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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 21, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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he scores! another shot from the point. >> and the quest for the cup continues. the flyers avoid elimination and live to fight on against the washington capitals. going nowhere fast, if you take the delaware memorial bridge on your way to work or school, you're going to want to hear this. emergency repairs will continue to impact your commute, now possibly for days. and school gun scare. classes resume this morning at a catholic high school after gun, drugs, and ammo were found. good thursday morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. let's get to meteorologist bill
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henley with your first alert forecast. slightly chillier today? i think i can feel that. >> absolutely. 30s and 40s this morning. south jersey has dropped to 39 degrees. 47 in philadelphia. bottom of the screen, that's your seven-day forecast. we will see a warmup today. that 47 degrees in philadelphia. we'll see lots of sunshine. there will be some scattered clouds but no signs of rain. the warmup will come midmorning. delaware is getting a school start. the warmup there, 46 degrees. not much warmer at 7:00. but 60 degrees at 10:00. then this afternoon, watch these temperatures climb. it was a nice day yesterday. it'll be warmer today. 75 in philadelphia. south jersey, 71 degrees. at the shore, a little cooler at 67. there's some rain in our future. i'll take a closer look at that in ten minutes.
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jessica boyington right now is watching your traffic. >> you can see the east and westbound lanes not moving right now. we do have construction crews out there blocking off the roads. lower gwnyedd there's an accident on dagger road and north bethlehem pike. that emergency construction still in place on the delaware memorial bridge. today there are two right lanes open to traffic. yesterday was only one. i don't think that's going to be that much of a huge relief. we are still going to see major delays. all traffic really being diverted all over the place. big delays on the turnpike on to 295. tracy? >> as jessica just mentioned, you can expect more backups today crossing from new jersey into delaware on the delaware memorial bridge as crews continue to make emergency repairs. engineers doing inspections
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found three cables that need to be replaced immediately. while crews are doing that work, traffic on the southbound span is limited lanes. that's led to backups heading to the bridge and an alternate routes getting around the construction zone. >> it's horrible. >> madness. >> a catastrophe. >> an official with the delaware river and bay authority says they had to limit traffic to one lane while crews do the repairs so they could keep weight on the bridge to a minimum. the work, which began earlier this week, is now expected to last a few more days. so how bad is your commute over the bridge? tell us your experience. tell us about your wait to use the delaware memorial bridge. our twitter addresses are there on the screen. tweet us. we would love to hear about your experience. it's 4:03 and 50 degrees outside. still alive. the flyers' quest for the stanley cup continues after the team beat the washington capitals for their first win of the series. they scored early facing
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elimination. the orange and black rose to the occasion and kept the fans cheering with a 2-1 win to force game five friday night, but the win came with a scare. check out this play that sent scott lawson right into the boards. he was down for quite a while. emergency crews removed him from the ice on a stretcher. laugton is resting right now just as a precaution. katie, fans showed up last night. they had faith, and boy, are they relieved this morning. >> reporter: relieved, excitement. a lot of things to describe fans this morning. the win last night against the washington capitals not only keeps the flyers alive in this playoff series, but it really reinvigorates the fans. >> what a crazy game. what a great game. >> you know, i got faith in the flyers. they clearly showed up tonight. anything is possible. >> reporter: the possible of winning this series may be slim.
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there are only four times in history where a hockey team trailing 3-0 has come back to win a series. but flyers fans aren't letting the numbers get them down. they're focused on last night's win at the wells fargo center. it's the first win for the team since the death of their founder ed snyder. today at the center, players, alumnis, and fans will honor mr. snyder for being a trailblazer in the sports world. that is free to the public and doors open at 11:30. game five is what's on everyone's radar. it's friday in washington. coming up at 4:30, you'll hear why some fans say they should be credited with last night's flyers win. reporting live, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> thanks, katy. if you can't make it to the memorial today for ed snyder, you can watch it on nbc 10. we'll be airing the service this afternoon at 1:00.
