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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  April 28, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, a cool, damp day ahead. you better get used to this weather. it's going to be with us for a while. here's a look at boat house row under gray skies in philadelphia. we can look forward to more april showers. the first alert radar is tracking the rain making its way to our region. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. glenn, it look like the storms are coming from the midwest and they're not going anywhere any time soon. >> we have different areas of rain that are going to be affecting us over the next several days. we're not necessarily expecting any kind of severe weather or
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flood threat, but it is going to be nasty, and today actually is going to be going downhill. this is the nicest part of the day, what we vene so far. cloudy and 55 degrees in philadelphia. 54 in new jersey. 55, lehigh valley. 54 in delaware. fairly uniform temperatures. everybody's got cloudy skies, but we're not seeing the rain yet across most of the area. one of the first places to see the rain is in delaware. these are the current temperatures. it's 55 in wilmington and harmony hills, 54 in odessa and reading point farther to the south. you have the east wind coming in off the ocean, so rehoboth, 52, and that temperature just not going up at all because we have rain moving in as well. we were 86 degrees on tuesday. we had a 31-degree drop yesterday. today, not much warmer. tomorrow, if anything, it's
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colder. you can see this area of rain moving right up toward the philadelphia area. it is getting very close. it's already in portions of delaware and there's the leading edge of it, just coming in to new castle county. already in kent and sussex county, getting into cape may county right now. and back to the west, we have more rain. some of that's going to be coming in tomorrow. so here it is, as we go through the day, the rain increasing, and look at the temperature. by 6:00, down to 51 degrees in philadelphia. down to 50 in the p.a. suburbs. by 10:00, 46 and raining, lehigh valley. 50 degrees by 6:00. and farther to the south, where it's usually warmer, it sure isn't. we have rain in delaware, new jersey, jersey shore, as temperatures down into the 40s
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by this evening. this is the seven-day forecast, constantly on your screen here, and it's got a lot of low temperatures and a lot of rain, too. details coming up with the timing in a few minutes. >> see you then. thanks, glenn. >> there's new information this morning in the investigation into the death of rocker prince. unidentified law enforcement sources tell nbc news that prescription pain killers were discovered with prince when he was found dead. officials have yet to say what role if any those medications may have played in his death. the medical examiner conducted an autopsy last week but said it would take weeks before the cause of death would be determined. according to officials, the dea will help determine where the medications came from and what prescriptions prince had obtained. some of prince's friends have reportedly revealed that the artist took percocet to relieve hip pain brought on by years of performing. >> one person is being treated
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at the hospital this morning following this school bus accident in philadelphia's mayfair neighborhood. sky force 10 was over the intersection where the bus and a car collided just before 8:00 this morning. no word if the injured person was in the bus or the car. we'll keep you posted. philadelphia animal control is investigating a dog fighting incident involving a child who was waiting for the school bus when it happened this morning. nbc10 was on diamond street where the attack happened around 6:30. the boy was standing on the corner with his sister when the dog bit him on the back. this is video of the child getting into the ambulance. police say he will be okay. the child's family tells us a neighbor scared the dog away. police held the dog until animal control could take it away. >> and we have new information about the robbery of a temple student overnight. police now tell us the student came home to his fraternity house, went in through the unlocked back door, and found a
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man rummaging in the kitchen. the student says he saw a gun sticking out of the man's pocket. he asked the student for money, he didn't have any. he took his book back and left. police are now looking for the intruder. >> you know what that music means. it's draft day in the nfl, and the eagles are hoping their recent off season moves pay off. the birds traded up for the number two overall pick. now they're looking to land a player that could be around for years. as always, philadelphia sports fans have no shortage of opinions. pamela osborne spoke to some of the birds faithful. she joins us live from south philly. >> good morning. we have been talking to fans all day long. they say they just want to see improvement on the field this season. they're thinking that the right quarterback pick could do the trick. >> it's looking like the eagles are going to take wentz.
