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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  May 2, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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>> reporter: last week he lost his seat in a primary. now he has denied those allegations. it will be up to a jury to decide his fate. that trial is expected to begin may 16th. reporting live today. nbc 10 news. and we're following breaking
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news this morning from leehigh county. the high school is on lock down. bullets have been found in the boy's bathroom. we're working to gather some information on this lock down so stay with nbc 10. atlantic city's mayor is about to give an update on the city's official crisis and his plan to make a $2 million bond payment. here's a look where he's expected to make that announcement. we'll bring that to you when he gets there. on friday the mayor said the city will likely come up with the money. no city or town has defaulted on its debt since the 1930s. we'll bring you details in our next half hour. now your nbc 10 first alert weather.
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fog covered parts of our area this morning. drivers on route 202 had limited visibility during the morning rush hour. tim sent us that video right there. our meteorologist is here with the forecast. it was pretty missable yesterday with all that rain. we don't necessarily have much rain right now, but it's cloudy just about the entire area. temperatures only 47 in pennsylvania suburbs. 53 degrees in philadelphia and 50 in the lee high valley. we still have some patchy fog across the area. we had just a couple of showers moving through. it's very light, but it's going to be a different story as we head to tonight. let's take a look at this future cast as we go into the afternoon just starting to see some showers well to the north and west and then later on there's
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3:30, a few more showers around, and then by dinnertime still not a whole lot. watch what happens later on. by this evening we're getting some potential heavy showers in the philadelphia area and thunderstorms this central delaware and then look at this. by 10:00 tonight a lot of the area really getting pounded with heavy showers and thunderstorms. we also have a wet weather pattern. you can see that reflected in the seven-day that is continuously contr continuously scrolling on the bottom of your screen. as we go through today 60s holding in much of the area. pennsylvania suburbs only getting in the mid 60s and lee high valley struggling to get into the low 60s. delaware is most likely to see the heavy showers and
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thunderstorms tonight. more on the timing of the rain and what the rest of the week holds in store in a few minutes. weather may be to be blame for a car crash that damaged a porch. a car smashed into three parked cars around 11:30 last night and the impact pushed one of those vehicle's into a neighbor's porch. nbc 10 spoke to the people living there. >> reporter: what did that sound like? >> boom. very loud. really, i didn't know what it was. it was very loud. it shook the house. >> i walked inside and i heard the boom. i saw the neighbor car was in my porch and porch was destroyed. >> medics took the driver to the hospital. we're working to find out his condition. police believe rainy conditions led to the accident. authorities will give us an
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update in about a half hour into their investigation into a deadly crash that injured one child and killed two others. this was the scene. accident investigators tell us the car carrying the four children veered into oncoming traffic and was hit head on. two off duty police officers stopped to help and folk cussed their attention on the children. >> it was like people laying face down and she was like i'm shaking like i don't know what to do. >> a 2-month-old child remains hospitalized. new this morning, burlington county police are trying to figure out who stabbed a woman in the back. the woman was stabbed in a different town than found. the victim is recovering at cooper hospital. so far police have not made any
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arrests. happening now, former penn state assistant football coach is back in court. he was convicted of 45 counts of child sex abuse crimes in 2012. his attorneys are saying he didn't get a fair trial and he didn't have competent council. his attorney is trying to prove that his case was rushed to trial and the previous defense time didn't have time to prepare. time now for a check on the roads. what are you seeing. >> we are seeing some delays on the expressway. that's no surprise. it's because of slow moving maintenance vehicles. you can see in our cameras right around montgomery drive it's a slow go heading eastbound. westbound doing better, but we do have lane restrictions towards center city. the rest of the majors are doing okay, but we have an accident
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scene on 4th street. reduced visibility because of the fog, but now we're doing better. 295 over in new jersey looks okay in both directions and if you're heading from new jersey over into delaware still watch out for that emergency construction on the delaware memorial bridge. the left lane is closed. more traffic news. today we'll find out when cars can go faster on parts of the pennsylvania turnpike and interstate highways across the state. officials will announce expansion of the 75 miles an ho hour. officials will remind drivers that the 55 mile an hour zones are staying the same. what a run it was. the 2016 bluecross run is now in
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the books. nbc 10 carried the event live from the start in logan to the finish in south philadelphia and all ten miles in between. some 40,000 runners tackled the route and some of them for the first time. >> i have certain things on my bucket list and this was one of them. >> i like running broad street because it's a race, but it's more like a party and the whole city comes together for it. >> i'm just glad i finished and i finished running. >> that's really great right there. nbc 10 followed the runners on the ground and in the air and even aboard a motorcycle. nbc 10 was there when the the new yorker crossed the finish line first. the second place winner finished the run in 57 minutes. >> you will get another chance
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to watch or dvr the race again. comcast will rebroadcast the entire coverage on saturday afternoon from 12:30 to 3:00 and 3:30 to 6:00. two missionaries are found dead. an investigation to what may have happened and their connection to our area. he left behind a massive estate, but no will. today the first formal hearing about what may have come to prince's fortunes. glenn? we're stuck in the clouds for now and i'm tracking the run of more rain this week. i'll let you know when more rain is coming and when we see a break from this weather pattern ahead.
