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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  April 20, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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hunter's glen apartments in delran earlier this morning. let's get out to pamela osborne live at the steen. bring us up to speed on the status of the fire. >> well, vai, the fire is out right now. i want to show you, it's on the other side of the wooded area is where that building is, and i want to show you something else. firefighters had to drag hose all the way over from this commercial industrial park area, through the wooded area to get to where that fire was blazing urlgier this morning. you're taking a look at some sky force 10 video. it was overhead as flames poured
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out of that building. this is at the hunter's glen apartment complex. we spoke with a woman off camera who lives in the building. she tells us she was asleep when a maintenance worker knocked on her door, alerted her to the fire. she got out okay. she said the maintenance workers went back in and rescued her cat. as far as she knew, there were no injuries. and based on what we could see, it looks like at least a few of the units there were damaged. i went to speak to someone at the front office. they said they were busy trying to figure out what to do with those residents whose apartments were damaged. we're checking in with fire officials right now to figure out if they were able to track down a source or an origin of that fire. reporting live, i'm pamela osborne. >> thank you. and a fire destroyed a delaware county home this morning and caused a rush hour detour. crews battled the two-alarm fire. the flames broke out about 4:00 this morning. firefighters got the situation
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under control, but the emergency closed a stretch of folic road for the rush hour. >> a house went up in flames and it spread to a car in warringten. no one was heard, and firefighters quickly got that fire under control. >> and we have breaking news in gloucester county. a judge has found a not guilty of drunk driving. nbc10 south jersey bureau reporter cydney long was in the courtroom. tell us what happened. >> the judge in the case basically said he didn't find sister kim's own testimony credible, meaning he didn't believe her after she testified in the courtroom right inside last week, and at lejt. now, sister kim sat quietly by her attorney in court. several other nuns behind her for support. but the judge did all the talking, stated he has reviewed the dashcam footage of her arrest. that november fight at length, and outlining three main reasons
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he found her guilty of dui. the judge saz her argument that she was sleep driving as a result of taking ambien, a sleeping pill, was not a valid defense. he also said that prescription was more than a year old, from the november 2014. the judge also said witnesses could not corroborate her story that she ever returned to the convent after a book signing where she drank wine to take the ambien and get ready for bed. she did leave from a back door. her suspended license for 90 days begins today and she was ordered to pay fines as well as attend a 12-hour drunk driving resource program. here's her attorney. >> she's obviously very upset. she's in tears. she's crying. and she's upset because she knows what happened that night. and you know, i think the conviction doesn't bother her as much as the judge not believing her. i think that hurts her. and obviously, you know, all of
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us live by our reputation and particularly a clergy person. >> now, vai, after the dashcam video of miller's dui arrest last november, after it surfaced, the archdiocese of philadelphia initially suspended miller from her teaching position at little flower high school for girls. we are awaiting a response from the archdiocese now. i have reached out to them this morning. also, the prosecutor in the case, it's important to note, he dropped the lesser charges of reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident, a crash where she crashed into the minnimi meineke auto repair store. they're not sure whether they'll file an appeal. i'm cydney long, nbc10 news. >> thank you. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane just appeared before a judge in her grand jury leak case. this is video of kane entering the courtroom earlier this morning. her defense team has withdrawn a court motion that accused
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prosecutors of leaking fbi recordings in a criminal case to a newspaper. the recordings allegedly show kane knowingly leaked grand jury information. she has denied the charges. we were in the courtroom, and we'll have a live report in about a half hour. >> a judge this morning ordered the man accused of shooting a philadelphia officer sunday night to remain behind bars without bail. 23-year-old scott griffin faces charges including the attempted murder of a police officer. griffin is accused of shooting james mccullough when mccullough interrupted a car jacking that griffin and another man alleg allegedallege allegedallege allegedly carried out. the officer is recovering. >> now to decision 2016. hillary clinton and donald trump come out on top in new york's primaries for the democrat, new york's former senator hillary clinton got 58% of the vote over brooklyn native bernie sanders last night. and adviser to sanders said the campaign will take a step back and then decide publicly what his intentions are.
