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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  April 27, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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nbc 10 breaking news. this breaking news, a crash and carjacking involving police officers and men who ditched their clothes. let's win the nomination and in july, let's return as a unified party. >> looking ahead to july, hillary clinton is on brink of pushing bernie sanders out and coming back to philadelphia as the democratic nominee. >> if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she'd get 5% of the vote. >> and donald trump is talking trash about hillary clinton. hear her response. it's 6:00 a.m. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson.
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>> i'm vai sikahema. it was a big night for pennsylvania and delaware last night, primary night. we'll have the results scrolling at the bottom of the screen. first, let's check in with bill henley who has the neighborhood forecast. >> i have numbers for you, vai. they are cooler than yesterday. this is what's happening right now. live picks from across our area. you can see the clouds that are still with us this morning. they're lingering in the pennsylvania suburbs. we've seen light fog. 53 degrees, clouds lingering at noontime today. and sunshine, well, might break through the lehigh valley. right now, 50 degrees and cloudy skies. easton will warm into the very low 50s at 9:00. and 56 degrees at noontime today. so a cooler day, even this afternoon. even if we get breaks of sunshine, low 60s for philadelphia and for the pennsylvania suburbs.ç mostly cloudy skies in new jersey. 60 degrees. at the shore, there's a chance of a sprinkle or light shower during the morning hours. less likely this afternoon. that's what's going on today.
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when i come back, we'll give you a preview of what's ahead for tomorrow. looks like umbrellas will be back in play tomorrow afternoon. your futurecast when i'm back in ten minutes. let's find out how the roads are looking this morning, jessica boyington with first alert traffic. >> we're watching the vine street expressway. no ongoing construction today. we're moving along east and westbound. no problems at least so far getting to 95 or the schuylkill expressway. you can see that here in our cameras. this is 24th street, westbound lanes typically jam up first. but as you can see, everything moving along. there is an accident scene in terwood drive and montgomery road. mass transit, everything is running on or close to schedule for septa, amtrak, new jersey transit, d.a.r.t. and patco. 6:02 right now. breaking news and a really bizarre starry. >> two philadelphia police officers are in a hospital after a car hit their unmarked truck. that's when things took the
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strange twist. katy zachry is live in fair mound. walk us through what happened here. >> you both used the word strange and bizarre. those are two words police are using with us. that's not out of the question. let me break it down for you. what's going on behind me, this is the second scene related to this police crash. police are towing from this scene, 15th and parish, three cars involved. there are so many moving parts. here's what police know. take a look at this video from around 2:00 a.m. this morning along broad street near brown. this pickup truck was driven by two plain clothes police officers, they were hit by a black sedan. that sedan kept going after the crash. the driver did not stop or get out. the officers were both injured. one blacked out for a few seconds from the crash impact. they are recovering at hahnemann hospital. here's where it gets strange. police say a white suv pulled up to that police crash scene. the driver got out andç left h car in drive so it kept moving
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forward. two men were in the area, happened to see this all happen and police say those men jumped into the moving suv and stole it. they drove a few blocks away, crashing into two cars during that drive. now, witnesses to that second crash involving the white suv say the men ran out of the stolen car to a nearby nightclub but most bizarre to police is the driver of the white suv who earlier had stopped at that crash scene and just got out for no reason. >> it really doesn't make any sense to exit a 2015 vehicle at 2:15 in the morning if you're afraid. if you're afraid, you look your doors and drove away. for this reason this 33-year-old male, he can't give us a clear reason why he jumped out of his car, left it running, left it in drive and, therefore, it was subsequently stolen. >> reporter: philadelphia police
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are dealing with that bizarre aspect to what transpired. they're also looking for at least three people, the driver of that black sedan that initially crashed into the undercover police pickup. they're also looking for the two men who, at this scene, stole that white suv and then crashed into several cars on the street behind me. coming up in the next half hour, i'll have an update from police on the two injured officers at hahnemann. 6:05. we turn to politics. we have the election results scrolling at the bottom of your screen. >> and both presidential front-runners won pennsylvania and delaware. let's get to some of the big local races in pennsylvania first. we start with ousted congressman chaka fattah. check out the cover of the philadelphia daily news. the headline says it all, chaka shocka. >> the majority will have its way and they've decided that
