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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  May 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thanks for joining us. and with that, 40,000 runners pushed through the rain and cold across a ten-mile course through the heart of philadelphia. we'll take you through all of the sights and sounds. donald trump thinks he's wasting his time running against his fellow republicans. this week, it's decision 2016. we begin with a deadly crash on a rain-soaked philadelphia road. a young boy is killed and a 2-month-old baby is in critical condition tonight.
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good evening. i'm denise nakano. a car wreck happened along henry avenue and hermit lane. drew, what are police telling you at this hour? >> reporter: we now know two kids were thrown from the back window of a car. it all happening here at the end of a bridge. police tell us that car was traveling with four kids and three adults. it crashed, crossed over the yellow line, smashing right into another car heading the other way. henry avenue reopened after an investigation tonight. police were guarding the one remaining car waiting for a tow. >> the whole front of the car is like gone. mangled. >> reporter: the other car, seen here in the daylight, took the brunt of the damage. its bumper laying off in the woods. derek johnson came running down
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after a call from his girlfriend. >> people laying face down or whatever, she's like, i'm shaking, i don't know what to do. >> we have eight patients. >> reporter: fire radio traffic revealed what responders saw as they arrived around 4:00, immediately calling for more ambulances. >> two gentlemen actually pulled them out of the car. >> reporter: those men were off-duty police officers driving by the scene. >> one officer actually with the medic unit while working on the children. >> reporter: responders said that they were rushing to the hospital for children. the boy later died. a 2-month-old baby girl was also brought here in critical condition. neighbors and a state representative have lobbied penn-d.o.t. to make safety changes on this road. >> this henry turn, it's raining and people speeding and stuff
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like this can happen. >> reporter: we asked if weather or speed played a role in this wreck. police say it's too early to say but they have ruled out the use of alcohol. we're live in philadelphia, drew smith, nbc 10 news. new at 11:00, one person is sent to the hospital after a car crashes into a house in montgomery county tonight. these pictures were taken and one person was taken to the hospital but they are expected to be okay. no one inside the home was hurt. turning to our weather now, a chilly night. we're not done with the rain just yet. you can see on the nbc 10 first alert radar where our next system of rain is coming. we're tracking the rain chances where you live with the nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. and for that, let's turn to
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meteorologist karen thomas. karen? >> denise, yes, we are looking at more rain headed our way. isolated scattered showers continuing through the overnight. temperatures on the chilly side. 51 in philadelphia. look at the live camera shot. plenty of fog there. we have mist, cooler out here in the suburbs. temperatures in the mid-40s. 52 in new jersey. cooler in the lehigh valley. low-lying clouds continue with the fog. as we mentioned, isolated shower activity still moving through the area. right now, watching this system here to our south, moving straight on through northeastern maryland, this could bring rumbles of thunder. it's got convection with it and the cells continue to move to the east it could be bringing rumbles of thunder and pockets of rain, maybe even heavy through delaware, parts of central delaware, southern delaware and even south jersey as we move through the next
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couple of hours. as i mentioned, overnight fog will continue and the scattered, isolated showers will also continue. i'll be back with what we can expect tomorrow in just a bit. well, the rain appeared to be a nonfactor at this year's bluecross broad street run took off this morning in north philadelphia. from start to finish, you saw it all live right here on nbc 10. for some, it was their first time. >> i have certain things on my budget list and this is one of them. >> i really like running broad street because it's a race but it's more like a party and the whole city comes together for it. >> i'm just glad i finished and i finished running. >> reporter: nbc 10 followed the runners every step of the way and on the ground, in the air
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with sky force 10 and even with a motorcycle. and we were there when a person from new york was the first to cross the finish line. the 24-year-old finished with an unofficial time of 48:43. the woman's winner is from montgomery county finishing today's race in just under 57:05. well, everyone who made their way down broad street had some motivation to run. a man and woman were showing their patriotism carrying american flags as they ran this morning. sarah madden ran for her aunt who is battling cancer. >> my aunt ran marathons and now she can't run so i go out and run for her. >> i shed a tear of joy. i'm so proud of myself. >> that was portia ran despite
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an injury and her friend ran after giving birth three months ago. many encouraged them to make sure they made it to the finish line. >> good job! >> that's katie zach carrie getting a run-by hug by other own keith jones. they ran in the broad street run this morning. congratulations to all of the runners. and check out the race results and look for runners you know in our photos from the bluecross broad street run. you can find it all on the nbc 10 app. in decision 2016 tonight, all eyes are on indiana. that state's primary on tuesday could come close to ending the presidential nomination process. 92 delegates are up for grabs for the democrats and 57 delegates for the republicans. and front-runner hillary clinton and donald trump are close to
