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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  May 3, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. right now on "nbc 10 news today," rain is moving through our area. the first alert radar pretty colorful this morning. >> and you'll need the headlights and wipers on this morning as we take a live look at what you'll see when you hit the road this morning. expect a wet commute. and this is hail hitting the washington, d.c. area. this is the same system that moves through delaware last night. we'll have you covered with what's to dom for you. 6:00 a.m. right now. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. i think it's a given that we'll get rain almost everywhere. the intensity of it will be different from atlantic county to lehigh county. let's get the expert in here. bill? >> some are getting a break from
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the rain right now, the pennsylvania suburbs and lehigh valley. there are downpours that are heavier, moving through burlington county. not as impressive as it was earlier. these showers are on the move, moving to the northeast at 30 miles an hour. they will keep moving. we'll actually get a break from the rainfall as we go into later morning and afternoon hours. right now, rain in philadelphia and cooler in the pennsylvania suburbs at 53 degrees. rain and cool for the jersey shore, 56 right now. while clouds are over the lehigh valley. there's still a possibility of scattered showers in easton, 57 degrees at 9:00. we could see midday showers in the lehigh valley later today. this is where we are right now. where we'll be this afternoon is not much warmer. we're in the middle to upper 50s right now. we'll be in the upper 50s this morning, mainly morning rain for new jersey and at the shore, those northeasterly winds will keep temperatures cool. it's a rainy start. that's a view from wildwood this
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morning. the rain will be tapering off for the lehigh valley and for philadelphia. still a chance of a shower this afternoon. and if you're looking at the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, you can see there are more chances for rain this week. i'll go through the futurecast when i come back to show you when the rain is likely to taper off in your neighborhood. jessica boyington is watching the roads on this rainy tuesday. jessie? >> we're watching 422 around trooper road. no real problems or delays in either direction. we are dealing with a little bit of that reduced visibility, slippery spots on the on and off ramps. right here we'reç starting to e brake lights, maybe a two-minute increase in this drive time. we're still in the green there. eastbound from 29 to the schuylkill expressway. still a nine-minute trip. average speeds just dropped into the 50s. we're still way up there. there is an accident in westville on 295 northbound, exit 24 at route 45. that left shoulder is closed there. no big delays on 295 right now. on the garden state parkway, not
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a lot of cars traveling out there right now. there is construction. cones blocking some of the off ramps around the great egg toll plaza in summer's point. 6:03 and our first alert weather coverage continues, giving you a firsthand look at what you'll experience as you are leaving your home this morning. >> katy zachry is live for us in stormforce 10, driving through camden county. katy, tell us where you are. >> so many people leaving their homes now in the next little bit will experience these wet roads. take a look. so we are along route 90. we are headed to maple state, new jersey. we've just gotten into burlington county. earlier this morning we were in gloucester county, camden. we've been following the rain. at times the rain has been quite heavy. we've experienced some ponding on the roads. no considerable flooding to tell you about. the ponding on the roads has been enough that it's caused a
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slowdown, go under the posted speed limit. our wipers have been on ever since we left the station around 2:30, 3:00 a.m. this morning. we've been on 76, 676, the atlantic city expressway, route 55, the 42 freeway. we've been across so many of our majors through our area. it is just the same story. it is wet out there. you'll definitely want to add extra time as you make your way to your destination this morning. the sun normally around this time the sun would be coming up. there's so much cloud cover, we're not going to have a sunny day. at least you can see right now that the roads are slick. it's something you should be aware of as you make your way out the door this morning. we'll have another live report in about a half hour. see you then. back to you guys. you can stay on top of what the weather will be like in your neighborhood with the nbc 10 app. click on the 10 in the top left corner, get to the weather section and then get forecasts
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from weather central and even set weather alerts for your neighborhood. 6:05. breaking news just crossing the wires. defense secretary ash carter says that a u.s. serviceman has been killed in iraq. carter talked about the death today at a news conference that was held in germany. he's only saying it's a combat death but we'll continue to watch and monitor this breaking news for you and bring you updates on this broadcast and on the nbc 10 app. 6:05. new this morning, two cousins, 16 and 20 years old are recovering after being shot around 1:00 this morning in north philadelphia. police are now saying there's no motive, no witnesses, no crime scene, no shell casings or blood. police also told us what's really unusual is that the two ran two blocks away from where they were shot instead of running home. you probably use water to make your coffee or tea or had ç glass of water when you got up. >> do you ever stop and wonder
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what's in your water? well, happening today, that's the question of a meeting trying to get the answers and make sure that your drinking water is safe. nbc 10's matt delucia is live for us in center city with more on today's meeting. matt? >> vai and tracy, that is the big question. what's in our water? we're not just talking about lead, other chemicals and elements. that is going to be the topic of discussion here at the academy of natural sciences later on tonight. that will be a town square meeting here. they do a lot of water testing here at the academy. the panel includes philadelphia's water commissioner and a professor from drexel school of public health. a doctor says the situation in flint, michigan is something that should have never happened. how does lead become a concern? the main issue is corrosion of the lead pipes within when the water runs through it, it corrodes the pipe, the lead leaches into your water and you drink it. lead, we know, is dangerous even in small amounts.
