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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 20, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. primary winners, front-runner donald trump and hillary clinton win new york's primary. now they're looking ahead to primaries in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. decision day, a philadelphia fun heads back to court today to learn her fate in a drunk driving crash. also, jogging trail assault. police say someone knocked out a woman as she was running along a new castle county trail. 4:00 a.m. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast, find out about the morning ahead.ç bill? >> clear skies and temperatures are cooling down. chilly in the pennsylvania suburbs, 44 degrees right now.
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the cool spot, the lehigh valley at 43. skies are clear there. once the sun is up we'll see the temperatures start to come up at 7:00. bright sunshine as we head through the morning. for philadelphia, 52 degrees. not quite as mild as yesterday but close. we'll cool down a little bit by 6:00 and then sunshine will quickly turn temperatures around, 56 degrees is what we're looking for by lunch time today. this afternoon, right up to the 07 degree mark for most of the area, south jersey at 67 degrees and a little cooler at the shore today. 59 degrees, though the winds will be light this morning, we'll see an easterly wind develop this afternoon. that will limit the temperatures. change is ahead. you can see it on the seven day scrolling at the bottom of your screen. it's not just one seven day. it's a seven day for each part of our area. right now, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> we're watching the vine street expressway right now. this is right around 24th street
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on our cameras. they zoomed in on this shot a few moments ago. in between broad street and the schuylkill expressway right now we are closed east and westbound to all traffic with that construction. so it's supposed to be lifted around 5:00 this morning. yesterday they ended it a little bit early. we'll keep you updated. the rest of the majors are okay for the most part. schuylkill and 95, a 13-minute trip. and the blue route southbound from the schuylkill to 95, a 16-minute trip. >> jessica, thanks. now to decision 2016 and the winners in new york's primary. the front-runners from both parties added to delegate leeds. for the democrats, hillary clinton won the empire state with 58% of the vote over brooklyn native bernie sanders. for the republicans, donald trump was the winner, winning 60% of the vote in his home state. now the focus is on our area. primaries next week in pennsylvania and delaware and new jersey's primary june 7th means that the candidates will
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be heading to the tri-state area in an effort to win over voters. katy zachry is live in philadelphia. >> clinton will make two stops today, the first at st. paul's baptist and then later at the fillmore. today it's time to shift gears to this area, for the pennsylvaniaance delaware primary on tuesday. while in philadelphia, secretary clinton will have a public discussion with former attorney general eric holder as well as mothers who have lost their children in racially charged incidents. donald trump who also won the new york primary announced he will be in delaware this friday afternoon meeting with supporters at the state fairgrounds. he also said he's stopping in pennsylvania before tuesday's primary and we're working to get details for that event. >> when you look at
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pennsylvania, when you look at indiana, when you look at maryland and rhode island and so many places, we have problems everywhere you look. we are going to solve those problems. and one of the big problems -- one of bigç problems is the economy and jobs. that is my wheel house. >> a little less than a year later, the race for the democratic nomination is in the home stretch and victory is in sight. >> reporter: ted cruz was at the national constitution center in center city philadelphia last night watching the results from the new york primary come in. he did come in third in that state's primary. his wife will be in our area today, coming up in the next half hour, i'll have details on where supporters can meet her. reporting live in north philadelphia, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. 4:04 and 59 degrees outside. new from overnight, a house goes up in flames and the flames spread to a car in warrenton,
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bucks county. the fire began around 11:30 last night. no one was hurt. the firefighters quickly got the fire under control. a gloucester county judge is expected to decide if a fun accused of drinking and driving is guilty or innocent. sister kimberly miller was arrested last november. this is dashcam video. she went back to her north philadelphia con vent, had a glass of wine and then took an ambien to help her sleep. later today, pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane is scheduled to appear in court in her grand jury leak case. kane wants a judge to look at whether prosecutors leaked fbi recordings in her criminal case to a newspaper. her lawyers say that only three parties had the fbi phone recordings of her political consultant, federal prosecutors, state prosecutors and kane's legal team. her court filings identify
