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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  May 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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police need to find the man and get him off the streets. you recognize him, police want to hear from you. live in the digital operations center, keith jones. also right now at 6:00, brand new information in the case of a man in a wheelchair shot and killed by the police. this was video that captured the moment before the shooting last september. good evening, i'm jim rosenfield. >> tim furlong broke the story. >> what have you uncovered? >> reporter: -- >> do we have tim? >> reporter: they don't release the findings at least not publicly, at least not yet, but i learned a lot walking up the street to the federal courthouse. wom the police shot and killed him in his wheelchair over seven months ago, and late today, police sent out a brief message saying they wrapped up their own
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internal investigation of the officers' actions, but not saying what they found. i got insight, though, from the newest documents and the federal lawsuit against the wilmington police. the documents, lawyers say the officers' actions were justified and fired when he reached into the waistband and he had a .38 caliber revo caliber reinvolver at the time, and there was no reason for police to kill him. >> there was no threat to anybody else. the only threat that day was to jeremy. we know how it ended. >> reporter: police not release findings until the attorney general's office wraps up its investigation. family and friends demanded answers for months and thought they might get some today they tell me they deserve to know what police found. and back live now, officers involved have not. named publicly, but the names are in the public court records. police will not release findings until they finish investigations, and the spokesperson e-mailed me a few
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minutes ago saying the report will be completed this month and be presented to the public. live outside the headquarters, tim furlong nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first aletter weather. >> turning to the weather. the weather not exactly what we'd hope for for the first week of may. >> you might as well hang on to that umbrella all week because we are not finished with the rain. nbc 10 along 13th here in center city, the morning downpours, anyway, turned into just drizzle for the area at this point. clouds, though, cooler temperatures hanging over our heads for what seems like days. a live look here from the cape may camera. hard to believe the up official start of summer is the end of this month. glen "hurricane" schwartz issing more damp days ahead, glen. >> we have that issue. it's knot going to be as heavy as last night with the thunderstorms and heavy rain, but we have a lot of clouds, though, and cool temperatures from the lehigh valley at 56 to
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delaware at 58, to south jersey at 56, and the coolest spots at the jersey shore. even with a bit of a northeast wind, only 50 degrees in wholegate, 51 in atlantic city, and 53 in ocean city, and not warmer inland. dennis township at 55 degrees. the temperature in philadelphia officially -- average high is 70. we're not close to it. more than ten degrees below average all the way through the end of the week. if anything, it'll be cooler tomorrow than it is today. one of the culprits, all the clouds. you see some breaks back to the west getting into chester county and burkes county a little bit. that's not going to help us much. not much rain nearby, but there's some in washington that's going to go into delaware this evening. more rain coming up with the rest of the forecast a little bit later. all right, glen, see you then. in the past 45 minutes, a jury
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seated in congressman fattah's trial. big names read aloud in court, names that could come up in trial, and on the list? president obama, vice president biden, and locals as well like ed rendell. it's up clear which side brings the names into the case and who will actually testify, but fattah and four others accused of misusing grant and campaign moneys. in the past half hour, we received new information about this accident involving a police car. investigators say the officer was pulling a car over when it got rear ended causing the police car to crash into the car it was pulling over. this happened at 25th and diamond streets in north philadelphia. the officer inside was transported to the hospital, but he is expected to be okay. in decision 2016, a fight between trump and cruz is overshaing today's primary in indiana. cruz went on a trump tirade
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after trump repeated a tabloid linking cruz's father to the assass assassin. this man is a pathological liar. he doesn't know the difference between truth and lies. he lies practically every word out of his mouth. >> trump's team called it a meltdown. cruz holds an election watch party in indianapolis tonight hoping to eke oo win in indiana to prevent trump from securing the republican nomination. trump's looking ahead. he set sights on new jersey ahead of the june 7th primary. trump is opening the first campaign head quarters in the state in middlesex county. to the democrats now, hillary clinton with an uphill battle in indiana. indiana polls have been close, but clinton, so far, ahead of bernie saners when it comes to
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the delegate count. she's looking ahead to the fall as well. sanders vowed not to drop out. he was in indianapolis this morning where he had breakfast with a labor leader. count on nbc 10 for complete decision 2016 coverage. for updates on tonight's results and the latest counts just tap the nbc10 app. easier to get a life saving drug for overdoses. >> now inside local grocery stores giving easier access to people living with addiction. acme is committed to stocking narcan in the stores, and because of a state order, you don't have to have a prescription. delaware county's district attorney warned parents and others who use it, though, they should call 911. >> if you're a parent, you use this, you're a loved one and use it, make sure an ambulance is there. your child could die after reviving them if they don't have medical attention. authorities say 244 lives have. saved sense police officers
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there began carrying narcan. new at 6:00, new jersey state police need help finding an armed robber with a british accent. police released a sketch of the suspect today today saying he and another man pulled over asking a man waiting for the bus for directions yesterday. the man with the accent pulled out a gun and demanded money. the secretary of the department of the homeland security met with community groups today to discuss the detention center. jay johnson met with members of philadelphia si city council as well as various groups. they want to close the center where undocumented immigrants are held and calling for a change in u.s. immigration enforcement policies. check out this shot of a man outside the parks turf club in south philly. philadelphia police say he is suspected of taking a woman's coach bag filled with $5,000 back in early april.