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now to decision 2016. 92 delegates and all are up for grabs for the democrats and 57 delegates for the republicans. hillary clinton needs 232 more delegates and donald trump needs 240. trump says he's wasting his time on republican rivals and he wants the primaries to be done with already. >> we have millions and millions of votes more and we have more
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delegates, but we have millions of votes more setting a record in the history of the republican party. >> a new nbc news wall street journal poll of likely republican voters in indiana found 49% choose donald trump. ted cruz is 15 points behind at 34% and ohio governor john kasich got 13%. senator cruz is not conceding indiana. he stopped this morning at a cafe in indiana. cruz will be joined on the trail today by indiana governor mike pens who endorsed cruz on friday while commending donald trump for tapping into the quote frustration of millions of working americans. on the democratic side a new poll shows hillary clinton leads bernie sanders by just four points in indiana. that's within the margin of error in a virtual al tie. clinton was in detroit, michigan where she delivered the key note
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address at the naacp dinner there. she spoke about the crisis in flint. she has appearances in kentucky and west virginia. two u.s. missionaries were killed in gentleman macka including one from our area. his body was found with the body of 48-year-old randy hensel. their battered bodies were found in bushes in separate areas of a rural part of the island while reaching out to teens for a medical mission. so far we have not heard back from officials. prince's family went to court this morning to figure out how to divide up the estate. last week his sister filed paperwork saying he had no will. that means his multi million
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dollar estate will be divided among his siblings. he was found dead last month inside his estate. law enforcement investigators are looking into whether prince decide from an overdose of prescription pain medication. nearly all detroit public schools are closed today because of a teacher sit out. the move follows a decision that the district will not be able to pay the teachers starting this summer. the governor signed a law in march that has kept the district operating through the end of the school year. it looked like piles of snow on the ground indiana but it was hail. in some parts it was ten inches deep. the ice balls damaged vehicles and property in indianapolis. louisiana residents are cleaning up this morning after heavy rain brought floods.
