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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  April 30, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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folks are doing here in philadelphia to serve the community. we are just one day away from the blue cross broad street run. coming up, we'll hear the inspiring story of one runner who has overcome incredible odds to run the race. those runners are keeping an eye on the weather. so are folks heading to the ball game tonight. game time is 7:05. rain is on the way, but we are going to get a little bit of a break. we'll give you the timing of all of it in the first alert forecast. good morning. this is "nbc10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:30 on this saturday. thanks for being with us. not the best weekend on tap, but we'll help you to plan around it. meteorologist michelle grossman is tracking the cloudy and cool weather this morning. i should say cold, michelle. >> it is cold. i wore my winter coat. temperatures in the 40s. it feels chilly out there. the past few days we were in the 50s. wednesday, thursday, friday. today finally making it back into the 60s. tomorrow right back into the 50s. off to a chilly start with
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temperatures in the 40s. lots of clouds in place as you head out this morning. iv in the suburbs. new jersey 47. same story as we look towards the lehigh valley. delaware 47 degrees. chilly start but not as cold later this afternoon. the good news is we'll keep it dry today. if you have plans and your choice is today or tomorrow outdoors, do it today. by lunchtime in philadelphia, 58. 4:00, 62. plenty of clouds in place and a few peeks of sunshine. clouds the rule once again today. the suburbs by 12:00, 57. lots of games today. sports and you want to be outside. pretty nice day today in terms of what we saw the past few days. not picture perfect but okay overall. as we head down south we look at the chance for a slight shower early this morning in delaware by 12:00, 57. 4:00, 61. same story in new jersey and parts of the jersey shore.
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cooler there with the east wind in place. we're tracking a big system that will bring us changes for sunday. that means a soggy broad street run. more about that coming up. take a look at this dramatic scene off the jersey shore. the coast guard rescued three commercial fishermen this week who escaped their sinking boat after a collision on the water. the three men found themselves in a life or death situation on thursday just about six miles off the coast of cape may. a man aboard a nearby boat took this cellphone video of the sinking vessel. the coast guard says the fishermen's boat hit another boat in rough seas, toppled over and sank in about a minute or two. before the boat sank the crew managed to call the coast guard. rescuers found the three men inside a survival craft. >> it was a may day call over the vhf radio that there was a collision. >> the crewmen on the boat said when they got on the scene they were hanging on to a wave.
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>> fortunately nobody was hurt and the coast guard is investigating exactly how the collision happened. we have an update on a deadly police shooting in delaware. authorities say a man in a wheelchair had a gun and may have used it at the time the wilmington police shot and killed him. >> drop the gun! drop the gun! drop the gun! >> you can hear an officer yelling at jeremy mcdole to drop his gun in baird square. this was last september. a witness took this cellphone video. police opened fire when mcdole appeared to move his hands to his waist. yesterday the city of wilmington asked a judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by mcdole's family saying that he was armed and had gunshot residue on his hand. mcdole's family claims police planted the gun. wilmington police say they need more time to sort through evidence in the case of a delaware high school student beaten to death. no charges have been filed yet in the death of amy
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joyner-francis. wilmington police tell us they're going through 3,000 pages of data and that it takes time. the 16-year-old passed away after a bathroom brawl at howard high school last week. three girls believed to have been involved in the fight are now suspended from school. today is comcast cares day. comcast employees including some of us from nbc10 and telemundo 62 will be spreading out all across our area to help clean up and revitalize the community. nbc10's randy gyllenhaal is live at the bridesburg boys and girls club. i hear the birds chirping. it must mean the volunteers are on their way and the day is about to get started. >> reporter: they'll arrive in a few hours. the volunteers as you mentioned including a group from nbc10 and telemundo 62 will put on these t-shirts and get to work. a lot to be done here. it needs a paint job. it will be cleaned up on the inside as well as fixing up some
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things inside. a big surprise for the kids when they come back on monday. this is all part of comcast cares, the philadelphia company's annual effort to do volunteer work in the community. last year more than 100,000 employees fixed up parks, schools, senior centers and comcast, of course, the parent company of nbc10 and telemundo 62. this cleanup here in bridesburg set to begin at 8:00. if you want a sneak peek, check out the "today" show, who will be broadcasting live from right here in just a few hours. live in bridesburg, randy gyllenhaal, nbc10 news. >> thanks, randy. runners are making their final preparations today for the blue cross broad street run tomorrow. very busy weekend for us. folks not running but who live along the route need to be prepared as well. starting at midnight this evening, all cars on broad street must be moved towed.
