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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  April 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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custody three hours ago. >> what led to the officer's shooting? >> reporter: we can tell you that this suspect, scott griffin, was arrested around 1:00 this afternoon, 23 years old, and according to police, before today, he had 14 arrests on record, and when he was brought in custody, he was armed with a gun. >> police officers never no from one encounter to the next what will be in front of them. >> reporter: a woman flagged down the officer last night before 9:00 near 60th and market, carjacked, and police say the guys were in the car when they approached. there was a struggle, and he was shot in the leg. police learned the men robbed another vick trim prior to that carjacking stealing his wallet and attempting to steal the car. that victim helped in nabbing the first suspect who was in police custody since last night. >> while the officers were
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attempting to grab the shooter, the non-shooting suspect fled towards the l station, 60th and market. he actually ran past the first individual that he had robbed and his friends who caught up with him, physically subdued him until the police came and arrested him. >> reporter: police were waiting for him this afternoon and was arrested. and, again, now both men held here at police headquarters. it is not yet known if that we cooperating with the police, if they are giving investigators in the information. we can tell you they are facing a long list of charges, however, we're waiting for the district attorney's office to formally announce what the charges are. that's the latest. nbc 10 news. >> nbc 10's monique braxton continues the story. >> what are people there saying, monique? >> reporter: everyone is terrified that i spoke with on
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the street, especially since the gunman was apprehended a half mile from where i'm standing. so this arrest comes 14 hours after officer james mccallaugh was shot in the leg down the street here. that gunman was then app apprehended. >> coming out of the house, seen all the cars and one guy. >> reporter: the guy with the police is 23-year-old scott griffin, a dangerous man with a lengthy criminal history. our camera was on alden street where narcotics officer took him to the police headquarters. he had 14 prior arrests, armed, casually standing on the corner talking, arrested without incident. >> there's too many guns out here. it's frightening. >> reporter: griffin's father showed up moments after his son was in custody. he drove from north carolina overnight after hearing his son may have been involved in a
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police shooting here 59th and market, shared pictures with griffin and came to town to hire an attorney and talk to his son. folks who watched this say it just doesn't occur here. >> i'm not used to seeing that p around here, you know. >> that's scary. >> reporter: in the next hour, working to bring you more information about the suspect. in west philadelphia, monique braxton, nback 10 news. >> thank you. the coverage continues on it's 4:30, we hear from good friends why they consider him a leader and hero in every sense of the word. meanwhile, new information about the philadelphia man who police say shot and killed his 4-year-old daughter over the weekend. this morning, maurice phillips was and rained. he confessed to the crime according to the police. police say he shot his
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4-year-old daughter in the back of the head and took the 4-year-old to another room and punched his 5-year-old daughter in the face and put her sister's blood on the shirt to appear as the 5-year-old pulled the trigger. it began yesterday when phillips waved a gun inside the room. >> once inside the room, he removed the gun from the holster and care leslie and wrecklessly pointed the gun around in the room. >> he took off and turned himself this hours later. a gorgeous start to the workweek. perfect day to get in some fishing under the sun. it is pretty much beach weather. here's a live look at the jersey shore at cape may. definitely the place to be if you can and great way to start
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the week. >> people were on the beach too. we have your neighborhood weather forecast. hey, glen. >> hey, keith, and we have now officially hit 80 degrees in philadelphia. that's the official 4:00 reading. lehigh valley up to 81. other places not as warm. getting close in the neighborhood weather, get in like this in every coupe in our region, it's 80 in society hill. 81 in andora. 83 in parkside. you can see many, many parts of philadelphia have, indeed, reached the 80-degree mark today. now, a little bit cooler air is going to start to come in, but not so much by morning. it's 56 degrees. this sour futurecast. as we go through the night, these are just high thin clouds. there is no kind of weather system that's going to be affecting us, but it's going to be a very warm night for this
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time of the year throughout the area. again, any of these clouds, south jersey, the jersey shore related to high thin clouds. a lot of us need rain, and we'll see if there's any coming up in the forecast in just a few minutes. >> looking forward to that, again, thanks. the flier's quest for the cup comes to south philadelphia tonight. wells fargo center, they are trying to turn around the series with the capital. the puck drops at 7:00. people are gathering at xfinity live for watch party. they arrive home down 2-0 in the best of seven series with the caps. tim furlong is live in south philadelphia. >> what are fans saying, tim? >> reporter: it doesn't happen often, but the sports god bestowed perfect weather, meaningful game at the ballpark, and other side of the parking lot here, we have a playoff
