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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  April 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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right now at 6:00, concerns about rain as runners across the philadelphia area gear up for the largest 10-mile road race in the u.s. this is the blue cross broad street run. and rain is heading our way overnight. good evening i'm denise nakano. some 40,000 runners are expected to take part in the event and they hope that mother nature cooperates. as the countdown clock shows we are about 14 hours from the start of the race. and we begin the team coverage live along the race route. she spoke to runners looking forward to the event.
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how do they feel about tomorrow? >> reporter: mixed emotions. but i want you to take a look at this sign not just temple but the entire city is preparing for the race rain or shine. the convention center was a flurry of activity as runners picked up their blue cross broad street run race bibs. >> it's a big happy hour at 7:00 a.m. >> reporter: but this year the rain threatens their stride. >> the best part about the race is all the people who live up with their crazy signs and cheering you on. it pushes you through the race. i don't know the if the rain will deter the spectators. >> i have one of the umbrellas that you put on your head. i will be in the rain maybe by myself. >> reporter: still the city is preparing for 40,000 runners. barriers are being set up along the race route. no parking signs warn drivers
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that cars will be towed if parked on broad street after midnight. plaza pizza is getting ready for what they expect will be a busy sunday. >> some people stop in for water and some people stop in for pizza and all types of food. >> reporter: for the runners, the carbo loading begins tonight. may 1st has been circled on calendars for month. >> this is a race i would run in the race, wind, sleet, snow. i love the atmosphere and the energy. >> reporter: if you are parked on broad street along the race route you have to move your car by midnight or else it will be towed. also if you ride the bus, you're going to need to allow more time. lines are going to be altered because of the race. we have all of that information and more on our website, reporting live in north philadelphia, nbc 10 news. a live look at the philadelphia museum of art.
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it's dry outside right now. a few clouds out there. but those runners are worried about the wet weather heading our way. we continue our coverage with karen thomas who has our first alert neighborhood weather. tell us when the rain will move in. >> it's all about timing, denise and we were watching this all weekend and hoping that the timing would be later or before tomorrow. but it looks like it's going to be a bulls-eye for tomorrow morning and chilly conditions as well. current temperatures mainly in the upper 50s. we are at 60 in philadelphia. but look at this. there is just a big wall of presip headed our way moving west to east and this is a lot of precipitation and the timing is what i mentioned. it is poised to move west to east overnight tonight and it looks like right now the heaviest rainfall will be at the time of the start of our race. so rainy and chilly is the weather story. when we get to wake up tomorrow
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morning here are the temperatures and indeed it's looking like rain throughout the morning hours. i'll be back with more details on the system, when we can expect to dry out and what the seven day looks like. >> the coverage of the blue cross broad street run begins at 8:00 tomorrow morning. if you are running, dvr it so you can check it out and look for yourself. we will be airing the race again on comcast sportsnet. new at 6:00 a bank robber got $500 of a branch of the police and fire federal credit union. the suspect handed a demand note over at 3:00 this afternoon at the branch on frankfort avenue. a man is charged with stabbing his friend in the throat. police say he attacked the victim inside the embassy suites
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in center city around 1:00 this morning. the man was arrested at the hotel. the victim is in stable condition. remembering a young philadelphia mother whose life was cut short nearly a year ago. friends and family gathered for a rally for stephanie. they want answers in her murder and justice for other victim. drew, tell us about it. >> reporter: it was nine months ago today that family members found this young mother shot dead in her own bedroom here. since then there have been few answers. today they handed out these fliers hoping to change that. that march began a few hours ago. operation save our city organized it hoping that someone will notice an come forward with
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information about stephanie's murder and other unsolved crimes. they followed the route the killer took running away from the home. it was back in july when they began the investigation finding her 2-year-old daughter unharmed feet from her mother's body. video surveillance did not lead police to a suspect. her father spoke to the crowd today. >> i'm would a daughter. and my granddaughter is without a mother. it hurts me every day. breaks my heart out not to see my daughter, knowing that she has a lovely daughter. >> reporter: last summer police told us they believed that she was targeted but again today her family members and friends say they didn't believe she had any enemies. i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. a big day for nbc 10 and comcast family.
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today is comcast cares day. and volunteers teamed up with comcast employees including some of establish us here to clean up and revitalize our communities. randy gyllenhaal shows us some of the action. >> reporter: comcast cares is the philadelphia company's volunteer effort around the world. last year, 100,000 employees participated and this year here at the boys and girls club they are touching up the furniture and painting some of the wood including some nbc 10 employees trying hard to make this place shine. early morning buzz saws and buckets of wet paint descend on northeast philly. comcast employees and their families volunteering to fix bathrooms and paint hallways, renovating an aging facility that gives young kids a safe place to play.
