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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  April 10, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now on nbc 10 news today, a spring freeze hits the delaware valley. temperatures this morning have been feeling more like february than april. a live look outside this morning at the skyline in center city. you can see yesterday's snow is gone. but even with clearer skies, we're significantly below normal. we'll get your first alert forecast hour by hour. plus, the flyers clinch a wild card spot. they are headed to the stanley cup playoffs. good sunday morning. i'm george spencer. thank you for joining us on this chilly april day. let's get started with the check of the first alert forecast and meteorologist karen thomas. karen in. >> good morning, george g
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morning, everyone. if you haven't stepped outside yet, you may want to do so to take a temperature check of where you are. the reality is it is feeling like wintertime out there. we don't have any snow in the forecast today. in fact, our thoughts are turning to spring and summer as we look live at cape may. but it doesn't feel like summer down there. we have temperatures right now in and around the region. mainly in the lower 30s. freeze warning in effect for at least the next hour. should be expiring by 10:00 a.m. this morning. but we go ahead and check the area temperatures. the harsh reality is that we are very cold out there. 31 in pottstown. 32 in mount holly. 34 mainly in south jersey. factor in our northwest winds now, this is what it feels like if you step outside this morning. the call is bundle up, we will be warming up a little bit later on today. still not where we should be this time of the year, but feeling a little better than the morning temperatures anyway. we have plenty of sunshine on tap. so there is the good news. stay tuned. we have rain in the forecast and
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i'll talk to you about a warmup when i come back. >> look forward to that. thank you, karen. this morning's cold temperatures are not keeping runners at home. you're looking live. a beautiful shot there of the art museum where a half marathon is going on now. that's where nbc 10's deanna durante is live. you've been watching these runners stay warm really all morning. >> reporter: we have been trying to before they took off from the starting line around an hour ago. many of them wrapped up in blankets. beach towels, even those tin foily looking things that you boy at t buy at the camping and outdoor stores. the runners taking off around 8:00 this morning. rumor has it some of the runners will be coming to the finish line in a few minutes. but some runners here, 10,500 of them in fact coming from all over the country to compete in the philadelphia love run. it is the third time this run has happened here in the city. it is a qualifying race. people tell us they have been excited to come out here all
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day. but they didn't expect it to be as cold. we caught up with some people who just had to be out because they're city lovers with big dogs and had to come outside today. >> i have to get out in this weather. >> yes, exactly. >> doesn't feel too bad if you're in the sun, compared to yesterday. >> reporter: yesterday, snow. so the runners happy they weren't out running around yesterday. you're looking live now at eakins oval, the race start in the north end there and finish in front of the art museum. if you're going to be heading out in in a little while, there will be road closures. we saw a big band of the runners come through the center city area, heading down the drive and coming across the strawberry mansion bridge. that area of the city will have some detours, traffic delays, roads should be open by 10:30 and this whole area here open for traffic between 12 and 12:30. that's the latest live from the art museum. >> you can track the spring freeze coming to an end with the
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nbc 10 app. use our live radar and latest forecast in from the first alert weather team or weather alerts pushed straight to your phone. >> new this morning, check out the damage to this home in bucks county. a vehicle smashed into that house on monroe avenue in bensalem around 5:30 this morning. a number of police and firefighters responded to the scene. there are no reports of any injuries. but as you can see in this shot, there is clearly quite a lot of damage to that house. new from overnight, a man is dead after being shot outside a nightclub in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood. police say that 26-year-old man was shot in the chest outside the nevil nightclub at b street and allegheny avenue. it happened around 2:45 this morning. there are no arrests. two philadelphia 7-elevens were robbed within half an hour of each other and now police are trying to figure out whether those robberies may be connected. around 1:30 this morning,
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robbers pistol whipped a worker at the store on frankfurt avenue in holmesburg. they took cash and cigarettes. then around 2:00 a.m., an employee was pistol whipped again inside a different store, in bridge and thompson street in bridesburg. investigators are working with that store to figure out what was stolen there. so far there have been no arrests. and an off duty philadelphia police officer who was -- who shot and killed a robbery suspect this morning investigators believe that shooting was in fact justified. the officer intervened while the suspect was robbing and elderly man at broad and chew streets in the city's olney section. investigators say the officer yelled at that suspect to put down his gun. the two men exchanged words. police say the man refused to drop his weapon. >> at that point, the suspect turns towards the officer, the officer engages him, i believe there is a discharge at that point in time. the suspect then fled southbound on park avenue toward chew.