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everything is being done to keep as much lead out of the water as possible. there's something you can do as well. >> the best way to do that is to flush the water in the morning after it's been sitting in your plumbing for several hours and by doing that, you're essentially getting water from the street main which has very, very low levels of lead or nondetectable levels of lead. >> interesting tip there. if you have your own questions, the town square meeting here at the academy of natural signs later tonight is free. it starts at 6:30. the topic, what's in our water. live in center city, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, matt. the nbc 10 investigators spent weeks looking into lead contamination in our area. to watch their series living with lead and learn what you can do to protect your family, tap the nbc 10 app or logon to our website at crews will be back at the schuylkill river to try to figure out where a mysterious
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oil sheen came from. it surfaced yesterday in center city and spanned a quarter mile. the coast guard is working with the office of emergency management and the fire department to determine the source of the material in the water, who's responsible and how best to clean it up. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> no shortage of clouds this morning nor rain. the rain is still coming down. this is a view from wilmington, from frawley stadium. there's a game tonight. i think they'll get the game in the blue rocks. they'll do okay as the rain will be tapering off. 57 degrees and rain in philadelphia. starting to dre out, at left for now for the lehigh valley and the pennsylvania suburbs. i'm expecting more rain to move back into these areas. south jersey is at 56 agrees and in delaware, the temperatures have dropped some overnight but it's not as cool as yesterday. we're running 5 to 8 degrees warmer than yesterday.
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56 degrees in marshaleton. to the south, there's some 60s to be found. 60 degrees and 64 in georgetown. rehoboth beach is 57. not going to see a huge warmup as clouds and rain will be hanging in there. the rain will fall in wilmington, bear, pennsville and rainfall. the heavier showers that have been moving to the northeast at 30 miles an hour are going to keep on going. those central burlington county showers are not going to last much longer. and the rain will really be tapering off as we go into the afternoon. see breaks in the rainfall to the west. we see the clouds stay with us today. the rain not so much. ten-day outlook, yes, a rainy start to the day. 60 degrees or close to 60 degrees this afternoon. the rain tapers off this afternoon. tomorrow a chance of some showers. not a big threat. cool weather, that continues. we should be warming to near 70 degrees this time of year. look at thursday and friday with a chance of showers on thursday and rain is likely on friday.
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but we finally get some sunshine and a warmup, too. temperatures a bit above normal for saturday. mother's day sun, not too bad. there's a chance of a shower or thunderstorm. we'll get enough sunshine to warm up to 76 degrees. drier weather and warmer weather, too, monday, tuesday, up to 82 degrees. and dry for wednesday and thursday. there's the seven day. one seven day for each part of our viewing area. the ten-day outlook i'll give you at least once every half hour. tracy, vai? >> thank you, bill. 6:10. in terms of your commute, a couple things can help you, one is leave early on a day like this. second, watch jessica. >> we always say, way, jessica has a report coming up. >> this is on the vine street expressway around 8th street. no problems in either direction. the roads are wet. it's a little bit of a reduced visibility thing happening here.
