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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  April 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. i am thrilled to be here in philadelphia with all of you.
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>> thank you, philadelphia. >> decision 2016. hillary clinton and bernie sanders making a final push for votes on the eve of primaries in pennsylvania and delaware. >> polls open at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. that means we're about eight hours away from the first votes being cast in p.a. and delaware. polls remain open until 8:00 p.m. good evening, i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. both clinton and sanders also were on the hot seat in separate town hall meetings tonight at the national constitution center. >> so there are so many areas where i'm more specific where i have a track record where i explain what i will do and i think that's why i have 2.7 million more votes than he does. >> while clinton touted her political track record, sanders talked about the progress his campaign has made over the course of the last few months. >> this campaign is about starting off 60 points behind secretary clinton and by the way, in the last couple of weeks
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a few polls ahead of her nationally. all right? that's what this campaign is about. >> and after the town hall, the democratic candidates held get out the vote rallies here in philadelphia. >> nbc 10's drew smith was at both. he joins us live from the steps of the art museum. drew? >> reporter: jacqueline and jim, we heard both candidates tonight, clinton and sanders recite their vision for america as we've been hearing on the campaign trail but there was added urgency in philly tonight as they work to fire up their supporters and make sure they show up to vote tomorrow. hillary clinton chose philadelphia city hall to ask voters to turn out for her with pennsylvania's governor and several other officials by her side. >> that starts for you tomorrow, philadelphia, right here. please, come out and vote. >> reporter: over in university city, the line for a bernie sanders rally formed early. >> i'm feeling the bern. i'm berning up.
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>> the more excitement and enthusiasm that we can show i feel like the better chance he has in pennsylvania. >> reporter: sanders brought along actor susaner er iserand get voters energized. >> if you come out and vote tomorrow, bring your aunts and uncles and friends and co-workers, we're going to win in pennsylvania. >> reporter: clinton never mentioned her democratic opponent at her rally but a sanders campaign bus caught attention as it drove by her city hall gathering, horns blaring. not to be left out, this drexel student went by the sanders event with donald trump's slogan on his hat. >> trump's got a landslide lead in all the republican primaries. >> reporter: if there's something supporters of all candidates can agree on, it's how crucial it is to show up tomorrow. >> we need everybody to get out there and vote. >> and both clinton and sanders got specific and local on the issues in front of the philly crowd tonight. clinton mentioned recent gun violence in our city, and sanders mentioned the high
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number of people living below the poverty line. live at the art museum steps, drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> all right, drew. today two of the republican candidates for president made their final primary push across pennsylvania as well. front-runner donald trump rallied in wilkes-barre tonight where he had a message for his opponents. listen. >> folks, they ought to both drop out of the race so we ought to unify the republican party. >> trump's comments come after ted cruz and john kasich announced they cut a deal to help each other if three upcoming primaries. trump also attacked them earlier today during his visit to west chester university. kasich held a town hall in western pennsylvania tonight where he was asked about his deal with ted cruz. the ohio governor told the crowd they're trying to devote resources where they can have the best success with voters. earlier today kasich was in our area. he stopped by the penn rose diner in south philadelphia. and ted cruz has set his sights on indiana.
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five northeastern states head to the polls tomorrow. the texas senator traveled across the state appealing to kasich supporters to unite behind his campaign. at a rally in franklin tonight, cruz also challenged trump to a debate in indiana. nbc 10 is your place for election night coverage tomorrow. keep it right here for live updates throughout the evening. the team will also be providing behind the scenes access in our newsroom. nbc 10 at 11:00 is where to turn for up to the minute results as they come in. decision 2016 coverage continues as well on our app. for results, the latest delegate counts and upcoming primaries and caucuses, tap the nbc 10 app. and as we mentioned, pennsylvania and delaware are two of five states holding primaries tomorrow. voters in connecticut, maryland, and rhode island also head to the polls. part of the pennsylvania turnpike remains shut down tonight eight hours after a deadly crash. sky force 10 live above the scene in bensalem bucks county.