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hockey game, 2-0 in the series, but the traffic will be rough with two games goingen, but come on, the phillies walked off yesterday, that's a good thing, and, of course, first home game, it's going to be an e emotional night on ice and great night p against the mets. >> they will play their hearts out. at lee they should. the fan base will be crazy supporting them because win at home, we're even. >> they are doing good. i'm happy about that, but it's awesome, one big party in the area. >> reporter: and with a big party, big pre and post game traffic issues. be patient. hopefully two big wins from the sport complecomplex. tailgaters are gathering. it's going to be an awesome night. that's where we are live. >> thank you, tim. this morning, hundreds of demonstrators rallied outside
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the nation's highest court in washington, d.c. as justices tackled the controversial topic of immigration. they rallied in support of two obama administration program that could shield 4 million people from deportation, making them eligible to work in the u.s. texas is leading 26 states challenges programs put on hold. the high court is expected to decide by late june whether they can go forward. to a developing story, a deadly earthquake in ecuador killed 350 people, and that number is expected to climb. nbc 10 is live in the digital operations center filling in on the latest there and how rescue efforts are going in japan that saw two powerful earthquakes. >> reporter: rescuering in ecuador continue to pull survivors from the rubble today in a town flattened by the quake. people trapped under buildings could be for days. it is the strongest earthquake for decades, and hospitals and
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other buildings collapsed after the quake struck the country saturday night. more than 2500 people that authorities know of suffered injuries. the red cross estimated between three and 5,000 residents need temporary housing. in japan, this video shows the extent of damage from two earthquakes there. a landslide in the southern part of the country set mud and water in a neighborhood swallowing up everything in its path and long cracks in the field reveal the fault lines of the quake that hit thursday and saturday. two aircraft landed in southern japan today carrying with emergency supplies. in addition to dozens of deaths, nearly 1,000 people need medical treatment for quake-related injuries. the two u.s. marine aircraft picked up supplies of water, food, and blankets, going to remote areas damaged in the quakes. now, hundreds of international and aidworkers rushed to both countries. secretary of state john kerry says the u.s. is helping in any
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way possible. live in the digital operations center, nbc 10 news. thank you, denise. both presidential candidates prepare to his pennsylvania hard now as election day creeps closer. >> aids have not and nounsed details about the visit yet, and today, she visited a hospital, and a poll has her leading rival, bernie sanders, by two points nationally. appearing on "today" this morning, sanders dismissed polls saying the only thing that matters is what happens in the voting booth. tomorrow evening, he'll be in state college to hold a rally at the rec hall at 7:00. trump called for a turnout trying to crack 50% to sweep new york's delicates. >> cruz has an election watch party in philadelphia awaiting
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results to come in. today, he met with supporters at the american legion post in maryland. trump met with the national diversity coalition in new york city this morning attending a rally tonight in buffalo. >> john campaigned in new york today endorsed by the new york daily news calling him collier than trump or cruz. some polls have him in second place. it is almost time for our primaries. pennsylvania and delaware hold primary elections on april 26th. new jersey voters go to the polls june 7th. for complete decision 2016 coverage including latest counts and upcoming primaries and caucuses, tap the nbc 10 app. >> bill cosby's wife is questioned under oath again tomorrow in a defamation lawsuit filed against her husband. seven women claimed they were called liars after going public
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with the sexual assault accusations held against him. bill cosby faces criminal charges in montgomery county where he is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting. he has denied the allegations. shane spar row of st. lawrence charged with making a false statement while in court to be sentenced in a theft case, they said he led the judge to think he was a retired decorated marine. turns out, that was not true, and they showed items police took from sparrow, had a uniform with his name on it and phoney discharge certificate. >> swat teams as officials issued an arrest warrant. they got called late this morning to diamond street and
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hilton pike. stay with us as new information comes available. a school bus crashed in nus castle county delaware, leaving a man trapped in the car with head and chest injuries. the 86-year-old driver was taken out after the car was resting on its roof. the state police say no children on the bus needed hospitalization. >> a middle school in the school district got started today, but it's not built from the ground up. the cedar brook middle school has a completely new look when classes begin in september of 2017. only some foundational beams remain after the school is essentially rebuilt. the school closed two and a half years ago due to environmental issues sent students to three sites until the project is completed.
