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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  April 30, 2016 8:30am-9:31am EDT

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meteorologist michelle grossman is tracking the cloudy and cool conditions outside right now. michelle, that's the good news for the weather this weekend, right? >> that's right. hi there, rosemary. today is a nicer day out of the two days. tomorrow will be soggy all day long into the early part of monday. today we have clouds but we'll see little breaks of sunshine here and there as we head throughout the rest of our saturday. starting out chilly. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. 50 in philadelphia. 48 in allentown. 48 in wilmington and 48 in atlantic city. 47 in mount holly. off to a cold start. you need the layers this morning. we're warm compared to this time yesterday. yesterday we were about 5 degrees cooler in some spots. as we head throughout the afternoon we'll be up to ten degrees warmer. if you're headed to the penn relays today, better day than yesterday. it was chilly yesterday. we had showers in place. by 12:00, 58, by 3:00, 61, by 6:00, 63. we'll top out around 63 degrees. so much, much better.
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throughout the rest of the afternoon we're looking at temperatures mainly in the upper 50s, low 60s across the area, but we are tracking pretty heavy rain for sunday. we have a system to the west that will move to the east and affect us as early as overnight. so your saturday night plans should be okay. it's really the early part of your sunday and we're looking at a soggy broad street race. you'll need your umbrella a couple times this week. >> we'll see you in the neighborhood forecast in a few. thanks. comcast cares day is in full swing. today thousands of volunteers around the world are getting their hands dirty to help out our communities and give back. nbc10's randy gyllenhaal is live at the bridesburg boys and girls club in philadelphia. randy, tell us what they're doing. >> reporter: good morning, rosemary. we're inside the bridesburg boys and girls club. look at all the work happening behind me. they're repainting this wall in one of the hallways, working on bathrooms and teen centers.
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we have a huge crowd here. i want to talk from joe, the ceo of the boys and girls clubs of greater philadelphia. tell me about the work being done to improve this facility. >> with comcast's help we're almost doing a $350,000 worth of improvements. we're redoing the gym, bathroom, teen center. right now we've got a & e construction tearing up the front railroad ties. planting gardens. so much going on. >> how does this help the kids on a daily basis from northeast philly. >> it creates so many new opportunities for these kids. >> what's it mean to you to see these people show up on their free time? >> it shows that people care. that's very important to me. >> reporter: joe, thank you very much. the volunteers will be working for hours today. this is part of comcast cares, the philadelphia-based company's annual volunteer event. last year 100,000 workers from around the country and around the world were doing projects like this in local communities and local rec centers.
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this one here starting to get fixed up in bridesburg. many more are happening across philadelphia. the walls are slowly getting painted. it might take a few hours but it will look much better later today. back to you in the studio. >> appreciate that, randy. i see our esteemed executive producer richard washington there. look at this dramatic off the jersey shore. imagine this. the coast guard had to rescue three commercial fishermen who escaped their sinking boat after a collision on the water. the three men found themselves in a life-or-death situation thursday, six miles just off the coast of cape may. a man aboard a nearby boat took this cellphone video of the sinking vessel. the coast guard says the fishermen's boat hit another boat in rough seas, toppled over and sank within minutes. in about two minutes. the crew did manage to call the coast guard for help before the boat went under. rescuers found the three men inside a survival craft. >> i'm glad i captured it on
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video to begin with, but it was just something that i hope never to see again because it could -- like i said, it could have had a very different ending. >> fortunately nobody was hurt. the coast guard is now investigating how the collision happened. new from overnight a man stabbed in the neck at a philadelphia hotel is in critical condition. nbc10 was at the nbc suites on the ben franklin parkway where police say the attack happened on an upper floor of the hotel after 1:00 this morning. officers arrested a man whom they tell us was staying at the hotel with the victim. this morning police in delaware county are looking for the men who pistol-whipped a father and a son during a home invasion in upper darby. the men were wearing white masks and gloves when they burst into this house along pennsylvania avenue right around midday thursday. the father and son struggled with the suspects and one of their masks came off. this is a sketch of that man. if you recognize him, call upper darby township police.