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this homeowner used a boat to rescue neighbors from their homes. neighbors blame low lying streets for repeated flooding. we didn't have enough rain to cause flooding yesterday, but we had plenty of hours of it and it kept the temperature down. it barely got up to these numbers yesterday. 53 in philadelphia now and yesterday's high was only 54. 50 in trenton. one of the places that's going to stay relatively cool is right at the shore. atlantic city only 51 degrees. we have a wind off the ocean. it's a light wind so if we get a little sunshine it could get up to 60 degrees. there's still some fog in parts of the area. the visibility shows us how dense it is. pottstown up to a little over one mile now. you can see in new jersey the visibilities are excellent while
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in pennsylvania it's not so great. philadelphia is seven miles so that should help things out at the airport and visibility gradually improving across pennsylvania and it's improving considerably in delaware already. well the story we got showers and thunderstorms on the way. not so much in the next few hours as tonight. look at the radar showing virtually nothing on it right now. it's going to be a fairly wet pattern here. this is just the beginning. this area down south, you can see on the seven-day forecast lots of days with showers and below normal temperatures. the temperature high of 70. get your neighborhood forecast here any time. you don't have to wait until the end and it's not just philadelphia anymore. here's the future cast. this afternoon a few showers to the west of the area and starting to come in later on during the day. so keep the umbrellas with you if you're going to be heading
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out and staying out, especially the later you are as we go through the evening, the more likely it is to rain. the further south you go, the more likely you are to get heavy rain or thunderstorms. by 9:00 tonight some of this is very heavy. there could some strong gusty winds with these storms in delaware and south jersey. lesser chances up toward the north because there's going to be cooler weather. as we go toward 11:00 that's a large area of heavy rain and so the heaviest of the rain is going to occur during the night tonight. not this afternoon and not so much during the day tomorrow. here is the neighborhood forecast for today. very few places getting up near 70, but you'll notice that the further north you go, the colder it is and the further south the warmer. there's lee high valley getting
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into the low 60s and delaware is in the low 70s with showers and thunderstorms. that's what this neighborhood forecast can do for you, show you the huge changes and differences from one area to the next. that is going to be the case here. you can see the cool weather for several days here, we've got showers in the forecast all the way through wednesday. it's not going to be a total washout both of those days, but this is an overall pretty wet pattern. here temperatures not going up a whole lot and not a lot of sunshine this week either. there's the jersey shore. temperatures barely getting into the low 60s and after the 72 today in delaware not quite as warm over the next couple of days. we'll be back later with a ten-day forecast and see if we get out of this. thank you. problems at the playground, a new study reveals why more
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kids keep getting hurt even as efforts continue to make playground equipment safer. pet moments are beautiful,
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philadelphia has emerged as one of the top tech cities in the entire country and thousands of people are getting a chance to see what's new and hot during philly tech week 2016. the event manager for techicly.
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it's techniquely. >> yes techniquely. >> tell us about it. >> we report on local tech and innovation news and things happening in the community, what's happening with local colleges and universities to support those groups and philly tech week is a week-long celebration of that. it's our sixth annual event. there's over 50 partners in make tg happen. >> you'tell me why this is such big deal for the rentgion and h
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philadelphia became the center for the country. >> there's so much happening here and with the colleges and universities. technically philadelphia started about seven years ago and it was one of the first groups talking about it. another group like philly startup leaders is another great supporter. there's so much happening here and we want to bring attention to it. >> one of the things that happening here is comcast is located here. comcast taking the lead in technology in our area and across the country, really globally. so tell us why this is important for comcast to be involved in this? >> sure. so comcast is a media entertainment and technology company and as a company we're really excited to not even lead, but to be a part of this community. it's very important that we're supporting the startup community
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as we build the technology and communication center that will open in about 20 months. we're looking to partner with startups in philadelphia and around the country. we've supported philly tech week in the last two years in a big way and we'll be the big supporter on wednesday at the entrepreneurs expo. 75 startups will be on display there. this is a very important week mostly because this is an opportunity for people from all neighbors to experience technology, to see the opportunities that are possible by through innovation and technology and maybe to join the startup community. >> we were laughing during the break because we all went to school with people who we thought were tech geeks and now we're looking for somebody to work for. philly tech week runs now through saturday may 7th.
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more more information head over to our website. thank you very much for coming in. >> thank you. up next, just days after defeat congressman heads to court. it's day one for his jury case. another historic day in havana. a u.s. ship sailing from the port in more than 50 years arrives in cuba. we'll have details from the passengers on board.
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a jury selection is under way in the trial of congressman fattad who is facing corruption
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charges. we're live where the congressman did say a few words to us as he passed. >> reporter: he spoke very briefly for a moment. he and his legal team were here at court early this morning. they arrived at 9:30 ahead of juri juriors. ahead of the 10:00 a.m. selection process. now he has not stopped to speak to us, but he did say something in passing as he headed into court. can you talk to us for a second? that was him saying they were there to get through the fiction and get through the facts. he's accused of taking bribes and misusing hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign money, charitable funds and pay off debt. he lost his seat in the primary.
