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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  April 28, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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haven't had in 17 years. he would like to appeal to women voters in the broader electorate. it would be helpful if he would stop saying things like that. >> a polarizing comment. donald trump's accusations of hillary clinton and playing the woman card is now facing backlash and support. mail mess. thousands of unprocessed letters and a lack of security are just two of the issues found in philadelphia's mail distribution center. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley. bill is suggesting you carry your umbrella today. >> it's a good idea. we don't see any rain just yet, but this is what's happening right now. these are live pictures from around the area. a chilly start. cloudy right now in new jersey, 48 degrees. just dropped to 49 degrees in philadelphia. we will see some sunshine fade, if we see any limited sunshine
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this morning. it disappears as rain moves in this afternoon. the rain is not here yet. the clouds have been increasing the last few hours and will continue to increase. during the later morning hours, the rain starts moving through delaware into south jersey and philadelphia will see rain falling this afternoon. those showers are making some progress. they're now in virginia. eastern maryland getting a few sprinkles. that's going to be arriving in a few minutes in parts of southern delaware. that's what's going on right now. i'll take you through the futurecast when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington watching your first alert traffic. >> bill, we're watching the 42 freeway over in new jersey right now. this is right around creek road. our drive time heading into philadelphia, no problem yet. still in the green. a five-minute trip there. these are the northbound lanes where most of those cars are
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going. once you get over the bridge, you might run into some paving operations on kelly drive westbound between fountain green drive and hunting park avenue. that's going to be one lane there until about 6:30. still another hour and a half or so. route 309 right around church road, no problems in either direction or big delays. as for the area bridges, we're back to normal on the taconi palmyra. the bristol bridge still in the process of a scheduled opening. new from overnight, police are looking for a man who they say robbed a temple university student at gunpoint. the student told detectives he came home to his unlocked apartment on diamond street in north philadelphia, then he found a man with a gun inside. the man took the student's book bag and left. the student was not hurt and is talking to police. tonight the eagles are on the clock. they have the second overall pick in this year's nfl draft. they hope to turn things around for at least the next decade with this pick.
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nbc 10's matt delucia is live at lincoln financial field with more on what fans are expecting and what's happening tonight in south philly. a lot of fans, like me, are going to be watching this draft with fingers crossed. >> reporter: absolutely, vai. me too. a lot of people have been calling this whole thing a gamble. will the second overall pick be worth it for the eagles? the team has made it clear they are now in the search for their next franchise quarterback. they have the number two pick later tonight. it's widely anticipated the eagles are looking at carson wentz, a quarterback out of north dakota state. first pick goes to the rams. they vice president realhaven'tg at wentz. sam bradford is still under contract. comcast sportsnet weighs in on that fact. >> you have to be patient, even though the fans won't want to be patient. you let him sit and learn behind a veteran.
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>> reporter: and with all the moving and shaking that's gone on for this off-season, the eagles really did put a lot at stake. there's been criticism and questions as we've heard. the fans, they just want something to look forward to. >> i think it's time for a new guy. new guy, new coach, new team. >> i think you got to get up in the draft if you can. you can't always trade up. it's not something easy to do. if you can move up and like the guy, you got to do it. >> reporter: this year's nfl draft will be held in chicago, second year for that. but espn has been reporting that next year's draft could be right here in philadelphia. philadelphia and los angeles seem to be the top cities in the running for that. so we will see what happens. we could be expecting the nfl draft here in the city of brotherly love. now live outside the linc, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> philadelphia, if they want to pump up the ratings, have it in
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philadelphia. nbc 10 will be live at the linc tonight. we'll give you exclusive access you can only get from nbc 10, your official eagles station. and decision 2016, gop presidential candidate donald trump has taken some heat for saying democratic front runner hillary clinton is playing the woman card in order to gain support. >> but will that hurt his chances with women voters if he makes it to the general election? in addition to saying clinton plays the woman card, trump added that if she were a man, she wouldn't even get 5% of the vote. experts and voters say trump may have to back off. >> if he would like to appeal to women voters in a broader electorate, it would be helpful if he stopped saying things like that. >> what can he do to reach out to women in a general election? >> tone down the rhetoric.