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>> they don't know my story but they are willing to put their time and money and dedication on the line to help us out. >> reporter: each yore comcast cares gets tens of thousands of its employees to give back to their local communities. comcast is the parent company of nbc 10 and the station was out full force. >> we are going to make it better for all these young people who come here as a place to gather and have fun and let off some steam. >> reporter: the comcast ceo on site painting a new table for the kids here. >> from the beginning, comcast philosophy that my dad started is give back to where we were and here we are. >> reporter: a big surprise for the neighborhood and thousands more projects just like this happening around the world. >> it just is a wonderful experience to get the whole family involved. >> reporter: randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news.
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our comcast cares day volunteering continued in north philadelphia, they helped create a children's play area at a daycare center. it is run but an organization that provides health and human services to low income minority communities. harry hairston enjoid getting his hands dirty. >> to dig in and show people that you really care. folks see you on tv and appreciate what you do there. we hope that that's the case but it's they really know you care when you get out in the community and start rubbing elbows with folks. the jersey shore volunteers helped to get rid of trash in ocean city. they are helping to keep the waterways clean and getting the beach ready for the summer season. tragedy in texas as flooding ravages the state claiming the
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lives of a family. we'll bring you an update. plus more turmoil for new jersey transit just weeks after it avoided a strike. we'll tell you about a setback for the agency as it tries to move forward.
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at least five people are dead including four children after severe flooding in east texas. a 64-year-old woman and her four grandchildren died when a creek flooded in a neighborhood in palistine. at least ten homes were damaged after eight inches of rain fell in less than an hour. >> we are looking at a serene picture right now in came may but rain is on the way. watching a low pressure system develop and moving west to east.
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we are anticipating showers and chilly conditions. we've got a big day tomorrow. you want to stay tuned for the breakdown of that in just a bit.
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in decision 2016, daniel cruz gets another endorsement. former california governor pete wilson announced he is supporting cruz. a win in california would help cruz block donald trump from gaining enough delegates ahead of the party's convention this summer. trump leads the republicans with 997 followed by cruz with 564. john kasich is in third. now 1,237 delegates are needed to win the g.o.p. presidential nomination. hillary clinton has 2,151 to
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bernie sanders 1,361 clinton needs less than 300 more delegates to secure the democratic nomination. as clinton begins to focus on the general election her husband hit the campaign trail in indiana today. bill clinton spoke at a preprimary pancake breakfast ahead of tuesday's indiana primary. there are 92 delegates at stake. members of a union representing new jersey transit workers rejected a contract agreement that avoided a strike last month. the union voted not the ratify the agreement. the union was part of an 11-member coalition that reached deals with the agency in march. eight other unions have ratified their deals. the other two are expected to vote today. the penn relays wrapped up today in university city and thousands of people from around the world came to franklin field
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for the oldest and largest track and field competition in the country. the relays are in their 102 -- more than 100 years. it came to an end with men's and women's college races and olympic develop run. kids taking advantage of the mild weather today by holding a car wash. nbc 10 in north wilmington where students raised money for graduation. and this was the scene in ocean city cape may county this morning. it was cloudy but that didn't stop these folks from hitting the board walk. now let's look at the forecast with karen thomas. >> as we look at our forecast. today was not a bad day. we had mostly cloudy skies. temperatures not doing too badly right now, 60 in philadelphia.
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we get peeks of sun here and there but mostly cloudy skies. and we take it wider for a temperature check. 58 in mt. holly. and the clouds are going the stay with us. as we look at the satellite radar we show you the low pressure system that is developing in the ohio valley. and this system is taking off, moving our way. so the system is bringing plenty of presip with it and moving west to east. it will get in our neck of the woods overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. we know we have a lot of runners getting ready for the big race tomorrow morning. the futurecast put it in motion and show you you are going to have to put the rain gear on. and you're going to have to bundle up at least for the early morning hours for the start of the race. scattered showers moving in early overnight through the early morning hours and the heavier rain what you see in the darker rain moving in through
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allenton, trenton, philadelphia all the way until about 8:30 in the morning exactly when we don't want the heavy rain. by 4:00 a.m. all shower activity starts to exit off the jersey shore but that is not until late in the day and early evening. the clouds stay with us. waking up monday morning, possibility of some showers left behind. have the umbrellas for monday morning as well. for the blue cross broad street run, you know, i give the runners a lot of credit on a dry day. now you have more of my respect heading out early tomorrow morning. we are look for the shower activity. it should start light and pick up and become heavier at the end of the ten miles. at 11:00 a.m., 53 degrees and potentially heavy rain here. and by noontime, 54 and not out of the woods as the system comes in and settles in. so the elements are going to be there for our runners.