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traffic woes on kelly drive due to reas far asing. this will improve traction and keep storm water off the busy drive. it's happening between 25th street and hunting park avenue to the ramp on ridge avenue. now work is stopped for rush hour but continues at 6:30 and overnight. the road work continues through saturday. line painting could make it slow going on several major highways in the area including the blue route this week. crews started work today on 476 and i-95. work continues friday on route 202, the walt whitman bridge, and blue route painting continues 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on the pennsylvania turnpike and i-95. the heroin crisis takes center stage tonight. a series of community meetings starts tonight at 6:30 at northeast high school. the city county krillmanments those addicted to the dangerous
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drug to come forward for firsthand accounts before holding hearings on the heroin crisis next month. nbc 10 digital exclusive, generation addicted, looks hard at the epidemic. that's on the app now and nbc 0 hundreds of troops going to iraq to find isis. ash carter said today the u.s. is sending 200 troops to help iraqi forces closer to the front lines. most of the troops are likely to be army special forces. defense secretary carter said the troops won't be fighting street to street, but at headquarters helping plan and coordinate battles. reminder, watch nbc nightly news with lester holt reporting from the middle east with an exclusive interview with ash carter right here after nbc 10 news at 6:00. severe storms texas overnight. heavy rain and strong winds roll through the houston area forcing
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school closures today. that rain is expected to continue throughout the night. that same system dropped several feet of snow on parts of colorado this weekend. more than 40 inches causing whiteout conditions. the weather snarled air travel and forced cancellation of 70% of the flights in denver international airport. now your first alert weather. we're stuck in beautiful, sunny weather part tern, others are in wet, snowy patterns, and that's what you saw. it's all related, and we have light northwesterly flow, dry air continuing across the region, but not quite the same at the shore. look at this. the wind is coming in off the ocean. that's the sea breeze. you saw that contrast of the winds, and you can see the results of that where it's only
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61 degrees at wholegate, and 78 degrees in mays handing. that's not far away. these are curtesy of the partners at weather underground, one of the top weather sites in the world for many, many years. we have dry and warm conditions continuing across the area. it was beautiful over the weekend. 67 saturday, 73 sunday, so far, 80 degrees today, and now we're going to cool off a little bit tomorrow, but that's still way above average. we're not going to see real cool weather for a while, but we could use rain to wash pollen out of the air. allergy sufferers continuing, and the pollen continues to be high tuesday and wednesday and just high thursday into friday. we need significant rain on friday with that system that we're predicting in order to wash more of that pollen out of
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the air and help the allergy sufferers. here's the dry air around our portion of the country. the whole east, the whole middle of the country, and then there's that moisture. it just keeps going south to north. it's not moving, and so you can't just time that and say, hey, it's going to take two days to get here. it doesn't work like that. now, the neighborhoods tomorrow, you don't see any 80s, but i'll show you significant differences, even in dry, fair weather as we look at different neighborhoods in the area, you can see some significant changes. now, let's go towards the shore. today, it's much cooler. tomorrow, it's going to be just about as warm as the inland areas. 70 degrees in atlantic city, and that's because the wind direction is going to be different. it's going to be a northwest wind, land breeze. now, here's a ten day forecast
