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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  April 11, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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r you. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. right now at 11:00, it is opening day at citizens bank park for the philadelphia phillies as you take a look right now as the phillies get set to take on the san diego padres this afternoon at 3:05. you'll watch that game right here on nbc 10, and we'll have your game day forecast coming up, as well, but first -- >> we have breaking news about the passing of a philadelphia legend. a man who took his vision and he made it a reality. flyers co-founder ed snider has died after a long battle with bladder cancer. snider was 83 years old. he was a man of passion and perseverance who made his mark on philadelphia sports and had a lasting impact on the lives of
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so many children through his youth hockey foundation. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. ed snider's death comes after the flyers clenched their playoff berth. we have team coverage as we look back at the life of a man who helped transform the landscape. here's comcast sportsnet. >> on the city that had built its reputation on the banks of blue collar labor. one man lay the cornerstone in constructing the city of champions. >> it was mind-boggling how wonderful that building was. >> when you come over the bridge and see the sports complex. snider started it all and for reasons unbeknown to me, he's never gotten full credit from the beginning of it. >> one of the things that has made him such a compelling and important and successful owner is the way he has been able to evolve and the way the business
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of the game has evolved. >> he's one of the rare individuals that can come up with the vision to make it happen and he does it through sheer will and hard work. >> snider's vision was carried out by a band of boys that redefined the culture of south philadelphia. the flyers became the first expansion team to win the stanley cup and repeated the feat the following season. in 1988 snider received the sport's highest individual accolade when he was enshrined into the hockey hall of fame. he was the one owner who always knew what he wanted and did whatever he needed to win. >> for him it was all about winning. you talk to other players in the league and you hear when mr. snider comes in the room after a loss they shake their head and go, oh, wow! our owner doesn't do that. the ed snider youth hockey foundation united neighborhoods and gave today's youth, a chance to thrive. through his foundation, millions have been raised and matched by
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snider who will tell you this would be his legacy. the number of players' kids that he educated and they couldn't afford two and the number of things he did for families and how he took care of their families and stuff. those kind of things go so far with the team, but they were never done for that reason. they were done because he's mr. snider and that's how he does things. >> not only did his team thrive, but his ventures proved to be successful, as well. >> one of the things he said you can go out and build it as you go. you don't have to go deep in debt. make things happen and if you do the business right, it will go along. >> this was the studio. this little room, when you think in terms of what we now have for comcast sportsnet and everything else, it's pretty amazing. >> he has probably done more to bring focus to philadelphia sports than anyone. >> the contributions that he has made i don't think can ever be topped. >> i would like to be remembered
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as the person who gave the city a tremendous asset and gave a tremendous asset to myself. >> ed snider's children released a statement that reads in part, with every game to make the push to the playoffs this spring we hoped he would survive to see the flyers play one more game, but now the flyers must win without him, closed quote. mr. snider and comcast had a strong 20-year partnership. comcast, of course, is the parent company of nbc 10. flyers fans are also remembering ed snider this morning and nbc 10's pamela osbourne is live with more reaction. >> reporter: good morning, we were talking to people at pimrose diner. many of them lost a legend. >> over coffee, the fond
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memories of ed snider. his passing felt throughout the city especially here. >> i think he was one of the best owners. >> reporter: phillies fans eager to celebrate today's home opener spent the morning reflecting and remembering the life of the man who changed the face of philadelphia sports forever. >> he's been a big part of hockey and brought hockey here without ed there would aren't be any philadelphia flyers. it's pretty sad to hear. hopefully they could do something in the playoffs and maybe honor him a little bit. >> reporter: and the flyers do play in the playoffs on thursday. certainly a lot more emotion will be felt by people watching that game. >> reporting live in south philly, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. >> stay with nbc 10 for continuing coverage in the death of ed snider. we are awaiting a news conference from flyer officials and current players that should happen at any moment now. we'll have more remembrances of the flyers' chairman ahead at 11:30. you can see more coverage on nbc
