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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  April 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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protesters gathered at the mcdonald's across from city hall which sparked this protest. this is one of a few happening in center city today, including another against the temple proposed stadium. also, a group protesting the anniversary of the freddie gray killing in baltimore. we'll keep following this as it develops but a large protest ending here at city hall. for now, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. making the streets safe for families. >> neighbors in north philadelphia were stuck in the middle of a gang turf war but now the gang members are off the streets and behind bars. >> police say the so-called tnt gang was responsible for a spree of violence in the northern part of the city. police responded to at least nine shootings where at least one innocent bystander was killed. >> brandon hudson joins us now with more on how police took down this gang and what it means
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for the community. tell us about it, brandon. >> reporter: we were here in center city earlier when the district attorney told us this was historic because all 15 gang members will be charged with criminal conspiracy. this group is responsible for 13 violent crimes in 2014, including nine shootings and a homicide. this is the latest step in keeping our city neighborhoods safe. for 20 years, it's not so quiet. >> the noise comes from ninth street that way, south of oxford. >> reporter: the -- 15 men, including a father and son duo who identified themselves through media postings and
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tattoo and clothing. district attorney says tnt was one of the most violent gangs in philadelphia. >> too many philadelphians are not able to allow their children to play on the streets. >> reporter: an incident led to an ongoing gun battle on the streets of philadelphia. >> reporter: which included the shooting death of an innocent man outside the galaxy bar in june 2010 and one that happened in march where 33 shots were fired in a gun battle. grand jury testimony, the gun violence task force and other authorities helped make the arrests so homeowners like clifford crockett and neighboring families have one less thing to worry about. >> you might be next. >> reporter: police seized 10 guns. they all had their preliminary
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hearings in court today. >> what can be done to make sure the area stays gang-free? >> reporter: it all starts with being aware. for us to be aware of some of the things that are posted on social media, some of the clothing, some of the tattoos in these neighborhoods. it can be tied to education, especially at the school-age level helping to know these kids, let them know what they see on youtube and in their community just isn't right. brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. >> brandon, thank you. right now at 5:00, philadelphia police have a man in custody believed to be connected to a deadly hit-and-run in port richmond. a man was taken out of the home in handcuffs. he was put in the back of a police car. this investigation began last night around 9:30 at lehigh avenue. witnesses told police that a
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36-year-old thomas dunbar was riding his motorized scooter when a car hit him. police found the car parked at madison and cedar streets. we talked to the suspect's attorney. >> he may change his stance. he did nothing wrong. he does not understand why the police would detain him in his house for, i would say, since 7:30, 8:00 this morning. >> we have calls into investigators to find out the name of the man arrested and the charges he may be facing. now to our nbc 10 first alert forecast and today we debut our new neighborhood weather. >> it's a detailed forecast you won't get anywhere else but nbc 10 because it's focused on exactly where you leave. >> sheena parveen is here to show us more. sheena? >> we call it neighborhood weather because it's exactly that. we're talking about a forecast for your neighborhood. no matter where you live, you will be seeing your forecast, aside from the philadelphia
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forecast, we're forecasting for everything and don't forget at the bottom of your screen, the seven-day forecast just in case you missed it. let's talk about today's weather. we have a lot of different cameras, philadelphia such burrs north and west, south jersey, lehigh valley, and temperatures mostly about mid-to upper 50s. we have low 60s on the map, too, but tonight it's going to get colder in some parts of the area. easton, clear skies overnight tonight by 9:00 p.m. around 49 degrees. 7:00 in the morning, you'll be in the mid-30s. so, yeah, going to be another round of some patchy frost across the area. here is a look. we have the cold weather alert. the frost advisory and the counties through the lehigh valley, chester county and not so much the philadelphia area.