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someone else should take on the responsibility. >> fattah conceded just after 10:00 last night. it was a long$çtime statehouse representative dwight evans who won the democratic nomination. he barely made it through the door before he was greeted by a large group of friends and family and support at his election party. evans will face republican james jones in the fall. jones is the only republican in the race. >> in the race for senate, katie mcginty beat out joe tess tack for the democratic nomination. which is significant because mcginty could become the first female senator in pennsylvania if she wins in november. mcbegunty will take on pat toomey. toomey's seat is rated among the five most vulnerable of 24 gop senate seats up this year. in the race for pennsylvania's attorney general, josh shapiro won the democratic nomination. he was criticized by his opponents for lack of legal back ground. he takes on john rafferty in the fall. in delaware, voters only
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voted in the presidential primary. >> both in delaware and pennsylvania hillary clinton and donald trump came out on top. >> the presidential primary races weren't even close in most of our areas. clinton and trump dominated. clinton is now 90% on her way to the democratic nomination. donald trump right now is about 77% to the republican nomination. and cruz and kasich are still on their mission to stop donald trump. ted cruz has been focusing his efforts on the state of indiana. let's take a look now at the results for pennsylvania. clinton at 56% to sanders 44%. a pretty decisive victory there. trump had 57%, very much outdoing cruz and kasich. there was only one county where there was a difference.
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everything went to the front-runners, except berks county went to bernie sanders by 50% to 48%. a very close race there. now let's take a look at delaware. another big victory, big margins here, clinton 60% to sanders 39%. trumá had 61%, a very big margin of victory there. john kasich came in second and cruz in third place. and so there are a lot of people who are talking about this. we've been talking with voters as well. there's also nbc news exit polling results that came in from yesterday's primary. i'll have more of that and the total delegate count as it stands right now coming up in the next half hour. vai? >> thank you, matt. read more about yesterday's primary races and hear from the winners and losers. it is all in the nbc 10 app. click on decision 2016. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> eight minutes after 6:00. sun is just about to come up. look at this. we've got clouds. this is a live view from
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wildwood, new jersey, which is mostly cloudy and not too far away. some sprinkles. in fact, showers have started things off in southern delaware. still a few rain drops falling there and a chance of sprinkles returning to delaware and south jersey during the day today. we're not done with the clouds nor the rain just yet. our futurecast showing as we go through the morning, look at the chance of showers coming into play. those showers will be a possibility, less likely this afternoon. 8:30 this morning. by 10:00, 11:00, wet weather for dover into southern delaware and cape may can see showers, too. to the north, mostly cloudy skies for philadelphia. seven-day forecast rolling at the bottom of the screen. we have rain in the future for philadelphia but not today. here's your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast. clouds linger, low 60s for chestnut hill, somerton and pennsylvania. the pennsylvania suburbs could see late day breaks of sunshine, 63 degrees for lansdale.
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sunshine is more likely to break through the clouds in the lehigh valley. for bethlehem and easton, that will warm temperatures in the 60s this afternoon. and in spite of the clouds in south jersey, afternoon high temperatures near 60 in haddonfield, up to 64 for glassboro. atlantic city could see a few lingers showers, wildwood, too, 55ç degrees this afternoon. wilmington, likely to stay dry. dover and dewey beach will see the rain showers today, should be tapering off this afternoon. when i come back in ten minutes, i have your ten-day outlook. >> thank you, bill. 6:10 on this wednesday morning. well into the 6:00 hour. volume has been dialed up a few notches. >> let's check 95. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is watching that. >> we are watching an accident scene. it's not in our camera view but
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this is approaching the scene. you can see big delays on 95 near cottman avenue. now a 21 minute drive time. we're a little early for that right now if you're headed southbound from the vine street expressway. >> thank you very much, jessica. a lot filled with cars went up in flames last night. >> all new this morning, the special agency investigating, plus, what was inside all the cars that were set on fire. and breaking overnight, just hours ago, police charged a mother in the death of her own 2-year-old child. we'll tell you what the mother admitted to police.