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either direction okay. coming off of the schuylkill expressway eastbound to the vine, there's an accident over into the shoulder. no big delays behind that yet. that can always change quickly. we're awatching that time where cars are getting out the door. hatfield township, clemens road and 40 foot road, an accident. that construction on kelly drive will be there until 6:30. another half hour at least between brewery hill drive and eakins oval. the evidence is there. we've showed you videos like this time and time again. >> people who have been saved by a nasal spray after overdosing on heroin. now narcan will be available in certain stores in our area. we'll tell you where you'll now be able to buy it. and a live look from inside stormforce 10. another update from first alert meteorologist bill henley on how long this rain will last, coming up.
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6:15. 57 agrees and happening right now, a dream lift for young children with disabilities. here's a live picture from the event. this is the mercer county airport in west trenton. operation dream lift takes children who are seriously ill, physically challenged or abused to visit disney world in orlando. they're getting ready to leave right here. they're all gathered. new jersey state troopers voe volunteer to help the kids on to a charter jet, the trip of a lifetime. safe travels to them. saving lives with a nasal spray antidote. we've shown you a number of different videos like this, someone overdosing from heroin and then being revived by narcan. police carry it, it's in some schools and now it will be available at some local pharmacies. >> nbc 10's pamela osborne is live in broomall county. áll us where people can buy
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this. >> absolutely, vai. starting today, anyone can walk into any acme store pharmacy here in delaware county and get a prescription of narcan. you may be wondering if you need a doctor's note to get this. if you need a prescription. technically you do not. there is a standing order here in pennsylvania which gives everyone access to this life-saving drug. acme pharmacies across delaware county will have the newly approved nasal spray version available for anyone to purchase. this is really a game changer for families or friends trying to help a loved one through addiction. so far this year, the county reports eight people have died of aa heroin overdose. in the past five years, the county says overdose deaths have claimed the lives of nearly 300 people which was more than car accidents and gun violence. >> we're hoping those that have someone that is at risk, someone
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that is really caught by this opioid epidemic, that they have this available just in case of an overdose. they can have the same tools that our police officers have, emergency rooms have to save their lives. >> and since narcan became available in the county, 250 lives have been saved here. the county also recently announced they have addiction specialists at hand to kind of help connect people to resources, help them understand insurance and coverage, all of those things. cvs pharmacies also carry narcan. reporting live in delaware county this morning, pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. and the nbc 10 digital team spent five months investigating the issue of opioid addiction. watch their special report "generation addicted" right now on or the nbc 10 mobile app. 6:17 right now. let's check your ride to work on this dreary, rainy, wet tuesday morning. it's all good. we'll get you there.
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>> jessica is looking at 76, the schuylkill. what do you see. >> it's wet this morning, it's not dry. we're see something delays, not a biggen crease in our drive times yet. visibility is pretty poor as well. you can see traffic is moving along a little slowly but we still have a 15-minute drive time from the blue route to the vine street expressway. the speeds are already dropping into the 40s. everybody is going slow out there. that accident out in westville has cleared. so that's a good thing. out in new jersey on 295, right around exit 24 at route 45. now, this is the new jersey tornado pike around the delaware memorial bridge. wet here as well. but no delays or backups. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> that's the sound of hail pounding the washington, d.c. area. severe storms also brought high winds and flooding rain. it is the same system that moves through delaware last night. now let's talk about our area.