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temperatures around 32 degrees. they are colder in some spots. even more new castle county. it's the colder temperatures that you want to bring the pets inside, too. we'll watch all of these numbers drop as we go overnight tonight. here's your hour by hour forecast as we go through this evening. 49 degrees in philadelphia. by 6:00 in the morning, we're around the low 40s. still clear skies. if you're in the pennsylvania suburbs that i just showed, you're under the frost advisory. tomorrow morning, 6:00 a.m., 32 degrees. that's going to be one of the coldest spots. we expect to see patchy frost again. lehigh valley, chilly by 6:00 a.m. and around 30 degrees. it's going to be another cold start to your morning. delaware, not so much unless you're in new castle county. 41 degrees by 6:00 a.m. south jersey, 32 degrees. again, new jersey is one of the
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areas. along the shore, upper 30s early tomorrow morning. coming up, we'll look at the big weather story. aside from the frost, a big warmup as we go into the weekend. we'll look at those numbers straight ahead. >> see you then. thanks, gina. it's been almost two years since a mother and her three young children were ran over by carjackers at a fruit stand in north philadelphia. today, jonathan rosa cried as the judge sentenced him to 45 to 90 years on his 21st birthday. keisha williams and her children were selling fruit to raise money for a playground when rosa and cornelius crawford careened into them. the men pleaded guilty. they also admitted to taking turns sexually assaulting a realtor and joy riding after they carjacked her not far away. in court today, rosa's attorney read a letter from rosa's mother. >> my desire is for everyone to find peace and your broken hearts to be healed. >> i forgive them.
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yes, i forgive him. >> reporter: how do you find that in your heart to forgive? >> it was hard. i prayed a lot. >> rosa's co-defendant, cornelius crawford, was sentenced to 50 to 100 years earlier this year in march. music legend diana ross was involved in a car accident in our area while a passenger in a limo in bethlehem when an suv slammed into it. ross in these photos, complained of head and neck injuries but later performed at the sands event center in bet hlehem. that's what she was doing in the area. she tweeted, "i was involved in a car accident yesterday. but i am fine. i ask you not to worry. i will see you tonight at the show." >> philadelphia residents will get a chance to offer
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suggestions for making roosevelt boulevard safer and more successful. it's called route for change. a public forum is tonight at the the sheraton from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. across the delaware river, close to $3 million goes towards rebuilding new jersey's workforce. reach is going to have a different focus, displaced workers and those employed can receive training in advanced manufacturing at camden county college. rutgers university focuses on health care. union college offers training in the transportation and distribution and logistics sector. he is a full-time city councilman, father and also autism advocate. derek opens up about his son's battle with autism and how he's trying to get other families the help they need. and we continue to follow a
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large crowd of protesters marching through the streets around city hall. they appear to have stopped there. they are protesting over minimum wage and black lives matter. randy jigyllenhaal is live at tt scene. police are on standby. traffic is being affected as well. we'll keep you posted right here on nbc 10 news at 5:00. elmo's got the moves. sesame street live let's dance has abby elmo and cookie monster dancing with you and your family! sesame street live let's dance playing liacouras center this weekend! tickets on sale now!
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narendorsed katie mcgintyent obama afor us senate? nt biden because she's a "champion for working families." katie mcginty will take on the republicans and protect social security and medicare. and mcginty will work for equal pay for women - because families depend on it. for the april 26th democratic primary, president obama supports katie mcginty. katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message, because it's your turn to get ahead.
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tonight, the philadelphia flyers begin their quest for the cup. >> the team has their first playoff game this evening in washington. john bourque joins us live from washington with the details. hey, john. >> reporter: hello. it's been a while since philadelphia has had a playoff team but if you walk around the streets of washington here, they look at the flyers as merely being in the way of the washington capitals and on their way to something bigger. they finished with 120 points, 24 more than the flyers, which is essentially 12 victories in the regular season. there's a lot of expectations and hockey insiders believe if the flyers were able to pull off an upset in this particular first round series, it would be monumental. everybody sees it that way
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except the philadelphia flyers. >> all year long, i don't think anyone gave us a chance to make it to the playoffs. now we are here and we are confident. i know i can look to any side of me and i know they will go to battle. >> we earned our way into this tournament over the last 82 games and we didn't come here just to get her. our focus is continuing to elevate our game. >> everyone is 0-0. i think we are on even keel. we'll just play our hockey. >> reporter: and as you know, the flyers will be inspired by the memory of their late great owner ed schneider. they are wearing patches on their uniforms with the letters ems for edward malcolm sni
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schneider. live from washington, d.c., i'm john boruk. >> as you mentioned, the flyers will be paying tribute to their late owner. they will wear this on their jerseys. he died at the age of 83 on monday. there will be a public memorial at 1:00 in the afternoon for ed snider. all are welcome. a man and woman were found dead inside a new castle county home. yesterday afternoon, police were called to the home of east highland avenue in newport where they found a 67-year-old maureen daily and jonathan miller dead inside. a neighbor dialed 911 and asked police to check on the couple. a montgomery county judge sentenced a woman to 10 to 20
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years in prison for setting a police officer's house on fire. you might remember this story. a jury convicted donna krupp of torching the home of an officer. authorities actually say that krupp was angry with police following her son's arrest. no one was hurt in the fire. 85 million more takata airbags may have to be recalled if the company cannot prove that they are safe. a representative with the highway safety administration told a congressional committee today that the evidence so far shows the rupturing airbags are mainly in older model vehicles. it caused the death of a teenage girl last week in texas. part of the problem is that too many people are ignoring the recall. >> it's currently being done to notify people it's not enough. >> so far, 14 automakers have recalled 24 million u.s.
