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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  April 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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saturday. if you're in philadelphia, the pennsylvania suburbs, lehigh valley, south jersey, and jersey shore, cloudy, delaware low 60s, but different as we go into sunday. we have quite a bit of rain in the forecast sunday. some of which could be heavy. temperatures will be in the upper 50s, too, so a chilly and rainy forecast for the blue cross broad street run. i'll show you a detailed look at that forecast, plus, the timing of all of this rain coming up. all right, you got our attention with that sunday forecast. well, no matter what your weekend has in store, take the app with you, track the rain wherever you are with the first alert live radar. this just in into the nbc 10 news room, no charges filed this week against the three students involved in a school fight that came to a deadly end. police previously said they would have a decision by today. it was all over a week ago that amy joiner francis died following a bathroom brawl at
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howard high school. we just spoke with the police. did they give you any idea why this is taking so long? >> reporter: well, police tell us they still have thousands of pages of evidence to review. they also say that it's up to -- that they owe it to amy's family to get this right. now, last week thursday, 16-year-old amy died from injuries sustained after a fight in a first floor bathroom at howard high school of technology. friends say the fight could have been over a boy. since the news broke about the brutal beating, counselors are at the school to help students deal with grief. vigils have been held and community demands answers. this week, the school held series of meetings to address parents' concerns. three girls believed to have been involved in the fight have been suspended from school. this is why the police chief says they have not been charged. >> there are over 3,000 pages of data alone that must be pain
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stakingly reviewed by the investigators in this case. because there's still a lot of work left to do detectives in terms of revealing evidence and relevant facts, we're not in a position at this time to file charges. >> reporter: the police chief confirmed that no weapons were used in the beating, but he would not answer any of the media's questions. we contacted the medical examiner's office who would not disclose the cause of death citing an ongoing investigation. reporting live in wilmington, nbc 10 news. >> still a lot of questions there. thank you. new information now about a van that was stolen with a four month old baby inside. this is surveillance video of the crime, and police say a 17-year-old boy has now been charged with kidnapping last month. he left the van running with the son in the backseat, ran inside the west corner store. when he came out, the van was gone. fortunately, the child was found
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in another location and was okay. an update on an assault, police arrested a customer they say threw a cup at the manager. it was caught on camera. philadelphia police announced brown's arrest today. she's charged with aggravated assault. police say she was not happy with the service at the store on washington avenue in west oak lane back in february and that's when they say she picked up a cup and threw it, and that cut the manager's wrist and knocked over several other things on the counter. a plane forced to make an emergency landsing at philadelphia international airport after smoke filled the cockpit and passengers were forced to use the oxygen masks. the american eagle flight from virginia landed in philadelphia at 8:15. pilot reported smoke in the cabin, crew and passengers evacuated after the plane landed. one passenger had to be checked out. the gunman who shot and parol liezed this young boy is fighting back against his
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125-year prison sentence working to get a new trial. as randy gyllenhaal explains, the young victim's mother is doing everything she can to stop it. >> reporter: despite steady rain, wright made it to court by 8:00 this morning, been to almost every appeals hearing fighting to make sure the man convicted of shooting her son stays in prison. >> so to be here and fight this ten years, you know, later is hard. >> reporter: back in 2006, her then 6-year-old son was shot and parolized from the neck down caught in the cross fire of drug violence. a jury convicted rollins of convicted murder and now he's hoping for a new trial. >> rather than doing his time and just being repentful for it, he wants out. my son wants out of his wheelcha wheelchair. >> reporter: jabar will spend of rest of his life in a wheelchair, and the family says the prospect of another trial is haunting him. >> this was the hardest thing to
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ever go through, and the things we have to go through is a little saddening. >> reporter: the attorney with the pennsylvania innocence project declined comment. his next hearing scheduled in june where we could learn if a new trial is granted. jabar's mom says she'll be in the front row. >> for a person, rollins, to shoot a 6-year-old at the time, 12 jurors decided he was guilty. give my son the peace of mind and let me rest. that's all we ask for. >> reporter: in center still, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. a defense expert says a college freshman who died in her dorm room at millersville university last year was not beaten or strangled. instead, he suggests she died from a massive nosebleed caused by a previous fracture of her eye socket. hall's boyfriend is on trial for her murder. the defense attorney told jurors the client did not kill her and
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pushed her in a drunken argument. a pathologist say she was beaten and -- >> having audio problems there. a natch yal gas pipeline exploded into a fire ball in western pennsylvania this morning at 8:30 in west moreland county, 30 miles east of pittsburgh. this fire destroyed a home, damaged several others, and burned a man as he ran down the road to escape. crews were able to get the fire under control within an hour. residual gas is expected to burn for hours. investigators trying to determine what caused the explosion. pennsylvania conservation officials hope rain this weekend help crews put out a brush fire, two of them were set about a week ago, but only one is still burning. you're looking at damage left behind. these fires burned more than 8,000 acres and 11 buildings.
