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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  April 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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weekend and dry spots too. >> we are tracking all the changes for your neighborhood. hey. >> hi, guys, yeah, you know, tomorrow's a little bit warmer and then we're going to get cold into sunday with rain. if you are headed out tonight, though, temperatures in the neighborhood weather, mostly around 50 degrees. 46 in the pennsylvania suburbs, drizzly in the valley, 49, but the neighborhoods in philadelphia in the 50s. 50 degrees in fox chase, and society hill is 51. it's a chilly evening and we have still some showers in the forecast for the rest of tonight, and not for everybody, though, i think most of the area will stay dry. here's a look at the radar. there is still some very light rain around, even through the lehigh valley, and most of what you see is moving out of new jersey. it's the lehigh valley we're watching at this point, and this is the best area for some more showers as we go through this evening, so allentown, a few sprinkles, and up into the
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poconos. also the en-day forecast with the new neighborhood weather is scrolling at the bottom of the screen for you. so here is a look at the forecast as we go into tomorrow. temperatures will mostly be around 60 degrees. 61 by 3:00 p.m., 61 by 6:00 p.m. and on the dry side tomorrow. your saturday forecast looking just mostly cloudy. then we go into sunday, very different forecast, we have quite a bit rain moving in, so now we're talking about the blue cross broad street run, 7:00 in the morning, one hour before the race starts, and we should have rain in the area, getting a little bit heavier throughout race time, and as we go into 11:00 a.m., heavy rain with temperatures in the low 50s. chilly and raining into sunday. a closer look at the forecast and entire weekend forecast coming up. >> making things more difficult. thank you so much. the penn relays bring the best runners around the world to philadelphia, and they are not going to let rain get in their way. >> rosemary connors is following the events.
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rosemary, how are the fans handling the wet weather out there? >> reporter: they really don't seem to mind too much. they did dress for the weather. let's look at the stands here. you can see they are bundled up with the parkas on, hats, blanke blankets, for a friday, it's a decent crowd here, especially considering the weather, and that's because this is a premier event that draws people from all over. >> i love track and field, and i travel all over the country for track and field. i've been a part of this event for 50 years. >> reporter: from the front row, clarence dickerson cheered on the best to run track at franklin field. >> nothing like being here seeing future olympians. >> reporter: attracting thousands of high school, college, and pro at athletes, there's a far reach. it's a philadelphia tradition,
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but it's also the country's oldest and largest track and field meet. giving competitors the chance to perform on a grand and in some ways global stage. >> one of the races i'm looking forward to today is the high school boys distance medially, a young fellow by the name of hunter is running from a high school in virginia. >> we have a great runner, drew hunter, who won the mile here last year. excited, it's a great opportunity. >> reporter: coming from virginia, west coast, and the crickian. >> we meet people from all over when we come here, and we love seeing the jamaicans run. >> our kids run in other words to get scholarships to come to colleges in the united states. >> as you can see, all the way from jamaica. >> reporter: george green from jamaica enjoys watching races, but he's rooting for the runners who share his roots. >> i think jamaica has very good athletes, without bias. >> reporter: without bias.
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>> but it's good overall. >> reporter: now, the name of the game for the runners is to warm up and to stay warm. in terms of team jamaica, they are here tomorrow when team usa takes on the world competition beginning tomorrow morning at 9:00. live from fring lin field, rosemary connors, n b.c. 10 news. >> thank you. a big race this weekend, runners lining up to get bibs for sunday's blue cross broad street run. the pennsylvania convention center hosting a prerace expo where runners not only get the coveted bibs but do some shops and get rain gear too. want to watch the race and avoid the rain? see it live here on nbc 10, and no matter where you're headed this weekend, check the app before heading out the door. the first alert radar shows if rain is near your neighborhood. from our delaware bureau, no charges will be filed this weekend against three students involved in a school fight
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leaving a teenager dead. wilmington police say there's still a lot of evidence have to go through in the investigation into amy joiner francis' death. the 16-year-old passed away after a bathroom brawl in howard high school last week. three girls believed to have been involved in the fight have already been suspended from school. >> because there's still a lot of work left to do by the adetectives in terms of revealing echds and relevant facts, we are not in a position at this time to file charges. >> the police chief says no weapons were used in the beating. nbc 10 contacted the medical examiner's office who would not release cause of death. tonight, philadelphia's mayor and police commissioner will speak at a first of its kind town hall in the city's controversial stop and frisk practice. large crowds are expected to join the mayor and commissioner as well as black lives matters leaders and aclu.