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philadelphia's mayor taking some heat at a public meeting. protesters accused him of lying about a controversial police policy called "stop and frisk." last night mayor jim kenney met with hundreds of people in north philadelphia where he told them he has lived up to his commitment to crack down on unconstitutional police stops. he says the department is putting in place unprecedented policies and reporting requirements, but many in the crowd last night argued that city leaders are making their own rules about what constitutes a reasonable police stop. >> ineffective policy. the numbers have to come down. this is more than just a training issue. this is -- this has to come from the top. >> in march the pennsylvania aclu reported that, of 2300 pedestrian stops in philadelphia in the first half of 2015, 33%
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were made without reasonable suspicion that a crime had happened. that's what's needed for a legal stop. african-americans accounted for nearly 70% of those stops. hey, do you have any medications in your medicine cabinets that have been there since like 2013? don't flush them down the drain. today is prescription drug take-back day. drop off your unwanted medicines at sites all across pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. we have information. more on our website. this, by the way, is anonymous and free. authorities will dispose of the drugs properly. they are breaking through the barrier, rushing into the front of the hyatt regency. >> donald trump runs into some trouble trying to get to the california republican convention. you'll hear his response to the protesters coming up. and getting a second chance. just ahead on "nbc10 news today," find out how this
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kitchen is helping to provide a fresh start for those who may need it most.
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now your nbc10 first alert weather. >> all right. welcome back on this saturday. we are looking at a drier day today. we were cool the past couple of days. temperatures in the 50s. we had some showers. but today we're going to keep it dry. rather gray. little peeks of sunshine here and there. tomorrow that's when we see the rainy day. drier on saturday, drier today. enjoy it. today is the better day out of the two weekend days. 50 degrees in philadelphia. cool start. by 11:00, 55. by the afternoon temperatures into the low 60s. at 3:00. cloudy skies at 61. we'll top out around 63 degrees. keep in mind 69 is normal for this time of year. we're well below normal for this time of year. looking at a rainy sunday. broad street run starts early and the rain starts early too.
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this is a look at today. we'll keep it dry for the most part. breaks of sunshine here and there. that will help us jump into the low 60s. we've been used to the 50s the past couple days. tonight temperatures in the 50s by 7:00. dry conditions for the saturday night plans. overnight into sunday the rain comes in. could be heavy at times. i started the clock around 7:00. racers getting ready. the heavy rain off to the north and west will swing through. we could have heavy rain during the race. at 1:00, rain still falling. the rain will fall into the evening hours as well, even with some heavy pockets into your monday morning. looks like your monday morning commute will be a little well. chilly start. 50 degrees in philadelphia. 48 in lehigh valley. 45 in the suburbs. jersey shore coming in at 48 degrees. they'll stay cool throughout the day, mid 50s with the east wind to keep us cool. temperatures around 49 in society hill.
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west mount airy 49. we'll end up around 63 and cool once again with rain on sunday. we'll talk more about that coming up. speaking of the blue cross broad street run, tomorrow some 40,000 runners will take off this year. rain, as michelle just mentioned, could really pose a challenge for those runners. running pros say you have to wear lighter clothing. that way the rain won't weigh you down as much. expect slippery pavement and slower times and of course stay hydrated. also, remember to change into clean clothes after crossing the finish line. yesterday the runners stopped by the health and wellness expo to get prepared. >> i'm going to be ready for the rain. i'm going to be prepared. i'm getting some rain gear. come rain or shine i'm doing the ten miles. >> they picked up their bibs. the expo continues today at the pennsylvania convention center from 9:00 until 6:00. nbc10's keith jones will be there starting at 1:00 this afternoon. he would love it if you stop by
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and say hello at our booth. our live coverage of the run begins tomorrow morning at 8:00. don't miss it. if you're running the race, dvr it. 8:41 on this saturday. still to come on "nbc10 news today," in case you missed it, we'll fill you in on some of the big stories that made headlines this week. plus, there is a new traffic light coming to the streets of pennsylvania. doesn't sound so exciting. well, penndot says the change will help prevent accidents. details ahead.