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>> suspect was shot in the stomach and collapsed after running away. he died a short time later at the hospital. nurses at einstein medical center in philadelphia are now part of a union. they voted to join the union over concerns about staffing and patient care. union leaders say the hospital spent millions of dollars trying to stop that vote. nearly 3,000 nurses in the philadelphia area have joined the union this year alone. the flyers are returning to the stanley cup playoffs. the orange and black clinched a wild card spot by beating pittsburgh at the wells fargo center and the game you saw here on nbc 10. wayne simmonds scored twice in the flyers 3-1 victory. goalie steve mason stopped 18 of 19 shots. not bad. flyers are back in the post season now after missing it last year. >> feels unbelievable.
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every guy in this dressing room, we battled our butts off for one another. we're where we want to be. >> we have a good team to try and beat washington. we're focused on that now. >> of the flyers open the playoffs at washington wednesday night. today the orange and black will wrap up their regular season on long island. see something, say something could also become get something. we'll explain that coming up in our next half hour. and terror in brussels. the man in the hat has been found. and he's talking. but could he be covering up something else? retirement than the bottom 100 million americans. how does that happen? well, they use lobbyists to get special tax breaks. my plan -- close the tax loopholes and make them pay their fair share. seniors who've worked hard deserve the opportunity to stay independent, pay their bills, and most of all, enjoy their grandchildren. it's time to bring back a basic american value -- fairness.
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to know what's going on, right? snow yesterday, freezing temperatures today. my goodness, where is spring? i'll let you know. we're looking live now at the city and there is bright sunshine, blue skies. so-so far so good, right? it isn't until we get to the temperature readings, little shocking. we are below where we should be this time of the year, 35 degrees in philadelphia. 20s in the poconos. 34 in atlantic city. 35 degrees in dover, delaware. we have about an 8 mile an hour wind out of the northwest. factor that in with cold temperatures and this is what it feels like outside right now. we're in the teens up in the poconos, and lehigh valley there. 26 is what it feels like in philly. this is spring. 24 in atlantic city. what the good news is we don't have much to speak about right now on radar. however, if we look out to the midwest there, and just west of cincinnati into st. louis and parts of memphis and tennessee valley, we see a system that is
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starting to develop. and will be headed our way. we'll see that in the seven day forecast. we have more rain coming our way, but for today, we are dry with a high of 49 to 52. george? >> thanks, karen. traffic alert this morning for drivers in bucks county, part of route one in falls township is still closed down this morning. because of this accident involving at least four vehicles. this was the scene captured by one of our traffic cameras in that area. the accident happened near oxford valley road, around 2:00 this morning. there are serious injuries, but we're still working to find out exactly how many people are hurt. still to come on nbc 10 news today -- >> i love doughnuts. >> a way of dieting that was once shunned by doctors is gaining the endorsement of some in the medical community.
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happening today, the weather is not going to stop today's street festival in manayunk. food trucks will line main street at some 75 different vendors. offer up their tasty treats. savory barbecue, sweet desserts. should be something for pretty much everyone out there. there will be music and a beer garden as well. that event starts at 11:00 a.m. and runs until 5:00 p.m. this week's wednesday's child is a bright and fun teen who is also a real people person. he's looking to find a forever family to love and support him throughout life. nbc 10's vai sikahema introduces us to wally.