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call the police if you can help them out. new at 6:00, two of america's biggest security services companies are merging, allied-barton joins universal services of america. it will form a new security giant called allied universal. the new company will employ 1 140,000 security offers. if approved, this deal happens by the end of the year. hunt is on for an escaped inmate. >> breaking out this morning 19 days before he was scheduled to be paroled. correction officials realized he was missing from the satellite correction facility at ancora hospital located in hamonton. three towns used k-9 units to canvas wooded areas, camps, and rural neighborhoods today. he's not the first inmate to es from this facility. another escaped six months ago putting neighbors on edge. >> it's very scary. i came down, i locked the doors,
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put the alarm on, you know, i'm looking out every window. >> just keep your eye out and lock the doors, yeah. >> buckel is 5'9" and 180 pounds with a goatee and small tattoo under his left eye. if you see him, call the police immediately. new jersey's assembly speaker puts his rescue plan for atlantic city up for a vote this week. the bill would create a commission to establish performance benchmarks that the city would have to meet over two years. governor christie and the democratic president support a full state takeover. the city is on the verge of going broke despite a bond payment made yesterday. the carea just off route 72 woodland township burgleton county. they bought more than 1100 acres of pine barrens there, part of
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the third and final phase of the project ultimately preserving more than 2400 acres of pine. the commercial headquarters will remain in delaware. they posted the announcement today, but it may relocate within delaware or redesign offices after they said it's looking to cut jobs to reduce a billion dollars from the budget by the end of 2017, and it's not clear yet how many local workers will be impacted. the first state's beer, wine, and spirits trail is expanding. this morning, state leaders gathered at iron hill brewery in wilmington, doubling the trail in size from 12 locations to 24. the trail was created in 2010 to highlight the best of delaware's craft beverages including breweries, wineries, and now adding cideries to the list. next, all new at 6:00, a police to pray for le call coca
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catholi catholics, but no longer. why they are closing its doors. clouds, chilly temperature, and, yeah, more rain on the way. tracking when we'll dry out and warm up. and the special sendoff for special children, and we were there. new tonight, how they are spending the trip of a lifetime at the happiest place on earth.
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a sanctuary for local catholics is closing us doors. >> today, the sisters of blessed sack criminate announced they are selling. the 44 acre property in bensalem bucks county houses remains of the saints. she's the second american-born person to be cannonized. and new at 6:00, randy gyllenhaal found out what will be done with st. catharine's remains and how history will be preserved. >> reporter: this shrine the st. catharine served local catholics seeks solace. >> this is a true place of prayer. >> reporter: lately, pews are empty. ron stops by weeks to pray.
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>> often surprised when i come here there's not many people here. >> reporter: today, the sisters made the difficult decision to sell the sprawling campus, more than a century old, just too expensive to maintain. >> when we began to realize our numbers were decreasing -- >> this sister says the spirit of st. catharine lives on, born to the wealthy family, she was a missionary to native american and black communities in an era of segregation. >> she felt very called to answer the needs of those people. >> reporter: in 2000, she was con nonized as a saint, just one of two with philadelphia roots. >> that is truly a tremendous honor for a philadelphia for us and for the world. >> reporter: her body will eventually be transferred to the basilica in philadelphia, and the sisters here say her life's work in poor and distraught communities now have a better financial footing for the
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future. >> and all people who suffer injustice, and so in order to do that, we need to have the provisions to continue to do that work. >> reporter: shrine will be moved to center city sometime in the next year and a half. until then, this congregation is urging visitors to stop by one last time. they'll be having their 125th anniversary this summer. in bensalem, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. new at 6:00 from the delaware bureau. state lawmakers try to pull back 1.5 million in funding already set aside for wilmington police. lawmakers say city officials did not abide by the conditions of the offer, and they want the money to be distributed to police departments throughout state instead. well, a dream come true for special group of children from new jersey today. >> they hopped a private jet at the airport for a well-deserved day in disney world. the trip called "operation dream lift" sends seriously ill,
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physically challenged, or abused children to disney through the sunshine foundation. the group got a big sendoff this morning with the help of the new jersey state troopers accompanying the kids on the trip. once in florida, minnie and mickey provided hugs and smiles for everyone. >> the whole day's about them we're down in the morning and back at night, but they get to spend the day in the park. something they would not normally be able to do. >> the group welcomed back to new jersey at 10:00 p.m. with another big party to end the day. now your first alert weather with glen "hurricane" schwartz. >> well, the weather has been no picnic here. cloudy skies everywhere. we had rain, especially this morning, and the temperature really going nowhere. 57 in philadelphia. high today was 59. 53 in pennsylvania suburbs, and 55 new jersey. it continues to be unseasonably cool out there. the average high is 70 this time
