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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  April 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. >> new information about prince's death. what investigators found in his home that has them calling for extra help. plus, who's the next face of
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the franchise? what we've learned as the eagles count down to draft day approaches. good evening, i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm jacqueline london. we'll get to those stories? a moment. we begin with more rain on the way. take a look at nbc 10 first alert radar. the rain is moving in tomorrow, could impact your evening commute. let's bring in meteorologist sheena fparveen. when will the rain get here? >> mostly by the middle of the day. before you head out in the morning, grab the umbrella. we have more rain in the forecast and those -- we have more details on that coming up, too. let's take a look at the forecast, though. the radar showing nice conditions locally. we don't have the rain just yet but the rain is off to our west and down to our south. if we zoom in, though, it's the rain off to our west we're going to watch going into tomorrow. locally, though, clouds around, sprinkles down to our south. tomorrow afternoon, we'll be seeing the rain moving in.
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also don't forget with our new neighborhood weather seven-day forecast is always scrolling at the bottom of the screen for you. your planner, philadelphia, by 7:00 in the morning, a little cool. 50 degrees. only topping out in the upper 50s by the afternoon with showers around 3:00 p.m., pennsylvania suburbs. by the afternoon, have the umbrella, 57 degrees. lehigh valley, 43 by 7:00 a.m. more clouds through the day. afternoon showers. temperatures upper 50s. if you're in new jersey, cool in the morning, only topping out in the upper 50s. low 50s along the shore. the afternoon rain will be here. more rain as we go through part of your weekend. we'll take a look at that forecast straight ahead. all right. now to the music eagles fans, get ready, draft day is almost here. >> take a look at the countdown clock, less than 24 hours away from the first round of the 2016 nfl draft. after weeks of wheeling and dealing, the eagles moved up to
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the second pick in the draft. >> the team made it clear they plan to find their next franchise quarterback. nbc 10's keith jones sat down with hall of fame writer ray ditinger to explain who fits the bill for the birds and fans have strong opinions too, right, keith? >> reporter: yes, they do. here at xfinity live, they know history will be made tomorrow night. they want to look back on it fondly and not have are any regrets. the big question is this guy the answer? >> if you're wrong, you're terribly wrong but if you're right with the quarterback, then you're trading up to the number two pick and selecting carson wentz is a gamble, but a bold gamble. >> and fires. on the run. >> reporter: especially with sam bradford currently under center. >> so you have to be patient even though the fans won't want to be patient, you have to be patient and let them sit and
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learn behind a veteran. >> reporter: we learned in south philly patience is something some birds fans don't have. >> i think it's time for a new guy. >> it's a new guy. new coach. new team. new guy. >> reporter: the last time the birds picked at number two -- >> the eagles select donovan mcnabb, quarterback, syracuse yust. >> reporter: the bluebirds were out. donovan mcnabb worked out big-time. >> i think you got to get up in the draft if you can't. you can't always trade up. not something easy to do. so if withdryou can move up and the guy, you got to do it. >> got to make moves to get trophies. >> reporter: by the way, ray does not believe the eagles will trade sam bradford based on a contract issue and salary cap hit so what happens tomorrow will likely be the man in his shadow at least for a few games. live in south philadelphia, keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> a lot to watch. keith, thank you. don't miss our draft day special
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tomorrow night at 7:00. keith and i will be live at lincoln financial field for all the festivities. john clark will also join us live from chicago. it's exclusive access you can only get from nbc 10, your official eagles station. other news now. new at 11:00, the sheriff investigating prince's death is asking for help from the feds. nbc news has learned prescription painkillers were found in prince's possession when he died at his home last week. local investigators want the drug enforcement agency to figure out where those medications came from. an autopsy on prince was done last week but the results might not be announced for weeks. tragedy on the streets of delaware after a teenage boy is killed while crossing the street. new castle county police say 14-year-old tyler spahn was hit on north dupont highway. authorities say spahn and three others were trying to cross the northbound lanes of route 13. according to police, spahn stepped into a car's path and was hit. he later died at the hospital. the three other teenagers were not injured.
