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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  April 17, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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in the last half hour, we've learned new information about a 4-year-old girl shot and killed in philadelphia. police sources tell us the mother's boyfriend tells us the boyfriend admitted to accidentally shooting her. a standoff with a gunman barricaded inside a home. details on the1/l investigatione next. we will cap off our weekend on a high note, the sun will be shining and it's only going to get better and warmer. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 9:00 on sunday. before we get to that breaking news, let's check in with
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pa. the best part, check in with seven-day. >> yes, it will always be scrolling bottom of the screen. you'll see that pop up in a second. neighborhood forecast, a lot more specific than before. we took viewer feedback and created a forecast that narrows down to your neighborhood where you live. you'll see it on the map. on the seven-day, that's for many areas from the lehigh valley through philadelphia to the jersey shore and delaware so everyone has their own customized seven-day now. neighborhood temperatures, 53 currently in philadelphia. we are warming up quickly. a patchy frost this morning with many areas in the 30s in new jersey. now warming up quickly, 50, bridgeton, 43 mount laurel, audubon coming in at 55. closer to trenton, we've seen
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huge temperatures jumps. princeton 35, now up to 50, 51 in florence, 50 in lumberton. pennsylvania suburbs mid to upper 40s. we were in the 30s earlier, phoenixville coming in at 45 at the moment. plenty of sunshine delaware through philadelphia. chilly start to the day. you might need a light jacket. through the afternoon temperatures rebounding nicely. mid-70s in the lehigh valley in south jersey temperatures more like upper 60s. along the shore, going to be a little cooler there. we'll take a look at that forecast plus the rest of the week as we go into the workweek with a bigger warm-up tomorrow. that's straight ahead. >> looking forward to that. thanks, sheena. back to breaking news in the shooting death of 4-year-old girl in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood. police sources tell us the mother's boyfriend is the one who shot the child. tee off after the shooting but turned himself into police last night. sources say he confessed to
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shooting the girl accidentally while he was playing with the gun in their home. investigators originally reported the sister shot her by accident. right now the boyfriend remains in custody while the district attorney's office looks into possible charges. in kensington more breaking news, three people dead and fourth person in the hospital after a shooting inside of a row home. the deadly incident began around 3:45. police responded to shots fired on east westmoreland street. according to investigators, the gunman told him he didn't want to leave the home but he admitted he had shot someone there. >> detectives from homeland security unit, hostage negotiators working with police radio were able to talk the subject down without any use of force and without any injury to police or civilian. it's been a long night. unfortunately here it's been quite a tragic night. >> sources tell nbc 10 after the standoff was over and when
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officers were finally able to get inside the home, they found two men and one woman dead. one person who was shot got away and collapsed in a nearby doorstep. police officers took that victim to the hospital. condition. this morning american red cross helping families forced out of their apartment by this fire in camden county. you can see from the pictures intense flames. although it caused a lot of damage, there was only one injury. that's good news )here. video of the blaze at the mansion apartments in pine hill. this was shortly after the fire started around 9:00 last night. at least four unitsko2 of the apartment complex were destroyed, others were damaged. firefighters did have to rescue several pemc@+ñ from their home. we spoke to several witnesses including one of the girlfriend's of the firefighters on the scene.
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>> what's your reaction when you see something like this? >> i get scared, get a shaking feeling, nervous. it upsets me. >> from where we were standing, you could really feel the heat. it was really building up. >> according to firefighters and witnesses, crews ran into water pressure problems while fighting the flames. again, they were able to get everybody out of the building. a little bit later on today, pennsylvania will become the 24th state to legalize medical marijuana. bill into law in harrisburg this afternoon. the law will allow people from suffering from 17 diagnosed conditions to have access to marijuana in pills, oil or ointment form. the bill also gives parents of sick children the legal ability to buy medical marijuana from another state while retailers prepare to open here.
