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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  May 3, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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weather forecast. bill? >> tracy, the storms are out of here. we have a rainy start this morning as you mentioned. look at the steady rain from d.c. through delaware into south jersey and the philadelphia area. plenty of rain right now for the morning commute. it has tapered off farther north and west for berks county and lancaster county, even into the allentown area. that's a steady rainfall in philadelphia and a little bit of a heavier downpour in upper gloucester and camden counties. those showers are on the move. you'll see them to begin with but they're not going to be here all day. we'll see clouds this afternoon. as far as fog, light fog in the coatesville area, nowhere near what we had yesterday when it was zero visibility. the temperatures, they're not as chilly this morning. about 8, 9, 10 degrees warmer but with rain. for 57 degrees in philadelphia, pennsylvania suburbs, the breaks in the rain, cloudy skies and 53 degrees right now in the lehigh valley is at 53 degrees. for south jersey, 56 degrees, not beginning to see a big
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warmup thanks to clouds even this afternoon, even after the rain. 50s to start with, 55 in voorhees and near 60 degrees this afternoon for florence and lumberton. that's what's going on right now. there's the seven-day at the bottom of the screen. when i'm back in ten minutes, the futurecast, we'll walk you through it hour by hour to show you when the rain will be tapering off. right now, jessica boyington is watching the roads on a rainy tuesday morning. jessie? >> it is a rainy tuesday morning which is causing some problems out there. several accidents and problems on the on and off ramps so far this morning. this one is on 95 over the delaware state line around naamans road. this is still an active scene as well. over into the right-hand shoulder, headed southbound on 95 we still have vehicles from an earlier accident. most lanes are getting by. again, the right shoulder and part of the next lane over seeing some delays there, just to get slow by the scene in in horsham, a vehicle fire, lower state road and squire drive. disabled vehicle in pottstown on
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west high street and college drive.ç the new jersey roads looking slippery as well. gloucester, on 76. so approaching the northbound lanes right in here. they are approaching the philadelphia area and the area bridges. no problems on the bridges right now or scheduled openings. i'll be back in the next ten with more updates on your morning drive. vai and tracy. let's continue to focus on the roads. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in stormforce 10 in deptford, glfter conte to give us a better look at the conditions there right now. katy? >> as bill just said, upper parts of gloucester county as well as camden county are seeing heavier rain right now. let's show you the rain conditions. this is a dark shot unfortunately from skyforce 10. you may be able to hear the driving rain on skyforce 10 right now. rain has considerably picked up. parts of the 42 freeway. we even went through glassboro and passed by rowan university. this is heavier rain.
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there's ponding on the roadways and drivers are having to go more slowly. we're having to slow our speed. the speed limit that's posted is for optimal road conditions this morning, if you're getting up now and heading out the door in a little bit, you are not facing optimal road conditions by any means. we're going to take route 55 north into parts of camden county where we know the rain is extently heavy. and we'll have another update for you in about 25 minutes as well as i'll have some tips from aaa on how to best navigate your morning commute with this rain we're expecting. reporting live along route 55, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. we have you covered every step of the way through this morning's rain. make sure you have the nbc 10 app where you can find up to the minute information on conditions in your neighborhood. new from overnight, a shooting in north philadelphia sends a 16-year-old and 20-year-old to temple hospital. they were found around 1:00 this
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morning on a porch on west glenwood avenue. police believe they were shot somewhere else. both people are listed in stable condition. meanwhile, today a town hall meeting in philadelphia will look at the potential dangers in our water in the wake of the ongoing crisis in flint, michigan. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in center city for us this morning. lead is a concern but not the only concern when it comes to our drinking water. explain. >> that's right, vai. the question a lot of people have, what's in our water? what's it's not just led but other elements and chemicals. that's what this town square meeting later tonight is all about, answering those questions. that's what's happening at the academy of natural sciences in center city. the panel includes philadelphia's water commissioner and a professor from drexel school of public health. and dr. jerry faliono is the situation in flynn the is something that never should have happened. how does lead or other chemicals
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become a concern? the main issue is the corrosion of water pipes. lead, of course as we all know is dangerous in small amounts. everything is done to keep as much lead out of the water as possible. >> the approach that the city water department has taken is to try to adjust the chemistry of the water soç that it is less corrosive to the metals that are found in people's plumbing or in the street mains. >> if you have your own questions, free admission to the town square meeting tonight at 6:30. what's in our water? here at the academy of natural sciences. there is something you can do that might help eliminate lead in your water, something you can do every day. i'll explain that coming up in the next hour. for now, live in center city, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. beginning next year, all schools in new jersey will start testing for lead in their water. that's part of the stricter regulars for lead testing. governor chris christie announced yesterday.