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tonight the eastbound lanes of the turnpike near trevose road remain closed. an 18-year-old new jersey woman died after a tractor overturned on top of her car. see emergency crews lifting that truck off the car. the tractor trailer driver is in the hospital tonight but is expected to survive. sky force 10 over the scene of a deadly shooting in new castle county. it happened around 8:30 this evening in the 400 block of anderson drive. police are still searching for a suspect. new at 11:00, a fugitive wanted for gunning down the man at the center of a controversial police brutality case in philadelphia is under arrest tonight. 23-year-old khalil henderson charged with murder and other offenses in the death of najee rivera who died back in december two weeks after he was shot. officers sean mcknight and kevin robinson were accused of wrongfully beating rivera during a traffic stop in 2013, caught on camera. earlier this month the jury
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acquitted them of all charges. in a separate case civil rights claims against two philadelphia police officers involved in the deadly shooting of brandon tate brown in 2014 will not be dismissed. the suit was failed by tate brown's family. the 26-year-old was shot by police after a struggle during a traffic stop in mayfair. the district attorney decided not to file charges against the officer or his partner. to the weather now. a look at nbc 10 first alert radar. see the storms are on the way. >> it's going to be a wet morning. let's get the latest on what you'll wake up to from nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen. >> yeah, we have a couple areas of rain that we're watching, even thunderstorms. getting a little bit closer. the main area of rain for tomorrow is still pretty far up to our north. that will eventually slide into the area through the day tomorrow. but aside from that, we do have one area that we're watching currently. it's a little closer moving through parts of central p.a. this is one small cluster of storms and this one you can see
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the lightning in it so this is actually moving in our direction. should be moving into parts of lehigh valley in about the next couple hours then swinging through the area overnight tonight. but by tomorrow morning, most of the area will be dry. philadelphia by 6:00 a.m. around 60 degrees but by lunchtime and early afternoon, near 80 degrees. maybe even seeing some showers or a couple storms by then. if you're in the pennsylvania s suburbs later in the afternoon you'll be seeing rain showers and thunderstorms, too. if you're in the lehigh valley, as early as 6:00 a.m. lasting through the afternoon. nj new jersey and delaware mostly in the afternoon if you're along the shore. later into the day and the evening. coming up, a closer look at the timing through the afternoon tomorrow and cooler air moving in behind this rain. that's straight ahead. members of a montgomery county church gathered to remember a man killed during a service this weekend. hundreds of people attended a prayer service at the keystone fellowship church this evening in skippack. a man shot and killed robert
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braxton at the keystone fellowship church in north wales. they had been fighting. the shooting suspect is cooperating with police. his name has not been released. two friends shot and killed in a matter of hours. tonight investigators say the deaths are part of an ongoing dispute between groups of young men. one of those men, 21-year-old alex cherry was shot in east mt. airy yesterday afternoon. political candidate chris rab saw the gunman open fire then stand over the victim and fire again. >> and i asked my colleague to get his information and moments after we got his informations, he was shot in the head. i don't wish that on anyone. >> and four hours later, cherry's friend, 18-year-old elijah frazier ran into this takeout restaurant after he was shot in the back and he later died. from our delaware bureau, a community rocked by tragedy came together tonight to find
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solutions. >> not in my school. not in my community. not in my state. >> nbc 10 at stubbs elementary in wilmington tonight. local parents and students ta s attended a meeting, discussed the death of amy joyner-francis last friday after a fight in the bathroom of her school. no charges have been filed yet. as police continue to investigate, the school is going to hold meetings tuesday and wednesday night for parents and students to talk about what happened. a philadelphia couple is facing medicaid fraud charges after allegedly billing a state home health care program while they were behind bars. today the attorney general's office announced chargers against petiford holis, claiming she provided medical care
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service to her husband at times one are both were in jail. the fraud led to $54,000 in payments that should not have been made. a philadelphia community wants traffic lights and safe intersections and tonight they took their message to the street. residents rallied at the intersection of 65th in east germantown. they say there have been a high number of traffic accidents in the area so they're demanding a traffic study. neighbors also want adequate traffic controls installed to prevent future accidents. this is no time, america is ready to get up and run. >> one-on-one with the vice president. i had a chance to have an exclusive conversation with joe biden. he opens up about the race for the white house and issues that matter to you. also a missouri boy giving new minie i meaning to the sayi
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life gives you lemons, mayke lemonade. how he's making it a family affair. unrest in the nest. sam bradford wants out. the latest request for a ticket out of town. i'm tracking showers and thunderstorms so for election day you'll need to have the umbrella with you. i'll show you the timing of this coming up.