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6:15. breaking news there overnight, police arrested a bucks county mother in the death of her 2-year-old daughter. falls township detectives say
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kayla moore admitted to kicking her daughter in the head and her body several times monday night. police say the girl suffered blunt force injuries at the home on sweet briar drive. a judge denied the mother bail and sent her to bucks county prison. today comcast spectacor employees will bring hundreds of pounds to phil abundance. >> they're looking a mile from the wells fargo center to the food bank on south galloway street. employees will deliver the donations to philabundance as a kickoff to comcast cares day. that's happening this saturday, of course. comcast cares day is the largest single day volunteer effort in the entire country. roughly 100,000 volunteers, their family members, friends and community members will participate in the hundreds of projects across the country and around the globe to beautify neighborhoods, parks and local schools. among many other project you and i will be involved. >> bring the gloves. we'll be all set to work. >> comcast, the parent company
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of nbc 10. 6:15. 50 degrees outside. let's get you to work on this wednesday morning. >> jessica boyington, how about went update on 95. >> 95 seeing delays, one of the biggest delays we are seeing on our majors. we're approaching an accident scene on cottman avenue. this is what the southbound side looks like because of that. a 22-minute drive time. we're a little early for that already, that's because of the accident. average speeds are starting to drop into the 30s. in lansdale, you might run into this accident scene on east main street and north broad street. that's tieing some things up and a disabled vehicle in upper gwinnett. we will have more updates for you on 95 and we'll track theç delays when i come back. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> now, let's check nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather, a
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forecast you won't get anywhere else. >> the focus is on where you live. bill henley will tell us more about that. >> clouds for much of the day. the roads are dry this morning for most of the area. there's a chance you'll see a sprinkle in the airy, not an all-day rainfall. any rain this morning should be disappearing this afternoon. there's your seven-day forecast. that's at the bottom of the screen. that updates each day for each part of our area. a different seven-day forecast for each part of our area. you can see that even though it's largely going to be dry today. there's still a chance of showers in that seven-day forecast. clouds will be breaking. this is a look at the traffic information. you can see cooper road at route 73 is completely dry this morning. first alert traffic, jessica boyington has that every ten minutes. i've got your outlook, your seven-day outlook. back to you. >> bill, thanks for that. the countdown is on for rio. >> today marks 100 days until
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the start of the olympics in rio. exclusive coverage on "nbc 10 news today." we continue to cover breaking news in philadelphia. two police officers are hurt after someone hit their unmarked car. that triggered a carjacking and another accident. nbc 10's katy zachry is working to get new information.
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♪ today marks 100 days until the rio olympics and nbc 10 your olympic station sent our jacqueline london to rio de janeiro to find out how the city is getting ready for the summer games. while she was there she checked out a local landmark you might associate with bond, james bond. that's a clip of "moon raker" the classic 007 film that used sugar loaf mountain and its iconic cable cars as a backdrop.
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those cable cars are your ticket to the mountain top where you get can a breathtaking view of rio de janeiro. it's where we founded this family from middletown, delaware. >> we came over here and we saw the camera. we're like, look, there's channel 10. >> there you go. that's not the only philly connection we found in rio. tune in for nbc 10's "rio 100" airing tonight at 7:00 p.m. on nbc 10. ahead in the next half hour, we take you to times square in new york where athletes are celebrating the countdown to the rio games. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> here we go, a look at the sky right now in wilmington. cloudy skies, the sun is up. limited sunshine at best during the day today. that's wilmington which is cool at 50 degrees. 50 at 8:00, 55, the clouds still lingering at 11:00 this morning. neighborhoods have dropped into the 40s for the jersey shore and
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northeasterly wind is blowing. in delaware, some 40s as well. odessa, 49 degrees, 50 in harm untcf cf1 o harmony hills. clouds lingering. we have a few scattered light showers. it's part of the wet weather that tens to move to the east. the best chance of seeing showers today, not like you're looking for more rain but we could see it. delaware and south jersey. the farther north you go, the better the chance you'll see breaks of sunshine. see it in the futurecast. central delaware to the south, that's where you'll see steady rain into cape may with a few sprinkles in new castle county, into cumberland, gloucester, atlantic county and southern ocean county at 9:00 this morning. then as we go into the afternoon, look at the clouds breaking for allentown. philadelphia, still mostly cloudy skies and the clouds are in place. the showers take a break for
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dover and atlantic city. this is why we break it down to differentez give you a neighborhood by neighborhood forecast. this is why you'll want to keep an umbrella around tomorrow, though we should start dry in the morning. those showers are on the move and another round of wet weather will be arriving mainly in the afternoon. there's a chance of a morning shower. this is 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. look at the rain moving back into the area. that's tomorrow. that doesn't look like it's going to be the end of the rain. as you may have noticed with the seven-day forecast scrolling at the bottom of the screen. here's your ten-day outlook. dry today. some breaks of sunshine especially later this afternoon are possible. 60s today. we'll be cooler tomorrow as the wet weather returns for tomorrow and into friday. 58 degrees, the high temperature. a chance of some showers on friday. look at saturday. looking pretty nice. partly sunny skies, 66 after a cool morning. then back into the cool on sunday and the clouds return on sunday. now, sunday morning, the blue cross broad street run, i think it's going to stay dry.
