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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 10am  NBC  April 24, 2016 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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advertising. well, the orange-and-black will play game six at home against the capitals today. it's a must-win game for the flyers that you can watch right here on nbc 10 starting in about two hours from now. we're life at xfinity live for the official watch party. good morning and welcome back to nbc 10 news today, i'm katy zachry, it's 150 o'clock a.m. on your sunday. it's shaping up to be a beautiful spring day. karen thomas has been with us since this morning talking about the early chill in the air. that has subsided. karen, not too breezy out there, either, just perfect. >> we have some wonderful conditions out there.
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great day to hit the links, maybe a great golf game today because those kinds of conditions feeling and looking a lot like spring outside. we are doing okay with the numbers, too. 56 in philadelphia, in the 'burbs, 53, even 55 in south jersey, can't beat it. 52 in the lehigh valley and right now almost 60 in delaware. the blue rocks ballpark looking fantastic. so what we're talking ma what we can expect over the next couple days. tomorrow 80 degrees with sunshine and then to showers coming into the weather picture coming in on tuesday for election day. tomorrow will be a warmup day and then we get soggy on tuesday in the lehigh valley. 77 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow. a few more clouds in the weather picture tomorrow as well but you'll need the umbrellas come tuesday. i'll be back with for a bit. >> karen, thank you.
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the quest for the cup continues today as the flyers prepare to take on the capitals in game six of the series. in just a few hours, the flyers continue their quest for the stanley cup and monique braxton is live for us outside the wells fargo center where the teams will match up around 12:30 this afternoon. monique, you're looking excited. i'm sewer you're surrounded by fans getting ready for the game that the early hour. >> reporter: there's so much enthusiasm in the parking lot you can hardly contain it. it's game six for the flyers and capitals. we arrived to just find a few folks in the parking lot. it's chilly but the anticipation is in it for a win and that's fuelling the enthusiasm. wherever you look you see orange and black, the flyers' colors proudly worn. i wore my orange dress but it's too chilly to show it to you. check out these guys across the parking lot in orange suits. they are ready, return aren't they?
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they're also throwing an orange frisbee in the air. the the you can drops at noon. the flyers are hoping to force game seven, all of this in memory of ed snyder. coming up at 11:45, we'll be live inside xfinity live for the official watch party of this game. live from the parking lot of wells fargo, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> monique, thank you. hopefully when we see you later this morning we can see your orange dress. we have the game here on nbc 10. join me with john clark and monique braxton for a flyered up pre-game show at 10:30. then game six coverage begins at nine. police are still searching for an attacker who abducted a woman, duct taped her and raped her. police say the man pointed a gun at the victim and forced her into a car near 49th street and
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lancaster avenue around 4:00 a.m. nearly 12 hours later she was able to free herself from her captor. about two miles away at south 57th street and larchwood avenue. police say she escaped with a four door sedan with a garbage bag over one of its back windows. neighbors saw the 20-year-old woman walking on the sidewalk. they say she was in bad shape and one witness told us his mom got close enough to see some of the signs of torture. >> she said she saw a girl with just a shirt on, bloody face, duct tape on her ankles. >> i heard screaming and she was like get off me, get off me. >> the woman was treated at temple university hospital and was released late last night, police say the man they're looking for is around 23 years old with dreadlocks and a long beard. philadelphia police are looking for the person who shot and killed a 17-year-old boy.
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it happened outside the emergency cafe lounge on east wyoming avenue in feltonville. the teenager was shot in the chest and driven to the hospital by family and friends. police say the victim had an argument with a group of kids before that deadly shooting took place. it's 10:05 on sunday and almost decision time for voters in pennsylvania and delaware. hillary clinton will be visiting churches in philadelphia to get out the vote before tuesday's primaries. tomorrow she'll be in both philadelphia and wilmington, delaware. in the morning clinton will be at world cafe live at the queen in downtown wilmington. in the evening she has a get out the vote rally in the courtyard of philadelphia city hall. both events are free and open to the public. bernie sanders visited wilmington yesterday. tomorrow night he will be back in philadelphia in university city rallying at drexel university's athletic center.