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for the republicans, donald trump was the victor. he won 60% of the vote in his home state. and now let's take a look at where the delegate count stands after last night's outcomes. trump has not picked up 88 of new york's 95 delegates and leads the republican race with 844 delegates. ted cruz is nearly 300 behind trump, and ohio governor john kasich is a distant third. as for the democrats, clinton expanded her lead. she has now picked up 177 of the 291 delegates at stake in new york. her lead over vermont senator bernie sanders stands at nearly 700 delegates. >> and now the focus comes to our area. primaries next week in pennsylvania and delaware and the new jersey primary june 7th, mean the candidates will be headed to the tristate area in an effort to win over voters. hillary clinton will campaign for votes in north philadelphia later this afternoon. the former secretary of state will visit st. paul's baptist church.
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she'll join with former attorney general eric holder for a discussion of issues and then mrs. clinton will head to the fillmore theater for an organizing event. >> happening now, texas senator ted cruz is campaigning in hershey, p.a. here's a live look right now. cruz is holding a rally add an antique car museum. later today, cruz's wife heidi will be in our area. shoo she'll hold a meet and greet with voters at freedom park in medford and burlington county. donald trump will hold a rally in delaware on friday. the event will take place at the state fair grounds in kent county. the rally is scheduled for three:00 p.m. tickets are available on the candidate's website. ohio governor john kasich is heading to p.a. tomorrow. he'll hold a town hall at penn state's brandywine campus there. this will be kasich's second visit to delaware county in a month. >> an ice cream tycoon b ben & jerry will be there at noon to support bernie sanders'
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campaign. ben and jerry will hold an ice cream social. the pair campaigned for sanders yesterday in wilmington, and later today, they will headline a community meeting to discuss sanders' views on criminal justice reform, climate change, and the campaign finance system. the democratic national convention happens right here in philadelphia july 25th through the 28th. you can count on nbc10, of course, as your place to see it all. and right now, the free nbc10 app, we have an entire section devoted to decision 2016. and all of the candidates. we send out news straight from the campaign trail as it happens. it's a free download you can get right now. certainly sunny and pleasant outside, but cooler than we have seen the last few days. as we take a live look right now at boat house row in philadelphia. nbc10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here now with our forecast. glenn. >> vai, another beautiful looking day.
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but it's been dry and we could use some rain. eight straight days without a drop of rain. see the temperatures not nearly as high as they were yesterday. we got up to 78 degrees in philadelphia yesterday. 80 at the shore. and temperatures today, well, still going to be above average. in philadelphia, we're going up around 70 degrees. so temperatures rising pretty quickly during the afternoon. redding also up into the upper 60s. wilmington up to near 70 degrees. so it is going to be a pretty pleasant afternoon for most of us. we can use some rain, as we have been saying. things are pretty dry right now. a lot of sunshine and the temperatures inside the city of philadelphia with our neighborhood weather, we can really get down into the neighborhood levels, and you can see west mont area, 65 degrees. fox chase and somerton, 61. pe pensport at 61 degrees. all those places will get up near 70, and nobody will see
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rain today. because the moisture is still way to the west. hasn't made any progress in the last couple days. still basically west of chicago. so for the rest of the day, we have fair skies in philadelphia. the temperatures dropping in to the 50s this evening. same thing with the pennsylvania suburbs and lehigh valley. not quite getting to 70 degrees this afternoon. in delaware, 67 degrees. 68 south jersey. the jersey shore, look at that. a high of only 58 after 80 degrees yesterday. well, we'll see when the warmer air comes back and when we're going to see rain with the full forecast in just a few minutes. >> all right, glenn, thank you. i see a problem, but i can't make out where it is. jessica boyington can. where's the problem? >> we're seeing tons of problems for any driver trying to get over the delaware memorial bridge this morning. this is the new jersey turnpike approaching the delaware memorial bridge at a complete
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standstill, still, since earlier this morning. once rush hour got under way, we saw delays all over the place, even stretching to 295. anywhere leading to here, because we have emergency construction there with only the right lane open heading into delaware. there's also an accident and a fuel spill with the right lane blocked at route 40 approaching the scene also. right around harding highway. your alternate is to take the commodore barrier bridge, that's backed up because a lot of people are taking that, and the off ramp closed from 676 northbound for construction until 3:30. and more area bridge construction, the platt bridge eastbound, right lane is closed until 3:00 p.m. if you also plan on taking the burlington bristol, we're going to be in the process of a scheduled opening in the next five minutes or so. if you're heading into delaware, give yourself extra time, at least up to two-hour delays, vai. >> all right, thank you very much. we're following new developments concerning the water crisis in flint, michigan. the charges expected to be
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announced today in the scandal involving contaminated water. and could the worst gee yet to come? more rain in the forecast for people living in parts of texas already drenched by record flooding. >> unfortunately, there's more rain headed there. and so much needed rain is eventually going to be coming our way, but is it going to last into the weekend? that's just ahead. why should we trust a harrisburg politician
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like steve santarsiero who will say anything to win an election? after claiming credit for passing universal background checks for all gun purchases, "santarsiero admitted in an interview that he didn't write pennsylvania's gun safety law." his campaign brags about his accomplishments, but "in fact, he has failed in 54 attempts to get any legislation on the books." we just cant trust steve santarsiero. i'm shaughnessy naughton, and i approve this message because we deserve better. new developments in the flint water crisis.