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for the philadelphia area. again, it's a little cooler tomorrow. even cooler than that on wednesday. but that is about average for this time of the year. we're dry. tomorrow, wednesday, and thursday, we have a system coming in on friday, with some moisture, looks like some showers, maybe a thunderstorm, not an all day kind of thing. right now, it looks like it may well clear out for next weekend. the temperature a little lower, but that's, again, that's still above average. sunday, up to 70 degrees. then next week, we have a different tune. temperatures are down, and we have a front that looks like it's going to be stalling out and keeping the temperatures on the cooler side. once again, a ten-day forecast across the area. we are the ones to introduce seven day to the region many, many years ago, and now we're
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doing it ten days, and, you know, the science just keeping improving. when i started in tv, we could barely do a three day forecast because the computers were so bad. >> graduated from a green screen to a wall. before there was no green screen, blue screen, right? >> i have not touched a weather map in years. until this. >> today's gorgeous. hard to come inside any building today because it's so beautiful outside. >> what made it decent is that the weekend was so beautiful. >> tempted to call in sick. >> all right, thank you. a bill signing ceremony made history in pennsylvania this weekend. at this moment, medical marijuana is officially legal in the keystone state today. surrounded by families and patients who have long been advocating for medical marijuana, the governor pledged to create the new medical industry as quickly as possible. the department of health has six months to develop an application
4:21 pm
process for parties and care givers to access medical marijuana, and then one for the businesses that want to grow and sell it. all right, coming up, fast food findings. what a new study says burgers and fries that we both love -- >> love. >> could be exposing you to. >> i don't want to know. >> i'll avert my eyes as well. >> don't mess with my fries. another story, disaster averted, things really take a turn on the mat when one gymnastics coach makes a catch you don't want to miss. plus, bad news on the beer front. what's in short supply that could cause a spike in the price of a pint. and unexpected encounter, what's about to greet this guy? >> oh, boy. first, a look at closing bell on wall street. dow, nasdaq, and s&p closed higher today. we'll be right back.
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take a look at this, a whale sails past a paddle border a few feet away from him. look up close. this happened in oceanside, california today. oh, my goodness, and stays on the paddle board. rather be there than in the water. a whale putting a show on. >> he's not going to forget that. that's for sure. catch of a lifetime. a quick thinking coach in canada saved a young girl. look at it. my goodness, a roll and everything. watch again. a head first crash, goes flying, and acting on reflex, he got her before slamming into the floor, saving her, of course, you could tell, from a serious injury.
4:26 pm
wow. switching gears now, coverage of breaking news continues now on nbc 10 news at 4:00. >> in three hours, investigators arrested the man suspected of a shooting a police officer who is recovering this afternoon. we talk to the close friends, and why they consider him a leader and hero in every sense of the word. >> disrespect australian law, they will -- >> saying sorry, when one hollywood superstar and his wife issued an apology. now a sunny and warm start to the workweek, but look what to expect when the sun goes down and next chance for rain and the new neighborhood weather, the only forecast focused on where you live next on nbc 10 news at 4:00.
