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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  May 1, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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right now at 6:00, we begin with breaking news. one child is dead, three other children and five adults are injured after a crash in philadelphia. it happened after 4:00 in the city's wissahickon section. that's where we find drew smith. what can you tell us? >> this is a bad wreck. the victims so young. take a look. this is henry avenue. just beyond the bridge is where where accident investigators are focus canning right now. there were two badly damaged cars that have been towed out of the area. there's a bad curve just beyond
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there. here's what we know. nine people had to go to the hospital. it happened around 4:00. four adults in one care and lee in the other. both involved in the wreck and everything hurt. two off-duty police officers were driving in the area at a the time of the accident. they saw happened and began to rescue the kids. one officer continued working on a child in the ambulance as they went to the hospital. witnesses described a chaotic scene. >> we were talking to one of the toe truck guy that's said they were trying to resuscitate two of the children. hopefully they are all right. there were like eight ambulances that came and left. so hopefully they got them there safe. >> reporter: we just learned, unfortunately, one of thoefz children did not make it. we're told he was between 5 and 7 years old. doctors continued to work on the other infant. the infant two months old.
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they are trying to figure out what happened hoar. we saw them put up fresh police tape so they are not letting people down this section of henry avenue. witnesses say it is a bad curve to go around, especially when the road is wet and when we were here earlier the road was wet. drew smith, nbc 10 news. more break aing news of another crash in delaware county. an 8-year-old and an adult were hit by a car just before 4 k34r7b 0 this afternoon. so far it's not clear how seriously the victims are injured. [ horn sounds ] >> a little bit of rain was not enough to dampen the spirits of 40,000 runners. they hit the streets of philadelphia for the 37th annual blue cross broad street run. nbc 10 brought you the action from the start of the ten-mile race to the finish line at the
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navy yard. brandon hudson is live along the race route in south philadelphia and a lot quieter there than this morning for sure. >> this street looks a lot different than this morning. we saw tens of thousands of people start their morning off with the blue cross broad street run. we were with them every step of the way. i asked them what it was like running in the rain and they said it felt like being a kid again. from the start, the rain appeared to be a nonfactor at this year's blue cross broad street run. >> i had a pr of ten minutes from last year to this year. i stepped in a bunch of puddles. i didn't fall. >> i have been run in the rain before. this is the first time. it didn't help or hurt. . i just had to do it. >> reporter: roughly 40,000 runners tackled the largest ten-mile road race in the nation this morning, starting at broad street and west fisher, all the way to south philly.
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>> it's a race but more like a party and the whole city comes together for it. >> reporter: nbc 10 followed them along the way, on the ground, in the air with sky force 10 and with the motorcycle. we saw people of all ages along with some of our own from nbc 10. also in this large crowd was first-time runner eileen. >> i have certain things on my bucket list and this is one of them. >> just under 50 minutes the first runner crossed the finish line. in the minutes and hours that followed we saw everyone else, including families that ran together like these sisters. >> great to know she would be at the finish line waiting for me. >> we met a lot of runners at the end of the race and a lot of them had inspirational, motivational story answer we will share them with you in 15 minutes. brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. >> we will see you then. >> all of the runners deserve a big congratulations, but in all races there's always a winner.
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a new york man was first to cross the finish line with an unofficial time of 48 clsh:43. crystal burnak finished 53:05. >> this is my fifth year running it. plain to continue to run it because the atmosphere is amazing. >> a man from glenn ridge new jersey won the race. >> good job. >> that is katie zachary getting a drive by, or run by hug from keith jones. he was part of a five-member nbc 10 team that raced in the run this morning. congratulations to each and every one of them. the wet weather was not just an obstacle for those running today. it's to blame for flight delays.
