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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  April 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> three armed individuals came into that area armed with handguns and assault rifles. >> looking for suspects around the same time he said he and his friends ran home from the store. >> so when we ran into the house, they saw on the streetlight camera and assumed we were the suspects of a high crime with high powered weapons. >> it was the wrong house. >> again, it was a bad situation in which you never want to have the wrong house or the wrong individuals. >> police apologized to the family today and working on fixing the damage caused. >> he wanted us to all accept the apology because they know they was wrong, and i said apology not accepted. >> reporter: as for the home invasion that started this, police say eight people were home at the time including children, some people in the house were pistol whipped. the real suspects in the case are still on the run. reporting live from police headquarters, nbc 10 news.
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>>. >> wet, cloudy, and chilly out there. those are three words you'll hear for a while, probably overcast to that too. you see that here at 8th and race in center city, people carrying the umbrellas, and here a, a live look at the ben franklin bridge to camden this afternoon. showers moving through the area right now. >> you can see it on the shot, the rain dropping on the camera. our first alert meteorologist is tracking wet weather. glen? >> this is just the beginning of it. we do have a wet weather patt n pattern. rain in pennsylvania suburbs, cloudy here now, and 52 degrees in le high valley, and waited to get the rain. they warmed up a little bit. in philadelphia itself right now, temperatures are down into the 40s in the area, and in dora, chestnut hill, 47. the airport's at 49. parkside 48.
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society hill 48 degrees. it is really cold out there. the rain area has moved through much of philadelphia region, but it is a solid area that goes all the way down into south jersey, and it's dried up in delaware now, but there's more rain back to the west, so you can still can take umbrellas with you because it is going to be damp in the night, even if it's not a steady rain, there's drizzle or some sprinkles, you can see, coming across on the future weather as we go through the night tonight and into tomorrow. there's more wet weather ahead. you see that in the seven day forecast scrolling below me. you can see that all the time. maybe we'll have sun in the ten-day forecast later. >> glen, see you then. with the rain that's here and all the rain that's coming, count on nbc 10 ea's app to tra showers in your neighborhood,
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live radar and weather updates at your fingertips on all of the mobile devices. now to breaking news, a parishioner has been charged with shooting and killing a man inside of a crowded montgomery church in sunday services. mark storms is charged with manslaughter in the shooting. lauren mayk is live outside the courthouse where the suspect was arraigned within the last 30 minutes. >> reporter: 46-year-old mark storms faces two charges that could lead to more than 20 years in prison if convicted. video we just took within the last half hour here as he arrived at the courthouse to be arraigned, facing a felony voluntary manslaughter charge for the death of 27-year-old robert braxton and reckless endangerment for shooting that gun inside church. the montgomery county d.a.
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sayings robert was agitated and disruptive sunday after someone apparently told him he had taken someone else's seat. church officials came over but let him stay there and d.a. says that's when mark storms came over with a gun and says the victim punched him in the jaw, then storms shot him twice. >> this is a situation where a gun is introduced into a fistfight. the victim has no weapon him, and, therefore, it would be unreasonable for self-defense to lead to no charges in this. >> reporter: the d.a. read mark storms came over in addition to the gun also had some type of badge that went with his concealed carry permit, something he apparently ordered online. now, the d.a. says there was no evidence to charge him with
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impersonating an officer, but caused confusion inside that church. he's held on $250,000 bail. live in montgomery vail, lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. more breaking news this afternoon from baltimore. a man threatening to blow up a television station has been shot by police. the suspect was wearing what's described as a hedgehog onesie, he is alive and conscious lying on the road outside the station. the fox affiliate in baltimore, a robot is sniffing around the suspect and removing the onesie. authorities are not sure if he has a weapon and tes not cooperating. we'll keep you posted on the breaking news story from baltimore. >> a quick thinking neighbor uses a shovel and chair to scare away a dog who attacked a boy at a school bus stop. the 9-year-old and his sister were waiting on diamond street in strawberry mansion. the dog started to attack the girl first and bit the boy in