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8:43 on this saturday.
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here are some of the top stories of the week. the city of cleveland agreed to pay $6 million to the family of tamir rice, the 12-year-old african-american boy who was playing with a pellet gun was shot and killed by a white police officer in 2014. on tuesday donald trump and hillary clinton were the winners in the pennsylvania and delaware primaries. five states went to the polls. trump won all five contests. clinton won four out of the five. now to wednesday. a judge sentenced former u.s. house speaker dennis hastert to more than a year in prison. he pleaded guilty to breaking banking laws in a hush money case that included accusations he sexually abused teenagers. prosecutors on thursday charged mark storms with voluntary manslaughter in a deadly church shooting in montgomery county. according to the d.a. robert braxton was shot to death after punching storms during an argument over seating. braxton's funeral services are today in that same church where the shooting happened in north wells. on friday wilmington police
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announced that there are still no arrests in the death of a delaware high school student. wilmington police tell us there is a lot of evidence to sift through in the investigation into the death of amy joyner-francis, the 16-year-old who passed away after a bathroom brawl at howard high school last week. now your nbc10 first alert weather. >> we've been stuck in the 50s. kind of gray weather outside. it's a little gray right now but we'll see some peeks of sunshine today. dry today and changes come back on sunday in terms of rainfall. so mostly cloudy. not as chilly today. temperatures into the low 60s compared to the 50s we have had. tomorrow broad street run, i know a lot of 5 ks and 10ks and half marathons. layer up and wear the poncho and let the water run off. many umbrella chances this week, not just tomorrow. but monday, wednesday, thursday and friday. right now we're chilly, looking
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at temperatures mainly in the 40s and 50s. 46 in kutztown. 47 in reading. temperatures also in the 40s in white hall. allentown at 46. nazareth at 46 degrees. temperatures this morning are on the chilly side. layer up as you head out. temperatures mainly in the low to mid 40s. some spots into the 50s at this point. we're dry right now. we're not tracking anything on radar. as we look to the west, we're looking at a pretty big area of rain, severe weather to the south. this area will head north and east overnight into sunday morning. we're looking at the potential for heavy rain on sunday and into monday before we dry it out on tuesday. it's a long-lasting system. the entire area will head to the north and east and affect us as early as tonight. today we're dry. enjoy it. if you have plans outside. do it today instead of tomorrow because we're looking at a dry day today. some breaks of sunshine through the afternoon hours. through the evening hours looking pretty good for your
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evening plans. temperatures in the upper 50s. we will be dry so you don't have to worry about rain tonight. it's early tomorrow morning when you wake up, you get ready for the broad street run. maybe your morning exercise or just to get coffee and sit back on the couch. we're looking at heavy rain in some spots especially to the north and west. it really could affect our runners tomorrow. 1:30 still seeing the rain falling and the rain will be falling potentially throughout the afternoon as well. periods of some rain. here is a look at the broad street run forecast. 51 by 8:00. 53 by 10:00. by noon, 55 degrees. so dress for that! ten-day forecast. looking at mostly cloudy skies today, 63. enjoy that before we drop back to the 50s tomorrow. monday showers still, 63. tuesday, that's our day where we'll dry it out. looking at a mixture of sun and clouds. temperatures near normal. 68 degrees. wednesday clouds increase and we're tracking the chance for showers. that will extend into thursday and friday, finally drying it out for saturday. >> time to check in on this
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week's wednesday's child. she is great student. she plays sports. very independent and makes friends easily. she is also a computer wiz. she hopes to find a forever family to love and support her throughout her life. nbc10 introduces us to susan. >> that's so cool. >> only 14. susan is completely at ease among young adults on a college campus. >> press enter. >> rutgers camden is where we took susan with a day with a professor and a student. >> the program acts -- >> reporter: susan plans to go to college, and she remembers exactly when she decided to major in graphic arts. >> it was like a year ago, and i was on the computer like drawing and like pixart and stuff. someone told me i should be a graphic designer. >> reporter: susan got to see the students' special projects. >> are you allowed to overlap? >> of course.