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>> all eyes are on carson wents. >> i love him. i think he could be the guy. >> fans we spoke to said a guy like him is exactly what the eagles need. >> definitely a franchise quarterback. >> what about sam bradford? he's asking for a trade. eagle fans have their own ideas about what role he can play to get wentz game ready. >> seems like he's upset the eagles are going to draft a quarterback, but he's such a smart qb, it would have been better if he's there to mentor him. but we'll see what happens. >> and we pick up next after the rams, the draft day fun starts at 8:00. reporting live in south philly, pamela osborne, nbc10 news. >> don't miss our draft day special tonight at 7:00, exclusive access you can only get from nbc10, your official eagles station. happening now, an annual
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philadelphia sports tradition is well under way, the penn relays is in full swing at franklin field in university city. here's a live look toward the stadium. the event brings together high school, college, and pro athletes to compete in the country's oldest and largest track and field meet. the college women's hurdles championship kicked off this competition this morning followed by girls high school events. the penn relays run through saturday. >> 11:07 right now on this thursday morning. on the brink of a humanitarian disaster. we'll have details on deadly air strikes overnight and the impact once again on doctors without borders in syria. >> plus, nbc10 is working for you. when it comes to your consumer complaints. harry hairston takes the reins of our new nbc10 responds unit and takes on a gas company that owed a camden county woman money. glenn. >> well, a good bit of rain heading our way and in for a pretty wet stretch of weather. are we going to see breaks this weekend? that's just ahead.
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says at least 61 people have been killed in air strikes in the last day. one of those air strike s hit a doctors without borders hospital in aleppo. patients and medical staff were among the casualties. following the latest series of air strikes, the international committee of the red cross warns aleppo is on the brink of a humanitarian disaster. this just in.
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vice president joe biden is in iraq this morning for a surprise visit. he's delivering a plea for an end to the country's ongoing political crisis. the u.s. fears it's distracting baghdad from the fight against isis. biden will meet with iraqi political leaders to encourage them to remain focused on maintaining forward momentum against the terror group. >> happening right now, take a live look from capitol hill of a senate armed services committee hearing on isis. secretary of defense ash carter is giving testimony on operations against militant groups in iraq and in syria. the committee will also hear testimony from joint chiefs of staff chairman joseph dunford jr. >> now to decision 2016. carly fiorina is back. she's ted cruz's running mate, and they're making what could be cruz's last stand in indiana. nbc10 national correspondent tracie potts has the latest fro the campaign trail, as well as the response from rival donald
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trump. >> ted cruz made three stops in indiana today. the first republican in 40 years to choose a running mate before getting the nomination. >> to give the american people a clear choice. >> his choice, former rival carly fiorina. >> am i going to be critical of hillary clinton and donald trump? you bet. >> already going viral for her serenade to cruz's daughters in the announcement. ♪ i know two girls that i just adore ♪ ♪ i'm so happy i can see them more ♪ >> the cruz/carly team quickly ridiculed by donald trump. >> cruz can't win. what is he doing picking vice presidents? >> with john kasich backing out of next week's indiana primary, cruz goes head-to-head with trump, hoping to force a contested convention. trump meets privately with members of congress today before heading off to indiana. >> with your help, we're going to win here in indiana next tuesday.