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clinching the majority needed. today, trump says he's wasting time on his republican rivals and he wants the primaries to be over already. >> we have millions and millions of votes and more delegates by a lot, like 300 or something. maybe more. but we have millions of votes for him setting a history in the republican party. >> a new nbc news/wall street journal/marist poll found 49% choose donald trump. ted cruz is 15 points behind at 34% and governor john kasich got 13%. >> the next president of the united states! >> ted cruz was also in the hoosiers state today. the republican hopeful rallied for voters in lafayette. and despite trailing in the polls, cruz continues to insist he can win indiana on tuesday. now to the democrats for the latest nbc news/marist poll
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shows bernie sanders leads hillary clinton by four points and that's a virtual tie. clinton was in detroit, michigan, where she is attended the ncaap keynote address. and bernie sanders is in south bend, indiana. the vermont senator says he'll fight for each and every vote right up until the democratic national convention here in philadelphia in july. jury selection will begin in the corruption trial of a congressman accused of taking bribes and misusing campaign funds and federal grants for a failed run for philadelphia mayor. his co-defendants include a lobbyist and former chief of staff. the trial will begin may 16th and is expected to last six to eight weeks. last week, fattah lost his
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re-election bid to dwight evans. a trial of a man begins tomorrow accused of beating a college student and the death of 18-year-old girl. he claims he only pushed her during a drunken argument and did not try to kill her. last week, a defense witness testified that an earlier injury and a nosebleed that left blood in hall's lungs caused her death. new at 11:00, police are searching for a man who stabbed two people inside a north philadelphia grocery store around 6:30 tonight. police say the suspect stabbed a 17-year-old boy and a 20-year-old man. both are expected to survive. now to the financial crisis in atlantic city.
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the issue will be spoke about tomorrow when a $2 million bond payment is due. on friday, guardian told nbc 10 the city will likely come up with the money. no city or town in new jersey has defaulted on it is debt since the great depression of the 1930s. and puerto rico is expected to default on a major debt payment tomorrow and the impact could make a bad economic situation even worse. that payment is for $422 million. the default could be a prelude to a deadline for a much larger payment due july 1st. and the crisis could impact unsuspecting u.s. investors who have retirement accounts filled with puerto rican bonds. well, dozens gathered in west philadelphia today to bring attention to workers rights. the first day of may is international workers day. and this was the scene in clark park. several groups, including the fight for 15 movement, attended today's events. workers are calling for a
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statewide $15 minimum wage. up next, a woman in a community is hurting today as they remember the dean who died after beaten inside her school. how strangers are honoring her today. plus, the latest on possible charges. and later, how early is too early to send your kids to school? what officials in new jersey are doing this week to decide whether the bell rings too soon in the morning. ♪
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the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden, the leader of al qaeda. >> five years ago today, president obama delivered that message to the american people. the u.s. took down the master terrorist responsible for the deaths of 3,000 people on september 11th, 2001. the cia recounted everything from the helicopter landing to this famous situation room photo of the president and his advisers to the positive i.d. of bin laden. his death sparked celebrations around the world. errier today, john brennan spoke on "meet the press" on how the u.s. has destroyed a large part of al qaeda but the terror group is not completely eliminated. tonight, wilmington is
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remembering amy francis after a fight in her school's bathroom. the girls involved in the fight have not been charged a week after the incident. here is the story from the nbc 10 delaware bureau. >> reporter: hugs and huddles outside of st. paul's uam church. even stain injuries gathered to say good-bye to amy jointer francis. >> everyone is hurting. they are little kids. the high school students, a lot of them in here, they are really going through something. >> reporter: on april 121st, the 16-year-old died after a bathroom brawl at a high school. >> i never had an issue with her and she seemed to fit in well with the student body. >> reporter: grief has gripped this community and beyond ever
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since, whether they knew amy or not. >> that's why we're here, to show love and to say that they have our prayers and our support. >> reporter: while the three students believed to be responsible have been suspended from school more than a week later, still, no charges have been filed. on friday, police announced they are still sifting through thousands of pages of evidence in the ongoing investigation. >> we are all hurting, you know. we are all hurting. for your daughter not to come home or son not to come home because she's going to get an education and nobody has been charged yet, what's going on in wilmington? >> reporter: it's a sentiment by many, especially as they lay her to rest. >> kids never learn that they've got to stop, you've got to stop. you've got to. it's just too much. it's too much. and it's breaking my heart. >> reporter: the police chief stresses that charges are only possible after the investigation is complete. but he did not disclose when he thinks that could happen.