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he's been called the future of the franchise, and today, the newest eagle land here in philadelphia. get used to that face. carson wentz landed today, new video into the news room of his arrival at the complex. he's the buzz in town. we spent the day at a hair salon to see what female fans think of the newest bird. we're going to have that story at 4:55. at 5:30, live as he speaks to the media for the first time in philadelphia. n b.c. 10 is the first station of the philadelphia eagles. to decision 2016 now. ted cruz getting a boost ahead of indiana's critical primary. today, the governor there endorsed the senator praising him, calling him a principled conservative and had kind words for trump saying he's given voice to the frustration of million of working americans, after this, chaos that broke out at a trump rally.
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protesters and supporters clashed outside the event in coasta mesa, california, smashing windows, chanting racists go home, and police made 20 arrests. right now, trump is speaking to the california state gop convention where protesters have gathered outside that event. police in gear are blocking them from entering. you see the crowd outside right now in california outside the latest trump event. all right. to the democratic side. hillary clinton's campaign cashing in on a trump insult earlier this week. trump said clinton relied on the woman card while running for president. clinton's responded yesterday offering a woman card in exchange for a donation. it resembles a new york city subway card and including part of clinton's response to trump, deal me in. for complete coverage, including the latest delegate counts and
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upcoming primaries and caucuses, tap the nbc 10 app. approval ratings at a new low. the poll finds 64% of registered new jersey voters have an unfavorable view of chris christie and 26% have a favorable point of view. when he suspended the campaign, only 3% mentioned the support for trump as a reason for disliking him. now to the crisis in atlanta atlantic city. they could miss a multimillion dollar payment next week making it the first new jersey municipality to default on debt since the great depression. ted greenberg is live at the jersey shore bureau now with the message city leaders want neighbors and tourists to hear. ted? >> reporter: well, jim, looks like the city is going to avoid that historic default on its debt by making a key loan payment. just like the city for its
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employees, money is also extremely tight. >> a lot of people rearranged their finances. >> reporter: crystal louis says going without a paycheck for three weeks has been somewhat of a struggle. >> we just fell back on some things we couldn't do that we normally would do. >> reporter: the assistant director of public works and 27-year atlantic city employee is among hundreds of municipal workers who agreed to stretch the pay schedule from every couple weeks to almost a month. the move allowed the nearly broke resort to keep city hall open through april. >> no eating out. eating out is over. >> reporter: a new report in the "wall street journ" calls the credit rating the worst in america, but the mayor told us today the city is leaning towards making a nearly $2 million bond payment due monday. that would avert a historic default since no municipality in new jersey has defaulted on its debt since the great depression. >> we certainly understand that
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the importance of making a bond payment just as we understand that the negative implications of bankruptcy. >> reporter: quarterly tax payments due next month bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars daily. however, the mayor says the money might run out in june. if state lawmakers in trenton can't reach a deal on how to bail out the city's finances. >> we budget out accordingly. >> reporter: louis keeps cutting corners while anxiously awaiting a paycheck next friday. >> i'll be excited we have this income to look forward to so that i'm able to continue to do what i need to do for my family. >> reporter: now, late today, a high level source told me it's possible that the assembly speaker will post his version of an ac bailout bill on thursday. as you know, there's been widespread media coverage about the city's financial crisis and business owners are worried that resort visitors get the wrong idea about whether it's open for business. that part of the story coming up at 5:00.