11:06 am and the nbc 10 mobile app and the partners at comcast sportsnet we'll have coverage of the passing of ed snider all day long. switching gears now, welcome home philly, it's the day the team and their fans have been waiting for. the home opener, a day filled with excitement and anticipation and we look at citizens bank park in south philadelphia. there she is where the phillies will play ball against the san diego padres about four hours from now. we have live team coverage of the phillies home opener today. first alert meteorologist bill henley will let us know and we begin with tim furlong who is hanging out with fans outside of the ballpark. >> it's bittersweet news with the death of ed snider. it's a little bit of a sad day, but you can see on a positive
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note, they're putting the barriers up because that is where at 2:30 today the players will parade into the stadium with the marching band and hopefully kick off a good home opener day. it has not been a perfect season and they won two against the mets and at this point maybe we'll have a three-day winning streak. >> and the fans will come out. >> we sort of, by chance, i think that flyers flag is flying at half-staff there. again, everybody here thinking about ed snider here. sean, you've been to how many home openers? >> our sixth in a row. >> what are we making here? >> loaded baked potato soup. >> we'll talk about that after the cameras are off. >> where are the kids? >> they're sitting in the van trying to warm up today. >> reporter: it's cold out here. they're little, they have to just understand. >> we bundle them up and they're
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hanging out. >> come here, bud. >> who's this guy? >> this is hayden. >> his sixth opening day. >> what do you like about the game? >> i like when they get the out on the plate. >> the paratroopers. that's all of the gopro video and that was pretty awesome here. this guy over here didn't want to be on camera and i'll talk to him. you had your chance, brother. >> we have this chicken here and this is the best smell coming into the stadium. tell us your little secret for these wings. >> i will give it to you. it's lemon pepper and chicken seasoning and one undisclosed ingredient. i told you earlier. if you don't want me to tell i'm not going to tell. how do you feel about this team going into it. ryan howard looks to be having the best start and maybe we get one good year out of him again. how do you feel about this team? >> i think a lot of folks
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thought that maybe it wasn't going to be a good year and we had a lot of good talent and young players and looking forward to a great year. >> i think some people look at the roster and think it's kind of like the major league movie. >> some of these guys we don't know that well and is that part of the pun? you can't win with jimmy and chase forever. >> we'll be back at 11:30. i'm going eat potato soup and chicken wings and we'll be back to talk about phillies baseball in the next half hour. despite the ed snider news it is a great day for phillies baseball. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. all right. thank you, tim. all eyes are on the skies today not just for homerun balls. wooe watching the weather for today's home opener as we take a look at citizens bank park in south philadelphia. we're tracking showers out there this morning and nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley letting us know how this could affect today's ball game.
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>> the showers should be out of here and the last few showers are just going through center city right now. really the sprinkle and the showers are farther north and west and this is where we'll stay the rest of it and only a slight chance of a sprinkle during the afternoon game and hour by hour forecast and still some clouds and breaks of sunshine are possible and you'll see them in delaware and south jersey and as the afternoon progresses, the winds will be stronger and we might see a sprinkle by late in the afternoon, but there is a pretty good chance that it will stay completely dry and then we'll be dry through the rest of the evening and there's more rain in our future. the clouds are with us and the showers have tapered off, at 1:00, mostly cloudy skies and then with sunshine, we'll bounce into the 60s. the winds will be strong out of the south-southwest at 15 miles an hour. gusts as high as 30 to 35 miles an hour and don't be surprised to get homerun balls this afternoon, vai? >> all right. thank you very much, bill. here's something else that will
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make today's phillies home opener special. jesse hartnett will throw out the ceremonial first pitch today. officer hartnett was shot three times in the arm doing the ambush on the job in january. despite his wounds he helped capture the shooting suspect. officer hartnett had several surgeries and is still recovering. fans coming to this week's games will get all kinds of freebies to get them in the spirit. giveaway items include hats, t-shirts and baseballs. fans attending today's game get a free hat. the team's director of merchandising told us more about what's in store. >> the first week of the season we're doing five of seven giveaways and mcdonald's opening night and it's a college t-shirt. >> and on saturday all kids in attendance, they're going to get a pullover jersey. how cool is that? on sunday they get a phanatic adviser complete with green hair. there it is right there. nbc 10 has you covered.
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catch the pregame schedule all right here on nbc 10. rain this morning, but it's out of here this afternoon. i've got your phillies forecast just ahead.