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>> reporter: she got help designing her own name in a very unique way using computer graphics. she learned a valuable lesson. >> i learned that, like, if you have anything in your mind or whatever, like, it can -- it can happen. >> susan, you're picking up this program faster than most of my college students. >> reporter: more than anything what susan would like to see happen is for a forever family to emerge to care for her and guide her and love her. >> someone that can, like, listen to me and, like, understand what i have been through and stuff and, like, help me through my daily life and stuff and, like, someone that can, like, understand me. >> her current preference is for a single mom, though i think we would entertain different types of families, i think. i know she thinks she'd do well with an active family who participates in their community and gets out and does things on weekends. >> reporter: susan is this week's wednesday's child. >> if you would like to make
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susan's dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child go to and search "wednesday's child" or call the national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt. we'll be right back.
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♪ the queen of soul played the white house in honor of international jazz day. the concert attended by president obama and the first lady featured dozens of music greats. the day recognizes the power of jazz as a force for freedom and creativity, all over the world. a local food bank is cooking up a recipe to help inmates work their way back into society after prison. it's not an easy process as nbc10's katy zachary reports. >> reporter: phil-abundance runs a community kitchen in north philadelphia. the students you'll find there
8:53 am
are people who need a second chance. recently they started enrolling inmates, men and women who are actively doing hard time. >> it took me three years to get decent skills. >> reporter: this is not your average cooking class. >> japanese style knife, a lot more expensive. >> reporter: the men and women at phil-abundance community kitchen are unlike traditional culinary students. >> you guys ready? >> reporter: most are from disadvantaged backgrounds. some have checkered pasts and a few are doing jail time. >> kind of bulk it up like this. >> it's a demanding program. the work is for real. the people who are scrutinizing your work are for real. >> reporter: richard cramer served five years in federal prison. towards the end of his sentence he was one of several chosen for this program, a unique partnership the bureau of prisons forged with
8:54 am
phil-abundance. >> in a word it's insane. >> reporter: for 14 weeks cramer worked alongside others who needed a jump-start to a job and help transitioning back into society. >> your country has literally just said you violated our laws and i did, and we're going to punish you. now they're at the end saying kind of, all right, let's let bygones be bygones. here is the keys to a car. make yourself ready to get back to the world. >> reporter: the inmates come from the institution at ft. dix. the decision to let them drive themselves was not made lightly. >> we look at the disciplinary record, when they're getting released. how effectively they programmed while incarcerated. public safety is the number one goal. >> reporter: candace matthews bass runs the kitchen. the goal is to end hunger. the food from class feeds a local women's shelter and the needy. another priority is giving people a second chance, which is
8:55 am
why she agreed to allow the inmates. >> if we could actually work with for example before they're released, start to talk about what it means to reenter society and teach the transition skills. couldn't we speed up the process. >> reporter: many leave with jobs already lined up. a major turning point for those transitioning back to real life. >> it's to society's advantage for us -- for people not to recidivate. the numbers are massive and a big obstacle. anything you can do to shrink the numbers is in the taxpayers' advantage. >> reporter: each of the students in the community kitchen attends for free. the price tag of $3500 per person is covered in part by the department of labor as well as donations. reporting from south philadelphia, katy zachary, nbc10 news. 8:55 on this saturday morning. still ahead on "nbc10 news today," there could be more trouble for atlantic city. a bond payment is due, so our paychecks for police officers,
8:56 am
firefighters and teachers. just ahead, is the city on the brink of default? good idea to get out today. we'll keep it dry today. more clouds than sunshine but tomorrow we're tracking a system that will bring us rain. heavy at times on sunday. several chances for rain this work week. we'll check that all ahead.