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the back. he's expected to be okay. police held the dog until animal control officers arrived. skyforce10 over a school bus crash this morning in the mayfair neighborhood. students on the bus when it collided with a car at the intersection of heartdale avenues. one hurt, but police have not said if that person was on the bus or in the car. >> now for a story only here. a new drug danger for teens in the area called wax, and kids could use the potent drug in front of their parents without them knowing. nbc 10 south jersey bureau reporter joining us live in washington township with the threat and what parents should be looking out for. cyd? >> reporter: wax is a pure form of melted marijuana, if you will. it's big out west, but police here tell me it's just now making its way on to the south jersey drug scene. washington township police invited me here today for a lesson on wax as they train
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their own officers what to look for. >> this is a puddy form of wax. >> smaller, cleaner, and easy concealed more than traditional pot, but it's much more dangerous. >> this will affect you, impair you, or, perhaps, worse. >> reporter: washington township police consider wax or shatter uncharted drug territory in south jersey saying in two two months it's made a mark. >> heat it in a glaze to ingest it. >> with a dozen arrest of teenagers. >> you can overdose on the product because of the thc level and high being so much more potent. >> reporter: today, the captain is training one of his officers what to look for. tiny rubber containers, torches, and melted into glass form folded into wax paper. k-9s not trained on wax, there
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was a small container hid in the gas compartment, and he does not disappoint. >> reason why the dog hit it because it's what he was trained in cannabis, marijuana. >> to sniff out wax, some police departments are working with the post office hub in belmar warning parents, teens order online to be shipped by mail. >> this is much cleaner, three times, if not more potent. that is the danger. the kids simply don't know how to handle it. the thing i fear the most is the kids are getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. >> he, obviously, as if texting isn't bad enough these days, yeah, that's scary. it's just another thing to worry about when you're driving now and worrying about kids. >> reporter: police plan to share the information on their own social media and facebook page as well as with all local schools, so now you know what wax or shatter looks like, but there are also important words that parents should be looking for on their child's social
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media. i'll tell you what they are, that part of the story coming up at 5:30. >> thank you. meanwhile, dozens of homeowners affected by super storm sandy went to capitol hill today to take fema to task. more than 85 people from new jersey and new york met with tom mcarthur and former fema manager turned whistle blower. the homeowners said for four years they have been underpaid and defrauded by fema in the wake of super storm sandy and said it's time to hold the agency accountable. >> up and down the streets, and there's senior citizens who can't get back in their homes. i want things done. i want it done today, now, you know. >> victims say there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. george spencer explains why tonight at 6:00. >> now to the decision 2016 coverage. cruz is comparing former house
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speaker boehner to donald trump after boehner had harsh words for cruz. the texas senator said boehner let inner-trump come out calling cruz lucifer in the flesh at a town hall event yesterday. today, cruz attempted to turn boehner's criticism to a slam on trump while campaigning in indiana. take a listen. >> you want someone a texting and golfing buddy, if you're happy with john boehner as speaker of the house and want a president like boehner, trump's your man. >> adding he never worked with boehner and would be surprised if they ever exchanged more than 50 words. >> jenner took trump on the offer to use a bathroom of her choice in manhattan. >> that way. >> thank you. >> jenner documented the trip to the women's room on her facebook page. last week on "today" trump said he wouldn't mind if jenner used the women's bathroom at trump
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tower calling for dismiss sal of north carolina's so-called bathroom law allowing transgender people to use the bathroom according to gender on birth certificates rather than what they choose to identify with. bernie sanders says the presidential campaign will do well in the remaining contest because of open primaries. today, jane sanders said the open contests are more democratic, allowing independents and democrats to vote for him. the next big prize up for grabs, indiana, next week on tuesday. the democratic candidates will be competing for 92 delegates. the republicans vying for 57 delegates, and winner takes all. for complete decision 2016 coverage including the latest delegate counts and primaries, tap on the nbc 10 app. after this, blaming syria government for deadly air strikes on a hospital supported by doctors without borders, 14 patients and medical staff were among those killed in the