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still raining across the area. jessica mentioned reduced visibility. clouds are coming down and today is one of those days, depending on where you live, you might see different conditions. >> let's check in with bill henley. we need neighborhood weather today, bill. those big storms last night, the hail in d.c. was worse in delaware. three-quarter inch hail reported in a couple nv spots. the radar indicated some hail larger than that. you won't find hail this morning. heading out right now, you have a rainy morning. the rain has been fairly steady but mainly light this morning. clouds will linger this afternoon, even after the rain tapers off. i do expect we'll see some big breaks in the rainfall and clouds will linger into this evening. a cool day today, a chilly evening as temperatures drop down into the 40s and low 50s. northeasterly winds, this is what will help keep the clouds in place and keep the temperatures parked in the 50s for most of the day. here the rain from trenton, philadelphia and wilmington. that's a steady, light rain across south jersey and delaware. while right now allentown and
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upper montgomery and bucks countys getting a break from the rainfall. those heavier showers on the move, moving northeast at 30 miles an hour. now it's just a light rainfall that's falling in new jersey, the showers are tapering off. but there's still more wet weather ahead this morning. as we go gnat afternoon, though, look at the clouds to the west and the lack of rain. that's what we're going to see as the day goes on. this morning, 9:00, still rain for delaware and south jersey, while there will still be breaks for the pennsylvania suburbs and scatter the light showers in allentown. that's at 9:00. we go into the lunch time hour, manly dry for the airy. isolated shower in new jersey and a few scattered showers in western berks county. at that time, noontime, as we go into the later afternoon hours, we'll see clouds hanging there at 2:00. during the late afternoon and evening commute we could see scattered showers start to move in to parts of the area. look how dry it is in
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wilmington. the blue rocks look like they'll get the game started at least. there's still a slight chance of a shower during the evening hours. here's your forecast, 9:00 this morning, 57 degrees. a chance of a midday shower in philadelphia and by late this afternoon, cloudy skies and holing in the 5rgs. the pennsylvania suburbs will see those early afternoon showers, then cloudy and not much warmer than it is right now. the lehigh valley, got the clouds right now. there will be a few scattered light showers this morning and early this afternoon. mainly just cloudy for the balance of the afternoon. 56 degrees. for delaware and new jersey, scattered showers at 1:00 this afternoon will be done by the afternoon and evening commute. at the shore, just a little bit cooler, not by much. 57 degrees. the temperatures are going nowhere for most of the day, from 9:00 to 1:00 in the afternoon, 5:00, 56 degrees. that's what today looks like hour by hour. check out the seven day for each part of our area. when i'm on the air, that's
6:22 am
always at the bottom of the screen. vai, tracy? >> all right, bill, on a rainy day like this, how nice would it be to sleep in. everybody your your hand. we all have your hands up. >> raise your hand if you'd like to sleep in longer. some students might get that tune soon. hear from one man who says she's not a fan of a later school start time. a live look from our camera inside stormforce 10. it will be a rainy ride this morning into work or school. we check in with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington for another look at the roads, next.
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sip into summertime with dunkin's frozen coolatta. freeze up the flavors of summer with a blue raspberry or any other small frozen coolatta, for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. doigs 2016. take a look at this, ted cruz's running mate, carly fiorina just disappeared. fell off a stage at a campaign rally in indiana yesterday. she is doing okay. this just in, donald trump's
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support nationwide is çgrowing. a new innocence survey monkey tracking poll shows trump support among republican-leaning voters is up six points to 56% now in a new high rather in the holl. . good morning, everyone, jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. we're watching route 202 right now. this is right around route 29. not a lot of cars on the roads here. they're wet as well. northbound from 29 to the schuylkill, seven minutes. more updates when i come back. now let's get a check on forecast with bill henley. it's been steady rain so far, especially at the shore. that's a live view from the marquis de lafayette at cape may. 50s at the shore and inland, too. your neighborhood forecast, coming up. a live look from our camera inside stormforce 10. nbc 10's katy zachry is driving
6:27 am
in stormforce 10 this morning giving you a firsthand look at what you can expect to see as you get in your car this morning. plus, getting you the answers you need. nbc 10 responds. a woman claims a local heating company quoted her one price but upped it more than $1,000 after they started the work. see how harry hairston helped get her money back.