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folks are rolling up their sleeves and getting to work doing some painting, sprucing up, neighborhoods all around the world for comcast cares day. a live report, we'll check in with the volunteers here at the bridesburg boys and girls club here in philadelphia. felt like i was crossing the border actually. coming up, why donald trump had to ditch his car and walk to the california republican convention. here is a hint. he was greeted by plenty of protesters. here is a live look at the philadelphia skyline. cloudy out there right now. we're just one day away from the blue cross broad street run. this year, instead of contending with the heat runners will battle the rain. good morning. i'm rosemary connors. just before 9:00 on this
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saturday. not the nicest spring day but we can handle it. meteorologist michelle grossman has your neighborhood weather. at least it's not snowing. >> that's right. we don't have snow today. that's the good news. looking at temperatures into the low 60s compared to the 50s we had the past few days. we won't have the brightest sunshine. rather cloudy skies right now. we'll see breaks of sunshine. right now in the 40s and 50s. chilly. some clouds across the area. 51 in philadelphia. the temperature will climb into the 60s later this afternoon. going through the afternoon we'll climb once we get the sun going. by 11:00, 55. 2:00, 61. not too bad compared to the 53 we had yesterday. if you are in the suburbs of pennsylvania, yardley, looking at temperatures 48 degrees right now. you want to layer up as you head out early this morning. then by lunchtime 55. 3:00, 59 degrees. then lehigh valley, same story, 49 and cloudy skies.
9:01 am
49 degrees. as we head throughout the afternoon temperatures into the 50s. by 3:00, 59. philadelphia tops out around 63. across the area mainly in the 40s and 50s. 5 50 in philadelphia. 50 in west mount airy. 49 in pens port. much better than yesterday. this afternoon we'll be about ten degrees warmer than yesterday. throughout the afternoon we'll keep it dry. high pressure starting to work in. we are watching a storm system to the west. a pretty big storm system which will bring us lots of rain as we head throughout the overnight hours into the early part of your sunday. so dry today. you start out your saturday night plans dry and during the overnight hours the rain comes through and then a soggy sunday. you'll need your umbrella a couple of times this week. we'll talk about that coming up. >> thanks, michelle. today is comcast cares day.
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volunteers and comcast employees including many from nbc10 will be fanned out across our area to help clean up and revitalize our communities. nbc10's randy gyllenhaal is live at the bridesburg boys and girls club to show us the progress. randy is getting in on the action too. tell us about it. >> reporter: putting the finishing touches on this hallway. they're having a big meeting about how they're going to tackle this boys and girls club, doing a lot of renovation to the facility here. this is the hallway. a brand-new paint job. i'm joined by meghan, the youth of the year at the philadelphia boys and girls club. meghan, tell me about the meeting of this kind of facility for the kids in northeast philly. >> in northeast philly the neighborhoods are getting a little bit worse. kids don't really have a place to go anymore. this is a safe place for them to go. it's a safe environment and they can make friends and gain the
9:03 am
social atmosphere that's lacking today with all the social media. they're gaining an experience that's once in a lifetime. >> reporter: you have the gym behind us. we're renovating the rec center for teenagers. what's it mean to have all the volunteers to come into basically your back yard and do these repairs? >> it's amazing. living in the neighborhood and being part of this club for 14 years it's so nice to see a place that i called home mean so much to other people. it's an amazing feeling. >> reporter: meghan. thank you so much. the youth of the year of the boys and girls club of greater philadelphia. this is all part of comcast cares, which is the philadelphia-based company's annual volunteer event. last year 100,000 workers doing renovations across the country at local rec centers, parks. today we've got a lot of people including a lot of nbc10 and telemundo 62 employees working hard right now. live in bridesburg. randy gyllenhaal, nbc10 news.
