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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  May 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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but the concern is that it would carry over into part of the morning commute or at least if we had any localized flooding. in philadelphia now, we are dry. we are seeing clouds and temperatures at 63 degrees. also, don't forget the seven-day forecast is scrolling at the bottom of the screen, too, with the new neighborhood weather. right now, we are dry. it's really the weather down to the west and southwest that we're watching, so you see this big area of showers and storms locally heavy rainfall. this one is approaching the virginias, and it all will be moving in as we go through late tonight starting with about 8:00 or 9:00 tonight. here's the future weather. here's the timing, too, a closer look by 7:00 p.m., still not too much happening, a pretty dry evening commute. be9:00 tonight, we can see some popup heavy showers or storms developing. through delaware and close to philadelphia, 10:00 and 11:00 and midnight, this is the time we see the heavy rain starting to develop and move in so that's delaware, south jersey, the
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reds, oranges, and yellows here, and some of the pennsylvania suburbs, too, and even in the philadelphia area, so this would then carry over into tomorrow morning if we had that flooding like we expect in some spots. that's the concern here with the morning commute as we go through time overnight. the rain by 6:00 a.m., raining, temperatures mid-50s, and through the pennsylvania suburbs at 8:00 a.m., low 50s, and rain for the morning commute with potential of flooding early in the morning. lehigh valley coming in the in the low 50s early tomorrow morning with rain around. if you're in new jersey or the shore, expected rain around in the morning commute, but it's delaware and new jersey where we do expect possibly localized flooding. overnight, that would potentially carry over into the morning commute. coming up, a closer look at the timing of the rain and how much we may be able to expect. that's straight ahead. >> you can also get the forecast for your neighborhood any time by checking the nbc 10 app. it has weather alerts and interactive radar. also tonight, what is in the
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water. new jersey is taking new steps to make sure it does not contain led. >> ten million spent to test every school making sure your child and children are not exposed to the dangerous chemical. >> spending mornts investigating problems across the region, and mitch joining us now. >> it's an important step for the state. >> absolutely. groups that are already applauding the governor for fighting the led crisis, a different attitude than when he brought it up in march. >> when we introduced you to the 3-year-old audrey and led poisoned kids like her, new jersey was fighting led on government salaries and pensions. in march, governor chris christie said the fight against led was under control. >> first of all, this has been an overdramatized issue. >> reporter: since, the gover r governor's attitude changed,
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announcing all new jersey schools test water for led starting next school year. >> i think it's the right thing to do because of concern about it, one, and secondly, we do it in a way that's affordable. >> reporter: asking the legislature to give him $10 million to state reimburse districts and lowering how much led in the blood it takes for a child to get help from the state. new jersey lowering led action level to meet the standard set by the standard of disease control. >> lowering so parents have no concern about the affect that led would have on their kids. >> reporter: this is the second time in one month he took measures to fight led. in april, he dedicated $10 million to find and remove led paint in homes, how most kids, like audrey, get led poisoning. there's a public awareness campaign to prevent led poisoning, and a federal grant is paying for others around the state. >> what are the most important things that parents need to know
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about led poisoning? >> number one, get kids tested. absolutely the most important thing, from the water, led paint in the home, you can't do anything if don't know. most kids get poisoning from paint in the homes. cleaning your floors, your windows, the places that when that led paint chips and turns into dust, that's where it settles and where kids ingest it. >> anything we can do to keep our kids safe. >> thank you so much. find more information on the investigators, living with lead, the series, up right now on, nbc 10 app. we transition to breaking news in. a man convicted in the beating and strangulation death of his college freshman girlfriend. the 22-year-old was found guilty of third degree murder. the 18-year-old was found dead near millersville university
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dorm room last year. she was also from chester county. right now at 5:00, more than a dozen school children are checked out at the hospital after the bus they were on was hit by a car around 2:30 this afternoon in spring township. a car ran into the back of the bus. 17 kids suffered bumps and bruises. there's no word yet if any charges have been filed in the case. today, a second person died because of a crash on a wet philadelphia road. first, it was a 6-year-old boy, and now a 20-year-old father is gone. police say the car went out of control in rainy weather yesterday afternoon on henry avenue in philadelphia. three other children and four adults were severely hurt. today, police say no one in the victim's car was wearing a seat belt, and only a seven week old baby was in a car seat. >> never plausible not to be restrained to begin with.