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this is nbc 10 news. returning to our breaking news, nbc 10 was in west philadelphia this afternoon as the man suspected of shooting a police officer was arrested. authorities say he shot the officer in west philadelphia last night. they were responding to a report of a carjacking, and this afternoon, the offer is recovering from a gunshot wound to his leg. learning more about the officer. here he is playing for the northeast philadelphia rugby club. we are talking to members of the team and others who know the officer. >> people are sending well wishes. >> reporter: well, of course they are. his immediate family, as you know, to include his fiance and mother have been by the bedside as well as the philadelphia police family and police officers showing up at the hospital, but a close group of friends, his rugby buddies
4:31 pm
consider him tireless and leader in all he pursues, and they all wish him the best. close friends of the wounded police officer are and leaved. >> problem solver, the guy everyone looks for. >> reporter: relieved he'll recover. they say he always stood out in front to have their back, avid rugby player, founding member of the team, and once becoming a dad, and sacrificed the sport to be a police officer, plan his wedding, and provide for his family. michael and tim were in shock when friends called and texted jimmy had been shot. >> especially there's no details, you know, it's just, you know, i heard it was jim, and that's all you get at first, so it's pretty alarming and frightening, to be honest. >> reporter: not shocked to learn the police say he tackled the suspected armed carjacker to help a female driver. >> doesn't surprise me he sprung to help her. he's that kind of person to step
4:32 pm
in front of himself and help anybody else around him. i'm just glad he's okay. >> reporter: tieing a tourniquet on the leg to stop the bleeding. >> a tourniquet. that's jimmy. >> you never want to hear about any of our officers being injured, but, you know, have it be a friend, your heart sinks. >> reporter: he's engaged to be married in in love with his 2-year-old daughter. >> daughter is beautiful, excited to be a dad, bringing her to the games, and i'm happy for him. seems like everything was falling into place for him. he'll pop back from this. >> reporter: the police detectives have been in and out of the hospital today and they are coming to visit him here, and we understand that doctors are still running tests this afternoon. no word yet on when he's released, but all, of course, praying for a full and speedy recovery. live outside penn presbyterian,
4:33 pm
nbc 10 news. a field of more than 30,000 runners laced up to be part of the boston marathon today, but first on the course was the molt impaired runners, among them, one who lost part of her leg in the marathon bombings. ethiopian men and women swept the races, first time in many years a runner from kenya has not won the marathon. you recall 2013, two pressure cooker bombs killing three and wounding hundreds more. former olympic athlete is sentenced in june for the murder of his girlfriend. he is convicted in 2013, and he was first sentenced to five years for south africa's equivalent to manslaughter and released in october put on house arrest. in december, the supreme court upgrade the conviction on appeal
4:34 pm
to murder. minimum sentence is 15 years in prison. johnny depp's wife, pled guilty in australia to providing a false immigration document. this amid allegations she smulinged the dogs in the country. they issued an apology and avoided jail time on what was dubbed the war on terrier debacle. time is running out to get the taxes in. the deadline is mid night. you have eight hours before the return must be postmarked by the post office. the irs expects more than 5 million returns to be file today alone. as of april 8th, nearly 82 million taxpayers received their refunds. 13 days and counting until the blue cross broad street run. we started to practice today along kelly drive. who do we recognize there?
4:35 pm
oh, keith jones in the lead already. jessica right next to him, and marshall harris from comcast sports net, and dan st organization m from the digital team, they picked the perfect day to run outside. it was nice. >> i have to leave now because once the race comes, forget about it. >> i don't know. you'll be good. 500 people enter to run with the team. here's the three winners, rebekah, and jessica, and marc. congratulations. we'll see you on broad street. nbc 10 and telemundo broadcasts the entire race start to finish, sunday, may 1st. have you trained a lot? >> not as much as last year, but i've been out there. today was a good workout with jessica and dan, it was great. >> warm. >> it was perfect. 80 degrees today, unbelievele. >> good, good, good. >> yes. the shortage that could send
4:36 pm
beer prices soaring. >> plus, what mu research reveals about an unseen item fast food lovers could be exposing themselves to. all new tonight at 5:00, why snapping a selfie on the tracks may be the last picture you ever take. do you think when you are president you'll be paid as...
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if you eat a lot of fast food, you could be consuming a potentially harmful chemical. along with the burger and fries, there's been found higher level of fall lads. they have been linked to cancer, low iq, and fertility problems. scientists think it's because fast food is typically packaged in materials that are made using the chemical that then leaks into the food. craft beer lovers, beware, you could pay more for beer due to the potential shortage of a key ingredient, hops. last summer's dry and hot level
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damaged the hops, and most have contracts with hop dproeers to protect from surges, but future supply is at risk, putting brewers under pressure and forcing them to raise their prices. up next, mishap in midair, what a passenger jet was jolted by. >> why it's shaken the aviation industry this afternoon. plus, a gorgeous monday, but we're watching for rain later in the week, and some of us need it. it's the new neighborhood weather, the only forecast focused on where you live next on nbc 10 news at 4:00. then all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, the fight over lyft and uber at philadelphia international. the demands that local taxi drivers are making for the airport.
