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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 3, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. check out the rain and lightning overnight along the jersey shore. our camera here at the marquis de lafayette in cape may showed heavy showers blowing through. we are in for a wet morning across our area. pack the rain gear. and here's a look at the nbc 10 first alert radar which is tracking rain. you can see just how widespread the showers are across the tri-state area. it's 4:00 a.m., good morning, this is "nbch10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's get you up to date with what's going to happen, what to come with meteorologist bill
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henley across pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. >> starting off with clouds and light rain showers. they're moving through philadelphia right now and the suburbs where it's coming down steadier, upper montgomery county and into bucks county, moderate showers, no heavy rainfall in the area. there are breaks in this precipitation. it's not going to be all morning long. the temperatures right now in the 50s. warmer than yesterday, 57 degrees in philadelphia. delaware got some rain while it's tapering off in parts of south jersey at the shore, 55 degrees. at the bottom of the screen, that's the seven day. that's up anytime time on the air. you'll need your rain gear over the next several days, including this morning. there are changes for this afternoon. i'll go through the forecast hour by hour with the futurecast when i'm back in ten minutes. tracy? >> the rain could impact your drive to work or school this morning. katy zachry is in stormforce 10 checking conditions along some
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roads. >> i can do better than that, i can show you what the conditions are like. let's change our cameras. we are on the atlantic city expressway headed northbound. this say dark shot. unfortunately we don't have streetlights around you to show you the wider shot. in the last little bit, conditions have changed. as bill said, we'd see the rains tapering of for points at the shore. once we got south of hammonton, it became lighter rain, to the point where it stopped raining. now we're heading into gloucester county, it is starting to pick up again, the rain, it is light. earlier when we were on 76 and the 492 freeway, things were definitely heavier. we're going back into that region of heavier rain and we're going to bring you updates throughout the morning. another thing i'll have for you in the next half hour is what aaa is advising drivers just to
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be aware of this morning as thousands of drivers will be hitting the road when it's raining. anything can happen. a ax a has good advice we're going to share with you. reporting live in stormforce, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. let's see how the rain is impacting all of the roads across the region. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is watching the roads. >> we're watching an accident scene just over the delaware state line on naamans road, 95 southbound around naamans road. the right lane is blocked there. a little bit of a delay behind the scene, of course. that accident scene is pushed over into the right-hand shoulder for now. we're checking in with some of the area cameras. reduced visibility because of that rain. this is the vine street expressway. we are open both directions right now. we don't have to deal with the ongoing construction. no problems getting to 95 or the schuylkill expressway. a lot of different construction
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patches around. this one is on kelly drive eastbound. watch for lane closures there. >> bill and jessica will return in just a few minutes. make sure you have the free nbc 10 app to stay ahead of the rain before you leave the house. track radar right to your neighborhood and get çupdated traffic conditions. 4:04 and 57 degrees. new from overnight, a shooting in north philadelphia sends a 16 gerald and 20-year-old to temple hospital. they were found around 1:00 this morning on a porch on west glennwood avenue. police believe they were shot somewhere else. both are in stable condition. a bucks county woman charged with murdering her toddler daughter is schedule for a preliminary hearing. she's accused in the beating death of athena wolf. moore told police her daughter fell down while playing. investigators said athena suffered injuries more in line with a car accident than a slip and fall. another child who was in the
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house is now in protective custody. today is day two of jury selection in congressman chaka fattah's federal corruption trial. that was congressman fattah yesterday as he entered the courthouse. the congressman is accused of accepting bribes and misusing campaign fndz and federal grants. opening arguments are scheduled to begin on may 16th. when you turn on the faucet do you know what's in your watter? because of the crisis in flint, bhish began, water contamination is an area of concern. matt delucia is live in center city. what can people do if they have questions about their water supply. >> the big question is, what is in our water? it's a question a lot of us might not even think about. it's a question that's come up again and again over time. more importantly now because of what we've been hearing coming out of flint, michigan, recently. there's a town square meeting
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here at the academy of natural sciences of center city. a panel will be here to answer your concerns and questions. dr. jerry falliono says what happened in flynn the is something that never should have happened. how does lead become an issue? the corrosion of lead pipes. well, lead, of course, we know is dangerous even in small amounts. everything is done to keep as much lead out of the water as people. and david beluski, in addition to lead, there's always a priority to protect the delaware watershed that supplies more than 15 million people. >> from what i understand, the drinking water -- the water that's coming into the drinking water system here is of good water quality. lead levels are very low. nonexistent in some cases.
