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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 5am  NBC  April 16, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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winners, winners everywhere! play today! today" theçó death toll continu earthquakes and after shocks rock southernc japan.jfok rescuers areçó sifting through debris and damagew3xd andxd sarr possible i]victims. 9 me1ccoy. 2uz look outside overçó center city.ñi we're off to a little bitxd of chilly start this morning butq we'll warm up laterxd today. our weekend weather isçó comingp the first alert
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forczst. good morning. this ist( "nbc 10 news today". thanks for btjt with us. i'mc rosemary connors. it's 5:00 onçó this saturday.ok let'sñr get to meteorologistñi henley.c it's a detailed forecast youw3 won't get anywhere else.xd >> we jr%ke it down0l into different zones.c those zones have neighborhoods.p so we broke itñi down wind thos zones to different neighborhols. philadelphia, south ñrjersey,q lehigh valley. at the bottomxd of the screen seven day xdforecast. not just philadelphia,ñr you go your ownt( forecast, seven day r forecast, pennsylvania suburbs and forfá the lehigh valley as well, 36 trees right now inxd t lehigh valley. a chilly startñi this morning, builtçó these temperatures willi climbing by 8:00e1 bright sunshine.xd ì% 11:00. what about philadelphia?xd that's a live view of citizens that number willxd be climbing 60s this afternoon.w3
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67 degrees for the high tqti tq the heels of okphiladelphia's temperature. look atñr this, lehi$u(s&ey near 70 degrees this afternoon. this is part of at( warming tre that will keepw3 us warm rightñ through the weekend. butçó at this hour we'rew3 stil seeing chilly spots.ñi look at pennsylvania suburbs at 37 degrees. southñr jersey now at 30 this xd morning. and there's añi range of t( vorhees. 30i princeton.w3 medford is 37.t( chilly start this morning. hour by hour, neighborhood by morning, philadelphialp will se 48 degrees built 65çó degrees b 4:00lp this okafternoon. pennsylvania suburbs intoxd the time then 60s valley, that'sñi 65 degrees thi
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,-q= the south in delaware,qñi warm up thereñr too, 59 degreesy noon ñitime. a little chillyxd in south jers still at 8:00 in the cmorning. afternoon temperature will beñi going higher and intolp the 60s during the ñiafternoon. warmer weather to çócome. a look throughfá theñi weekend fewçóñi minutes. the death toll is at 29 "!p#ter a second earthquake in ] japan, the number is expected to grow as the dead are beinge1 pulled out of damagedfá buildini the earthquake early saturdayok morning japanese time wasw3 a magnitude çó5.4. toe sameñi area since thursday. heavy damage as youxd can see visible fromñi the ahp. covers a wide area.ñi a massiveñi landslide left many roads block.xd rescuers are trying to savexd victim from collapsed w3victims. relief workerst( have found almt
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continuous after shocks.xd the localñr government has spedp the safety check process asxd se in need ofxdlp shelter. back inñi our area we have 1 information this morning in thec shooting of two firefightersñi maryland. one gkrefighter is dead. second is in serious condition. they were at axd house in templ hills to check onçó the well beg of a resident. when no onefá answered the door they tried to getxd in the home. that's whenxd the person inside startdr shooting, hitting the firefighters and the personxd w originally calledc for the welfare check.ñr shooter was taken into custody and islp cooperating with ñrpol. from overnight a philadelphia police officer is tz#5juu)áq).rom a crash in hist it happened aroundxd 1:45 this morning inçó west philadelphia. the cruiserxd and car collide.ñi the officer suffered minoré@ injuries. the other driverçó was not hurt. q could former eagleçó lesea
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mccoy faceñr charges after alli state prosecutors are now investigation into aw3 nightclu brawl thatt( also involved two f duty philadelphia police ñr officers. to tell us about this n%. review. >>ñi the fraternal ordert( of pe had requested a new examination. and for now it appearsñi at lea he'll get a ñrreview. now this videoçó shot at axd lo nightclubçó showsñi formerzv r backxd leseankoçó mccoy. and seriouslyñi injured twozv duty police officers.t( from what i'mçó understanding er more extensiveçó video where xd shows even morei] of an cassaul. r(attorney says his investigati is rock solid based onfá dozensf
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we'll hear what thexd ramifications could have on the we'll see you inñr 30 minut. w3 we have new information tr morning in the bill cosby sexual assaulipxcase. yesterday a judge orz%tq" cosby's lawyer showñi the çó comedian's accuser anyq emails o u. the suit is partñi of aqçó defan suit that wasfá filed. casterjf decided not to charget cosby in xd2005xd after cosby w accused of drug andñr assaultin her. dozensfá of residents are after thisfá water main break i west philly. 10 wasñr over the sce ìáhp &hc% street.çó
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contractorsxd were doing road wr when they hitfá a waterok line. we'll keep youcñr çóposted. i]okxd morelp protests erupt of a donald trump ñrrally. we'll show you where it happene this time and what trumód had t say to thep, demonstrators. getting you ready for primaries in ourxd area. ì% there's no confusion at the polls.