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>> he's been the star of -- >> reporter: a lot of kids like dinosaurs but it fades. not so for 17-year-old wally. >> my mom put on -- i was, like -- >> reporter: that's why we took him to dinosaur hall at drexel university. the manager gave us a behind the scenes tour of the exhibit. >> just imagine what these things could have been like alive still. >> reporter: wally imagines what life would be like with a forever family. >> someone who would always be there, somebody that can keep trying, you can get there, you'll be soon enough, and, like, go home to someone who can actually like call mom and dad. >> reporter: wally is a bright tenth grader who loves to learn and he's griffin enough af driv have an after school job. >> wally loves people. so the more the merrier. he loves to be around other kids
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his age or within a few years of him. really one parent, two parents, really wouldn't matter to wally. as long as he has people he can count on, that can count on him, and he would be a perfect fit for anyone's family. >> reporter: wally is this week's wednesday's child. >> and if you would like to make wally's dream come true, or the dream of any wednesday's child, go to and search wednesday's child. you can also call the national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt. take a look at the focus on these kids' faces. their intensity was on display at the 76ers basketball clinic. nbc 10 was at philadelphia university in east falls yesterday. that's where hundreds of kids got to practice with the team. those kids also scored autographs from the players. 76 great will free was there
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along with the mascot and some of the 76ers dancers. i'm meteorologist karen thomas looking at our weather headlines. still cold out there. if you haven't been outside, we're going to be on the cold side today. we're wondering what the forecast for the phillies home opener tomorrow, i'll let you know. and when will we feel like spring? we have had a heck of a weekend with the snow yesterday. and the freeze warning overnight last night and then the cold temperatures today. we're ready for some spring-like temperatures, i think. 35 degrees officially in philadelphia right now. these area temperatures are painting more of a winter-like picture for us. 32 in allentown. 31 in pottstown. temperatures aren't bumping up very quickly today. that will pretty much be our story as we move on through our sunday afternoon. plenty of sunshine at least until the latter part of the day. there is the good news. we like the sunshine. we'll stay dry today, getting a chance for any of that snow that is left over on the grassy areas
9:18 am
to melt away. winds picking up a little bit out of the northwest now. we still have that cool northwesterly flow. 15 miles per hour in philadelphia. 15 in atlantic city right now. factor that into the temperatures that we already have in place, very cold out there. this is what it feels like. so if you're heading out for church services or whatever you may be doing today, you're going to want to bundle up. we have remaining minutes for our freeze warning, which is set to expire at 10:00 a.m. this morning. and we're dry, high and dry, i should say, look at that, no clouds to worry about in the mid-atlantic on the east coast. attention turns to the new system that is developing out here. just pushing west to east right on through the ohio valley. and, again, some snow configured in here as well as a lot of moisture pulling that moisture up from the gulf of mexico. we'll be watching that and likely to bring us some showers in the early part of our workweek. for today, though, high pressure in place, plenty of sunshine, and so even by about 5:00, we should stay sunny with some clouds filtering in.
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moving through our sunday evening and early tomorrow morning. we do get a bit of moisture coming in out front of the system i just showed you. so as we do, clouds will be funneling in for our monday morning. and this is really sort of hit or miss for passing shower activity for our monday. doesn't look like a washout. we got the home opener at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. looking okay. it is tuesday, that's in question because the front does sort of organize and move through our area monday night into tuesday. and so tuesday is looking cloudy. and good chance of some rain falling, potentially heavy rain coming through on tuesday. sun and clouds today, breezy conditions, high temperatures across the region. 49 to 52. winds will shift from the northwest to the southwest as we move on through the day. 49 for our high in philadelphia. we're looking for a temperature spike there of 60 degrees tomorrow. some peaks of sun to start out. clouds rolling in. the game isn't looking like a wash, but have the umbrella in
9:20 am
case a pop-up shower occurs and have the umbrellas for tuesday as showers make its way into our weather picture. george? >> karen, thank you. still ahead, the race for the white house moves forward. the presidential candidates on both sides of the aisle are gearing up for a critical showdown.