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it was -- very unfortunate to see the devastation that occurred as a result of not being restrained, properly seated in the vehicle. >> three other children are in critical condition at st. christopher's hospital. the four adults were taken to einstein and temple hospitals. kids might be happy to hear this, new jersey's department of education is on a mission now to find out if students get enough sleep. state lawmakers proposed last year a study on that issue in the first of a series of public hearings that begins today. educators are considering delaying the start of the school day from middle and high schoolers to 8:30 or later. one expert says he hopes ultimately it's adopted. >> teenagers need their sleep, and unfortunately, society, their sleep cycle shifted later so they don't want to fall asleep at 9:00 or 10:00. first meeting happening now at camden county community college in the civic hall in blackwood. we will have an update at 6:00.
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drivers can go a little faster on the pennsylvania turnpike starting tomorrow. penn-dot and turnpike crews are installing new 70 miles per hour signs in areas where the current speed limit is 65. main line toll plazas and a stretch of the bensalem interchange remains at 55 miles per hour. now to the crisis in atlantic city. today, leaders scraped together enough money to make $1.8 billion bond payment. the money troubles are not over yet and neither is the battle with the state. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter is live in atlantic city, and, ted, how close is ac to going broke? >> reporter: well, local leaders say the city had six or seven million dollars on hand before making that bond payment earlier today, but gov chris christie predicts ac's gov is running out of money in weeks as a cloud of
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uncertainty continues to hang over the troubled resort. >> yeah, that worries me that the city's in dispair like it is. >> reporter: it's tough for fred to hear the constant news coverage of the financial crisis. he owns four properties in the resort and knows nearly $30,000 in taxes paid this week is money the city desperately needs to stay afloat. >> sad, it's a hard thing to deal with, you know, everyone thinks wouyou're in the gutter. >> financially, we're running on fumes. >> reporter: still, the city made a key bond payment this morning that kept ac from becoming new jersey's first municipality to default on its debt since the great depression. >> if we didn't make our bond payment, it would be detrimental to everyone,ing inning us. >> does he win a gold medal for that? >> reporter: governor christie offered no praise. the two leaders at odds for a proposed state takeover of the city's finances, a plan
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supported by christie and senate president steve sweeney. instead, city officials backed a rival rescue proposal from assembly speaker vincent that could be up for a vote on thursday. >> we can't support a takeover bill because if it happens here, it happens anywhere. >> i'm just about fixing atlantic city, the atlantic city government. >> reporter: the governor predicts the city runs out of cash in may, and the mayor says the money could last into june, and for city residents, it's another day of hearing the political back and forth as their hometown teeters on the brink of going broke. >> i think it's a shame. atlant lan stick city is a wondl place even though there's financial problems. >> reporter: the city is getting a temporary cash infusion from quarterly tax payments coming in right now. the mayor says city employees will be paid friday for the first time in almost a month. live in atlantic city, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news.
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thank you very much. the city of wilmington has the money needsed to make major renovations at a popular park. a fund raising effort netted $250,000 from government agencies and private businesses to pay for equipment and landscaping. the state of the park has been marred by controversy years ago as thing authority agreed to pay for renovations, but they never did it. it's not just philadelphia's history that brings dozens of tourests to the city, look at this. it's a photo shoot in honor of national travel and tourism week. a cast of characters, some you recognize there, rocky on the left, ben franklin next to him, the fanatic, and others, nearly 200 representatives got together today for this photo. >> another popular spot for visitors in philadelphia is getting a makeover. the big change you'll notice at boat house row starting this
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summer coming up all new at 5:00. plus this -- >> the math. do the math. >> take your own words. drop out. >> ted cruz toe to toe with a group of supporters, but it could be the beginning of the chances in tomorrow's primary look bleak. from the lehigh valley to the caribbean, two missionaries spent year helping the people of jamaica, and now why they were murdered. that's all new at 5:00. before we go, a live look right now at wilmington from the camera from the stadium, nbc 10 issued a first alert for parts of the area tonight including delaware. heavy rain, localized flooding, and chance for a thunderstorm expected.