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he's calling on voters to get to the polls because he says his campaign doesn't do well in low turnout states. political analysts say sanders would need a small miracle to make up for his deficit in delegates. on the republican side, john kasich is also asking voters to get to the polls. he will be at the penn rose diner in south philadelphia tomorrow morning. john kasich is far behind in the polls to ted cruz and donald trump. speaking of donald trump, he will be in the philadelphia suburbs tomorrow. he'll be visiting west chester university for a getout the vote rally. analysts say big wins on tuesday will make it easier for him to carry the nomination at the convention. and yesterday ted cruz met with potential delegates in western pennsylvania. he won't be in our area today, he's putting his focus on upcoming races in the midwest where he hopes to beat donald
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trump. so how is the republican party handling donald trump's front-runner status? join chuck todd at 10:30 for "meet the press." he'll go over the gop's stages of brief. here at nbc 10 we're tracking all the candidates, visits to our areas and beyond with the nbc 10 app. plus you can see the updates delegate count and check the dates for upcoming caucuses and primaries. from our south jersey bureau now, volunteers cleaning up along the cooper river made a disturbing discovery, a human skull. they found it along admiral wilson boulevard in pennsauken. more than 100 volunteers were part of a cleanup effort there yesterday. one of them reached into the mud to pick up what looked to be a water bottle but it was a cull. police and the coroner are
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trying to determine whose remains they are. still ahead on nbc 10 news today entrepreneurs looking to cash in on legalized mel cal marijuana are going back to school for help. narrator: listen to president obama endorse katie mcginty for senate.
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a lot of folks are already gathering at the center for tailgating and having a great time. 6-0 degrees with some sunshine by the time the puck drops and 62 by the end of the game we nothing but sun so it's really looking pretty terrific.
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across the board here, pennsylvania suburbs, malvern 67 for a high, lands deal the same thing, neshaminy 66 degrees and plenty of sunshine there, we've got the reenactment going on and look at the weather for the folks heading down there, just fantastic. maybe a light jacket or sweater, really looking terrific across the area. lehigh valley 68 with sunshine. bethlehem 67 and sun and even out in easton 68 degrees with plenty of sunshine. so your seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, you can check that out not just for philadelphia but all surrounding areas and i'll be back to talk about what we can expect in the way of rain and rising temperatures in just a bit. >> karen, thank you. today a school offering to teach you how to get started if the medical marijuana business will offer an all-day seminar. pennsylvania just legalized medical marijuana and the cannabis career institute says
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it can teach you everything you need to know from basic grow techniques to the legal requirements and regulations. the seminar is at the courtyard philadelphia at the navy yard and costs about $350 per person. investigators in ohio continue to search for the person or people who killed eight family members. and now there's a reward to find the killer. that's just ahead on nbc 10 news today.
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welcome back. it's about 10:15. from the nbc 10 delaware bureau now, a town hall will be held tomorrow in wilmington to talk about the shocking in-school death of a 16-year-old student. >> we have no idea as to why this occurred. all we can do is come together and we have to begin to love one another. >> the wilmington peacekeepers offered prayers outside the howard high school of technology. sophomore amy joyner francis
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died at the school thursday after she was involved in a fight in the girls' bathroom. her friends tell us she was the a piece maker weace maker who ad in to stop fights. >> this should not have brought us together to realize that we need to wake up and make a change. >>. hear, hear. >> my heart hurts. >> the governor, attorney general and mayor of wilmington are all expected to attend the town hall meeting tomorrow night at stubbs elementary school. new this morning, president obama just arrived in germany a short time ago where he hopes to build momentum for a trade deal between the u.s. and europe. opposition to the agreement is fierce in germany. critics fear the erosion of consumer protection and environmental standards. those in favor of the deal say it will boost business. north korea has successfully test fired a ballistic missile from a submarine, strengthening its nuclear attack capabilities.
