the vermont senator got 56% of the vote compared to hillary clinton's 44%. nbc news shows clinton still leading sanders by more than 200 pledged delegates. and the presidential
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candidates are now focused on new york, which holds this primary a week from tuesday. the two democrats campaigned in new york city yesterday. >> if we can win here, it absolutely opens the door to a path toward victory for the white house. >> we are on the path to the nomination. but i need -- i need to win big here in new york. >> on the republican side, ted cruz was in virginia, trying to pick up three unbound delegates there. john kasich was in upstate new york, repeating his claim that winning the nomination hinges on an open national convention. in the meantime, donald trump was off the campaign trail yesterday, but he still generated some news. trump made a $100,000 donation to the national september 11th memorial and museum in manhattan. that's according to the museum itself. trump and his wife stopped by that memorial for their first visit, which was private.
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in our region, pennsylvania and delaware hold their primary elections on april 26th. new jersey primary voters will go to the polls on june 7th. and donald trump's new convention manager paul manafort and bernie sanders will be chuck todd's guests on nbc's "meet the press" at 10:30 here on nbc 10. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> and good sunday morning. i'm meteorologist karen thomas. let's go ahead and check our weather headlines and what we can expect. we're in a freeze warning until 10:00 a.m. this morning. got your forecast for monday. philly's home opener and when we can expect the mild spring temperatures to come back into the picture. i know a lot of folks are waiting for that. waking up this morning, 32 degrees, our official temperature right now at philly international. winds out of the northwest at 9 and we are colder this morning than we were this time yesterday
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morning. temperatures in the 20s north and west of philadelphia. right now we are at 29 in glassboro. 31 in millville, new jersey. 31 degrees in atlantic city. i know it is feeling like the middle of wintertime. not spring. but we are in the midst of spring. northwesterly wind this morning. it isn't too bad out there. but it is factoring in to our temperature, i have cold temperatures and giving us a windchill out there. this is really what it feels like if you are stepping outside this morning. feels more like 21 degrees in wilmington. feels more like 24 degrees in dover, delaware. and 21 in atlantic city. hard to believe. here is that freeze warning, all the areas in purple until 10:00 a.m. this morning. not too much in the way of spring planting or if you did, at least you covered up that vegetation. it is in jeopardy as we are about 15 degrees below where we should be waking up this morning for overnight low temperatures. 5 inches of snow yesterday recorded in malvern
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unofficially. 2.7 in estelle manor. i thought the numbers were interesting. not too much at philly international. close to 5 inches in wayne. boy, that was just a heavy snow. see the size of some of the snowflakes. high pressure moving in today. so we are looking for clear skies and really not too much to worry about for sure in the way of snow or rain. cold start for this morning. cold start for afternoon. sunshine and clouds moving in later on today. this evening, winds shifting. we could have some breezy conditions. for our monday, right now, the models showing that there is going to be rain activity, but it should stay mainly to our north and to our west. so sunshine to start. clouds rolling in. maybe a passing spotty shower for monday. so philly's home opener in the afternoon should be okay. it isn't until tuesday that we are looking for some shower activity as that system just really rolls through our area, really gets started. so looking like the umbrellas
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necessary for monday, but really for tuesday is looking like the best shot of some rain. sun and clouds today. breezy conditions, 49 to 52 for high temperatures. we'll take you out with the seven-day forecast. and we will be slowly but surely rebounding to feel a bit more like spring. and that's good news because look at all the baseball we have to play. george? >> karen just mentioned baseball and a philadelphia police officer what was ambushed on the job several months ago will actually throw out first pitch at the philly's home opener tomorrow. jessy hartnett was shot three times in the arm during an am bush attack in january. he had several surgeries since then, but is still recovering. right now on this cold morning, a live look at citizens bank park where tomorrow hartnett will take the mound ahead of the philly's home opener against the san diego padres. if you can't make it down to south philly for the big game, nbc 10 has you covered.
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you can watch our pregame special at 2:00 followed by the first pitch at 3:00. it will all be right here on nbc 10. it was a must win for the flyers. could they beat the penguins to secure a playoff spot? the highlights are coming up in sports.
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good morning to you. i'm danny pommells. after watching the bruins lose to the senators, the flyers took the ice knowing a win over the penguins would get them to the playoffs. ed snider who is resting in california with health issues, the wildcats brought the mojo. late first party, down 1-0 until th this. flyers hold the lead and that is an empty netter, 3-1 and the
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second wild card. marshall harris has more. >> reporter: with a new head coach in dave hakstol, the flyers won five of the first 18 games. despite that close start, here they are back in the playoffs. >> we worked so hard to get to this point. i thought we deserved that. that's only one stop. but it is a huge stop for us. >> we have been through a lot since the whole season, you know. and we really believe in what we were doing and how we were going to do it. and it is a relief to know we're going to play in the playoffs. >> we have been pushing hard and put a lot into it. this is, you know, this is one of the rewards for the guys. so step one accomplished. that's it. step one. >> when the flyers start the playoffs next week, it will be against washington. the team with the best record in the league. the captain claude giroux told me facing adversity down the stretch has them ready for that
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challenge. for nbc 10, marshall harris, comcast sports net. >> about that challenge, stopping alex ovechkin, that's not easy. he had ha hat trick over the blues. he's tops in the nhl. to baseball now, vince ha valasquez had a strong start, nine in six innings. could the offense help him out? not much on a cold night in the big apple. opposite wade jack, his second of the season, that's the only run of the game. phillies get the first win 1-0. a rough day at the masters yesterday, five players had rounds under par. it was a windy day on the
5:57 am
course. 16th hole, smiley kauffman in the first masters. yes, his name is smiley and he's wearing funky green pants but just off the green, gets the birdie. only player to break 70 in the third round. 69 for him. jordan spieth, three-shot lead, but the three-putt on that hole, 73 for the day. he's three under, one shot ahead. that's your look at sports. boxer manny pacquiao is retiring or that's what he said moments after winning his latest fight. pacquiao won a 12-round unanimous decision over timothy bradley in las vegas last night. pacquiao's first fight since he lost to floyd mayweather in the world weiglterweight belt last may. he said, as of now, i'm retired. i'm going to go home with my family and serve the people. it is april, but it is cold
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enough for a freeze warning. nbc 10's deanna durante is live at the art museum this morning. deanna? >> reporter: it is cold outside, george. but for many runners coming out here today, hopefully this is the perfect weather for them as 10,000 runners are going to be here in center city for a half marathon. i think running or bundling up are the only two ways you'll stay warm out there this morning as we're looking live at cape may, new jersey, now. beautiful sunrise has just begun. what a great picture that is. but a cold picture for sure. temperatures in the upper 20s down there along the shoreline right now. we are about 12 to 15 degrees below where we should be for this time of year. interesting stuff. i'll be back to let you know when we can warm up and feel more like springtime. and a look at the seven-day after the break. ♪
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