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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  April 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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good evening, everyone, i'm jim rosenfield. >> first, glen has develop weather situations, glen? >> yeah these storms are moving quickly, and they have some real downpours with them in some places, hail is being observed, and strong winds, there's a cluster of showers and thunderstorms, and moving to philadelphia, this would be the corps of the evening. there's reports of hail within the past hour. this is in new jersey, and had hail that's an inch in diameter. it was just a few minutes ago. that was close to an inch in diameter hail. that is strong stuff. this is the cell right, robbinsville reported the hail. this storm moves into jackson
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new jersey right now. the warning has expired for a portion of the cell, but the severe thunderstorm until 6:15, that's south and east in robbinsville and new jersey turnpike here, and, again, at we go through this, and we have other thunderstorms in pennsylvania, this is a cluster i talk about. that was in chester county, and moving into delaware county and that continues to move right towards philadelphia and into new jersey. pretty active over the next couple hours. more on the local weather and neighborhood forecast in a few minutes. voters are still voting, polls close at 8:00, and the primaries are for the race to the white house. we're two of five states, voters in connecticut, connecticut, and
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rhode island as well. >> here's a look at the stakes tonight. we could have a better idea of who clempgets the nomination, n to do well in five states including delaware and pennsylvania. on the democratic side, hillary clinton cannot get enough delegates to lock up the nominati nomination, and could get her closer, sanders, though, vowed to take the election all the way to the convention no matter what. we have team coverage. what are republican leaders saying, tim? >> reporter: depends who you ask, and back to the beginning here, it's an exciting day here in delaware because the primary means something to presidential primaries on both sides, here at highland elementary, steady stream of voters.
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delegates are important especially to trump hoping to reach the magic number and lock up the nominations. trump would like to get the convention in cleveland with the no, ma'am locked up. if he does not have majority of the votes, the convention could be dicey for him. not the front runner coming to a contested convention, and republicans had ten conventions where no candidate had the majority, and seven of the cases, and the person who came in did not get it. if a tested convention is bad for the party? who's fault is that? 17 candidate, trump's message enough to get a plurality, but not majority? who knows, right? so i don't know that i blame the system as much as, you know, this is a different era, we have angry voters. >> reporter: back live now, if
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they feel pushed out, and i asked what kind of person would be vp for trump? might make sense to team up with a traditional politician who knows the d.c. game, but you could alienate others. interesting to see what happens here tonight in delaware and pennsylvania as well. live in wilmington, nbc 10 news. interesting new numbers. polls shows trump reached 50% support from republicans and republican leaders nationally. this is the first time that happened since the beginning of the survey monkey weekly election tracking poll. cruz in second followed by kasich. hillary clinton has a ten point lead over sanders nationally. clinton's lead up a point from last week. our team coverage continues with the democratic side of the race. >> nbc 10 just got new information about hillary
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clinton's party tonight in center city joining us there. lauren? >> reporter: that's right. if you're at the convention center, i peek inside minutes ago. security is pretty tight and here's why. in addition to hillary clinton, herself, her husband, former president bill clinton will be here governor tom wolf, former governor rendell, bob casey, and the philadelphia mayor. that's all, of course, in addition to the sporters hoping for a victory party. on broad street in philadelphia, a show down from a bus backing sanders and hillary clinton supporters waiting to see her. >> i finally got my selfie. i hope to give her a hug, fighting for like me my entire life. >> reporter: sanders did campaigning in person. >> it's opportunity to meet people. that's what we're here to do. >> reporter: stopping for
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pictures and handshakes. sanders and volunteers making a big play in pennsylvania, a state hillary clinton won in 2008. philadelphia, though, was not a strong spot for her losing in this county by 30 points. this time sanders and clinton making repeated stops here with rallies and conversations on issues to draw out supporters. election day, though, clinton ramped up the campaign for the next contest in indiana. >> and it is important that we do everything possible to make any company that shifts jobs overseas pay back any tax benefits they got from the american people. >> reporter: making a return trip to philadelphia hoping for repeat results in pennsylvania. the supporters counting on it to get her closer this time to the nomination. >> almost there, this close. >> and pennsylvania could end up giving hillary clinton a big boost if she does well here. delegates at stake 200 of them,
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but not taking all of them, they will be divided, unfrply, so sanders and hillary clinton could increase their numbers tonight. live in center city, lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. eyes on the race in pennsylvania, four democrats in the running, and nbc 10 was there as joe voted this morning. he lost six years ago, but hoping for a rematch, hoping stiff competition. mcginty voted this morning, and she's the former chief of staff for pennsylvania governor tom wolf and earned the endorsement of president obama and joe biden. they are facing off against a small business owner and pennsylvania mayor. as we mentioned, the winner of today's primary will try to unseat incumbent republican senator.