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hospital in the syria city. they dug in rubble to reach victims for hours after the air strikes. there has been six straight days of fighting killing more than 120 people including nearly two dozen children. >> millions of people struggling to pay their student loans got a little bit of help from the federal government today. the department of education unveiled this new website, to help boarers find better options. many with student loan debt are not aware of programs that cap payments at 10% of the income. experts tell us one in seven borrowers defaults on the loans within three years. >> having an effect on our entire economy in the way we live our lives because we're overwhelmed with this debt right out of school. >> posted a link to the new website on the nbc 10 app and on our website,
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boy, thought it would never get here, but draft day is here. tonight, the philadelphia eagles make decisions that will shape the future of the franchise for years to come. here's a live look now from the eagles' nest camera where fans are invited to a draft day party tonight. calm there now, but it's going to be exciting later. >> definitely. n b.c. 10's keith jones is live inside the lincoln where festivities start soon. >> it has a lot to do with the weather as a matter of fact because it's raining a little bit, on and off, lines on the field not painted, but another thing different from last year is the fact the eagles have the overall number two pick after trading up. they obviously made the commitment. looks like they get a new quarterback. >> yeah. and sam bradford none too happy about that chess move up to number two. a lot of talk that carson wentz is the guy, but bradford wanted to be the franchise quarterbackment so much buildup
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and anxiety and speculation what happens tonight. this is the scene of where it's going to happen. draft day here at lincoln financial field, this area will be packed full of people and good food. doug peterson speaks on that stage behind us. draft day's taking place in chicago. >> that's right. >> live out to john clark there right now. john, you were freezing yesterday in chicago, blustery and rainy. you needed deep dish pizza to warm you up. i hope you did. >> reporter: you know, i can't handle the deep dish, it is just a block of cheese. >> what? >> reporter: all the grease dripping, they could fill potholes with that pizza. i go thin crust. is that a red carpet question? we are live here, they will be coming by here in the next couple hours, talking to carson wentz. it's expected that jared goes number one to the rams and wentz will be there for the eagles, and carson reminded himself of the story today his mom told him
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when he was in the second grade. he actually wrote a paper in the second grade saying he's going to be a professional football player someday, and that dream comes true tonight. take a look at carson playing at north dakota state. we caught up with the head coach from north dakota, and they are called the bison, and he says you are getting someone with incredible character in carson wentz if the eagles take him. >> well, he's a servant leader is what we call him. making everyone around him better, and there's more evidence on display when he got hurt and missed a number of weeks. he really led our young quarterback, and he was with him the day before his surgery, the day after the injury, helping that kid prepare for the first college start. you tell us in philadelphia what this means to fargo and the state and just how many people are behind him and if he goes to the eagle, how many people buy eagle jerseys out there? >> oh, everybody will be buying them. it's a game day atmosphere now
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in the state of north dakota. a lot of beer drinking in the entire state, fargo, business mark, especially, and it's going to be a great day. >> reporter: so it's like a holiday in fargo in north dakota. they are tailgating today, and as you said, drinking a lot of beer. coming up at 6:00, we're going one-on-one with howie roseman and wentz and nfl experts about what the eagles are getting if they do, in fact, get carson. john clark, on the red carpet, i like to say that once in my life in chicago. back to you. >> you fit the bill. you look just in place there on the red carpet, john, thank you. >> well deserved there too. stay with us here on nbc 10. we are your official eagles' television station, nbc 10 is getting you ready for tonight's draft. don't miss the hour long live preshow here at lincoln financial field at 7:00 here in southniy with exclusive interviews, live guests, and analysis tonight from 7:00 to 8:00 here on nbc 10.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glen "hurricane" schwartz. >> it's football weather out there, although it's late april. look at the temperatures. in the 40s in the afternoon. the warmest is 52 in allentown, up to 57 because they had sunshine this morning. cool is 45 degrees in coatesville. we have the same issue with the northeast to east win keeping the jersey shore cold. atlantic city at 47 and inland areas. the courthouse at 48 chilly degrees. we have wind on top of that, not that it's really windy, but it's off the ocean, 15 miles per hour in dover. 14 if wildwood. just to add to the misery that a lot of people are suffering. well, you can see still rain in the philadelphia area, but most