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five minutes past 4:00. with the pennsylvania and delaware primaries just five days away, three of the presidential candidates will make swings through our region today. bernie sanders will be in oaks montgomery county tonight. john kasich will appear at a rally in media and at a gop dinner and reception in king of prussia. donald trump will visit harrington kent county tomorrow. hillary clinton is hoping her appearance yesterday will boost her odds in the upcoming primary. she met with mothers of gun crime victims in north philadelphia, then she held a rally in fishtown. clinton talked about gun reform, mentioning shootings last weekend in philadelphia. >> a police officer shot. and the story that was just so heartbreaking was the father
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handling his gun, and it went off and killed his 4-year-old daughter. >> police escorted several demonstrators out of clinton's rally. they were protesting a crime bill signed by president bill clinton in the 1990s. and be sure you have the free nbc 10 app. we'll send you push alert about breaking news as it happens from the presidential campaign. we have the newest delegate count ahead of our primaries next week. a new jersey panel has struck down a state law requiring all new police cars be equipped with dash cameras. the council on local mandates, which reviews laws to make sure they're in line with the state constitution, ruled that the 2014 law is unconstitutional because it put a financial burden on local governments. the law created a $25 surcharge from every dui conviction to help pay for the cameras, but the council says that would not be enough to fund the mandate for cameras. in delaware county, bonner
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and prinder gast high school will operate on a normal schedule today just a day after police found a gun inside a student's locker. they got a tip yesterday. the school was placed on lockdown as police searched the building. officers also found bullets and marijuana. standardized tests will room today in new jersey schools  after a computer glitch halted testing yesterday. schools in at least nine districts were supposed to take the tests, but students ran into problems when trying to log into the testing system. the state gives the test to third through 11th grade students. eight minutes after 4:00. getting chilly this morning. 47 degrees in philadelphia. low 40s in delaware. the shore, low 40s. south jersey, that's where the chillier temperatures are this
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morning. look at lumberton at 37. pemberton is 36 degrees. a chillier start this morning, but you may have noticed the seven day at the bottom of the screen shows it will be a warmer afternoon than what we saw yesterday. warming takes place today. we'll see bright sunshine during the day. just a few scattered clouds at times. those will come through this afternoon. the allergies have been high, and they're going to remain high for today. tomorrow they come down just a little bit. a little bit of relief before we get to high allergy for the weekend. pollen is back in play. the rain will be bringing down the numbers a bit for tomorrow. for today, the temperatures will be climbing into the middle 70s. this is your neighborhood forecast for summerton. 75 degrees this afternoon. doylestown, sunshine to begin with. partly sunny this afternoon.
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haddonfield, 75. at the shore, a little cooler at 67. plenty of sunshine, high clouds late in the day. in delaware, a nice warmup. look at wilmington, 76 degrees, plenty of sunshine to start with, and a few clouds coming in, in the afternoon. those clouds are coming ahead of the rain that you can see on the radar. some pretty good showers that are moving into the ohio valley are starting to trend toward the ohio valley. those are due in here for tomorrow. so the next five days will see finally some wet weather but not for the entire fooi days. warmer today. 80 degrees tomorrow. we won't see the rain in the morning. that'll come in, in the afternoon. that will allow for a nice warmup tomorrow afternoon. meantime, the pennsylvania suburbs will also see a warmup. not quite to 80 degrees. turning cooler this weekend but we'll be drying out for saturday and sunday with plenty of sunshine sunday afternoon into the low 70s. there's your seven-day forecast. when i come back in ten minutes, your ten-day outlook.
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tracy? >> all right, bill. thanks. let's check your ride to work. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has that. >> we're watching 42 but around route 41 this time. no problems or big delays. headed northbound towards philadelphia, under five minutes there from 55 headed to the area bridges. also still watching this accident out in lower gwynedd on dagger road and north bethlehem pike. 422 is doing okay. no problems or big delays here. headed eastbound from 29 to the schuylkill, still an eight-minute trip. the vine street expressway closed to traffic this morning until about 5:00. we have about another 45 minutes or so until we see cleanup here. east and westbound, no access there between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. workers are on strike, and some customers are offline. check out these pictures showing verizon cables cut. next, hear what the phone and cable provider says about the
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crime and the ongoing labor dispute. also, raging inferno. an electrical problem and wind combine to torch these houses. hear why this isn't the first time homeowners here have dealt with tragedy.