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he has denied those allegations. it will be up to the jury once selected to decided his fate, but that selection process we're told that it could take some time given the fact that this is a high-profile case. his trial is scheduled to begin may 16th. >> thank you. meanwhile a 4-year-old drowned in a pool over the weekend in atlantic county. police say the boy drowned accidentally. police say they were called to the location by the child's parents who said the boy had gotten out of their home and they were unable to find him. there's no word on how the accident happened or if any charges will be filed. philadelphia police are holding a news conference at this moment about a deadly crash on henry avenue yesterday that killed one child and injured another and several adults.
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let's take a moment and listen in. then there's a 4 and 5-year-old with different kinds of injuries. the 4 and 5-year-old were in the backseat. so you had the 20-year-old male in the backseat and four children. the 5-year-old -- the 6-year-old was not restrained, however baby infant was in a car seat at the time of the crash. two females, two adult females that were in the front of the vehicle that crashed, we haven't had a chance to talk to them about who was driving the vehicle because they were both ejerked from the vehicle. it was a critical crash and a lot of injuries in this one. >> when you see a situation with that many people in the vehicle and in the one vehicle there was seven people, what can you talk about. >> it's never advisable not to be restrained to begin with and
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it was not -- it was a very unfortunate. you can see the devastation that occurred as a result of not being restrained. >> reporter: how many people in that backseat. >> reporter: none of the people in a car seat? >> no, as far as we know no one was restrained except the 7 week old was in a car seat. it's never advisable to be in any vehicle unrestrained. >> reporter: is everybody connected. >> reporter: do you know if that car seat was -- >> i don't know. it was strapped in. after the crash there was devastation inside the veekhicl. they are critical but stable. >> reporter: just so we're clear the vehicle with all the vehicles in it that's coming around the curve and it starts
11:35 am
to fly and it hits the vehicle that's t boned. >> it was going away from the city and somehow loses control and starts sliding. so it slides this way and then was hit by the car coming the other way. >> reporter: it was t boned so to speak. >> so it went into the southbound lane. i'm not sure. it didn't seem it was excessive speed. the roadway was wet. never advisable. you have to take your time when the roadway's wet and we're not sure how that person lost control. we didn't get a chance to talk to them, but my invest getter said probably not excessive speed. >> reporter: what was the relationship between everybody else? >> i'm not sure of the relationships. i don't even know where they were going or where they were coming from. i know you guys usually ask me but we're not sure where they were heading to. the roadway was wet and it was
11:36 am
damp and it's just never -- henry avenue is a major roadway. you have to take the time. it's posted 35 mile han hour so you try to limit that. every roadway you should limit the speed to be safe. >> reporter: how much of a problem is that particular roadway in terms of the posted speed limit versus what the reality of traffic is. >> i don't know. you drive down it and you probably see many people exceeding that speed limit at times. i don't know for a fact. >> reporter: what do the eye witnesses tell you? did they tell you it appears the car crossed the line and the driver of car one was speeding? >> no, just traveling and lost control. not something like we would say 60 or 70 or 80 miles an hour. this was not the case in this crash. >> reporter: did you find any cell phones. did you check cell phone records. >> no, we didn't look into that
11:37 am
yet. there's no way to know, but certainly if everyone was restrained there clearly would be less severe injuries for sure and maybe not anybody killed, but we really don't know because you can still get an internal injury from a crash like that, but it's always advisable to wear a seat belt. we have been listening to an press conference by captain john of the philadelphia police department who uniformed us of that deadly crash in philadelphia yesterday that a father is now also dead in addition with a child. so two dead from that deadly crash yesterday in philadelphia on henry avenue. we'll continue to mon toitor th situation and bring you information as we get it. now first alert weather. >> rather cloudy conditions out there.
