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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  April 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. >> drama miles off the jersey shore. three men escape their sinking fishing boat after a collision on the water. >> from the time we pulled up to them, it was two minutes and that boat was under. >> it was a rescue caught on camera as waves batter the tiny lifeboat separating the trio from the sea. >> good evening, i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. it began as a fishing trip but a day out on the water took a dangerous turn. >> it did after a collision with a tugboat. the fishermen found themselves in a life-or-death situation six
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miles off the coast of cape may. as nbc 10's brandon hudson reports their training kicked in. >> reporter: unbelievable sight unfolding right before your eyes. a commercial fisherman's boat losing a battle to stay afloat moments after the crew escaped. >> there was a may day call over the vhf radio that there was a collision. you hear that? >> reporter: jerry whose crew was trying to help shot the cell phone video while he was in cape may, new jersey, yesterday afternoon. >> it was two minutes and that boat was under. completely under. >> reporter: the u.s. coast guard says the fisherman's boat hit another boat about five miles from their station. it quickly toppled over then sunk in about a minute. the crew called the coast guard for help. >> the crewmen on our boat said when we got on scene, they were hanging out of it waving to them. >> reporter: the coast guard found the captain and his crew inside this survival craft. all three men huddled inside this which is about four feet tall. they all had these red survival
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suits on to stay dry. the coast guard officers then brought them on board this boat. >> we brought them down here to survivor's compartment. >> reporter: officer james helped with the rescue and says the seas were rough. waves were about 5 to 6 feet high and it was windy. the coast guard is now investigating the crash to find out how it happened and who was at fault. >> great i captured it on video to begin with, but it was just something that i hope never to see again because it could have, like i said, could have had a very different ending. >> reporter: he says the captain who's from south jersey lost quite a bit of business including what they caught. no one was seriously hurt. in cape may, new jersey, i'm brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. new at 11:00, police are looking for the man who pistol whipped a father and son during a home invasion in upper darby. the men were wearing white masks and gloves when they burst into the house along pennsylvania
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avenue around midday yesterday. the father and son struggled with the suspects and one of their masks came off and this is a sketch of that man. if you recognize him, you should call police. also new at 11:00, a philadelphia woman is heading to prison for driving into another woman in a love triangle fight. today, precious coleman was sentenced to 7 to 15 years behind bars. coleman pleaded no contest to attempted murder. prosecutors say she plowed her car into beatrice spence in nicetown last april. the two women were in an ongoing fight over a man. spence's leg was severed and right after the crash the victim's mother rushed to the hospital leaving something cooking on the stove. the house burned down. you will not -- >> new at 11:00, philadelphia's mayor taking heat at this public meeting, protesters accusing him of lying about a controversial
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police technique called stop and frisk. >> nbc 10's drew smith has both sides of this debate from north philadelphia. >> for some people it's happening every day. >> reporter: community activists say their friends and neighbors are still being stopped and searched without reason except the color of their skin. now they want answers from the mayor who promised to end stop and frisk. >> and now we're here to hold his feet to the fire. >> there's a lot of ambiguity surrounding what the mayor meant when he said ending stop and frisk. >> reporter: mayor kenney sat before thousands in a church and said he's working to end all constitutional encounters and putting in place unprecedented policies and reporting requirements. >> we have held up our promise to end this unconstitutional practice. >> reporter: some people in the crowd weren't buying it. saying these leaders are using nuanced language to keep the controversial policy in place. about 45 minutes in, the town hall came to a halt.