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here's a look at philadelphia international airport. you see it is soupy out there. flights have been delayed an average of an hour and 20 minutes. check in with meteorologist karen thomas who has the neighborhood forecast. the rain is not going away anytimen soon. >> no. we are stuck in this pattern for a while longer. all of the credit to all of our nbc family members who were out for the run this morning and all of the runners. seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. interestingly look at the camera shot from philadelphia. we have low clouds. we have fog. we have mist and even light scattered showers out. there 53 degrees is the current temperature right now. interestingly, high temperature 53 in philadelphia. little cooler in the pa suburbs. 50 lehigh valley and delaware. 53 with the clouds. the picture really is told here on radar. our satellite showing we have
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plenty 0 of cloud cover. you can see the big area of precip that moved off the coast. look at the lightning strikes in southwestern pennsylvania. i will be back with more on what to expect overnight and for our wakeup tomorrow morning. denise? from our delaware bureau, family and friends are coming together to remember amy joyner francis. a week ago she died following a bathroom brawl. we have for from outside of st. paul church where the community is offering condolences to the family. >> they are holding a visitation to allow family and friends to begin the process of saying good-bye. whether you knew the 16-year-old or not, so many people are grieving. in this community and beyond. the wrestling team gathered to
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go inside together. amy was the team's manager. a number of other students showed up to pay respects. on april 21st, the 16-year-old died after brutally beaten in a fight in the first floor bathroom in howard high school of technology. friends say it could have been over a boy. since that day, the incident has become a national story, sparking outrage. three girls believed to be involved in the fight have been suspended from school. on friday, police said they have thousands of pages of evidence to review before filing charges. >> we are all hurting. for your daughter not to come home or your son not to come home because she's going to get an education and nobody has been charged, what's going on in wilmington? >> reporter: that's the sentiment shared by so many. again, on friday, the police chief said charges will not be filed until the investigation is complete. meanwhile, this visitation will
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continue until 8:00, reporting live in wilmington, nbc 10 news. could be a make it or break it contest. a look where the race for the contest stands in indiana ahead of the primary. and speculation is over. we now know where one of the first daughters will go to college. how ma lee ya obama is following in her parents footsteps.
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in decision 2016, all eyes are on indiana. voters head to the polls on tuesday. according to a new poll, donald trump and hillary clinton remain the candidates to beat. right now 49% of likely republican primary voters in indiana back donald trump.
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ted cruz is 15 points behind with 34% and john kasich has 13%. on the democratic side, clinton has a slight edge. she's leading bernie sanders by four points, 50 to 46%. it might be the most highly anticipated clenl announcement of the spring. malia obama will attend harvard university. the obamas announced this morning their elder daut will go to harvard in the fall of 2017. her parents attended harvard law. the first daughter will first take a year off after graduating from sidwell friends school in washington, d.c. why one woman told us she cried as she crossed the finish line. it was a soggy start to our sunday morning, and the rain is going to stay with us for the next two days. stay tuned. i'll have all of the weather forecast details and look at the ten-day forecast in just a bit.
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>> not so great for weather. a little slippery. i use to train on a race for the schedule and i came to philadelphia. >> that was the top wheelchair finisher talking about why he took part in the run but everyone has a different motivation. we are joined from south philadelphia with that part of the story. the course was 40,000 people and it is tough to tell all of their stories. we met quite a few people who told us their story and motivation to run. they dedicated the race to someone they love. in a sea of 40,000 runners, it can be hard to stand out. our nbc 10 cameras caught some who did, including a man and
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woman carrying our nation's flag down broad street after the blue cross broad street run finish, we met several people who ran with inspiration. >> i run for my aunt who has cancer. >> reporter: she said her aunt ran in the first ten miler in 1980. 36 years later, sara is running for the third time. >> my aunt ran marathons and now she can't run. so i run for her. >> family was motivation for shaun tall who gave birth three months ago. >> last year i was pregnant and this year was different. >> reporter: she wasn't alone. she ran with her sister-in-law and a long-time friend who ran with an injured shin. you can imagine her joy when she crossed the finish line at the navy shipyard. >> it was amazing. i shed a tear of joy. i'm so proud of myself. >> we met two groups of high schoolers who helped runners in this race. this large group passed out food and water, which runners said
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made their day. >> it is amazing because they helped me. so it is happy i made somebody else's day good, too. >> reporter: we're told there were a group of people running an helping out their friend who was blind and helped him complete the race. hopefully you have heard somebody's story or met somebody in the race that may inspire you to run next year. live in south philadelphia, brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. for your complete coverage of the blue cross broad street run, tap on the nbc 10 app and there you will find race results, photos and much more. a political consultant who helped to to forge the campaigns of philadelphia politicians have died. william miller died of complications from a stroke. he worked for some of the biggest names in the philadelphia political scene. among them he helped to get wilson elected as the first black mayor. miller was 68.