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of it has moved to the north, and there is some fairly significant rain now around the allentown area, which, again, has been dry for a good bit of the day. that's a solid area of rain. from allentown to richland, holland, to east yoon. it's a continuous rain hour after hour. more rain back to the west, in west virginia and even more rain back in the rockies. this is the system that is going to get us on sunday. that's part of the seven-day forecast right underneath me, multiple seven days, multiple parts of the area. you don't even have to wait until the end of the weather to get it. well, it's a chilly end to april. there is no doubt about that. it was chilly today. it's going stay that way, and then even on saturday, it doesn't warm up a whole lot, and
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sunday may get cooler than saturday. it's also a rainy pattern. here's the futurecast. we go through the night tonight, patchy areas of rain, especially to the north. then we get, again, a little bit of rain, a little bit of light rain, drizzle, nothing really heavy. tomorrow afternoon is when things pick up, and then it becomes more widespread again. remember, it's in the 50s again. and then we go into saturday, and it's just cloudy. that'll be the nicest day of the weekend. merely cloudy. settle for that. saturday night, here comes this next system from the rockies. now, this computer model, we hope, is too fast because it is bringing rain in right as the broad street run starts on sunday. some of that on the heavy side, and that would continue for several hours, so tomorrow we're going to find temperatures in
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the 50s. lehigh valley. bethlehem 53, easton 53. those are the high temperatures, and it's raining. westchester and newtown as well. further to the south, we can't find warm weather during the day tomorrow. fairmont at 55 degrees, and that is raining as well. now, most of the rain tomorrow's going to be in the afternoon, but as we go into the rest of the weekend forecast and then the ten-day, we'll see warmer temperatures, we'll see sunshine eventually. i'll show it to you in a few minutes. >> cooler now, so turn the heat on. you get a utility bill every month? >> yeah, you do, you pay it, right? >> that's what the pattern is owning a home. >> but what's the deal if you think you pay too much? you're being overcharged? >> never been comfortable with the answers i received. >> this woman thought she was overcharged and decided to call nbc 10 responds. harry hairston got to the bottom
4:21 pm
of the problem and how much money she was overcharged at 4:30. traffic stop almost turns deadly when the driver starts shooting, and it's all captured on dash cam video. how it played out. plus, a pair of stranded parents break down as their cruise ship pulls away with their kids on board. who made them late and what happened to their children? plus, a jersey shore town making changes before the season to fight off what's becoming a bad reputation. first, a look at closing bell on wall street. a down day across the board.
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video captures a shootout between a police officer and the driver he pull over. take a look. >> drop it. >> as the officer approached the car, the driver, as you saw, fired a rifle. the officer shot back. neither man was hit. it happened in michigan earlier this month after other people reported the car for driving e radically. the driver already has suspended license. he's now charged with assault and dui. intense moment of panic for a pair of parents. >> yeah. they were late to board the cruise ship and watched in dispair as it left port with kids on board the ship. you see the couple on a golf cart racing down the dock. the passengers were told to be back on board the ship by 5:30 to leave. the mom didn't make it in time, and her husband went ashore to
4:26 pm
look for her while the captain of the ship reportedly waited for a half hour. the parents reportedly had a 9-year-old boy and 12-year-old goirl on the ship. the kids stayed with other family members on board, but not reunited until three days later in new york city. i express suspension about the story. >> we have a theory on this. >> yeah. convenient that the parents had family on board the ship, kids were on there, kids, mind aunt sue, see you back in new york, and they got a hotel for three days. >> you take them. >> you take them, uncle jim and january. >> right. >> have you looked at the bills and thought, wait a minute, this shouldn't be this high. >> one spent years fighting the gas company over mistakes, so she called nbc 10 responds. >> any of the bills make sense coming in? >> no. what harry found could help you. the story's up next. and plus, your umbrella and
4:27 pm
raincoat are going to be getting with a workout. i'm tracking rain today and soggy outlook too next in the first alert neighborhood forecast. plus, a local basketball program vandalized. coming up new at 5:00, nbc 10 with an inside look at the damage and how it keeps kids from playing on the court.