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a report file showed a third of stop and frisk stops were made without reasonable suspicion. that report in cases first half of last year filed by a group of civil rights lawyers and found black residents were targeted in 70% of all stops. a realtime crime center is expected to be up and running next month in wilmington, one of severals the police department adopted following evaluation by a state commission evaluation. they say the department is improving policing and plans to update technology it's using. state lawmakers created the commission to reduce violent crime rates in wilmington. skyforce10 live over breaking news in philadelphia's point breeze section. police on scene of a shooting happening at 20th and forton streets. at least one person is shot. no word on that person's condition. we will continue to monitor this
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situation. again, a shooting in point breeze. the bad news keeps piling up for atlantic city. a new report calls a.c.'s credit rating the worst in america and businesses are nervous about the bottom lines. ted greenberg has been talking to business owners today joining us live from the jersey shore bureau, ted? >> reporter: well, jackie, you might remember after hurricane sandy national media reports left visitors thinking the entire atlantic city board walk washed away when that was not the case at all. now business leaders are working hard to avoid confusion about the resort being open for business. >> we're doing well, picking up business. >> reporter: this year has been a bright one so far for atlantic city's historic lighthouse, and executive director hopes widespread news coverage of the resort's financial crisis won't change that. >> they are hearing something negative about atlantic city, it may spill over into the
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businesses. >> reporter: among local business leaders who are trying to spread the message there's still a lot of good happening in the seaside city. >> whereas a lot of news is bad because of the fiscal situation of the government, the town itself, the businesses, we're open. >> we're very concerned about the negative implication of people thinking that we're closed. >> reporter: a new report in the "wall street journal" calls a.c.'s credit rating the worst in america, but the mayor told nbc 10 today the city is leaning towards making a nearly $2 million bond payment due monday. that would avert a historic default since no municipality in new jersey has defaulted on its debt since the great depression. >> we certainly understand that the importance of making a bond payment just as we understand negative implications of bankruptcy. >> reporter: payments due next month bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars daily, by the money might run out in june if state lawmakers can't reach a deal on how to bail out the
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city's finances. a high level source in trenton tells me it's possible assembly speaker will post his version of an ac bailout bill on thursday. >> if the state has a control, the city's going to be open. >> reporter: the mayor says the city's casinos are working to spread that message by coming up with their own marketing plan which will also advertise the big concerts and other major events plan for this summer. live in our jersey shore bureau in atlantic city, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, ted. get on the right foot for philadelphia's homeless, family's forward, one of the largest emergency shelters for homeless families in the city. it actually held a job fair in west philadelphia today for two hours. people in need of a job met with employers from casinos to health care. they there were openings in a lot of areas. next at 5:00, a mother's desperate fight to protect her son.
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>> this was the hardest thing to ever go through, and to think we have to go through it again is a little saddening. >> a story that horrified the city of philadelphia. a 6-year-old paralyzed by the stray bullet now he may have to relive the moment that changed his life forever. we'll have his mother emotional plea next at 5:00. and from north dakota to chicago to philadelphia, the future of the eagles' franchise is just arriving in town, and in less than 30 minutes, carson will give public statements from philly. that's live once he steps up to the microphone. >> reporter: and lots of cool stuff to see, try, and buy at the broad street run expo. you know what else they have here? cool stories why people are running the race sunday. back here live when we come back.