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>> thank you. overnight philadelphia police took is man involved in a standoff into custody. he barricaded himself in a home after shooting at a neighbor. he surrendered without anyone being hurt. an update on a deadly police shooting in delaware. authorities say a man in a wheelchair had a gun and may have used it at the time wilmington police shot and killed him. >> drop the gun! drop the gun! drop the gun! >> that's an officer yelling to jeremy mcdole to drop his gun in baird square last september. a witness took this cellphone video. police opened fire when they say mcdole appeared to move his hands to his waist. yesterday the city of wilmington asked a judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by mcdole's family. the motion says that mcdole was armed and had gunshot res dew on his hand. the family claims the police
9:05 am
planted the gun. on monday atlantic city's mayor will address the financial crisis his community is facing. mayor don guardian is expected to update us on a $2 million bond payment that's due on monday. yesterday guardian told nbc10 that the city will likely be able to come up with the money. meantime, the new report in the "wall street journal" calls atlantic city's credit rating the worst in america. no city or town in new jersey has defaulted on its debt since the great depression of the 1930s. >> certainly understand the importance of making a bond payment, just as we understand the negative implications of bankruptcy. >> quarterly tax payments due next month are bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars every day, but the mayor says that money may run out in june if state lawmakers cannot reach a deal on how to bail out the city's finances. now to decision 2016. the indiana primary on tuesday is pivotal for donald trump's
9:06 am
path to the republican presidential nomination. yesterday protesters redirected his path to a campaign speech in california. take a look. >> they're breaking through the barrier, rushing into the front of the hyatt regency. >> anti-trump demonstrators got rowdy outside the candidate's speaking venue near san francisco. secret service agents had to shuttle trump in and out of the hotel through a back entrance. during his speech trump said getting to the podium felt like crossing the border. yesterday in indiana the governor mike pence endorsed republican candidate ted cruz. he called cruz a principled conservative. political analysts say cruz must win indiana to have any chance at stopping donald trump for the gop nomination. ted cruz will be talking with chuck todd on "meet the press" tomorrow morning at 10:30 here on nbc10. indiana has its primary on
9:07 am
tuesday. republican candidate john kasich talked about gay rights at a forum in san francisco yesterday. kasich said he does not support same-sex marriage but would not discriminate against anyone's belief. to the democrats. senator bernie sanders blasted corporate america at a rally in indianapolis yesterday. sanders criticized carrier and other companies for moving manufacturing jobs out of the u.s. he said they do it to increase profits. hillary clinton returned to new york city yesterday to speak at a charity breakfast. the democratic frontrunner did not mention politics to this group that supports education for young minority men. new from overnight, overseas 21 people are dead and dozens of others are wounded from a car bombing in iraq's capital. authorities in bagdad are split on what was the target. local police say the focus was shiite pilgrims walking to a holy shrine. security forces say an open-air market was the target. so far no one is taking credit
9:08 am
for the deadly blast but isis has claimed similar attacks that have claimed the lives of shiites and other civilians in bagdad. still ahead on "nbc10 news today," the end of an era draws near when the curtain closes on a major attraction. details coming up.
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with just one dose, all day and all night.
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welcome back on this saturday morning. in case you haven't looked out yet, we're still a little gray. we'll be mostly cloudy. a few peeks of sunshine but clouds the rule today. today will be the better of the two days this webbiekend. drier saturday. 51 in philadelphia. a cold start. we'll end up around 63 later this afternoon compared to the 53 we had yesterday. by 3:00, 61. by 5:00, 61 degrees. across the area we are looking at temperatures mainly in the 50s and also 40s. a rainy sunday, though. a big weather note because we have the broad street run tomorrow. lots of runners signed up for that. looking at a pretty soggy sunday. we'll keep it dry today, though. pockets of some sun poking through to help warm us into the 60s. throughout the afternoon hours we start to cloud up a little bit more. and then we'll see rain on the doorstep by 11:30. tonight you may see it on your
9:12 am
way home. as we wake up tomorrow morning, the rain could be heavy to the north and west. this is a snapshot through 11:00. it will swing through and stay put throughout the day. we'll see rain even into your monday morning. tuesday we finally dry it out. we're watching a system back to the west. temperatures, a cool start, but we warm it up later in the afternoon. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. pennsylvania drivers will soon notice a new kind of traffic light that's coming. it's the flashing yellow arrow. it's something you'll find in other states but never in the keystone state until now. the signal means yield to oncoming traffic before proceeding with caution. here is what we know about the traffic light. it's coming to pennsylvania. it's not coming to the philadelphia area. it's going to be over in the western part of the state. but of course, it will eventually be coming here soon. we'll keep you posted on it. all right. coming up, meet the philadelphia eagles' new quarterback. >> as a competitor you know you
9:13 am
want to be out there. but you know i understand that there is a lot to that. i'm just going to come in and learn. >> i'm sure you already know his name. carson wentz. next in sports. more from the number two draft pick about his work ethic and what he thinks about his new teammates.