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no charges for the driver. tonight, the first step toward making you safer on the schuylkill river trail. >> philadelphia is holding training sessions designed to help people become more vigilant. and this all comes after a rash of attacks along the popular trail and these training sessions aren't the only new safety measure. >> nbc 10's brandon hudson is live tonight with the other changes you'll notice. brandon? >> reporter: jim and jacqueline, bottom line, city leaders and community group s want to make sure kprcrimes along the schuyll river trail doesn't happen again. emergency markers to help you better identify your location to police, whether you're in trouble or see something suspicious. now it's progressing to adding extra eyes and ears to this trail. we caught up with eileen potash at the end of her walk. eileen told us she walks the schuylkill river trail almost every day. do you have any concerns being out here on the schuylkill trail? >> only at night. in the day i feel safe. at night i wouldn't mind an
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extra eye. >> reporter: eileen's not alone in wanting more awareness. it was the topic of discussion at a meeting in city hall tonight. >> begin with the basics. the basics are gender, age, number of individuals. >> reporter: anthony murphy with town watch integrated services co-led the first session of the schuylkill river trail watch training. murphy, along with run 215, councilman johnson's office, and other advocacy groups taught this group of joggers, walkers and cyclists how to stay safe on the trail. >> there isn't that sense of just runners, joggers, everyone together talking looking at each other, so i think the coalition will bring that together. >> reporter: the meeting comes after a number of reported incidents and crimes on the schuylkill river trail recently. this coalition group wants people on the trail to observe and report suspicious people or things which is made easier with emergency mile markers on light posts. >> the mile markers, itself, makes it easier for you as an individual to pick up your phone
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and say i'm here. which tells the police where you are. >> reporter: tonight for the first time eileen noticed an emergency mile marker on one of the trail's light posts. she says the markers and trail watch is a great idea. >> i've been here for 15 years and this trail has brought a lot of people out and i'd like to see it stay that way. >> reporter: as of right now, these emergency mile markers are on a limited part of the schuylkill river trail, 250 to 300 feet apart. you may start seeing members of the trail watch group sometime in june. you can recognize them by their purple t-shirts. live along the schuylkill river trail, i'm brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. to bucks county now and up of the worst cases of child abuse detectives say they have ever seen. a mother arrested and charged with murder today accused of kicking her toddler repeatedly in the head, chest, and back. police in falls township say 24-year-old kayla moore wases a stay at home mom and may have snapped under the pressure. neighbors watched 2-year-old athena being rushed to an
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ambulance before she died earlier this week. >> the baby had kind of, like, bruises on her face and she was not responsive. and it didn't look good. >> child was known to throw tantrums but police say the mom should have reached out for help and they're urging other stressed out parents to seek help as well. tonight, a 13-year-old baltimore boy is recovering after he was shot by a police officer while holding a fake gun. investigators say the boy was carrying this replica weapon this afternoon. officers say he tried to run when they approached him and when the boy ignored commands to stop, an officer shot him. the teenager is expected to recover. today's police shooting happened at the contaexact time baltimore mayor was marking the one-year anniversary of the riots in her city. the unrest followed the funeral of freddie gray who died from an injury he suffered in baltimore police custody. rioters burned down a community
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center and pharmacy and looted businesses across the city. more than 200 people were arrested. dozens of officers injured. to decision 2016 tonight. fresh off his primary night sweep, donald trump was back on the stump today gearing up for next tuesday's con test in indiana. and who better to have on your side in the hoosier state than bobby knight? the former indiana head basketball coach joined trump tonight at this rally at the fairgrounds in indianapolis. the republican front-runner started off his day in washington, though, where he delivered his first major foreign policy speech. >> we must stop importing extremism through senseless immigration policies. we have no idea where these people are coming from. there's no documentation. there's no paperwork. there's nothing. >> trump also threatened to tstp providing a defense guarantee for nato allies who don't spend up to 2% of their gross domestic
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product on defense. and months after ending her presidential bid, carly fiorina is back in the race sort of. ted cruz announcing today that fiorina will be his running mate should he prevail and win the republican nomination. to the democrats and after a rough night at the polls last night, bernie sanders' campaign is laying off hundreds of staffers. however, the campaign insists the move to downsize is not a reaction to last night's defeats. the spokesperson says with 80% of the contest behind them now, they just no longer need as many staffers. so here's where we stand with ten contests to go. hillary clinton with a commanding delegate lead over sanders. she needs just 232 delegates now to secure the nomination. on the republican side, trump with a more than 400-delegate lead over ted cruz, john kasich a distant third. new information tonight in the suspected sabotage saga impacting verizon. the company reports 57 incidents over the past 2 weeks. mostly involving severed cables.