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the shooting of 6-year-old jabar wright ten years ago rocked the city of philadelphia. he was paralyzed when shot in the neck. he was sitting in the back of his grandfather's car. the grandfather was intended target, and now the man accused of shooting wright wants a new trial. the mother is doing everything she can to stop rollins from getting out of prison. he says the prospect of another trial is haunting. the now 16-year-old jabar who
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will spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. >> you know, instead of doing his time and being repentful for it, he wants out. my son wants out of his wheelchair. >> rollins sentenced to more than 100 years in prison, and the judge could decide by june if there's a new trial. the attorney declined to comment today. residents have the chance to clean out their medicine cabinet. the drug enforcement agencies in both states host the national prescription drug take back day. 300 collection sites will be set up across the two states. it's anonymous and free. last year's take back event netted more than 23,000 pounds of medication. health screenings set outside the city's municipal building featuring three kidney screenings, counselors there,
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and healthy cooking demonstrations. we are less than 48 hours from the blue cross broad street run. excitement is building as we get closer and closer to the start of sunday's race. >> nbc 10's tim furlong watches runners come in all day to get bibs and other gear too like a rain jacket or too. we are live at the pennsylvania vengs center. tim, looks busy there. >> reporter: yeah. rain jacket's a good idea, by the way, you need it. here at the expo for the run, you can see just little complex they have here, it's really fun. all runners coming in today, getting bibs, doing shopping, the conference, vendors, training center, it's here. the best part of the run, to me, is the stories of what brought people to the point where they decided they needed to do this. look, this is brett from lansdale. he looked different two years ago. 110 pounds heavier, bad habits to kick, decided to get healthy, start exercising, eat better,
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drink water, and he'll run ten miles with 40,000 friends. i asked if he imagined running this run. >> never in my life. you asked me two years ago running down the street, i would never. my brother died in 2008 of heart disease, and my dad died when i was 12 of heart disease. i want to see my son walk down the aisle. >> there you go. so many great stories here, and you talk about the rain, and it's going to be a rainy day, but it's not the end of the world. here, come down here, we did shopping scouting it out for you, excuse me second, they have cool rain gear here, and some is on good sale. you're going to need rain gear, no doubt about it. watching or running, you'll need it. it's an awesome day like always, and it has been since 1980. >> tim, thank you. hopefully you can say save a jacket for me as a runner. >> yes. >> i'll need it for sure. >> yes, you will.
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if you live near the run, you need to know about parking restrictions in the area. >> there's plan in place for epta's train and bus and cars parked along the race route be moved by midnight saturday or be towed. septa is adding extra trains to the broad street line for racers, and busses detour sunday lasting until the race is over. >> watch the entire race live here on nbc 10. our coverage begins at 8:00 a.m. sunday. if you miss it, it airs on the comcast sports network, available for comcast customers as well through xfinity on demand. as we mentioned, it's a rainy and chilly day for the race. >> have you run in the rain, keith? >> no. >> first for everything. >> we'll have fun. >> make the best of it, right? >> yeah. >> dry spots for other parts of the weekend, that's good. let's go to our meet rolkgs with the neighborhoods weather. make it dry for keith for sunday. >> i'm sorry, guys!
