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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 28, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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nbc 10 is live on the scene of breaking news. philadelphia police investigating a shooting in north philadelphia. right now officers are interviewing a man who says he was hit while putting gas in his car. draft day for the philadelphia eagles, and these are the faces to look out for because the birds could make one of them the future of the franchise. and tracking rain. here's a look at nbc 10's first alert radar. it's in the 40s and 50s right now ahead of showers this afternoon and beyond. it's 4:00 a.m. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." z i'm tracy davidson. let's get to bill henley. a closer look at conditioni ins across the area. >> the rain won't be here until midday, but it's going to be
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around this afternoon. that's going to keep temperatures cool today and again tomorrow. it's your seven-day forecast scrolling at the bottom of the screen. chilly weather ahead, and it starts this morning. 42 degrees with clouds in the pennsylvania suburbs. 50 and cloudy in philadelphia. look at the low 40sed in the lehigh valley. delaware also in the 40s this morning. this is what's happening right now. afternoon temperatures not going to look all that impressive. we should warm into the upper 60s this time of year. it'll be upper 50s with showers developing for philadelphia, new jersey, the lehigh valley. at the shore, clouds and cooler, 52 degrees as showers arrive this afternoon. that's what's going on today. we'll take a closer look at the timing of the rain with the futurecast when i come back in ten minutes. let's find out how the roads are moving this morning. jessica boyington is watching first alert traffic. >> we're watching 422 right around route 23. we're on the off ramp right now. you can see the flashing lights
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underneath. it is dealing with the ramp being partially blocked and lane restrictions once you get on 422. the bristol bridge is close ed again this morning at least until 5:00. yesterday it cleared a little early, about 4:30 or so. for now, let's plan on it being closed for the next hour or so with construction crews. here's the schuylkill expressway. no problems in either direction. we are still in the green. eastbound into centre city, no problems. 13 minutes from the blue route to the vine street expressway. >> jessica, thanks. now to breaking news from north philadelphia. here's a live picture from 34th and lehigh. a man was putting gas in his car when he heard shots and felt pain. the bullets somehow never pierced his skin. police are interviewing him to try to get more information. and new from overnight, police are looking for a man who they say robbed a temple university student at gunpoint. the student told detectives he came home to his unlocked
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apartment on diamond street in north philadelphia. he found a man with a gun inside. the man took the student's book bag and left. it's 4:03 and 50 degrees outside. today expect the future of the philadelphia eagles to become more clear. nfl teams will draft some of the top college players, and one of them already on the eagles radar could become the team's quarterback of the future. matt, a lot of fans watching the draft with fingers crossed. tell us more. >> reporter: fingers crossed, tracy, and a lot of the fans, the analysts, and perhaps even the eagles front office realized this is a gamble. trading several picks to move up in the draft. they have the second overall pick later tonight. the eagles have made it clear that they are trying to select their next franchise quarterback. they have the number two pick, as i mentioned. it's widely anticipated that the eagles are looking at carson wentz, quarterback out of north dakota state. first pick goes to the rams.
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they haven't really become looking at wentz, so it's likely he will be the new guy. sam bradford still under contract with the birds, so we'll see when wentz will actually take the field. with all the moving and shaking this season, i think the fans just want something to look forward to. >> you can't always trade up. if you move up and like the guy, you got to do it. >> it's always a risk moving up, but you got to make moves to get trophies. >> reporter: don't miss our draft day special tonight at 7:00. it's exclusive access. you can only get it from nbc 10, your official eagles station. by the way, the last time the eagles had the number two pick in the draft was 1999. their selection, donovan mcnabb. you'll remember he was met with a lot of booing. will this pick tonight be the next big thing for the birds? we will see. live at the link this morning.
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>> we will see, matt. thanks. new information about the suspected sabotage at verizon facilities. the company is now reporting dozens of cases that have cut off service to thousands of customers, including some in pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware. the company reports 57 incidents over the past two weeks mostly involving severed cables. 17 cases happened in new jersey, 10 in pennsylvania, in delaware three happened in just one day. verizon says the number of these cases have doubled since thousands of workers went on strike. union workers blame the issue on network maintenance and wear and tear. counselors will be available to students at george reed middle school this morning a day after another student was killed crossing the street. delaware state police say 14-year-old tyler spawn was hit on north dupont highway near mason road. according to police, he and a group of friends were not on the crosswalk when he was hit. he later died at the hospital. the driver did stop, and
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investigators do not expect to file charges. we're learning more about the death of a child in bucks county that investigators say is one of the worst child abuse cases they've ever seen. police in falls township arrested and charged a mother with kicking her 2-year-old daughter repeatedly in the head, chest, and back. investigators say 24-year-old kayla moore was a stay-at-home mom who may have snapped under pressure. neighbors watched on monday as medics rushed moore's daughter into an ambulance. the child died at the hospital. >> i noticed that the baby had bruises on her face, and she was not responsive. it didn't look good. >> detectives don't know exactly what sparked the beating but say the child was known to throw tantrums. they say the mom should have reached out for help. this morning, they're urging other stressed out parents to get help as well. and april is national child abuse prevention month. camden county addressed the issue at a conference yesterday in berlin.
