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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  April 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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bruises on her face and she was not responsive. it didn't look good. >> reporter: doctors performed emergency surgery but athena died from blunt force trauma. doctors say she looked malnourished and was battered. now police have charged the girl's own mother with criminal homicide. >> she kicked the child repeatedly in the head and in the trunk area of her body. >> reporter: detectives don't know what exactly sparked the beating but say moore was a stay-at-home mom who may have snapped under the pressure. the child was known to throw tantrums but police say the mom should have reached out for help. >> there's just no way that this child's in the safest place she's supposed to be in her own home with her mother and this happens. it's not right. >> reporter: we are told the family's originally from western p.a. they also have another daughter, 4 years old, who was home at the time of the alleged beating than
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girl has been taken into protective custody. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> police are using new video right now to try to track down the woman who threw hot coffee in another woman's face in center city. philadelphia police say around 9:00 monday morning the two women were arguing at this starbucks on arch street. after the coffee was thrown, the suspect punched the victim. police are still looking for the suspect wearing pink pants and holding a pink bag during the assault. now, to a mail mess in philadelphia. some 10,000 bills, notices and citations aren't making their way into mailboxes. an investigation reveals mountain of mail is just sitting unopened in the city's mail distribution center, that center located in the concourse of suburban station and is not connected to the united states postal service. but nbc 10's aundrea cline-thomas following the story. tell us how did this happen? what's being done about it. >> reporter: the investigators with the controllers office made
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a surprise visit to the mail center. when they arrived they found that half 0 the employees did not show up to work on time. those that were there were sitting at a table and not getting the job done. thousands of pieces of mail were not being sent out on time. >> reporter: thousands of letters found in philadelphia's mail distribution center in a bin sent out late or not at all. >> there was a lot of response from the public saying this just happened to me and i thought it only happened to me. >> reporter: water bills, traffic fines, court dates, time sensitive material lingering. a tip to the city controller sparked a month-long investigation. >> people were receiving notice of court dates after the court date had passed so they were subject to possible imposition of bench warrants and fines. >> reporter: employees were clocking over time, sometimes doubling their salary, while fewer pieces of mail were being processed. >> we have established a
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database so that we can track all mail that is in the mail room and where it is in process at any given time. >> reporter: revenue commissioner frank breslin has only been on the job since january. he's overseeing improvements that include hiring more staff, cutting overtime and implementing more security measures. so far, no one has lost their jobs. when asked if that should change, the controller said -- >> for some of the egregious violations, probably so. >> reporter: for those who feel like they've been subject to fines because of this mail mishap, the controller's office is giving them letters to help them recoup a refund. if you want to read the entire report go to or nbc 10 app. live outside city hall, aundrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. three students suspended after a fight inside a wilmington high school that leaves a classmate dead. the school district confirms the
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girls have been removed from howard high school of technology since the fight last week. 16-year-old amy joyner francis died after being inside the school bathroom. criminal charges will be filed in the case possibly this week. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> what a difference a few days can make with the temperatures taking a tumble. workers resorted here to hoodies in south philadelphia today. a live look at scene in cape may tonight. at this hour, yeah, it's not beach weather out there. it's more than 30 degrees colder than it was yesterday. nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz joining us with his first alert forecast. >> what a difference between yesterday and today. >> yeah. almost unbelievable how much the temperature has dropped. you but it's uniform across the area now. it's 53 in delaware. 53 in cloudy philly. 53 p.a. suburbs. 53 in new jersey. but not the same lehigh valley.
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bright and sunny last couple of hours. that's not a mistake. it's actually the way it is. let's see if temperatures have gone up where the sunshine is. yeah, bethlehem, 60 now. white hall at 59. and as you go farther to the south where there's been less sunshine, it's colder. redding at 54 degrees. neighborhood weather showing us that in detail. that temperature drop officially, 31 degrees in philadelphia. we're not going to be warming up very much over the next two days. plus, we're going to add rain to the picture. not much rain on the radar now. a few sprinkles in delaware, extreme south jersey. big thing is the drier air trying to come down from the north and it did make some progress during the day today. but hasn't quite come down to the philadelphia area and it's going to stay cloudy all night. philadelphia, temperature not dropping very much.
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as we go through the night. clouds during the day hold temperature down. at night it keeps it up. and the p.a. suburbs, down into the mid-40s. lehigh valley, partly sunny skies. about the only place, though. delaware going down into the 40s, new jersey, and jersey shore as well. not much of a change there. see if it's going to warm up and when the rain is coming with the rest of the forecast in a few minutes. >> now to decision 2016. republican presidential candidate ted cruz named carly fiorina as his vice presidential running mate today. cruz is trying to generate momentum after trump's five-state primary sweep yesterday. fiorina endorsed cruz earlier this year, after dropping out of the race for the white house. the cruz campaign is hoping fiorina's california roots will be an asset ahead of the state's primary june 7th. announcement comes as front-runners donald trump and hillary clinton ride the momentum from tuesday's primary victories in pennsylvania and
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delaware. tonight two are closer to clinching their party's nominations. the republican front-runner, outlined a foreign policy plan during a formal speech. trump says, if elected president, america first will be the theme of this administration and warns that u.s. allies will be left to fend for themselves if they don't pay their fair share. trump is in indianapolis at a rally. here's live look from the indiana farmers coliseum. that state's primary is tuesday. while gender politics play out in the race for the white house, we can now expect more of the same in pennsylvania. >> the stage is now set for a november showdown that could give the state its first female senator. democrat katie mcginty will challenge pat toomey after mcginty defeated joe sestak in yesterday's primary. ted greenberg spoke to both candidates as they get ready for a race that will shape the senate. >> we're energized.