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reporting in wilmington, nbc 10 news. the new jersey department of education will hold hearings this week to answer the question, does the school day start too early? parents, teachers and students will get to weigh in on the possibility of moving that start time to 8:30 a.m. or later. the first meeting is tomorrow from 4:00 to 7:00 at can yan county colleges campus. make sure the kids grab their rain gear tomorrow. we're tracking the weather where you live. for that, let's turn to meteorologist car ren thomas. karen? >> all right, denise. a little bit of everything. temperatures right now on the chilly side. it's 51 degrees in philadelphia. cooler up there in allentown and same here in trenton and 49 degrees in atlantic city. we have an onshore flow, northeasterly wind that continues to come in off of the cool ocean. winds not doing too badly but
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this onshore flow will continue and keep the clouds in place overnight. we're watching radar right now because here's another system that is developing. it is fragmented but it has convection in here. it's just pushing into the d.c. and baltimore area and we'll continue to move west to east. parts of delaware, parts of south jersey, even this pocket of southeastern p.a. could get some isolated shower activity, maybe even some rumbles of thunder through the next couple of hours, through the overnight hours into early tomorrow as that system makes its way even closer. for most of the viewing area, we are dry right now but you can see the specks of green. so very isolated, very isolated sort of scattered shower activity is going to be through the overnight hours and waking up early tomorrow. we're watching yet another low pressure system. it's a very active pattern across the entire united states but we're watching another low developing here in the gulf and that will be running up the cold
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front tomorrow. tomorrow is really going to be a mixed bag. we'll start out drizzling and isolated showers and then peaks of sunshine and rain comes back into the picture. starting at 7:30, we see here this particular model showing us we could start out with shower activity in and around philadelphia, wilmington, dover and cutting over to south jersey. that's why we say to have the umbrellas handy but then drying out for the afternoon. the clouds start to dissipate coming from the south up to the north. not everybody will see sunshine but as the clouds begin to clear south to north, we could get that heating going on with the sunshine. and then futurecast showing us tomorrow night another round of spotty showers and a better shot of convection tomorrow night into tuesday morning with that. so lightning and thunder is a potential as this system comes
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on through. this is 6:30 through tuesday morning, widespread rain for most of the viewing area. that would be tuesday morning and then we look to wednesday to finally dry out. we could bump to 72 degrees for a high temperature tomorrow. you can see the icon giving us the mixed bag. just have the umbrellas handy. it isn't until wednesday that we get out of this active weather pattern and we start to dry out. temperatures in the mid-to upper 60s tomorrow. as i said, we could warm up especially if we get those sustained peeks of sunshine throughout the afternoon. comcast sports net, the phillies were expected to be bottom feeders this season but they are making believers out of so many. and hear from howie himself in this exclusive conversation with john clark.
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have you been paying attention to the major changes in april and now the phillies, yes, the phillies. perhaps baseball's biggest surprise left to take center stage and they are shining in that spotlight. the weather is not putting a damper on the phils.
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rocking the jackets to stay warm, touches home and phils up 1-0. keeping the tribe off the board, the phils win it and they are rolling. >> we've always had confidence in one another, especially the team. you about for us to do what we are doing right now, we're surprising a lot of people and i think that's what we expected to do from day one. now our confidence is as high as it gets and we're playing well. >> following the '09 season, the eagles have gone through a litany of starting quarterbacks. now they are hoping that carson holds down the fort for years to come. >> the philadelphia eagles pick
11:27 pm
carson wentz. [ applause ] >> wentz giving them something to cheer about. the qb is looking good in the midnight green. our john clark sat down with the move that the team has made all season. >> do you think you're doing the best job to try to win this season but also look towards the future? >> yeah. i think for us it goes back to one thing. we have to have a high-low play for the quarterback position, in the short term and long term. we have to have a high/low point from that position and until we do, we're not going to be able to compete on a regular basis, for us to just kind of compete and be in the middle of the pack, that's not what our fans want or what we want. you have to take some risk and chances. we understand the gravity of this move. but i think that as our fans get to see, they will understand why we wanted to bet on this particular player. >> do you believe that it is
11:28 pm
more the agent that wants to have the trade go through or sam that is requested the trade? >> i think people see opportunities, you know. and i think prior to the draft, maybe there's some opportunity that you see that may make sense and we understand that this is a business. it's never personal and by the same token, we feel the same way about him. you know, we're not going to hold any of this against him. we move forward and there's great incentive for all of us to go out and play great. >> and i know you haven't had enough. hear much more of the conversation on "eagles blueprint" right here on nbc 10. john clark is your host coming up in just a few minutes. well, the draft always filled with emotion. this was will parks on saturday. he's a germantown high graduate soon to be an arizona graduate and he was drafted in the sixth round by the denver broncos. so he's going to the super bowl champs after hearing his name called. those emotions are awesome. that is your look at sports.
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we'll be right back.
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a rainy work week ahead of us? >> at least a start. tomorrow is going to be kind of interesting. a little bit of everything. misty, foggy, isolated drizzle and then peaks of sunshine south and maybe into tuesday. the eagles draft special is coming up next.
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the eagles get their man! >> carson wentz! [cheers and applause ] >> one player can change your team. >> bottom line is, if you don't have a franchise quarterback in the nfl, it doesn't matter. the eagles coach now has his quarterback. >> a little bit of brett favre. honestly. >> a whirlwind start to wentz's career and why the eagles felt so compelled to get him and the details of the draft. "eagles blueprint 2016" is on the clock.


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