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the conference offered families an opportunity to learn skills and practices to help them cope. >> we're hoping families are able to connect with each other and strengthen their family unit as well as strengthen relationships with others in their neighborhood, go out and be ambassadors in their neighborhoods to really lift up families in our new jersey region. >> along with a workshop, families participated in crafts and other activities. problems at philadelphia's mail distribution center have led to people getting late bills, traffic citations, or court notices, and it's costing taxpayers more than a million dollars. a tip to the city comptroller's office led to an investigation that uncovered thousands of unprocessed letters. employees coming to work late and a lack of security. the comptroller found 10,000 pieces of mail just sitting in bins in the mail distribution center. time-sensitive mail was going out late or not at all. >> people were receiving notice of court dates after the court
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date had passed. they were subject to possible imposition of fines. >> if you are one of those people, the comptroller's office will issue letters that can be used to possibly get your money back. meanwhile, they are overseeing improvements in the mail center, including hiring more staff and implementing more security measures. it's a chilly morning as clouds move into the area. we saw some breaks in the clouds overnight. right now the lehigh valley with fewer clouds around. the temperatures have really come down. 41 degrees. pennsylvania the same story at 42 degrees right now and still falling at this hour. unionville down to 43. 47 degrees in st. david. cool in montgomery and bucks county. 44 degrees in newtown. that's our starting point. as you can see by the seven-day
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forecast at the bottom of the screen, we're not going to see a huge warmup today or tomorrow as rain moves in. we still have an easterly wind like yesterday. that's going to keep the clouds in place and really keep the temperatures down. clouds scattered right now. there are some thin spots lehigh valley into bucks county and south jersey. that's allowing the temperatures to fall at this hour. to the southwest, you can see the rain that is trending our way. in that band of rain, there are some heavier downpours. what we will mainly see is lighter rain developing late this morning and staying with us into this afternoon. yes, the seven day shows it will still be in the area tomorrow. the hour-by-hour forecast calling for those thin spots in the clouds to disappear by later this morning. 55 degrees. as we go into the afternoon, the temperature won't be going up but umbrellas will. the pennsylvania suburbs, cloudy skies, 54 degrees at 11:00. early this afternoon, the rain moves in and continues at 3:00
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today. the lehigh valley stuck in the middle 50s with rain developing by the afternoon. for delaware, you'll get the rain a little earlier. central and southern delaware will see it first, 49 degrees, cloudy skies, and this afternoon for rain. south jersey, clouds will be on the increase. rain developing for the afternoon. the jersey shore, a cool one, especially with the easterly breeze. 48 degrees. you can see light showers to start with. clouds at 11:00 and another round of showers at 3:00 this afternoon. okay. here's the future cast. it shows some very light showers first thing this morning. the clouds taking over. here comes the rain. there it is in delaware and south jersey to begin with. then it's spreading into the philadelphia area. by noontime we'll see umbrellas going up for the pennsylvania suburbs. it continues into this afternoon. so that's what's ahead for today. that's the seven-day forecast. when i come back, your ten-day outlook. >> bill, thanks. ten minutes past 4:00 right now. let's get you to work on this thursday.
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we start with the vine street expressway. jessica, how's it look? >> it's open through center city right now. getting off on a good note. right around 24th street is where our cameras are. westbound towards the schuylkill expressway, we have no problems. eastbound toward 95, you're okay in both directions. all lanes are open. also, some construction on the burlington bristol bridge. that will be closed until about 5:00 this morning. additionally, there will be a weekend closure as well. it will be closed from saturday at 6:00 a.m. until monday around 6:00 a.m. that's definitely something that's going to affect a lot of people. as for the rest of the area bridge, we're okay on the ben and walt, but we're in the process of a scheduled opening. here's the p.a. turnpike. no problems. we're still in the green. 23 minutes westbound or eastbound from route 1 to valley forge. speeds are way up there into the 60. >> thanks. well, turning grief into
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action. these people all have lost a loved one to drunk driving. next, see what they're doing to convince harrisburg to toughen pennsylvania's laws. also, creating a recipe for success. next we'll take you inside a unique philadelphia cooking class designed to help inmates prepare for life after prison.