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nbc 10 news starts now. it's 6:30 this tuesday morning, may 3rd. it is a rainy ride out there. turn on the headlights and your wipers for the morning commute. rain is falling all across the airy this morning. a live look at your first alert radar. the heaviest rain has moved through. bill henley is tracking steady rain. nbc 10 harry hairston and nbc 10 responds gets to the
6:31 am
bottom of a problem for a local woman who says a local company overcharge her. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." and i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast. >> steady rain still in the area. 57 degrees in philadelphia. the clouds overhead. it's going to be a mainly cloudy morning. we'll see occasional showers to start with. those showers will be tapering off and we'll get a little bit of a warmup today. but not by much. near 60 degrees this afternoon. rainy and cool in the pennsylvania suburbs, the lehigh valley, clouds are breaking, no rainfall right now in easton. but there's a chance of more showers around midday in the eastern area. that's what's going on right now. these are live pictures from our area. this afternoon we'll get close to the 60 degree mark, manly rain this morning in new jersey and even at the shore, we'll see rain taper off early this afternoon. those showers will be coming to an end. clouds remain in the lehigh
6:32 am
valley. there's a possibility we'll see a late-day shower in the lehigh valley. delaware, lots of clouds this afternoon. not a big warmup today. seven-day forecast shows there is warmer weather ahead. it will just be late getting here. we should be around 70 degrees this time of year in the afternoon. i'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington watching first alert traffic. we're watching the 42 freeway in deptford, new jersey because we're starting to see delays headed northbound towards the philadelphia area. you can see a slowdown here and our drive times starting to climb up there. expect more delays than normal this morning because of the slippery conditions and the rain plus reduced visibility. there's alsoç an accident in h the field township on clemens road and 40 foot road. watch out for that. 422, we're starting to see a little bit of delay on the eastbound side, also because of that rain. from the 29 to schuylkill expressway, our trip has doubled. average speeds dropping into the
6:33 am
30s. more updates in the next ten. vai? >> thank you, jessie. first alert traffic. now our first alert weather coverage continues now, getting you a firsthand look at what you'll spurn as you leave home this morning. >> katy zachry is live in stormforce 10, braving on 42 north in burlington county. >> let me show you the conditions in the mount holly area. it's a messy morning commute. there's no way really around it. and the conditions here in burlington county actually just stepped out of stormforce not long ago. there's a wind that you can't ignore. the wind kind of drives the rain, just an overall messy commute. we're seeing drivers go slower than they normally would on normal conditions. there is some slight ponding on some of the majors that we've encountered throughout the morning. we've been in the philadelphia airy, down close to atlantic city, up on route 55, route 42
6:34 am
into pennsauken, maple shade and now we're in mount holly. we've gone throughout the area which bill has shown you on the radar, has seen a lot of the rain since early this morning. let's good to our tips that we have from aaa. these are reminders that they're asking us to tell drivers about this morning. it's easy to forget about these simple things but this he can help keep you safe. avoid flooded roads. not only can now hydroplane but people don't realize, in only a few inches of water, your car can turn into a boat, and you can lose control. slow down, we've done that throughout the morning. the posted speed limits are for ideal weather, not this inclement weather. when your wipers are on, your headlights need to be on, at least that's the law in pennsylvania. it's advised for other states,
6:35 am
even if it's not the law. use your brakes as caution for the drivers behind you. even tapping the brakes just to alert drivers behind you that you're experiencing a slowdown, ponding in the road can really be a safe bet. so grab your umbrella, your patience and you're definitely want to allow extra time from what we've seen the road conditions this morning. we'll seasoned it back to you all. >> katy, we're all saying yes. all those reminders, something you did there, your microphone became much clearer there. if you want to stay ahead of the weather, get the nbc 10 app. get the hour by hour forecast in your neighborhood so you know what to expect. you can also get the seven-day forecast to make it easy for you to plan for you and the kids and what to wear for the week. breaking news, defense secretary ash carter says that u.s. serviceman has been killed in iraq. he talked about the death today at a news conference that was held in germany. he's only saying it is a co?c!a
6:36 am
death. we'll continue to watch this and monitor this situation closely and bring you updates on this broadcast and on the nbc 10 app. 6:36 and 57 degrees. today is day two of jury selection. in congressman chaka fattah's federal corruption trial. that was congressman fattah yesterday going into the courthouse. the congressman is accused of accepting bribes and misusing campaign funds and federal grants. opening arguments are scheduled to begin may 16th. >> authority arrested and charged a montgomery county high school teacher for allegedly having sex with a student. rose limuli faces 16 counts of sexual assault. she started having inappropriate sexual relationship with an upper darby high school student in december. she's not allowed to have contact with that student or any
6:37 am
other students. new jersey's department of education held the first in a series of public hearings yesterday to study the idea of a later school start. educators are considering pushing back the start of the school day for middle and high schoolers to 8:30 or later. and not all parents are in love with the idea. >> i work early so i can be home for the kids after school. he has to be in two places at once now. am i supposed to change my work schedule? not be there after school for my kids. >> the aamericmerican academy o pediatrics says kids who don't get enough sleep can have problems learning and can be irritable. now your first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> sounds like a lot of the adults i know, too. i'm not talking about you, vai, specifically or you either, tracy. you'll need your umbrella today. to start with at least. heading out the door, another dreary morning. in fact, all day it's going to be dreary.