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61 degrees, the high temperature on sunday. showers are more likely in the afternoon. they continue into monday and a chance of some showers on tuesday. 65 degrees. that's still below normal for this time of year. we fixed that starting wednesday. into the 70s for wednesday, thursday and friday. so don't forget, pick the seven-day for your area at the bottom of the screen, anytime i'm on the air with the çten-d outlook once per half hour. tracy, vai? good morning, everyone. a quick check on first alert traffic. we're watching the vine street expressway right now. this is right around the ben franklin parkway because there's an accident headed westbound approaching the schuylkill expressway. the lanes going away from you at the top of the screen are the lanes headed westbound. no big delays approaching the scene. more updates when i'm back at 6:30. 50 degrees at our studios here in bala cynwyd.
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a crash and carjacking. two police officers are hurt in the crash and police are on the search for at least two people who stole a car from the crash scene. an update, coming up next. cars set on fire. we'll tell you what police suspect is behind all of this.
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nbc 10 breaking news. >> breaking news, two philadelphia police officers are hurt after a crash, minutes later there's a carjacking and another crash. plus -- >> the only thing she's gotç going is the woman's card. >> deal me in! >> donald trump and hillary clinton waej -- wage a war of words over the woman's card. >> and the start of the olympics is 100 days away or three
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months. however you want to look at it. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. 6:30. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley. he has your neighborhood forecast. bill? >> 40s and 50s, 50 in philadelphia, 49 for vineland. mount holly and trenton both at 48 degrees. each of these lockes is chillier than yesterday morning and will stay cooler during the day today. what you won't see is a lot of sunshine. the clouds are lingering. these are live pictures from around our area. this is what's happening right now. 49 degrees in new jersey. delaware is at 50 degrees to start with. there's still a possibility we'll see scattered showers in delaware. this is wilmington from frawley stadium. more likely those showers are so the south in central and southern delaware. 56 degrees, not exactly a huge warmup compared to yesterday when we warmed into the 80s. that's the noontime temperature. in fact, each of these locations will warm up but just near 60 degrees this afternoon. with some breaks of sunshine possible in the lehigh valley, a bit warmer there.
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64 degrees and 63 degrees, mostly cloudy in philadelphia. that's what's happening today. there's your seven day at the bottom of the screen. when i come back, we'll take a look at the chance of showers returning to the area tomorrow. one thing we don't have to worry about is sun glare. jessica boyington has first alert traffic. >> that's a good thing. we have a lot of other things to worry about as well. this is 95, big delays here because of an accident scene around cottman avenue. these are our cameras approaching that scene headed southbound. a 32-minute drive time. we are starting to climb up there quickly. now the average speeds are down into the 20s heading into center city. and lansdale, watch an accident scene on east main street and north broad street. that might tie you up. another disabled vehicle in upper çgwynedd and north wales road. breaking news, new information about two officers hurt in a crash and the whole thing ended in a carjacking and
6:32 am
another crash. >> nbc 10's katy zachry is live in fair mount. we saw police leave within the last half hour. but you got new information from them before they left. >> reporter: investigators have two separate scenes they're working from on this case. the scene behind me just finished a few minutes ago. you can see a light pole was damaged in this second crash that happened over at this scene. let's start at the beginning so you can understand why even investigators say it's a bizarre twist of events that occurred. this crash video is from broad street and brown around 2:30 this morning. the pickup truck was being driven by two plain clothes philadelphia police officers. that he were hit by a black sedan. that sedan kept going. police say a white suv pulled up to the scene. the driver tells investigators he was scared and nervous upon seeing the crash. he left his car running and moving. he never put it in park within he got out.