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>> bernie sanders is already talking about what happens if he can't beat hillary clinton. >> our job, whether we win or whether we do not win, is to transform not only our country but the democratic party. >> after losing big this week, the sanders team announced they're laying off 200 staffers to concentrate on remaining primaries. one of the states, oregon, that's where sanders is campaigning today. in oregon, everyone votes by mail and the ballots will be rolling out for the voters any day now. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> make sure you have the free nbc10 app for a detailed look at the candidates. we'll send you push alerts as news breaks from the campaign trail. former u.s. house speaker dennis hastert will become one of the highest ranking politicians in american history to serve time behind bars. a judge in chicago yesterday called hastert a serial child molester and sentenced him to more than a year in prison in a
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hush money case. he was once second in line to the presidency. he pleaded guilty last year to breaking banking laws after he tried to pay $3.5 million to keep quiet accusations of child abuse. hastert is accused of sexually abusing teens while he was a high school wrestling coach in illinois. >> let's talk about some severe weather in the midwest. a supercell brought a tornado and lightning to part of eastern missouri last night. the storm knocked down trees, power lines, damaged buildings. so far, though, the good news, there are no reports of any injuries. well, one thing, this cool, damp weather prevents severe weather from the middle of the country from coming this way. and it continues to be cool. it's only 52 in coatesville and even dover and delaware, plus, there's rain coming in. mt. holly is 52. atlantic city, 53. it's pretty uniform right now.
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let's see what it's doing at the shore. the northeast wind continues. there's no way the temperature can go up very much in the cool spot, 49 degrees at cape may point from our weather extension, our weather observers. partly courtesy of the partners at weather underground. you can see your seven-day forecast on the screen all the time. you don't have to wait until the end of the forecast, and it's not just for philadelphia anymore. the big story for everybody, of course, is the wet pattern along with the chilly pattern. here we are, 1:00. it's a solid area of rain moving through. so keep the umbrellas handy, no matter where you're going and where you are. it's going to be raining this afternoon. here it is at 3:30. there's more coming in. this evening, 8:00, may start to taper off some overnight, but it may just go from steady rain to some drizzle. there's friday, 6:00 a.m. again, it's cloudy.
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it's damp. we have some sprinkles or drizzle around. and then more rain comes in for the afternoon. and into friday night. it's one disturbance after another. this will move out, and we may see some improvement on saturday. but it's going to be hard to get the clouds out of there until the wind direction changes. it's coming out of the east or northeast. as long as the wind direction is there, the clouds will probably stay there as well. here's the live radar. and we have some decent rain in the southern portion of delaware already. nothing in wilmington, up to philadelphia, or even atlantic city, but it's on its way, and like i say, some of this is on the heavy side around milford and down toward seifert. and that will continue to move to the east. and there's a big batch right around baltimore that's moving right up toward delaware and the philadelphia area. so it's not just going to be light rain this afternoon and
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tonight. here's the story, the temperatures fairly uniform, library at 59. phoenixville, 57. 56 in bethlehem. that's the way it is today. avalon, 53. atlantic city holding at 52 degrees. does it get any better? not tomorrow. only 53, philadelphia. saturday is cloudy. 61 degrees. saturday, we may see dry weather for at least a day. there is a chance that some rain will move in by saturday night. look at the temperature up a little bit on saturday. if we get a little bit of sunshine, at least through the high clouds. with the advance of that rain, you can see the temperatures down to 49 degrees. in the jersey shore tomorrow, saturday, 58 degrees. more rain in the forecast. i'll be back with the ten-day forecast a little later.
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>> all right, thanks for that, glenn. >> we want to take a quick moment to introduce you to nbc10 responds. an extension of our nt nlt investigators. and it's all about helping to resolve your consumer complaints. joining me now to explain is nbc10 responds reporter and my esteemed colleague, harry hairston. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having us. we're so excited about this. a brand-new initiative. this is all about the delaware valley viewers. all about helping all the consumers with any problem they may have. if you have any kind of issue whatsoever, you want to contact us. you want to let us know about it, and we will go to work for you. >> harry, you have been an nbc10 investigator for many years, getting results that way. how does this differ from the investigators? >> this cranks it up a good bit, because we're going out and demanding results that really help people. and this is different than norming consumer stuff. we're not talking about, hey, here's a coupon for this and how you can save money on hotdogs.