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it's 14 minutes past 4:00. good morning, upper darby. 45 degrees here right now. have a good day, guys. verizon says it's -- verizon reports 24 cases of wire cutting, including seven in pennsylvania and 11 in new jersey. among the locations, which you can see on this map, are philadelphia, medford,
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willingboro. cut cables and damage to verizon network facilities have affected hundreds of customers. verizon says it finds the timing of the vandalism suspicious but fell short of blaming any of the 39,000 workers on the picket lines. >> acts like this, you know, they're not fun and games. they're reckless, they're malicious, and they're dangerous. >> the unions wouldn't condone it. our members wouldn't do it. the only thing i can say is if the company is having these issues, it's because they have unqualified people there to deal with these issues. >> verizon and union workers are locked in a contract dispute over job security, working conditions, and compensation. no new talks are scheduled at this point. this morning, police say an electrical problem with an air conditioner sparked a fire that destroyed several homes in a new york community that is still recovering from hurricane sandy. the fire started in this home and spread to four others on long island. one of the homes had just been renovated and the family was set to move back in, in just two
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weeks. the wind picked up embers and blew them across a canal, igniting brush in a park on a nearby island. >> it's like an inferno. it went up really fast. and hot, real hot. >> out of nowhere, flames just came up. they were twice as high as the house itself. >> a woman and child in the first house that burned managed to get out safely. no other residents were hurt, but two firefighters had to be treated for smoke inhalation. a michigan teenager is waking up at home this morning just two months after she was hit by a bullet in a shooting rampage. 14-year-old abigail returned home yesterday. she survived a gunshot to the head when alleged gunman jason dalton went on a shooting spree in kalamazoo back in february. at first, doctors thought she might be brain dead, but her progress since then has left her supporters in awe. abigail has been working her way through some intense therapy.
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>> she wants to be as normal as possible, she says. i have to do what i'm told to get there. >> what is the most exciting -- thing you're most excited for. >> to see my friends. >> it's been a while, hasn't it? >> yeah. >> the accused gunman is awaiting trial. he's charged with six counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder. three people now face criminal charges in connection to the water crisis in flint, michigan. flint utilities manager michael glasgow was charged yesterday with tampering with evidence. he's accused of changing results to make it look as though there was less lead in city watt r than there was. two other state regulators both face charges of misconduct, conspiracy, and tampering with test results. the state attorney general says more charges could be on the way. >> we'll follow the facts without fear or favor, and we'll go wherever the truth takes us. in this case, wherever the e-mails take us. >> the two state regulators
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pleaded not guilty. both were suspended without pay. glasgow, the city worker, is also on leave and awaits a court appearance. ikea has renewed its safety warning to parents after a third child was crushed to death by a toppled dresser. the chain first issued a warning last summer following the deaths of two children. at that point, ikea announced a free repair program. so far, it's sent out 300,000 anchor sets. one of the children killed by a falling dresser was from our area. he died in 2014. his family has filed a lawsuit against ikea. skies are clear, the temperatures are coming down. temperatures are going to be coming down a little bit more under mostly clear skies. already in the 30s in mt. holly.
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fineland and philadelphia at 47 degrees. look at allentown. it is chillier than yesterday. 8 degrees cooler for mt. holly. down by 4 in wilmington. a chillier morning by 5 degrees compared to yesterday at this time in vineland. a chill to start with but a warming trend for today. we have a little bit of a breeze coming out of the south. watch how that increases during the day. 17-mile-an-hour winds this afternoon in wilmington. up to 16 miles an hour. those are southwesterly winds and likely going to get some higher gusts too. those winds will help to warm us up today. you may have noticed that on the seven-day forecast, which shows a warming trend that takes us right on through the end of the week. but it is going to come with some wet weather. we need it. it's been so dry lately. clouds will be increasing late this afternoon. this is 1:00 this afternoon. we'll see some scattered clouds in the area. the rain will be in the ohio valley at that time. that run a is on the move, and overnight tonight, the clouds moving into the area.