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of the yearment let's head to the pennsylvania suburbs. chester, montgomery, bucks, and delaware counties, and temperatures are uniform today. 57 in unionville. 56 in kenneth square, and 57 in westchester, and 55 in north wales. 55 in warrington. like i said, uniform. uniformly cool and cloudy. nothing of significance on the radar other than drizzle drops out there. further south, another story. we're seeing rain, heavy thunderstorms, and down by washington, but that's moving straight to the east. this is the stuff that we're watching. near maryland, that, if it moves to the east, could affect our area later on in the evening. check out your seven day
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forecast cop substantiately at the bottom of the screen. multiple seven days for multiple parts of the area. here's the future cast through the night tonight, not a lot of rain, but as we go towards daybreak, just what we don't need, more rain morning rush, and fog where it's not raining, and there we go. more rain in the afternoon. not all that heavy. not talking about flooding or anything. it's going to be wet. now, this computer model shows some heavy showers at the shore in the afternoon. other models are not showing that. we'll update that into the 11:00 news, but, yeah, unseasonably cool and going to stay unseasonably cool. look at the philadelphia temperatures. 59 today. all the way through the end of the week, at least ten degrees below normal. it's also going to be cloudy. thursday, a lot of fog. friday, a lot of. pennsylvania suburbs, a lot of
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fog in the next couple days, lehigh valley, rainy day, and friday may be the rainiest. delaware and jersey shore, especially on friday, coalest and windiest weather and coastal flooding, but the pattern looks like it's going to change after friday. a little sun on sunday, gets us to 70. mother's day, a morning shower, 70 degrees, and next week, more sunshine and temperatures getting into the 80s for more than one day too. hurricane, thanks. i'm john clark, hear from sam bradford's agent on the quarterback's stance and car wepts is a cover boy now. stay tuned for that.
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i'm john clark, and sam bradford's agent is reiterating that sam will not show up for the eagles' voluntary camps. the first mandatory camp in june, and here's sam's agent. >> the players always know what's going on, and so the players are in the locker room, and they know sam's a short term guy and just there until the rookie's ready to go, so that's not a particularly favorable situation for him, and i know people say, well, you know, why doesn't he just compete and win the job, and, you know, there's no real competition. it's -- given the draft choices, you're second in the draft, he's playing, that's all there's to it. >> saying the eagles will not consider trading sam and have
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not given permission to seek a trade and informed him they were going to draft a young quarterback. sam has not played like a franchise quarterback. >> it goes back to one thing. we have to have high level of play from the quarterback position, we have to have it in the short term and long term. how do you get those guy if you don't keep swinging and taking shots and it's no slide on anyone here, but we have to have a high level play from the position, and until we do, we're not going to be able to compete on a regular basis. >> hopefully this is the guy to do it. carson wentz now a "sports illustrated" cover boy. the eagles' second pick in the draft is on the regional cover, and i don't think the s.i. jinx applies to regional covers. the jets signed a few more former owl now jets coach bolees with four owls in new york now, most in the nfl. the temple coach says this past
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year has been huge for recruiting. >> there's not a guy on our team that's played with a guy that got drafted. i'm seeing the freshman and sophomores downstairs in the weight room now because they know it's possible now. i think in recruiting, kids know they can come here, they are going to get developed. they came in here, no offers, two-star recruits, and to leave being drafted, that speaks to the strength coaches and what the kids do here. >> phillies in st. louis, nola on the mound. last at last night. you got a situation here where thrown inside, no problem, i'm not angry or upset, i'll do the pushups, do the workout. he, of course, got a hit. i'm john clark, we're right back after this.
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we'll have to deal with the dreary for a while. >> yes, just through friday, and improves over the weekend, and then up to 80 next week.
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>> nice. >> i'm jim rosen field, and nightly news with lester is next. hope to see you at 11:00. good night. breaking news tonight. polls closing in indiana. trump eyeing a knockout. while ted cruz explodes after trump throws out an up supported tabloid story about cruz's father and jfk's assassin. our new interview with hillary clinton taking on trump. a u.s. navy s.e.a.l. kled by isis in iraq, years after the end of combat operations. thousands of u.s. troops still in danger. antibiotics warning, alarming new findings, why you might think twice before taking that next prescription. the cdc alert every parent should hear. and iconic photo mystery. did his tri get something wrong about one of the most famous images ever captured? the new evidence is


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