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we're talking about investigating your complaints and getting in there and doing the work for you so you're satisfied. imagine this, you're on the phone, you're frustrated and on the phone for two hours trying to get something done. don't worry about that. don't have to go there anymore. contact us, let us handle it. >> what kind of consumer complaints are we talking about here? >> first, no company is too big. okay. no problem is too big or too small whatsoever. and we'll go at it. you might think you have been scammed. you might think you're waiting for a refund check that's in th mail that seems to not get there when it's supposed to come. okay, things like that. you might have a problem with appliances or something of that nature or an insurance issue. any of those things. just about anything that touches your life as a consumer, we will deal with. so don't think that it's a small issue, no one can help me. no, we're there. this is brand-new. they help you, this is brand-new to actually go out and stand up for you and get something done just for you.
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you'll feel like you're the only person being helped, but it will help everybody. >> by you, harry hairston. how can people get in touch? >> i hope they have this on the screen. there's our nnbc10 responds. it's that's where you want to go. send us your information, tell us everything we need to know about your issue. >> really appreciate it. thanks so much. >> 4:00 today. >> and today we'll see you at 4:00, absolutely. >> dream come true. a deal announced that's giving our parent company more power on the silver screen. that's coming up. plus, need for speed. we'll tell you about the lawsuit that claims snapchat tempted a woman to drive too fast and cause a crash.
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hey, how about the fighting phils? another win last night against the washington nationals. and the team wants you to join the fight against hunger. let's take a live look at citizens bank park in south philly. this saturday night is fans feeding families night as the phils take on the cleveland indians. here to tell us more, dan fitzpatrick, the president of the bank and brian mahoney, the director of advertising sales for the phillies. >> great to be here. >> dan, this is a very important campaign. citizens bank has already made a major contribution. tell us about it and why the partnership is so important? >> for citizens bank, hunger
11:24 am
alleviation is a major cause. it's a really important issue for us. in philadelphia, there's a million families facing food and hunger insecurity, especially kids during the summer. citizens bank are very proud of our partnership with the phillies and citizens bank park. we came together six years ago, how could we come together on this issue? we created fans feeding families where people, we'll make a $40,000 cash contribution, other partners with the phillies, corporate partners contribute as well. we come together and people contribute. and so literally, every dollar raised feeds a family two meals for an entire family that's facing real hunger insecurity. it's a really powerful way to exponentially really battle hunger. again, for young people, especially kids in the summer, and that's baseball season. >> absolutely. >> when kids are out of school, a lot of lower income kids in the area are getting two meals a day in school. when they're out of school, they face huge hunger issues.
11:25 am
it's really important in the summer to help organizations that bring it together, how do we get food to people in need. >> brie nl, roof course, the fa can get involved in this, especially saturday night. >> when dan and his team brought this idea to us in 2011, we were all about how do we get involved. for the phillies, like dan said, phillies and citizens bank, hunger issues have been important to us for a very long time. so it became what do we do at the ballpark? fans can get involved, right from the get-go, buying the ticket, there are ticket discounts, you can go on a theme night and get a discounted ticket. that extra $1 goes to phil abundance. they can bring food. very simple. friends at septa have a station there. you can drop your food there. we'll also have food donations at the ballpark and our 50/50 raffle, the proceeds will go
11:26 am
directly to phil abundance, and we'll have a silent auction. we don't do many, but fans can buy a gift for their friends, family members, and proceeds will also go to phil abundance from that day. >> we have that information we want to put up real quick. if you're thinking of going to the game, here's how you can support it and the 2016 fans feeding families campaign. attend saturday night's game. first pitch is 7:05. with each fans feeding families theme night ticket purchased $1 is donated. you can also bring a donation of non-perishable food, and there will also be the charities, 50/50 raffle and a silent auction. a lot of ways you can participate. of course, proceeds of that will go to phil abundance. you can get all of this information right now on our website, or you can always click on the nbc10 app. dan, brian, thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you very much. >> thanks.