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south korea confirmed the launch but says the missile only traveled about 19 miles. south korean experts say it's unlikely the north currently possesses an operational submarine that can fire multiple missiles but they acknowledge the north is making progress on that technology. in ohio, police are still trying to figure out who killed eight members of the same extended family and why. nbc's chris pollone has the latest on the investigation and audio of the first frantic 911 call. >> reporter: pike county, ohio, a call for help just before 8:00 friday morning. >> tell me what's going on. >> there is blood all over the house. >> reporter: soon police would discover eight people dead, all from the same extended family at four homes just miles apart, they say none committed suicide so at least one killer must be on the loose. >> we do not know whether we're
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talking about one individual or two or three or more. we simply do not know that at this point. >> reporter: the victim, seven adults and a boy ranging from 16 to 44 years old. some found in bed, suggesting they were shot execution style while they slept. three children survived -- a toddler, a six-month-old and a newborn four days old found in the same room as his murdered mother. the family identified as the rodens, well known in this rural part of pike county. >> this community is heartbroken, shocked wondering how could this possibly happen to us. >> reporter: saturday in a statement, surviving members of the roden family asked for prayers and privacy. >> the roden family would like to thank everyone for the outpouring of prayers and support for their family. >> reporter: a cincinnati businessman has put up a $25,000 reward to identify the killer as answers about these horrific murders remain hard to find. chris pollone, nbc news, new
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york. the death toll in last week's devastatingette quake in ecuador has risen once again. the government now says 654 people have died, several dozen people are still unaccounted for. the magnitude 7.8 earthquake flattened coastal towns. that was followed by hundreds of aftershocks. the president of ecuador says the quake caused $3 billion in damage and it could take years to rebuild. new from overnight, a solar powered plane on a trip around the world landed in california. it finished a risky three-day flight across the pacific ocean from hawaii. it t plane began its round-the-world journey from march of last year from abby dab bi. it's promoting clean energy and the spirit of innovation. we'll get our final check on our neighborhood forecast for our sunday morning.
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we started out nearly 20 degrees colder than this time yesterday morning. we're watching temperatures bump up quite nicely. 56 in philadelphia, 53 in the pennsylvania 'burbs, lehigh valley mainly in the lower 50s but we have cold responsibilities here. look at walnutport, 47 degrees there, 10 degrees bump in easton at 57 degrees. so we've got mainly lower 50s all through this area here with the exception of reading 53. 52 degrees in hopewell. so we are in springtime, but temperatures starting out this morning have been on the chilly side. good news here radar is dry. that was not the weather picture this trial yesterday morning for sure. but we are dry through allentown and trenton, wilmington, moving down into south jersey. conditions are dry for now, high
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pressure in play as we take our radar out further. we can see development west of the great lakes. in mp there is a low pressure system developing, a lot of precipitation with that. of course cloud cover and as the front makes its way to our area we can anticipate by tuesday the clouds moving in and thickening and we'll want to have our umbrellas handy for tuesday, futurecast, we'll put it into motion and show you when we can expect showers to be moving in. this model has us tuesday morning 8:00 a.m. through williamsport so through central pennsylvania. this front pushing in into our direction and we can expect the onslaught of pop-up showers and heavier rain later in the daytime. 2:30 time stamp here and heavier rain moving through philadelphia. pushing through the lehigh valley then into interior south jersey. so that's why we say on tuesday it's looking like you want to have the umbrellas handy.