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>> that trump supporter that you just heard from told us she doesn't really want him to change his style, but he should focus more on his family and business. we checked out the exit polls from tuesday's primary. trump actually won the women's vote in all five states. hillary clinton performed better than trump among women voters. >> with my vice presidential nominee, carly fiorina. >> coming up in the next half hour, cruz and carly on the same ticket. we'll tell you more about ted cruz's decision to pick carly fiorina as his vice presidential nominee. we're learning more about the death of a child in bucks county, who investigators say is one of the worst child abuse cases they've ever seen. police arrested and charged a mother with kicking her 2-year-old daughter repeatedly in the head, chest, and back. investigators say 24-year-old kayla moore was a stay-at-home mom who might have snapped under pressure.
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neighbors watched as the child was rushed to the hospital. >> the baby had kind of like bruises on her face, and she was not responsive. it didn't look good. >> detectives don't know exactly what sparked the beating but say the child was known to throw tantrums. they say the mom should have reached out for help. this morning, they're urging other stressed out parents to get help as well. from our delaware bureau, counselors will be available to students at george reed middle school this morning, one day after another student was killed crossing the street there. delaware state police say 14-year-old tyler spawn was hit on the north dupont highway near basin road. according to police, spawn and a group of friends were not in the crosswalk when he was hit. he later died at the hospital. the driver did stop and investigators do not expect to file charges. grieving parents whose children were victims of drunk drivers are turning their pain into something positive. the newly formed group papaid,
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or pennsylvania parents against impaired driving, came together in downing township. their mission is to convince state lawmakers to toughen penalties against drunk drivers. >> i woke up, and there was nothing there. the side of the car was gone. the floor was empty. there were no chairs. >> it's impossible to say how much we miss them. that's what you'll hear from every family of a victim of a drunk driver. >> the group wants state lawmakers to enact a new bill. it's a chilly one this morning and this afternoon. the neighborhoods have seen some clearing overnight. that's allowed the temperaturings to get colder this morning compared to yesterday. 43 in the lehigh valley right now. delaware is at 47. 40s for south jersey and now
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philadelphia at 49 degrees. the pennsylvania suburbs, the numbers are still falling. won't be coming down a lot more because clouds are starting to inch into the area. currently cochranville is 46 degrees. the low 40s now in doylestown. the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, you've gotten a preview of the clouds coming and that you'll need your umbrella today. rain moves in today and stays again tomorrow. a couple of chilly days. kind of like yesterday but a better chance we will see rain. in fact, here it comes, moving through virginia right now. already a few sprinkles heading into southern delaware. it's southern delaware in south jersey that's going to see the first of this rainfall as it's coming up from the southwest. but in philadelphia, the pennsylvania suburbs, by lunchtime today, rain will be coming down. here's your forecast. keeping things cool. 58 degrees in south philadelphia. pennsylvania suburbs might see a little break of sunshine to start with.
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doesn't last. clouds and rain. the lehigh valley, rain will be moving in during the afternoon hours. as far as south jersey is concerned, hamilton township, a little warmer to the north. 61 degrees. at the shore, low 50s for atlantic city. delaware, it's going to stay cool with showers this morning continuing into the afternoon hours. futurecast shows 10:00 mainly dry. but here comes the steadier rainfall, just inching into philadelphia. that's at noontime. the steadier rain will be in delaware and south jersey at lunchtime, then taking over for the rest of the area into the afternoon hours. so a rainy day today. some rain again for tomorrow, keeping the shore cooler. look at the 40s for tomorrow. 49 degrees. we final he get some breaks of sunshine on saturday only to see
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the chance of rain return for sunday. i'll take a closer look at that and what it means for the broad street run when i come back in ten minutes. >> timing is everything on that one, bill. thanks. 5:11 this thursday morning. time to get a look at your traffic. >> first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has that. looking at the schuylkill expressway. >> still looks okay. we're a little ahead of the curve here before we start to see some of those big delays. this is around gerrard avenue. no problems in either direction. traffic is moving along nicely. if you're heading into center city and taking the schuylkill expressway, eastbound is still a 12-minute trip. speeds are into the 60s. we do have a disabled vehicle to watch out for out in hatfield township on bethlehem pike and sterling drive. more utility work on 95 over in delaware right around namens road. possible delays in place. route 422 looks okay. that construction around route 23 earlier has cleared.