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we don't want you. >> i respect it. >> a back and forth battle between gop presidential can cat cruz and trump's supporters. he approached the group at a restaurant. in the republican race for the white house, the last chance to stop trump may be tomorrow in indiana. nbc 10 correspondent reports from the hoosier state. >> nice to meet you. >> mr. trump. >> reporter: trump in indiana where tomorrow he vows to kill
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off his competition and give it to the general election. >> i would like to get on to hillary clinton. indiana is very important because that's the end of it. >> only cruz is came paining against trump vowing not to quit. >> i'm in for the distance as long as we have a viable path to victory, i'm competing until the end. >> reporter: trump leads cruz by 15 in the latest nbc wall street journal poll. despite cruz pinning carly fiorina his running mate. >> more interested now because carly got a good finance background. >> reporter: some saw her today and thought trump. >> what i love about donald trump is he's created a great awake ping. >> reporter: is trump the inevitable nominee if cruz-carly fiorina lose tomorrow? >> conventional wisdom is wrong in the race so why believe it now? >> reporter: gop insiders demand cruz dial back if trump wins
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tomorrow. >> especially by double digits, cruz has to stop talking about the tested convention and how to beat trump. >> well, sir -- >> reporter: today, cruz was confronting demonstrators going all out like he did back in iowa when cruz beat the polls and beat trump. i'm steve handlesman, nbc news, indianapolis. in other news, things on philadelphia's historic boat house row are getting brighter. there's plans to replace every lightbulb on boat houses before the end of july according to the friends at the philadelphia business journal. this time, led lights will be used making things 75% brighter. without using more electricity too. the park conservancy is footing the. jury selection over for the day. the federal corruption trial of the long time pennsylvania congressman. he's accused of accepting bribes and misusing funds and federal
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grants. the potential jury pool is 250 people, not just from philadelphia, but all of the eastern district of pennsylvania including bucks, montgomery, chester, and delaware counties. several former aids or allies are also charged in the reck tiering indictment. about half of the jury pool sent home today. the others will be back tomorrow. well, first alert weather team is tracking rain, and for some areas, there's going to be a lot of it. >> we want to make sure we want to know what's going on in your neighborhood, and we are joined now, and where is the rain heaviest at the moment? >> well, we don't have any rain around right now, and through the overnights, we have heavy rain moving in, and that is where we are keeping our eye on, and in the meantime, there's a little sun trying to peek through. temperatures are trying to warm up now to around 63 degrees in philadelphia, but at the moment, we just have the clouds still. the radar nice and dry, but this
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will not be the case throughout the late night hours tonight. a wider look out, we are watching heavy rain and some thunderstorms just off to the west, and southwest, so that's in the forecast for tonight. it's this big area that you see moving in our direction. some thunderstorms here. heavy rain. more of this will be developing as we go through the overnight hours tonight, and moving into our area, so because of that area, we have issued a first alert for tonight. for south jersey, delaware, the pennsylvania suburbs, and this does include philadelphia. with this, we are watching for heavy rain, mostly from 9:00 p.m. tonight to 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. don't forget the seven-day forecast scrolling at the bottom of the screen aside from tonight's heavy rain, more rain in the forecast. i'll go through the rest of the week. what we expect overnight is heavy rain, localized flooding, and a thunderstorm chance. some overnight carrying over into the morning commute, which is why we issued a first alert.