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>> reporter: pennsylvania democrat katie mcginty says she's ready for the next chapter, a looming battle with incumbent republican u.s. senator, pat toomey. fresh off her primary victim, mcgonety's already under attack in this brand-new ad from a conservative political group. she supports the largest tax increase in pennsylvania history. now, she runs for senate. >> for us, it's about focusing on the issues. i know why senator toomey wants to change the subject. his record is not a record that's worked for working families. >> katie is very liberal. never separates herself from the liberal wing of her party. i reach across party lines to find good solutions. >> reporter: both toomey and mcginty were at our studios today for interviews on this week's nbc 10 "at issue." it's not about a label from my point of view. it's about can we build good jobs, good paying jobs, do that while protecting the environment? >> i'm going it make sure i've got the resources to get my
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message out to talk about my record of creating a better environment for job creation, creating more security. >> reporter: mcginty got the back of high-level democrats in washington by working in top government policy positions. she's never held elected office. a win in november would make mcginty's pennsylvania's first female u.s. senator. observers say she could score a lot of votes from women, especially if hillary clinton is at the top of the ticket. >> it's exciting in every walk of life that women have had a chance at leadership and are grow in ranks of leadership. >> i don't think women vote as i monolith. women care about the same issues men care about. i think most women in pennsylvania will support me, as last time. >> reporter: ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> watch both toomey and mcginty this sunday morning at 11:30. to get more decision 2016 cov. >> a, including latest delegate counts and primaries and
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caucuses, tap the nbc 10 app. philadelphia police are mourning the loss of one of their own. former police commissioner willie will. as died at his home in atlanta after a long illness. he was appointed commissioner in philadelphia in 1988 and served in that capacity until 1992. he later served as the top cop in los angeles, shortly after the rodney king beatinging william was the first african-american police commissioner in both cities. nbc 10 caught up with former mayor wilson good who appointed williams to commissioner in 1988. >> was a part of a very special group of people that in 1980s that brought by tremendous transformation in this city. >> one of williams' sons, also named willie, united states a philadelphia police lieutenant. williams was 72 years old. delaware's county cabrini college is changing its name. the state education department
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approved its application for university status. the school saying the change which takes effect in july reflects growth and success at cabrini. the school founded in 1957 and enrolls about 2,200 students. >> kids at hackett elementary are getting a new playground but need help. the school kicked offite fund-raising drive to pay for the $1.4 million project. with the price tag this will nobody order flainary playgroun >> a game changer for our community. our vision to have the schoolyard, concrete, lifted up. trying to have playground equipment installed for all students including special ed population, students with disabilities and wheelchairs. >> the area will include outdoor classroom, green spaces and storm water management system. the playground won't just beer to students at the school. it will be a place for the entire community. a live look at franklin
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field. philadelphia tradition getting under way here. a sneak peek at something to come 100 days from now next. plus, when the warm weather's going to return. the hint, not anytime soon. the next round of raun in comin soon.
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today marks a big milestone in the countdown to the summer games in rio. >> i love that music. 100 days out from the opening ceremony, august 5th the day. see it there on your countdown clock. organizers of the games took control of the olympic flame in athens to mack the 100-day point. when the games get under way, nbc 10 is the only place to see it. some of the athletes you'll see showcasing talents in university city. here's a live look at franklin field, site of the penn relays. rose mary conners reports only the rio warm-up taking place at relays. >> basically anybody that you think is at the top of the sport has been here. >> reporter: it was in 2010 bheb usain bolt electrified the crowd
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during the penn relate. sprinted this same track where thousands of high school, college, pro athletes will participate this week. >> the best of the best have run here. you though, that's so awesome. >> justin gatlin, great american athlete, the jamaican team coming here. >> reporter: the penn relay's celebrating local talent, giving them an opportunity to perform on a grand stage teached in tradition. track and field coaches consider it a unique competition, not to be missed. >> i like my athletes to come in and compete. recruits are from the pennsylvania area. so parents come and watch them and they're the fans and local community. >> just the venue itself is fantastic. >> reporter: franklin field will be buzzing. spectators got a preview 0 of the the action watching the decathlon and heptathlon.