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an eastbound drive time with no delays yesterday from route 29 to the schuylkill expressway of eight minutes and speeds into the 60s. mass transit also doing okay. i'll be back in the next ten minutes with more updates. >> jessica, thanks. 12 minutes past 5:00 right now. a close call for fans during last night's phillies game. >> the bat is dangling in the screen. >> hear why a new rule implemented this year helped avoid a potential injury. plus this -- >> i made some mistakes, but that's not really the substance of who i am. let me prove to you that i can get back out there and play by the rules. >> community kitchen. we'll tell you about a cooking program helping inmates get back on their feet and back into society.
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it's a quarter after 5:00 and 48 degrees outside. new this morning, transitioning back into society. in honor of national re-entry month, we're taking a look at how a local program is helping inmates with the rest of their lives. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in south philadelphia this morning with more on the community kitchen. katy? >> reporter: tracy, phil abundance operates this large kitchen here in south philadelphia, but recently we went to a larger operation they run in north philadelphia and saw how it's changing lives in a big way. >> you're done. please clean up your boards, wash your own knives. >> reporter: the program is
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called the philabundance community kitchen, and it gives people a second chance. every student chosen for the program gets culinary job training for free so they can better get back on their feet. here's why it's so unique. they recently began teaching inmates, people who are currently being held in a state or federal prison. those inmates drive themselves to the community kitchen for the 14-week program, and most find jobs at local restaurants soon after graduating from it. >> give me the opportunity to say, i've made some mistakes, but that's not really the sum substance of who i am. let me try and prove to you i can get back out there and play by the rules and within the boundaries. >> reporter: for ex-offenders like richard cramer, the kitchen gives them a new lease on life. it helps them to learn skills so they can more quickly get a job out of prison and reacclimate to society. now, coming up in the next hour, you will hear from a
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representative from the bureau of prisons about their eye-opening decision to give these inmates this freedom while they're serving time. reporting live in south philadelphia, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> katy, thank you. problems at philadelphia's's mail distribution center have led to people getting late bills or traffic citations. a tip to the city comptroller's office led to an investigation that uncovered thousands of unprocessed letters, employees coming to work late, and lack of security. they found 10,000 pieces of mail just sitting in bins. time-sensitive mail was going out late or not at all. >> people were receiving notice of court dates after the court date had passed, so they were subject to possible imposition of bench warrants and fines. >> now, if you're one of those people, the comptroller's office will issue letters that can be used to possibly get your money back.
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meantime, the city's revenue commissioner is overseeing improvements to the mail center that include hiring more staff, cutting overtime, and implementing more security measures. it's 5:18, 48 degrees outside. if you're getting ready to head out the door, first remember the umbrella. you'd need it later today. >> and next, a heads up with jessica boyington. >> looks okay so far. that's definitely why you always need to check in. within ten minutes, it definitely can be different. here's route 202. no robs yet in either direction. a southbound drive time from the schuylkill expressway headed to this point around route 29 still a seven-minute trip. you can see no problems or delays yet. still watching that disabled vehicle out in hatfield township on bethlehem pike and sterling drive. this is right around nixon drive. no big delays or backups here yet. you can see all traffic moving along nicely. roads are dry. if you take mass transit, we're pretty much on time or close to schedule all across the board
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for septa, amtrak, new jersey transit, and d.a.r.t. 48 degrees, 5:19. it is dry to start with. a live view from wildwood. rain will be moving into the shore. the temperatures will be moving up but just a little bit. a chilly start this morning for the lehigh valley, for philadelphia, and at the shore. those easterly and northeasterly winds continue today. that's going to keep temperatures chillier. in fact, not a big warmup. millville, 57 degrees. rain later this morning. wildwood, 56. the showers will arrive in atlantic city. mainly light rain at the shore. even inland. hamilton, 59 degrees. just enough cloud cover and rain to keep the temperatures about ten degrees cooler than normal. the rain will arrive in trenton a little later than areas to the south, which include moorestown. also up to 60 degrees. likely to stay in the upper 50s
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this afternoon with rain developing for philadelphia. that's light rain that will be falling. wilmington, 40s to start with, 50s in the afternoon. sunshine will be disappearing. if you see any breaks of sunshine, it's only the first thing this morning. this afternoon, umbrellas will be appearing. those easterly winds that we had blowing yesterday are going to stay with us right on through the day with clouds, those easterly winds. it's going to be a cool one. as you can notice at the bottom of the screen, the seven-day forecast. a seven day for each part of our area. it will be cool and rainy today and tomorrow. hour-by-hour forecast. philadelphia, clouds increasing. here come the showers into the afternoon hours. the suburbs a bit cooler this morning. mostly cloudy with rain developing at noontime. at 4:00 this afternoon, light rain will be falling. low 50s for the lehigh valley by 4:00 this afternoon. definitely a chilly one. the rain drops bringing the temperatures down a bit later this afternoon. middle 50s by lunchtime.
