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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  April 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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right now at 6:00, the search is on for a driver who took off after plowing his suv into a bucks county home. and police believe he may have been drunk. good evening, i'm lauren make. this unfolded on monroe avenue in bensalem at 5:30 this morning. we're joined live at the scene and pamela, it's amazing no one was seriously hurt here. >> it's remarkable. when you stop and consider, when you look at the damage and think in a no one was hurt, not even the driver, who took off after he crashed his car into that home. >> we were going to the bathroom
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at 5:00 mt morning. >> nothing could have prepared these neighbors for what they saw and heard. >> we think about a thunderstorm, we opened our window and we see -- that no thunderstorm. >> instead, there was this -- a gray suv sitting inside of her neighbor's living room. and a man running from the vehicle. >> i saw the person came from the door and go from there. >> barrett davis owns the home. he was sleeping upstairs when it hit. >> i'm not lucky, i'm blessed. >> he shared these pictures with us, looking at the damage from the inside. >> it's a car turned suedways. i thought it was a dream. >> according to police, the suv had been traveling northbound on knight road. the posted speed, 35, but the driver was going much faster. >> he did travel airborne quite a distance, to have enough force to go through a home. you can just imagine what kind of speed that had to be. >> police believe the man behind the wheel was intoxicated.
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>> look at the fence, it jumped the fence. >> the runaway driver took out part of this garden shed before launching into the davis home. look at the dirt on the roof and the debris blown to the back of the house. >> neighbors we spoke to grateful that the things that were damaged can be repaired. i should mention that the woman who lives here was taken to the hospital. her husband told me that she suffered a medical emergency after witnessing all of this. good news is she is expected to be okay. and that's really all that matters to them. they say they have insurance, they can make the repairs on their home. as for the suspect, police are asking anyone who knows who this driver may have been, to give them a call. reporting live in bensalem, i'm pamela osbourne, nbc 10 news. new tonight, a woman was
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found dead inside her car in a salem county creek. the woman made a wrong turn after leaving the salem county sportsman's club in carney's point pate last night and ended up in the creek. a worker found her car this morning. >> turning now to the weather, no sign of snow outside today. but it still feels pretty cold for april. taking a live look at cape may, where people are certainly waiting for a warm-up. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with a look at the forecast. and glenn, temperatures are going up a bit. but i understand we also have some wet weather in the forecast. >> yeah we do have some showers on the way. and especially on tuesday rixt now we're starting to see the clouds increase. we've had a lot of sunshine today. but it's also been pretty chilly for this time of the year. nothing compared to yesterday when it was so cold it was
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snowing. 50 degrees now, it's in the 40s across much of the area, except for 39 degrees at mount pocono. the temperatures have kind of gotten back to normal. and especially by monday and tuesday, temperatures getting back into the 60s after being in the 40s for the last couple of days. the clouds are on the increase. a couple of sprinkles up in the poconos, the main area of showers are way back to the west. that will start to come in as early as tomorrow. more on that and if it will affect the phillies' opening game in a few minutes. police say robberies at two philadelphia 7-elevens are connected. the first was around 1:30 this morning in that case, robbers pist pistol-whipped an owner at a store on franksberg and around 2:00 a.m. a employee was pistol-whipped at the store in
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bridge and thompson streets. police are looking for two men believed to be in their 20s. a $20,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of a person who shot and killed a man outside a kensington nightclub overnight. police say the 26-year-old victim was shot in the chest outside the club at b street and alleghany avenue. he was take tonight hospital where he died. on the latest in the terror on brussels, the extremists who bombed brussels last month and initially planned to launch their assault on france. that's accordle to belgian authorities. prosecutors say they were surprised by how fast the investigation on the france attacks were moving so they decided to attack brussels instead. four men were arrested in raids in brussels over the weekend. one of them is the man in the hat police were looking for. that man, mohammed abrini was seen walking with two other bombing suspects at the airport in belgium. a suspect is under arrest for the shooting death of former
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new orleans saints player will smith. police say he was gunned down in what appears to be a road rage incident. investigators say the suspect rear-ended smith. when he and his wife were in new orleans last night. the two men argued, that's when police say cardell hayes pulled out a gun and shot smith several times and then shot smith's wife twice in the legs. she survived. authorities say there's no evidence that smith was targeted. excitement is building for tomorrow's phillies home opener. a live look at citizens bank park where the phils will take on the padres tomorrow afternoon. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live at the ballpark with a look at how they're preparing for the big game. i have to think they're feeling pretty good. coming off of two straight wins. >> two in a row, lauren, a lot of momentum from this young team heading into the big game. home opener at the ballpark, they're getting it set up now.