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opening day will be the first time most fans will see the new faces on the phillies roster. our team coverage continues now with comcast sportsnet john
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clark. >> reporter: vai, it is always enjoyable to be with you and pete mccann joins us now and how special is this for you? first time as a manager for a home opener? >> this is great. i'm really looking forward to it and the fact that we won the last two games in new york to win that series is really making it special. so i feel really good about the opening day for this year. >> how special for one of the big pieces of the future aaron noll to get the home opener start. >> we set up the rotation so he would pitch here and he's one of our guys that we're looking forward to seeing in philadelphia and he's really done a great job. he had a hiccup in spring training, but he was outstanding. >> that was good after starting 0 and 4. tell the fans what you've seen so far that gives you hope and gives you encouragement.
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>> our starting rotation looks like it will be solid all year long, and if you pay attention to the games that we played, all, but one we've been right in the game late in the game and we've had opportunities especially the last couple of games to win those games and the bull pen kind of let us down and little by little we're piecing together the bull pen and the good starting pitching which keeps you in games and as you go along, i think we'll improve offensively and in the bull pen. >> final question for you, how much are you getting used to learning the guys as far as when to keep a pitcher in and learning the bull pen and the tendencies and what works best. >> i know i've finally got their names right and the thing is, i used the word last year audition a lot. everybody auditions on a daily basis and i try to go with the guy pitching well and the hot hand and i haven't given up on the guys that started off well and offensively and for the seventh, eighth and ninth.
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>> gomez pitched very well the last two chances he's had to be the closer and not that he's definitely our closer, but it looks very promising. >> we look forward to seeing you walk from the streets into the stadium. that's going to be a special experience here, pete, glad you could be here for us. >> pete mccann joining us here live and the phillies pregame. we'll have a moment of silence for ed snider, remembering mr. ed snider and the philadelphia flyers founder. i'm john clark live at citizens bank park, back to you. >> thank you very much. time now for a check on the roads with nbc 10 traffic reporter jessica boyington. how is it looking out there, jessica? >> a little earlier they were seeing problems and they were weather related with slippery conditions and now we're doing okay for the most part and we're looking at 76 over in gloucester and new jersey. this is right before you get to the area bridges, per se. >> so you can see no problems or delays if you're headed back down south. if you are in new jersey and
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morris town township. the traffic lights that are malfunctioning and there is police activity and just be aware that you might run into backups there. 38 eastbound just around church road. here is the blue route. we saw huge delays here about an hour ago right around baltimore pike and we had an accident scene that was tying things up for quite some time and you can see the drive time way down in both lanes moving four minutes and headed northbound for 95 up to route 1. one accident is still out in montgomery on keystone drive and welsh road. otherwise the rest are doing okay. just watch for some construction. vai? >> jessica, thank you. a septa train struck and killed a person this morning in west philadelphia. sky force 10 was over the subway stop around 7:00 this morning. this is at 40th and market streets. a passenger who was on the market frankfurt line at the time tells that the train suddenly stopped. >> they want to go to the front of the train and as we were
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moving on we heard someone say i couldn't stop fast enough and then as we were going through we've seen the people in the traffic saying he's under the train. >> septa says passengers should expect delays on the frankfurt line as a result of the incident. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 19 minutes after 11:00, we have a rainy start and light rain for most of the area and it's already tapering off and now we're expecting home run winds this afternoon. the winds will get stronger and southerly winds to help the ballpark this afternoon. stay dry during the game, but rain returns for tomorrow and the first of the showers could arrive overnight tonight and then we're in for some spring beauties to carry us toward the end of the week and right on through the weekend. >> cloudy right now in redding and 52 degrees, and 55. there are breaks in the clouds in cape may. we're seeing a little bit of sunshine every so often and
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those clouds will be thinning up this afternoon and the temperatures warming up slightly. showers now and light showers off to the north and west. redding and brooks county and upper bucks county seeing very light rainfall and seeing sprinkles across philadelphia right now. it will be dry for most of the rest of the afternoon and all of this rainfall is trending north and west and should stay clear of the stadium, but the wind is a different story and look at the winds at 3:00 this afternoon and just about game time and it's a 15 mile-an-hour steady wind and we'll see higher gusts and that will continue through the afternoon and into the evening. so through the game today. southerly winds may indeed help a few baseballs out of the park later on today. so the temperatures, they'll be climbing still a chance of showers in the pocono mountains and near 60 degrees in quakertown. 60s, low 60s for trenton and morristown and mount holly and late-day sunshine in store for much of the area including cape may and atlantic city.