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most new wealth flows it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by millions of small contributions. people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message. join us for real change. why should we trust a like steve santarsiero who will say anything to win an election? after claiming credit for passing universal background checks for all gun purchases, "santarsiero admitted in an interview
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that he didn't write pennsylvania's gun safety law." his campaign brags about his accomplishments, but "in fact, he has failed in 54 attempts to get any legislation on the books." we just cant trust steve santarsiero. i'm shaughnessy naughton, and i approve this message because we deserve better. you know the old saying when life gives you lemons, make lek lemonade. >> a boy in missouri did just that. he opened a lemonade stand but the money he raised wasn't for a new bike or toys as you might expect. no, this lemonade stand is a step toward getting a family of his own. he plans to use the money to help pay for his own adoption. tristan's foster mom has been caring for the boy for five years and says he's already family. now she and her husband want to make it official. it looks like they're on their way. he hoped to raise $5,000 for legal fees and raised $11,000 by
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this afternoon. >> so good. in these final hours before polls open in pennsylvania and delaware the candidates are stumping hard and so is the vice president of the united states. talking about politics and a life-changing initiative for students. vice president joe biden at the community college of philadelphia announces a $100 million plan to offer tuition-free education to some community college students. after that initiative was announced we caught up with the v.p. to talk about the crucial primary push. last fall you made the decision not to run for president, understandably based on your family. a lot has changed since last fall with the campaign. the tone of the campaign has changed drastically. the surge of donald trump. how frustrating is it to you now that you chose not to run for president? >> well, you know, i made the right decision when our son died a year ago on memorial day. family wasn't ready. i wasn't ready. we've got two good candidates and i'm going to work like the
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devil for whoever gets the nomination. >> reporter: you have not endorsed a candidate for president. >> no. >> reporter: you have praised bernie sanders, though, for thinking big. >> look, i also praised hillary because remember, two weeks ago biden endorsed hillary everybody was says. the point i was making was that there's so much we can do in this country and this is no time to cabin our aspirations. >> reporter: with the supreme court vacancy, senator pat toomey recently met with judge merrick garland. that meeting did not go as you had hoped. >> this is taking the dysfunction that exists in the congress and transferring to a third branch in government that's split 4-4 on some incredibly important decisions that are coming up. that's not a way to run a court. it's not a way to run a country. >> reporter: for those senate republicans who say they're just citing the biden rule, from a speech you made back in 1992. >> they say one sentence of it. i presided over more supreme
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court hearings than anybody living and every single one got a hearing so follow the biden rule. everybody gets a hearing. everybody gets a vote. everybody gets a vote on the floor of the senate. >> reporter: while in town the vice president addressed the painful issue that hits much too close to home on our city streets. >> how many people are killed by gun violence on the streets of america every single day. in the most advanced country in the world. it makes no sense. >> reporter: what do you think your administration could have done differently and what does the next administration need to do to stop the violence in camden, in wilmington, in philadelphia? >> last time we had serious gun laws i wrote them, and the only way i know how to do it like i did it the last time, it took me five years of pushing and pushing and pushing. just keep pushing. >> vice president biden is not saying who he is endorsing in the democratic party. as he and president obama have vowed to remain neutral and let voters decide this primary