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as people yells in all directions. [ yelling ] >> they want to see more action. that i do understand. but that's not the way to get it. >> reporter: but leaders in the black community promised to keep the pressure on. >> it's an ineffective policy. those numbers have to come down and this is more than just a training issue. this has to come from the top. >> reporter: now in response to all the criticism the mayor says he can't just flip a switch. he's only been in office four months. he did say he'll continue the dialogue on stop and frisk. north philly, drew smith, nbc 10 news. we have this just in. a man accused of shooting at a pennsylvania state police officer during a traffic stop is now in custody. [ gunshots ] police say trev bowies jackson was seen in this police car
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dashcam video shooting at pointblank range at the head of an officer in northern york county p.a. this happened in november. somehow the bullet missed the officer. he was not hurt. jackson managed to get away and today u.s. marshals arrested him in the strawberry mansion section of philadelphia. to the weather now. and a dry night in chinatown. people finally got a chance to put those umbrellas away. >> this is a weekend when the weather is really crucial here in philadelphia. the penn relays are happening, so is the blue cross broad street run. >> we know at least some of the runners will have to compete in cold, wet conditions. let's bring in meteorologist sheena parveen with our nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. sheena? >> yeah, we do have rain over part of the weekend. some of that rain will be locally heavy. here's what the radar looks like right now. not too bad. we have a few very light showers trying to make their way through delaware and south jersey. mostly just sprinkles or some very light rain moving through south jersey. that's really about it as we go through tonight. tomorrow will be a fairly dry
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day so we're going to be in between what we have now and this weather system in the middle of the country, that will be here as we go into sunday. so with your new neighborhood weather we're able to show you and pinpoint each day. also the seven-day forecast always scrolling at the bottom of the screen. for tomorrow the penn relays, 12:00. by noon, temperatures near 60 degrees. mostly cloudy. i think through the afternoon, we could see some peeks of sunshine. then we go into sunday for the blue cross broad street run. that is going it be a very different day. rain starting in the morning. could be heavy at times. and take a look at these temperatures along with the rain. around 50 degrees. it's going to be rainy and chilly. coming up i'll take a close look at the timing of it and we'll see where the heaviest rain will be. that's straight ahead. the future of the eagles franchise has only been in philly one day, but he already knows a thing or two about the fans. >> they're passionate here. they hate losing.
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unlike -- i fit right in. >> that's carson wentz, of course, in his first news conference since the eagles took him with the number 2 pick. comcast sportsnet's marshall harris live with a look at this new era and wentz seems to take all the hoopla in stride. >> the eagles welcomed wentz to philadelphia today. they selected him with the second overall pick in the nfl draft last night. no surprise wentz ended up with the eagles. the birds had their eyes on wentz but not until the rams took jared goff until the final piece fell into place. it's been a whirlwind for wentz. >> today's been really cool, coming in and getting to kind of reunite again, youn know, after the visit with the offensive staff, really everybody in the organization to get a chance to talk with them again and they're fired up, they're excited. i'm fired up and excited. and it's been a good day. >> for head coach doug pederson,
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it's a chance to build a franchise quarterback from ground up. if all goes as planned we might not see wentz on the field this season but a chance to watch and learn. he had nothing but praise for his new head coach. >> he seems awesome. he seems like a real player's coach. someone you can get along with great. he seems like he knows a lot about football. with he and a lot of quarterback knowledge, quarterback minds, that i'm just going to try to soak up as much information as quickly as i can from those guys and i'm really excited. i think it's a great opportunity for me to come in and learn from those guys. >> now we'll have more from wentz's introductory press conference in faw minutes in sports. he talks art h s about his new s and worth ethic. >> thank you. ♪ sing a song for you >> the queen of soul played the white house in honor of
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international jazz day. the concert attended by prp president obama and the first delayed featured dozens of music greats. today recognizes the power of jazz as a force for freedom and creativity all over the world. tomorrow the commander in chief becomes the comedian in chief. >> mr. president, do you have a bucket list? and i said, well, i have something that rhymes with bucket list. >> that was president obama at last year's white house correspondents' dinner. this year's event is happening tomorrow night. the annual tradition brings political heavyweights and hollywood stars together. it's nicknamed the nerd prom. from the nerd prom to the nerd olympics. this group of self-proclaimed geeks were having a good time inside the franklin institute tonight. it's part of the philadelphia science festival that kicks off tomorrow at penn landing. in addition to science shows and guessing games, they played a giant game of tetris. all right. get ready to run. the blue cross broad street run is this weekend.
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we're going to show you how runners are getting ready for the expected rainy conditions. plus, a girl dies after a fight at school. why police say it's taking them so long to make an arrest. we couldn't stop them. >> remember this video of an easter bunny brawl? what happened when giant rabbit had his day in court.