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the governor said he'll ask state lawmakers for $10 million to pay for the testing. he said the state will change its rules to lower the standard lev level. the nbc 10 investigators spent weeks looking into lead contamination in our area. to watch "living with lead" and learn what you can do to protect your family, tap the nbc 10 app or logon to now to an nbc 10 exclusive. >> only our cameras were there after police in bucks county arrested a man accused of posing as a fire inspector. police in lower southampton township say larry weinstein admitted to scamming businesses and home owners. they said he'd offer to inspect the fire extinguishers for a low price, put an inspection tag on them but not actually check them. during a sting, police used empty extinguishers.
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after weinstein looked at them, they were still empty. >> homes and private businesses have fire extinguishers that they think will be reliable. >> weinstein blamed a drug addiction for his actions. they say he is now cooperating with them. an oil sheen is spotted on the schuylkill river and now the coast guard is trying to figure out where it came from. >> it spanned a quarter mile. sky force 10 was over the schuylkill between chestnut and south street. people seeing the oil from the walnut street bridge say they're concern. >> it's extremely alarming. it's the first time i've seen anything like this. >> the coast guard is working with the office of emergency management and the fire department to determine the source of the material in the water, who's responsible and how best to clean it. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley.
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>> seven minutes after 5:00. a rainy start this morning. a steady light rain falling. you can see the boardwalk is wet this morning. that's not going to change much by later this morning. the temperatures won't change much either. we're in the 50s, even at the shore with some rain. the temperatures have cooled only into the low to mid-50s. 54 degrees right now in upper township, 55 in mays landing. a chilly rain is falling this morning. there are some areas where it's coming down heavier. look at this line of showers that is moving through new jersey in upper gloucester, camden and into burlington counties. those showers are on the move. they're moving to the northeast at 30 miles an hour. they'll continue moving off to the northeast this morning and then most of this will be moving out of here as weç go into thi afternoon. but the cloudy skies, they'll linger. just a chance of a late-date shower. 9:00 this morning, look at the rain in delaware, south jersey and into philadelphia. there will be some breaks but i'd keep an umbrella handy
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nonetheless. by noontime, lunch time, a few scattered light showers in the pennsylvania suburbs and the showers are moving off the shore, the heavier downpours just offshore atlantic city. that's at lunch time as we go into the afternoon. light, scattered showers possible later on. mostly we're looking at cloudy skies. a rainy start to the day. then a cloudy afternoon to keep the temperatures into the upper 50s and low 60s. 58 degrees in somerton. the pennsylvania suburbs, neshaminy, 58 degrees the high temperature with the steady rain in malvern this morning and the clouds will break for a dry afternoon, largely in the lehigh valley. though there is still a chance of a late afternoon shower in bethlehem and easton. the temperatures near 60 degrees later on. south jersey, steady rain, 61 degrees in haddonfield. at the shore, 50s for today. those northeasterly winds will keep temperatures cooler at the shore. not much of a warmup. virtually no warmup at the shore compared to where we are right
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now. wilmington and dover, both into the very low 60s. steady rain this morning, tapering off some this afternoon. you'll need your umbrella today. if you check out the seven-day forecast, seven-day for each part of our area. there's more rain on the way this week. there are going to be dry days ahead, too. i have those on the ten-day outlook when i'm back in ten minutes. tracy, vai? >> 5:10 this tuesday morning. a day like this you have to be very aware of road conditions, ponding may be a problem in some places. >> always good rule to check with jessica boyington before you head out the door because she has you covered. you're starting on 95 right now. >> we've had a couple problems already today. that's good advice to take your time, give yourself extra time, be aware and cautious of other drivers. this scene on 95, naamans road over the delaware state line looks like it's clearing out of the way. we still have a vehicle left on
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the scene over on the right-hand shoulder. no delays or problems northbound by it either. those roadways are definitely wet. that's pretty much what it looks like all across the board on most of our area roads. here's the schuylkill expressway. there's construction there, headed westbound on the off ramp to passyunk avenue. that will be active until about 6:00 this morning. the schuylkill is doing okay for right now. you can see through the conshohocken curve we're okay. there's a vehicle fire out in horsham on lower state road and squire drive. the on and off ramps, be careful about that. mass transit, doing okay for the most part. 11 minutes past 5:00. atlantic city just made its latest debt payment. we'll tell you why the mayor says ac is now running on fumes. money problems could mean health problems. hear why the fight against the zika virus is becoming an even
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bigger issue in puerto rico.