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warm up there too. not quite up to 80 degrees.
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at the jersey shore stay a little cooler. an easterly flow. inland you'll find warmer temperatures for south jersey and delaware. so close to the 80 degree mark in delaware. there's your seven day. when i come back in a few minutes i got the exclusive ten day outlook. the flyers continue their quest for the cup tonight. they will visit the capitals for game two at 7:00. fans can watch the game at xfinity live in south philly. one player they won't see on the ice. a sprained shoulder he'll miss the series against the capitals. we'll hear from some of the flyers about tonight's game coming up in sports in our next half hour. it's the video that's gone viral and has sparked a debate
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about corporal punishment. we'll tell you which state in our area outlawed spanking in schools and at home.
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we're going to do it. >> help me. >> paddled by the principal for spitting. mother's video school officials hitting her 5-year-old has gone viral. it's reigniting the debate over what is proper punishment. corporal punishment is legal in georgia where this took place but against the law in schools in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. delaware even outlaws it at home. >> hitting for discipline can actually lead to changes in the brain that are negative such as increased brain matter, lower verbal i.q. scores. >> the school district in georgia said it's investigating the incident and now looking into its discipline policy. the debate among our viewers?
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now is the time to chime in on our nbc 10 poll. should school administrators be allowed to use corporal punishment on young students. we're getting a lot of comments. we want to hear from you. protests erupted outside of a donald trump rally in hartford, connecticut last night. the protesters gathered outside the convention center. inside protesters interrupted trump a number of times while he was speaking. in response he called them dumy -- dummies. john kasich is defending comments he made at a rally in new york. a young woman asked the ohio governor about what measures he would take to help women students, female students feel safer on college campuses. here's what he said in part. >> i have two 16-year-old
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daughters, and i don't even like to think about it, you know. i would also give you one bit of advice. don't go to parties where there's a lot of alcohol. okay. don't do that. okay. >> multiple groups including planned parenthood criticized kasich for blaming victims. kasich tweeted there's only one person responsible for sexual assault and that's the assaulter. >> george clooney is hosting a fundraiser for hillary clinton. second event involving the hollywood heavy hitter. in all they are expected to raise $15 million for the millry victory fund. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders is in rome this morning. he says he met with pope francis for about five minutes. sanders told the pope he appreciated his messages about adding morality and justice into the world economy. the candidate says that's his message as well.
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late yesterday sanders released his 2014 tax returns. it comes days before the new york primary on tuesday. those returns reveal that he and his wife earned nearly $206,000 in 2014 and paid about $28,000 in federal taxes. most of the couple's earnings came from sanders senate salary. there are just ten days before voters in our area will head to follows. pence and delaware have their primaries on april 26. new jersey voters cast their ballots on june 7th. state leaders want to you get ready now so you are not confused on primary election day. we sat down with the pennsylvania secretary of state who is expecting near record turn out. >> reporter: it's almost time to weigh in on what's been an unconventional primary season and people trying to get out the vote are worried about confusion surrounding this process. >> if people truly were educated
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on the electoral system and everything that goes with it we would have higher turnout. >> reporter: that's where pennsylvania's secretary of state comes in. he's working to educate voters. >> the numbers are up. we had a surge of registration close to the deadline on march 28th. i think that shows tint of the race. >> reporter: his ad rice check your registration status now on confirm are polling place and look into who is running. i pull sample ballots from both parties. i want you to pay attention. on both the presidential candidates are on the top. further down delegates. democrats with exactly who their delegates are committed to either clinton or sanders. the republicans do not do that and their delegates are not bound to who wins the primary popular vote. >> the delegate process is complicated. >> reporter: malcolm hopes to be on the convention floor in philadelphia in 100 days.