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season. for more information on the tuition-free initiative that biden addressed to the community college of philadelphia, and who is eligible, visit our website, well, just as the weather is warming up, large sections of a popular wildlife refuge at the jersey shore are temporarily closed to fix damage caused by hurricane sandy. that work is under way at the forsythe national wildlife refuge in galloway township. the majority of the popular eight-mile wildlife drive as well as an adjoining trail are closed to visitors on weekdays. the construction is to repair severe erosion caused by sandy's pounding waves and make the road more resilient in future storms. nbc 10 is bringing you the forecast closer to you than ever before. >> meteorologist sheena parveen is here with our nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> yes, we have the neighborhood weather to zoom in on different areas and let you know your specific neighborhood forecast. so you'll notice the forecast a lot more specific than it ever was before and also don't forget
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the seven-day forecast is always scrolling right at the bottom of the screen. you'll never miss it and it's wherever you live in pennsylvania, new jersey, or delaware. it's not just one seven-day forecast anymore. we have multiple seven-days scrolling at the bottom of the screen. all right. so for tomorrow we have rain in the forecast so if you're heading out for election day or really anything you're doing, you'll want to take the umbrella. the big area of rain we see, that is up around the great lakes still so right in this general area, exiting chicago, slowly moving toward our area. this is tomorrow's rain i just circled. but we do have another cluster of showers and storms just up to our north and west. so that will be moving into parts of the lehigh valley. pretty soon here, swinging through through the overnight hours so this is another cluster of storms so there you see the lightning in it right around williamsport. that one weal be watching as we go through the overnight hours tonight and even into very early tomorrow morning for some of you but not for everybody. here's future weather. now we're going to look at the overnight hours going through
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the next fur hours. this is 2:30 in the morning. some showers, maybe storms through the lehigh valley and the fopoconos. we could see that overnight, not very everyone. the morning commute tomorrow, 9:00 in the morning could see showers through the lehigh valley and poconos. can't rule out an early thunderstorm. better chances going to be later in the day. now we're looking at 3:30 in the afternoon. so the line of storms i showed you around parts of michigan, that's going to slowly slide to the south. so through new jersey, through philadelphia, and up into our suburbs in pennsylvania by 3:30, we should see those, even some thunderstorms. 6:00 p.m. moving into parts of new jersey and delaware. more like south jersey at that point. then we go overnight. we do start to dry out a bit. going into your wednesday, the clouds linger. we could see rain still just to the south of philadelphia. so, again, we do have a chance for thunderstorms tomorrow. the best chance right around most of our area shaded in this darker green. that's the best chance for some stronger storms. so we could even see that later in the day tomorrow.
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so tomorrow's forecast for the lehigh valley around 74 degrees. reading, bethlehem, 72 degrees. easton coming in at 73 tomorrow with afternoon thunderstorms. suburbs in pennsylvania, westchester, 77 as well as phoenixville with afternoon storms. philadelphia area, around 80 degrees. 82 fairmount. 79 mt. airy. have the umbrella in the afternoon especially even if you're in new jersey. high temperatures, low 80s. haddonfield, 81. glassboro, l 2. the jersey shore, temperatures in the mid to upper 70s with evening thunderstorms. delaware, you'll see thunderstorms mostly in the evening. temperatures in about the mid to low 80s. so as we go into the day tomorrow, we'll have those afternoon storms in the forecast. but temperatures, they're still going to be fairly warm so we will be, again, in about the low 80s. here's a live look outside. we're looking across philadelphia. so there you see the comcast center. the new one getting built in the right side of your screen. but tonight we're seeing an
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increase of clouds. nothing in the way of rain just yet. again, overnight, lehigh valley could be dealing with quick-moving storms and through the day tomorrow just make sure you have those umbrellas. best chance of thunderstorms will be in the afternoon. >> you know we're hoping for a good weekend, right, especially sunday for all those runners. >> yes, the blue cross broad street run. not looking bad. six days away thousands running in the philadelphia tradition. this sunday. for a second year in the row we'll be broadcasting the entire event live on nbc 10 from start to finish and everywhere in between. we have got you covered. nbc 10 airs the blue cross broad street run live on sunday. our coverage begins at 8:00 a.m. join us on friday evening at 7:00 for ready, set, run. the experts show us what runners need to do in the days before the race and show you the best places to watch along the course and what's new at this year's health and wellness expo. sports is next.