6:38 am
after a rainy morning we are going to get a nice break this afternoon for the rain. not the clouds. they will hang in there this afternoon, keeping temperatures cool. there's still a chance of an isolated shower, even this evening, clouds will linger and the temperatures getting cooler. it will be a chilly one this evening. 57 degrees with late rain right now in philadelphia. delaware reporting 56 degrees and rain. and the suburbs getting a break from the rain at 53 degrees. 55 in exton, in parts of the area, it's a little bit cooler. actually temperatures are pretty uniform. milford township is 53. doylestown is 55 degrees. uniform temperatures, that's to be expected with the winds out of the northeast. and a steady rainfall. that's light rain in delaware and south jersey is covered in the light rain. you can see the breaks in the rainfall, just to the north and west. we'll see those breaks fill in at times. there will still be scattered showers for upper montgomery and bucks county. while in delaware and south jersey, count on a steady rain this morning. finally tapering off as we go
6:39 am
into afternoon hours. drier to the west and so that bodies well for later today. futurecast showing at 9:00 this morning, that's rain in delaware and south jersey. look at the breaks in trenton, philadelphia and wilmington, northern new castle county. as we go into noontime hour, just a few sprinkles here and  western berks county. by later this afternoon we'll be watching another round of showers to the west approaching harrisburg. some of those showers will be on track for allentown during the evening hours. mainly dry for the afternoon and evening commute. the opposite of what we have during the morning hours. rain this morning, afternoon temperatures, only in the upper 50s for somerton, malvern, 58 degrees and the pennsylvania suburbs and the lehigh valley, a few scattered showers this morning and dreing this afternoon. for south jersey, and the jersey shore, that's where we're getting the steady rain this morning. 50s, middle 50s for atlantic city while it's close to 60 degrees in haddonfield and delaware. the showers this morning will
6:40 am
taper off. cloudy skies with afternoon temperatures near 60. and in wilmington, up to 60 degrees in dover. back in ten minutes with your ten-day outlook. all right, bill, 20 minutes before 7:00. over at the schuylkill, lots of headlights going one way, lots of taillights going the other. >> let's check exactly where that is on the schuylkill. jessica boyington has your traffic for your ride to work. >> in this area, it's two lanes, a lot of that traffic, you'll start to see the delays. that total drive time eastbound from the blue route to the vine street expressway now 23 and normally that's about a 12-minute trip. we're at least ten minutes of delays right now. average speeds are dropping down into the 30s. we're passing slow spots as well. this construction on kelly drive is cleared out of the way. here's route 73 around the new
6:41 am
jersey turnpike. you can see no problems really in either direction. off ramps are slippery. you can see ponding in the roads as well. and cars starting to make their way northbound towards the tacony palmyra bridge. you may have seen him around philadelphia before. he calls himself philly jesus. >> he's making headlines again. we'll tell you why he was arrested after going into this center city store. a live look from our camera inside stormforce 10 in south jersey. wet roads throughout the morning for your commute. we'll have another update from our first alert meteorologist bill henley on how long this rain will last. we'll have that coming up.
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just about a quarter to 7:00 now follow to an nbc 10 responds story about a viewer red hot after being left in the cold and
6:45 am
paying more money than she thinks she should have to get her broken heater back up and running. >> nbc 10 responds harry hairston has the story of a local company that quoted her one price and upped it more than $1,000 after they started the work. >> how long were you without heat. >> a week. >> a week? >> it was horrible. >> donna adams told us her heater broke in february. >> i had gloves and everything. >> for days she called several heating companies. she contacted hughes and sons plumbing, heating and air conditioning. she got an estimate for a new heater. totally $4,550. >> they started pulling things apart and came upstairs and said we have a problem. >> a problem that would impact her wallet. adams says the new workers told her she needed an additional part and the own other told her
6:46 am
theç first worker didn't order all the necessary parts for the new heater. >> what do you mean? >> she says she was upset but needed heat. so she paid an extra $1,250. >> i think they tried to get over on me. >> her complaints with the owner went nowhere. she called nbc 10 responds. we called hughes and sons twice. no one called us back so we went to the office. but the owner wasn't there. after we left, the owner, ed hughes, called. he says the first worker made a mistake on the estimate. hughes said when the heater was put in, he only charged adams for the extra part, not the labor to install it. he also agreed to explain this on camera but never set up a time. but here's what we found out at the better business bureau. >> edwards hughes has -- >> there were 11 complaints found over the past three years. the bbb says the company is no longer a member because it failed to respond to complaints.