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we actually can't do that, not for sunday. so much rain moving in. it's not hit or miss rain, but if you are running in the run, we are looking at potentially heavy rain in certain parts of the race. so i'll show that coming up, a detailed forecast, and don't forget the seven-day scrolling at the bottom of the screen. i wish i had better weather for sunday, but at least tomorrow you'll have it. right now, the area's dry, lehigh valley with showers, chilly, 49 degrees, and 50 in new jersey, and around the mid-40s for pennsylvania suburbs, philadelphia 51 degrees, and live camera shot shows low clouds outside, damp and cool today. it's going to stay this way through tonight. look at the radar, though, most of the area really on the dry side other than trenton moving out, and as we go into the next couple days here, we're going to see more approaching, so the
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fist half of the weekend dry, but look at the wet weather off to the west. this is the rain we're watching as we go into sunday. right now, this is very heavy rain, but as it gets closer, we're going to see that turn into a very large area of widespread rain and temperatures will be cool too. here's future weather, so we go through tonight, and maybe a few sprinkles in the raer, but overall, mostly dry. then for your saturday, this is the dry day out of the weekend, so saturday, by the afternoon, mostly cloudy, and i think we'll have breaks of sunshine here and there. low 60s, so a nice day. then there you see it, saturday night, the rain approaches from the west. then it'll be moving in for sunday morning. here's sunday, 8:00 in the morning. that's right the broad cross blue street run starts. the yellows and oranges indicates heavy rainfall. the thing is, these computer models have been showing this timing with pretty heavy rain over the past couple days now. it looks consistent. i think at this point we can say there's a sure bet we'll have
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rain, potentially heavy move through during the blue cross run. by 11:00 a.m. sunday, rain is around, and afternoon it clears up more and more come back into monday. look at the rain totals, saturday dry, sunday, though, up to an inch of rain as we go through the afternoon in some areas with the heavier amounts, so, again, we cannot rule out the heavy rain especially early sunday morning. tomorrow's forecast, though, looking better. this is your saturday forecast. lehigh valley, reading at 61 degrees, cloudy. pennsylvania suburbs like westchester, low 60s, and mostly cloudy, but peeks of sun. 61 tomorrow, 62, and in, areas like trenton, 61 for a high, and mostly cloudy, and along the shore, mostly the mid-50s for atlantic city and avlon, and if
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you're in delaware, closer to mid-50s too. dover 61 degrees, and 62 in wilmington. that's the dry day of the weekend. then we go into sunday. the blue cross broad street run forecast, 8:00 in the morning, rain likely. 49 degrees. i think even by 8:00 a.m., some of that rain could be potentially heavy. 10:00 by the time the race winds down, we'll see the rain around. it's going to be continue yous as we go through the morning hours. by noon sunday, we could still be seeing heavy rain around, but i think we'll still see consistent rainfall by then, so sunday is beginning to be a rainy day. a look at the exclusive ten-day forecast. when you compare tomorrow to sunday, clearly, we have a better day out of weekend tomorrow to get your outdoor plans done, and then we go into the middle of next week to 70 degrees, seeing more in the way of dry conditions and rain chances come back by the end of next week. see all the way to the following
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monday, not looking bad back in the 70s, a closer look coming up. looks like the rain holds off for the thousands of volunteers taking part in comcast cares day. it is the largest single day volunteer effort in the nation. roughly 100,000 volunteers participate in hundreds of projects to beautify neighborhoods, parks, and local schools. employees will be among them, and comcast is the parent company of n 10. the dmv is notorious for customer complaints. now complaints have gone straight to the top. new jersey governor chris christie ordered all dmv workers to do. plus, it's a win-win. learn a useful skill and make money doing it. the new facility that's helping local students jobs in the auto industry. that's all new on nbc 10 news at 5:00. it's not new york city. it's not l.a. it's the thrill in philadelphia. thing event of 2016 presenting night at the fights.
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join me for a spectacular evening unlike any other. punch up your career by raising money for youth and education. it's a night to see and be seen. saturday april 30th. tickets at
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new jersey motor commission vehicle employees have to undergo customer service training every year, a direct order from governor chris christie who announced the mon date after helping a teenager replace his learning permit that was damaged in the wash his show, the family explained they tried for four months to replace the permit but several locationings said no. elsewhere, a new auto repair shop hopes to keep engines running and students revved up, and provide jobs. it's a partnership between suburu and the automotive skill. they enrom students who want to be the next generation of auto technicians. >> so e emotional when you meet these folks that the hair on your neck stands up and what we're able to provide for them and families. >> the new headquarters is in
5:27 pm
the construction stages now with a target completion date of december 2017. a lot of people ask where is my refund because almost half a million dollars in checks disappeared from local neighborhoods. investigators found the culprit. how he pulled off the scheme. waiting for carson wentz to step up to the mike in the first news conference in philadelphia. the new eagles draft pick arrived in town hours ago. we'll watch this and bring you some of wentz's comments coming up at 5:00.