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the rain steady into the afternoon hours. there may be some breaks in new jersey and the rainfall during the afternoon. a cloudy and dry start. the rain will arrive at the jersey shore ahead of much of the rest of the area. in fact, delaware already getting the first sprinkles right now in southern delaware. the main batch of rain is still to the southwest. that line is steadily moving to the northeast. it is going to be in philadelphia by lunchtime, and the chance of showers will continue into the afternoon hours. here's the forecast rain totals. not looking at a lot of rain here. by early in the afternoon, that's 2:00 in the afternoon, just 0.03 inches for philadelphia. a bit more in south jersey and wilmington. by late this afternoon, we'll still see showers. there are chances for showers overnight tonight and again for tomorrow. here's your ten-day outlook. 50s today and tomorrow. a break with some sunshine on
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saturday only to see the clouds return for sunday for the bluecross broad street run, which means a chilly start and a chance of some showers by late morning. as we go into the afternoon hours, the chance of some light rain is even more likely. that's on sunday. by monday, we start to warm up a little bit. i6 degrees. tuesday, that warming trend continues, back up to 70s. finally on wednesday after a chilly weekend. and we have more wet weather chances later in the week. by saturday, the rain is out of here, 73 degrees. vai? >> all right. thank you, bill. 22 minutes past 5:00 a.m. there are new developments in the case of a high school student who died after she was involved in a fight. ahead, hear what's happening to three students in that school and what they soon could be facing. plus, suspected sabotage. hear from both sides of the verizon workers strike about cut cables impacting thousands of customers.
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5:25. we have new information about the suspected sabotage at verizon facilities. the company is reporting dozens of cases that have cut off service to thousands of customers, including some in pennsylvania, new jersey, and in delaware. the company reports 57 incidents over the past two weeks, mostly involving severed cables. 17 cases happens in new jersey, 10 in pennsylvania. in new jersey, three happened in
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just one day. verizon said the number of cases have doubled since union workers went on strike. investors will be watching wall street today after losses overseas. landon dowdy is here with details in this morning's cnbc business news. good morning, landon. >> hi there, tracy. good morning to you. wall street could be set for some losses today. futures are lower this morning. investors reacting to a big drop in japan's market after the bank of japan fails to launch more economic stimulus measures, which had been widely expected. stocks ending mixed on wednesday as the federal reserve offered few hints of a coming interest rate hike as it remains cautious on the u.s. economy. look for data today on unemployment and q-1 gdp, which may show the economy grew more slowly than in the final three months of 2015. the dow raising 51 points to 18,041. the nasdaq slipping to 4,863. >> we'll see what happens today.
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landon dowdy with cnbc, thanks. 48 degrees at 5:26. clouds are moving back into the area. we've got another chilly day ahead, and we are watching for some rain drops. i'll be here later this morning. that's a live view where the streets at this hour are dry. jessica boyington is watching all of the roads in the first alert traffic center. >> yeah, bill, we're out in berlin, new jersey. we're watching the white horse pike. this sarnd cross keys road over in berlin. no problems or delays so far. we do have some construction still out there. we'll check in with center city when i come back. community concern after several attacks on a popular running trail. we'll tell you what local lawmakers are doing to keep you safe. plus, dear, mr. president. how a little girl from flint, michigan, managed to schedule a meeting with president obama about the city's water crisis.
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right now on nbc 10 news today, student death investigation. we'll tell you what's happening to three high school students in delaware after a 16-year-old girl's death. and new this morning, student loan help. we'll show you the new website the government just launched that could help millions of borrowers. plus, here's a lookt


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