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so i feel that, you know, they're dealing with it correctly here in philadelphia. nothing is perfect but they are dealing with it here in philadelphia pretty succinctly. >> what is philadelphia doing to keep corrosion down and keep lead out of the water? more on that coming up at 5:00. if you have questions of your own ab admission here is free, it starts at 6:30 p.m. the topic, what's in our water? now live in center city, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. and the nbc 10 investigators spent weeks looking into lead contamination in our area. to watch their series "living with lead" and learn what you can do toç protect your family tap the nbc 10 app or logon to 4:07. beginning next year all schools in new jersey will start testing for lead in their water. governor christie announced stricter regulations for lead testing yesterday. he'll ask state lawmakers for $10 million to pay for it. christie also said he will ease
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the state requirement for helping children who show lead in their blood. cash strapped atlantic city makes its $1.8 million bond payment. yesterday, mayor don guardian scraped together the bond payment and after considering the negative effects on cities around the state if ac didn't pay up. the the mayor says the city is running on fumes. >> we're trying to get through day to day, we certainly haven't replaced any staff for any reason. >> now the mayor's concern is trying to figure out how to get enough money for next month's payment. state lawmakers continue to argue over potential takeover plan for the city that governor christie sport supports. oil sheen is spotted on the schuylkill river. now the coast guard is trying to figure out where it came from. the oil sheen surfaced yesterday afternoon and spanned a quarter mile. skyforce 10 was over the scene
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on chestnut and soj streets. people seeing the oil from the bridge say they're concerned mpl it's the first time i'm seen anything like this. >> the coast guard is working with the office of emergency management and fire department to determine the source of the material in the water, who's responsible and how best to clean it up. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> a stormy night but now we're just looking at a large area of mainly light rain, heading out the door you'll need your umbrella this morning. a rainy morning is ahead. it will be a chilly afternoon as the clouds hang in there through the afternoon. the rain, though, will likely taper off into the afternoon. clouds linger into that evening and the temperatures stay cool if you're heading out later on. 57 degrees. that's warmer than yesterday. the lehigh valley is at 53. 50s for the suburbs and delaware, south jersey and the jersey shore are looking warmer than yesterday as well.
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right new, 56 degrees in south jersey. there are a couple cooler spots. nobody is really chilly this morning. 55 in lumberton, 56 in millville. cinnaminson at 56 agrees. starting off with the 50s and, yes, you'll need your umbrella. the satellite and radar shows is a large area of light rain in south jersey and delaware, some breaks in the precipitation. the steadier rain is in the pennsylvania suburbs into the lehigh valley. and in fact you can see moderate showers now in upper bucks county and portions of upper montgomery county. these showers are going to be heading out. the showers will be tapering off as we go into the afternoon. the clouds will be hanging in there. it's starting to taper off to our west this morning. the showers in d.c. are on the light side. no heavy rain coming our way. the futurecast shows you'll still need your umbrella this morning. that's philadelphia, delaware and south jersey that's getting steady, light rain at that hour. by 10:00, itti becomes more
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scattered. as we go into the lunch time hour,ç still a few light rain showers for wilmington, philadelphia and trenton and then it breaks this afternoon. look, skies remain cloudy. so your neighborhood forecast for today is calling for a cooler day. rainy conditions this morning but not so much this afternoon. somerton, high of 58 degrees. for the suburbs, 60 degrees in lansdale and just shy of the 60 degree mark for malvern. the lehigh valley, bethlehem near 60 degrees this afternoon along with easton and to the south, south jersey, haddonfield, rain this morning will taper off this afternoon. but the temperatures a good deal lower than yesterday. 61 grows, the high temperature at the shore. a chilly breeze, 56 degrees. those northeasterly winds will keep atlantic city a bit cooler. you'll see some breaks in the clouds possibly maybe a little bit of hint of sunshine this afternoon. manly cloudy. the showers, you can expect them
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this morning. if you've been glancing at the seven-day, this is not our own only chance of rainfall this week. the ten-day outlook to show you when we'll warm up and dry out when i'm back in ten minutes. tracy? >> i'm looking for the sun at the bottom. i'm looking for the sun. 12 minutes past 4:00. let's check your ride to work. jessica boyington is watching the schuylkill expressway. >> we're watching the schuylkill expressway around passyunk avenue. that's because there's ongoing construction in the area. this is coming from the schuylkill expressway headed westbound. you can see through this off ramp we have cones in the area. earlier, the ramp was completely blocked off. i have seen a few cars move through this exit ramp. watch for that construction anyway. even though it is back open, there will be lane restrictions there. every time cars move through this area they're going slower than normal. maybe that's a good thing also. passyunk avenue, east or westbound between 61st and 28th, that's reduced to two lanes for kruk as well.