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>> one of those years where it's been an intense presidential election. >> vote cigarette our most fundamental right as citizens of the nation. >> reporter: this year especially your vote could make a difference. drew smith, nbc 10 news. get the latest presidential buzz all day every day with the nbc 10 app. check out the important primary dates plus news and notes from the campaign trail with our complete decision 2016 coverage. 5:09 this saturday. let's get a check of the first alert neighborhood weather. this is a detailed forecast you won't get anywhere else. the focus is where you live, what you need to know. let's check in with bill henley. >> with all the detail you can see the variation of the weather. philadelphia is 44 degrees. lehigh valley, the suburbs, the jersey shore and south shore in low 30s. philadelphia a little bit of variation in there too. temperatures have dropped down into the 30s and low 40s and the
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numbers are still falling. look at this, park side is 38 degrees. fox chase is 44. but our skies are clear. means we're going to see the temperatures fall a little bit more until we get that bright sunshine, that i'm forecasting for today and a quick warm up. sunshine will be bright. but we'll stay dry the next few days. no sign of any wet weather coming our way. philadelphia, wilmington and dover and not until next week and you'll see it on the ten day outlook in a second. you'll see there's a chance of showers in there but not today. it's going clear and brisk to start with today. skies are clear. temperatures still coming down. but just like yesterday brilliant sunshine and a bit warmer than yesterday. upper 60s this afternoon and it's that trend that's going to continue. as you can see by the seven day forecast at the bottom of the screen. tonight if you're heading out take a light jacket. our skies will skill be clear. not quite as chilly tonight as it was last night. but the weekend as a whole is going to be warmer and warmer.
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today 60s with the exception of the jersey shore still getting the influence of that chilly ocean water. it's at 50 degrees. that will limit the jersey shore warm up to 58 degrees. teen shore sees a warm up as the weekend progresses. look at that monday, 80 degrees in philadelphia. that's the second time this month we would hit 80 degrees. near 80 for south jersey and delaware as well. let's go beyond the three day forecast and beyond the seven day at the bottom of the screen. this is our exclusive ten day outlook. sunshine, 60s today. hitting 80 degrees. usually this time of the year you get a warm day like that and then the temperatures tumble afterwards. that won't happen all that much on tuesday. 68, above-normal. wednesday back in the 70s and warmer than that. on thursday up to 77 degrees. some parts of our area may be hitting 80 degrees on thursday. come friday there's your chance of showers. in fact that's the only chance
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of some wet weather in the exclusive ten day forecast. by next weekend sunshine back in full force for saturday. just a few scattered clouds. 77 on sunday. 70s continue on monday. we're looking at a couple of good weekends here. this weekend and for sunday and monday, looking pretty good next week as well. a big warm up and plenty of nice sunshine to enjoy. so immediately i said i'm going to do this. >> women victimized by sex trafficking find the strength to rebuild their lives with the help of an organization right here in philadelphia. their story next. 0g
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for decades she was prostituted, addicted to drugs and sadly not the only one. >> this man controlled me. he beat me. he put me in the hospital for 15 days.
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>> reporter: anemia rejones spoke of a different man this one impressignated her with twi. they found dawn's place which helps women who have been trafficked prostituted or pimped. >> i felt immediate peace. i said i'm going to do it. >> i never lived on my own. i never worked a day in my life. i found dawn's place. >> anemia reis reunited airlines with her twins. both work at dawn's place. >> everybody needs somebody and if i met somebody. >> i have my life back today.
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dawn's place has done that for me. >> reporter: in philadelphia, keith jones, nbc 10 news. today people all across philadelphia will be picking up trash, pulling weed and painting buildings to make their neighborhoods look their best. the ninth annual feel clean up begins this morning. the weather will cooperate. also this morning students from lasalle university will be teaming up with community volunteers to spruce up the area near the starting line of the blue cross broad street run. you can watch the entire race right here on nbc 10. 5:27. a new investigation into a fight involving information eagle less san mccoy. monique braxton is following the new developments. >> it is something the fop leader wanted and the attorney general is taking a second look.
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we're live after the break. skies are clear. temperatures are still falling this morning. we're getting a chilly start even in the city. got your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast just ahead.
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right now on "nbc 10 news today" rescue efforts are under way in japan following two
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powerful earthquakes. the death toll don't rise. today weather is a big worry as rain and wind could impact the quake zone. we are just a day away from medical marijuana being signed into law in pennsylvania. you'll hear from a doctor who says it's about time. but it will be a while before the medication gets to patients. let's take a live look outside right now over philadelphia. all is still dark and quiet at the moment. morning chill won't last very long. we're on our way to a nice warm up for our saturday. we'll have the details in our new neighborhood weather. good morning welcome back to "nbc 10 news today". i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:30 on this saturday. let's get to meteorologist bill henley. he has our new neighborhood weather. it's a detailed forecast. focused on where you live. and you get the seven day any time. >> it comes up after my name which is very important. we'll get your seven day forecast not just the


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