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live in our jersey shore bureau in atlantic city, nbc 10 news. we have new information about the man accused of carrying fake explosives into a baltimore tv station. investigators say alex walked into the station in a costume and carried a fake bomb. authorities say he left after several hours, but refused to comply with officers' commands to put hands in the air and police shot him three times. before entering the station, he set his own car on fire. the cdc confirmed the first zika-related death in the u.s. a 70-year-old man in puerto rico died from a rare complication of the virus. this all comes as american doctors will soon be able to test patients for zika. yesterday, the fda approved the first commercial u.s. tested diagnose the virus. the test from quest diagnostics uses the same methods used in
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government labs. the cdc says pregnant women at risk should be tested. it will be available as soon as next week. happening now, the country's oldest and largest track and field competition in full swing in university city. here's a live look at franklin field where the penn relays are under way rain or shine of the today's rain. there's elementary, middle, and high school relays as well as college men and women and special olympics events. one of the big draws tomorrow will be the u.s. versus the world's men's and women's relays. another big race, runners lining up to get the bibs for the broad street run. here they are. nbc 10 countdown clock, realm, there it is, just a day and 15 hours until runners begin the 10-mile journey down broad street. we love it. today is about the prep and adjusting too because of the weather, right? >> what to wear, how the attire changes running in the rain.
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tim furlong talks to the runners about how the forecast shaped the race plan, tim? >> reporter: that's right. you know, one of my favorite shows, "always sunny in philadelphia," we know that's not true, but over here, people getting bibs, t-shirts, and spin over here, excited runners here at the convention center, the rain, it's really going to be a nonissue. these people train for this run. they are going to run it. 40,000 runners waited a year for this. it's time to get your bib. >> it's a fabulous race. the crowds are wonderful. >> reporter: people have run the course for years, plenty of race rookies, too, all with the own reasons for running. >> i want to help during it, i'll put it that way. >> reporter: in addition to the ten miles of pavement under the feet, the runners have to deal with the rain falling sunday. >> that's why i'm buying this. >> reporter: selling rain gear for the race, whatever you need, they've got it. we didn't meet even one runner
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who said the rain will keep them off the course. >> running with women who will not let me quit so i'm going. >> reporter: this couple trained too hard to quit now. sorry, mother nature, you're not stopping the wilkersons. >> i'm ready for the rain, prepared, getting the rain gear, come rain or shine, i'm doing the ten miles. >> reporter: going to finish? >> i'm going to finish. >> reporter: back live where there's lots of cool stuff to see and buy and try and see at the expo, including here at the nbc 10 booth, and, of course, the race is sunday. it's going to be rainy. it's now the eighth biggest race in all of america. it's going to be pretty cool. as the sign says, we're almost there, guys, even if it rains, not a problem. live, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> almost there, tim. we'll be there with you. join tim and the team tonight for ready, set, run, the experts show us what runners need ahead of the race. also, the best place to watch
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the race. rain or shine. along the course, and what's new at this year's health and wellness expo where you saw tim. sunday's race impacts those in the neighborhood, cars along the race route have to be moved before 11:59 saturday night, those not moved in time are ticketed or towed. all bus routes detoured through the duration of the race, but there's extra subway service on broad street line for racers. be a part of the race without leaving your house. nbc 10 is broadcasting the entire race live sunday morning so dvr it if you're running or going down to watch, gu if you miss it, we'll air the race again on the comcast sports network. it will be available for comcast customers through xfinity on demand. sheena, we're a little bit worried about downpouring right? you used that word. >> oh, i know. tim said, of course, rain is not a problem, people prepare for it running regardsless. lightning would be a problem.