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septa will be running extra service on the broad street line. runners with official bibs can ride the line for free. we'll have everything from the start of the race to the finish. join us tomorrow morning at 8:00. there are as many stories as there are runners taking part in tomorrow's blue cross broad street run. >> when they told me that the date of the race was may 1st, which was my anniversary. i was sold. >> you'll hear this woman's story about fighting back after a life-threatening illness and how she has already won her race against time.
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now your nbc10 first alert weather. >> all right. welcome back on this saturday morning. i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. we had a string of damp, cold days. we'll continue that for most of the weekend. today drier. that's the good news.
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maybe a little sunshine. temperatures in the low 60s. the rain arrives overnight and we're looking at a rainy sunday. your weather stores on this saturday. showers overnight and they've moved off and a dry day. 48 degrees. a chilly start. throughout time here by 11:00, temperatures in the 50s. that's higher than where we were for a high yesterday. by 1:00, 60 degrees. we'll end up around 63 this afternoon. 5:00 back to 61 for the saturday night plans. we'll keep it dry. that's the good news. we're looking at a rainy sunday. we're tracking lots of rain from the early part of sunday into the late port of sunday and into the early part of monday before we start to dry things out. dry today. tonight we'll deep it dry. it's overnight where the rain arrives. plan on that. you'll wake up sunday morning to some rain. if you're running a 5 k, you'll want to wear layers because we're looking at a chilly start to the day with the east wind and some rain coming in. some could be heavy at times.
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then we're going to see that continuing throughout most of the race even into the early afternoon hours. this is a snapshot at 2:00. still seeing green across the map indicating where the rain is. same story by 5:30. then we wake up monday morning with some rain before we finally dry it out on tuesday. >> chilly start. 47 in delaware and 47 in the jersey shore as we zoom a little closer to the lehigh valley. this is our coolest spot this morning. temperatures in the low 40s. 43 in fleetwood. 44 in allentown. a cold start this morning. we'll warm up to the low 60s this afternoon. not quite as cold as yesterday and the rain arrives overnight and we'll time that out for you in a few minutes. in just a few hours from now thousands will be walking to create a world free of multiple sclerosis. let's take a live look now at the philadelphia museum of art where walk ms starts in a short while. more than 3,000 people are
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expected to walk to raise more than $300,000. the money raised will support cutting-edge research and provide life-changing services to help people with ms. participants will walk four miles. there will be face painting, food and entertainment along the parkway. next in sports, we'll hear more from the future of the eagles. carson wentz. he'll talk about his new teammates, the learning curve and his work ethic.