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by late tonight, first rain drops in western pennsylvania. then tomorrow morning, we'll be tracking a few scattered light showers in the philadelphia area. that's at 9:00 in the morning. a better chance we'll see some steadier rainfall, possibly even some thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. so the ten-day outlook has some chances for rain on it starting tomorrow. 75 degrees today. 80 degrees. we'll have a nice warmup before the rain moves in. some of those showers will linger into early saturday morning. if you're out and about friday evening, might see a few scattered showers. then a bit cooler for the weekend. still, pretty nice for this time of year. 70 degrees for saturday and sunday. another warmup on monday. the chance of showers returns with cooler weather for tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. the best chance of some wet weather will be to the south in delaware and south jersey. then we're drying out into the next weekend. friday, 70. 74 degrees for saturday afternoon. so tracy, looks like we're
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finally going to get some much-needed rainfall for our area. >> yeah, plants need it for sure, bill. thanks. let's check your ride to workvalley. >> well, tracy, ongoing construction here until 5:00 this morning, closing 78 east and westbound. that's between route 143 at exit 35 and 373 around exit 40. again, that'll be there until 5:00 this morning. both directions closed for that construction. we're also seeing a lot of krurks around the philadelphia area. vine street expressway still closed. this is right around 24th street. you can see some construction vehicles moving through the area there. east and westbound closed to vehicular traffic right now. yesterday it ended a little earlier than scheduled. supposed to be scheduled until about 5:00 this morning. we'll keep you updated. also, watching that emergency construction heading into delaware this morning. today we have two lanes open, two right lanes open to traffic heading into delaware.
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yesterday we only had one. we may see a little bit of relief for that heavy delay later on in the morning. f tracy? >> all right, jessica. thanks. well, septa is making a move to be greener thanks to a grant from the government. they will purchase 25 of these emission-free electric buses. they'll be used on routes 29 and 79 in south philadelphia. they expect the buses to begin running next spring. once that happens, then septa will determine whether to expand the program to other routes. it's 422. it's a huge loss for a small delaware county police force. this is havr ford police officer william albertus who died over the weekend. we talk to his colleagues about the man an entire community is now mourning. s s s also, is this guy the of the eagles? next we break down a pre-draft trade that has the football
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joe sestak supports a plan that the new york timesfactreported makes cuts to social security benefits. and the plan raises the retirement age. it's true. the a.a.r.p. opposed the plan,
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citing dramatic cuts to medicare benefits. the plan sestak supports means higher out-of-pocket costs for millions on medicare. any way you spin it, the truth about sestak is gonna hurt. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising. it's 4:25. 50 degrees outside. the eagles now have the second pick in the nfl draft. the team appears to be looking for a new franchise quarterback. the eagles announced the trade with the cleveland browns yesterday. they gave up several draft picks to get second overall pick. quarterback sam bradford is still their starter, but the trade suggests they are setting their sights on north dakota state quarterback carson wenn. >> there aren't many guys that are going to be available in a year or in two years. this is a very good draft for
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young quarterbacks coming out of college. >> the last time the eagles had a pick this high in the draft was in 1999 when they selected donovan mcnabb. speaking of next week's draft, be sure to watch our nbc 10 special. we have exclusive interviews with the team's new decision makers and analysis from football hall of famers. eagles draft day airs next thursday, april 28th, at 7:00 here on nbc 10. villanova's men's basketball team is still relishing their championship, and now the program is getting support with a multimillion dollar donation. alumnus william finnerman gave more than $22 million to help renovations. the school is celebrating more than just the ncaa title. just yesterday, we told you "bloomberg business week" magazine named villanova's school of business as the number one undergraduate business school in the country.
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getting chilly this morning. clear skies. a live view from the comcast center in centre city. it's been so dry lately. finally tracking some showers that'll be moving our way before the weekend. your neighborhood forecasts just ahead. jessica boyington is in the first alert traffic center. morning, jessica. >> good morning, bill. we're watching the garden state parkway right now. here's some construction around the toll plaza. we're down to one lane rating after the toll plaza. no big delays there because of that. this is over in summer's point. more construction otherwise. i'll cover that when we come back. also, officer shot next at 4:30. nbc 10 goes right to the philadelphia da's office to ask how the man accused of shooting a police officer was out on the streets despite a long list of previous charges.
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still alive. the flyers are facing elimination, but thanks to a 2-1 win, they're right back in the quest for the stanley cup. game over for curt schilling. espn fired him over a social media fire storm. also, busted. a philadelphia man is under arrest after police say they found hundreds of pounds of marijuana in his vehicle. it's 4:30. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. let's get to bill henley for the first alert forecast. >> good morning. a little chillier this morning. 41 in the lehigh valley. 42 and still falling in the pennsylvania suburbs. in


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