6:33 am
two men in the area jumped into that moving suv and stole it. they drove it a few blocks away and crashed in a couple of cars and they then took off running. the officers involved in the initial crash aren't able to give a good description of the key players involved because the officers' injuries. >> one officer, the passenger, the one who took the brunt of the impact does have a concussion, however, he's in stable condition and he's going to be okay. the driver of the unmarked police vehicle has complaints of pain to his head, neck, back and shoulders. >> reporter: right now, philadelphia police are trying to put it all together. they're looking for the driver of the black sedan that initially hit that police pickup right at broad and brown. they're looking for him. they're also looking for the two men who apparently got into that white suv and stole it, crashing into several cars parked behind me at 15th and parish. if you have any information, call accident investigators.ç reporting live in fairmount,
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katy zachry, nbc 10 news. meanwhile, clinton embraced wins in pennsylvania, delaware, connecticut and maryland. >> front-runners clinton and donald trump dominated again. it's becoming clear these two may well face each other in november. matt delucia has more on the presidential race now. >> both of the front-runners in each party claimed big victories in pennsylvania and delaware. clinton taking four out of five states last night only losing rhode island. trump swept all five. what's interesting here is to see how the voters responded to the exit polls. let's take a look at that right now. 70% of republicans say that most of the votes the person who gets the most votes, the candidate should become the republican nominee. and this is from an nbc news exit polling and four in ten raernss s republicans say they are scared or concerned about a trump presidency. finally, 14% of the democrats say they would not vote for hillary clinton. let's take a look now at the
6:35 am
delegate count. this was the delegate count before yesterday's primary. and right now, just taking a look here, hillary clinton picked up an estimated 105 delegates from pennsylvania. another 16 from delaware. right now all together she has 2,117 delegates. you see how close that is to the 2,383 needed to win. let's hear now from hillary clinton and bernie sanders last night. >> let's go forward, let's win the nomination and in july, let's return as a unified party. >> stand up, fight back and make this country the nation we know it can become. >> talk about the republicans now. trump got 20 delegates out of a total of 71 for pennsylvania. that's because of all the uncommitted delegates in the state. delaware he picked up 16 delegates. all together, trump sits at 954
6:36 am
delegates. again, this graphic you're seeing here would be the results from yesterday's primary. you see how much closer he now inches to clinching that republicanç nomination. 1,237 needed for that. now let's hear from donald trump and ted cruz last night. >> you know, if you have a football team and you're winning and your get to the super bowl you don't change your quarterback, right? i'm not changing. >> now, the media want to say everything is decided. and the question is, can the state of indiana stop the media's chosen republican candidate? >> the political picture starting to become a little clearer as we get through all the states and the primaries, both trump and clinton seem to be taking more of an aim at each other now. still, there are a few more states to left to go. new jersey voters head to the polls on june 7th. tracy? >> matt, thanks. following his victories in yesterday's presidential
6:37 am
primaries, republican donald trump zeroed in on hillary clinton. >> trump accused clinton of playing the woman card. >> if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she'd get 5% of the vote. the only thing she's got going is the woman's card. and the beautiful thing is, women don't like her. >> well, clinton responded to trump's comments during her victory speech in philadelphia. take a listen. >> mr. trump accused me of playing the, quote, woman card. well, if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in! >> clinton also called on her supporters to stand together and work to beat trump or whoever ends up being the gop nominee. just tap the nbc 10 app to get all the primary results and follow the candidates' next moves. track the upcoming presidential contests as well. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley.