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throw the hands. oh, he stomped him. >> the mall easter bunny charged with aggravated assault after this fight with an angry father is now facing reduced charges. today a judge downgraded the charge to schismimple assault. a dad attacked kaseem charles at a mall in jersey city last month after the man's daughter slipped from charles' lap. the man's family says he was simply protecting his child. also new at 11:00, authorities now say is a man in a wheelchair shot and killed by
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wilmington police had a gun when it happened and say there is evidence he may have used it. >> drop the gun! drop the gun! >> in this cell phone video from a witness, you can hear police yelling to jeremy mcdole to drop his gun. police shot him when he appeared to move his hands to his waist area. this happened this fall in the baird square neighborhood and today the city asked a judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by mcdole's family saying he had gunshot residue on his hand. family says police planted the gun. still no arrests more than a week after the beating death of a delaware high school student. wilmington police tell us there is too much evidence to sift through in the investigation into amy joyner-frances' death. the 16-year-old passed away after a bathroom brawl at howard high school last week. three girls believed to have been involved in the fight have already been suspended from school. new at 11:00, pennsylvania drivers will soon notice a new kind of traffic light.
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it's the flashing yellow arrow. something you'll find in other states but never in the keystone state until now. signal means you need to yield to oncoming traffic before proceeding with caution. penndot says these signals can reduce left turn crashes by 20%. it is the largest ten-mile road race in the usa. on sunday, thousands of runners will take off for the blue cross broad street run. >> yeah. this year the weather as we know could pose an extra challenge. nbc 10's keith jones live in center city where the preparations are under way. keith? >> reporter: that's right, jim, jackie. 40,000 runners are going to pass by here on broad street. we're right now in the shadow of city hall. this is known as the turn, about halfway through the race, about 5 1/2 miles in. the pavement right now is dry. come sunday, runners with pare preparing for some wet roads. less than 33 hours from start time, north to south philly, this year in the rain. that's not stopping runners like
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tamika wilkerson. >> i'm going to be ready for the rain, be prepared, get rain gear, come rain or shine i'm going to do the ten miles. >> reporter: blue cross broad street run comes in handy. experts say to wear lighter clothing so the rain doesn't wear you down. expect slippery pavement and slower times. lastly stay hydrated and change into clean clothes after crossing the finish line. that will be a huge feat by brett tripler who looks different than he did two years ago dropping 110 pounds. >> asked me two years ago if i'd be running down the street, i would never run down the street. my brother died in '08 of heart disease, my dad died when i was 12 of heart disease. i want to see my son walk down the aisle. >> reporter: as for spectators, expect thousands cheering you on. >> you're getting these high fives and with every high five you're getting more energy. >> reporter: cars parked an broad could be towed tomorrow.
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>> it's anybody's run. you know, ten miles, it's not a marathon, not a half marathon. it's a challenging distance, but it's not impossible to to do. it's an iconic race and get to see every neighborhood of philadelphia. >> reporter: back live, the blue cross broad street run health and wellness expo continues tomorrow. there's still time to pick up that bib and still time to pick up the rain gear as well. i'll be there tomorrow so you can come and say hi. i, of course, will be picking up rain gear and something else to wear because it's pretty chilly. expected to be chilly sunday mortga morning as well. >> because you're running in it? >> reporter: running in it. excited about it. >> year two for you, right? >> reporter: that's right. a big year, too. >> we'll be at the finish line. come over and say hi. >> reporter: no question. be ready with the water bottle. >> we will. >> keith, thank you. >> our coverage of the blue cross broad street run begins at 8:00 sunday morning.
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if you're running, don't forget to dvr it to go back and look for yourself. if you miss it, we'll be airing the race again on comcast sportsnet and also be available for comcast customers through xfinity on demand. tomorrow more than 6,000 volunteers around the country will get to work for comcast cares day. it is the largest single day volunteer effort in the nation and it's a celebrate of comcast's year-long commitment to service. if you're free tomorrow, you can help. register on the nbc 10 app. comcast is the parent company of nbc 10. and sheena, weather for tomorrow is not looking too bad, right? >> no, not at all. weather for tomorrow looking mostly dry. mostly cloudy. but dry. that's the key here. as we go into sunday, very different. tonight, though, we're damp and chilly still outside. temperatures mostly in the mid to upper 40s right now. here's a live look out at city hall. this is where we're going to be basically stationed on sunday, but on sunday, we're also talking about heavy rain for parts of the area.