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now to our decision 2016 coverage. the indiana primary on tuesday is pivotal for donald trump's path to the republican presidential nomination. the protesters redirected that path to a campaign speech in california yesterday. >> they are breaking through the barrier, rushing into the front of the hyatt regency. >> anti-trump demonstrators got rowdy outside the candidate's speaking venue near san francisco. secret service agents had to shuttle trump through a back entrance. during his speech to california republicans trump said getting to the podium felt like crossing the border. yesterday indiana senator endorsed ted cruz calling him a principal principled conservative. ted cruz talks with chuck todd on "meet the press" tomorrow
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morning here on nbc10. we'll get a preview of that tomorrow morning as well. republican candidate john kasich talked about gay rights at a forum in san francisco yesterday. he said he does not support same-sex marriage but would not discriminate against anyone's belief. in the democratic race bernie sanders blasted corporate america. he criticized carrier and other companies for moving manufacturing jobs out of the u.s., out of indianapolis to increase profits. meantime. hillary clinton returned to new york yesterday to speak at a charity breakfast. the democratic frontrunner did not mention politics to this group that was gathered here. the group that supports education for young minority men. >> good morning! [ cheers and applause ] tomorrow is the blue cross broad street run. and a local woman circled the
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date, may 1st, not just because of the run but also because it's exactly two years since her life was says. the woman fought back after a stem cell transplant. >> reporter: tom and gina koehler have been married for 34 years. one day six years ago life started changing. >> i went to the oncologist on my lunch break. he came in and said, you're very lucky. you have chronic myeloid leukemia. >> reporter: everything looked good for a while until christmas of 2013. back in the hospital, she'll never forget what the oncologist told her next. >> hopefully the treatments will work. because if they don't, you may not live to the end of the year. >> reporter: it was a race
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against time. gina liked to run but couldn't run from this. in that moment she just wanted to live to see her daughter get married the following year. >> that's what i told them from the get-go. i'll do whatever you need me to do, but i will be at that wedding. >> reporter: the solution, a stem cell transplant. her older sister came up a perfect match. >> i went into the hospital on the saturday of penn relays. april 26th. >> reporter: that was two years ago. >> the transplant took place in my hospital room at penn on may 1st. >> reporter: recovery was tough. >> she requested that she have her foot cut off. >> reporter: she made it to her daughter's wedding and then wanted a bigger challenge. little by little she made it through a 5k. her husband there for inspiration. >> he pulled me along. he stayed by my side. >> reporter: then broad street called her name. >> when they told me that the date of the race was may 1st,
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which is the anniversary of my stem cell transplant, it was -- i was sold. >> reporter: to make this day special again and prove to herself that she isn't sick anymore. >> i don't want to be just a leukemia patient. i want to be more. there were so many gifts that we got, i thought this was my way of thanking them or -- i'm going to start crying -- honoring them. honoring them for their gifts. >> you've come a long way, baby! and it was. it was two years of pretty much hell. >> i am stretching. >> reporter: now, to finish the race she was born to run. >> she can do whatever she wants, sets her mind to. >> reporter: nbc10 news. now your nbc10 first alert weather. we'll be cheering her on. if she can handle what she went through before she can handle
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the rain tomorrow. today we'll keep it dry. mostly cloudy, more clouds than sunshine but a few peeks of sunshine. through the afternoon not quite as chilly. rainy and chilly for the broad street run race. looking at rain all throughout the race. you want to dress for that. also, chilly with an east wind and temperatures in the 50s during the race. many umbrella chances this week, not just tomorrow but also monday and wednesday and thursday and possibly friday. we'll go through that in the extended forecast in a bit. 45 in lehigh valley. 44 in the suburbs and 58 in philadelphia. 47 in south jersey and 47 in delaware. looking closer to the philadelphia area, we're looking at parkside 46. 46 in mt. airy. 47 at the airport. layer up as you head out this morning. temperatures in the 40s. that's pretty much the story across the area even in the suburbs. a little bit chiller.
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44 in exton. 45 in phoenixville. 45 in chester heights. chatsford coming in at 45 as well. a little closer to the new jersey border. new hope 45, 46 in ben salem. temperatures mainly in the 40s. rising to around 63 this afternoon. this is what the radar looks like right now. dry conditions right now. we have the showers that came through yesterday and the showers last night, but we are dry right now. we'll keep it dry throughout the day. if you have the choice between today or tomorrow to get some outdoor plans done, do it today. we have a system that we're tracking on sunday. actually overnight saturday into sunday. this is the system. we're looking at a pretty large area of some rain. we'll see it heading to the north and east. going throughout time here, we're going to track this moving to the north and east and it will affect our weather for a couple of days sunday into monday. dry today with peeks of sunshine throughout the afternoon hours. that's the good news.
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that will help the temperature rise into the 60s. clouds being the rule. keeping it dry for your saturday evening plans. overnight is when the rain arrives. you see green and yellow coming in. spots of heavier rain. that will be the story tomorrow as well. 12:00 still raining in some parts of the area. the broad street run will be a wet one. 5:30, you're eating dinner and we're looking at rain falling into the early part of monday. good news for the penn relays today. damp and dreary yesterday. a little warmer and milder today. 3:00, 62. always a fun race. another fun race but wet tomorrow by 10:00 for the broad street run 52. and by 12:00, a 55. ten-day outlook. back into the 50s for the broad street run on sunday. monday, 62. back to normal tuesday and wednesday. tuesday we keep it dry. late wednesday we'll bring back more showers. same story by thursday. temperatures in the upper 60s and finally drying it out by next weekend.