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vehicles to replace inflators in the airbags. switching gears now, right now, let's check your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> it's a forecast you won't get anywhere else. the focus is on where you live and what you need to know. let's get some more on this from meteorologist sheena parveen. what can you tell us, sheena? >> that is exactly right. neighborhood weather. that is the key here. that's what we're doing. no matter where you live, you're going to see your forecast. it's no longer just a philadelphia forecast. we're talking about everywhere in our viewing area from new jersey, pennsylvania and delaware. you will be seeing your forecast here and we will be taking you hour by hour. so very specific and much more detailed than we were before and that's what you will be seeing as we go from here on out. a nice forecast for the area on top of that throughout the next several days. take a look right now, 62 degrees in philadelphia. also, don't forget your seven-day forecast. it's always scrolling right here at the bottom of your screen. you'll never miss it.
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for now, mostly the upper 50s and low 60s. clear in philadelphia, even the suburbs in pennsylvania. south jersey through the lehigh valley and in delaware, sunny skies and overnight tonight some areas will be cold enough for patchy frost. so here's your morning forecast. philadelphia area, around 42 degrees and sunny by early tomorrow morning. suburbs through north and west of philadelphia, right around 37 degrees. frosty as we go into south jersey. patchy frost through the lehigh valley. same thing. new castle county will be under the frost advisory. that's the first part of our weather story as we go overnight tonight, the frost advisory is going to be in the forecast. low temperatures tonight. take a look. mostly around freezing north and west of philadelphia.
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32 in vineland. 41 in dover. 42 in atlantic city. it's going to be a chilly start tomorrow morning. you'll want to take your jacket. aside from that, another dry afternoon. a little look out at center city. the next part of our weather story, dry pattern. we're going to be warming up. tonight, let's look at the frost advisory in new jersey. also, through the suburbs of north and west of philadelphia, and in delaware, midnight to 8:00 a.m., if you have sensitive plants, cover them up or bring them inside because we'll see frosty conditions. radar, nice and dry. here's a wide look at the area and even farther off to the west, no rain is headed our way. it's nice outside currently and we expect it to stay that way as we go through the next several days. plenty of sunshine and clear skies on the radar and that's going to help to drop the temperatures. on monday, a big warming trend
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in the forecast. it's going to feel very comfortable because it's going to be nice and dry. by monday, big area of high pressure. that's going to be pushing the jet stream up to the north and really warming us up. so we are looking at a nice weekend warming trend. take a look at the forecast as we go into the weekend. in philadelphia, mid-60s. by sunday, low 70s. south jersey, low 70s. lehigh valley, 71 degrees for your sunday and 72 in delaware. now take a look as we go into monday. 80 degrees in monday. right around 77 degrees, south jersey around 80 degrees on monday. the jersey shore right around 70 degrees to lehigh valley. temperatures still warmer as we go into monday. so nice warming trend in the forecast. really no matter where you live, we have your forecast. it's going to be a little cooler at the shore but either way it's looking warmer as we end out the week and go into monday. we have a really nice weather
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pattern aside from the patchy frost in the morning, i think we're looking forward to a beautiful dry stretch. >> i think what i love about this neighborhood forecast is that it gives you the comparison. you may start at the city and end up at the shore and there's a 10, 13-degree difference. >> yeah. and we are updating each area with the forecast for that specific area based on wind direction. based on where the clouds are going to be, based on when the rain is moving in and out. depending on where you are, weather will be different across the board, most likely, and that's why we're updating each individual neighborhood. >> i just like the screen that is gigantic. you have to take seven or eight steps to get back and forth. >> i'm getting my exercise. it's fun to watch, right? it's entertaining. >> and the seven day, it's always there. >> it's always there at the bottom of the screen. don't forget. i'm sure you already see it scrolling across. >> sheena, thanks so much. wawa is announcing the opening at a second location.