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joe sestak supports a plan that the new york timesfactreported makes cuts to social security benefits. and the plan raises the retirement age. it's true. the a.a.r.p. opposed the plan, citing dramatic cuts to medicare benefits. the plan sestak supports means higher out-of-pocket costs for millions on medicare. any way you spin it, the truth about sestak is gonna hurt.
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katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message. a british airways pilot says
4:44 pm
the plane hit a drone on final approach to london's airport yesterday afternoon. the flight was carrying 137 people. the airline says the plane landed safely and has been cleared for the next flight. no arrests have been made, but police are trying to find the operator of that drone. here we go. the stage is set in south philly, a live look at the wells fargo center, quest for the cup here tonight as they attempt to turnarounds the series with washington. we bring in comcast sports net's john clark. >> reporter: it's going to be an emotional amped up building. look at this in my hand. each fan receives a card and bracelet that's going to glow for a special ceremony. when you arrive, there's large
4:45 pm
banners out there for ed snider, a flyer forever. there's a special ceremony to honor him before the game, and the flyers are down 0-2 in the series and will be emotionally charged. this is the first home playoff game since ed passed away, and they want to win and play for him. >> there's going to be a lot of energy in the billing. you know, there's going to be some emotion in the building with the pregame ceremony for mr. snider, but, you know, you know, you have to embrace, you know, those emotions and that energy, and harness is and have a great start to the hockey game. >> reporter: yeah. the flyers lost two games on the road at washington. they cannot get down three games to none in the series. this really is a must-win game. coming up in an hour, we're going to hear from the flyers about moving on from that fluke
4:46 pm
goal that steve mason gave up in game two. i'm john clark, see you in an hour. >> all right, john, thank you. crowds, by the way, starting it gather in south philadelphia. look at the orange jerseys out there. this is a live look at xfinity live hosting an official watch party at 5:00. watch the action on a 32-foot hd screen and pick up official flyers playoff gear at the mobile store there. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> that was a beautiful sunny weekend, and a beautiful sunny start to the week, although, it's on unseasonably warm, did hit 80 degrees officially in philadelphia. not quite there in other parts of the area, but lehigh valley and delaware were in the 80s as well. by tomorrow morning, everybody's going to be in the 40s pretty much, and that's still above
4:47 pm
average for this time of the year, so, yeah, it's going to be getting cooler, but not by a whole lot. now, this is the latest, the 80 degrees in philadelphia. you see a northwest wind meeting the sea breeze, and that means it is warm in delaware with that northerly wind, and now with the neighborhood weather, we are focusing in. we do this with any county, and dozens and dozens of towns in each county and state. look at this. marshalltown, 83, newark 82, middletown at 80 degrees, and let's continue. harrington 79. it's cooler where the wind comes in off delaware bay. you get all these changes within the single small state of delaware. and over towards the beaches, look at that, it's only 57 degrees at duey beach. 60 degrees in rohoboth, and next
4:48 pm
weather cast, we focus in another part of the area. the wind direction is going to change tomorrow, and that's going to be significant for delaware and jersey shore because this is an offshore wind, and so those areas are actually going to be warmer tomorrow behind the cold front. that's the way it works. the other thing that works, seven day. for your town, constantly scrolling through the area. not just philadelphia's seven-day. that's always there for you. the story is, it's dry and warm, and it's going to be dry and warm during the day tomorrow, but not as warm as what we've seen during the day today, and there are those terms at the shore. 70 in atlantic city, 1 in lynnwood, and 72 in avlon, and warmer than what we've seen this afternoon. even though a cold front is coming through.