11:38 am
overcast. some parts of the area have gotten some rain as we take a live look here at center center philadelphia. let's check in with the meteorologist with the weather. glenn? not nearly as nasty as yesterday, but not exactly a beautiful spring day here. it's cloudy, but we don't have anything on the radar close by right now. we had a few showers earlier in the day and we're going to have some more coming tonight. the satellite pictures shows it's cloudy pretty much everywhere. there may be a few breaks developing in parts of new jersey and that will help push the temperature up and once the temperature does go up, especially in southern delaware and extreme south jersey, there is a chance of some of those thunderstorms this evening becoming severe. the further south you go in the area where it's going to get into the 70s, a little bit lesser chances of severe storms as you head northward to philadelphia, especially philadelphia because of the lower temperatures.
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it's 53 now in philadelphia. only 47 in the pennsylvania suburbs. so the suburbs of lee high valley are going to be the cool spots during the afternoon and that is why the threat of severe weather is a little bit lower. we continue to see cooler than average weather. tonight is especially when we're going to be seeing some rain across the area and we'll be back to talk more about the extended forecast a little bit later. >> we'll see unthen. atlantic city's mayor has given an update on the city's official crisis. the mayor announced that the city will pay $1.8 million in bond payments that are due today. the mayor says the decision followed careful consideration of the city finances, other debt and bond ratings for atlantic county. the mayor spoke out against the proposed takeover of his state.
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>> residents would not have exceeded and under a complete takeover we would have been shut out of the process. >> the state senate has passed the takeover plans supported by the governor chris christie and democratic state speaker has refused to put it up for a vote in that chamber. it is the end of an era for the wringing brothers. the animals came in for the final performance last night. the sucircus is retiring the elephants to a conservation group in florida. >> i haven't been to the circus in years and seeing it tonight it was fun and exciting and sad at the same time. >> they made the decision after years of protest by animal activists more than a dozen other circuses will still tour
11:41 am
with elephants. cruzzing into history for the first time in more than 50 years an american cruise company has sald from the u.s. to cuba. >> reporter: this morning history is being made as this cruise ship becomes the first in more than a half century to sale from miami to havana, just 262 miles, but until now it might as well have been light years. it's the maiden voyage to cuba on a ship owned by carnival corporation. american passengers about to step on cuban soil, a country that most u.s. citizens have been forbidden to visit. >> we want to be part of history. >> reporter: the cuba they will see has americans anxious to get here before it changes. >> i want to get there before burger king shows up. >> reporter: the voyage almost
11:42 am
didn't happen. an old cuban law on the books banned anyone on the island from coming in by sea. cuban-americans in miami protested and the law changed which is why this lady who left havana when she was six is today among a dozen cuban born americans able to take this trip. >> i'm been waiting 48 years. >> reporter: one ship, 700 passengers, but a sign of perhaps more to come. the ship has permission to travel from miami to cuba where it will stop in three different ports here every other week and as you heard they think that maybe some day there will be many more cruise ships. the cost right now about $1,800 or more, but history is being made, two countries coming together. nbc news, in the port of havana. there's not much on the
11:43 am
radar now, but i am tracking more rain heading our way, and not just for today. we'll let you know when we'll see a break from all of this wet weather ahead.