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this is future weather showing the timing of the rain. by 9:00 tonight, showers closer to philadelphia, possible, also more rain developing right near washington and baltimore. then by midnight, take a look, this big area in red that you see right over philadelphia, we start to see the reds, oranges, and yellows here, that's when we start to get in the heavier rainfall. the philadelphia area, new jersey just past the bridge here, and we're looking at camden and salem counties and much of delaware. the pennsylvania suburbs by midnight tonight, potentially heavy rainfall. cannot rule out thunderstorms. 2:00 in the morning, rain, some could be heavy. that's going to be the case until 6:30 in the morning, still the rain here. for the early part of the morning commute, heavy rain possible. by 10:00 in the morning, though, a lot of the heavy rain already moving outs. you could have light rain just leftover here. let's take a look at some of the rainfall totals, though. this is why we've issued a first alert because we expect some
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localized flooding. this is overnight until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. purples and reds here in new jersey and philadelphia and pennsylvania suburbs, after we expect the most rainfall, so we're looking at possibly up to 3 inches in newark, in newcastle county, possibly 3 inches. again, these numbers will be changing a little as we through the overnight hours once we start to see the updates coming. in philadelphia at 2 inches, and through the pennsylvania suburbs like morristown, an inch, and if we have localized flooding tonight, that could lead us into early tomorrow morning. the temperatures now, though, because with sunshine, we are starting to things up a little bit in the areas, seeing breaks in the cloud cover. 64 now in gordon, 64 in washington township.
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turnersville at 63. and medford at 61 degrees. we have cooler spots coming in at 59 degrees, but some mid-60s in the area currently. tomorrow, though, we're only at 60 degrees through the valley, 60 in reading, 58 in easton with the early rain and early morning fog. pennsylvania suburbs, though, newtown, phoenixville, westchester under the first alert for the early morning hours with heavy rain. a closer look at the neighborhood forecast and first alert coming up. >> thank you. a solemn remembrances of the deadliest genocide. the holocaust museum in washington, d.c. began the annual reading of the names. now this marks the beginning of holocaust memorial week. the museum invites the public to read off some of the names of the more than 11 million victims of the holocaust. still ahead, how pennsylvania is paying tribute to its fallen police officers. plus, trouble sleeping?
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doctors are recommending a new treatment that does not involve medication. a closer look at how it works coming up.
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delaware high schoolers learned first hand today texting and driving do not mix. at&t brought their it can wait campaign program to the high
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school. students tried out virtual reality simulator showing students how quickly things happen when you look down to send or read a text message. >> it shows when you're looking at the phone that you can't -- there's a lot happening around you. you're not the only one on the road or always moving. you have to sort of -- you have to pay attention to one thing at a time. >> aaa made atlantic and delaware state representative deborah hudson are involved in the campaign. representative hudson is pushing a bill that would double the fine if you're caught texting while driving. you'd have to add points to your license which could raise your insurance rates. new recommendations tonight that could help people sleep better and save the u.s. economy some of the 63 billion dollars of lost productivity and healthcare costs due to chronic insomn insomnia. americans spend hours in sleep labs like this in boston looking
5:26 pm
for answers to insomnia. they lose hours, and a new look at ten years of research where some rely too much on drugs to help them sleep, a different course of action would work better. >> yes. americans tend to be overmedicated for sleep, and that's why there's a significant cost to the health care system, but also the potential side effects of sleep medications are underestimated. so, yes, we want physicians to not prescribe for chronic insomnia. >> tonight on nightly news, reporting on the specific behavior recommendations that could help those get back to sleep without turning to drugs. two missionaries in the lehigh valley left home to help others. so many questions about who murpded the two men and why. hear from friends and what's being done to find their killers next at 5:00. of course, not everyone is celebrating today's historic
5:27 pm
cruise to cuba, and why police in new jersey say a crime against one of their own is being ignored. a live look at the water front, heavy rain is headed our way and we have issued a first alert in parts of the area to keep you prepared. now, south jersey could see localized flooding overnight into the morning commute. details on the neighborhood weather.