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the michigan attorney general is expected to announce criminal charges against two state regulators and a flint employee. sources close to the investigation say the charges include violating michigan's drinking water law, misconduct, evidence tampering, and more. right now, on, you can find more information about lead, how it's handled where you live and what you can do to protect your family. look for the section called living with lead. >> president obama arrived in saudi arabia today to meet with that country's king and other gulf allies. the president will attend a gulf cooperation summit with leaders of the unitet arab emirates qatar, kuwait, and bahrain. they're expected to discuss the fight against isis, and broader counterterrorist efforts. we've seen a lot of blue skies lately. today is no exception.
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it's 62 degrees with bright sunshine in philadelphia. not as warm as it was yesterday. not as windy either. and most other places are near the 60 degree mark. with the neighborhood weather, we can go into any neighborhood, give you the current conditions, give you the forecast, and now we're zooming in to wilmington. right now, 62. this evening, temperatures going into the 50s, and by tomorrow morning, into the 40s. and if you're in delaware but not in wilmington, we have you covered there, too. and we can show many, many observations here courtesy of our new partners at weather underground, one of the top weather sites in the world since the '90s. it's 60 degrees. 61 in greenville, 63 in marshalltown. 68 at reedy point. we have winds coming off delaware bay that are going to be affecting things. lewis at 57 degrees. rehoboth is 57 as well.
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and the beach at 56. it's pretty cool there, and it was warm yesterday. it was up near 80 degrees. we have had spring beautiful weather, almost summer like in some parts of the area. today, with the temperature dropping, it feels more like spring again, even though that's still above average. but not quite the 82 that we saw on monday. and with the lack of rain, the pollen continues to build. and so it's extremely high today and tomorrow. may drop a touch on friday because of that rain that's moving in, and then expected to go back up over the weekend, unfortunately for sufferers. and i hear from those people. i may be one of them, too. and you can see, some of the rain now getting into illinois for the first time. and unfortunately, there's houston. they're about to get pounded again with another round of heavy rain and thunderstorms.
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and you have seen the pictures of the flooding they had there. here's the futurecast. we go through this evening, okay, nothing happening around here. the rain starts getting closer. by thursday morning, it's in ohio. then later in the day, it starts getting into pennsylvania. we're not going to get any rain tomorrow. tomorrow night at the earliest, any showers, as you can see, a few renegade ones come in. here we come on friday. now, we're talking about some rain. maybe even a thunderstorm. and again, we could use that today, the eighth straight day without any kind of rain. here's the neighborhood forecast for tomorrow. the temperatures going up a bit. and a few more clouds. but we're not seeing any rain here. and that's going to be the case throughout the area tomorrow. another cool day at the shore. 67 degrees with the sea breeze. 68 degrees in avalon. as we go through the next few
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days, we have the showers in the forecast for friday. saturday, generally dry, although there's a chance of lingering showers at the jersey shore and in delaware. again, getting specific here with these forecasts, with the neighborhood weather. >> all right, thank you, glenn. more proof that science is cool. you'll find everything from slime making to robot building at the philadelphia science festival. a sneak peek at what you can expect this year is just ahead. and later, queen elizabeth is turning 90, but look who's stealing the show on a brand-new royal stamp.