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look, we're just going to keep it real. rainy, chilly, dreary today. it does not feel like spring right now. doesn't feel like it's may in two days. parts of your weekend won't look better. more rain's moving in with a few dry spots in between. >> our meteorologist is here to help you plan weekend joining us now with the first alert neighborhood weather. keep it real for us. there's a lot of stuff going on. >> doesn't sound nice, does it, when we just sum it up and say chilly and rainy. good news is, and there is good news, first half of the weekend is nice. there's a dry day to run errands. there's a lot of stuff going on this weekend, so, yes, we have rain for some big events in the philadelphia area.
5:31 pm
temperatures right now, though, only 50 degrees. it is chilly and damp outside. if you are headed out tonight for friday evening plans, 50 degrees is the temperature in philadelphia. 48 in mount holly, 49 in atlantic city, and in allentown. don't forget with the new neighborhood weather, seven day forecasts scrolling at the bottom of the screen no matter pennsylvania, new jersey, or delaware. we update that every single day. here's a live look at the radar. so some light rain is moving through already. overall, though, we are just on the dry side, and we're going to keep overcast skies in the forecast for tonight, tomorrow, and i think some of the clouds will start to break up a little bit. it'll mostly cloudy day so drier for saturday. that's the first part of our two-part weekend because it's very different both days. center sfi tomorrow, forecast mostly cloudy, 62 degree, and so a fairly nice day especially when you compare it to sunday, so drier saturday, rainy as we go into sunday, a lot of stuff happening on sunday. look at future weather, sunday's
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forecast, here's 7:30, 8:00 in the morning sunday. yellow indicates heavier rainfall. the green is light rain. at 8:00 a.m. when the run begins, and that point, we do expect rain. pretty steady rainfall too, some of which could be heavy, and then we go through the next few hours here. the rain still lingering, and by noon, we'll still have the rain around starting to lighten up, though, in the afternoon. coming up, we'll take a closer look at the weekend forecast, and ha you can expect as we go into next week straight ahead. >> all right. before you head out the door this weekend, check the nbc 10 app to show the forecast in your neighborhood and first alert radar to see if rain is headed your way. take a look at this. a fire ball in the sky followed a natural gas pipeline explosion in western pennsylvania this morning. it happened in west moreland county 30 miles east of pittsburgh. the fire destroyed one home and
5:33 pm
damaged several others and burned a plan running down the road to escape. crews got the fire under control within an hour but gas burned for several hours, they are trying to determine what caused the explosion. right now at 5:00, police are pleading to the community for help solving the death of a 25-year-old new castle county man. 8:00 monday night, someone shot and killed him at the intersection of robertson. just before baily was killed, a large fight broke out drawing a large crowd. a $10,000 reward is offered case. a former u.s. postal worker admitted to stealing dozens of income tax refunds. today, earl champagne of burlington county pled guilty for the role in conspiracy involving 72 stolen checks. now, he admitted stealing checks march to july of 20 shh and giving them to others.
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the haul amounted to $442,000. meanwhile, a project that deep in the delaware river sent the casey on a bus tour around the marine terminal today. casey says the dredging allows larger ships to dock at the philadelphia port creating jobs and posting businesses. federal funds pay for the projects. in new jersey, governor chris christie's latings hit a new low. 64% of registers votered have an unfavorable view of him and 26% have a favorable view, three points down from february when he suspended his presidential campaign. only 3% surveyed cited support of trump as a reason for disliking him. tempers flair against trump. protesters try to push their way pass police in riot gear. plus, hillary clinton doubles down, how she's responding to trump's comments about playing
5:35 pm
the woman card next at 5:00.
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decision 2016 protesters tried to stop trump from entering a california hotel today. he was attending the state's gop convention. demonstrators faced off against police in riot gear. this comes as trump is under fire for comments made earlier this week. >> the only thing she's got going is the woman's card and beautiful thing is women don't like her. okay. look well i did with women tonight. okay. >> trump caused quite a controversy attacking hillary clinton tuesday night. this after sweeping all five republican primaries. the clinton campaign is cashing in on trump's comments about her playing the woman card.