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we begin this half hour with a first alert heavy rain hitting parts of the area tonight. there are peeks of sun poking through, but by morning, neighborhoods could see several inches of rain. >> that's right, sheena is tracking it out. it's the neighborhood weather coming into play. >> yes, absolutely, that's right because now rain will narrow it down for the neighborhoods to expect it instead of telling everyone they expect it. we don't expect it along the shore. we don't expect it as much in the lehigh valley, but where we expect heavy rain to fall, which is why we have a first alert out, is for south jersey, delaware, pa suburbs, and philadelphia. this is because of heavy rain headed our direction with more heavy rain developing overnight tonight. a lot of this will be falling while you are sleeping, but some of it could be impacting part of the morning commute where we see localized flooding overnight. the time frame, 9:00 p.m. tonight to 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, and this, again, is because of heavy rain, which
5:31 pm
could lead to localized flooding, especially if your area prone to flooding and chance of thunderstorms overnight. also, don't forget with the neighborhood weather, your seven-day forecast scroll at the bottom of the screen. we update that every single day no matter where you live. that's why we have so many versions of it. locally, we are nice and dry. we have clouds around with sun trying to peek through. the real rain is back off to the west and so this is the area where we are watching, moving to west virginia right now, virginia, the carolinas, and this area of heavy rain providing the chance for thunderstorms overnight. it's moving in our direction, here after about 8 p.m., and for tonight, just expect later this evening some late showers and some thunderstorms overnight. for tomorrow morning, some of the showers will be lingering for your morning commute. take a look at future weather here, 9:30 tonight, showers popping up in northern delaware,
5:32 pm
around philadelphia, and also off to the west, and here's 12:30 tonight, overnight, heavy rain moving in, the reds, oranges, and yellows are where the philadelphia area, pennsylvania suburbs, new jersey especially, and northern delaware. we go through the overnight hours, that heavy rain continues, but not for everybody. some of us, yes, we'll be expecting some localized flooding. we'll have more on this, the timing of it through the afternoon, and a look at your neighborhood forecast for tomorrow as welcoming up. >> looking forward to it. mean tile right now at 5:00, two missionaries murdered in jamaica, why, that's the question tonight of their friends. they worked for a religious organization out of lehigh valley. lauren mayk shows how the group is responding to the tragedy. >> reporter: the direct of of the group to jamaica from philadelphia this morning. those who knew them are dealing with the loss. randy was the tall here. towering over the others and
5:33 pm
carrying a jovial personality. harold was smaller, but mighty. known for being the one to call about incidents outside the mission house. >> could be loud and violence, would be walking out in the middle of it, and calm it down, and people responded to him. >> reporter: the state department now confirms the deaths of the two in jamaica. an official with the mission group they worked for say they were ambushed and killed on the way to check on a house under construction. ni he lived there full time with his wife, a missionary, and randy a bible teacher, spending time there and at home in iowa. he's the father of five. at the allentown, teams for medical missions office, a planned trip to jamaica with volunteers is put on hold. >> on a personal level, it's a bitter thing to deal with.
5:34 pm
great friends. wonderful coworkers. wonderful memories also. ultimately, we know that god will bring out of this something that will be beautiful in the end. >> reporter: friends here are not letting the men's deaths shake their faith or their mission. they are hoping authorities find those responsible. the bodies of the two men are not coming back to the states yet. autopsy have not yet been performed. in allentown, lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. now at 5:00, police say a missing 4-year-old boy accidently drowned in an atlantic county swimming pool this weekend. they had been searching for the child when they found his body in the pool saturday night. police have not identified the boy yet and it's not clear if any charges will be filed here. pennsylvania state police honor those who paid the
5:35 pm
ultimate sacrifice. ♪ >> state police in reading held an annual memorial hop norring 12 who died in the line of duty. members of the officers' family were greeted by governor wolf, and they are celebrating the 1119 year of service. >> fire. >> the fallen hero plaque dedicated today to a pennsylvania state trooper who was killed at a shooting range. 26-year-old trooper david kedra and four others were attending a training course in september of 2014. the trooper leading the training accidently shot kedra in the chest. he pled guilty to reckless endangerment. both were state troopers.