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science is in everything we do. and you don't have to have a ph.d. to appreciate a big event coming to the franklin institute in a few days. the sixth annual philadelphia science festival promises to have something for just about everyone. dr. frederick burtly is here. we appreciate you coming in. this is an exciting time for you and the franklin institute. there are so many event part of the festival. give us a highlight. >> before we get to that, we're actually at the cusp of our awards program. philadelphia holds the oldest awards program in the world and that will be celebrated tomorrow where distinguished folks in chemistry, life sciences and other engineering fields will get their medals right here in philadelphia, the city of
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science. >> that's pretty cool. tell us about some highlights of the science festival. >> so then on friday morning, it kicks off the science festival. we have over 90 events in the greater city of philadelphia. all kinds of incredible events with the university, with partners, with community fors. we do all kinds of cool prms. we kick it off on friday night with what we hope is a guinness book of world records astronomy night. we'll circulate 30 different sites in greater philadelphia, showing people how to look at the sky. >> we love him. sometimes when you people think about science fairs or science festival, you think kids, but that's not necessarily the case. plenty of kids come, but this is really something for everybody. >> absolutely. we talk about, we bring science from the womb to the tomb. we have program initiatives for everyone. this is exciting. if you're an adult and really a deep scientist, there's stuff for you. if you're an adult and don't know anything about science but you're interested, we have stuff
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for you, and kids, we have stuff for them. >> 90 kinds of events. so it takes like over a week. >> absolutely. close to nine days. we launch this on friday and it culminates in what is an astounding carnival at penn's landing on april 30th. that will have hopefully around 50,000 people there with about 150 different exhibitors. it does span the whole nine-day period. >> and philadelphia, a city that is well known, regarded throughout the world for some of the great things that have been invented here. >> ben franklin, but the computer was also invented in the city. the bulk of the vaccines we use that save people around the world were invented in the city. it really is the nation's first science city. >> television. >> television. that's correct. >> a little bit of science. >> you do. >> get an hahnry ph.d. >> the franklin institute awards ceremony is happening tomorrow night. 20th street in the ben franklin
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parkway. the next day, this friday, the launch of the sixth annual philadelphia science festival. features more than 90 events. it runs through april 30th. nine days of science. it's awesome. for more information, head to our website, or check out the nbc10 app. thank you very much for coming. >> always a pleasure. >> we'll have you back. >> absolutely. and we're following breaking news from south jersey where a two-alarm fire at this apartment complex forced people living here to escape from their homes. we'll have a live report just ahead. >> and more breaking news. judgment day for a nun accused of drunk driving. she blamed ambien for impairing her.
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we continue to follow breaking news this morning. an apartment fire in burlington
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county. sky force 10 over the scene of the hunter's glen apartments in delran a few hours ago. let's get out to pamela osborne standing by live at the scene with an update. hi, pamela. >> hi, vai. i just spoke with the red cross. they tell me anywhere from six to ten apartment units were actually impacted by this fire. i'm going to step out of the way and show you the fire happened at a building just beyond the one you see here. we want to show you overhead, get you a look at sky force 10 chopper video to give you a better perspective of exactly where this happened. you can see there were flames pouring out of that building. this is at the hunter's glen apartment complex. we spoke with a woman who lived in that building, off camera. she tells us she was asleep upstairs this morning. that she got a knock on the door. it was a maintenance worker. they were trying to alert her to the fire. she was able to get out okay. after she was out, she says those maintenance workers went inside and rescued her cat. so her cat is safe as well.