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it is quarter past 5:00 this tuesday morning. good morning, cape may, new jersey. a live look along beach avenue. as we track rain across our entire area, pretty wet down there right now. cape may, it's 57 degrees there.
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today a bucks county woman charged with murderering had toddler daughter is scheduled for a preliminary hearing. kayla moore of mooresville is accused in the beating death of 2-year-old athena wolf. the child died a week ago today. moore told police her daughter fell down while playing. investigators say athena suffered injuries more in line with a car accident than a slip and fall. moore is being held without bail. another child who was in the house is now in protective custody. u.s. and cuban officials are marking another milestone in restoring relations between the two countries. >> for the first time in nearly 40 years, a u.s. cruise ship is docked in havana. the carnival cruise ship with more than 700 people on board arrived in cuba yesterday. in march, carnival got the go-ahead to offer cruises between miami and havana twice a month. not everyone is celebrating the history being made. new jersey state police posted this on twitter, cruise ship of tourists arrives in c a cuba, convicted murderer of new
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jersey trooper foerster, joanne chesimard roams freely. she was accused of murdering a new jersey state trooper in 1 t1973. she's on the fbi's most wanted terrorist list. here's a photo of the officer she killed. trooper werner foerster died after a shootout on the new jersey turnpike. state police posted an alert for u.s. tourists on their web page. it says, if you see a wanted person, contact the u.s. embassy. it's 5:16 and 57 degrees outside. the fight against the zika virus in puerto rico just got more challenging because of money problems. the caribbean island defaulted on its largest debt payment yesterday. and its total debt stands at more than $70 billion. now as the zika virus is spreading, some hospitals that are dependent on federal aid are laying off people while others are in danger of closing
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altogether. >> we have a financial crisis at this point. and it's a humanitarian crisis, it's a health crisis. >> since november, there have been more than 700 confirmed cases of zika in puerto rico. a bill to rescue the island has stalled in congress. 5:17 and we want to get another check on 95 this morning. >> first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has you covered. jessica? >> really an update on 95. good news out here. that accident scene is pretty much cleared out of the way. here's envelo here's 95 right over the delaware state line, naamans road. one vehicle left, it is over on the shoulder. flashers are on right there. no problems or delays right now. we'll be good to go heading out the door there. there's also a disabled vehicle in pottstown on west high street and college drive. and horsham, that vehicle fire is still tieing things up on lower state road and squire drive. the 42 freeway in deptford, new
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jersey, around 41, headed from 55 up to the walt whitman bridge. over into philadelphia, still less than a five-montgomery trip even with this added rain. not a lot of cars traveling northbound yet up to the philadelphia area. here's the blue route. we're okay here as well. in the green still, no problems and a 16-minute trip southbound from the schuylkill to 95 with speeds in the 60s. area bridges are okay and no problems for mass transit. i'll be back in the next ten with more updates on your morning. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. getting a rainy start this morning. the steady rain is going to be with us through most of the morning, tapering off some this afternoon. today won't be the only chance for rain. the showers, steady this morning and the temperatures coming up a little bit by 10:00, 57 degreeso well, not much, by noontime it will come up a little bit, 58 degrees. we're drying out and heading to near 60 degrees this afternoon.