9:14 am
9:15 am
this weekend marks the end of an era for the greatest show on earth. after nearly 150 years elephants will perform for the final time with the ringling brothers and
9:16 am
barnum and bailey circus on sunday. this comes after animal rights activists say they hope to quietly change the laws where the circus travels. following their last show the elephants will pack their trunks, sfeo to speak and retir at a convation in florida. >> this is in the best interest of the elephants and our company and scientists. >> scientists plan to study the elephants' blood while they're in retirement to see if it holds a key to a cure for cancer. talk about severe weather right now. take a look. wicked weather. it hit parts of the south and midwest this weekend. severe storms struck last night with high winds, rain and even some hail. texas and oklahoma were hit very hard with flooding. plus there have been several confirmed tornadoes. at least three homes have been damaged. sending debris flying and turning buildings to rubble. thankfully that is not what we are dealing with this weekend. we do have some cloudy, wet
9:17 am
weather. as we talk to meteorologist michelle grossman, the rain that we're going to get is coming from texas and oklahoma. >> that's right. we'll see the rain as early as tonight, overnight, really, into sunday. we'll see periods of rain on sunday and some of it could be heavy. so just prepare yourself, especially if you're going to be part of the broad street run. a dry day today. not as chilly. close to 63 later this afternoon. rainy and chilly for broad street. we'll see the potential for rain throughout the race and many umbrella chances this week. we're looking at monday, wednesday, thursday. with some rain potential in the forecast. right now looking at temperatures chilly. 51 in philadelphia. 49 in lehigh valley. 50 in delaware. 49 in south jersey and 50 at the jersey shore. speaking of the jersey shore, we're in the 40s and 50s right now. it's chilly. we still have the persistent northeasterly flow keeping the
9:18 am
clouds in place and keeping the temperatures down along the coast. 51 in ocean city. 51 the at the cape may courthouse. 55 in atlantic city. through the afternoon we're looking at the potential for rain later this afternoon. here is the system we were talking about. that will move to the north and east and bring us the potential for rain overnight into your early sunday. so it will be a soggy one. we'll track this out for you. dry today. you don't need the umbrellas today. get your yard work done today compared to tomorrow. a look at 4:30 still doing well. as we go throughout the evening to overnight hours. by 11:30, getting closer to the doorstep. by 7:00 seeing the rain falling. some of it heavy to the north and west. that will stay put as we head through the early part of sunday into the afternoon and evening hours. spotty but periods of rain throughout the day. we'll see quite a bit of rain before it's said and done. from .5 inches to 2 inches of rain. these are a look at the rainfall
9:19 am
totals. 1.4 in philadelphia. close to 2 inches in wilmington and swedesboro. a lot of rain for the race tomorrow so be prepared for that. tomorrow 7:00 a.m. for the race, 48. by 8:00, 50. by 11:00, 52 with rain falling. neighborhood forecast throughout the day, 63. looking at the penn relays. better than yesterday. by 12:00, 58. 3:00, 61. by 6:00, 60 degrees. we'll deep it dry for them today compared to yesterday neshaminy, 61. atlantic city, 55. and dover, 58 degrees. i'm marshall harris from comcast sportsnet. carson wentz got his first taste of what it will be like to be
9:20 am
the eagles quarterback facing the hometown media. he posed with his bosses who are just as excited to have him as he is to be here. during the press conference he was asked what he knew about his teammates. >> i am familiar a little bit. obviously i am going to get more familiar real quick. zach eart zach ertz texted me yesterday. i'm excited to meet him. a lot of tweets from the other guys. i missed a lot of them too. i am excited to get to know everybody and to work with these guys. everyone talks highly of the group of guys in the locker room and i am excited for it. >> wentz will mostly be a spectator this season. watching and learning. he understands what he needs to do. >> as a competitor you want to be out there. but i understand that there is a lot to that. i am going to come in and learn. that's -- for one, it's not for me to decide. i am going to come in and learn and compete my tail off. when coach feels fit for me to go out there, i'll go out and