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>> let's hope the weather holds out on saturday night. >> unfortunately, right, we're going to ask hurricane in a minute. the rain is coming and you betting get used to the cold, wet weather. the system of showers heading our way. glenn will be back and he'll break down the timing of the rain, but you know what to expect, how the phillies are going to look this weekend. that's coming up. >> it's a mistake, but that's not really who i am. let me try to prove to you, you know, i can get back out there and play by the rules. >> and later, recipe for success. we'll tell you about a new cooking program that's helping inmates get back on their feet and get back into society. that's coming up.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait. 11:30 right now on this thursday. rain is on the way.
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and the afternoon commute could be a little bit of a mess. let's take a live look. this is traffic moving right along on i-95 in south philly. looking dry at the moment. this is of course right near the gerard point bridge. first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with details on the forecast. this is the kind of weather makes you want to stay inside. >> yeah, but it's also good for runners, right? don't they like it? >> you're right. it's cool. that's a good thing. >> cool, cloudy, generally something that runners like rather than being 90 degrees and sunny. then it's pretty dangerous out there. well, we have pretty cloudy conditions everywhere. a little bit of sun early in some parts of the area. that's pretty much gone. it's in the 50s. 55, philadelphia. 54, vineland. 52, mt. holly. 54 in trenton. and let's head toward some of the pennsylvania suburbs. chester, bucks, montgomery county, delaware county.
11:32 am
we're all in the 50s. nobody is really in the upper 50s here. we've got unionville at 55. one of the warm spots. west chester, 55. collegeville, 55. amazing to say, 55, one of the warmest temperatures in here. newtown, bensalem, both 55 degrees. 55, collegeville, ft. washington, 55 as well. milford township, 51. one of the cool spots, at least nobody is in the 40s. and you can get your seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen here. scrolling constantly. several different areas, not just philadelphia anymore, and you don't have to wait until the end of the weather. here's the radar, and look what we've got headed our way. it's a solid area of rain, and there is no way it misses. so the leading edge of this just to the south of wilmington. it starts off on the light side,
11:33 am
and it will get heavier, a little light rain in vineland, and that's about it. for the neighborhoods this afternoon, similar story. the rain is going to come in. once it's in, it's going to be a steady rain for hours. fair minute at 58 with rain. reading, 57 with rain. everybody is going to see it by later today. princeton, 56 and rain. atlantic city, 52. wilmington, 56. everybody sees it, nobody gets into the 60s today. we'll see if there's any warmer weather or any drier weather coming with the exclusive ten-day forecast just a few minutes. >> thanks for that, glenn. >> it is draft day in the nfl, and the eagles are hoping their recent off season moves pay off. the birds traded up for the number two overall pick. now they're looking to land a player that could be around for years. a star, if you will. fans have their fingers crossed that the eagles will land that future star tonight. nbc10's pamela osborne live in south philly with more on that.
11:34 am
>> hey, rosemary. the fans we talked to today, they really want to see some improvement on the field. they're thinking the right quarterback could do the trick. >> definitely think they should go with carson wentz, and i think it's a good beginning for doug pederson to get his quarterback. >> philly is second to pick in the draft, and eagle eyes are on carson wentz. >> i love him. i think he could be the guy. but it's always a crap shoot. >> fans we spoke to said a guy like wentz is exactly what the eagles need. >> definitely a franchise quarterback. >> what about sam bradford? he's asking for a trade. eagles fans have their own ideas about what role he can play to get wentz game ready. >> seems like he's upset the eagles are going to draft a quarterback. he's such a smart qbt would have been better if he is there to mentor wentz a little better, but we'll see what happens. >> and the draft starts tonight at 8:00. reporting live in south philly,
11:35 am
pamela osborne, nbc10 news. >> pamela, before the draft at 8:00, don't miss our draft day special alt 7:00. it's exclusive access you can only watch right here on nbc10. we're your official eagles station. >> in other news this morning, american airlines is evaluating a plane that was damaged in a bird strike near seattle. look at the dent on the jetliner's nose. the plane had taken off from seattle tacoma international airport, was on its way to dallas when one or several birds hit the plane. it turns around and landed safely. american airlines apologized to passengers and got them on flights to texas as quickly as possible. >> look out. >> look at this. the bat is dangling in the screen. >> scary moment during last night's phillies game in d.c. hernandez's bat broke, and the barrel went flying into the protective safety net behind