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any risk of that? >> lightning would be a problem. there's a low chance of that. now, of course, we can't rule it out, but a low chance of lightning. no indications we're going to have thunderstorms in the vicinity. that would be down to the south. it looks like as we go into sunday morning we have rain in the forecast, no doubt about that. >> okay. >> there is rain in the forecast sunday, but into the first half of the weekend, we're going to be dry for tomorrow. at least for most of the day. here's a live look at the navy yard. the ending point of the broad street run. of course, the forecast, everyone is watching it closely, especially if you are running, but there you see overcast skies again today, still chilly, too. temperatures only in the low 50s in philadelphia. 48 degrees in mount holly, 50 in trenton and vineland, and through tonight, it's a chilly one. damp and cool tonight, a live look out, overcast skies, a look at the radar. there's a few light showers still moving through the philadelphia area, and mostly now into parts of new jersey.
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there you see the line of very light rain continuing to move through. trenton about to see the lighter rain, too, even along the shore, but zooming into parts of mercer county, you see the light rain in bensalem, and up to lamb bertville and warrington, it slides out of the area and along the shore, we have more light rain, so if we just zoom over to the shore, beach haven and atlantic city, seeing lighter rain, and down in ocean city, but this will be moving out as we go through tonight, so i think we'll have a mostly dry night once this rain is done. for the phillie's forecast tonight, temperature at 50 degrees, so chilly and cloudy, but we'll stay mostly dry. i can't rule out an isolated sprinkle. future weather through tonight, just about mostly cloudy skies. by 10:00 p.m., could see showers in the lehigh valley, and into saturday, this is the better day out of the weekend. even though we have a lot of stuff happening sunday, this is the drier of the two dayings.
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mostly cloudy skies, i think we'll see peeks of sun, but we go into saturday night, rain off to the west that we'll be watching moving in for sunday. now look at the timing. sunday, 8:00 in the morning, that's when the blue cross broad street run starts. if you're west of philadelphia, you're already starting to see possibly heavy rain. philadelphia area seeing the rain. new jersey and delaware, that continues. this is 11:00 in the morning now on sunday. the yellow indicates heavier rainfall. the orange would indicate even heavier rain. sunday afternoon, we started to see a lot of this begin to move out of the area. as far as rainfall totals saturday, we don't expect it, but going into sunday, we could see up to an inch through the philadelphia area as we go into the afternoon. your blue cross run forecast, by 8:00 in the morning, rain is likely, 49 degrees, it will be chilly and rainy throughout the entire race. by 10:00 in the morning, 51 degrees. there's rain around, some of it could be heavy at times, and then by noon, 54 degrees.
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we still expect that rain to continue, and, again, some of that rain could be heavy at times. also with our new neighborhood forecast, don't forget seven-day forecast scrolling at the bottom of the screen, pennsylvania, new jersey, or delaware, we update that forecast every single day for you. here's a look, philadelphia, pennsylvania suburbs. look at the weekend. clearly, tomorrow, the better day of the weekend. low 60s, mostly cloudy, and mostly dry. then sunday, the temperatures still in the upper 50s. we're going to have quite a bit rain moving inment monday, the rain's in the forecast, tuesday and wednesday, not looking too  bad. temperatures in the upper 60s, so big improvements by the middle of next week, cloudy, showers in the vicinity, but we'll be a little drier by the middle of next week. a closer look at the forecast for the rest of the area coming up. >> all right. we are delving into the mission of helping viewers resolve consumer plaints. >> nbc 10 team responds.