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we got you a sneak peek into what fans coming to the game can expect. >> as the phillies ground crew paints opening day on freshly groomed grass, u.s. navy jumpers descend into the stadium, the leap frog parachute team on a practice run ahead of the big game tomorrow. >> they just come from the clouds, 6500 feet up. >> the phillies say it will be an all-day block party. close to a sellout for first pitch at 3:00 p.m. >> we have a huge bud and burgers trailer, a two-story bar. which i think phillies fans might like. >> phillies legend mike schmidt immortalized on the statue in the park tells nbc 10 this team is fun, but fun to watch. >> fans need to come to the park and watch baseball. >> the threat of storms looming ahead of the game tomorrow. >> it's looking milder tomorrow. but it brings the four-letter r
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word we don't like hearing in baseball. >> the first pitch will be thrown out by philadelphia police officer jesse hartnet, who was ambushed at shot during an attack in january. the phillies say his recovery is going strong and he expects to throw a strike. live at the bank, randy enginele hal. nbc 10 news. well if you can't make it to tomorrow's home opener, you can count on nbc 10 for your complete coverage. catch our pre-game special at 2:00, followed by the first pitch at 3:00. all right here on nbc 10. president obama giving his take, why he's weighing in on hillary clinton's email scandal as she focuses on rallying her supporters. plus, what would life with president donald trump look like? we'll show you how one newspaper took a very public swipe at a republican front-runner.
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? decision 2016, president obama acknowledged today that hillary clinton was careless. but said she did not jeopardize national security by using her personal email as secretary of state. >> here's what i know, hillary clinton was an outstanding secretary of state. she would never intentionally put america in any kind of jeopardy. >> appearing this morning on fox news sunday, the president also said he guarantees that there would be no political influence over the justice department's investigation. meanwhile, clinton rallied supporters in baltimore ahead of maryland's april 26th primary. clinton democratic rivals, bernie sanders riled up hundreds of supporters at coney island, telling them he's listening to their voice, instead of hustling money on wall street and from billionaires. a dig at clinton. sanders will head to upstate new york to campaign tomorrow
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morning. the empire state holds its primary a week from tuesday. the "boston globe" offered a satirical glimpse of what the paper's editorial board says america could look like if donald trump becomes president. take a look at this. deportations to begin, that's what it said there. the "globe" believes that would be a headline a year from now if trump becomes president. other stories in the edition? looms. the editorial board said their goal is to create a conversation about what a donald trump presidency could look like. glenn? well i'm tracking the return of spring-like weather, but it's also a wet start to the work week. just how much rain can you expect? in nye nbc 10 first alert seven-day forecast. and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share.
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then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. brought to you bytitude escape to margaritaville, the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. featuring a second chance trip to the fabulous margaritaville beach resort in hollywood beach, florida. the ultimate paradise getaway, offering relaxation, entertainment and adventure. incredible dining and more. escape to margaritaville. paradise could be yours in an instant. keep on scratchin'
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surveillance video catch as thief in the act at a furniture store in kensington.
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watch the right side of your screen. the couple in this video is inside the mattress and furniture outlet on kensington avenue. the store owner was outside. the couple brought into the is store. the man reached over the desk, picked up an ipad and hid it under his clothes. if you recognize this couple, call police. two annual spring runs took place today in philadelphia. the first, the children's hospital of philadelphia's walk for hope at the navy yard in south philadelphia. the 5k run and twok family walk benefits of center for pediatric inflammatory bowel disease. the hospital cares for about 1400 children with this disease every year. and runners laced up for the annual love run half marathon. more than 10,000 people from 44 states participated. xfinity live hosted a post-race finish festival.
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there was live music. a beer garden and food. we at nbc 10 team members get invited to a lot of great events. but today one of our vehicles got the invite. nbc 10's new news force 10 jeep wrangler was on display. the local company was one of the nation's most popular jeep outfitters, every month they host an event. it was also a fundraiser for the michael strange foundation, that supports the the families of fallen soldiers. so here it was out of the country on vacation. fly back into philadelphia, and it's snowing? well not any more. that was pretty amazing. it's april here. we've got monday showers possible. rain showers, not snowshowers. we're tracking some heavy rain
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coming in. that may coming in on tuesday. but warmer weather this week. it's going to feel like spring for at least a couple of days. and good timing for the phillies, may actually get to escape the worst of the rain when they're trying to play, as you'll see in a minute. 50 degrees right now. the wind west-southwest at 13, 12 degrees warmer than at this time yesterday. 39 in mount pocono, temperatures in the mid 40s. to near 50 degrees. and that still way below average, the average high is 62 at this time of the year. we're talking about 40s for most parts of the area. it's still way below normal and as we go through the night tonight, at least the temperatures are not going to drop very much. only down to about 40. the clouds are increasing. the showers, though, mostly pretty far back to the west. as you can see. in indiana moving into ohio now.