11:36 am
home plate. the nets were expanded in all parks just this season. if this had happened last year, the sphere shaped piece would have flown right into the stands. by the way, the phils ended up beating the nats 3 -0. and nobody got hurt. good news. new this morning, a local food bank is cooking up a recipe to help inmates work their way back into society after they serve their time in prison. nbc10's katy zachry is in south philadelphia to show us what they're doing and why it's also raising some eyebrows. >> philabundance runs a community kitchen in north philadelphia and the students you find there are people who need a second chance. recently, they started enrolling inmates, men and women who are actively doing hard time. >> you have to continue. it took me three hours to get skills. >> this is not your average cooking class. >> these are a lot more expensive. >> the men and women at
11:37 am
philabundance community kitchen are unlike traditional culinary students. >> ready to get in the kitchen? you ready? >> most are from disadvantaged backgrounds. >> this right here, just hold it from moving. >> some have checkered pasts. >> over here. >> and a few are doing jail time. >> kind of bulk it up like this. >> a demanding program. the work is for real. the people who are scrutinizing your work are for real. >> richard served five years in federal prison for conspiracy to grow marijuana. toward the end of his sentence, he was one of several chosen for this culinary program. a unique partnership the bureau of prisons has forged with philabundance. >> in a word, it's insane. >> for 14 weeks, kramer worked alongside oertsz who needed a jump start to a job and help transitioning back to society. >> your country has literally said you violated our laws, and i did, and we're going to punish you. now they're saying, all right,
11:38 am
let's let bygones be bygones. here's the keys to a car and go yourself ready to get back to the world. it was amazing. >> the inmates come from the federal correctional institution at ft. dix. the decision to let them drive themselves was not taken lightly. >> we look add their disciplinary record, when they're released. public safety is our number one goal. >> candice runs the community kitchen. the goal is to end hunger so the food from class sfeeds the loca women's shelter and the needy. another priority is giving people a second, which is why she agreed to allow the in. >> if we could actually work with folks before they're released, start to talk about what it means to re-enter society, for us to talk about how to make the transitions, teach some skills that are definitely employable, couldn't we speed up the transition process. >> many leave with jobs already
11:39 am
lined up. a major turning point for those transitioning back to real life. >> it's in society's advantage for not to residivate. those numbers massive numbers and a big obstacle. anything you can do to shrink those numbers is in the taxpayer's advantage. >> each of the students in the community kitchen attends for free. the price tag of $3500 per person is covered in part by the department of labor as well as donations. reporting from south philadelphia, katy zachry, nbc10 news. >> it's an organization that empowers, inspires, and motivates youngen to be the best they can be. and the organization needs your help to give at-risk teenage girls a chance for a better future. dr. loverne adams is the director of the graeater philadelphia chapter of women of tomorrow. also a mentor with us who is part of the program, hope cohen. thanks for being here as well. >> thank you for having us. >> let's first talk about the organization, it's been
11:40 am
nationwide for a little while, but just came to philadelphia recently. >> absolutely. the program started in miami in over 18 years ago. it's blossomed and branched out to detroit, and we brought the program here two years ago in philadelphia. and we have seen tremendous success with a 95% graduation rate. >> wow. >> we have given away over $5 million in scholarships from our sponsors. >> tell us how the program works ins of the girls you're trying to serve and help and the mentors who come in. >> absolutely. so what we do is we have a monthly mentoring session that our mentors are high achieving mentors who come in the classroom and work with the girls, talk to the girls about things that will interest them, and most of all, to give them ideas about their future, to think about their future and planning. then career focus field trips. we take them to different areas and high profile women that they can see high-profile women in action, then we also take them on campus college visits. >> wow.