11:30 am
based on what we see here, as i mentioned, probably several apartments damaged in that fire. i went to speak with someone down at the office. they said they were busy trying to figure out exactly what they were going to do with those residents who were displaced as a result of this. again, as i mentioned, the red cross arriving here on scene in delran to help residents impacted by this fire. reporting live this afternoon, i'm pamela osborne, nbc10 news. >> pamela, thank you. more breaking news. a judge has found a nun guilty of drunken driving in gloucester county this morning. sister kimberly miller was arrested last november. the judge rejected the story of taking an ambien along with wine and sleep driving. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane appeared before a judge in montgomery county in the last few hours. nbc10's randy gyllenhaal is live at the courthouse in norristown. tell us what happened. >> kane's attorneys had filed a motion, basically accusing
11:31 am
montgomery county prosecutors of leaking fbi recordings to an allentown newspaper. those recordings allegedly showed that kane knowingly gave confidential grand jury information to another reporter, and that is something she denied. let me show you the video of kane arriving in court this morning. she did make no comment, and in a surprise move, her defense team actually decided to withdraw that very motion they had just filed about the fbi tapes, calling this all a distraction. >> i don't have time for distraction. i don't have time for going on some kind of wild-goose chase. i thought it was a distraction, to be frank with you. i have been in these hearings before. and it's a mystery that never solves. >> now, montgomery county prosecutors have denied leaking any kind of fbi tapes to a newspaper. meantime, kane's defense team asked for a week to file more papers in the case that could potentially delay the start of
11:32 am
her trial, set to begin this august. randy gyllenhaal, nbc10 news. >> thank you. and results from the new york primary are in. the front-runners, hillary clinton and donald trump, are both winners. meanwhile, trump's rival ted cruz is campaigning in pennsylvania. and a senior strategist for clinton rival bernie sanders says the candidate will, quote, take a step back and then decide publicly what his intentions are. nbc news national correspondent tracie potts has the latest from washington, d.c. >> well, today, both hillary clinton and donald trump are much closer to the nominations than they were yesterday. not a done deal yet, but certainly both sides say they can see this happening. donald trump did exactly what the polls said he would do. he's walking away with more than 60% of the vote in his home state of new york. dominating john kasich who gets three delegates out of this and completely shutting out ted cruz, who gets no delegates at all. he's already focused on
11:33 am
pennsylvania next week. as for the democrats, hillary clinton now in a sweet spot when it comes to the delegates she needs to get. less than a third of remaining delegates will get her this nomination. it left bernie sanders quite frustrated that the independents who had supported him so strongly were not able to vote in this closed primary. he made a point of that, reacting to the results. hillary clinton actually overperformed what the polls said. so looking ahead, next week, there are five states voting on tuesday. including maryland, also delaware, pennsylvania, which is a big prize, connecticut, and rhode island. that's the latest from washington. back to you. >> tracie potts reporting. now the focus is in our area. primaries neck week in pennsylvania, delaware, and the new jersey primary june 7th mean the candidates will be heading to the tristate area in an effort to win over votes. on our app, we have an entire section dedicated to decision
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2016, and all of the candidates. we send out news from the campaign trail as it happens. a free download you can get right now. philadelphia police are trying to track down these two men who allegedly tried to rob a mini market but got away with just sandwiches. this is new video from the quick stop in kensington. authorities say the two men demanded money from the register last friday. when the cashier ran out the back door, one of the men settled for taking several sandwiches. police believe one of the men robbed the same store earlier this month. and this is new video of a burglary at a center city office. police say the thief went into an office on the seventh floor of a building at 12th early monday morning. tee took a camera, a laptop, and a white fuji mountain bike. authorities say the burglar was wearing a zebra print green and white seattle seahawks hat. and a white number 51 jersey.