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former new orleans saints defensive end will smith is dead after police say he was shot and killed during an apparent road rage incident. it happened in new orleans late last night and investigators say smith's car was rear-ended. he apparently got out of the vehicle and exchanged words with the other driver who pulled out a gun and shot him. smith's wife was also shot, she survived. will smith played nine seasons with the saints. he is scheduled to be inducted into the team's hall of fame this fall. five people including two toddlers are dead after a head on crash on a california highway. police say a honda civic was trying to pass other cars on a two-lane road near sacramento when it lost control. the silverado smashed into it. three women and two little girls in that honda all died. the four people in the silverado had minor injuries. in decision 2016, ted cruz scores a sweep in colorado last
9:24 am
night. the republican presidential candidate won all 13 delegates that were up for grabs at a state convention. aides to donald trump say they expected to lose in colorado. trump still leads cruz by about 200 delegates in the fight for the gop nomination. meanwhile, in the democratic race, bernie sanders won the wyoming caucus yesterday. the vermont senator got 56% of the vote compared to hillary clinton's 44%. nbc news shows clinton leading sanders, though, by more than 200 pledged delegates. the presidential candidates are now focused on new york, which holds its primary a week from tuesday. the two democrats campaigned in new york city yesterday. >> if we can win here, it absolutely opens the door to a path toward victory to the white house. >> we are on the path to the nomination, but i need -- i need to win big here in new york. >> on the republican side, ted
9:25 am
cruz was in virginia trying to pick up three unbound delegates there. john kasich was in upstate new york repeating his claims that winning the gop nomination hinges on an open national convention. in the meantime, donald trump was off the campaign trail yesterday, but he still generated some news. trump made $100,000 donation to the national september 11th memorial and museum in manhattan. according to a museum spokesperson. trump and his wife stopped at that memorial for their first visit which was private. in our region, pennsylvania and delaware hold their primary elections coming up on april 26th. new jersey primary voters will go to the polls on june 7th. and to stay on top of all of the buzz from the campaign trail, and to check out a full list of the upcoming primaries and caucuses, just tap your nbc 10 app. donald trump's new convention manager paul manafort
9:26 am
and democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders will be chuck todd's guests on nbc 10's "meet the press." that comes your way this morning at 10:30, right here on nbc 10. and it is definitely a little late for april fool's, but a major newspaper is taking aim at donald trump by using a phony front page. take a look. you'll find this topping a section of the morning's boston globe. it shows the photo of the gop candidate with the headline, deportations to begin. it is dated april 9th, 2017. in other words, one year from today. the globe's editor called the satire, quote, an exercise at taking a man at his word. trump has called for millions of undocumented immigrants to be deported. so far there has been no comment or tweet from his campaign about that phony page. when we come back on nbc 10 news today, we'll take a look at the top story including that
9:27 am
spring freeze, that is shocking mother nature and the rest of us. deanna durante is live at the art museum this morning. deanna? >> reporter: if they're feeling it, the runners aren't slowing down from the cold weather. they're starting to come in from the third annual love run. a couple of women from the philly area crossing the finish line. very exciting. if you're heading outside, you are going to need a coat, maybe some gloves. i know i was piling on the layers early this morning. we are in the spring freeze. we're looking live at cape may, new jersey. temperature reading down there in the upper 30s right now. we're not looking to warm up too much, but we do have a spring warmup in the seven-day. stay tuned. i'll be back with your full forecast in a bit.
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nbc 10 starts now. right now on nbc 10, snowfall turns parts of the delaware valley into a winter wonderland. even though our calendar says it actually should be spring outside. and right now, a live look at eakins oval outside the philadelphia museum of art where the first runners are crossing that finish line you see there as part of the philadelphia love run. snow is gone, but the cold temperatures have stuck around.