11:41 am
>> yes. >> hope, you have been a mentor with the program. describe the experience. >> it's actually a really magical experience when you meet these young women and show them what the possibilities are for them going forward and for their careers. we take kids on field trips and show them what's possible and show them high achieving women, and in jobs that these girls never imagined were even in existence, and then what is possible for them. and then the transformation in these girls when they get excited and inspired for what they can do with their future, it's an incredible amazing experience. it's been wonderful for me, and i love the connection with these young women. it's been really a beautiful thing for me. >> and of course, you have a fund-raiser coming up. this monday, may 2nd. >> absolute. at the 19 restaurant. and we're so excited because we're going to have the opportunity to share with all of our mentors and congratulation them for the great jobs they're doing, as well as our partners.
11:42 am
>> you told me you do have some tickets available. so if anybody would like to come on monday, again, 6:00 in the evening, at the bellevue on broad street. go to our website,, we have more information to get you set up with tickets. thank you so much for being with us. and thank you for the work you're doing in the community. >> thank you for having us. >> absolutely. coming up next, new dimentia clues, the skin condition some researchers say is linked to an increase said risk of dementia. >> get ready for the rain. ynl i'm tracking that area heading our way, and it's part of a cool wet weather pattern. we'll let you know if we see any breaks this weekend ahead.
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some medical news now. the common skin disorder rosacea may be linked to an increased risk of dementia. it found rosacea patients were 7% more likely to develop dementia and 25% more likely to have alzheimer's disease than people without rosacea. the skin diser causes redness and bumps on the face. rosacea patients have elevated levels of certain proteins that are also involved in disorders like alzheimer's and dementia. >> a georgia family has filed a against the popular app snapchat after a devastating car accident. attorneys for the victims say a teenage driver was motivated by
11:46 am
points for photos submitted of her speed. sheinelle jones has the details. >> the pictures tell the story. and are the story. high speed selfies, twisted metal, and snapchat under fire. this morning, a new lawsuit filed against the picture sharing app. and 18-year-old crystal mcgee. she was living life in the fast lane literally. driving a mercedes-benz, her speed climbing to 80, 90, and 107 miles per hour at impact. slamming into maynard wentwort's mitt sue bushy. his attorneys said he has permanent brain damage. they say mcgee was motivated to drive at excessive speed to get recognition through snapchat by means of a snapchat trophy. snapchat denies giving trophies for its speed filter. they say, no snap is more important than someone's safety. we actively discourage our
11:47 am
community from using the filter while driving. >> we saw a do not snap and drive warning displayed, and just last week, they partnered with an ad council for this filter. i won't snap and drive. but even the crash didn't stop her from snapchatting. she sent out this selfie, she types lucky to be alive. are teens risking their lives for the likes? >> that was sheinelle jones reporting. mcgee has not responded to nbc news' request for comment. it's unclear the extent of her injuries were or the three passengers in her car were also injured. the federal government wants you to know about some new ways to pay off your student loans. the department of education has launched a website to help people find loan repayment options. those options include the pay as you program, which caps monthly amendme payments at 10% of your income. federal student loan debt tops
11:48 am
$1.3 trillion and 1 in 7 borrows defaults on their loans in three years. >> comcast is officially buying dreamworks animation for $3.5 billion. dreamworks will become part of the universal film entertainment group which includes universal pictures. dreamworks is behind hits like shrek, kung fu panda, and how to ta train your dragon. both companies' boards have approved the deal which is expected to close by the end of this year. comcast, by the way, is the parent company of nbc10. nasa's curiosity rover captured a new 360 panorama of the martian surface, the red planet's rugged terrain. it captured one of the most rugged stretches of land. it encountered the rough terrain in early march. they found the sandstone bedrock has been carved by eons of wind erosion.