5:36 pm
>> david took pride in being a trooper and wearing a uniform. he served the pennsylvania state police citizens of montgomery county with honor and distinction. >> 96 troopers have died in the line of duty in pennsylvania. skyforce10 live over breaking news. searching for a man who robbed a bank after 5:00. the republic back on walnut near 16th, what you're looking at right now. no one was hurt. we'll monitor the situation and bring you any new information as soon as we get it. you see there police are investigating. a right hand turn now, showing you this, new video of a quick thinking thief helping herself to hair extensions at center salon last month. see the suspect run, swipe the pricey extensions right off the counter. this took less than 20 seconds to pull off. >> well, this just into nbc 0,
5:37 pm
police arrested a suspect in connection with a scheme targeting small businesses across four counties. nbc 10 first told you about the story back in much. investigators say the thief posed as a local fire marshall telling the business owners they had to hand over money to have their fire extinguishers replaced. they'll speak to us about the suspect within the next half hour. the federal government made a huge investment to help the homeless in pennsylvania and in delaware, too. the department of housing and urban development awarded more than $19 million to homeless housing and service programs in pennsylvania. new jersey's getting more than $6.5 million, and the newly funded project provides permanent housing solutions for those experiencing homelessness. lawmakers in one new jersey town take the fights to the court to save an elementary school. the governing body files a lawsuit in state superior court seeking to stop the closure of
5:38 pm
florence evans elementary school arguing the district failed to submit an updated long range facilities plan to the planning board for review. the district voted back in march to close evans elementary next year. >> it's breaking up family and friends. they've been with these kids for years, and now one's going elsewhere. >> reporter: the superintendent is aware of the pending lawsuit and that the move to close evans elementary was done to strengthen the school district well into the future. also tonight, doctors trying to figure out why more children are getting hurt from playgrounds, and using humor to improve men's health. take a good look at yourself, check that smooth backside one more time. >> well, it looks silly, but it hopes to raise awareness about a serious health concern. the important message for men coming up at 5:00.
5:39 pm
first, a live look at the presidential city apartment camera. nbc 10 issued a first alert for tonight. expect heavy rain and localized flooding for parts of the area. it could affect your morning commute. we'll have an update for your neighborhood coming up. flr
5:40 pm
5:41 pm
. right now, a bisz si day, and oil spotted in the river near center city. that's right. oil's been spotted there. crews are trying to find the source of the oil. we are live over the scene. you can actually see it, as a matter of fact. it's happening not far from chestnut street. not clear how much oil is in there, but there's different colors, streak of it across the river. not far from chestnut street. we'll continue to monitor this situation and call our contacts and get back to you. you may notice the price of
5:42 pm
gas keeps creeping up after months of prices going down. aaa, the average price in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware is up seven to nine citizen past week. there's good news. prices are still 40 cents cheaper than this time last year. well, coming up, heavy rain and thunderstorms for overnight. we have a first alert out depending on where you live. what to expect in the neighborhood weather forecast.