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montgomery county prosecutors as the likely culprit of last month's leak to a newspaper. montgomery county district attorney kevin steele calls the claim meritless. the haverford township police department is mourning the loss of one of their own. officer william albertus died sunday after a sudden illness. he was a seven-year veteran. he leaves behind a wife and three children. his funeral is scheduled for saturday. hundreds of people turn out for a vigil for a superintendent killed during his morning jog. steven mayer died yesterday while jogging near robbinsville high school in mercer county. month are than 500 people gathered at a park to remember dr. mayer. people describe the 52-year-old as a beloved educator who coached little league, was a pillar of the community and a mentor to young people. >> how do you make sense of a nonsense cal situation? i mean, i was at a loss for
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words. i still expect to wake up from a bad dream. >> police say a high school student was on her way to robbinsville high school for a class trip when her car hit dr. mayor. the student did stop right after the accident. police have not said if the student will face charges. all robbinsville schools are closed again today. 4:07. this morning a driver is facing charges in a crash that killed a crossing guard in trenton. police have arrested dwayne bennett who they say was driving with a suspend license. skyforce 10 was over the accident monday afternoon. the victim, 56-year-old antonio wiley of trenton was crossing route 129 when he was hit. supporters and opponents of the proposed tax onç sugary drunks in philadelphia are letting city council know how they feel. it was a rowdy crowd at city hall last night. city council held a public hearing on mayor jim kenney's proposed fiscal year '17 budget
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mayor kenney has proposed taxing distributors 3 cents per ounce on sugary drinks in order to raise money for initiatives like universal pre-k and revitalizing community centers. >> this tax would be a means to pay for universal pre-k, an investment in our children which could help lift an entire generation out of poverty. >> this 3 cents per ounce tax will mean the destruction of all the corner stores and small businesses of the city. >> two more city council budget hearings are scheduled for next month. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> well, clear skies and a really nice start for all of our neighborhoods this morning. though it's getting cooler than what we saw yesterday. your seven-day forecast is right at the bottom of the screen. seven-day for each part of our viewing area. warm spot, typically philadelphia. it is this morning at 52 degrees. it's cooled into the 40s for south jersey and delaware. the pennsylvania suburbs running
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close to the lehigh valley this morning, in the 40s and still falling. exton is at 45, chadds ford, 48 degrees right now. farther off to the northeast, doylestown is 42 and bensalem is 48. fairly uniform temperatures, though the temperatures are still falling. right now we do have a spring beauty ahead. lots of sunshine. at the shore, it may be cooler but the trend for philadelphia is a nice day in spite of the cooling we've seen in the last few days. monday, 82 degrees. yesterday we were so close to the 80 degree mark, it stays cooler today. still above average for this time of year. and if you've been sneezing a lot, it looks like that will continue. allergy sufferers, the pollen, not much relief. it stays high for today and tomorrow. friday, rain showers move into the area, which may temporarily bring down the pollen just a bit. for today, bright sunshine. scattered clouds yesterday. not happening today. 49 in philadelphia at 7:00.
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by 11:00 this morning, up to 60 degrees. near 60 at 11:00, upper 60s with sunshine at 3:00 today. nothing but sunshine for the lehigh valley right on through this afternoon with a nice warmup there, too. delaware, starting off in the 40s but it will be upper 60s this afternoon to near 70 degrees. that 3:00 temperature, 67 degrees. south jersey, look at the temperatures, 60 degrees by 11:00. cooler at the shore. we'll see a nice warmup to begin with, near 60 at 11:00, but then we get the easterly wind kicking in. that will keep temperatures cooler this afternoon. through it all, it will be dry and satellite and radar, still no activity here. none today. the three-day forecast, you see the chance of showers coming in for friday. it will be warmer friday afternoon including the pennsylvania suburbs, the lehigh valley, cooler with the showers moving through during the day. the best chance of showers in south jersey will be in the afternoon on friday. no sign of the wet weather for
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the jersey shore and delaware for today and tomorrow. there's the seven-dayç at the bottom of the screen, ten-day outlook when i'm back in ten. let's check your ride to work, including 95. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is watching 95. >> a lot of construction, tracy. we had the northbound side of 95 also dealing with the kruk. it just cleared a few moments ago. watch for crew in the area. for now it's in the area. not a lot of volume heading into that direction. something that will set you back five minutes or so. kelly drive, construction, eastbound between brewery hill drive and akins. we'll keep you updated as soon as that becomes open again. the vine street expressway closed to traffic. these are our cameras around 24th street. we're closed in between the schuylkill and broad, east and westbound, until 5:00 this morning also. tracy?