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rain is picking up in parts of the area, and in the just past half hour, a live picture of the bridge has gone from gloomy to drenched. >> first alert chief meteorologist is tracking that rain and a lot more to come. glen, tell us about it. >> yeah, rosemary, and that rain has knocked the temperature down
4:31 pm
even more than it was knocked down earlier today. it was in the 50s. now it's in the 40s because of the rain. 47 in mount holly, 48 in trenton, warm spot, 52 in allentown because of the sun pushing them all the way up to 57 degrees. look in chester, montgomery, bucks, the p.a. suburbs, we don't see any temperatures at 50 degrees. it's 43 in west township. 45 in exton. 47 in unionville. i mean, it is cold everywhere. north wales at 45, bensalem at 48 degrees. the radar shows most of the rain from philadelphia northward, and some of the heavier rain in the allentown area, it's not flooding, but cold and nasty and
4:32 pm
stays that way. philadelphia tonight, the temperature does not budge. occasional rain. pa suburbs, temperature drops a little bit with some more rain. lehigh valley, temperature in the mid-40s. talking about the timing of the rain over the weekend and the ten-day in a few minutes. >> see you then, glen. this is a problem we can relate to. spending hours on the phone with a utility company, and you don't get anywhere, and it's three hours of your day. >> happened to one of our viewers, couldn't handle it anymore, so she called nbc 10 responds is, a new consumer initiative aimed to get you results. harry heairston is here to fill us in. >> you look at something, it doesn't pass the smell test, no, this is not just right. let me tell you, a south jersey woman says she's been looking at the estimated gas bill for months, and in her estimation, it was way too much.
4:33 pm
>> this is mittsy. the new jersey resident couldn't understand why her bill kept growing. >> i called them questioning, and i was never comfortable with the answers i received. >> reporter: saying bills were based on estimates, but how she says the gas company got the estimates troubled her. >> stimting the bill that lived previously here before me. >> reporter: the owners have not lived here for more than two decades. >> i lived here 23 years. >> reporter: looking closely at the bills. >> any of the bills make sense? >> reporter: she pressed the gas company for more information about her account. that's when she found out south jersey gas owed her cash. >> i had 1934.14. >> reporter: she was promised a check in four to six weeks. it never came. >> i called again, it would be here in ten days. >> again, no check, just a lot of frustration. >> that's why i reached out to
4:34 pm
you. >> we got involved. we called and e-mailed south jersey gas. they declined an interview citing its privacy policy. however, they promised us they would get her money back soon. just a few days later, she used her cell phone to send us an nbc 10 responds cam update. >> thank you nbc 10 responds team, i got my money back. >> now, that is one happy lady right now. she received $1595. some of the initial money went towards her bill, and the only advice south jersey gas offered for customers with problems like that, well, call customer service. she says, she did. multiple times before calling nbc 10 responds. >> almost $2,000. >> amazing. harry, tell us more about the initiative and nbc 10 responds. >> it's just for you, you, the viewers. we'll be on four days a week right here on nbc 10 news at
4:35 pm
4:00 with answers to your consumer complaints. now, everyone who writes in, they all get a response no matter what, no matter how big the problem sore how small you they it may be. >> $2,000 back, if you only get $30, it's worth it. >> like the song says, money in my pocket. >> there you go. >> take care. >> thank you, harry. here's the e-mail address if you have a problem for harry. it's include as much information as you can about the issue, and the team will respond and get back to you. coming up tomorrow on nbc 10 news at 4:00, a family has a dispute over money when a cemetery when it couldn't be resolved. they call nbc 10 responds. outcome tomorrow on n b.c. 10 news at 4:00. well, it's the sound of warm weather and ice cream. the mr. softy jingle, now the man what created the song guaranteed to make your mouth water is gone.