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it will most likely take two years for statewide dispensaries to get up and running. now to decision 2016, there are 99 days left until the democratic national convention in philadelphia. the dnc is expected to be a major economic boost to the city this summer. hundreds of people gathered at the national constitution center yesterday to start the countdown to the convention. about 50,000 guests and 6,000 delegates will descend on philly in july. as you can imagine, local restaurants and bars are are hoping to benefit from the $300 million that should be injected into the economy because of this convention. there's no doubt there will be protesters among visitors and police tell us they are ready. >> bottom line, officers are well trained. uc, we get a plethora of demonstrations about a number of things. >> can you expect to see a lot of hillary clinton and bernie sanders back in our area after
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new york's primary this tuesday. clinton already has the philadelphia event scheduled for wednesday. her visit will come ahead of the pennsylvania primary, which is one week from tuesday on april 26th. actor george clooney has been fundraising but he's agreeing with her opponent on money and politics. you'll hear from him when our 2016 coverage tencontinues in j a few minutes. >> ridiculous we have this kind of money in politics. >> a snippet there. more of george clooney's interview with chuck todd coming up in a few moments. four earthquakes around the world in a matter of four days. we'll take you to ecuador and some other places where powerful deadly quakes have shook the region. narrator: looking out for wall street ceos -
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that's what congressman sestak did. sestak was one of only eight democrats to join republicans to allow ceos of bailed out banks to pay themselves unlimited bonuses using bailout money. an "outrage," according to newspapers. for working families - katie mcginty for senate. she'll invest in education, not ceo bonuses. and fight for pay equity for women. helping families - not wall street. katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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>> announcer: nbc 10 first alert coverage. >> good sunday morning, i'm meteorologist sheena parveen. chilly start in some spots. quickly warming up to temperatures in the 50s in some areas. your neighborhood weather we are able to narrow down more specifically where you live so we can give you more detailed forecast. even at the bottom of the screen if you haven'tzom noticed, that your seven-day forecast scrolling across. not just one. we have multiple forecasts depending where you live because we know weather is not the same. here is a look in the philadelphia area. society hill coming in 52 degrees, the sun warming us up 52, 52 west mount íoñairy, 50 i somerton. somertonñ earlier this morning n the mid-30s. temperatures rebounding quickly.
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neighborhood temperatures in delaware. wilmington, 50 degrees if you're about to step outside soon.ñ maybe a light jacket. degrees. a little bit farther south areas like greenwood 47 degrees, reading 42,; dover 51. closer to the beaches, though, like lewis, 40, rehoboth beach or $ding in that direction today, 49 right now. 60s to mid-60s along the beaches. warmer temperatures as we go through the day today. take a look at temperature trends. low 70s for philadelphia by the afternoon. around 70 degrees, mostly low 70s, reading low 70s. even wilmington, trenton area. warmer than yesterday, even warm tomorrow. we'll take a look at that forecast coming up. the death toll is rising in
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ecuador after a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake. 77 dead and almost 200/+ñ hurt. not quite on the earthquake there we're showing you a map of tonga because an earthquake struck there. we want to show you the earthquake in ecuador. just to be clear four earthquakes around the world in four days. ton tonga, ecuador and japan. again, this is that video i was referencing a moment ago. 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck ecuador. this is near the nation's capital quito. at least 77 are now dead. this is the biggest earthquake to hit ecuador since 1979. the president that declared a national emergency. all right. let's talk about japan. they are still looking for the
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missing there after two power earthquakes early this week. that's rattling nerves. as you can see from this foot annual, landslide, collapsed building and evacuees outside. u.s. military in japan helping with search and recovery mission. 9:13 sunday morning, a familiar face in politics will be campaigning for hillary clinton. former mayor michael nutter in wilmington as part of hillary campaign. she's in los angeles raising big bucks for remember pain. just last night actor george clooney hosted $30,000 a plate fundraiser. bernie sanders support eersjf m
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it rain last >> he says he doesn't think it should be part of the political protest. >> they are right to protest. i it's an obscene amount of money. they are absolutely right. it's ridiculous we have this amount of money in politics. i agree completely. >> more from george clooney and his involvement with the campaign on "meet the press." that's at 10:30 on nbc 10. bernie sanders will be in brooklyn today in advance of tuesday tuesday's primary. >> were you looking for a papal endorsement here. >> no. god no. that's okay. no. no. >> so you think this can help
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you with catholic voters? do you see this helping with voters in new york? >> myçó profound respect for th pope and the work he has done. >> sanders spoke at a vatican conference on social justice. pope francis called the quick meeting with presidential candidate a common courtesy and said anyone who thinks it's a political act should see a psychiatrist. talk about republicans. ted cruz celebrating another victory over donald trump. ju took all 14 delegates up for grabs in wyoming at the state's convention yesterday. however, trump still needs overkx[ delegate race. right now trump is threatening a rough july, as he puts it, for the republican national committee. while campaigning in syracuse trump called it rigged and unfair to voters. take a listen. >> you better get going and you better straighten out the system, because the people want their vote. the people want to vote.