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cool and breezy at the jersey shore. a big difference from what we saw there yesterday. take a live look now at cape may. nbc10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. not a bad day. >> a beautiful looking day. it's definitely cooler. especially at the shore, as we'll show you. light northwest wind across the area. sunshine everywhere. temperatures fairly uniform right now, but as we head to the store, you can see the wind just starting to come back into the northeast. and that is a sea breeze. that will prevent the temperatures from going up much at all. atlantic city, 57. colgate, 57. ocean city, 58. a little warmer inland. yesterday, we had tremendous crasts. sea breeze can do some amazing things at this time of the year. with the cold ocean. we have dry conditions in the
11:36 am
east, clouds starting to advance into illinois and indiana. and there's the first rain that's crossed the mississippi river to illinois. it's going to take a while before any of that moisture gets there. certainly not going to be here by this afternoon or tonight. or even tomorrow. this afternoon, up to 70 degrees in philadelphia. but we're dropping down into the 50s later on tonight. in the suburbs, 68 degrees. lehigh valley dropping down into the 40s later tonight. and jersey shore, barely holding around the upper 50s for the rest of the day. it is going to get considerably warmer later in the week, but rain is also coming. i'll have the time table on that with the full ten-day forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you, glenn. the worst may be yet to come for houston residents after historic flooding hit that area. many waterways are still rising, and now flowing into neighborhoods and business districts. and there's more rain in the forecast for today.
11:37 am
nbc's janet shamlian brings up an update. >> as houston continues to deal with the aftermath of this unprecedented flooding, cypress creek has overflowed its banks, now flooding dozens of area homes. this morning, a new danger in flood weary houston. cypress creek bulging beyond its banks, spilling into hundreds of homes. >> we thought we were okay. last night, we went to bed and the water had receded and there was no rain, and then we wake up and it's at our front door. >> and then, it was inside. the family packed up and left the only way they could, on an air boat. manned by sheriff's deputies going through neighborhoods that look like this. we join them as they answered call after call. it's nonstop life saving work. for some, the reality of leaving home hitting hard. >> we're just kind of stuck. i don't really know what to do. kind of going through the motions right now.
11:38 am
>> another rescue at a senior center. dozens of elderly in wheelchairsen to drier ground. >> it's an awesome amount of water. more than i have seen in my career. >> more than 1,000 homes have flooded $5 billion in damage, and this heartbreaking statistic. at seven people died in the floods, including this woman, a mom of three, who became trapped in her car. >> she called me. she told me she was in trouble. there was water all around. >> for the survivors, no idea when they'll return. >> what now for your family? >> honestly, i don't know. >> for many across houston, the floods have receded, but cypress creek has yet to crest with more rain in the forecast. there are still pockets of concern today because two reservoirs have not yet crested. the potential for even more flooding still exists. janet shamlian, nbc news, houston. >> meanwhile, utah became the first state to declare
11:39 am
pornography a public health crisis. they signed a resolution which the state legislature passed unanimously, it quote, recognizes the need for education, prevention, research, and policy change at the community and societal level in order to address the pornography epidemic harming the citizens of utah and the nation. supporters say it's backed by research. critics say it overstates the effects of pornography. the resolution has no enforcement power and the governor made it clear it does not ban pornography. >> investigators in illinois are trying to figure out when an e-cigarette set a car on fire. the chevy trailblazer went occupy in flames in a parking lot over the weekend. a camera captured the incident. the fire spread to a second car. authorities say it appears an e-cigarette left in the center console ignited. no one was inside the suv, and no one was hurt. we're getting a preview of
11:40 am
stamps that will be issued tomorrow to celebrate the 90th birthday of britain's queen elizabeth ii. the sheet of stamps includes four generations of the british monar monarchy, the queen, prince charles, prince william, and prince george. and here's what you don't see. 2-year-old george needed a boost to be roughly on the same level as the adults. the sheet is crop so you won't see the blocks in the finished product. or are those books? >> win or go home. the flyers on the brink of elimination in their quest for the cup. the team has to beat the capitals in tonight's game four at the wells fargo center. the flyers trail in the series 3-0. if the flyers lose tonight, their season is over. we look live at the arena. and the flyers will be without pierre bellmawr for game four. he was suspended one game for this hit. he said yesterday he called orlov to apologize.