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>> starting off with clouds this morning and some cooler temperatures. those clouds are keeping temperatures cooler. going to get used to those clouds during the day today because you can see they'll be around for most of the day. 50 right now. in spite of the clouds, we'll % up to 57 degrees. that's at 1:00 this afternoon. near 60 degrees by 5:00 this afternoon. with a little bit of a breeze blowing. pennsylvania suburbs may see late-day breaks of sunshine, 48 now, staying in the low 50s this morning. what about the lehigh valley, this is where we're more likely to see some sunshine break through this afternoon after clouds this morning. you can see the clouds are lingering right now. 50 degrees in the lehigh valley. for new jersey, cloudy skies and a chance that some areas will see some sprinkles or even light showers. most of south jersey will stay in the 50s to start with, near 60 degrees this afternoon with cloudy skies. the jersey shore, this is where we're more likely to see a few
6:39 am
sprinkles, especially in southern new jersey right around cape may and into the wildwood area and delaware. clouds will linger, keeping things cooler today. 50 degrees right now for delaware. 56 degrees at 1:00 and near 60 degrees this afternoon. there's still plenty of clouds around this morning and a few scattered light showers. you can see them moving through dover and southern delaware. sussex county is getting some of that rain. some of that is likely to move back into cape may. it won't be an all-day rainfall. this afternoon, we get breaks of sunshine before the chance of showers returns tomorrow. late in the morning and then again in the afternoon. and as you can see at the bottom of the screen, the seven day shows that's not the only chance for showers. the next five days will see cooler temperatures, 60s today, showers return tomorrow. they'll keep temperatures in the 50s for philadelphia. the lehigh valley, warm to near 60 degrees tomorrow afternoon. we'll get sunshine breaking through on saturday. but it will be turning a little
6:40 am
bit rainy later on sunday. i think it will stay sunny or stay dry sunday morning. low 60s sunday afternoon. that's the next five days. at the bottom of the screen, seven days. when i'm back in ten minutes, the ten-day forecast. >> thank you, bill. 20 minutes before 7:00. i just saw a police cruiser pull up to a distraught driver there on the vine street expressway. >> let's find out exactly where that is and what it's doingç t traffic. nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. jessica? >> a completely imperfect time right now. the vine street expressway starting to see the normal rush hour delays. now we have an accident scene. this is around 24th street. zooming in on the westbound side. if you head down the vine street expressway through center city to the schuylkill, you will see some delays here. because we have this accident scene. over into the right-hand shoulder. we have a police officer blocking off the next lane over. you can see all traffic behind that is going to have to funnel into one lane and squeeze by. we will start to see some of those delays on the vine street expressway in the next coming
6:41 am
minutes while we tray to get the scene under control. we're watching an accident scene that caused delays on 95. 34 minutes headed southbound in center city from woodhaven road to the vine. that accident scene is headed southbound around cottman avenue. see speeds into the 20s and we're also watching some of the off ramps that are closed with that ongoing construction, around girard, aramingo and allegheny. >> jessica, thanks. drenched with gasoline and torched. >> a lot full of cars goes up in flames. next, the special agency investigating that. and countdown to rio. just 100 days to opening ceremony. team usa will be in new york and we'll take you there live.
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quarter to 7:00 this morning. new information about a fire at a west philadelphia car lot. >> overnight police told us they suspect this is a case of arson. nbc 10's pamela osborne is live in center city. what have you learned? >> we know the atf is involved in this investigation. first i want you to take a look at video from that scene. >> fire department, police. that's cell phone video a viewer shared with us. this is a used car lot an 51st and marion. you can see how out of control those flames were. firefighters were able to put it out. four cars were completely burn. here's why investigators say the fires were intentionally set. according to our police source, the keys were in the ignitions of those cars and someone poured gasoline into those vehicles as well. we also know the owner of that
6:46 am
lot did not show up immediately during or after that fire. again, the atf is involved in this investigation which is ongoing at this hour. reporting live this morning, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. pamela, thanks for the update. 6:46. let's get you to work. we're continuing to focus on the vine street expressway. >> there's a disabled vehicle still there. jessica, fill us in. >> we have a little bit of good news here. the police officer that just got to the scene a few moments ago was blocking out this right-hand lane also. it's back open. it's a slow go by the scene. traffic is smushed to the other side just because it's so close into the shoulder here. the police officer actually moved his vehicle into front of this car right here. we still have this disabled over into the right-hand shoulder with the police officer in front. it is on the westbound side of the vine street expressway. so approaching the schuylkill is where you'll seeç the delays. you can see it's a slow go. traffic is trying to merge and stay out of this right-hand lane for now. this is 24th street, westbound
6:47 am
approaching the schuylkill is where you'll see delays around center city. route 42 in deptford, new jersey, around route 41, no problems causing this, just morning rush hour. headed northbound toward the philadelphia area, we're starting to see an increase on those drive times. one last update in ten minutes or so. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> let's get you updated on the first alert neighborhood weather. it's a forecast you won't get anywhere else. >> allows bill henley to focus on where you live. >> we're looking at lots of clouds in the area. everybody seeing them. the shore still could see scattered showers during the day today. this is a live view from the marquis de lafayette hotel in cape may, completely dry on beach avenue right now. the temperatures, pretty uniform. look at the clouds, lehigh valley, pennsylvania suburbs, philadelphia and south jersey is at 49 degrees. for the jersey shore, that 48 degrees with a northeasterly wind will be slow to warm up during the day today. today, 59 degrees for millville.