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they want to be represented properly. >> keep up to the minute with the nbc 10 app. check out candidates on the campaign trail. the latest on the race plus delegate counts. it's all on the nbc app or at 9:16 on sunday. still ahead on "nbc 10 news today." she's a little girl with a lot of energy. >> she will have you on your seat from the time she wakes up until she goes to bed. >> jallesa, in search of a forever family.5ar
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this week's wednesday's child is a sweet and energetic young girl who can really light up a room. having a forever family would trawl make her life complete. nbc 10's vai sikahema introduces us to jallesa. >> reporter: the first thing you notice is her huge smile. few places make a child smile more than the garden state museum in new jersey. >> don't touch the bubble. we'll do it again. she's an outgoing 6-year-old who is nonverbal. make no mistake about it, she communicates effectively using sign language, hand gestures and facial expressions. jal isa is looking for a forever family with lots of love an patience. ideally this first-grader would
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because she craves one-on-one attention. she will play dress up or be a >> score! ñ full of energy. she will have you on your feet from the moment she wakes up until she goes to bed. she goes to school. she's on a good school routine. she does great in school. she's a good kid. she really is. she would bring a lot of joy and a lot of love to a family. >> jallesa is this week's wednesday's child. >> if you would like to make her dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child, go to and search "wednesday's child." also call national adoption center at 1-866-do adopt. >> announcer: now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> if you don't have plans yet today you better get outside
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because it is gorgeous weather. this is our neighborhood weather, a new forecast because we focus on where you live. that's what viewers said they want to see, they wanted more specifics so we're going to give it to them. >> specific for the &o#area, ma seven-day forecasts scrolling at the bottom of the screen. you'll never miss your seven-day forecast. they will always be there many areas. specific look at the neighborhood where you live so you can see your temperature, your forecast. that's really what we're giving you with setup we have. doing this, hopefully you like it. jersey;aíñ shore, looking at temperatures warming into the 50s here right along the shore in cape may. cape may courthouse 52, ocean city 51. a little further inland like mayes landing, touch warmer, 54. right along the shore in
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atlantic city 50 degrees. so it's still a cool start to the morning along the shore. temperatures quickly warming up. now our weather story for the rest of the area dry and warm. this weather pattern is going to keep those pollen levels high. whenever we're stuck in a weather pattern, a lot of sunshine, temperatures, no rain, that's when the poll spikes this time of year. it's going to stay high the middle to the end of next week or this coming week so we don't expect rain not until next friday. that shows you really how nice our weather is going to be. now, if you are along jersey shore today, take a look at how the day will shape up. mostly in the low 50s. 57 degrees, 5:00 p.m. topping out around 60. it's cooler along the shore of course. take a look at philadelphia planner for. right now 53 degrees in philadelphia. as we go through the afternoon, temperatures topping out in the low 70s. in delaware, most area 50
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degrees, plenty of sunshine, right around 70 by 3:00 p.m. if you are in the lee valley your temperatures this afternoon will get quite a bit warmer than yesterday, too. right now mostly upper 40s lehigh valley, plenty of sunshine this morning. we had a little patchy frost but quickly warming things up. light wind, almost calm through the day, by 3:00 p.m. 70 degrees, by 5:00 p.m., low 70s. if you're not along the shore but new jersey, warmer farther inland you are. right now temperatures mostly around 50 by the afternoon, topping out around 70s. philadelphia in pennsylvania, like montgomery county,fá bucks county, partsd8 of chester cou. pennsylvania suburbs. we're looking at temperatures topping out around low 70s but by lunch time around mid-60s. take a look as we go through the beginning of next week. believe it or not. then a little cooler. straight ahead. >> sheena, i should just
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mention. a message from a viewer in winnwood, thumbs-up for the more specific forecast. all right. haven't done your taxes yet? you still have one more day. explain why everyone gets more time this year to file taxes. plus flyers quest for the cup, a little tougher. danny pommels with comcast sports net breaks down the loss and what's next for the team.