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speaking of driving, a smoother ride and safe pedestrian walkways are some of the improvements who use the roosevelt boulevard is asking for. philadelphia officials, septa and penndot have been holding public forums as the city gets ready for the route for change program to make roosevelt boulevard safer. you have two more chances to weigh in. another meeting will happen tonight at the radisson hotel at northeast philadelphia and tomorrow at lincoln high school. a delaware woman is attacked on a jogging trail. one minute she was exercising, the next minute she was on the ground and out cold. next, hear what police are sailing about the jogging trail assault. also, going green on water. find out how the cape may lewis ferry is working to become more energy efficient.
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it's 4:15 on this wenls morning. hold on. good morning, west chester. live look along west gate street where it's 47 degrees. in our delaware bureau, newark police are searching for a man who tacked a jogger. the victim, a 23-year-old woman was left unconscious on the james hall trail on monday night. police tell us the victim was shoved from behind, repeatedly punched in the face by a man wearing a ski mask and gloves. we spoke to a woman who lived nearby. >> it's a very nice park. never had a problem. >> a lot of basketball players that play over here and the skateboarders, it gets crowded at night. i don't come here after 7:00. >> police tell us nothing was taken and there were no witnesses. new developments in the flint water crisis. the michigan attorney general is expected to announce criminal charges against two state regulators and a flint employee.
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the charges will be filed against a pair of state department of environmental quality officials and a water treatment plant supervisor. sources close to the investigation say the charges include violating michigan's drinking water law, misconduct, evidence tampering and more. families who lost loved ones in the sandy hook elementary school massacre in newtown, connecticut, can now move forward with their lawsuit against the gunmaker of the rifle used in the attack. the families of nine people killed in the 2012 deadly shooting and a teacher who survived the attack are taking remington arms to court. last week a judge ruled that the families have a right to argue that semiautomatic rifles are a military weapon and should not be sold to civilians and yesterday, the judge set a trial date for april of 2018. this is just one more step in a long march to what we hope to be a preventative measure to preventing another sandy hook
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type of incident to happen. >> 20 first graders and six school staff members were killed in the shooting. gun companies have argued federal laws protect them from liability if a firearm is used in a crime. remington has until friday to respond to the judge's ruling. hope is fading that any more survivors will be found in the earthquake in ecuador. video shows the dramatic rescue at a shopping center that collapsed. the death toll climbed to more than 500 people. at least seven people have died in flooding in the houston area. a flash flood watch continues this morning. more than 1,000 people were stranded in flooded apartment complexes in houston. they got help from rescuers yesterday. more than 20 inches of rain fell in that area over the last >> the last thing i saw was a snake swimming through my
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apartment. i'm very blessed to have all of you helping me. >> the historic flooding has caused more than $5 billion in damage. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> skies are clear, temperatures are falling this morning. the temperatures will be dropping a few more degrees as we're on the air. sun is going to be nice and bright today. the temperatures won't be as warm as they were yesterday. but we will see a nice warmup coming over the next couple days. that's a live view of center city from the adventure aquarium. your forecast, your seven-day forecast is right on the bottom of the screen. it will be one of the coolest days but the sunniest, too. the temperature into the upper 60s by this afternoon. the pennsylvania suburbs, 58 degrees at 11:00 with sunshine. look at the bright sunshine for the lehigh valley. good warmup during the day
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today. not as warm as yesterday. when it was well into the 70s for delaware, south jersey, the jersey shore will be the one exception today. the wind, though starting off from the west or the north, shifting around during the day, eventually will be coming off of the ocean. upper 50s to near 60 degrees this afternoon at the shore while the rest of the area will be reaching for the 70 degree mark. you won't be reaching for the umbrella today. stays completely dry today. look to the west. and this slow-moving system now is, well, still very slow moving. northern missouri right now. scattered showers in the chicago area. it's part of a system that will bring us wet weather on friday. but for today, this is a futurecast. look how clear it stays. sunshine will be nice and bright. the temperatures will be warming up during the day today. as far as clouds are concerned, by late tonight, those showers intensify in illinois, right in the center of the midwest. they are on the move and by first thing friday morning, we
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will have wet weather in our area. that's thursday night at 10:00. you can see the showers in western pennsylvania. but here come the clouds, taking over in philadelphia. and the showers developing in the morning. maybe not for the morning commute but during the 11:00 hour, 10:00, 11:00 in the morning, light rain showers develop north and west. the bulk of the precipitation will be in the afternoon, possibly into the evening. that's friday. for today and tomorrow, completely dry. brilliant sunshine today. the clouds willing on the increase tomorrow, along with the temperature, 77 degrees this afternoon. in spite of that wet weather, it could be near 80 degrees on friday. the showers come through, the last few showers early saturday morning, drying out during the day on saturday. there's a first look at your weekend, low 70s for saturday and sunday. and a bit cooler for monday and then another chance of some much-needed rainfall, this time for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. we're drying out completely at the end of the week and the