5:38 pm
yesterday, clinton supporters received an e-mail offering them a woman card in exchain for a donation. it resembles a new york city subway card and says, "deal me in" because hillary clinton responded by saying, quote, if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in. today, a big name in indiana threw support behind cruz days ahead of the primary. that's governor mike pence endorsing the texas senator praising him calling him a princ principled conservative. >> i think indiana's incredibly important. i think the people of this state, the country is depending on hoosiers right now. >> polls show cruz is behind trump ahead of tuesday's indiana primary. well, a circus tradition is coming to an end.
5:39 pm
how they say good-bye to the famous elephants next at 5:00. and we have more rain in the forecast this weekend, when the heaviest rain arrives next in the new neighborhood weather forecast.
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tom wolf is making the fight against on yoid abuse a top priority, hosting a debate with law enforcement and emergency responders and health care experts they focused on the ma attached to heroin abuse and lack of space at treatment centers. discussions like this lead to a change that saves the state money biering incarceration rates. lehigh county sheriff deputies are armed with narcan to save from heroin overdoses.
5:42 pm
this will be place around county facilities used by 85 deputies in case of emergency. almost all police departments are trained to use this. if you might recall, nbc 10 spent months looking into the heroin crisis in our area. that work cullresulted in genern addiction. >> one man honored by the white house. >> he launched the angel initiative that lets addicts come to the police station to ask for help and they are put in a treatment center. he offered a path to treatment for anyone suffering from addiction. >> efforts in law enforcement and legitimate voice added to the fight by law enforcement i think is a conversation changer, disruptive force, and i think that we have a lot of work to do. >> see more of the impact the initiative is making for addicts
5:43 pm
across the country on the exclusive provides a raw look inside the heroin epidemic and war on drugs waged with compassion. the end of an era for the greatest show on earth. after nearly 150 years, the circus will retire elephant act this weekend after animal rights activists changed the laws where the circus travels. the elephants will pack their trunks and retire in a conservation center in florida. >> this was in the best interest of the elephants and our company and in the best interest of audiences. >> while in retirement, scientists will study the elephants blood for a cure for cancer. the future of the franchise. >> that's right. right now, eagles' quarterback is speaking to reporters less than 24 hours after the birds selected him as the second overall pick in the draft.
5:44 pm
>> let's listen in live. >> fired up, excited, and it's been a good day. >> your interaction with doug peterson been? what's your impressions of him? >> he's awesome, you know, seems like a real players' coach, get along with him great, and seems like he knows a lot about football. you know, with him and coaches, a lot of quarterback knowledge and minds that i'm going to try to soak up as much information as quickly as i can from those guys and really excited. it's a great opportunity for me to come in and learn from those guys. >> in the past four months, it's been preparing for the draft. what's next? what's the next two weeks before rookie camp? >> yeah. keep getting myself ready, you know, back to what i've done in the last couple weeks. obviously, i'll be getting ready now for the rookie camp and everything, but i have to get myself ready and dive into that playbook if they allow me to, but, you know, just i'm ancy and ready to go. >> carson, do you have the
5:45 pm
playbook yet? if you don't, when do you get it? how long does it take before you dive in and learn it all? >> well, i'm not sure exactly when i'm getting it, but i know once i do, i'll dive in right away. i'm pretty -- through the process, i made jokes to people, like, kind of going crazy, i have no playbook. i'm watching film, and i don't know what to watch for. i'm not reading defenses quite the same because i don't have playbooks. fired up to get a book and dive right in. >> car soson, have you been to philadelphia before? could you walk us through your series of events since you touched down in philadelphia? what have you done since being here? >> yeah. i had not been here until my visit just one or two weeks ago. that was real brief. obviously, it was 24 hours, and i didn't a chance to experience a lot of it other than just being at the facility and everything. i'm excited. i'm excited to kind of see what the city has to offer, see what this place is all about.