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66 degrees in dover and the clouds will be thinning out. we'll see sunshine later on with a high of 65 in philadelphia and 64 in wilmington. the seven-day forecast. well, after tonight we will be in for some more rain, but during the game today, 61 degrees at game time at 3:05. warmer by 6:00 and breezy with winds out of the south and still winds in the area tomorrow and that will keep us warm in the morning and 56 degrees up to 58 in the afternoon and the rain comes through in the morning and should be done by late in the day and look at the sunshine for wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and by sunday our temperatures are in the 70s. >> the excitement is building and we're hour away from the phillies home opener. does the 2016 team have what it takes? our next guest has been with the phillies through many of its highs and lows. up next i'll talk to larry shank
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about his brand new book, and the players that have had the biggest impact on philadelphia.
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day at citizens bank park it's natural for fans to reflect on past seasons and the players will shape the phillies for better or for worse. our next guest has had a front-row seat for many of the team's highs and lows. larry shenk has been a fixture
11:25 am
for more than 40 years and he serves as the vice president of alumni relations and he's out with a brand new book. the fightin' phillies, from the whiz kids to the misfits. larry joins us this morning. larry, thank you for being with us. >> let me start before we get to the book. we cheer for each other and the organizations cheer for each other. just a comment on the passing of ed snider. >> if it weren't for ed snider i don't think we'd have hockey in this town and we had the first parade in '74 and '75. what a great man he was and it's a shame. i know, dave montgomery who received the ed snyder award in january and it is fitting and the last one they'll get out and he'll be missed. >> let's talk about the book. this is an exciting day when the fans love that you're here on this particular day. what are you most looking forward to with this 2016 team?
11:26 am
>> i think we're on our way. it's young players and we're getting there and we have a plan and a process. >> it's a famous word in philadelphia and it's process and we're getting there and we have a way to go and we have more kids coming in the minor leagues, but we'll get there. >> i thumbed through it and i went right to the 93 team and i knew those guys and tell me about the players who you think made the biggest impact in philadelphia. >> mike schmitt was one of them and lefty and then going back to the whiz kids, robby roberts and richey ashburn and the run we had in 2006 was the greatest era we ever had and chase utley, jimmy rollins. >> a pretty phenomenal group. let's talk about the '08 team. that was a special team and years later, there are just two guys remaining with the team. what do you think about that?
11:27 am
is this the natural course of professional sports? >> it is, and you have to make changes and it happens and carlos ruiz and ryan howard are the last two we have from that era and ryan howard is the first baseman we had in history among catchers. i'm glad ryan is playing today and get the last opening. i hope ryan does well. he's a good man. >> those guys will be induct theed into the phillies hall of fame. it's called the 100 years of the fightin' phillies from the whiz kid to the misfits. you'll have to autograph those for me. >> love to. >> thank you. he was the man who brought the flyers to philadelphia. an outpouring of condolences as we look back to the life of a legend known for making his dream come true and helping to
11:28 am
make philadelphia what it is today. >> yeah. he was an awesome guy and we had pete mccannon, and this is the best pregame pregame show we've ever had on nbc 10 and we've been with the fans three and a half hours before the first pitch is thrown and we'll come back to talk to some of these guys. >> yeah! katie mcginty knowshool, get the routine. by. her dad was a philly cop.
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mom worked in a restaurant. then, hard work opened doors. now it's not quite enough. but mcginty's working to change that, helping create thousands of new jobs. she'll always stand up for manufacturing, higher wages, and equal pay for women so opportunity never gets out of reach. katie mcginty for senate. women voters responsible for the content of this advertising.
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nbc 10 breaking news. >> philadelphia is remembering ed snider this morning. the man who reshaped the city's sports landscape and much more passed away overnight. snider was a titan of the philadelphia sports scene. he brought hockey to philadelphia. he built the spectrum and the wells fargo center. he won two championships as flyers chairman and the montreal canadiens have a higher percentage than the flyers do in hockey history.