9:31 am
very good sunday morning to you. i'm george spencer. it is now 9:30, much of our area did dip below freezing this morning. let's check the sunday forecast with meteorologist karen thomas. >> that's right, george. waking up very early this morning. our temperatures in and around the region were about 15 degrees below where we should be for low temperature this time of year. i think somebody is looking at winter calendar when we're actually in spring. as we look live at the art museum, it is a beautiful sunny day out there. but cold and crisp for sure. temperature readings still primarily in the lower 30s. little colder to the north there. 35 in philadelphia. and just about the mid-30s everywhere else with the exception of mount holly where it is 32 degrees. we have a northwesterly wind now, picking up to about 15 miles per hour in philadelphia. so factor in the wind outside. and this is what it feels like. teens up in the poconos. 24 in atlantic city. 27 degrees in wilmington. we'll say good-bye to the freeze
9:32 am
warning with the exception of those areas in purple. that was for last night and today, what we can expect sun and clouds, breezy conditions, high temps across the region, 49 to 52 degrees. still not as warm as where we should be, but a different story in the seven day. i'll be back with that in a minute. as we were saying, a rare april snowfall blanketed much of our region. this latest round of the spring freeze began with that burst of heavy wet snow. today, though, it is dry, but definitely cold. nbc 10's deanna durante is live at the art museum where some people are keeping warm by running a half marathon. that should do the trick. >> it should until you stop the finish line, which is what is happening now. take a look, the first batch of runners coming through that start at about 15 to 20 minutes ago. we haven't seen the main pack of runners come through. but a number of them coming to their waiting family members who have coats and blankets for them. take a look as the race stepped off 8:00 this morning.
9:33 am
the third annual philly love run, 10,500 runners right now on the streets of philadelphia wrapping around center city. the majority coming in through the strawberry mansion area as we speak. there are some delays there. we talked to some people from out of town who said, you know, the calendar said april. we thought it would be warmer. >> little chilly, yeah. but we'll warm up when we're running. >> first time we have ever done anything like this, so emma is graduating and we're doing this together. >> so mom and daughter there, i did talk to dad who is tapped g i standing by waiting. he said he would be by the food truck while his wife and daughter finished the race, hopefully getting coffee and staying warm. if you're heading out on the roads this morning, some center city streets still closed at this point. the race started here, wove through the city there on to martin luther king drive, through strawberry mansion, back to the city. those delays are going to be in place until about 10:30 here around the art museum, this will
9:34 am
clear up around 12:00, 12:30. that's the latest. deanna durante, back to you. and this morning, we're learning new information about the terror group which bombed brussels, they originally planned a second attack on france. that information comes after the arrest of terror suspect mohamed abrini. he admitted to being the so-called man in the hat seen with two of the brussels bombers at the airport. prosecutors say the terrorists rushed the brussels attack after realizing they were close to being caught. abrini was also seen on security footage with one of the paris attackers just two days before the terror spree in that country. a u.s. senator wants tips on social media that stop terrorists to earn a reward. charles schumer said he's introducing a bill that would require a $25,000 reward for any information that is generated through social media that actually prevents a terror attack.
9:35 am
he says the public should say something if they see something on their news feed. schumer says current law does not cover tips that are generated through social media. tomorrow, a jury will continue its deliberations in the case of two philadelphia police officers who are charged with beating a suspect. officer shawn mcknight and kevin robinson allegedly beat a man during a 2013 traffic stop. prosecutors say najeh rivera was attacked by the officers for no reason after he was mistaken for a drug courier. the police officers deny the charge saying rivera attacked them. rivera died late last year after being hurt during a fight unrelated to this case. the only woman on the fbi's most wanted list is now in custody. brenda delgado is accused in the murder for hire of a texas dentist. police say she was jealous that her ex-boyfriend was dating
9:36 am
kendra hatcher. delgado was nabbed in northern mexico after more than 6 months on the run and just days after being named to the most wanted list. delgado is accused of hiring christopher love to murder hatcher. he was arrested just a few days after that killing. >> we're learning new details of teen sex abuse allegations involving dennis hastert, the former speaker of the house. he's accused of sexually abusing four teenage boys on the high school wrestling team he coached nearly 40 years ago. now federal prosecutors say hastert paid hush money to a man who was 14 when hastert molest him ed him at a hotel. >> very validating to me that steve's story is finally being believed and acknowledged on the same light it maybe me extremely sad for the other boys that have
9:37 am
gone through this. >> hastert faces sentencing later this month for breaking banking laws in a series of payments he made to one victim. the feds want him to serve up to six months in prison. hastert's lawyer say that punishment should only be probation. still ahead, villanova's coach fought to make the wildcats national champions. now a new fight, saving children. plus this. a celebration turns deadly at an indian temple killing more than 100 people and leaving hundreds of others hurt. we'll get an update next. vo: president obama endorses
9:38 am
katie mcginty for u.s. senate, calling her "a champion for working families." the 9th of 10 kids, her dad's union pension and social security made all the difference. in pennsylvania, mcginty helped implement obamacare and expand coverage. trump and toomey have attacked obamacare and social security. to fight back, president obama wants mcginty in the senate to protect women, families and seniors. vote in the democratic primary, april 26th. mcginty: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message. ♪ i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms®. we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me.