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it will open a new 7,000 square feet market store by the end of the year. it marked its birthday by giving away free coffee to all customers at every single location. ♪ couldn't have picked a better day for a performance like that. can you imagine if it was last saturday? this is the french group that performed today at logan circle. they turn recycled material like snorkels into flutes and water cans into sacks sxophones. this afternoon, we're talking student loan debt. it's a burden that's affecting more and more people. coming up next, the new tool that could help you save thousands of dollars. this change in attitude
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it should come as no surprise that the class of 2015 graduated with the most student loan debt in u.s. history. on average, they left college owing $35,000. >> tonight, we take a closer look at student debt and what families can do to ease that
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burden. >> there's the cost alone and then the interest. >> yeah. and the average interest rate that students are paying is 6 to 8% for federal loans. so $35,000 in debt, add on to that thousands of dollars you'll pay in interest payments. that is such a burden for kbrouyoung graduates. according to a new report, 20% of federal loan borrowers are at least 35% behind -- or at least 30 days behind in payments. that is huge. that's a really big problem. they actually do have a lot of options out there, particularly from new companies, to re-finane and get a lower interest rate. i'm looking at one website,
5:27 pm, which is like an expedia for student debt. that is to say, it's not actually a lender itself. it's a marketplace or exchange that you go on to find an offer to refinance your debt. these are traditional banks and credit unions and a crop of new start-ups. i found one woman, a mom, who had a parent loan out for her daughter. she goes to college at arizona state. she's paying out-of-state tuition. it's about $33,000. over the course of years she had taken out several loans to help her daughter pay for college. she eventually had $50,000 in debt and paying interest of 6 to 8%. huge. her breaking point was this realization that she was just paying interest, not paying down the principal of the loan. she found a new offer and she was able to save $12,000 over the course of the loan. she's now paying 4.5%.
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guys, that means she's just going to retire a little earlier. >> that's right. a sizeable difference there, of course. olivia sterns, thank you. watch her full report on "nbc nightly news" at 6:30 only on nbc 10. in the meantime, in a matter of days, medical marijuana will be legal in pennsylvania. >> so what happens next? a closer look at what this means for patients, next at 5:00. and all new at 6:00, hollywood hits the boardwalk of the jersey shore. we'll tell you where you can catch a glimpse, coming up.
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right now at 5:00, nbc 10 continues to follow a large group of protesters who are marching through the streets of center city. this is right in the heart of center city. they are protesting over a number of issues, including the minimum wage. some of them are with the black lives matter movement. others are protesting the possibility of a new stadium on the campus of temple university. sky force 10 is over the area near broad and arch streets. by all accounts, this appears to be a peaceful protest. however, as you can see on the edge of this crowd, there are police on standby. what we do know is that traffic is being affected. so, if you're trying to get on the expressway, vine expressway, broad street as you get closer
5:32 pm
to ray street, it's going to be a little bit of a problem. we'll keep you posted on this developing situation right here on nbc 10 news. also tonight, the story of an elderly woman shot and killed inside her home. >> she was 83 years old. tonight, we're waiting for police to tell us if they have a suspect. >> andrea is live in thomas. >> reporter: within the last few minutes, police allowed the family to go inside of the home. we asked if there was any new information and all they said is this was still under investigation. let's show you video that we shot early this afternoon. police arrived at this home on the 400 block of east cosgrove street just before 1:00 where they found an 83-year-old woman with two gunshot wounds to the chest. she was later pronounced dead at the hospital. a weapon was recovered at the home. police also confirmed that her husband, who has since told us, he was in his 90s and has
5:33 pm
medical issues, he was home at the time. >> it's the worst feeling ever because when you know someone and you know their background and how they live and what they do, it's like, this right here, this is not her. what happened to her, huh-uh, it don't add up. >> reporter: now, everyone on this block knows the woman who was shot. we have learned her name but we're withholding it until police officially release it. she's described as everyone's grandmother, a well-liked woman who is god fearing and goes to church often and that's why there is so much shock as people are learning that she's dead. >> thank you. meanwhile, on sunday, pennsylvania will become the 24th street to legalize medical
5:34 pm