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we received a half inch of rainfall in philadelphia. our overnight fog and spotty showers will be the weather story continuing overnight. radar showing us the large area of moisture this morning is off the coast. look at what is happening here. the energy exists in southwestern pennsylvania with lightning strikes. a little convection there. can't rule out the possibility of a rumble of thunder overnight. closer in we see spotty shower ak a tift a activity and that will continue in to the morning. we take you wider and show you the activity. this pressure development here. from monday in to tuesday. and again some rumbles of thunder potentially tomorrow in to tuesday, as well. future cast, 3:00 a.m., here's possibly convection here but rain overnight in to tomorrow morning. have the umbrellas handy for the start of the workweek and for rush hour, monday evening, you could be driving in rain as
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well. future cast takes us through monday night in to tuesday morning, some shower activity to the south of philadelphia and south jersey as well as a part s of central and a southern delaware. 6:30 tuesday morning, again potential for shower akty. heavier rain in atlantic county and parts of cape may county. it isn't until midweek we expect to dry out. we're going to stay in this active weather pattern tonight in to tomorrow. tomorrow night in to tuesday. and then we can see here on our planner for the next couple of days, for philadelphia, 68 by wednesday with dry conditions. we'll be in the upper 60ss in the pennsylvania suburbs by wednesday and then lehigh valley tomorrow, a mixed bag. cooler, 60 degrees. and then we warm up. as i mention, wednesday will be midweek, of course, but that looks like it will be the dryout period. if we go to new jersey and to
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th the jersey shore a mixed bag on tuesday. temperatures bumping slowly but surely and wednesday when we can expect to dry 0 out. have the umbrellas handy, possibly a rumble of thunder late tonight in to tomorrow. maybe again on monday in to tuesday as these low pressure systems continue to ride along the cold front and continue to bring us this sort of active weather pattern. >> i'm danny pommells. coming up, the surprising phillies going for six straight wins. the highlights coming up.
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again. the eagles draft is in the books. they took eight players but none as important as carson wince. this is the reaction. >> the philadelphia eagles select carson. >> the quarterback looking good in that midnight green. our john clark sat down for the moves the team made this season. >> do you think you are doing the best job to win the season but look to the future? >> yeah. i think for us it goes back to one thing, we have to have a high-low play from the quarterback position. we have to have it in the short term and long term. it is no slight on anyone here but we have to have a high-low play from that position. for us to compete and be in the
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middle of the pack is not what our fans and wa we want. you have to take risks and chances. we understand the gravity of the move but as fans see they will understand why we wanted to bet on this player. >> more from that conversation here on eagles blueprint. plenty more, collusive eagles contests here on nbc 10. john clark is your host. seems nothing can keep the phillys from winning right now. you have r they have won six straight in nine of the last ten them weather not putting a damper on the fans or players. in the third, freddie comes through when it matters most. the pitch er tugging around. the diving grab keeps the tribe off the board. that's a look at sports. i'm danny pommells from comcast
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sportsnet. we'll be right back.
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karen is back with a check on the forecast. we needed the rain and are getting it. >> that's a good way to put it. we will stay in a soggy patten the next couple of day s. tomorrow in the warm sector of the system pushing through. we could get temperatures of 72 degrees in philadelphia. you see the sunshine there. don't get lulled in to a false sense of security. we have a little break in the clouds mid-morning to midday. we should start off on a soggy note tomorrow and showers coming back on monday in to tuesday. maybe even a rumble of thunder, but then we cool off in to the 60s. wednesday's the dry out day. >> thank you, karen. that's nbc 10 news now. see you tonight at a 11:00. have a great night. .
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