11:49 am
well, around here, the wind is eroding our temperatures. it's coming in off the ocean. moisture is here. and until the wind direction changes, going to stay this way. we're in the 50s everywhere, 55 in philadelphia. 51, p.a. suburbs. 54, new jersey, 55, lehigh valley. 54 in delaware. and as you can see, as we go through the day, we're not seeing sunshine. we've got rain come in. and staying in. so you need the umbrellas all day once the rain starts. the seven-day forecast scrolling below, for many different areas, not just philadelphia anymore. and you don't have to wait until the end of the weather to get your seven-day. you can see it any time.
11:50 am
let's head to south jersey and see if we have temperatures other than the 50s. and the answer is no. we still don't have much above let's say 56 degrees in medford. those are the warmest spots. vineland at 55 degrees. millville only 53. 56 in robbinsville. 55 in hopewell township. 55 in lumberton. so again, temperatures uniform, because of the clouds and the east wind. so let's take a look at the radar. you can see the skyline right now, but as the rain continues to progress and get in here in the philadelphia area, it's just within the next hour, not probably going to be seeing much. let's see what's behind that. not much. so the heaviest of the rain is going to come through this afternoon. we may see a little bit of tapering during the night tonight. and this live radar shows it's
11:51 am
just where the heaviest rain is and also the leading edge of the rain. that is on the doorstep. just about to wilmington here, and close to the philadelphia area, coming into south jersey as well. now, what's going to happen in the future? it's going to rain some more. here's the futurecast. we go through the afternoon. patches of rain coming through. now, we're going to be seeing this light rain and drizzle during the night. and into the morning. so we're not going to see a whole lot on the radar here later on during the night. but we've got more coming in tomorrow. as you can see, not necessarily all that heavy, but it's just a nuisance. it's inconvenient, and there's friday night. and we still have more coming here. now, because another area of rain may move in quicker than we thought earlier, there is a
11:52 am
chance of rain for the blue cross broad street run here. at 8:00, start of the race, most likely to be dry. but there's still a chance. and then some rain at 10:00 a.m. and heavier rain at noon. so at least it's cool and cloudy for the runners, because they may at least be comfortable with that. and then after that, look at that. 56 degrees for the high on sunday. 61, monday. we still have that threat of rain. tuesday, we start to dry out a little bit, but it doesn't stay that way. we have showers in the forecast through many of the next ten days. we'll be right back.
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we are just three days away from the blus cross broad street run. nbc10 is bringing you all of the action from starting gun to the finish line. our coverage begins at 8:00 on sunday morning. hey, we've got some expert advice for any of the runners who are preparing for the race. join us tomorrow for ready, set, run, along with tips for the athletes, we'll also show you the best places for the fans to watch along broad street, and we'll explain what's new at this year's health and wellness expo. again, that's tomorrow at 7:00 in the evening. coming up this afternoon
11:56 am
starting at 3:00, an all new ellen with julia roberts, and then nbc10 news at 4:00 as they respond to one viewer's trouble with her utility bill. >> do any of these bills make sense? >> no. >> she knew there was a problem, but couldn't get answers until harry hairston stepped in. what he found and the refund he was able to get for her, this afternoon on nt news at 4:00. and of course, today at 4:00, watching the rain. >> it should be raining at 4:00 and 5:00, and 6:00. during the afternoon rush. and it's going to be chilly. temperatures in the 50s now. going to stay in the 50s all day. going to be in the 50s tomorrow with more rain coming in that may creep into the 60s on saturday due to thinner clouds. but i'm not sure there is going to be any sunshine on saturday. then another round of rain on sunday, keeping it cool. >> anybody watching the blue
11:57 am
cross broad street run, bring the umbrellas to the race. that's going to do it for us. thanks for watching nbc10 news at 11:00. we'll see you back here at 4:00.
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11:59 am
12:00 pm
[monitor beeping] >> philip: you wanted to see me? >> victor: family has... suffered a tremendous loss. it's time for us to be celebrating the best of our resources-- each other. i forgive you, son, for all of your transgressions. welcome back to the family. [monitor beeping faster] [coughs] [monitor buzzing]


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