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my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms®. no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey. brought to you bytitude escape to margaritaville, the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. featuring a second chance trip to the fabulous margaritaville beach resort in hollywood beach, florida. the ultimate paradise getaway, offering relaxation, entertainment and adventure. incredible dining and more. escape to margaritaville. paradise could be yours in an instant. keep on scratchin' all right, so i said it earlier this morning, i'll say it again. i think a cold day at the beach is better than no day at the beach and it is cold as we look live at this beautiful shot of
9:40 am
cape may, new jersey. and that beach is looking very inviting. the temperature reading is 36 degrees right now. i don't know how inviting that is. but nice crisp stroll on the beach, just double park it up. you'll be okay. 35 in philadelphia now. 32 in mount holly. we factor in the wind. the wind has been increasing as you move through the morning hours. 15 miles per hour clocked in atlantic city. 12 in wildwood and 15 in philadelphia. so we do factor that in with the already very cold temperature. and this is what it feels like outside, feels like 24 degrees in atlantic city. feels like 26 in philadelphia. now, we will bump up in the temperature range, not too much, but a almost bit, making it feel better this afternoon. 49 for a high temp in philadelphia. 52 south and east for a high temperature. those winds will shift from the west/northwest to the southwest. giving us a little bit of a push, but plenty of sunshine now and we do expect the clouds to
9:41 am
come in as we get closer to dinner time. the breezy conditions will stay with us. but for now, all and all, not a bad forecast. considering what we had yesterday with all that snowfall. george? thanks, karen. now to a developing story out of southern india. a massive fire has left more than 100 people dead at a hindu temple. this is new video of the explosion that started the fire. it happened during an illegal fireworks show. thousands of people were packed into the temple complex when the big explosion happened. the blaze quickly spread through the temple and trapped people inside. most of the 102 people who died perished when the building where the fireworks were stored began collapsing. more than 200 other people are also hurt. this morning, secretary of state john kerry arrived in japan along with foreign ministers of other g-7 nations. u.s. ambassador caroline kennedy
9:42 am
greeted kerry. he and the ministers will hold talks in hiroshima and take a tour of the city, devastated by a u.s. atomic bomb near the end of world war ii. president obama could become the first u.s. president to visit hiroshima. the washington post reports white house aides are exploring a presidential side trip during the g-7 summit next month. one administration official suggested the president could deliver a speech on doing away with nuclear weapons. u.s. hastened the end of world war ii by dropping the world's first atomic bombs on hiroshima and nagasaki. observers say previous presidents have not visited out of concern it might be seen as an apology. still ahead, the philadelphia police officer shot three times in an ambush getting back into the swing of things in a major way. that's ahead on nbc 10 news today.
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this is nbc 10 news. one week ago today, an amtrak train collided with a backhoe, killing two workers and amtrak is now retraining workers on basic safety. investigators are expected to issue a report on what they found so far in just the next few days. the federal railroad administration told amtrak to go over track safety and communication protocols. experts believe that is an indication that the two workers did not even realize that the track they were working on had been reopened to train traffic. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> all right, i'm meteorologist karen thomas, let's look at our weather headlines, we are still cold for sure, especially if you haven't stepped outside just yet. temperature readings below where we should be this time of year in terms of the low overnight low temperatures.