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it's 4:14. good morning, cape may. here's a live look at beach avenue, where it's 47 degrees right now ahead of showers this afternoon and this evening. new this morning, using the kitchen to teach more than recipes. this is national re-entry week, where the focus is on helping inmates transition back to society after time in prison. one local food bank is making more strides in this area than you might expect.
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nbc 10's katy zachry is live in philadelphia to explain. >> reporter: tracy, when you first think of philabundance, your first thought might be a large food bank that helps people who are food insecure, but we learned this organization also changes the lives of inmates who are still in prison. >> you're done. please clean up your boards, wash your own knives. >> reporter: the program is called the philabundance community kitchen, and it gives people a second chance. every student chosen for this program getting culinary training for free so they can better get back on their feet. here's why it'ses so unique. they recently started teaching inmates, people who are currently being held at a state or federal prison. those inmates drive themselves to the community kitchen located in north philadelphia for the 14-week program. >> so we all have that attitude
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that if folks are here, they want to be here. they're willing to study and willing to work hard. we accept them regardless. >> reporter: and coming up in the next hour, we'll show you what happens to those inmates who complete that 14-week program. and a little later this morning, you'll hear from the bureau of prisons about this very weighty decision to allow inmates to leave the correctional institution and drive to north philadelphia. reporting live in south philly, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. new this morning, the federal government wants you to know about new ways to pay off your student loans. the department of education has launched a website to help people find loan repayment options. those options include the pay as you are in program, which caps monthly payments at 10% of your income. the government says federal student loan debt tops $1.3 trillion right now and one in seven borrowers default on their loans within three years. grieving parents whose children were victims of drunk drivers are turning their pain
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into something positive. the newly formed group p.a.p.a.i.d., or pennsylvania parents against impaired driving, came together last night. their mission is to convince state lawmakers to toughen laws. >> i woke up and there was nothing there. the side of the car was gone. the floor was empty. there were no chairs. >> it's impossible to say how much we miss them. >> the group wants state lawmakers to enact a bill requiring first-time offenders to pass a breathalyzer before getting behind the wheel. real estate heir robert durst is a step closer to facing murder charges in california after a new orleans judge signed off on a plea agreement on other charges. the 72-year-old will serve seven years in prison on a weapons charge. the deal paves the way for durst to be extradited to california,
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where he faces murder charges. he's accused of killing a close friend in 2000. police say he wanted to keep the woman from talking about the disappearance of his first wife in 1982. fbi agents arrested him in louisiana last year after the airing of a six-part documentary about him. durst has connections to our area. he was wanted for another murder when police captured him at wag minnesota's in north hampton county in 2001. durst claimed that killing was self-defense and he was acqu acquitted at trial. he also graduated from lehigh university in the 1960s. well, people in western iowa are picking up the pieces today after at least one confirmed tornado touched down there. someone captured the tornado on video. it was part of a storm system that roared through western iowa yesterday. afterwards, people reported seeing scattered debris and tree damage. and now look at this video. a thunderstorm dumped hail on a portion of northern california. this was so much hail it looked like snow piled up on the
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ground. people used rakes and shovels to clear it out. 4:19, 50 degrees here at nbc 10. there are some cooler spots. everyone so far is dry. that's going to be changing during the day today. this is a live view of cape may. no rain in sight. a chilly start this morning with temperatures still falling at this hour. the numbers, we'll see them climb only into the upper 50s. you can see that on the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. right now it is 50 degrees in philadelphia. not a lot warmer. delaware, 47. south jersey is in the 40s. a little cooler at the jersey shore at 43 degrees. look at the inland tamps. may's landing is at 39. right along ocean city and atlantic city, in the upper 40s. that's the starting point. so the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood, here comes the rain this afternoon. look at the temperatures.