marijuana. >> it won't be available right away. it turns out, patients who have been waiting for this treatment will have to wait a little longer. >> i think the next step for me is to go on educating people. >> reporter: while patients are looking forward to a turning point in their treatment, it may take some time before they will actually have access to medical marijuana. it's been six months to put temporary restrictions in place in which patients can apply for i.d. cards and businesses to apply for dispensary licenses. >> it's going to make a huge difference in people's lives. >> the regulation became permanent in two years. it will also take about that time for the dispensary to be up and running. then, patients of delaware county will be able to fill their prescriptions for medical marijuana. it will be available to people
5:35 pm
who are terminal ill, have cancer, multiple sclerosis and other debeilitating diseases. >> i'm so happy. so many people are going to get help. >> under the law, medical marijuana will be available in pill, oil and gel form. however, in two years, the law allows the department of health to decide whether to make the marijuana available in whole flour form which could be v vaporized or used in food. now to the race for president. donald trump is sitting at 44% and ted cruz is at 28% according to the monmouth university poll. the poll also found that despite kasich being born in p.a., only 3% of likely voters said that would swing their support his way. right now, all eyes around new
5:36 pm
york. all five presidential candidates are in the empire state while democrats debate it out in brooklyn. ted cruz and john kasich hit the talk show circuit. donald trump, meanwhile, also in new york, there's a live look at patchhogue, new york. if we can get some audio -- it's not going to happen. this is the republican front-runner, as you know. this is the suffolk county republican committee's preprimary fundraising reception. we are just five days ahead of new york's primary. controversy is brewing between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. this is the tour just hours away from their first debate in more than a month. steve handelsman has the latest from brooklyn. >> reporter: democrat bernie sanders in manhattan hit a favorite theme. >> billionaires who represent the wealthy and powerful should not be about buying elections.
5:37 pm
>> reporter: sanders needs a blowout win but democrats are divided. >> i would say hillary clinton because i want her to be the first woman of the united states. >> reporter: sanders has a shot, you think? >> absolutely. i think we may have a recurrence of what happened with obama. >> reporter: sanders staged a huge rally but suffered a setback when a supporter referred to democratic beholden to big farmers and sanders had to call that inappropriate and insensitive. but at the debate in this hall in brooklyn tonight, clinton faces controversy after she supported striking verizon workers yesterday. the revelation today that she took $225,000 from verizon for a speech in 2013. republican donald trump looks poised for a huge win in his home state on tuesday and got good news today. prosecutors saying trump's
5:38 pm
campaign manager, corey lewandowski, who trump defended, will not be prosecuted for grabbing a woman reporter. trump tonight, chief challenger ted cruz and john kasich all plan to attend a republican fundraiser in new york while sanders and clinton debate. clinton aides predict the clash will not be personal but the verizon issue could get nasty. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, brooklyn. last night during a rally in pittsburgh, donald trump was trying to show off his knowledge of pennsylvania when he fired off these comments. take a listen. >> i know a lot about pennsylvania and it's great. how's joe paterno? are we going to bring that back? how about that whole deal? >> campaign spokesperson said today that trump was referring to the paterno statue that was taken down outside the stadium and not the coach himself who
5:39 pm
passed away in 2012. coming up next at 5:00, a local restaurant worker gets a big surprise. how a group of moms worked together to give him a very special gift. the world a president has to grapple with.
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sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children...
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the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. president obama sounded the horn as he and vice president biden welcomed bicyclists in the soldier ride to the white house today. this year's ride included 40 active duty riders and 25 veterans. many recovering from major injuries. service dogs helping veterans. >> that was the topic of a house hearing today in washington, d.c.. members of the national security subcommittee say service dogs can provide several benefits to veterans suffering from ptsd. in 2010, the national defense authorization act authorized the
5:42 pm
va to study the cost and benefits of providing service dogs to veterans with ptsd. >> these are not comfort dogs or therapy dogs, as you suppose those might be. service dogs provide valuable services for veterans. >> according to the va, the study has undergone significant challenges while to date the va has only paired 40 dogs with veterans. well, another beautiful day and clear skies and temperatures are going to drop again tonight. another frost advisory and a big warmup into the weekend. i'll show you the numbers, next. coming up, new at 6:00, an apparent carbon monoxide like kills four people. why the people who still live there are being unfairly treated as they spend weeks away from home.