11:32 am
snider brought xfinity live, he walked our john clark around the facility while it was being built a few years back. eagles owner jeffrey laurie released a statement saying in part, quote, ed did tremendous things for our city and the sport of hockey. he was passionate and dogged in his -- >> one of the rare individuals that can come up with a vision and make it happen and he does it through his sheer will and through hard work. >> for him it's all about winning and you talk to other players in the league and you hear that mr. snider comes in the room after a loss or a win and they shake their heads, oh, wow! our owner doesn't do that. >> ed snider, youth hockey foundation, vent, he said he wanted that work with that group to be his legacy. the nhl commissioner gary bettman issued a lengthy
11:33 am
statement and reads in part, i have valued ed's council and admired his philanthropy. like most people who had the pleasure of knowing ed i will miss him terribly. some of the flyers' current players spoke about snider just a short time ago. >> he loved his sport and loved his flyers. he's a philadelphia flyer. he started the whole thing and he would always be the guy that brought that to the city and -- he's a really good man. >> sxfshg, reactions are pouring in on social media and flyers defensemen posted a team photo of mr. snider and wrote rest in peace, mr. snider, the best owner in all of sports. sixers ceo scott o'neal tweeted in part that snider was, quote, truly one of the greatest of all time. rest in peace. and the flyers playoff rivals tweeted our thoughts are with
11:34 am
the flyers. eagles chairman and ceo jeffly laurie released a statement saying ed was a visionary and pioneer who did tremendous things for our city and sport of hockey and he was driven by his relentless pursuit of winning and his passion for the sport was -- nbc 10's pamela osborne is live for us in south philadelphia with reaction to his passing. pamela, you probably learned how universally respected this man was. >> absolutely, vai. it's all anybody is talking about this morning. we've been here at pimrose diner and a lot of people waking up to the news of ed snider's passing and reacting to that and we spoke to the group of phillies fans who are here. they were up early here today to celebrate the home opener, but instead spent most of the morning just kind of reflecting on ed and the impact that he had
11:35 am
on the game and the city, really just mourning his loss. >> you've been a big part of hockey and brought hockey here without ed and there wouldn't be any philadelphia flyers. it's pretty sad to hear and hopefully they could do something in the playoffs and maybe honor him a little bit. >> and the flyers play on thursday. so certainly, a lot of emotion going into that game and certainly a lot of feelings are going to be involved in that and a little bit different this time around. >> reporting live in south philly, i'm pamela osbourne, nbc 10 news. we want to take you live to a news conference under way. this is flyers and current players and their general manager speaking right now. >> what constant was there with mr. snyder and did anything change about him personality wise and the way he did business
11:36 am
or interacted with you? >> certainly my relationship with him changed over the past two years. i feel honored to have dealt with him the past two years. it's different as a player. terrific as a player and the one thing that you know as a player, he cares deeply for the uniform and the logo and he cared about you as an individual and he cared about your family. those are special traits. as far as the passion, his passion never waned. i think it's absolutely phenomen phenomenal. i was fortunate enough to go watch a game with him, the st. louis game. i would sit in the basement with
11:37 am
him and we were losing 3-0 and he looked at me and said this isn't the way we planned it. i said, no, it's not. we came back and won that game with three or four minutes left. we scored. at the time he wasn't doing great. he was in a lot of pain, and he got up and he was high fiving and before the goal he got up out of his seat. that's -- that's something i'll never forget. pretty cool. >> what's your all-time favorite memory? >> probably -- the last -- the last two years seeing how much
11:38 am
the man cared about his franchise. it's -- it's -- he called me after the game in colorado within five minutes, and he said this team just won't quit. like, he was so proud of our guys. so there's been -- there's been a lot in the last two years. like i said, i got to know him on a different level than i'd known him before. like i said, i feel very fortunate to have been certainly part of his life and part of his franchise as a player, for assistant gm and now gm. it's been an honor. it's been an honor to work for him. >> is there something to be
11:39 am
said -- [ inaudible question ] >> i don't know. it's hard to say. there's been a lot of talk in our room without coaches and myself, between our guys, about mr. snider. i think it's -- i think it's -- i think somehow his passion has come out in our guys, and i think our guys probably are going through everything that we went through, our guys understand how passionate he is about the team. to know a team 49, almost 50 years since he was awarded a team and to be that passionate from day one -- i'm, like, that's incredible. it really is.