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watch for that. a disabled vehicle in pottstown, over in new jersey on the new jersey turnpike, there's an accident in woolwich township. not making any traffic problems for cars traveling through on the new jersey turnpike southbound. but it is over into the shoulder, right around exit 2 at 322. tracy? >> jessica, thanks for that. fake fire inspector. that's exactly what police in lower southampton township, bucks county say this man is. hear what he's accused of doing and how police call him. flags wave to welcome the first cruise from new jersey to cuba. 4:13. i did everything i could to make her party perfect.
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4:15, rain is falling across the area and here in i-95 across the area. meteorologist bill henley has a closer look at conditions where you live in just minutes. now to an nbc 10 exclusive. only our cameras were there after police in bucks county arrested a man accused of posing as a fire inspector. police in lower southampton township say larry weinstein admitted to scamming businesses and home owners. he'd offer to inspect fire extinguishers for a low price. he'd claim to check them and put a sticker on them. >> several businesses and private homes that have these fire extinguishers they believe will be reliable that aren't going to be reliable now because he didn't do the inspection at all. >> police say weinstein blame a drug addiction for his actions. they say he's cooperating. heartbreaking, that's how
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one parishioner is describing a fire that gutted this historic cathedral in new york city. ♪ members of the serbian orthodox church held a vigil outside the ruins of the cathedral in manhattan last night. fire broke out sunday night just hours after an easter celebration and burned until yesterday afternoon. no one was inside when flames engulfed the landmark cathedral which was built in 1850. parishioners were devastated. >> this loss is epic, an epic tragedy. >> several firefighters and a church caretaker are recovering from smoke inhalation. for the first time in nearly 40 years, a u.s. cruise ship is docked in havana. and the carnival cruise ship with more than 700 people on ambassador arrived in cuba yesterday. in march,ç carnival got the go-ahead to offer cruises
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between miami and havana twice a month. not everyone is celebrating the history boeing made. new jersey state police posted this on twitter, cruise ship of tourists arrived in cuba, convicted murderer of new jersey, roams freely. she was serving a life sentence when she escaped prison in 1979 and fled to cuba. chesimard remains on the fbi most wanted terrorist list. here's a picture of the officer she killed. trooper werner foerster died after a schachtout on the new jersey turnpike. if you see a wanted person, contact the u.s. embassy, that is what's posted on the new jersey state police web page. now first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> big storms moved out. it's a rainy morning. that includes the shore. look at wildwood, new jersey this morning.