6:47 am
>> i don't even know how they stay in business. >> mann time adams hopes by telling her story, she'll help others. as she says, she plans to take the company to court to get some justice for herself. >> i want the difference of my money and i want an apology. >> harry hairston, nbc 10 responds. and since nbc 10 responds got involved, the pennsylvania state attorney general's office tells us it's investigating adams' issue. >> the state also says they are investigating another ten complaints against hughes heating and cooling. of course we'll keep you updated on any resolution that comes out of this. if you have a consumer problem for harry and nbc 10 spodrespon send an e-mail to nbc and put us to work for you. more trouble with the law for the man known as philly jesus. >> this picture was taken of police arresting michael grant, aka philly jesus last night in center city. a manager called police after philly jesus refused to remove
6:48 am
his cross which was blacking the aisle in the store. the manager told police he asked philly jesus three times to leave but he refused. he's charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct. he was arrested in 2014 at dilworth plaza on similar charges. this story has more than 150 comments on our facebook page, more than 200 shares. click on nbc philadelphia on facebook and let us know what you think. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. now let's check your first alert weather. your first alert neighborhood weather, the forecast you won't get anywhere else. >> the focus is on where you live which is why we call it neighborhood weather. bill? >> we have a rainy start this morning but there is drying in our future. it's not going to be an all-day rain. rain is falling right now in philadelphia. the temperature hasn't come down all that much. 57 degrees. we'll see showers to start with at 8:00 but look at the 10:00 and noontime hours. still a chance of an afternoon shower but most of the day will
6:49 am
be dry. the temperatures, upper 50s, they are going nowhere, thanks to the northeasterly winds. even though it's a rainy one, they were in for an entire week that was dreary with the chances for rain coming down over the next couple days in philadelphia and dover. same story in allentown and atlantic city wednesday and thursday. the chances of rain will be much lower. we'll still seeç some scattere showers but each area, each location, shows friday. look at the spike in the chances for showers, there is more rain ahead this week. this morning, this is what we're dealing with. this is what's happening right now. you can see steadier rain in delaware and into south jersey. red lion and pennsville, this shower activity is moving to the northeast at about 30 miles an hour. so these showers are heading to burlington and gloucester and camden counties. in fact, in gloucester you'll see the steadier showers by 18 minutes after 7:00. with that 30 mile-an-hour speed.
6:50 am
if you look to the northwest, clouds are breaking, and a drying trend. there's drier weather to the west. it will remain cloudy through the day. we're looking at a cool one today. occasional showers. 10:00 this morning. you can see light showers moving through philadelphia, northern burlington county and into bucks county, even the lehigh valley. it's drying out in delaware and south jersey at the 10:00 hour. and at lunch time, a few sprinkles are possible in the area. but as we go into the afternoon, showers remain light at best. much of the area will be dry at the 3:00 hour. 6:00, we could see heavier downpours return into southern delaware. most of the area will be dry heading into this evening. near 60 this afternoon with occasional showers this morning. cloudy skies for most of the day today. tomorrow, a chance of some showers. that graphic showed the chances of showers lower for wednesday and thursday. but back in full force on friday, a steadier rainfall. that's going to keep temperatures 13 to 14 degrees
6:51 am
cooler than nomplal. 70s though. mother's day, warmer, a chance of a shower and thunderstorm. we should see sunshine. drying out monday and tuesday. tuesday, even warmer up to 82 degrees and staying warmer and dry for wednesday and thursday. tracy, vai? nine minutes before 7:00. let's get you to work. wet roads, rain, reduced visibility you can see from our camera. >> jessica is looking at the roads, if you're headed out in the west deptford area. >> vai and tracy, we are watching a vehicle that went off the roadway. it's blocking route 44 out in west deptford township in both directions between delaware street and paradise road. you can see that strip of red right here. that's route 44 and that's where the closure is. there's a strip of green next to it. that's 295. that can be your alternate right now. they're moving along nicely. we're seeing major drive times
6:52 am
that are increase on 95 around girard avenue with 33-minute trip right now already in the red, southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. the southbound lanes are right in here. you can see all headlights are on. it's a little bit darker than normally around this time. getting on and off the off ramps, you can see water spraying out from underneath the cars. slippery spots out there. use caution. give yourself extra time. tracy? >> coming up, the stories you need to know as you head out the door. >> a 16 yaefrld and 20-year-old are recovering from a shooting. we'll tell you what police are saying is unusual about it. and here's a live look from our camera inside stormforce 10ç it will be a rainy ride into work or school. another check of the forecast and a final check on your commute, up next.