11:40 am
like to see he wasn't doing well and how much he cared about the team, it's remarkable. >> this may be a question in the sense that you talked to him in kl kohl and you said he said this team refuses to quit. do you think he sort of took that in his last few weeks that he wanted to see this and he wanted to continue the fight to see how it was going to end up? >> he -- he told me that a few times. >> did he? >> i'm want going to -- he fought the battle a lot longer than probably everybody else on the face of the earth would have. he fought hard. he told me multiple times, i'm going to keep fighting and he did, and that's why i say i think about the philadelphia flyers and think about ed snider and he's pretty unique and we'll
11:41 am
work every week toernd carry on his legacy. >> you're watching ron hekstall, speaking with the owner ed snider who passed and he was especially fond of having his former players, coach and manage his teams, bobby clark, rob hekstall and terry murray. stay with nbc 10 for continuing coverage on the death of ed snider and we'll have more remembrances of the flyers ahead on our website, and on our nbc 10 mobile app and our partners at comcast sportsnet will have extensive, live coverage of the passing of mr. ed snider all day long. we'll be right back.
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welcome home, phillies. there's plenty of excitement throughout our area today as the phillies take on the san diego padres in the home opener in just about three and a half hours from now. here is a live look as we take you to citizens bank park in south philadelphia where the phillies will play the ball game and the game against the padres is three and a half hours from now. we'll have live team coverage of the phillies home opener. first alert meteorologist bill henley will tell us if you need your gear for the game and tim furlong with the fans at the park. you never know who you will talk to. we're excited about that, as well. >> that's always my favorite
11:45 am
part. >> you talk about a kid in the candy store, you get to walk in and talk to players with chase and ryan howard. maybe i'll get ryan howard who is off to an amazing start for this team and he was talking about how he should be traded. anyway, i'm still a ryan howard guy and i wear the ryan howard jers ey with pride. you see them a few hours before the game and this is dedication and we have brett here who does a mean harry kalas impersonation. he asked for the chance to do it on the air so i'll give it to him and everyone is watching across delaware valley, and i need you to do this well. >> here i am, we're down here in south philadelphia, beautiful day for opening day, 2016. mikhail franco will win it bottom of the ninth, walk-off home run and here it is, swing and a drive!
11:46 am
way back, watch this baby, it's outta here! home run, mikhail franco! >> brett, brett, you are the man! everybody, let's get it going! [ cheering ] >> so, you know what? as we've been saying, it's not the best start and a lot of people are walking around going, who is the team? who is this team? who are the new players that will be around for a while? where's my guy -- where did earl go? >> come here. earl, who are you watching for? >> we have buffalo wings in there. i'll be around later. >> who do you want to see play this year? who needs to play well for his team? is franco the n ryan howard? i like franco a lot. he's a good player. i think he needs to be a good player all year and i heard about this guy in spring
11:47 am
training, cedric hunter. i heard he hits the ball very well. >> is it going to be as bad as we were told it was going to be? or are we going to surprise people? >> i'd love to see him beat 500 this year. that would be a surprise. >> i think they have young guys that want to prove themselves. >> we have the pregame show at 2:00 and i'll let you guys go because there is a lot to eat here. i've gotten a lot of invitations for good food. vai, i will be thinking about you as i'm eating wings and loaded baked potato soup down that way back to you, guys. i know how you roll. you're not going to pay for ballpark food, you'll stay out there and eat for free. >> if it's free it's for me. >> speaking of eating, this will not be a problem for tim, as always, it will abe wide variety
11:48 am
of food options and the ballpark and the doughnuts will once again have a concession stand there. other choices include chick-fil-a and rita's water ice and creative ways to satisfy your appetite. >> we partnered with andrew zimmer. i'm sure everyone knows him from crazy foods and he's developed four or five sandwiches for mlb and we have his double fried sandwich. >> man, a sachl elf other menu items include cider-braised hot dog in a pretzel bun, turkey burgers and fried chicken sandwiches. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley is here now with the game day forecast. i'm starving right now. >> i'm hungry for a vickory and let's hope that happens, it looks pretty good against the mets. the weather is coming around. it started off with rain and now we have a few breaks in the clouds and sunshine. he was able to ditch the gloves
11:49 am