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now how? going to affect the phillies? i think the showers will come in the morning. by the time they play in the afternoon, it's going to be windy. southerly wind blowing out to left field, temperatures getting into the mid 60s, way warmer than today and a shower chance, i think that generally comes on tuesday. as you'll see. now we could get a couple of little light showers tomorrow morning. then in the afternoon, it warms up, and then on tuesday that's when the heavy stuff starts coming in. as we go perhaps even into the morning rush. look at that. some heavier rain then. now as we go through the night tonight, the clouds run creasing, not as cold as last night. 39 degrees for the low in philadelphia. tomorrow, chance of showers, especially in the morning and then the wind picks up. the temperature goes up. into the mid 60s. and the seven-day forecast, it's kind of warm tuesday morning, with the rain and then the
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temperatures drop in the afternoon. sunshine on wednesday, then the temperatures going up a little bit. we're not talking about some real warm weather here and it gets cooler friday and saturday as well. >> coming up, the 6ers make a big change in the front office and the phillies are red hot heading into their home opener. how they beat the mets in two straight, next. when you think about success,
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what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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hey, danny pomles with you once again. sam hinky step down as ers general manager. team ownership held a press conference to introduce the new
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leader. jerry colangelo stepped down and his son, brian was named president of basketball operations, brian colangelo served as gm of the raptors for 2006-2013. he does not have issues with sam hinky's process. >> i do think it's been a success and the reason i say that is because we're at a jumping-off point now where the organization is poised to take a major leap forward. because of what's transpired over this last few years of what i'm going to call a measured rebuilding process. when we move forward, you're going to be excited about the pieces that come to the table. >> both sam and i and kind of others recognize the need to add to the organization, we've always been up front about wanting to do that. when it came down to it, we couldn't agree on how to do it and who the right person was. so it didn't, sam exited. i don't think i underestimated
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sam. >> when it comes to the future of head coach brett brown, colangelo says that he deserves the chance to see things through. to the phillies now, they were looking to take two of three from the mets today before playing their home opener tomorrow afternoon here on nbc 10. let's have a look, dog days of summer not here just yet. but the dogs are out. enjoying ballpark munchies. sharing a hot dog with your dog. that's kind of weird. but bottom five, jeremy helderson getting help from his defense, theo walker and cedric hunter says you will not get a base hit. makes a diving grab. herrera mowed the lawn and trimmed the hedges. phillies lead 3-0. blanco pinch-hitting, mr. white finds the gap in right center. another run scores to give the phillies a three-run lead. and in the ninth, the bull pen han an achilles heel, no the today, gomez strikes out walker swinging. phillies win and take the series 5-2.
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the flyers clinched a playoff spot yesterday, will play their season finale tonight against the islanders, a game rescheduled due to january's blizzard. carly lloyd and the women's team taking on colombia, coming on the heels of a complaint filed last week by five team members, looking for pay equity in the men's squad in the second half things pick up. check out the play, julie johnston makes a sick play in the box, chips it over the keeper, 79th minute johnson with the header. usa wins 3-0. meanwhile the masters third-round leader and defending champ jordan spieth quadruple bogeyed to lose the lead. danny willett has a two-stroke lead. back to you. time to check in with kate snow for a look at what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." >> well tonight we've got the latest on the shooting death of the new orleans former saints defensive end, will smith.
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also how san francisco became the first city to mandate fully-paid parental leave. we're talking about six weeks off for both parents now in san francisco and we'll hop aboard the bio bus, a look at how a lab on wheels is giving kids an appreciation for science. when we see you in a few minutes on "nbc nightly news." we'll see you in a few minutes and we'll be right back.
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glenn back with us now, i'm not so happy about the rain, but it sounds like we're okay for the phillies. >> better than the snow yesterday. >> which was kind of like rain. >> light showers possible, mostly tomorrow morning and heavier rain tuesday. >> thanks, that's it for nbc 10 news. for now, for all of us here, i'm lauren make, we'll see you back at 11:00, have a great night, everyone.
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on this sunday night, road rage murder, a former nfl star shot and killed, after a car crash. police now working to piece together what led to the death of saints player will smith. taking a stand, as donald trump resets his campaign, one of the country's leading newspapers puts out a satirical and provocative vision of what a trump presidency would look like. target paris. officials in belgium say the brussels bombing were a backup plan. the attackers initially wanted to strike paris again. pour dborder violence. the chaotic scene in northern greece as macedonia cracks down hard, injuring dozens of migrants. and family time. the


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