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how about heavier rain later on in the evening hour? this is at 7:00 p.m. we can see the orange and yellow pushing through the entire viewing area, some heavier rain embedded there. so even our evening your hour you'll want to take it slowly and if you're letting out to vote, have the umbrellas and your patience because it could be soggy through nighttime tuesday. 8:00 p.m. rain showers, just sagging down to the south and as it clears through this model wednesday morning waking up has residual shower activity as well. light wednesday morning showers possible. so we'll keep a close eye on that but tuesday is looking like the wetter day. for today nothing to worry about in the way of precip. all sun. tomorrow, more sunshine and warmer temperatures. if you can get outside and eat your lunch, you might want to do that. election day looking soggy,
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don't let that keep you from going out, just have the umbrella handy and by the end of the week rain returns for the forecast. nbc 10 is your home for the summer olympic games. nbc 10's jacqueline london trav traveled to rio de janeiro and learned about a support that is uniquely brazilian. ♪ ♪ this is capoeira, a mixture of dance and martial arts. >> it's like a moving painting so it's like two artists creating movements together. >> yeah, i know what he means, that's cool. and that's not all jacqueline found during her trip to rio. we'll show you the beautiful beach side city like you have never seen it before. don't miss nbc 10's rio 100 this
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wednesday at 7:00 p.m. on nbc 10. stay with us. we'll be back.
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we have big news about this year's wawa welcome america celebration. nbc 10, telemundo 62 and our parent comcast nbc universal are the home for the big july 4 concert and fireworks show. you'll be able to watch it live on nbc 10, telemundo 62 and on your iphone or another smart device and we get much more from nbc 10's keith jones. >> reporter: this is the site of the nation's biggest birthday party. it may not look like much now, but this summer the entire ben franklin parkway will transform into the best free family-friendly july 4 celebration. yes, there's days of music and those large crowds.
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more than half a million people, several nights capped by fireworks. but this year the eight-day family celebration ignites something different -- your child's curiosity, creativity and compassion. a unique fun and free way to teach them about our city and nation's history. and from the national constitution center to independence hall, free entry to many museums and back on the parkway. wawa welcome america presented by comcast nbc universal takes you into the neighborhoods, the block parties and the patriotic parade. if your family can't make it down here, not to werery. we have you covered as long as you have a smart phone or tablet. you can watch the lye streive st home or work. it has the information, the maps and guides you need to see for the phillies celebration. and the big parkway concert, a celebration of the sounds of philadelphia is happening
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earlier, july 4 at 5:00 p.m. so the whole family can enjoy our country's birthday. on top of that this will be the first time it's also hosted in english on nbc 10 and in spanish on our sister station telemundo 62. this is the birthplace of our nation and this is where it begins. philly owns the fourth and your family will have exclusive access to all eight days of free fun on air, online and on site here on nbc 10 and telemundo 62. >> guaranteed to be a great time, thank you, keith. you can count on nbc 10 for everything you want to know about the wawa welcome america fun. look for stories and event skeb schedules on the nbc 10 app and on the performers will be revealed next month. >> we can start working on that forecast for you. >> that would be great. i'm sure they'd appreciate that. >> well, if we could we would. the ten-day outlook for philadelphia, here it is.
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today is looking spot on and tomorrow night and warm. we have a few more clouds in the forecast for tomorrow afternoon but let's focus on today and tomorrow. >> no, we have to get to tuesday. >> we get showers on tuesday, it's big election day so you have v the umbrellas handy for tuesday. we dry out on wednesday. not looking bad. >> no reason for people not to make it out to the polls when you have an umbrella. >> it's an important one. >> for karen and everyone here. thanks so much, "meet the press" is next.
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joe sestak supports a plan that the new york timesfactreported makes cuts to social security benefits. and the plan raises the retirement age. it's true. the a.a.r.p. opposed the plan, citing dramatic cuts to medicare benefits. the plan sestak supports means higher out-of-pocket costs for millions on medicare. any way you spin it, the truth about sestak is gonna hurt. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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this sunday, whatever happened to the stop trump movement? >> we're winning by a lock. we're kicking ass. >> trump keeps winning. gop leaders are falling in line. and neither cruz nor kasich are gaining momentum. is it possible this stop trump movement has been stopped? >> plus, my t-down with bernie sanders. >> i will do everything that i can to make certain that donald trump is not elected president. >> the senator on strump, his chances of wining the nomination and why he thinks he's losing to hillary clinton. >> poor people don't vote. that's just a fact. >> also, is the u.s. helping to cover up a saudi arabian government role in 9/11? there are 28 pages that may have the


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