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the boardwalk is rainy and there's more rain on the way this morning. the temperatures are much warmer with clouds in place, we're in the 50s right now. 9 degrees warmer in mt. holly compared to yesterday and philadelphia is up by eight. it's going to be raining through the morning for much of the area. and with northeasterly winds, that will keep us cool all day long and cloudy as well, even after the rain ends. and the coolest temperatures likely to be right along the coast where the winds will be a bit stronger. 12 miles an hour during the day. here's your hour by hour forecast in philadelphia. rain this morning starts to taper off as we go into the late morning hours. still some showers around lunch time and cloudy skies this afternoon and 59 degrees. the pennsylvania suburbs, the steadiest rain will be this morning but drying conditions this afternoon. though the clouds will linger, 57 degrees later today. for the lehigh valley, it's morning rainfall will be steady to start with, become scattered by 11:00 in the morning, 53 degrees. look at just 55 grows and cloudy
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skies during the afternoon. for delaware, same story. morning showers will taper off this afternoon. 61 degrees the high temperature in delaware, while new jersey you'll see a little bit of a warmup to near 60 later on. umbrellas will be going up this morning and into the midmorning hours. for delaware and south jersey, we'll see temperatures staying cool right along the coast. 55 degrees at 7:00 with steady rain continuing at 11:00. even at the shore it will be try drying out as we go into the morning hours. cape may, light rain in the area, spreading into the atlantic city area. there are breaks in the precipitation. if you see cloudy skies right now, i'd still take an umbrella because there is more rain moving up i-95 for wilmington, philadelphia and trenton and still some showers to our southwest that will be here during the morning hours. look how it's drying out to our west and clouds, they'll stay with us. the ten-day outlook, today will not be the ownly rainy one. the steadiest rain this morning
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tapers off this afternoon. 60 degrees. tomorrow a chance of some scattered showers. not going to be an all day rainfall but the dreary weather continues with clouds in place. 63 degrees. then showers are back on thursday and into friday. we could see steady rainfall but we get a break just in time for the weekend. at least the first day of the weekend. sunday there is aç possibility we'll see some showers and thunderstorms. i don't expect an all-day rainfall. 76 degrees sunday afternoon. here comes dry and warmer weather for monday and tuesday, 76 degrees monday, into the 80s on tuesday and still warm for wednesday and thursday when we get a chance of more showers, spring showers and thunderstorms. seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen anytime you like. the ten-day outlook, at least once per half hour. >> a lot of spring showers, bill. thanks. let's get you to work, a look at 95. jessica boyington has that. what are you seeing. >> we're watching 95 around the betsy ross bridge.
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you can see even through our cameras right here that the visibility is door as the rain is coming down around the area. and a southbound drive time that hasn't increased, 14 minutes from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. take your time, give yourself extra time. in horsham, a vehicle fire on state drive to watch out for. the delaware state line, an accident with right lane blocked, 95 southbound around naamans road. 422 looks okay. no problems whether you're headed westbound or eastbound. eight-minute time from both directions. >> we have new information about a school mascot controversy. some people are upset with the nickname from conrad schools of science in delaware. ahead in the next half hour, learn what may happen to the school logo and mascot. an unholy scene inside a center city apple store. why pless arrested the man known as silly jesus.
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new jersey lawmakers approve a bill that would allow women to get birth control without a prescription. lawmakers who support the legislation say it would make getting birth control more convenient and less expensive than seeing a doctor for prescriptions. the bill now goes to the senate budget and appropriations committee. more trouble with the law. for the man known to some as philly jesus. this picture was taken off michael grant's arrest last night in center city. police say he goes by the name
4:26 am
philly jesus. he refused to leave the apple store when asked to do so. he was arrested in 2014 at dilworth plaza on similar charges. some high schoolers in new castle county get a chance to experience how dangerous it is to text and drive without a real life potentially deadly consequence. at&t took there it can wait campaign to a.i. dupont high school yesterday. a virtual reality simulator showed students how quickly things can go wrong when you look down to send or read a text. >> there's a lot happening around you. you're not the only one on the road. you're not the only one always moving. you have to sort of -- you have 0 pay attention to one thing at a time. >> delaware state representative debra hudson is pushing a bill that would double the fine if you are caught texting while driving. you'd also have points added to
4:27 am
your license which could raise your insurance rate. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. 4:27 now. 57 degrees. warmer, yes, but it is a rainy morning. steady rain for parts of the area. there are changes later today. got your neighborhood forecast just ahead. jessica boyington, she's in the first alert traffic center watching the roads on a rainy tuesday morning. it looks like it's coming down there, jessie. >> yes, bill, we're watching the schuylkill expressway right now. i zoomed in on this spot because there was just an accident, disabled vehicle or something of the sort over into the shoulder with police activity there. just cleared out of the way. watch for slippery spots. right near the off ramp around montgomery drive. more updates when i'm back at 4:30. sleepless in america. a new study shows 40 million people aren't getting the sleep they need. next at 4:3, learn the three things you should do to make sure you get your zs.
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nbc 10 news starts now. happening today, a life-saving first in delaware county. acme pharmacies will become the first to sell the nasal spray version of the overdose-reversing narcan. here's the radar, you can see the large area of rain. some of it is heavy as we approach the morning commute. 4:30 and 57 degrees outside. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert neighborhood forecast. a look at conditions right where you live and another w


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