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>> it's i ququiet, friday and st builds. >> reporter: in full swing tomorrow first event at 9:00. the longest day. the last event is scheduled for after 11:00 in the evening. rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. >> you can celebrate the 100 days to rio milestone tonight. watch "rio 100" tonight at 7:00 on nbc 10. now, your flnbc 10 first alt the weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> cloudy, cool over most of the area. 53 in philadelphia. 52 coatesville. one place sunshine. allentown at 57 degrees. even cooler at the jersey shore and the wind coming in off the ocean, plus the clouds. barely got tonight 50 in atlantic city and summer's point. not much warmer inland. 52 -- 51 at wood bine.
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a big difference from yesterday to today. we went from 86 to 55. 31-degree temperature drop. only in the 50s rest of the week. plus add rain to the picture. check out the next seven days right at bottom of the screen. continuously scrolling for your area, not just philadelphia. you don't have to wait until the end of the weather to see it. a few sprinkles in south jersey and delaware. not much of the way of rain tonight but tomorrow, this area's moving in. don't expect it to be all that heavy. tomorrow morning, not around for the morning rush but as we go into the afternoon, more and more rain moving across more ander mo re of the area and a break. but next round comes in on friday. friday rain could be heavier than what we see on thursday. look at that area of rain.
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doesn't improve a whole lot over the weekend. certainly better than tomorrow. okay. it's not a steady rain tomorrow but cool. bethlehem, 56. easton, 56. as we go farther to the south, doesn't warm up much, 56 in west chester. 57 phoenixville. mt. airy 58. periods of rain during afternoon. hatten field 56. glassboro 58. farther to the south, atlantic city another day of temperatures way below normal. as we go through the weekend and into early next week. saturday's the best day, as you can see, mostly cloudy skies. more rain coming in on sunday. so there's saturday mostly cloudy. sunday for the broad street run, blue cross broad street run, what's it going to be like? starting it looks like it's
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going to be cloudy and chilly which runners like. as you go down broad street, later a chance of rain goes up there. 9:00 a.m., it's just cloudy and dry. 50 degrees toward the end of the race or after partying, chance of showers. it not going to warm up a lot during the day. high of 56. and then as we go into next week, we finally start toe to see improvement but it's wednesday before we get your 70 degrees again. >> hey, it is nasty here in chicago. i'm john clark. coming up, hear from the two guys who could be the future franchise quarterback of the eagles and a philly's pitcher out for the season, next.
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this is sportsdesk brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> reporter: i'm john clark in a cold and rainy chicago. but the eagles' future franchise quarterback is here and he will be taken tomorrow night, either cars carson wentz or jared goff. they have not heard from the eagles since the birds traded up to get the second pick in the draft. don't worry, it will be either one of the belief is it will be carson wentz. he was excited to meet with eagles' brass, go out to din somewhere go over plays. the bird's offense fits him. and the eagles' plan to have him sit for a year, watch and learn. i asked him if he's okay with
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that. >> as a competitor, i mean you want to get on the field as soon as you can but you want to the longevity of the career, that's not up for me to decide. i'm going to go and compete and show what i can do and earn the respect of teammates and coach will decide when i'm ready. >> reporter: when the eagles traded up to get the number two pick, how excited were you? they were going to take a quarterback. >> we texted and right when it happened, it's kind of, you know, it was like congratulations to both of us, we kind of know we're going to be one of the two spots and it's exciting. >> reporter: yeah. they can't wait to hear their name called tomorrow. carson wentz says if anybody believes he can't make the jump from north dakota state to the nfl, he will prove you wrong. take a look at draft in chicago. philly leading candidate for the host next year. i asked commissioner roger good dell about that report. >> they're one of the cities
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bidding. i know they're interested in it. we're interested in philadelphia. but among other cities. we've got a lot of interest. we want to sit down after we're done and see what the best decision is for the nfl. >> reporter: the tough thing is eagles don't have a first round pick next year. it may not be the best year. phillies have lost one of their pitchers, charlie mortgaen. out with a hamstring injury. he hurt it running the bases saturday night. phillies in washington tonight, unbelievably, at .500 and a chance to go over .500. john clark. arounnnsylvania and it's not hard to spot winners. and with over 2 million winners of match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single month, that's hardly a surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today!
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cold but not as cole as john clark in chicago. >> yeah. i expect it to be cold in chicago, not so much here. especially after 86 degrees yesterday. >> yeah. >> so it's a shock to the system. our bodies aren't used to it. but get used to it, it's going to stay chilly for a while.
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>> i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm jacqueline london. we'll so you at 11. o shocking revelations tonight. courtroom confrontation, as dennis hastert's accuser breaks his silence. the second in line to the presidency is called a child molester by a judge. campaign bombshells as trump's landslide wins put him closer to the nomination. cruz is naming a running mate. word sanders is laying off hundreds of staffers. what nbc news has learned about prescription painkillers. paying with a selfie. no more cash, no more swiping cards. checking out with just a plink of an eye. inside the secret lab. designing the amazing products of the future. wait until you see what we've uncovered. "nightly news" begins right


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