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i'm marshall harris from comcast sportsnet. carson wentz got his first taste of what it will be like to be the eagles quarterback facing the hometown media. he poses with his bosses. during his press conference he was asked what he knew about his teammates. >> i'm familiar a little bit. obviously i'm going to get a lot more familiar real quick here. zack texted me yesterday. seems like a great dude. i am excited to meet him. a lot of tweets from other guys. i think i missed a lot of them too. i am excited to get to know everybody and to get to work with these guys. sounds like everyone talks highly of the group of guys in the locker room and i am excited for it. >> wentz will mostly be a spectator this season, watching and learning. while he would rather be playing he understands what he needs to do. >> as a competitor, you know,
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you want to be out there. but i understand that there is a lot to that, and i'm going to come in and learn. that's -- for one, that's not for me to decide. i'm going to come in and learn and compete my tail off. when coach feels fit for me to go out there i'll go out there and i'll hopefully do well. >> carson, doug peterson said you bleed winning. where does that come from, the competitive spirit and the work ethic? where did you get it from? >> first and foremost it's how i am wired. if i am not the best at something it ticks me off and i want to work my tail off to be the best. it's also my upbringing. my parents. my older brother always pushed me. i was always competitive with him. i just hate losing. that's how i am wired. hopefully i can bring that to philadelphia. >> meanwhile the eagles had no second-round pick. they took offensive round lineman from oregon state in the third round. >> phillies hosting the indians. david lowe. base hit to right scoring three
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in the inning to tie the game at three. stayed that way until the 11th. ryan howard knows sometimes you have to hit it and quit it. fifth home run of the season walks it off. phillies have won four in a row and 7 of 8. that's sports. i'm marshall harris, comcast sportsnet.
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♪ singing a song for you >> the queen of soul played the white house last night in honor of international jazz day. the concert, attended by president obama and the first la lady featured dozens of music greats. the day recognizes the power of jazz as a force for freedom and creativity all over the world. this weekend marks the end of an era for the greatest show on earth. after 150 years the elephants perform for the final time with the ringling brothers barnum and
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bailey circus. after animal rights activists. they'll retire at a conservation center in florida after the final show. >> this is really in the best interest of the elephants, in the best interest of our company and in the best interest of audiences. >> scientists plan to study the elephants' blood while they're in retirement to see if it may hold the key to a cure for cancer. 5:57 right now on this saturday. busy day in philadelphia and all over the country. thousands of volunteers are taking part in comcast cares day. community projects that will benefit the area. nbc10's randy gyllenhaal is live at one of the locations. randy. >> reporter: a big surprise for the kids who use this facility. coming up, the volunteer effort under way to clean up the boys and girls club. and not a bad day weather-wise. we'll keep it dry today. that's the good news. and we're looking at a pretty nice day compared to what we'll
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see tomorrow. tracking this system off to the west. a live look outside from the comcast southeast. we're looking at clouds this morning. it is chilly but definitely the better day of the two weekend days. we'll talk more about the weekend forecast coming up.
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"nbc10 news today" starts now. it was two minutes, and that boat was under. completely under. >> a life-or-death plays out at sea. we'll show you the firsthand footage of a coast guard rescue following a collision on the water at cape may. rounding up prescription pills. we'll give you the details on the push today to round up drugs. we'll show you how thousands of volunteers and here in our area are giving back to the community. good morning. this is "nbc10 news today." thanks for being with us. i am rosemary connors. it's 6:00 on this saturday. we are in the 40s to start out, but we will warm up just a bit. let's take a live look outside. today is the day to get out there because the second half of our weekend, yeah, looking a little soggy. it's looking a little cloudy down the shore right now. but this will be the dry day. meteorologist michelle grossman is tracking the conditions where you live with


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