4:21 pm
we take on a cemetery. the family says they were owed hundreds of dollars after their loved one died but could not get it. we'll show you what happens when nbc 10 responds. a draft datumble, thrust into the national spotlight on a night that should have been memorable for a different reason. plus, this. newest eagle, not just an athletic wonder bringing hope to the franchise. >> ask around town, you'll get different viewings. >> he's a ginger and adorable. >> next, the ladies weigh in on the bird's newest addition. at 5:00. first, a look at closing bell on wall street. stocks ending a rough week on a down note. the dow and nasdaq, and s&p all closed down today.
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great time for a shiny floor wax, no?
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not if you just put the finishing touches on your latest masterpiece. timing's important. comcast business knows that. that's why you can schedule an installation at a time that works for you. even late at night, or on the weekend, if that's what you need. because you have enough to worry about. i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business. draft day is exciting, right, but it was a nightmare for an nfl prospect. >> because a series of bizarre posts hit his social media accounts minutes before the very important draft. tunsil projected to be a top five pick but slid to the dolphins at 13. ten minutes before the draft kicked off, this video posted on his twitter account appeared to show the former player smoking
4:26 pm
an inlegal substance through a gas mask. >> i made that mistake, you know, several years ago, and somehow somebody got in my ph o photos and hacked the aaccount so it's crazy. >> someone posted screen shots and text messages on the account and showed him asking staffers to pay his mom's rent and electric bills. he later admitted to taking money from coaches. well, a philadelphia woman paid hundreds of dollars for her final resting place and died before she paid it off. >> what happened next left the family in shock. >> it's unfair to the dead for them to have to be treated like this. >> and that's when they called nbc 10 responds for help. how their plight ended next. plus, it's a losing battle many men and women struggle to fight, covering up the grays. still ahead, new treatment that could do away with gray forever.
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and we have two very different days this week. one day we expect some heavy rain. i'll show you the timing and when it gets here coming up. plus, dmv is notorious for customer complaints, and now they have gone to the top. what new jersey governor kris kentera ty ordered all workers dude all new at five. flr the e-class has 11 intelligent
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driver-assist systems. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't.
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and it can even stop by itself. so in this crash test, one thing's missing: a crash. the 2016 e-class. now receive up to a $3,000 spring bonus on the e350 sport sedan.
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the week is really ending on a dreary note. a live look over cape may shows gray skies as people dodge the rain drops on this friday. radar is tracking more rain today. >> sheena is back with a look at the half wet weekend, sheena? >> there's two parts to have the
4:31 pm
weekend forecast. one day is going to be way better than the other, but for tonight in the meantime, we still do have showers on radar. here's a live look. mostly up in new jersey now along the shore near atlantic city. philadelphia's pretty much cleared out. i think the rest of tonight, just mostly cloudy. could have more showers trying to move in, but overall, we'll just see cloudy conditions. atlantic city and the shore in atlanta county, light rain. it's moving offshore soon. don't forget with the new neighborhood weather, zempb day forecast is scrolling at the bottom of the screen. yes. two different days this weekend. dry saturday. rain sunday. we'll take a look real quick at the saturday forecast. tomorrow, mostly cloudy, temperatures in the low 60s. if you're in center city tomorrow, it's going to be a decent day. sunday, though, however, there's a big exception to that. a lot more rain moving in, some of which could be heavy. future weather as we go into sunday morning, 8:00, and that's
4:32 pm
when the blue cross broad street run starts. rain is approaching from the west. i think we should be seeing the rain in philadelphia, and then we'll get heavier pockets trying to move in throughout the race, and there's noon on sunday so whatever you are doing on sunday, just make sure you keep in mind we have quite a bit rain moving in, some of which is heavy, even in the afternoon. a closer look at the weekend forecast coming up. a local woman shelled out hundreds of dollars to purchase a funeral plot but died before she could pay it off. >> after death, her family tried to get the money off, but said the cemetery refused to return it. they contacted nbc 10 responds, our new consumer initiative aimed at helping you get results. harry heirston got to work to get the money back. harry? >> talking about a lot of frustration here. the family says it's about more than just the money. they believe the company has taken advantage of them while they are still grieving. >> i miss her so much. >> she'll never forget her