11:41 am
after his hit and a brawl, some flyers fans then threw bracelets onto the ice. the officials penalized the flyers and ed snider's daughter tweeted that her dad would have called it a disgrace. the flyers released a statement that read in part, a number of individuals behaved in an unacceptable manner when displeasure is expressed in a way that embarrasses or endangers others, it cannot be condoned or tolerated. >> you may have tickets, but if you don't, you can join with other fans at the official game watch party at xfinity live. they'll show the game on the huge 32-foot big screen on the wall. >> are you ready to run? the blue cross broad street run is just 11 days away. and once again, nbc10 and telemundo 62 is excited to be a part of the action, as thousands of runners train for the big day. we'll check in with the director to talk about what you need to
11:42 am
know, whether you're running or watching from the sidelines or perhaps at home. >> well, we do have rain headed our way. and the question is, is it going to put a damper on your weekend plans? i'll break down the timing just ahead. narrator: looking out for wall street ceos - that's what congressman sestak did. sestak was one of only eight democrats to join republicans to allow ceos of bailed out banks to pay themselves unlimited bonuses using bailout money. an "outrage," according to newspapers. katie mcginty- tough on wall street ceos,
11:43 am
a fighter for pay equity for women. praised by former gov. ed rendell, "she'll stand strong for working families." katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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well, a new study suggests people who have a certain type of bacteria in their mouths are at an increased risk of pancreatic cancer. it's often diagnosed at a late
11:45 am
stage. the findings may lead to earlier de. researchers found two types of mouth bacteria were linked to developing the disease within ten years. a simple swab of the mouth could identify people at high risk. and doctors could follow them more closely in the following years. well, this week's wednesday's child is a bright and friendly teen who is not afraid to be in the spotlight. she's hoping to find a forever family to love and support her throughout her life. would like you to meet shu niece. >> let's get a check on the traffic. >> shuniece isn't interested in television news. but she wanted to tour our nbc10 studios. her big dream is to be an actress. >> act surprised. you just found out you won the lottery. >> oh, my goodness. >> nice. all right. act sad. you dog died. >> my dog really died today.
11:46 am
he was such a good dog. he was fluffy, and i loved him so much. >> we have to be very quiet. >> she's 16 years old and a sophomore in high school. and naturally, she's in drama club and choir. but she's a teenage girl, so of course, she likes what teenage girls like. >> i'm a big fan of like pop music and r&b. i like justin bieber, that's one of my favorite artists. >> okay. >> ariana grande. >> beyonce? >> love her. >> she's a queen. >> she's a queen of pop. >> you can see the traffic. >> she's a straight-a student who recently won an award for a creative writing project. her desire is to have a forever family who is christian and church going. >> she's a loving kind, warm, friendly young lady with a loving spirit. gives so much of herself. she's creative. she's motivated. she has a deep faith. and she lives her faith.
11:47 am
>> good morning, i'm shuniece. >> she's this week's wednesday's child. >> it just occurred to me, i should have gotten her autograph before she left the studio. if you like to make her dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child, go to and search wednesday's child, and you can call the national adoption center directly. 11 days and counting until the start of the largest ten-mile race in the country. theth annual blue cross broad street run is happening sunday, may 1st. starting line is at broad street and west fisher avenue. they'll head south on broad street and travel around philadelphia city hall before making their way back on to broad street, and into south philly for the finish line at the navy yard. and if you're not running, you can catch all of the action live on nbc10. jim is the race director for the blue cross broad street run. thank you very much for being here. appreciate you coming in. >> nice to see you.
11:48 am
>> this is the 37th year. you're crose closing in on 40. i can't imagine how work there is in getting ready to do this. >> the parks and rec department, it's a labor of love for all the people on the staff. we do this as part of our duties. nobody is really assigned to the race other than myself. all of the employees jump in and take part. there's probably about 150 of us who are involved on the committees and stuff like that. we do it because it's a recreational activity for the city of philadelphia. that's what our premise was in the beginning in 1980 and that's what we stayed with. >> you told me you have been in charge since 1998. you have been involved in some shape or form since 1984. that's a long time. did you see from the beginning this would become -- you have runners from all over the world. this is a worldwide event. >> we have seven countries represented and 46 different states. wyoming, north and south dakota and hawaii aren't participating. we had them from those states in the past.