shortly because the temperatures are climbing. it's 52 degrees right now, but we will warm into the 60s this afternoon and there you can see a little bit of blue sky. the wind is helping to warm us up. look at winds at 14 miles an hour and topping 20 miles an hour in dover in wildwood and that's the wind that's going to help baseballs this afternoon and no doubt, look at the future cast, the gusts at 3:00, 25 miles an hour and stronger late in the game at 6:00 this evening and the gusts will continue late in the evening. so that will keep us mild overnight and there are the breaks in the clouds and see them in delaware, south jersey and they're making it in to south philadelphia, too and we'll see more of the breaks as the afternoon goes on and fewer of these. the showers taper off and now it's dry in philadelphia with scattered, very light showers in pottstown and milford, allen tourn is dry and there's still a chance for showers for today. tomorrow, there's our wet weather. it will come rid back in here and the first of it arrives
11:50 am
overnight tonight. futurecast showing at 11:00 tonight and we are dry, but that line of showers is on the move so we'll start rainy for tuesday, but it will not last all day. kind of like today. rain is out of here. gusty winds and mild this afternoon, 60s for today. cooler tomorrow with the rain and the wind, 58 after a morning low temperature of 56 degrees and not much of a warm-up. that northerly wind tomorrow will keep us cooler and then it's drying out for wednesday and thursday and the warming trend continues friday, and we're into the 70s on sunday. if you don't have tickets you may be able to pick up tickets along the first baseline, guess what? nbc 10's got you covered. catch our pregame special at 2:00 followed by first pitch at 3:00 all right here on nbc 10.
11:51 am
and decision 2016, and the leading advocate for women's health is in center city and the campaign for presidential candidate hillary clinton. es is real richards is the president of planned parenthood is attending a breakfast right now before making several app r appearances in central pennsylvania. clinton's rival for the 'em democr democratic nomination is in the state. he told the crowd the nation's campaign finance system is corrupt and is undermining american democracy. republicans ted cruz and donald trump meanwhile resume their campaign schedules today. cruz will be in california and trump will hold a rally in albany, new york. eight days away before that state's primary. yesterday he ripped the fight over the delegates and criticized the way the country chooses presidential primary nominees saying the person who wins the most votes in the primary process should
11:52 am
automatically be the gop nominee. of course, make sure you have the free nbc 10 app for smartphones and tablets and we have an entire section dedicated solely to decision 2016. read up on the candidates and see an upgraded delegate count and we send out news straight from the campaign trail as it happens. we'll be right back. when you want itchy, watery eyes and sneezes out of the picture, you go to walgreens for flonase allergy relief-
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11:55 am
now to an update on our breaking news this morning. philadelphia is mourning the passing of flyers chairman ed snider. snider helped reshape the philadelphia sports scene. he brought hock toe philadelphia, he built spectrum and the wells fargo center. he won two championships as flyers chairman. ed snider was 83. philadelphia mayor jim kenney released a statement saying in part, quote, ed snider was a good friend, a kind-hearted man and a first-class mensch. let's go flyers. bring mr. snider one more stanley cup. very nice sentiments. stay with nbc 10, of course, for continuing coverage on the death of ed snider. we'll have more remembrances of the flyers chairman ahead on our website on nbc and also on our nbc 10 mobile app and our
11:56 am
partners at comcast sportsnet will have extensive live coverage of the passing of ed snider all day long. back here now with bill henley with the final check of the afternoon weather. >> fortunately, we do not have rain all day and we got rid of it first thing this morning and got it out of the way and now we'll be dry for the afternoon. that's a cloudy view from center city. that's up five degrees in the last hour. 57 degrees and we're running 17 degrees and the wind is out of the south at 17 miles an hour and it will help with the warm-up and we are drying out in south philadelphia and i think it will stay dry in the ballpark for the rest of the afternoon. nice warm up and into the 60s this afternoon and the wind continues into this evening.
11:57 am
>> thank you, bill. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema in for bill henley. for all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day.
11:58 am
11:59 am
there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
12:00 pm
>> ben: you won't drop that match, abigail. you don't have what it takes. >> abigail: maybe before, i didn't. but you don't know who i am now, ben. you don't know how you've changed me. you've threatened me. you stalked me. you terrorized me and my entire family. and you enjoyed doing it. you enjoyed making me beg


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