4:33 pm
sister, lisa's final days in february. >> went into cardiac arrest. >> reporter: days later, she died, she was only 51. she says her sister had several health issues and couldn't get life insurance. lisa entered a pre-paid agreement with the memorial park, a cemetery in huntington valley, pennsylvania. >> from 2007 up until '13, she was trying to pay for her own funeral, the best that she could. >> reporter: she had not paid the entire $2,000 bill for the plot, but she paid almost half, $866. in may, 2013, after lisa failed to keep up with the payments, the cemetery cap selled lisa's contract and kept the cash. when lisa died, eubanks asked for the money back and says she was told -- >> she's not entitled to anything, so we're not giving her anything. >> reporter: lisa could have used the money for a credit
4:34 pm
within a year after the contract was cancelled. she never did so she lost the cash. the contract states a partial refund was available under certain conditions, but it did not address the issue of a full refund. >> why did you call nbc 10 responds? >> because i feel as a though these people have taken advantage of my sister, and i want justice. >> reporter: after nbc 10 responds contacted the cemetery with questions of our own, their corporate office responded, first, they e-mailed us this and in part it reads, "we do not discuss specific client concerns with the media. instead, it is our policy to work to resolve any possible concerns directly with the client families, and just days later, eubanks says the cemetery and ranged a meeting with her to work out a deal. she still is frustrated. she had to contact nbc 10 responds before anything got done. >> it's unfair to the dead for them to have to be treated like
4:35 pm
this. >> reporter: once we got involved, the cemetery is giving the family $2300 to pay for lisa's plot and services, and that's much more than the family originally requested. >> so good thing they turned to you for help. >> well, you know, it pays to turn to nbc 10 responds, in this case, and a couple other cases. >> only second day on the air, and already a lot of success. how much money have you recovered so far for people? >> things have been working out for us. between just the two stories, we recovered $3895, and we hope to recover a lot more of your fun, so reach out to us if you have a consumer issue. jim? >> that's a good return so far for two days, harry. >> not too shabby. >> if you want to get in touch, e-mail address is there, and if you have a consumer problem for harry, here it is, n nbc10responds. a woman got bills for cell phone
4:36 pm
she returned to the store, so after months went by without a resolution, you know what she did, called us. tune in monday at 4:00 to see what happened next. a friendly war is brewing between the u.s. and britain on one side president and michelle obama, and the other, queen elizabeth and prince harry. >> over the upcoming games. and the trash talking. take a look. >> prince harry, remember when you told us to bring it? >> careful what you wish for. >> boom. >> oh, really? please. >> boom. >> first couple sent host prince harry that warning message on twitter. he was not alone. he and his grandmother, the queen of england, of course, dropped the microphone on the obamas. the para olympic style games kick off may 8th in or lap doe. having a little phone on both
4:37 pm
sides of the pond. >> i love that the queen is having fun with it. >> playing along. >> she is. >> dropping the mic. taking your animal to the vet can be costly. >> there's a new push to keep costs down. what feds are talking about doing that could give you a way to buy cheaper prescriptions for the pet. >> get rid of grays for good? treatment that could transform your ageing locks. plus, it's a win-win. learn a useful skill and meek money doing it. the new facility helping students get jobs in the auto industry. that's new on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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if you're a pet owner, you know how expensive medication can get. today, a house sub committee held a hearing to pass legislation for the cost of pet prescriptions. this would require vets to give pet owners a written copy of the prescription to shop around. the critics say that opens the
4:41 pm
door to foreign and unregulated drugs. a scientific breakthrough mean the end of gray hair. a new stem cell study could lead to treatments for gray hair and skin pigment disorders. researchers identified signals that control hair and skin color in mice and humans and say that creating drugs to activate the pathways could help repigment damaged skin cells in some patients and correct discoloring in scars and fuse coal already back into gray haired cells. runners in this weekend's broad street run are not in it for themselves. >> no. >> many take on the ten miler with a purpose. next, why these furry faces are the reason behind several athletes. taking on one of philly's most famous challenges. it's not new york. it's not l.a. it's the networking event of 2016. presenting night at the fights. join me for a spectacular
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evening unlike any other. punch up your career by raising money for youth and education. it's a night to see and be seen. saturday, april 30. tickets at and proceeds benefit the urban league of philadelphia.