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i've always taken on the status quo. in harrisburg, they didn't like it when i stopped their perks and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county, i cut out wall street middlemen to protect pensions, stood up for marriage equality and protected our environment. now i'm fighting for criminal justice reform. i'm proud to be backed by president obama and people who care about our families. i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you.
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welcome to live coverage from studios of nbc 10. now to pennsylvania attorney general's race in pennsylvania. watch three democratic candidates on nbc 10 earlier this month. this week the republican's turn. you'll hear from them right here on nbc 10 later this morning. pennsylvania state senator john rafferty jr. and former prosecutor joe peters vying for the nomination. jim rosenfeld sat down with both men on their plans to leave]/> they win the nomination. also on that issue, find out what they think about the possibility of donald trump at the top of their party's ticket. all coming up this morning at 11:30. 9:27 on sunday. we continue to follow breaking news in philadelphia. police sources tell us this morning that a man confessed to shooting and killing a 4-year-old girl yesterday.
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nbc 10's monique braxton live on the scene with more information. monique. >> hi, rosemary. in just a few moments, we'll tell you what gun or weapon has been recovered in that shooting.
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we're following breaking news this morning. we have some new information about a 4-year-old girl shot and killed yesterday in philadelphia. investigators initially believed her sister was the one who accidentally pulled the trigger, but police sources say someone else has confessed. we'll have details in a live report. well, we had a couple of extra days, but the deadline is tomorrow. still ahead, some tips to get your taxes done in time. you may want to grab a light jacket as you're heading out this morning maybe for a stroll along the beach. by this afternoon, though, you'll be able to ditch the layers. we'll wrap up the weekend with some warm weather. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. thanks for being with us, after 9:30 on sunday. meteorologist sheena parveen with our new neighborhood weather. sheena, this forecast is dedicated and detailed to where you live. it's specific. >> yes, rosemary, very specific.
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wherever you live around the area you'll see your township, neighborhood. we have the forecast for those areas. that's why we call it neighborhood weather. don't forget also the seven-day forecast will always be at the bottom of the screen. it's not just one seven-day anymore, we use the forecast for philly for the seven-day. this is for all of pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. you'll see many different seven-day forecasts. you'll see your forecast. this morning you'll see your neighborhood weather if you're about to step outside. here it is, temperatures warming into the 50s across the area. take a look at the lehigh valley, 30s this morning, a little patchy frost. quickly, though, we are warming up. in reading 51 degrees right now, burks county coming in at 50, tripoli 52, whitehall 55, allentown 52. bethlehem and easton coming in at 53 degrees this afternoon. if you still need the light jacket this morning, you're not going to need it in several
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hours from now. we're seeing plenty of sunshine, so this is really helping temperatures jump up quickly. 50 degrees right now through much of south jersey. in delaware we're in the low 50s at the moment. as we go through the afternoon, look at these temperatures. philadelphia 73, 72 pennsylvania suburbs. much of south jersey will be close to 70. if you're along the shore in south jersey, a little cooler. more like around 60 degrees or low 60s but mid-70s in the lehigh valley. weekend forecast, sunday forecast and bigger warm-up tomorrow. that's ahead. >> looking forward to that thanks, sheena. back to breaking news. this morning we have learned new information about 4-year-old girl who was shot and killed inside a home in fill's kensington. monique braxton live, what have you learned? >> reporter: new information,
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police have recovered a semiautomatic handgun. outside the house you see a growing memorial, a makeshift memorial. we've also learned the mother's boyfriend turned himself into the district office at 8:00 last night. when taken to homicide, he told investigators he was playing with a gun and it fired striking the 4-year-old girl. our camera was at 244 east mayfield yesterday shortly after the little girl was killed. sources tell us as many as seven children were inside the home when the gun went off 2:30. ly police told us their investigation revealed a 5-year-old shot the child in the face. we now know it was a man inside the home. we also know he fled the scene and turned himself in last night. he's confessed. we're awaiting word on homicide charges. we've already learned dhs is part of the investigation because of the number of children inside when the little girl died. live for now in kensington,