4:49 pm
the satellite/radar, well, not much to show in the east. we have to go way out in the middle of the country to find anything, and are we going to be seeing any kind of action coming in here? here we are in through wednesday. wednesday amp. nothing. until you get to ohio. what about thursday? all right, thursday, it's getting a limit closer. it is going to bring some rain later in the week, and what's that going to do? it is going to knock at least a little pollen out of the air. tuesday and wednesday, extremely high, thursday and friday with the rain coming in, at least a little bit down. we'll be back with a ten-day forecast coming up in the next hour. >> all right. up next, happy homecoming. >> prize ride home for a girl spending 12 moments fighting a brave battle. >> new tonight at 5:00, why american businesses are still
4:50 pm
far behind consumers over the most popular way to pay when buying something. they say that in life,
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i love this story. after a 12-month battle with cancer, this girl road home in style today. that 7-year-old received her final round of chemotherapy. >> 17th round over the last year. her ride home hospital is one not to forget. nbc 10 takes us for the trip. [ applause ] >> reporter: how do you
4:54 pm
celebrate kicking cancer's butt? she got in a limo and headed home. no stoplights for her today, a number of police and fire d.s escorted her north. this 7-year-old got a well deserved hero's treatment after a pretty rough year. >> been through 17 rounds of chemo, proton therapy done 31 times. she's tough. >> reporter: after a final round of chemo, she said high to the high school students who supported her last may. they noticed something wrong with the eye that was bone cancer behinds the eye, and it's a long road, but she's got support at the school detoday, d kids happy to see her, and at home, sign greeted her. he was asked to send her a signed ball months ago, and he decided to make a friend. >> i like to visit her, i like to go, because you never know
4:55 pm
when a tough time happens, i thought i would give her the world and give everything i could. >> monlths later, she was too tired to talk today, but prognosis looks good, and cancer messed with the wrong chick. >> in the beginning, you feel like, you know, it's -- you're never going to get there, so for her to have her last chemotherapy treatment today it's amazing. >> she was up for the challenge, i guess. >> tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> 7-year-old inspiration, remarkable. >> what a trooper. glad the worst is over for her. >> good for them. nbc 10 news at 5:00 is next. next, a dangerous man off the streets, the police have the suspect who they believe shot one of their own. what we've learn about the man in custody and the officer who is recovering. plus, our nbc 10 security expert weighs in on a safety of police officers.
4:56 pm
now, a warm start to the week, but temperatures are going to be cooling down tomorrow. it's not going to be that warm. what to expect in the nbc 10 first aneighborhood weather forecast. plus, battle over immigration goes all the way to the supreme court. nbc 10 is there for the constitutional showdown affecting local families. next at 5:00. fight back and rebuild
4:57 pm
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he is a dangerous individual, obviously. we're very happy to get him off the streets as quickly as we did. breaking news at 5:00, a suspect with a lengthy criminal record accused of shooting ative police officer. we were there this afternoon as scott griffin was taken into custody at police headquarters. >> several twists and turning that led to last night's shooting. we have team coverage breaking down the details for you. let's begin live in the digital operations center. police hunted the second suspect, the man thought to be the shooter of the police officer, all night, and quickly learned his name and places he was known to hang out. they tracked the suspected shooter to a corner in west philadelphia and undercover officers arrested eed him. he was armed and did not put up
5:00 pm
a fight when arrested. he's been arrested 14 times before today. the shooting happened before 9:00 last night when the officer was flagged down by a woman who had been carjacked. the suspects, they say, were still in her car. police say he and his partner approached the car. there was a struggle, and one man shot the while his partner went after them, the suspected shooter who got away. >> the officer and his partner were attempting to grab the shooter. the nonshooting suspect fled towards the l station, 60th and market. >> reporter: police say the suspect than then ran past other victims robbed earlier in the evening. he and his friends subdued him until the police arrived. both men are being held and will face a long list of charges and are awaiting approval of the charges by district attorney's office. live in the digital operations


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