4:36 pm
les pz waas wrote that tune in 1960 and played to lure kids to trucks on hot days ever since. the executive died last week. he was 94 years old. i loved ice cream. >> my dad told me, when you hear the music, that means you're out of ice cream, so i didn't know that until i was an adult. a georgia couple blames social media for a high speed crash leaving them hurt. >> why snap chat caused a teen to crash right into them. >> plus e-cigarettes versus real cigarettes. the study pits two against each other and might find results a little surprising. >> all new tonight at 5:00, taking on trump. many have tried and failed this election season. that is not stopping one local mayor, and why he's calling the presidential candidate a jerk. they say that in life,
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a georgia couple is suing snapchat claiming the social media's app speed filter made a teen drive too fast and cause a crash. they claim the 18-year-old crystal was using that filter when she crash her car last september. now, the suit says she suffered brain damage from the crash. snapchat says we actively discourage our community from using the speed filter while driving. >> a new report by british doctors say e-cigarettes do not encourage traditional smoking and could boost public health. the report released by the royal college of physicians finds that many smokers use e-cigarettes to quit gak and conclude there's a small chance it causes long term health problems, especially compared to regular cigarettes. glen? >> rain is falling over much of the area right now. looking ahead to a lot more in the ten-day neighborhood
4:41 pm
forecast. tracking all the wet weather next. and then all new tonight at 5:00, we've seen dogs rescued from fighting rings and bad homes, but these were destined for another bizarre fate. how they were saved and how a new jersey shelter is trying to find them new homes. flr
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oh, you know what that music means? the day eagles' fans have. waiting for arrived. it is draft day. we are just over three hours away from the live event fans everywhere will be watching. >> there it is. >> the preshow party is about to get underway at lincoln financial field. >> three hours away. tim furlong is there live to show us what families can do down there. show us around. >> reporter: i land these gigs and it worked out well in my career. my lawn looks nothing like this.
4:45 pm
you see all the fun last year here on the glass, well, we can't this year. mother nature ruined it, but we'll have fun down here, and while we can't run on the field, there's a new player tonight, and it seems like it's going to be carson wentsz who played at narkz state. that's not up there in the football power houses of college football, but he was the best player at the level and has a lot of things you want in a quarterback, size, arm, all good, but, yes, a mystery, and future of the franchise could rise and fall on his throwing arm. i asked fans about it. >> north dakota state. i have no idea. >> worth the risk, then that's just, you know, a roll of the dice and see what happens. if he does well, he's going to be, you know, like the king of philadelphia. just brings home the bacon. >> reporter: yeah. hey, listen, we hope so. if he gets no. 11, gets that number away from wide receiver who has it, you could rip up your tim tebo name patch and put
4:46 pm
wentz on there. inside the lincoln here, a lot of stuff supposed to be outside is inside now. the eagle mobile there, and, of course, down there, the cool thing, it's not a selfie thing, but they have another funny name for it, go in there and meet players and post to social media. go in the visitor's locker room where the dreaded foes get ready for the game. yeah. there's going to be fun here, not a lot of outside fun but a lot of lincoln fun and eagles' fun and hopefully we'll meet the future of the franchise. live at the lincoln. nbc 10 news. >> you got a couple kids. you can't go back and buying new jerseys. figure out how to put tape over it. >> buy one. you buy one. you can never go wrong. >> exactly. thank you very much. >> i got one here at the station.
4:47 pm
eagles official tv station, we are ready for tonight's draft. don't miss the hour long live preshow beginning at 7:00. that's funny, i have an eagles 22 jersey myself, but it's for tim brown. right. thank you very much. 46 degrees in pennsylvania suburbs. 40s everywhere other than lehigh valley where they are sun earlier in the day pushing temperatures up into the upper o 50s. we would love to see that in the area. new jersey suburbs. it's uniform. 44-48. 47 in turnersville. pitman, medford, coilfield it's 47, 48 everywhere. 47 in princeton. hopewellship, 47. 47 in medford.
4:48 pm
uniform out there. cloudy skies. yeah. get used to that. over the past three hours. the radar continues to e show a lot of rain just to the north of the philadelphia area, and as we go to the live radar, we find that it's just pretty much from philadelphia north as you can see, and that's a solid area. there's not a single break in all of that, and the heaviest, of course, is right in the allentown area, but you can see from philadelphia up through montgomery county and bucks county and lehigh coupe, some of the rain is on the moderate to heavy side, and we've got more of that coming into tomorrow afternoon, and as we look into the future cast, you can see some of that, later on tonight, patchy areas of light rain, not much around early tomorrow, but here comes tomorrow afternoon.