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monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thanks for that update, monique. we have more breaking news out of kensington this morning. police are investigating a shooting. they found three people dead and another person injured inside this row home here. it happened about 3:45 this morning on east westmoreland street. police tell us the gunman is now in. also learned two of the victims are related to the suspect and there was some kind of argument before the shooting. we'll continue to keep you posted on these breaking news stories. news from south jersey bureau, this fire destroyed four units at an apartment complex in camden county. the good news there's only one minor injury to report. firefighters called to the apartment around 9:la00 last night. they had to rescue several people but, again, got everybody out. red cross helping families whose homes were destroyed.
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meantime investigators are looking into the cause the cycling community is calling for action from harrisburg following hit-and-run crash in west philadelphia. the bicycle is in extremely critical condition after a car hit him and then took off. yesterday morning we show you this video from the scene at 45 and market street. calls for increased red light cameras and speed cameras. we hope the state government moves forward on relevant legislation before another cyclist is injured. heads up from police. they are investigating apfnu r of a man posing as an officer. investigators tell us a driver reported being pulled over on north maple avenue wednesday by a man in an unmarked car, emergency lights and siren. the man reportedly identified himself as a police officer. the car believed to be gold ford
9:37 am
crown victoria with plates s-80-aux. a woman from rehoboth beach is in trouble for allegedly slapping a police officer. police cottingham used both hands to slap the police officer yesterday morning. the officer was trying to calm her down as she argued with her mother. investigators tell us police were trying to get her home safely after a night of drinking. she now faces several charges, including resisting arrest. the clock is ticking if you haven't finished your taxes. the normal april 15th deadline, friday, was changed because it was emancipation day in washington, d.c.,. if april 15th falls on a legal
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holiday, which emancipation day is or falls on a weekend. if you still need time beyond tomorrow, you can request a six-month extension but that's only for feeling. you still have to pay what you owe. according to irs the fastest way to file is through free file link. also an extension from a paid tax preparer. still ahead on "nbc 10 news today," a look at the renovations at the campus of st. christopher's hospital in new jersey. uber reaches a deal to operate in the biggest city. how many millions of dollars the ride sharing company will be shelling out to do it.
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast 9:40 right now on this sunday. really great weather for baseball and delaware county. hundreds of kids and coaches paraded to black rock park for
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opening day of the season. swathmore has something else to celebrate. they unveiled their brand-new score board dedicated to bud rogers who founded the league back in 1956. in delaware county students at springfield high school raised more than $237,000 by dancing the weekend away. the 14th annual marathon started friday night. students danced for 15 hours to raise the money and warrens for childhood cancer research. the campus at st. christopher's hospital for children has a new look. the hospital celebrated the opening of its modern new critical care tower with an old-fashioned block party yesterday. the tower will house a new neo-natal unit. it will also feature expanded dental unit, large gym for physical and occupational therapies and a chapel.
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neighbors say it's time to reopen a boys and girls club in wilmington. they are rallying to bring back jackson street club that closed in 2010. senator has raised $14,000 for repairs. but they say repairs will cost at least a million dollars and the club won't reopen all the money is secured. former lead guitarist for kiss is in the hospital. in other news this morning, canceling shows because of exhaustion and dehydration. he was admitted to the hospital after friday's show in wilkes-barwick fell out of a motel landing on a shed yesterday afternoon, been a guest there since thursday. investigators are now trying to determine what led up to the fall. this morning we are plerng more about tentative agreement
9:43 am
between the mayor of newark and uber. the deal calls for uber to pay the city $1 million a year for the next decade. that gives the ride hailing company permission to run at the airport. they will run a background check on all drivers provide them with liability coverage. 9:43 on sunday. black and orange leaving washington black and blue. danny pommels from comcast supports net has more from last night's physical flyers game as the quest for the cup continues. that's next.