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all right, get ready, set, go. runners from across the area gearing up for sunday's broad street run. >> count on animal lovers to hit the pavementment ten runners represent a group of dogs call the action pack at the race part of the animal care and control team of philadelphia. the group hopes to raise awareness for the homeless pets of philadelphia along with more than 500,000 for new kennels at the shelter. nbc 10 is dedicated to clearing the shelters throughout the area. every saturday morning, we feature a pet on the newscast
4:46 pm
that's up for adoption. tune in tomorrow to see this week's pets. > well, as we go into the weekend, two completely different days. for tonight, though, if you're headed out, friday night plans, it's going to be cool and it's going to stay damp. temperatures mostly are around 50 degrees, and look at neighborhoods in new jersey with the new neighborhood weather, and also don't forget the seven day forecast scrolling at the bottom of the screen for you so you'll always be able to see it. temperatures through new jersey, our suburbs here, 50 degrees, piles grove 4 the 9, and lumberton 49 degrees. princeton 50, and it is chilly this evening. it's going to stay cloudy, but the rain should mostly be moving out of the area now. can't rule out showers later on this evening, but overall, most of the rain from today, fairly light, and it is coming to an
4:47 pm
end. it's really just along the shore through parts of new jersey that we're seeing the rain just hanging around, but it is fairly light near atlantic city and up into parts of ocean county, but that's moving offshore. now, as we go into the weekend, though, watching another area of rain. it's some of which is heavy in the middle of the country right now, and it's going to move towards our area. it won't be here tomorrow, but it will be here as we go into sunday. so the weather story staying rainy and chilly. tomorrow, a break from that, but it will be back sunday morning. tonight, though, 10:30, a few showers moving through, not for everybody. into saturday, and throughout day, we're just looking at mostly cloudy skies, seeing peeks of sun here and there, but really remaining mostly dry so be a nice break. by saturday, 11:00 p.m., rain to the west moving in just to time for sunday morning. timing's not good with the run so we are watching this closely. it's a sunday, 8:00 in the
4:48 pm
morning, when the race starts, and we could see heavy rain approaching the philadelphia area. now here's a 11: 00 a.m., that rain continues. the yellow shows the heaviest rain and orange, that shows you even heavier rain. thunderstorm activity should stay mainly to the south, and as we go into sunday afternoon, we'll start to see a lot of that wind down, and, of course, watching the timing closely. here's the forecast tomorrow for your saturday if you're in new jersey, milville, and 55 degrees. along the shore, mid-50s for wildwood and mostly cloudy in trenton. tomorrow, low 6 oz. and philadelphia, coming in mountain low sixtys, but dry. delaware, harrington and wilmington, low 60s, and the rain not here until sunday. for the rest of the area in the pennsylvania region like westchester, pennsylvania suburbs, 61 degrees, and newtown 62. easton tomorrow, 60 for a high,
4:49 pm
and lehigh valley at 61 degrees. here's a look at your entire weekending if. when you see both days clearly you know which day is better. 62 as we go into saturday, but 58 sunday and rainy in philadelphia. here's the blue cross broad street run forecast. we break down the times here. you really see it's pretty much expected to be raining throughout the entire race, and we could see some heavier pockets of rain. a closer look at the forecast for the entire area as we go true next week coming up. the eagles took him for his athletic talent, but ladies say carson wentz has another asset. he's attractive. why nay are blown away next. we don't have to be a marathon runner. when i started, i had not even run a block. >> also a new tradition, how the blue cross broad street run inspired a group of local women and turned into a nationwide movement coming up on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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eagles about to introduce the future of the franchise. carson wentz fresh off the plane from the nfl draft in chicago making philly his new home. >> other than the skills, something else is grabbing attention of the fans. nbc 10 south jersey bureau reporter spoke to them about the take on the newest eagle town. what are they saying? >> reporter: jackie, they say he makes the cut. young ladies we spoke to in person and on social media and on both of the river tell me even without a love of football, they'll find themselves at the lincoln this fall. >> he's a ginger and he's