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he was elected to the u.s. senate back in 2008. >> thumbs up and smiles voting in east falls. challenger in long time politician evans cast his ball lot, and they are continuing to push for votes. at the center of corruption charges, and evans shook hands with governor tom wolf he rallied supporters there at the diner. >> i'm not the jury or the judge. talking to people about the issues that are most important. >> the voters of the district have to decide how to punch my ticket, win the day because of
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the work we've done and support of the work we'll continue to do. >> reelected to congress 11 times by wide margins there is time to vote in the election, polls close at 8:00, less than two hours to go. we're the place for election night coverage, keep it here for live updates throughout the evening. the team takes you behind scenes in the news room, and at 11:00 we have up to the minute results as they come in. decision 2016 coverage kochconts as well with up to the minute results. a man under arrest tonight after shooting his son in a dispute. they have been following the story since it broke at 1:00 this afternoon.
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the father has a restraining order, and now that son is fighting for his life. police say the father handed over the gun needily, described by ingaiters as a revolver, they rushed out of the homes here on the 3200 block of princeton to help out. >> arrived and met by two offduty police officers and an offduty firefighter, and rendering first aid. >> victim found on the sidewalk located near a black pickup truck. >> they were driving, got in an argument, became violent, and shot was fired. >> reporter: all witnesses are interviewed by the detectives. >> working to come to a con whether there's charges or not. >> reporter: investigators say
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it could have been a more serious situation because children in the community are out of school today playing outside. we'll let you know when new developments are released by the police. in mayfair, nbc 10. new information tonight, police announced arrest in an arson cold case killing five people. this is video of the fire in 2003. crews responded to a home to find three people inside rushed to the hospital, but later died. two more victims including a three month old girl later found dead. this is the first look at the suspect. rivera arrested yesterday, charged with five counts of arson. he was in a fight with one of the victims in the home and set fire to the home in retaliation. up next, a look at what group of voters who don't take today granted.
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the pennsylvania primary drawing highly experienced voters and those casting ballots for the fooirs first time. >> i think people are really riled up. >> i'm ted greeneberg, how voters across generations make sure their voices are heard. tracking showers and storms rolling through the area tonight, and especially in chester and delaware. montgomery county right into philadelphia, what to expect to see in your neighborhood. the only forecast focused on where you live coming up.
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returning to 2016, voters in pennsylvania and delaware cast votes in today's primaries. polls close in less than two hours, and one high profile contest, race for pennsylvania attorney general, kane not running for re-election facing criminal charges leaving the seat up for grabs. there's three democratic candidates including the commissioner. he earned president obama's support. he was joined by the family casting his vote this morning. the da was surrounded by family as he headed to his polling place today. saying he's at a disadvantage in philadelphia because he's more
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well-known in western pa. they are battling a third democratic candidate, north hampton county district attorney morga morganelli. turning to the republican, they there are two candidates. >> ted greenberg spent the day with people casting ballot in the region, and tonight, the story of one who don't take their right to vote for granted. >> he gets around with a walker and a bad foot, but neither could keep john young and his wife from voting today in haverford township. >> we're democrats, and we just want to get our vote in. >> very important, we always vote. we're the best generation for voting there is. >> reporter: by midday, pollers say turnout was 50% higher than in a normal primary.