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the number of children treated for playground related brain injuries increased significantly between 2005 and 2013. data shows more kids suffered a
11:46 am
head injury during that period. monk monkey bars and swings contributed to the accidents. most of us are familiar from the story bradley manning an american soldier who was sentenced to 35 years in prison for sharing classified documents about the iraq war who came out as a transgender woman. she was granted the right to severe hormone therapy in prison. her story is now under way. this really is the american premiere of a play right. >> correct. >> tell us more about it. >> i saw this play during the french festival and it was produced by the national theater of whales and i thought why are
11:47 am
they doing this subject and what i came to find that i didn't know is manning's mother was welch and when her parents divorced she spend her teen years there. >> this focuses on the radicalization of manning. when do you think that moment happened in her life. >> the playwrite makes this leap in that the schooling their history classes were all about radicals, people that went against the government and so price thinks that it influenced her her to give the cable. >> what's the message you want audiences to walk away with after seeing this performance. >> i don't want people to forget about chelsea manning. some people would say she's a traitor and some people would
11:48 am
say she's a hero, so we've kind of forgotten about her and to remember her and hopefully she will get clemmensy at some point. >> is there a reason why this story caught your attention. >> it's a play written by a welch writer about america and in doing that he puts a mirror up to america and it's not -- we don't look that great. >> not always a pretty scene, right? >> yeah. i think that's interesting having a culture examine our own culture we might find new things coming our way. >> that's interesting. we appreciate that you came in and shared this with us. you can catch the new theater company's performance of the radicalization of bradley manning now through may 15th at the theater. that's at drake on 302 south hicks street in philadelphia. for more information head to
11:49 am
website at nbc thank you very much and good luck. >> thank you. there's a familiar sight. we had it friday and sunday and we had it today. a little bit of a break on saturday, but not much. and we do have some rain that has moved through the area. you can see a few little light showers, but there's really not much going on other than the cloudy skies. there's the live radar and we are rain-free at the moment, but things are going to change. it's going to be a fairly wet week here. you can see that reflected in your seven-day forecast for your area. you don't have to wait until the end of the program and it's not just for philadelphia anymore. the wider radar will show that there's more rain on the way. this system down in tennessee and kentucky is just part of the next system that is going to be effecting us as we go into the
11:50 am
next couple of days and it is going to be wet. there we are this evening. the showers increase, maybe some thunderstorms, especially in delaware and south jersey. this could be later this evening and some of those could contain some strong gusty winds and maybe some hail, but where the temperature gets the highest today it's going to be a big temperature contrast from north to south. the least likely hears to get thunderstorms will be in all allentown. tomorrow night there's more rain and some heavy rain and maybe thunderstorms down toward the shore. we have wave after wave of rain, more showers during the day on tuesday and as you saw especially on tuesday night. right now we have a very light southeast wind and we're looking for the temperatures in delaware
11:51 am
to jump up into the 70s. so far we're mostly in the 50s. greenville only 51. further to the south we're getting into the 60s. 61 in georgetown. so some of those areas are going to get above 70 today. not likely in philadelphia with the clouds hanging in there. if we get a peek of sunshine or two, we could get a little warmer than that. tomorrow not a whole lot different, not a lot of sunshine. maybe a little bit on wednesday. as you can see the next few days g g generally on the wet side. showers today, tomorrow and on wednesday and temperatures below normal. the average high temperature is 70 degrees in philadelphia so let's see if we see any here on the ten day. certainly not today.
11:52 am
on thursday and friday that's unseasonably cool and wet. by mother's day we're talking about temperatures in the mid 70s, a chance of thunderstorms, but not the kind of all day rain for example like we saw yesterday. and then as we head toward next week, this pattern might break up a little bit and we'll see temperatures getting above average again.
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mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
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coming this afternoon starting at 3:00 it's an all new ell ellen. see how they respond when ellen puts them on the spot with relationship rumors and then it's nbc 10 news at 4:00. this afternoon the -- this is -- this is at the race on saturday, unforgettable moment here with michael dropping to one knee and proposing to his girlfriend paula around mile six. the runners are running by and he's on his knee and she said yes. got up and hugged him right in
11:56 am
the middle of the race. here's better picture of it. we wish them both the best. very nice. coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00 it's an all new ellen. we're going to turn get an update on the weather for this afternoon. not a really pretty picture with significant amount of sunshine or anything like that. we do have more rain on the way. so there's not much around now. it's just cloudy, but take the umbrellas with you because especially if you're headed out this evening. watch what happens on this future cast. the later we go into the day the more active the radar becomes. so not a whole lot at 6:00, but look at this. by 8:00, 10:00 tonight, look at that, midnight tonight, it's going to be really wet, really stormy and especially in delaware and south jersey a chance of some really strong thunderstorms developing with gusty winds and hail.
11:57 am
we've got new computer models coming in and we'll update that hourly weather. >> thanks for watching nbc 10. have a good day.
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