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the incidents have cut off service to thousands of verizon customers. 17 cases happened in new jersey. ten in pennsylvania and in delaware, three happened just yesterday. verizon says the number of these cases has doubled since thousands of workers went on strike. union leaders blame the issue on verizon's network maintenance and wear and tear. here's something you wouldn't want to happen on your plane. a pilot accused of flying drunk. >> now why he's blaming it all on the gum he was chewing. plus, the teenager killed in a fight at school. who's now calling for changes in the law. and the cool temperatures are going to continue for a while. also more rain as we head into tomorrow. i'll show you the timing of that and your weekend forecast. see if any rain will linger for the blue cross broad street run. that's next.
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this pilot accused of flying drunk appeared in a new york courtroom today.
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dennis murphy jr. flew for jetblue. investigators say he flew passengers from florida and new york and back last year under the influence. initially blew a .11 on his blood alcohol test. at the time blamed the readings on gum he was chewing. tonight, three girls are suspended after a fight inside a wilmington high school left a girl dead. wilmington's police chief says charges are coming in the death of amy joyner frances. another mother who lost her son in a fight is taking a special interest in amy's story. lisa sawyer's son, ty, died as a result of a fight of a party in middletown one year ago. the guy ty fought was never charged. prosecutors say ty agreed to the fight and that falls under the state's mutual combatant law. sawyer says that law needs to change. >> kids are out of control nowadays and because there's no -- they don't face consequences for what they do, and this law is part of the reason for that.
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>> sawyer says at one time kids would break up fights but now they're more interested in recording them. families united in grief and turns their pain into something positive. tonight we're going to introduce you to parents whose children were victims of drunk drivers. >> now these families are trying to stop anyone else from suffering this kind of loss. nbc 10's denise nakano reports. >> when i speak to my kids, i'm talking to, i touch. >> reporter: a special place in the hanigan family home in downingtown is dedicated to 18-year-old charlotte and 19-year-old miles, killed a year ago on valentine's day by a drunk driver. their family is not alone. >> what time? >> about 10:00. >> reporter: other parents who lost their children to drunk drivers gathered under one roof brought together through tragedy and determined to make a difference. >> this is an issue that can't be ignored. >> no. >> can't be ignored. >> reporter: they've joined forces to form the grassroots group called p.a. paid, or pennsylvania parents against impaired driving.
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their mission is to convince lawmakers in harrisburg to toughen penalties against drunk drivers and enact measures that require first-time offenders to pass a breathalyzer before getting behind the wheel. >> it doesn't get easier. it just doesn't get easier. >> reporter: maggie hanigan survived the crash along with her husband and two others that killed her children in chester county. >> i woke up and there was nothing there. the side of the car was gone. the floor was empty. there were no chairs. >> the guy that killed my kids didn't even need a band-aid. >> reporter: together the hanigans and other grieving parents have become the faces working toward change having to go on without their children. >> it's impossible to say how much we miss them. that's what you hear from every family of a victim of a drunk driver. >> reporter: in downingtown, denise nakano, nbc 10 news. tonight, the african-american chamber of commerce is recognizing comcast for its commitment to the community. >> nbc 130 in university city tonight for the group's annual a
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awards gala. mayor kenney gave the opening remarks and david cohen accepted the chamber's corporate advocate of the year award presented to comcast. speaking of comcast, comcast cares day this saturday, a sl celebration of our year-round commitment to service. we'd love to see you out there. register using the nbc app or logging on to comcast is the parent company of nbc 10. meteorologist sheena parveen here with your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. we would love great weather for comcast cares day and the entire week. i don't know if we're going to get it, sheena. >> we have rain in the forecast for the rest of the week and even bart of your weekend. i'll show you that with our neighborhood wlv weather in just a minute and the weekend forecast. otherwise remember with our neighborhood weather, get your seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, no matter if you live in pennsylvania, new jersey, or delaware. temperatures a little been the
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chilly side. 49 allentown. 50 degrees in wilmington. 46 vineland. it is schocool outside right no. tomorrow it's going to stay cool and have rain moving in. what you see off to our west and to our south, this is all going to move in our area tomorrow. locally, though, we don't have the rain just yet. i think the morning commute will be mostly dry, too. we're dry right now. there's just rain to the south of washington. but tomorrow, the rain will mostly be here in the afternoon. now we're looking at future weather. this is 8:30 in the morning. rain right around washington, but we should be mostly dry. we'll see clouds around. cool temperatures. then look through the afternoon. now 4:30,s rain has moved through in nj nj and ew jersey delaware at that point and continues to move in tomorrow evening. we're not going to see a break all the way into friday. looking at friday around the morning commute, 9:00 a.m., rain moving into the area. friday evening we start to see the rain clearing. we're not going to be completely out of the woods. saturday we're going to be dry,
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the dry day out of the weekend. clouds linger and expect another round of rain by sunday. i'll show you that forecast in second. tomorrow, new jersey, neighborhoods in new jersey, millville, 57, chilly with afternoon showers. 57 degrees in hammonton. look at the shore temperatures. afternoon topping out in the low 50s with the rain around. and then we go a little farther inland, trenton 56 degrees. afternoon showers. morristown, 57 degrees. so don't forget the umbrella before you walk out tomorrow. because we will have rain later in the day. 58 for a high in philadelphia. another very cool day. for delaware, wilmington, 56 degrees. harrington coming in around the mid 50s tomorrow. in pennsylvania, philadelphia neighborhoods like mt. airy, 58 degrees. library, 59. newtown 57. lehigh valley, bethlehem and easton coming in around 56 degrees with the rain in the forecast still tomorrow. that's going to clear up as we go to the start of the weekend. friday we're going to keep the rain chance around. temperatures still cool.