5:46 pm
you know, since touching down, i got a chance, as i mentioned earlier, just to see everybody again, you know, and reunite and just express how excited we both were to do this thing, and get to work. >> carson, are you becoming a two-handed monster? >> i did have a philly cheese steak, yes. >> a two handed monster? >> i'm working on it. that's a funny statement, but for those of you, that was something from the john gruden show, ball security has gotten better. >> carson, how familiar are you with the personnel on this roster right now, and have any of the players or anybody reached out to you since you were drafted? >> yeah. you know, i'm familiar a little bit. obviously, i'm going to get more familiar real quick here. zac hurtz texted me yesterday, a great dude, excited to meet him, a lot of tweets from other guys that i think i missed a lot of them too, but, you know, i'm
5:47 pm
excited to get to know everybody and to get to work with the guys and it sounds like everyone talks highly of the group of guys in the locker room. i'm excited for it. >> carson, doug peterson said you bleed winning. where does that come from? competitive spirit with that and work ethic? where did you get that from? >> i think first and foremost it's how i'm wired. if i'm not the best at something, it ticks me off and i work my tail off to be the best. it's my upbringing, my parents, older brother pushed me, competitive with him, and i hate losing. it's how i'm wired. i hope to bring that to philadelphia. >> carson, i'd imagine the last four days just getting off the plane on tuesday and then everything that they had going on in chicago leading into last night, it the fulfillment of a dream, like, can you describe what those four days were like? >> yeah. just being in chicago was really fun. you know, it was a great time to
5:48 pm
interact with some of the local kids there, play 60 event, went to a middle school. that was awesome. i got to be around some other top prospects in the draft. that was cool. you only get introduced briefly because busy, but i got to be around the guys and make good friends and everything, and finally, last night, you know, walking the red carpet, got in there, did the national anthem, sat down, and it was already on the clock, you know, and so that happened so fast. it was surreal. it's an unbelievable moment to remember for the rest of my life. >> carson, you sat first two years at north dakota state. the plan going forward is to let you sit and learn until you get up to speed on the nfl and speed and all that, but how, you know, how comfortable are you with sitting and waiting and, you know, how patient can you be while you learn? >> yeah. as a competitor, you know, you want to be out there, but i understand that there's a lot to that. i'm just going to come in and learn, and, you know, for one,
5:49 pm
that's not for me to decide. i'll come in, learn, and compete my tail off, and when coach feels fit for me to be out there, i'll go out and hopefully do well. >> carson, your coach, doug peterson, played here. he coached here. what did he tell you that you have to brace yourself for here in philadelphia? >> we have not gotten real deep with things yet. just hitting it off well, but, yeah, i mean, everyone's just telling me about how passionate everybody is, you know, and talking last night to the media again, i said, you know, they are passionate here. they hate losing. i'm, like, i fit right in. you know, i hate losing. i'm pass gnat about the game as well, and so i think that's what general consensus i keep getting from the philadelphia area. >> did you hear the word "tough"? >> i did, yeah. tough love. that's all part of it, but that's, again, it's all part of it. >>son, for people -- >> that's a good a moment as ever to jump out of this one.
5:50 pm
rest assured, comcast john clark is there, more at 6:00, the overall number two pick describe it as surreal, 24 hours from north dakota to chicago, selected last night, now here in philadelphia, and he had a cheese steak too. >> he did, one of the most important elements, right? fargo to philly, he has to prepare for attention. >> i think so. >> got a taste of that when the eagles went to fargo, north dakota to meet with him. thought it was a private meeting, went to a restaurant, ten minutes inside, and it was already all over twitter. then he got a feel of, oh, boy, what's it going to be like? get used to it. we have so much more coverage coming your way in the nbc 10 blueprint. john clark, a wild week, and, plus, another draft pick with local ties. houston texans select will fuller. [ cheers and applause ] >> in case you couldn't hear
5:51 pm
over the screaming, the guy they are cheering for is will fuller, taken last night. fuller was a standout at roman catholic high school and notre dame. there he is. drafted 21st by the houston texans. also tonight starting a new tradition. >> you don't have to be a marathon runner. when i started, i had not even run a block. >> the blue cross broad street run inspired a group of local women and turned into a nationwide movement.