6:48 am
it's going to be a little bit rainy at times for wildwood. a few scattered showers are possible. sunshine may be breaking through in the afternoon. mostly cloudy day for atlantic city, 55 degrees. hammont hammonton, near 60. look at the clouds lingering. that's true for trenton. moorestown, 63 degrees. philadelphia, mainly cloudy, you'll see some thinning of the clouds this afternoon, low 60s for wilmington with a chance of some showers. a little farther to the south, harrington 58 degrees with a chance of showers during the day today. those showers coming in from the south. you can see scattered showers right now for cape may. this is part of a system that is going to be in the area today. and another chance of showers coming in the west, from the west for tomorrow. you may have noticed with the seven-day forecast scrolling at the bottom of the screen. vai, tracy. >> çthanks, bill.
6:49 am
always a treat to check in with the "today" show crew. >> we get a preview from matt lauer and savannah guthrie. >> good to see you. coming up on the show, with the presidential race goes from here after this big night for donald trump and hillary clinton. they're looking and sounding more like their party's nominee. we'll break things down. >> also ahead, major plans to mark 100 days to the olympics, including bob costas live in rio. bob, good morning to you. >> good morning to you, matt and savannah. we're right down the beach from where your "today" show set will be located. we've been here in rio the past few days checking out the city and the preparations for the games. certainly lots of issues to discuss and plenty of athletes to highlight, including some from the philadelphia area. back in new york, the band perry will be live on the "today" show's plaza. for now, back to you, tracy and vai. >> how about bob with his collar flipped up. musting cool in rio.
6:50 am
>> very cool. >> that's what's happening in rio and inside the "today" show studios. >> let's take you outside to times square where team usa will be celebrating 100 days away from the opening ceremony. nbc 10's jay gray is there this morning. jay, tell us what times square looks like at this hour. >> good morning, tracy and vai. bob on the beach and i'm at times square. how does that work? they're getting things ready. take a look around. what this is basically going to be is a taste of rio in times square. different venues that will have different things like a long jump pit, a basketball court. just showing off some of what's going to happen in rio and a lot of the athletes here. when you talk to them, they're just as excited as a lot of the people who get a chance to be part of this and meet some of those athletes. they'll take a break from their training, making sure that they spend some time here, excited about the chance to live out their olympic dreams in the next few months. in rio, teams are working frantically to make sure those
6:51 am
dreams don't turn into a nightmare, making sure the venues and everything is ready. as the fire truck comes by -- >> oh, no. >>ç looks like we lost jay gra there. >> right on cue. he had the sirens piped up there. >> poor jay gray. he's in times square with sirens. bob costas is on a beach in rio. >> with his collar flipped up. remember to see our special, our nbc 10 special rio 100. we're counting down to the olympic games by taking you to the host city as they prepare to welcome the world. that's tonight at 7:00 right here on nbc 10. coming up, a check of the day's headlines and the stories you need to know as you head out the door. we continue to follow breaking news this morning. two philadelphia police officers are hurt after a crash, minutes later there's a carjacking and then another crash.