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they are going to have to dig in and do what you can do. tonight at 10:00 we should be okay. we should have the cloud cover but should be dry. early morning we wake up to the rain. in the burbs dropping into the 40s overnight and in the lehigh valley, colder with temperatures in the upper 40s. it's going to be a it one tomorrow, denise. the nfl draft continues in chicago. we'll tell you where the local nfl hopefuls have landed. and we'll go behind the scenes.
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time to check in with willie geist for a look at what is coming up on nbc nightly news. >> coming up tonight, the state of emergency in baghdad after hundreds of anti-government protesters climbed the walls of the groan zoeen zone and storme parliament. and an unusual anti-drunk driving campaign. and the man bringing new life to old red wagons and helping kids in the hospital get through very
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tough times all that when we see you in a few minutes. for now, back to you in philly. >> we'll see you at 6:30. after three days the nfl draft is winding down. the birds took a big 12 rushing leader. there appear to be character concerns with smallwood. charges were dropped in that case and shortly after he was drafted, past tweets surfaced that were highly questionable and insensitive. they have done their homework on this guy, smallwood. >> we did a lot of background on to wendell with our security team and with the league security and again he was never
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charged with anything. and we're very comfortable bringing him in here. and he got to prove it on and off the field but we have no doubts about what kind of player and person he is. the eagles picked an offensive tackle with their other pick. in the sixth and seventh round they are going all defense. carson wentz is the big prize in the draft. the north dakota state product will spend most of the season watch and learning. the eagles released the phone call they made with wentz on draft day. >> what's going on. howie, how we doing, bud? >> doing great. >> you ready to be an eagle? >> yes, sir. >> we're excited to get you, man. we're going to have a lot of fun. >> carson. congratulations. you ready to join the eagles family? >> yes, i am. real excited.
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>> we can't wait to see you tomorrow and a long time leading up to this. i know you been waiting but i can't tell you, we can't be more excited. >> how you doing, man? >> doing great. >> you seem like you are calm through all this. >> happy. >> you got to be, right? >> i'm good. ready to go. >> how does it feel to be an eagle? >> feels terrific. you guys sold me when i was there. i'm ready to go. >> we tried to sell it hard. >> temp cornerback young was drafted in the fourth round today. he is one of three owls so far. the defensive tackle went in the fifth round to the redskins. he was a first team all conference pick and might be able to help washington, d.c. with their run defense. to the diamond the phillies take a four-game winning streak into tonight's game against the
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indians. ryan howard was the hero last night smashing a walkoff solo home run in the bottom of the 11th. he had a three-run night and the end of the game heroics never get old. >> you savor it at any moment of your career as a rookie or a veteran, those are always great situations to be in and be able to come through like that for your team it's a great feeling. >> how much fun are you having with this team? >> having a blast. you know, the team itself is just having a good time. and you know, playing well. >> penn relays, u.s. versus the world. u.s. blue got off to an excellent start. the usa red team finished second ahead of brazil. in the women's 400 the americans were an easy winner again defeating second place jamaica.
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denise, back to you. >> karen thomas is back with a check on the forecast. and a wet one tomorrow for the blue cross broad street run. >> we have been looking forward to this race. it's amazing and hugely popular and the timing couldn't be worse with rain. we do have a rainmaker moving in. and for philadelphia we look at the ten-day outlook. tomorrow we do expect the heaviest rain falling in the morning hours to about noontime and lighten up in the afternoon. the runners will have to take it seriously and do what they do to weathering the storms and the elements out there. the temperatures on the chilly side in philadelphia, close to 60 degrees and then we start to dry out as we move through the ten day and warm up a little bit. >> thank you, karen.
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on this saturday night, deadly storms. the tornados and the flash floods and the scenes of destruction in the south where five people are dead and it's not over yet. state of emergency. chaotic scenes in baghdad as hundreds of protesters occupy parliament after storming the green zone where the u.s. embassy is located. desperate journey. the new migrant crisis as cubans try a different route to make it to the united states and end up on tent city in closed borders. and sobering message. how a haunting reflection bath goers saw turned into a powerful video against drinking and driving. "nightly news" begins


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