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despite improvements in playground design, children are getting seriously hurt. government data shows a increase in the playground related head injuries between 2005 and 2013. about two-thirds of the incidents occurred at schools
5:45 pm
and sports facilities. boys accounted for 58% hospital visits, and children were betweens ages of 5 and 9 years old. pool season around the corner, it's the time to raise awareness on sun safety. >> it's huge, no question about that. the american academy of dermatology calls today melanoma monday, targeting one group in particular. ♪ >> take a good look at yourself. >> this is amazing. this new ad campaign uses humor to target men in their 50s, trying not to laugh. study shows they are at higher risk for developing melanoma than the general population as damage was done earlier in life. >> individuals who, during their, you know, teenage years, early adulthood, did not use sunscreen. >> experts say to tell your dermatologist if you notice any suspicious marks. so important, or any kind of
5:46 pm
moles that could implication skin cancer. all right. switching gears now, wives are supposed to honor, republic, and follow their husband's lead. i didn't say that. i'm going to get in trouble if i leave it like that. kirk cameron actually said that. >> glad clarified that. >> i know. >> the star taking heat for the comments. cameron is a born again christian and takes marriage advice from scripture. not everyone agrees with the actor, but one counselor says his marriage to the former costar lasted a long time. agree or disagree with him it might be worth hearing him out. >> like everything, just say, what of what he is offering makes sense to me? are theres of it that make sense to me, or do they not rather than just say this is whack i don't want anything to do with it. >> no one style is perfect for everybody couple, but he says it's always good to discuss your relationship and things you can
5:47 pm
do to make your stronger. >> cameron's comments have viewers chiming in on facebook. nicole says in part, i think this opinion is outdated and disrespectful to women. marriage is not a game where one leads and the other follows. >> listen to this, she writes, quote, he is spot on, though most of the world says otherwise. sadly, we live in a world where we are selfish and only want the best for ourselves. we want to hear your thoughts on the controversy. chime in now on facebook or tweet us. from the start in logan to the finish at south philadelphia, all ten rainy miles in between. nbc 10 proud to bring you yesterday's blue cross broad street run, and if you missed it or want to see it again, we've got you covered. see it again this saturday, you can watch nbc 10's entire coverage at 12:30 p.m. on
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comcast sports net, and at 3:30 on comcast network. the race is available on demand for xfinity customers, and, keith, as you know, all the runners did not let the rain stop them from crossing the finish line. >> i look at the video and get cold all over again like i was yesterday morning, but more rain is moving in, and there's a first alert. we have the details in your neighborhood weather. >> yeah, hey, guys, making the neighborhood weather so great on a day like today. we're able to pinpoint neighborhoods where we are giving a first alert to. not everyone is under the first alert. also with the neighborhood weather, seven-day forecast is always scrolling at the bottom of the screen uped here every single day. if you live in pennsylvania, new jersey, or delaware, you have the seven-day at the bottom so you'll never miss it. in the area now we are dry and peeks of sun. mid-sixtys for some, but what we're watching is down to the south and west.
5:49 pm
showers and storms, even some heavy rain. this whole area's going to being in as we go through the late night hours tonight. overnight, and some of this is going to be carry over tomorrow morning. so that's why we have a first alert out because of what i just showed you on the radar. it's for south jersey, delaware, the pennsylvania suburbs, and philadelphia. we're not looking at the jersey shore or lehigh valley at this point in time for the first alert. the time frame would be 9:00 p.m. tonight to 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. it's because of the rain. here's the future weather as we go through 8:00 p.m. tonight, thunderstorms possibly developing close to the philadelphia area. then we see an increase in the activity by 10:00 p.m. tonight. heavy rain in baltimore. that's the yellows, oranges, and reds in the philadelphia area and chester county and pennsylvania suburbs. now 11: 30 tonight, the most acti active point tonight, close to midnight. philadelphia area, pennsylvania suburbs, delaware, and parts of
5:50 pm
south jerseying heavy rain that could lead to localized flooding. 12:30 in the morning all continuing into new jersey and philadelphia and still expecting some heavy pockets of rain behind this now, looking at 5:30 tomorrow morning, and still the rain moving through, and for the morning commute, we still expect the rain around. because of the first alert, we do expect heavy rain, which, again, leads localized flooding, especially areas prone to flooding with chance of thunderstorms, very late tonight. the heaviest rain will be here while many of you are sleeping, but, again, some of the localized flooding we could see carries over into the morning commute. look at the rafinfall totals. northern delaware to the new jersey communities here, new jersey neighborhoods, and pennsylvania suburbs, as we go in the early morning hours, newcastle could see 3 inches. newark, same thing, claymont, 2.7 inches, and philadelphia