4:54 pm
adorable. >> reporter: none of us for that matter know how effective he'll be on the eagles' home turf, however, social media buzzing with the word "cute" says wentz is popular for another reason. among the top tweets, one writes, he's kind of cute, i guess you'll catch me at a game this fall. >> i spotted that he was a red and he's hot, i like that. >> turning heads at that blowout bar, and they are blown away. >> blown away by the good looks. definitely cute, adorable, even though i don't like sports, i would watch him. >> yeah. i think he's cute yeah. adorable. >> reporter: some say the native resembles royalty. >> yeah, i think he's attractive. looks like prince harry. >> reporter: among to the responses, is wentz the new heart throb? cute in a nerdy, down home way, nothing wrong with that. so maybe he's a humble hunk. the 23-year-old, however,
4:55 pm
appears spoken for by the photos on instagram. he walked the red carpet at the draft with his mom. as for dad, doug wentz, says as a boy, carson could hardly sit still watching nfl on tv. >> his favorite times of the football games was halftime because we would go outside for a few minutes. >> reporter: learning his son was destined for a big opportunity that last night came true. >> i'm thrilled to see his maturity in front of the camera and the people. i think it's been awesome. >> reporter: even before showing off exactly what he's made of, wentz, who is 6'5" and 237 pounds, you could say he's weighing heavily on minds of females, turning the nonsports fans into sports fans, maybe giving him a running start. nbc 10 news. >> throwing the stats out. as your official eagles' station, we have exclusive
4:56 pm
access to the players not seen anywhere else, so sunday night, blueprint on the wild week that changed the life of wentz forever sunday night at 11:30 following nbc 10 news at 11:00. >> we'll see how he is on the field. >> like everyone else, we're watching the weather here at nbc 10. unfortunately, there's rain over the week. there's a dry spot. we'll have the details for your neighborhood next. >> reporter: and not the nicest weather for an outdoor track meet, but when 2 the country's oldest and largest track and field competition, the fans make an exception. i'm rosemary connors, live to the penn relays coming up. plus, where is me refund? a mailman admits to swiping people's checks. how much he stole before getting caught. it's intelligent enough to warn of danger
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
from virtually anywhere.
4:59 pm
it's been smashed and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... and dragged through the mud. the 2016 gle. it's where brains meet brawn. lease the gle350 for $599 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. whether you run, volunteer, listening to music, it's a weekends for being outside, but mother nature may not cooperate. we're going to see more rain throughout the weekend. temperatures won't feel much like spring. your first alert neighborhood forecast starts right now on nbc 10 news at 5:00. >> i'm keith jones. >> there is some rain this
5:00 pm
weekend and dry spots too. >> we are tracking all the changes for your neighborhood. hey. >> hi, guys, yeah, you know, tomorrow's a little bit warmer and then we're going to get cold into sunday with rain. if you are headed out tonight, though, temperatures in the neighborhood weather, mostly around 50 degrees. 46 in the pennsylvania suburbs, drizzly in the valley, 49, but the neighborhoods in philadelphia in the 50s. 50 degrees in fox chase, and society hill is 51. it's a chilly evening and we have still some showers in the forecast for the rest of tonight, and not for everybody, though, i think most of the area will stay dry. here's a look at the radar. there is still some very light rain around, even through the lehigh valley, and most of what you see is moving out of new jersey. it's the lehigh valley we're watching at this point, and this is the best area for some more showers as we go through this evening, so allentown, a few sprinkles, and up into the


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