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that's today. but it's really a rainy week we're dealing with. there are more chances for rainfall for philadelphia and for dover. you see a high chance of rain for today. those are morning showers. same story for allentown. and in atlantic city. but look how the chances for rain offer the next couple days comes down. at the shore even more, atlantic city, wednesday and thursday. less than 20% chance of rain and a lighter chance of rain in delaware, dover for wednesday and thursday. but friday, look at the spike in the chances of rain. as we go into the weekend, though, we should see some drying for your saturday. for today, though, i'd keep the umbrella handy. not as cool as yesterday. we're at 57 degrees in philadelphia. that is 9 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. so temperatures not a problem at all. the rain, that is. a rainy commute, you see the showers moving through philadelphia. and there's more rain lining up to the southwest for this morning. this afternoon, we're looking at
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lots of clouds. not all that much rain later today. a cool 60 degrees. 60 with rain this morning. and then rain will be on and off and light for tomorrow. come thursday, still a chance of some rainfall as we saw a chance of rain on thursday. but the steady rainfall will be back on friday. it's likely to be falling. the temperatures still cool at 57 degrees. keep in mind, 70 degrees is where we should be this time of we dry out. still a slight chance of a shower on saturday, mainly dry with sunshine. we'll get sunshine on sunday for mother's day. 76 the high temperature though. there's still a chance of showers early in the day. then we're finally drying out and warming up, too. look at the near summer-like conditions on tuesday. 82 degrees. pretty nice for wednesday and thursday with partly sunny skies, afternoon temperatures well into the 70s. so once we get through all this rain that your lawn is loving we'll get weather that everybody else can smile about coming up
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next week. tracy, vai? >> thank you, bill. 57 degrees right now at 20 past 5:00. are you and your kids getting enough sleep? we'll tell you what education leaders are doing in one part of our area that could mean a later start to the school day. plus, tens of millions of dollars. that's how much johnson & johnson is paying a woman's family after she used one of their products. we'll tell you what happened and why hundreds of other people are going after the company.
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make your day supreme with dunkin's new bacon supreme omelet breakfast sandwich, loaded with peppers, onions, and potatoes and topped with two slices of cherrywood-smoked bacon and cheese all on a freshly baked croissant. america runs on dunkin'.
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new jersey based pharmaceutical company johns johnson & johnson must pay $55 million to the family of a woman who blamed her ovarian cancer on the company's talcum powder. the company is facing about 1,200 lawsuits from people who claim it didn't adequately warn consumers about the cancer risks involved in talc-based products. johnson & johnson plans to appear. a new app could change the way you fill up your gas tank. landon dowdy has details this morning. good morning, landon. >> hi, tracy. that's right. are you low on gas? there's an app for that, a new smartphone app in the san francisco area is dispatching drivers and pickup trucks loaded with gas to fill people's tanks. it's called filled. users give the location of their car and a delivery window and fill charges are comparable to nearby gas stations but a
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delivery fee. wall street could get back some of monday's gains. the nasdaq snapping a seven-day losing streak. u.s. data shows the economy continues to grow, although slow but at a steady pace. the dow rising 117 points to 17,891. the nasdaq up to 4,817. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> it's a rainy 57 degrees at 5:25. the rain will be here this morning. look at it coming downç at the airport. that's light rain at philadelphia international. some low clouds as well. jessica boyington is seeing it also on the roads this morning. she's in the first alert traffic center. jessie? >> we're watching northeast philadelphia right now, state road around cottman avenue. you can see we still have puddles over in the intersection. watch intersections, watch the
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on and off ramp they're all well. more updates when i'm back at 5:positive. a life-saving drug will be more accessible in our area. a report on how easy it will be to get narcan. plus, this -- kittens rescued. how crews saved four little eyes during a fire.
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this is nbc 10 news. right now on "nbc 10 news today," tracking rain. here's a live look from stormforce 10 in camden. we're off to a wet start with rain across the entire area. and the man knowns aphilly jesus is now in custody. hear why he was arrested inside this apple store in center city and the charges he's now facing. parents and students in parts of our area could be setting that alarm clock for school a little bit later. here why some are not happy about the idea of a later school start time. 5:30, speaking of time. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. seems warmer out there. with the warmth comes the wet stuff. let's start with meteorologist bill henley and the neighborhood weather forecast. definitely not as chilly as yesterday. it's a rainy start for most areas. there are differences.
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it's 57 degrees in philadelphia. but look at the suburbs, right now 53 degrees with rain and cool temperatures. new jersey is seeing some rain but it is the lehigh valley that's getting a break from the rain right now. still scattered showers in the area and that's a possibility during the morning hours. but as we go into the afternoon, these showers will be tapering off. 57 degrees at 11:00 and climbing. right now we're looking at 53 degrees in the suburbs and that rainfall in philadelphia will taper off this afternoon with cloudy skies, philadelphia will be cloudy through the day. in fact, each location today will see clouds hanging in there with temperatures warming into the upper 50s to near 60 degrees this afternoon. i'll go through the futurecast hour by hour when i'm back in ten minutes. let's get a check of traffic right now with jessica boyington. jessie? >> bill, we are watching the schuylkill expressway right now. this is right around girard avenue. watching some construction sites, just over into the ou


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