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so for tonight, we're going to stay damp and cool. here's a live look at the radar. so a few very light showers. we'll zoom in on these. mostly for south jersey and delaware, stretching to atlantic city. this is mostly very light rain. a few sprinkles overnight tonight. tomorrow, though, will be a drier day. also don't forget your seven-day forecast always scrolling at the bottom of the screen for you. then we have this cluster of rain right in the middle of the country. this is what we're watching as we go into sunday. we do expect heavy rain as we go into sunday. let's take a look at future weather. here's kind of a step through time as we go into saturday first. so here's noon tomorrow, looking pretty good. mostly cloudy. i think we'll see breaks in some of the cloud cover. a little sunshine here and there but dry. we go into saturday night, rain start s to approach. 4:30 in the morning sunday. we already should see light rain trying to make its way into philadelphia. now we're looking at 8:00 in the morning sunday. the models have been fairly consistent with giving us rain
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by the start of the blue cross broad street run, some of that rain could be heavy. has what we do expect. here's 10:30 in the morning. rain continues. then in the afternoon, the models updating now to show heavy rain also moving through. in the afternoon, 2:00 p.m. sunday, clearing as we go so sunday night. as far as rainfall totals are concerned, about an inch or more through sunday night. we're looking at heavy pockets of rain. tomorrow, for your saturday forecast, if you're in the lehigh valley, around 60 degrees. be phoenixville mostly cloudy. fairmount and the philadelphia area, low 60s. mostly cloudy. new jersey suburbs like glassboro coming in at 61 degrees tomorrow. closer to the shore, chilly. mid 50s. at least we'll be dry. in parts of delaware, temperatures will be in about the low 60s. if you're in rehoboth beach, partly cloudy, 57 degrees.
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clearly sunday not the best day out of the weekend. temperatures in the upper 50s. here's your blue cross broad street run forecast. rain throughout the run. and we do expect it to get a little heavier as we get closer to noon. we could even see some heavier rain earlier in the morning, too, cannot rule that out. the models have been showing that. then we go into next week, temperatures closer to 70s. rain chances. so far next weekend, though, it doesn't look too bad. stay tuned. we'll be right back. @
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this is "sports desk" brought to you by xfinity. x 1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> hello, i'm marshall harris from comcast sportsnet. carson wentz got his first taste of what it would be like to be the eagles quarterback today. facing the hometown media. wentz also posed with his bosses who are just as excited to have him here as he is to be here. during his press conference he was asked what he knows about his new teammates. >> i'm familiar a little bit. obviously i'm going to get a lot more familiar real quick here. zach actually texted me yesterday, seems like a great dude. i'm excited to meet him. a lot of tweets from other guys that i think i missed a lot of them, too, but, you know, i'm excited to get to know everybody and to get to work with these guys and it sounds like everyone talks highly of the group of guys in that locker room.
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i'm excited for it. >> wentz will mostly be a spectator for the season. watches and learning and while he'd rather be playing, he understands what he needs to do. >> as a competitor, you know, you want to be out there, but, you know, i understand that there's a lot to that. i'm going to come in and learn. you know, that's for one, that's not for me to decide. i'm going to come in and learn and compete my tail off and when coach feels fit more me to go out there, i'll go out there and hopefully do well. >> carson, doug pederson said you bleed winning. where does that come from, that competitive spirit with that and the work ethic? where did you get that from? >> i think first and foremost, it's how i'm wired. you know, if i'm not the best at something, it kind of ticks me off and i want to work my tail off to be the best. it's also kind of my upbringing. my parents, my older brother always pushed me. i always was competitive with him and i just hate losing. you know, it's kind of how i'm wired and hopefully i can bring that to philadelphia. >> meanwhile, the eagles had no second-round pick tonight.
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they took offensive lineman isa isaac in the third round. christian hackenberg was drafted by the jets. phillies hosting the indians. bottom of the fifth. david lowe. base hit to right. phillies score three in the inning to tie the game 3-3. it stayed that way until the 11th. ryan howard knows sometimes you have to hit it and quit it. his fifth home run of the season. walks it off. phillies have won four in a row. 7 of 8. 4-3 the final. that's sports. we're right back.
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a big weather weekend. a lot of weather going on. >> a lot of weather going on for half of it. so, you know, at least the first half of the weekend is the good time to get out there, do whatever you need to do. we have a lot of stuff going on this weekend. take a look at the forecast. philadelphia 62, mostly cloudy. everyone mostly cloudy but dry tomorrow. so a decent day. then we go into sunday.
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rain is here sunday for the morning. and we're going to expect some heavy rain through the day. chilly, too. >> will be an interesting one. sheena, thanks. i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. thanks for watching tonight. have a great weekend. watch us at the run.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- paul rudd. hugh dancy. comedian jack whitehall.


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