9:46 am
home opener tomorrow, i'll let you know what we can expect in the way of the forecast. and answer the question, when will spring-like temperatures be here. we're looking for the mild conditions, aren't we, especially after yesterday's snow. it is currently 35 degrees officially in philadelphia. plenty of sunshine out there and bright skies, but it is not really helping us much in the way of temperatures. temperature readings are still pretty cold out there, mainly in the lower to mid-30s. and we do have a bit of a wind to speak of, winds out of the northwest now, just sort of continuing to funnel in the cooler air. 15 miles per hour in philadelphia. 15 in atlantic city. so that wind will continue from the northwest for a bit, getting us a windchill. this is what if feels like if you're stepping outside for first time, might be surprising to you. you'll want to bundle up, 26 is what it feels like in philadelphia. if you're heading up to the lehigh valley or further north, teens, that's what it is going to feel like up there. high pressure in play, so we say thank you for the dry conditions right now and the sunshine, but
9:47 am
then as we back up here, we do see the next system developing here, just pushing into the midwest. and pretty sizable low pressure system. it will be headed our way. you do see -- don't get scared, you see the snow here crossing through into the western part of pennsylvania. we really are just looking for shower activity in the next 48 hours out of the system. we'll keep a close eye on it. clouds thickening out of this later on today and tonight into tomorrow. future weather showing that a quick moving front for tomorrow that is poised to move in could bring us a spotty shower tomorrow. little bit of a mixed bag for the start of our workweek. and getting ready for the phillies home opener tomorrow at 3:00. have the umbrellas handy. not looking like a washout until we get to tuesday morning. overnight monday into tuesday, temperatures will be rebounding for those overnight lows, but we're looking for the system to bring us some rain as it moves into the area. so for today, we'll stay dry.
9:48 am
sun and clouds, breezy conditions, 49 for a high temperature. 52 in the other areas south and east. so 49 here in philadelphia. we're going to stay cold today and then we're going to moderate just a bit, 60 degrees tomorrow. tomorrow is not looking like a bad day, just a chance of pop-up showers later on in the afternoon. not a washout. and then tuesday, heavier rain moves into the picture. temperatures still in the upper 50s. but then we really do rebound, getting closer to normal for thursday, friday, and then, oh, looking forward to that warming, 66 with sunshine come next saturday. > good morning to you. i'm danny pommells. after watching the bruins lose to the senators, the flyers took the ice knowing a win over the penguins would get them into the playoffs. before the game, have a look at this, lauren hart, singing god bless america, ed snyder resting in california with health issues.
9:49 am
late first period, down 1-0. wayne simmonds ties the game. more simmonds. flyers hold the lead and add an empty netter 3-1 and grab the second wild card. marshall harris has more from the dressing room. >> reporter: with a new head coach in dave hakstol, the flyers won five of their first 18 games. despite that slow start, here they are back in the playoffs. >> we worked so hard to get to this point in the year. and i thought we deserved that. that's only one stop. but it is a huge stop for us. >> been through a lot since the whole season, you know, and we really -- we really believed in what we were doing and how we were going to do it and it is a relief to know we're going to play in the playoffs. >> we have been pushing hard. we have put a lot into it. and this is one of the rewards for the guys. so step one accomplished. but that's it.
9:50 am
step one. >> reporter: when the flyers start the playoffs next week, it will be against washington. the team with the best record in the league. the captain claude giroux told me facing adversity down the stretch has them ready for that challenge. for nbc 10, marshall harris, comcast sports net. >> about that challenge, beating the capitals means stopping alex ovechkin. that is not easy. last night, he had a hat trick over the blues. third and final goal, the 50th of the season, which is tops in the nhl. he had two goals in four games against the flyers this season. the team split their four meetings. baseball now, vince valasquez made his start. he was part of the trade that sent giles to houston. he had a strong start, striking out the side in the third. could the offense help him out? not much offense on a cold night in the big apple. ryan howard, though, living the hard knock life. opposite wade jack, second of
9:51 am
the season, only run of the game. phillies get their first win 1-0. a rough day at the masters yesterday. only five players had rounds under par. six players shot in the 80s. it was a windy day on the course. 16th hole though, smiley kauffman in his first masters. yes, his name is smiley and yes, he's wearing funky green pants. but just off the green, gets the birdie, only player to break 70. 69 for him. defending champion jordan spieth three shot lead on 18 but dreaded three putt on that hole cards a 73 for the day, three under, one shot ahead of kauffman. that is your look at sports.