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>> hillary clinton's very brilliant, i think, i voted for her. >> i'd like to vote for none of the above because i didn't love anybody on either side, making it sad. >> i think people are riled up. >> reporter: among them, frederick chang, casting his ballot today, saying he voted for kasich, but under different circumstances would have registered as a democrat. >> i decided to choose as republican i did not want the republican nominee to be donald trump. >> reporter: at 21, could have voted in past elections, but didn't until today's big pennsylvania primary. >> i thought it was more important to actually vote in this one. >> reporter: saying he voted for kasich despite the perception that republicans have not put a lot of everyone on charging up younger voters that could potentially work against the gop, he thinks, in the general
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election. in university city, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. now your first alert weather with chief meteorologist, again hurricane schwartz. >> take a look at the big picture. we had a big blob of showers and thunderstorms centered over the philadelphia area now. back to the west, it's dry so this is not lasting through the evening as we go into chester county and delaware county and month come ri county and the philadelphia area, it's just one shower and thunderstorm after another. it's the pennsylvania turnpike here in westchester and northern delaware, we have some really heavy rain. now, this is not going to be lasting that long. like i showed you, there's a severe thunderstorm warning in chester county and delaware
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county and that is going to continue for another half hour or so, and this cell is power. the back edge in coatesville and moving east. there's improvement. this will change and will improve over the next 30 minutes in chester county, an hour or so in delaware county, and parts of montgomery county. look how heavy rain is, thunderstorms area, and towards bensalem now over the river in camden as we go through this storm near chester. that's going to be going across the river now. new jersey getting it, and radar loop is going to show the motion pretty quickly from west to east across the area. that is going to be a pretty active couple of hours that we're going to be getting here, and over the next couple hours,
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it's gone, it's out of here, and that'll be the end of the threat for the night. the temperature drop has been amazing. 80 in avondale, just a tremendous change we are seeing. once the cold air is in, it's staying in. tomorrow, 62 for the high. we hit 86 today. 58 rain thursday. 58 rain friday. weekend, generally dry saturday, sunday, looks like the rain is going to hold off until afternoon. that is good for the broad street run in the morning. more rain monday and tuesday, and it's not until wednesday we see a decent amount of sunshine. the nfl draft creeping closer, and eagles' quarterback of the future arrived in chicago. john clark met with him in the
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windy city. the latest next.
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the nfl draft just two days away. the birds are expected to take carson wentz for the second overall pick depends on the rams. wentz arrived in chicago today, and john clark asked what he's heard about where he's going. >> reporter: you know, i have not heard much, you know, it's kind of a game time decision from talking to the agents, we'll find out here soon, but i know can it can't come soon enough. it's been a long process. you know, wherever i end up,
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excited to go there, compete, and hopefully look forward to winning a lot of ball games. >> for the people of philadelphia watching, why do you think you can be the fran quarterback for the eagles? >> i think, you know, i think i've shown that i'm a winner, you know, i think i show a lot of intangibles that people might not see, you know, i think my physical abilities speak for itself. i think i do a lot of things behind the scenes as far as my leadership and intelligence, i can really make myself great quarterback going forward. >> here's the other side of the coin, though, bradford doesn't want to train the future qb and lose his job to him. here's his perspective. >> he wants the opportunity to try to go someplace and not only be the starter, but be starter there long term. he's a competitor. he wants to go someplace and know he's the man. he doesn't want to be there holding the place cards.
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and then wondering where he's going to go at the end of the year. >> the phillies begin against the nationals tonight. coverage at begins on pregame live, and two days after seeing the season end flyers cleaned out the locker room. there is reason for optimism. >> right now, we're still a little, you know, sour taste in our mouths. we're not happy about it, but, you know, you have to move on. >> that's your look at sports. we'll be right back.
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we've been timing when the rain is going to start all afternoon. let's time when it ends, and that's coming from the east very quickly, and it is going to be ending over the next 30 minute just across the philadelphia area itself. all right, glen, for us here
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at nbc 10, i'm jim rosenfield, and next is nightly news with lester holt. see you back here tonight. breaking news tonight. outbreak. 70 million at high risk of catastrophic tornadoes, and hail up to the size of baseballs. urgent warnings of potentially life-threatening weather. trump looking for a clean sweep, and sanders to reassess his strategy. a massacre that shocked a nation. eight relatives killed, now we find one shot nine times. black boxes found from the invaded ship that went down in the deep, killing all 33 onboard. and big money surprise. the boss of a yogurt empire stuns thousands of employees with a promise that could


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