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good morning to you. danny pommels from comcast sports net. flyers trying to escape have a splitting headaches trying to figure out capital's power play. urging the team to win one for ed snider. alexander ovechkin. can't be a good omen.
9:46 am
second period 1-0, caps steve mason, like an octopus in the net, doing the split comes up with big save. forty seconds later, look at this, mason from the penthouse to the outhouse, from center ice, jason gets the credit 2-0 capitals. flyers finally get their first goal of the series. jake voracek, where have you been? 2-1 game at this juncture. on the power play, employee number 8, ove right where he always is blasts one past mason, one game two, 4-1, leads series 2-1. more from the nation's capital. >> reporter: they have been outscored 6-1 and find themselves down 2-0 in the series. still flyers feel they have reason to be optimistic. they outshot washington 42-23 and now the series shifts back to home ice on monday in front of their fans. >> we carry the majority of the play here. you know, we just have to go
9:47 am
home now and hold, still in the series. >> we fully intend to take the next two games. we're confident. we've done it all year. we've got good confidence in each other. >> the way we want to play our hard work, i think going to pay off. just need to -- >> no different situation than we've been in at any point this year. we've got our butts on the line. i think that's a pretty comfortable spot for this group. this group will continue to push and respond. >> i asked alex ovechkin if he'd ever seen a goal as wacky as the one that slid under steve mason. he says as a kid he remembers defenseman who flung a shot from behind his own net that went in similar to the one mason allowed in this game. from the verizon center, john boruk, comcast sports net. penguins trying to take 2-0 lead on the rangers. evgeni malkin playing the first time in a month, pens up 1-0.
9:48 am
finds the way to keith yandle. forget about it. he ties it for the rangers. 18 seconds later, getting behind pittsburgh defense against blue shirts to lead for good. rangers win 4-2 and tie the series at 1. to the diamond now aaron nola on the hill for the phillies making his third start of the season. the first win, that countered with -- top already 1-0. zimmerman. drives in another with base knocked up the middle, tagged nola for three in the opening frame. top four at the plate. look at this, helping out his own cause. takes nola deep to opposite. hard hit ball over hunter's head, atop the wall. scores a pair 5-0. nationals next inning, bryce harper spanks one to left. he can hit a little bit. fifth of the season. third straight game. he was deep. phillies lose 8-1. steph curry questionable for warriors in game two against rockets after injuring his ankle
9:49 am
on this missed shot. curry had ankle problems in the past, get to victory 104-78. that is your look at sports. i'm danny pommels from comcast sports net. enjoy your day. >> announcer: now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> it's our first alert weather. it's our neighborhood weather. that's because it's specific to where you live. it's a forecast you won't get anywhere else. focus is on where you are at the moment, where you're going to be later in the day. sheena, start in philadelphia and head down the shore, the weather will be different. >> it is different, rosemary. today it's going to be warmer than yesterday. so most of the area is going to be in the 70s this afternoon. but along the shore is going to be a little bit cooler. that's why we have this neighborhood forecast. not only do we show you the shore, but we show you the neighborhoods closest shore. you'll see a lot more specific than used to be. we took your feedback. as a viewer watching at home, wherever you're watching, wanted
9:50 am
to see more specific to township. we have that for you. aside from that always at the bottom of the screen, you will never miss that forecast. we always have it running. it's not just one seven-day. it's for many different areas from lehigh valley to shore down through delaware. that will always be on for you. in the meantime a beautiful live look out at cape may. nice sunny skies. temperature wise, though, along the shore, in about the low 50s right now. a very comfortable 53 in philadelphia. let's take a look at some of those neighborhood temperatures across the area. in the philadelphia, society hill, graduate hospital 57, west mount airy 58 degrees. fox chase coming in at 55. somerton coming in at 56 degrees. temperatures there this morning were in the mid-30s. now a look at new jersey temperatures farther inland from the shore $5.5 piney hollow, 57 bridgeton, 52 washington township, 51 mount laurel. if you're going to step any time