5:51 pm
could see close to 2 inches. as we get closer into lower bucks and montgomery counties, inch to inch and a half, and bensalem close to 1.5 inches. we watching closely as we go overnight tonight, and then for the morning commute, expect rain around, but we could see fog in the morning. lehigh valley, tomorrow afternoon, 60 for the high temperature, 69 bethlehem with scattered showers in the early morning hours. newtown in the afternoon, 60 in phoenixville, and in the philadelphia area, 60 degrees tomorrow. it's a chilly day, especially that morning rain. first alert in the area, 61 degrees for the high tomorrow, haddonfield in the 60s. 59 in trenton tomorrow afternoon with the morning rain around. if you're on the shore, you're not in the first alert right now. 61 degrees, galloway township. in delaware, in the first alert,
5:52 pm
that's stretching down to the beach at 60 tomorrow afternoon. 63 in dover. keep the umbrellas the next several days staying cool with the rain chances sticking around. >> paying attention to news tonight for the forecast. thanks. lester holt is joining us from new york. >> great to see you. what's coming up on "nightly news? >> we are watching the weather. severe weather in the south and what you're see moving up this way. also, tomorrow's indiana prim y primary, remarkable interaction between cruz trump supporters. in puerto rico, a financial crisis hits health services as zi zika takes a worrisome turn. sleep troubles? why the answer is not in a pill. that's tonight at 6:30 for "nightly news," back to you. >> okay, see you in a bit. thank you. still highway at 5:00, for the figure time in decades, american cruise ship passengers
5:53 pm
arrived in cuba. police in new jersey want them to do more than just go to sightseeing. the fugitive they want found. [ soft music ]
5:54 pm
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history made today. first time in more than 50 years, a cruise ship sailed from the u.s. to cuba. hundreds of spectators gathered as carnival cruise line pulled into dock in havana today. americans have been restricted from visiting cuba since the
5:56 pm
late 1970s. passengers were excited to be a part of history. >> historic after 50 years to be ail to be an american, sail from america directly to cuba. >> excited to see the color. color of the buildings, the cars, just beautiful. the people who are embracing us as we come. it's amazing. >> carnival cruise line says they will cruise twice a month to havana. >> not everyone is celebrating today's historic events. new jersey state police said this on twitter. cruise ship arrives in cuba, convict murder of the trooper forester rows freely. convicted of murdering a new jersey state trooper back in 1973. she was sentenced to life in prison, but she later escape and fled to cuba. here's a photo of the man she killed. state trooper westerner forester died after a shootout on the new jersey turnpike.
5:57 pm
police poested an alert, said i you see a wanted person, contact the u.s. embassy. here's jim rose pfield. >> all new at 10 at 6:00, a local high school teacher under arrest, what investigators say she did next. tracking heavy rain tonight, but not everybody's going to see the same amount. what to expect and when in your neighborhood weather. also, your kids could be sleeping in. the new plan to start school later. next on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
5:58 pm
narrator: the constitution says the president shall make nominations for the supreme court and the senate votes. no exception for election years why is pat toomey refusing to do the job pennsylvania elected him to do? toomey refuses to consider anyone president obama nominates, even a former prosecutor with more experience than any other nominee with bipartisan support. but toomey is choosing his party's leaders and playing politics with the supreme court. call senator toomey and tell him to put the constitution before his politics.
5:59 pm
and look at this. what you see on radar here could bring a month's worth of rain to parts of the region in just one night, and it will all begin falling in a matter of hours. that's why we issued a first alert for the area. good evening, i'm jim rose rosenfield. >> it's packing heavy and potential for flooding. how much rain depends where you live. a live look at center city, 6 and vine street as the commute moves along. the blue rocks are scheduled to play, and live picture from cape may, tonight's system is going to mean something different for each of the areas. this is why our new neighborhood
6:00 pm
weather forecasting is so critical. glen is here to break it down for us. glen? >> we have the ability to break down even the first alert, but certain parts of our area where the greatest threat is for different kinds of weather events. not just broad brush the whole ar area. in this case, south jersey, delaware, pa suburbs, and philadelphia are included. jersey shore is not included and you're not including central new jersey. 9:00 tonight to 7:00 tomorrow morning. take a look at this future weather. these storms are billing quickly. by 8:30 tonight, already coming into parts of the area, but not up to the lehigh valley. not so much in central jersey or at the shore, so concentrating on those areas likely to get hit the hardest overnight tonight,


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