6:52 am
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6:55 am
five minutes before 7:00. breaking news, a crazy crash, a carjacking and search involving philadelphia police. >> nbc 10's katy zachry is live in fairmount. >> police describe this as really crazy and bizarre. it all happened within a few blocks in t$ fairmount section of philadelphia. this was taken around 2:30 this morning. a pickup truck driven by two undercover police officers were injured in a crash right along broad street and brown. well, the car that hit them kept going. police then say a white suv pulled up to the crash scene. the driver got out ut but never put his car in park so it kept moving. police say then two men who were in the area jumped into the moving car and stole it. they drove a few blocks away, went down a one-way street near
6:56 am
parish and 15, hit two cars and took off running. you have a bizarre sequence of events. most notably the two officers who were in that pickup truck when they were hit on broad and brown were taken to hahnemann hospital where they remain. one of them blacked out because of the impact suffering from a concussion and police are looking for three people on the run who were all involved in these separate crashes. reporting live in fairmount, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, katy. breaking from overnight, police arrested a bucks county mother in the death of her 2-year-old daughter. falls township detectives say kayla moore admitted to kicking her daughter in the head and her body several times monday night. police say the girl suffered blunt force injuries at their home on sweet briar drive where she lived with her mother and mother's boyfriend. a judge deny bail and sent her to bucks county prison. results from primary day in pennsylvania and delaware.
6:57 am
>> chaka fattah loses for the first time in 30 years. the headline in the daily news, chaka shocka. evans ends chaka fattah erar aft -- era in 35 years. hillary won all but rhode island where bernie sanders won. and also we should reminded you that jersey voters go to the polls in their primary june 7th. read about yesterday's primary races. hear from the winners and losers on our nbc 10 app. click on decision 2016. good morning.ç jessica boyington with a quick update on your first alert traffic. we are updating you on the vine street expressway. we had an earlier accident scene that just cleared out of the way moments ago. it was over here on the right-hand shoulder. there was police activity on the scene as well. that's clear but we still see delays that remain if you're headed westbound towards the schuylkill expressway. that's what you'll run into here, clearly eastbound headed towards 95 is having no problems.
6:58 am
once you get to the schuylkill expressway, there's a disabled vehicle right after the scene. we're also compounding that and seeing big delays. still watching 95 for big delays as well. 41 minutes now into the red. if you're headed southbound into center city from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway, with that added construction, we had an earlier accident scene around cottman avenue that's causing big delays. average speeds into the 20s and we're seeing some gaper delay, just a little bit of a slowdown headed northbound. the opposite direction. those speeds are still into the 50s. still moving along nicely there. there's also an accident scene in lansdale on east main street and broad street to watch out for. if you take the delaware memorial bridge from new jersey, we still are dealing with a partial lane closure heading into delaware from new jersey. the left lane is closed. no big delays backed up into jersey today. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> clouds are lingering. i'm still tracking a few showers in delaware and south jersey.
6:59 am
umbrellas will be going up at times this morning, less likely this afternoon. the futurecast, 9:00 this morning, the wet weather and then it's out of here this afternoon with breaks of sunshine from philadelphia northward. that's at 4:00 today. tomorrow, more rain is going to be moving in. you can see it moving into the midwest. those showers most likely to arrive tomorrow afternoon. the futurecast shows the showers out of here this morning. afternoon breaks of sunshine, we'll see a nice warmup. in fact, warmer today than tomorrow. 63 degrees with mostly cloudy skies to start with in philadelphia. the clouds are back tomorrow. 58 degrees and 58 again on friday with a chance of showers. saturday, a nice warmup with partly sunny skies and the blue cross broadç street run will b dry in the morning. but there's a chance we'll see afternoon showers. 70s return later next week after a chance of some showers again monday and tuesday. >> all right, thank you, bill. tune in for our nbc 10 special "rio 100."
7:00 am
we're counting down to the olympic games by taking you to the host city as they prepare to welcome the world. it airs tonight at 7:00 p.m., right here on nbc 10. >> have a great day. thanks for watching. good morning. done deal? >> i consider myself the presumptive nominee. >> donald trump with a clean sweep. hillary clinton taking four of five states. the general election matchup now one step closer to being set. >> the only card she has is the woman's card. she has nothing else going. >> if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me? >> a traditional nomination all but impossible for cruz and kasich and sanders. will they step aside? breaking overnight. tornado tornado tornadoes, hail and flooding. the severe weather threat is


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