9:51 am
soon, not as chilly as it was two hours ago. temperatures are jumping up quickly, 55 robbinsville, 56 in princeton. 55 in pemberton, lumberton as well. so temperatures are really warming up nicely and it's all because of this nice, dry weather pattern we have. here is a look at the area. we have no rain heading our way any time soon. it's all because of this big area of high pressure. this is going to keep us dry as we go through most of this next workweek. our next rain chance isn't going to be until friday of this week. so you can expectment of dry air around. the one thing that the dry air is doing, it's really increasing our pollen levels. you probably noticed it already. the pollen today is high. we go through the next several days, no rain until friday, it's going to stay high. through the rest of the week, pollen levels up tuesday, wednesday, thursday, not stop
9:52 am
dropping until we go into friday. that's what the nice weather does, shoots pollen levels up. once it rains, though, it does start to lower them quite a bit. looking at neighborhood high temperatures. somerton for a high, phoenixville 2, bethlehem 72 for a high today, nice and sunny. if you're in new jersey, south jersey like haddonfield, for example, closer to the shore temperature difference you'll be around 60 degrees. if you're in delaware, most of the area there in about the mid to low 70s. dover coming in at 73, dewey beach around mid-60s. we'll take a closer look at your forecast going into this next workweek. it's going to be warmer tomorrow. then we have a little cooler air trying to move in. i'll show you that coming up. runners are getting ready for one of the biggest races in our country, the boston marat n
9:53 am
marathoned marathoned. runners will finish on boylston street, the same place where pressure cookers detonated 2013. three people killed and hundreds injured. dzhokhar tsarnaev has been sentenced to death for his role in the deaths in the bombings. his blower, tamerlan, was killed in a shoot-out with police. 9:53 on sunday. we have a gorgeous day ahead. very different out west. take a look. a major snowstorm. how it's becoming a major headache for travelers.
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today the eagles will host their sixth annual huddle up for autism. this is a live look at the
9:56 am
lincoln financial field where it will will be. 's anyone can attend. it is planned and designed for families touched by autism spectrum disorder. quiet rooms and family resource tables available. it raises money and awareness for autism research children's hospital in philadelphia. april, in case you didn't know, is autism awareness months. man, are we lucky. when we got a taste of this last saturday, thank goodness it's out of here. snow in denver, colorado. part of the state could get a foot of snow by the time it's done. airlines this canceled more thaó 800 flights to denver international. travelers had to change their plans. most airlines have a full schedule later today. a little cleaner thanks to volunteers who spent the weekend part of the annual philly spring cleanup. thank goodness the weather
9:57 am
cooperated. lasalle students picking up trash near olney ahead of the blue cross broad street run. they want to make sure it will go. caught up with police officers, philly police officers who pitched in to help spruce up a basketball court. 9:57 on sunday, "nbc 10 news today" continues in just a moment with another half hour of news. monique braxton is following some breaking news in the death of a 4-year-old girl. monique. >> reporter: hi, rosemary. just moments ago we learned what caliber of weapon was used to kill that 4-year-old and who said he pulled the trigger. coming up neighborhood forecast warmer today than yesterday. going into tomorrow some areas near 80 degrees. we'll take a look at that. also our next chance for rain, that's straight ahead.
9:58 am
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that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's rigged by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
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>> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. this morning we are following some breaking news. we have new information about a 4-year-old child shot and killed in philadelphia. we'll tell you who police sources say has now confessed to accidentally shooting the little girl. details coming up in a live report. more breaking news we're watching this morning, officers discovered three people dead after a standoff with a gunman barricaded in a home. more in moments. on a much lighter note, talk about the weather. it's going to be a great day, plenty of sunshine, bright and warm. if that sounds good, wait


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