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temperatures back above normal. exclusive ten-day outlook. >> that looks great, bill, thanks. great for making plans. 4:21 if you're making plans to get out the door in your next 20 minutes. let's check your ride to work, including the schuylkill expressway. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is here with that. >> we're watching the schuylkill around the vine street expressway. with that construction on the vine street expressway, we're also dealing with some exit ramps off the schuylkill being closed. that construction runs from broad street on the vine to the schuylkill expressway east and westbound. a lot of ramp closures there. this is one of them. you can see flashing lights still in the area. at least another half hour, maybe 45 minutes before they start to clean that area up. headed into delaware, only the right lane is open right now. we don't really see huge delays yet but we will as the morning progresses if it doesn't clean up. we'll let you know when that happens. construction on 95, between the airport and 420, three lanes
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will be closed there until 5:00 this morning. tracy? it's a technology upgrade but not everyone is happy about it. new gas meters are coming to homes in wilmington. they're designed to be safer and easier to maintain. next, hear why at least 100 residents don't want them. also ahead in the next half hour, a disgrace on ice. reaction to a moment when some frustrated fans let loose in this hockey game. the same choice, se to make when it comes to your truck? (all) absolutely. this is the 2016 chevy silverado. nice. a good-looking pick-up. incredible. i love it. find your tag and get a total value of $9,000 on this silverado double cab all star. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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4:24. good morning, cape may. here's a live look along beach avenue. 51 degrees. from our delaware bureau, some neighbors are mad over meters. the wilmington home owners are
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not happy with delmarva power installing gas meters in front of their homes. residents call them eye sores. more than 100 home owners signed the petition saying they don't want the meters in front of their houses. the meters should be kept in their basements instead. >> nobody needs or want to see an industrial contraption, device and pipes bolted to the front of their home. it just doesn't make sense. it's bad for the property value. it's bad for the neighborhoods. >> a delmarva power spokesperson tells nbc 10 the outdoor meters are much safer and easier to maintain. well, today septa is holing a safety blitz to get the word out about how dangerous it can be to cut across the tracks. safety officers will be at the ivy ridge station on the manayunk norristown line during the morning rush. they'll talk about commuters using overpasses and underpasses rather than cutting across the tracks. at the jersey shore, millions of dollars are on the
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way to help the cape may lewis ferry to become more energy efficient. they were given a $6 million grant. the money will help repower and retrofit two of its vessels and also provide a cleaner environment. one of the ferries has been out of service because of engine problems. it's scheduled to return at the end of may with a new engine. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> clear skies, a live view from the loews hotel in center city. get ready for a sunny day today. the temperatures are running lower this morning, especially in some of the neighborhoods. get your neighborhood forecast just ahead. jessica boyington meantime watching first alert traffic. >> morning, bill. we're watching the mid-county toll plaza right now. no problems or delays here. everything moving along just fine. we have tons of construction out there. i'll tell you about some of the places we have it when i'm back at 4:30. and the friendly skies are about to become more clear.
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nbc 10 news starts now. they won the big apple and now pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware are next in their sights. tonight it's do or die time for the flyers. plus, clear and dry this morning. a live look from chester, west chester county. it's just about 4:30. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson.
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let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with the first alert forecast. clear, dry, nice. >> getting a cool start this morning. most of the neighborhoods this morning are in the 40s. south jersey, the jersey shore, delaware, pennsylvania suburbs and the lehigh valley while philadelphia is at 52 degrees. the temperatures will be running cooler today. you can see at the bottom of the screen, that's your seven day, a seven day for each part of our area. south jersey starting off cool. it is down to 48 degrees. voorhees is 44 degrees and 46 in lumberton, cinnaminson, also in the middle 40s. a nice cool start. sunshine will be bright during the day today. the skies are clear right now from philadelphia through the lehigh valley and delaware. 49 degrees in delaware, the lehigh valley is on the cool side and delaware with those warmer temperatures will see plenty of sunshine, 47 degrees at 7:00. by 10:00 this morning, 57 degrees. 40s and 50s to start with. high temperatures this


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