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only about the mid to low 50s. saturday low 60s with little breaks of sunshine. by sunday the rain comes back so for the blue cross broad street run, we are talking about a chilly start to the race. it will be cloudy but the runners like the cooler temperatures. 48 degrees by 8:00 a.m. by 10:00, chance of a shower. 51. and by noon, temperatures mid 50s and some rain. stay tuned. we'll be back with sports next.
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this is "sports desk" brought to you by xfinity. >> good evening. by this time tomorrow night the eagles future of the franchise will be paved as the birds pick second in the first round of the nfl draft. john clark sets the stage from chicago.
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>> the eagles future franchise quarterback is here, either carson wentz or jared goff. they were here today. take a look. they were out there with the kids in a nfl play 60 experience. they have not heard from the birds since the eagles traded up to get the second pick but they are ready to hear their name called and for carson wentz, he's presumed to be the eagles' choice at number two. i asked him if he's okay with the eagles' plan about sitting him for a year and letting him watch and learn. >> as a competitor, you want to get on the field as soon as you can, but, you know, obviously you want what's best for your longevity, career and everything. that's not up for me to decide. i'm going to go in there and compete and show what i can do and just earn the respect of my teammates and everything and coaches will decide when they feel i'm ready. >> for one i know they have some passionate fans. i know that football means a lot to them and, you know, they're ready to win. >> reporter: and carson says if you don't think he can make the jump from north dakota state to the nfl, he says he will prove the doubters wrong. how about espn reporting the
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draft will be in philly next year? i asked nfl commissioner roger goodell about that. >> i know they're one of the cities bidding. i know they're interested in it. we're interested in philadelphia, but among other cities. we've got a lot of interest. we want to sit down after we're done and see what the best decision is for the nfl. >> reporter: weird timing, though. the eagles don't have a first-round pick next year. in chicago, i'm john clark, for comcast sportsnet. now to baseball. the phillies received some bad news today. starter charlie morton is out for the season. he will need surgery on his hamstring. we pick up the game against the nationals. zechb seventh inning. phillies leading. jayson werth swinging. hellickson goes seven innings. two hits, struck out eight. carlos ruiz turning it back to 2008. this is deep and gone. ruiz's third of the season and the phillies take it 3-0 the final. they're now 11-10 on the season. that is sports. we'll be right back.
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the national adoption center held its annual gala in center city tonight. a new awards was created this year in honor of late philadelphia sportswriter who worked for years on half of the center's children. since 1972 the center helped unite more than 24,000 families. >> wow. a big number. >> very nice. all right. we would like higher numbers in terms of temperatures, sheena. >> i know. we got used to the 80s yesterday. then today, you know, one of those days where you walk outside, go back in, you grab the coat and tonight you have to go grab the heavier coat. it's chilly outside. tomorrow morning is going to be the same way. morning lows in the upper 40s. in the afternoon, mid to upper 50s. so it's another cool day tomorrow. have the umbrella. rain in the afternoon. we have another round of rain friday. we're not going to break out of this cool wet pattern until saturday. 61 to start your weekend in the
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philadelphia area. here's your ten-day forecast. sunday the blue cross broad street run. rain in the an. next week we get back up to around 70 degrees. >> thanks, sheena. i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. thanks for joining us. have a great night.
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