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across pennsylvania, he's praised as a progressive champion with a record of reform. josh shapiro the democrats most compelling candidate for attorney general. he'll protect seniors from scams and stand up to polluting frackers. he's backed by law enforcement, supported by planned parenthood and he's endorsed by president obama - who says shapiro "represents the next generation of progressive leadership". democrat josh shapiro an attorney general...for us
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this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> hey, i'm danny pommells from comcast sportsnet. five days after the eegss acquired number two big pick in nfl that did not sit well with sam bradford. confirmed in an interview this evening his compliant is lient g a trade out of philly. >> sam's a competitor and wants to go someplace and knows he's the man, he doesn't want to be there holding the place card. and then wondering where he's going to go at the end of the year. >> i completely understand from howie's standpoint and the
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philadelphia eagles, they signed sam, had no idea they were going to come up and get the second pick in the draft and have that be a quarterback. none of this is personal. it's just -- it's just business. >> here's the latest from inside the organization. eagles vice president of player personnel howie roseman sat down for an exclusive interview with john clark today and john asked the question on everybody's mind. >> has sam bradford informed you guys he wants to be tradened? >> i want to reiterate our support for sam bradford. i go back to our statements of last week. sam is our starting quarterback. his agent and sam know how we feel about him. these workouts are voluntary. we look forward to seeing sam again in the near future. >> get much more of the conversation with howie roseman in our draft day special. john will be in chicago reporting from the draft thursday at 7:00 here on nbc 10. elsewhere around the league a federal appeals court took the nfl side in a deflate gate scandal. the patriots qb will likely have
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to serve a four-game suspension to start next season. he has a right to appeal. the court ruled roger goodell had the power to suspend brady. they did not determine if he participated in intentionally underinflating footballs in the championship game. that's a look at sports. i'm danny pommells. we'll be right back. modres: the cost of living the pay stays the same. i have to work extra hours just to make ends meet. it's a big struggle.
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one person that really gets this is katie mcginty. she came from a working-class family. she was ninth of 10 kids. she gets it. she'll fight for equal pay for equal work. katie mcginty will protect social security and medicare. that's why president obama and vice president biden support her, too. she'll make a heck of a senator. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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a little child with big dreams. dwight evans. first a community activist. a legislator at 25. always looking out for us. he worked to create a thriving commercial district. and he's brought new grocery stores to underserved areas. dwight evans is committed to revitalizing neighborhoods in all of philadelphia. he'll be a block by block congressman for us. i'm dwight evans and i'm proud to approve this message. . and a look at your ten-day forecast.
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tomorrow showers and storms. low 80s. wednesday much cooler. low 60s. next rain chance thursday and part of friday. >> today was so nice. >> yes, it was very nice. >> i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. thanks for joining us tonight. hope to see you tomorrow. have a good night. your right to health care, social security and equal pay for women. as the 9th of 10 kids and the mother of 3 daughters, katie is fighting to ensure every family has a fair shot at getting ahead. katie from debate: "i'm a champion, i'm a fighter and i'll have the back of hard working families in this country." narrator: endorsed by president obama and vice president biden, a champion for working families. katie vo: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's rigged by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. a little child with big dreams. dwight evans. first a community activist. a legislator at 25. always looking out for us. he worked to create a thriving commercial district. and he's brought new grocery stores to underserved areas. dwight evans is committed to revitalizing neighborhoods in all of philadelphia. he'll be a block by block congressman for us.
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i'm dwight evans and i'm proud to approve this message. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- ricky gervais. ariana grande. and featurin


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