9:21 am
hopefully do well. >> doug pederson said that you bleed winning. where does that competitive spirit and work ethic come from? >> first and foremost it's how i am wired. if i'm not the best at something it ticks me off and i want to work my tail off to be the best. it's also my upbringing. my parents. my older brother always pushed me. i was always competitive with him. i hate losing. that's how i am wired. and hopefully i can bring that to philadelphia. >> meanwhile the eagles had no second round pick. they took offensive lineman isaac seumalo from oregon state. christian hackenberg was drafted by the jets. bottom of the fifth. phillies score three in the inning. tied the game at three until the 11th. ryan howard knows sometimes you have to hit it and quit it. fifth home run of the season. phillies won four in a row and 7
9:22 am
of 8. 4-3 the final. that's sports. i'm marshal hars fl harris for sportsnet.
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9:24 am
nbc10 continues our commitment to clear the shelters and find homes for adoptable pets. this morning we're introduced to dixie. she is looking for a family. the pennsylvania spca is with us this morning. >> i just wanted to make sure she was seen because she is so adorable. yeah. we are having a barks acue today partnering with smoking betty ands at devil's alley. we have the street closed down. it will be outdoors. $35 a ticket.
9:25 am
of course, we'll have some adoptable animals. food and drinks are included. i think we'll actually have some nice weather today out of, you know, all of the weekend rain. not tomorrow. for the broad street run. today i think we'll have nice weather. we hope people will come out and bring their own pets do. dixie will be there. she is 11 months old. she is a really good girl but gets really excited at new people. so she needs some training and things like that. you know, she is really sweet and looking for a forever home. >> no shortage of affection. >> she really likes to give kisses, be in your lap. like i said, when she sees new people she gets excited and jumps around like a puppy does. >> she is only 11 months. will she get bigger? >> i don't think so. she is categorized as a pit bull but we call her a pocket pity because she is pretty small. this is probably her full
9:26 am
growth. >> dixie actually came to you guys through an animal cruelty case. >> she came from a cruelty-neglect case. i don't know the exact details but she has been with us for a little while. it probably has to do with her manners too. when you grow up in a shelter, sometimes you need extra help to get your manners under control. >> it's called the puppy love bark acue. today from 1:30 until 4:00 at smokin' betty's in devil's alley. 116 sou 116 south 11th street. dog friendly event featuring music, food and tickets are $35. >> looking forward to it. i think it will be a really nice day. people can bring their own pets too. we will be out there enjoying the day. >> one last thing. if you can't make it out to the event but want to get in touch with the spca, the number.
9:27 am
>> 215-426-6300. you can always go to our website to check out our adoptable animals as well as any services that we provide. >> jillian, thank you so much. that does it for us on this saturday. don't forget tomorrow, we'll be on from 5:30 in the morning until 8:00. we start the live broadcast at the broad street run. we'll see you then.
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[music playing] hi i'm kelly yench, and we're here in croton-on-hudson, new york. i am an office manager for a pediatric dentist that's here in town. i live here with my two children, henry and katie. katie: look at him. he's such a nugget in that picture. kelly: i'm so proud to be henry and katie's mother, because the two of them are just amazing people from the very depths of their souls. our mom is awesome. she's just a wonder woman. henry: i gotta say, she's one of the strongest women i've ever met. and it really is amazing to me how


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