9:52 am
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quite a dance. villanova students raised money for pediatric cancer research at this dance-a-thon. they were on their feet for 12 hours straight yesterday. nova dance is a year long fund-raising effort which ends with the dance marathon. and both of villanova's championship winning coaches stood side by side in their fight against cancer. jay wright and rollie massimino were part of the 13th annual american cancer society's coaches versus cancer gala in center city. massimino was honored at the event. he was the coach of the 1985 national champion villanova team. >> it's been extremely exciting. we had a great time. i can't talk. i'm so proud to be a part of this wonderful event. >> cool moment for him. philadelphia, the most successful coaches versus cancer
9:55 am
program in the entire nation. they have raised close to $11 million since 1996. there are weight loss strategies out there called the every other day, the 5-2 or the alternate day diet. they all involve intermittent fasting. the medical community once shunned it but now some say it can work. as janet shamlian reports, there could be benefits beyond just losing weight. >> reporter: it was a diet that allowed jennifer stewart to eat all her first foods. >> i love doughnuts. >> reporter: there was also cookies and pies, pizza and ice cream. >> when the weight started coming off, were you kind of surprised? >> yes, i was. i thought it was too good to be true. >> reporter: but 1 mon8 months , the scale proved otherwise. she lost 110 and had a closet full of clothes like this. when you look at it now, what do you think? >> it is unbelievable.
9:56 am
>> reporter: jennifer was intermittent fasting, a way of dieting once criticized by the medical community, now gaining scientific endorsement. here's how it works. one day, jennifer would eat only 500 calories. but the next, more than four times that amount. 2200 calories. a plate that looks like this. nutritionists say the diet works because overall calories are reduced. and the high calorie days don't become outright binges. >> people for some reason are almost unable to binge on that day. they tend to only eat about 10% more than they would usually eat and we have seen that in about 600 or 700 people now. >> reporter: research shows fasting might also slow the aging process and reduce the risk of cancer and diabetes. now on a maintenance plan, with slightly higher calories, jennifer lost another 20 pounds and gained her confidence. >> it shocks my family because they had no idea that i would ever -- that i would ever lose weight. i had no idea either.
9:57 am
>> reporter: a weight loss regiment showing results when feast is combined with famine. janet shamlian, nbc news, cookston, minnesota. a philadelphia police officer who was ambushed on the job several months ago will throw out the very first pitch at the philly's home opener tomorrow. officer jessy hartnett was shot three times in the arm during an ambush attack back in january, he has had several surgeries since then. but he's still recovering. if you can't make it to south philly for tomorrow's home opener, nbc 10 has you covered. you can catch our pregame special at 2:00, followed by that first pitch at 3:00. it is all right here on nbc 10. and nbc 10 news today continues. it may be spring, but the winter weather makes a comeback. deanna durante is live at the art museum. deanna? >> reporter: take a look now. you can see that the runners are
9:58 am
coming through now. wi we will have the latest for you on the weather coming up. this change in attitude brought to you by escape to margaritaville, the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. featuring a second chance trip to the fabulous margaritaville beach resort in hollywood beach, florida.
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nbc 10 news starts now. bundle up if you're headed outside this morning. this is a live picture at eekens oval at the philadelphia art museum where runners are finishing the philadelphia love run, a half marathon this morning. a freeze warning has just expired for much of our area. do not expect too much of a warmup today. and also, new this morning, the man in the hat has been caught and he's talk ing. he explains why his terrorist group decided to strike brussels. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm george spencer. it is now 10:00 a.m. on this sunday morning. let's get a check of our sunday weather


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