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stuck in the 50s today. phoenixville, 57 degrees. in the suburbs and lehigh valley, 50s with rain developing in the afternoon hours. as far as south jersey is concerned, some of the first showers will be at the shore, but they'll make their way into princeton. temperatures in the 50s this afternoon with delaware seeing a cloudy morning but the rain developing later in the morning, especially in dover. wilmington will see the rain as it moves to the north by midday if not a little before. satellite and radar together. this area completely dry right now, but the clouds are streaming in. the showers are just to the south this morning. stand by to carry your umbrella. here's a look at the futurecast with scattered showers at 7:00 this morning. the first showers arrive in central and southern delaware. then moving towards cape may, that's at 9:30 this morning. by noontime, we'll see some rain in philadelphia too. it's part of a system that is still going to be in place for tomorrow. so look at the temperatures.
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58 today. 53 degrees tomorrow with the chilly rain finally ending. breaks of sunshine saturday afternoon, but the rain is back on sunday. looks like it'll be dry in the morning. the rain most likely in the afternoon. chilly to start with for the bluecross broad street run. temperatures in the 40s sunday morning. by monday, a few showers in the area, 61 degrees. the numbers go warmer next week. tuesday, sunshine and a few clouds, 70 degrees. another chance of some showers for tuesday, thursday, and friday. a chance of showers into the following weekend as well. ten-day outlook every half hour. the seven day any time you like right at the bottom of the screen. >> well, the flowers need it t bi -- need it, bill. let's get to traffic. >> we're watching a lot of construction right now. this is 95 around the blue route. headed northbound you may pass some of these lane restrictions.
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we have a sign diverting traffic off to the left-hand side. we are losing some lanes. it goes down to one. no big backups by this scene right now, of course because it is really early. we don't have a lot of cars on the roads. watch from 95 northbound, that off ramp is closed around the blue route as well. there's paving operations on kelly drive headed westbound between fountain green drive and hunting park avenue. that's going to be closed or down to one lane at least until about 6:30 this morning. we're also still watching that construction to bristol bridge. that'll be closed until 5:00 this morning and additionally this weekend starting saturday at 6:00 a.m. until monday around 6:00 a.m. tracy? it's 4:22 right now. watching your back while you work out. some people who exercise along the schuylkill river trail are concerned about becoming victim of violent attacks. ahead in our next half hour, see what's being done to improve safety. and change is coming to a
4:23 am
campus on one delaware county college. next, find out why ka briny college is changing its name, slightly.
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it's 4:25. jobs are coming to new jersey as amazon expands its operations in the garden state. the internet giant is adding two more fulfillment centers. one will be in florence, burlington county, bringing 500 jobs. the other will be in middlesex county, creating 1500 jobs. amazon already employs more than 5,000 people throughout new jersey. delaware county's cabrini college is changing its name to cabrini university. the catholic school in radnor announced the state education department has approved its
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application for university status, typically granted to schools that offer master and doctor programs. cabrini a already offers several masters programs and is about to launch its first doctoral program. the name change will take effect in july. the 2016 penn relays start today and run through saturday in philadelphia. the annual event at franklin field brings together high school, college, and pro athletes to compete in the country's oldest and largest track and field meet. college women's discus and hurdles event kick off the competition this morning followed by girls high school events. clouds moving back into the area. the temperature running a little chillier this morning. 50 degrees at 4:26. neighborhood forecast is just ahead. jessica boyington has a look at the roads in the first alert traffic center. >> we're watching cherry hill new jersey, route 70 around kings highway. looking okay out there. roads are dry. no backups, but we have a lot of
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construction out there. i'll update you on those spots when i come back around 4:30. and hot coffee attack. next at 4:30, philadelphia police need your help finding the woman caught on video using coffee as a weapon. we don't decorate in one color. we don't stick to one fabric.
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staying safe along a popular philadelphia trail. crime has been an issue here before. now efforts are under way to educate people who bike, walk, and run before anyone else gets hurt. suing septa. the transit agency faces a lawsuit over how it investigates potential employees. and remembering willie
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williams. we look back at the first african-american to lead the philadelphia police department. it's 4:30 and 50 degrees outside. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's get to bill henley with his first alert neighborhood forecast. a look at conditions exactly where you are. >> well, we have clouds moving back into the area. there are some thin spots. you may see some limited sunshine during the day today, but don't forget your umbrella. seven-day forecast shows the rain moving in today will not be the only day. showers are moving through west virginia and virginia and trending our way. they should be here by noontime for most of the area. the first to see the showers this morning will be delaware. 47 degrees right now. clouds taking over. a chilly 48 degrees at 7:00. showers on the way at 10:00 this morning. as far as philadelphia is concerned, starting at 50 degrees this morning. the temperatures will have a limited warmup after the 6:00 hour when they come


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