5:52 pm
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at longhorn, if you want steak... lucky you. if you don't want steak... lucky you. its longhorn favorites. the outlaw ribeye. the longhorn salmon. and the parmesan crusted chicken. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak.
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we have new information about breaking news earlier in the newscast. one victim in the shooting in philadelphia died. skyforce10 over the shooting within the past 30 minutes. a second person was shot, but he is expected to be okay. turning to the blue cross broad street run known for drawing people from all backgrounds. >> inspiring women to start running, and now they have created a nationwide movement. >> andr andrea has their story. >> reporter: for this group of women, the run commemorates a special milestone. >> what does the broad street run mean to you. >> oh, my gosh. the broad street run is where latinas in motion was born.
5:55 pm
>> reporter: three years ago, six friends got together after realizing that latinas were under represented in the running community. >> you don't have to be a marathon runner. when i started, i had not even run a block, and i think that's really what makes this -- takes away the intimidation. ♪ >> reporter: now a movement with thousands of members in several chapters across the country including puerto rico. >> we grew up with fitness and wellness not being a priority. if you think about, you know, some of the traditional diets that we eat at home, like a lot of rice and beans everywhere, being college educated knowing what we should be doing, and i think that's what really makes it so popular. ♪ >> reporter: the group participates in races all over the nation, but the blue cross broad street run always will have a special meaning. >> it's probably the one run that i share with my family, and
5:56 pm
when i say "i share with my family," they meet me at the finish line, able to cheer me on throughout the course. >> reporter: more than 100 members of the latinas in motion will run the broad street run may 1st. you can see them there wearing these purple shirts. at the river trail, nbc 10 news. >> have to watch for them for sure. we are, again, broadcasting the race live to look out for them too. our coverage starts at 8:00 a.m., but if you miss it, we'll be airing the race on the comcast sports network. it's available for comcast customers through xfinity on demand. >> important tips for the runners and show you the best places to the race tonight at z 7:00 at 10:00. >> all right, guys, thanks. next at 6:00, a soggy start to the weekend, but will it be a complete wash out? we have the answer. >> no, not the whole weekend, so
5:57 pm
we're going to see one better day than the otherment the timing of potentially heavy rain moving in, and which day is best to get outside coming up. >>, the runners preparing to race. today, picking up their gear for the broad cross run, and up next, story of how the run started out small only to be one of the biggest events of its kind. and a delay in the investigation into the death of a student at this high school. why police say the probe is taking so long. next on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
our soggy stretch rolls on, tracking rain again today. nbc 10 and center city here where it was umbrellas as far as the eye could see. good evening, everyone, i'm jim rosenfield. you see the latest rounds of rain on first alert radar with more to come this weekend after this moves through. it's made some wet running at the penn relays as we take a live look at franklin field. competition continues tomorrow when we may see a little sunshine. >> but heavy rain expected to fall during another tradition in the city coming up sunday. we're there today as runners pick up the gear for the run, and we have a live look now at broad street right here coming to us from our new kimmel center campus camera. a busy weekend ahead and sheena
6:00 pm
will break it down for us. how wet will it be? >> sunday is the day to expect potentially heavy rain. that's the wet day out of the weekend. saturday, tomorrow, looks good. here's a look right now, though. philadelphia's skyline, liberty un1 and 2, and overcast skies, sprinkles right now. with the new neighborhood weather, current condition, 50 degrees in philadelphia and the seven day forecast, so you'll never miss that. radar right now, we are mostly just seeing overcast skies, and light rain is moving out, i can't rule out sprinkles this evening, but what you see to the west in the middle of the country, that's part of the area of rain that we do expect to move in on sunday. tomorrow, not so bad for the penn relays. tomorrow's forecast, very different than what we see sunday. my noon, 58 degrees, 3:00 p.m., 60 degrees, and 6:00 p.m., low 60s tomorrow,cloudy, b


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