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this ii got to see my dad, die on national tv. they don't know what they took from us. people are dying. we need a president that's going to talk about it. i believe bernie sanders is a protestor. he's not scared to go up against the criminal justice system. he's not scared. that's why i'm for bernie. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
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fodeveloping drugs to fight deadly diseases. as a scientist, i know there's more that washington can do to help families. i'm running for congress to protect planned parenthood funding so more women get cancer screenings and treatment... to pass a ban on fracking in the delaware river basin to preserve our clean water, and to always protect medicare and social security. i'm shaughnessy naughton and i approve this message.
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> a group of moms served up a surprise for george hallston who has been working at the chick-fil-a for eight years. he was wearing a worn-out medical boot and she learned that he has diabetes and can't afford the $800 shoe he needs. fisher turned to facebook for help. >> the money started pouring in, lots of compliments about george and how much he has impacted people's lives and it was just overflowing. so we ended up raising $1800 for him. >> today, i'm just overwhelmed today.
5:46 pm
i just -- you know, i'm thankful for him from the bottom of my heart because i never expected this. >> today, fisher and the rest of the gang who see george every week handed over that check for $1800. you never know when someone is watching what you do to brighten their day. >> it's just beautiful. some delaware high school students are celebrating tonight. >> their latest invention just won a national competition. this team of concord high school students work on a scanner that helps the disabled employee named justin better sort medications. the labels are tiny and tough to read. the students created a device to scan the items and cross-reference the hospital's database to make sure the medications get where they belong. very cool. what do you do when you have
5:47 pm
a can food drive in villanova? >> to celebrate. sororities took part in a can castle challenge. all the canned goods are donated to the community center kub food cubboard. a forecast you won't get anywhere else, we give you a close-up look at the weather in your neighborhood. sheena parveen is here with the details. >> that's right. no matter where you live, we have your forecast now. it's not just for philadelphia. we are going neighborhood by neighborhood so wherever you are, if you're in pennsylvania or new jersey or any city, we will be giving you the forecast for that city and, by the way, if you haven't noticed, the seven-day forecast is going to be scrolling at the bottom of your screen for many areas. we will continue with that as we
5:48 pm
go from here on out. this is our new weather setup. it's so much more specific and really narrows down into where you live. we'll start off with these temperatures. allentown, 62 degrees. we're still remaining right around 60 degrees. some spots in the mid-50s and when you compare it to yesterday, we are in fact a couple degrees warmer across the area. but as far as temperatures currently are concerned, we're still very comfortable outside. here's a look at the radar. we are nice and dry across the area and as we go through the next several days and into the weekend, we're going to stay nice and dry. it's all because of this big area of high pressure. that is keeping us dry. it's going to continue to give us sin shine and clear skies and, in fact, with those clear skies, we're going to get much colder as we go through tonight. again, as we go through the
5:49 pm
overnight hours, even in new jersey, we have a frost advisory. again, we expect to get down to around freezing. you want to bring in the tender plants if you can, if they are potted. if not, maybe just cover them up. this is the lehigh valley. all under a frost advisory until 8:00 tomorrow morning. so we do expect temperatures in some locations to get around freezing. now, for south jersey and new castle county, these areas, the same thing. patchy frost in the forecast. another night where conditions are just right for patchy frost to be developing. and again, that seven-day forecast at the bottom of your screen. now, if we go into the next several days and across the week, a high pollen level that stays high throughout the week. take a look at the pollen forecast if your allergies have been bothering you, they will keep doing so on friday, saturday and sunday and tomorrow, of course. the weather will stay nice and
5:50 pm
dry. if you have pollen on the car, this is a really good time to get it washed off. no rain anytime soon as we go into sunday and monday. we warm up into the 70s. average high, 63 degrees. we'll be much warmer as we go to the end of the week. 72 for a high of philadelphia. if you don't live in philadelphia, sunday is going to be the warmer day out of the week and if you're going to the shore this weekend, saturday, 52 degrees. by sunday, 62. so that is still going to be the warmer day out of saturday and sunday. so here's a look at that forecast for your sunday. looking pretty good in philadelphia compared to last weekend and we're looking much better this week. same thing along the shore. 52 for a high on sunday. compare that to 47 last sunday and look at monday in philadelphia, at least around 80 degrees. much of the area will be right around 80 as we start off next week. so the nice, dry weather pattern, it's going to also help us enjoy the temperature. >> so we've told you what we love about the neighborhood forecast. what do you like about it?