11:49 am
seeing it grow over the years has been tremendous. it's been something special watching it develop. we never envisioned it being this large. we thought it was going to be a local event for the city, something cool to do, to run down broad street. it turned into the sixth largest race in the country. >> why do you think there's such large appeal? >> mostly, it's a straight shot. runners get to run ten miles on one street. the only turn is around city hall. that's really cool because you get to see the runners in front of you. you see the heads bobbing. and the word of mouth from runners is really what sold this event over the years. how they enjoyed doing it and they get to run through the different neighborhoods of philadelphia. >> and i guess in light of what happened in boston a few years ago, security is so much more important now than it's probably ever been. tell me about that, measures that are in place to protect the runners and people who come to watch. >> our big thing right now is we want to make sure everybody is safe on the course, obviously, and all the participants and
11:50 am
spectators. we have 4,000 volunteers we're worried about, too, on the course doing water stations and handing out refreshments. everything we ask everybody to do, if you're going to be in the event or coming to the navy yard, everybody comes with a clear plastic bag and be ready to go through security check points. that's the most important thing we can put out to the general public. if you're going to come to the event, clear plastic bag so the police can check your bag and make sure everybody is. the homeland security people here and the police departments have done a wonderful job. all the preparation they were doing for the pope and everybody else that was in town, they got it down. >> and of course, you love your partners in blue cross and your media partner. >> nbc10. >> there you go. shameless plug. >> it's not a problem at all. >> it's been great having the live coverage. it's been spectacular, and blue cross has been our sponsor, 20 years this year, and they couldn't be better. >> let's keep it going.
11:51 am
the blue cross broad street run happening sunday, may 1st, at 8:00 a.m. if you can't make it to the race, get a row seat to the action by watching nbc10. we'll have all the action live on nbc10 and telemundo 62. for more information, head to our website at or the nbc10 app. jim, thank you so much. good luck. we lookward to working again together. and i'll be at the finish line for the race, but i'm not racing. i'll be saying hello to everybody. we have beautiful looking day again. all across the area. much cooler than it was yesterday, but we do need some rain. and of course, with the neighborhood weather, we can zoom in to any one of these neighborhoods. we're going into the suburbs, north and west. kenneth square at 63 degrees. west cowen at 58. exton, 62. some places not even getting a 60 yet. chester heights at 63 degrees.
11:52 am
further up to the north and east. ft. washington, 61. bensalem, 62. newtown is only 59 degrees now. you can pick your spot there, you can pick your town on the seven-day forecast, scrolling constantly at the bottom of the screen. not just the philadelphia forecast anymore. this one is. this is for the phillies tonight. much less wind. a little wind going out, going to be cooler than it was last night, and even last night got kind of cool towards the end of the game. no moisture around here now. but to the west, a different story. and then unfortunately, in houston, where you have seen the record flooding, they're just getting pounded again. at least this area is going straight through, and not stalling over the area. so we're going to be getting our own rain relief that's going to take a little while to get here. as we go through wednesday night and into thursday, it's still way to the west. here we come during thursday night, getting a little closer.
11:53 am
friday, that's when we're seeing the showers. especially in the. maybe even some thunderstorms. and again, we could use this rain. knock the pollen out of the air. how much rain? not much by friday morning. but as we go through the day on friday, looks like more rain to the north and west. less rain toward the shore. but the problem with the shore is that some of that rain could be happening saturday morning. there's saturday, sick:00 a.m. we're starting to get a little rain at the shore. again, we need this rain to knock the pollen out. we have oak is very high, and it is going to continue until we get the rain. here's the neighborhood forecast for tomorrow. you can see these numbers, way higher than what we saw during, for the day today. so it is going to be quite a bit warmer. now, what about the rest of the ten days? friday, there's the showers. close to 80 degrees. we generally dry out for the
11:54 am
weekend. there could be some lingering showers at the shore. and then next week, we have somewhat cooler weather and better chances for rain. we'll be right back. when you want itchy, watery eyes and sneezes out of the picture,
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you go to walgreens for flonase allergy relief- over the counter in full prescription strength. with walgreens right around the corner, it's easy to get more complete relief in a flash. how's that for picture perfect? well... "perfect" might be a slight exaggeration. swing by walgreens for flonase that helps block six allergic substances, not just one. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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today on nbc10 news at 4:00, mosquitoes and the zika virus
11:57 am
threat are forcing leaders to make changes ahead of the tourist season. thanks for watching nbc10 news at 11:00. have a good day.
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