4:49 pm
more significant rain into the area. hours of rain. then we get a break saturday. doesn't get sunny, but at least you get a break rain. then saturday night and into sunday, the next area with potentially heavier rain comes in, may not come in quite as fast as that model has it, but it certainlies like it's going to come in fast enough to have it impact on the blue cross broad street run. tomorrow, temperatures are in the 50s again newtown at 55. easton at 53. avenue lop only 51. atlantic city barely to 50 degrees. there's the run. chance of rain at the start, and it's likely certainly by the end of the race and maybe getting heavier towards the mid-day hours. at least it's going to be cool and cloudy which the runners tend to like. i don't know if they like the rain very much, but we're going
4:50 pm
to be seeing this ten-day forecast with cool weather, chilly weather. average high's 68. you don't see that until tuesday with a little bit of sunshine, pr perhaps, and then it's not that warm, but we get out of the rainy pattern through the end of next week. >> yeah, clearly not beach weather right now. speaking of the beach, beach at the jersey shore's getting a reputation that could be dangerous for visitors. >> that's right. next, what shore spot we're talking about and what the town is doing to keep families safe this summer. and all new tonight on news at 5:00, she wants to give may 1st a new meaning. how the run will mark a new milestone in her battle against leukemia.
4:51 pm
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it's not quite beach weather outside, but a new mission is underway nonetheless to keep families safer this summer. it's because the city's beaches are getting what a bad reputation. >> our bureau reporter, ted greenberg, explains the problem and what's being done to fix it. >> it happened so quickly. >> reporter: remembers the impact of the surf board slamming into the sand before blacking out. >> next thing you know, i'm in the hospital, and i have two fractured. >> reporter: the 29-year-old says it happened april 2 while surfing off cape may's queen's street beach, a neck to waist brace is now supporting her head. >> i had an accident because of the shore break. >> the shorebreak is where waves
4:55 pm
crash into step sloping sand. swimmers can plunge head force to the ocean floor in small surf. >> i'm not the only person who had this happen. >> after 51 injuries on the beaches last year, cape may is changing signs beach goers see when they step on the sand. >> the city became more aware of the problem over the years. >> reporter: the new large signs going up this summer along with revised safety brochures distributed throughout the sort put a heavy emphasis on preventing head, neck, and back injuries. they highlight specific ways to avoid getting hurt like not diving towards the bottom into oncoming waves. >> it's unpredictle. >> reporter: leaders say brochures are given to hotels and local real estate agents to hand out to the summer time guests. the idea here is to get this information in people's faces. >> the city feels that education is probably the best thing.
4:56 pm
>> reporter: city officials insist cape may's beaches are not dangerous, but they say they are continuing to work with federal and state agencies to see if manmade changes could make them safer. ted greenberg, n b.c. 10 news. >> up next all new on n b.c. 10 news at 5:00. vandals hit a low cam basketball program. >> damage could be devastating for kids who benefit from it. >> i almost had tears in my eyes. >> next, going inside to show you the damage and what's being done to get the kids back on the court. and it's still another rain you cool day with more of this in the forecast tomorrow and even part of the weekend. i'll show you when it arrives coming up.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
a local basketball program vandalized, and the community wants answers. >> catch them. they are going to pay the price. >> tonight, an inside look at the damage and how it could keep kids from playing on the court. nbc 10 news at 5:00 starts right now. we begin, though, with the first alert weather. don't put those umbrellas away just yet because today's wet weather is just getting starts. >> rain continues now a live look at the nbc 10 radar, that glob of green there, moving eastward. that's what it is. it could go on for days. good evening. >> we are tracking the latest
5:00 pm
conditions where you live. we have your first alert neighborhood weather. >> reporter: that's right rosemary, and by the umbrella, keep it around the rest of the week, into the weekend, and into next week. we have a lot of rain coming up in the forecast. live look out at center city, a little hazy. there's been low clouds today, and the rain, of course, look at the temperature, 49 degrees in philadelphia. it is chilly and rainy. most of the rain, know, moved north of philadelphia, so here's a look at the radar. mostly pennsylvania and at this point, and even in parts of mercer county and trenton area. zooms in here, philadelphia's still seeing light rainfall, but most of that, now, is a little further up to the north, and where you see in buck county, parts of central bucks county, heavier rain in bucking ham and turnpike with lighter rain, and middletown with moderate rain and most of bucks' county. through the eveninai


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