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6:56 am
a few minutes before 7:00 a.m. breaking news crossing the wires this morning. defense secretary ash carter says a u.s. serviceman has been killed in iraq. carter talked about the death today at a news conference in germany. he's only saying it is a combat death. and today, acme pharmacies in delaware county will become the first acme stores in pennsylvania to carry narcan. the drug that can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. find out what's in our water. the academy of natural sciences in center city will host what they're calling a town square meeting. a panel of experts will answer your concerns. today is day two in congressman's chaka fattah federal corruption trial. he's accused of accepting bribes and misusing campaign funds and grants. a new nbc 10 survey monkey
6:57 am
poll just out this morning shows support among republicans nationwide is up to 56%, a new high in the polls. for democrats, polls show it's close in indiana between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. but the former secretary of state has a sizable delegate lead right now for the nomination. this morning, two cousins, 16 years old and 20 years old are recovering after being shot. both went to temple hospital after the shooting around 1:00 this morning in north philadelphia. police say there's no motive, no witnesses, no crime scene, no shell casings and no blood. police also told us what's unusual, the two ran two blocks away instead of running home. hey, everyone, good morning, jessica boyington with one last check on your first alert traffic. we're watching the schuylkill expressway right now, almost at a standstill here at city avenue. with that total drive time, starting to see the slowdowns. accident in hatfield township at
6:58 am
clemens road and 40 foot road. in west deptford township, there's a vehicle off the roadway, blocking a portion of 44 between delaware street and paradise road. 295 can be your alternate. we'll check in with nbc 10's katy zachry live in stormforce 10. i think she's in bordentown, burlington county. what are you seeing out there? >> hi, jessica. you said 295 is a good alternate. we're on 295 south in burlington county. let me show you the conditions right now as they stand. we're entering the mount holly area. the conditions aren't great. they have been -- here you go. we are experiencing lighter rain than we had 25 minutes ago which is great news for drivers. earlier when we last saw, you were really having to step on the brakes considerably. you'll need your umbrella, add extra time to your commute. there's a wind that's picking up. it's a messy morning for you headed to work or school. live in stormforce 10, katy
6:59 am
zachry, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> most of the area has been seeing a steady rainfall. this is philadelphia international. the rain is still coming down there. it is only light rain, however. the chance of light rain will continue through the 8:00 hour. by 11:00, çcloudy skies. look at the temperatures, going nowhere with the clouds in place. we're seeing 50s for the entire area. chillier where the rain has let up in the lehigh valley and the pennsylvania suburbs. and in philadelphia, that's 57 at philadelphia international, society hill, just a little bit cooler at 55 degrees. the radar shows steady rain in delaware, south jersey and into philadelphia. those showers are on the move. they'll be tapering off as we go into the afternoon hours. a rainy, dreary day today. >> we'll be ready. >> everything you need to know to stay on top of the weather is on the nbc 10 app, there's interactive radar, hourly
7:00 am
forecasts and, of course, the seven-day forecast. get breaking news, traffic and weather alerts on the nbc 10 app. "today" show is next. thanks for watching today. i love you. >> good morning. deal sealer? donald trump and hillary clinton hoping for knockout blows in the indiana primary. >> if we win indiana, it's over. it's over. >> cruz and sanders vowing to hang on even if they lose tonight. as ourew poll shows trump closing in on clinton in a general election matchup that's looking more and more likely every day. super soaker. strong storms that have ravaged the south now moving up the east coast. the new risk facing millions today. multi-million dollar verdict. for the second time this year, a jury orders johnson & johnson to pay millions over claims its talcum powder caused cancer.


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