5:51 pm
>> i like interacting with it because, you know, before we pointed at a map and this time we're able to touch the map and move things around and if you haven't noticed, when we touch one thing, we can have another thing pop out that relates to it and we get to show you lots of different areas and we get to narrow in on those areas and show you maybe more specifics about what the headline is for that specific area as far as the weather is concerned. >> more focus, more detailed. >> and more fun. >> we can tell you're having a lot of fun. >> yeah. >> all right. thank you very much. let's go to new york now. lester holt joins us from the nbc studios. >> good evening, lester. what's coming up on "nightly news"? >> well, who doesn't like new toys, right? coming up tonight, clinton and sanders in battleground new york. we're previewing tonight's debate in brooklyn. we'll look at how you may be able to shave off a big bite from your out standing new loan debts and in broadway, students are scoring hard to come by
5:52 pm
tickets for "hamilton" for a history lesson they won't forget. that's at 6:30 for "newsightly news." back to you. the impact that the movie set is bringing to boardwalk. that's happening right now on nbc 10. fight back and rebuild an economy. so does she. we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. a real plan to create new jobs and industries of the future. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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5:54 pm
a little child with big dreams. dwight evans. first a community activist. a legislator at 25. always looking out for us. he worked to create a thriving commercial district. and he's brought new grocery stores to underserved areas. dwight evans is committed to revitalizing neighborhoods in all of philadelphia. he'll be a block by block congressman for us. i'm dwight evans and i'm proud to approve this message.
5:55 pm
april is autism awareness month and it's a disorder that affecting many families no matter your race or status. >> tonight, we show you one family's personal fight. >> what do we want? >> reporter: every week, he has speech therapist. the 18-year-old was diagnosed with autism as a toddler due to his lack of interaction and not using as many words. >> we just kind of, you know, took it on and accepted it and kept it moving at that point. i don't think we wasted a moment in denial. >> reporter: their priority became giving julian the support that he needs. this therapist has been monitoring his progress. >> reporter: two years ago, he was using one word and more
5:56 pm
erratic in his behavior and not able to focus and sit still. >> reporter: his parents sheila and councilman derek green created three autism support classrooms with a fourth expected next year. >> right now, the kids have just come back from lunch and this is one of our sensory breaks. >> reporter: sometimes the lights are off to help them do what ever they need to decompress with no more than eight in each class. >> give me five. >> reporter: with time to learn, students get more individualized attention. >> i guess all the conception is that they can't learn, they just -- they can learn but they learn differently. >> reporter: the journey has not been easy for julian. they, too, face barriers created by insurance companies and providers making it difficult to get the necessary care. >> as you can probably tell, we don't take no for an answer.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: the greens have turned into autism advocates, not just for julian, but for the hope of helping others. >> don't let people tell you what your child can or cannot do because you're the best advocate for your child and you know your child better than anybody else. >> andrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. >> city leaders created the philadelphia autism project. the goal for the organization is to be a hub for services throughout the community. >> we've put more of those resources for the entire region on our website at jim rosenfield and jacqueline london are next. >> creating big traffic trouble around city hall, we're live in the air and on the ground to get you inside of the situation right now.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
and we begin with this breaking news right now at 6:00, these protesters causing commotion in center city. sky force 10 looking live over the demonstrate fors right now coming together for a variety of causes. good evening, everyone. i'm jim rosenfield. >> and i'm jacqueline london.
6:00 pm
some are calling for higher wages and another group is against a new temple university stadium. >> all of them are touching off a traffic mess on the ground. let's go live to center city and randy gyllenhaal. you've been with these protesters for more than a couple of hours. what's new where you are? >> reporter: the protesters are behind me and i'm joined by alicia. tell me about the philly $15 movement. how would this benefit the poorest city? >> we would be able to put more money back into our community and not have stores shut down and we can provide for our families as well.


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